For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker

    For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker
      For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker.

      The Star Of The Reality Tv Show Hardcore Pawn Shares His Street-smart, Hard-bargaining Business Skills Les Gold Has Been In Business Since Age Twelve, When He Started Selling Used Golf Clubs From His Dad's Basement. Now He's Detroit's Biggest Pawnshop Owner And The Star Of The Hit Reality Tv Show Hardcore Pawn. As A Third Generation Pawnbroker, He Grew Up Dealing With Customers Who Could Be Unruly And Violent As Often As They Were Friendly. He Got Good At Selling Just About Anything, And At Making Sure He Only Bought Items For What They Were Worth. His Book Reveals His Rags To Riches Journey, As He Grew His Shop, And How We Can All Be More Successful By Thinking Like A Pawnbroker. As Gold Writes, "businesses These Days Talk A Lot About Figuring Out What The Customer Wants. Well, Here's Your First Lesson: The Customer Doesn't Know What He Wants. This Book Is Going To Show You How To Convvince Him He Wants The Thing You're Selling."

      SKU: 20831059
      ISBN: 9781591846390
      Author: Gold, Les

    Tour X Junior Hybrid
      Tour X Junior Hybrid.

      Tour X Junior Hybrid Available In 2 Different Lofts. Comes With Matching Winn Grip. Size Chart: Size 0 - Ages 5 And Under Size 1 - Ages 5-7 Size 2 - Ages 8-11 Size 3 - Ages 12+

      Manufacturer: Tour X
      ID: Mercha
      Category: Juniors, hybrids
      SKU: 10064962

    Suck It Up Golf Ball Pickup
      Suck It Up Golf Ball Pickup.

      Proactive Sports Suck It Up Golf Ball Pickup This Golf Ball Pick Up Easily Retrieves The Golf Ball From The Cup. Simply Screws In To The End Of Your Putter Grip. No Bending, Less Strain On Your Back, Means Greater Enjoyment On The Course.

      Manufacturer: Proactive Sports
      ID: Proact
      Category: Other Golf Accessories
      SKU: 10104896

    U.s. Kids Tour Series 10-club Set - 54?-57" Height
      U.s. Kids Tour Series 10-club Set - 54?-57" Height.

      U.s. Kids 54? Tour Series 10-club Set W/carry Bag The U.s. Kids Ts54-v10b Set Is Designed For Players Who Show Intermediate-to-advanced Skills, Play Competitive Golf Events, And Have Higher-than-average Swing Speeds. For Experienced Players Who Need Stronger Clubheads And Shafts,?tour Series Offers Advanced Technology Equipment While Keeping All The Benefits Of The U.s. Kids Golf Fitting Philosophy. The Shafts Are Frequency Matched With A Low Flex Point For Optimal Ball Flight. Graphite Shafts For A Lighter And Softer Feel. U.s. Kids Golf Knows That Not Every Junior Golfer Is A Beginner, And The Tour Series Is A Natural Bridge That Prepares A Player For Adult Clubs. Features: Player's Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced Optimal Height Range 54 57 In. Player's Age: Around 8-10 Years Old. V10 Clubhead Model (10% Lighter Than Adult) Ideal For Swing Speeds Of 59 Mph And Up J-flex Graphite Shafts Size 54 Velvet Rubber Grip Set Includes: Graphite Shaft Release 440 Driver Graphite Shaft 3 Wood And 4 Hybrid Graphite Shaft 5 Iron, 6i Ron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron? Iron, Pw And Sw Navy/white/silver Dual Strap Stand Bag

      Manufacturer: Us Kids
      ID: Uskids
      Category: Juniors, package Sets
      SKU: 10120379

    Nike Victory Mini Stripe Polo Men's Shirts
      Nike Victory Mini Stripe Polo Men's Shirts.

      Nike Victory Mini Stripe Polo Men's Shirts The Nike Victory Mini Stripe Polo Men's Shirts Is Constructed With Nike's Signature Dri-fit Fabric, This Shirt Keeps You Cool And Comfortable By Moving Sweat Away From The Body. The Lightweight Stretch Jersey Design Delivers Better Mobility And Increased Comfort, While The Mini Stripe Design Gives You A Classic Look. Features: Performance Stretch Knit-rib Collar 3-button Placket Standard Fit Lightweight Stretch Single Knit Jersey Dri-fit Fabric Moves Sweat Away From The Body To Keep You Dry And Comfortable Fabric: 100% Polyester

      Manufacturer: Nike
      ID: Nike
      Category: Mens, shirts
      SKU: 10123915

    Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Gtx '17 Mens Shoes
      Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Gtx '17 Mens Shoes.

      Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Hm Men's Shoes The Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Hm Men's Shoes Is A Shoe Fit For Professionals With This Golf Shoe For Men Made From Supple Yak Leather. A Biom Anatomical Design Based On Extensive Research Means That Your Shoe Will Fit Perfectly, Providing You Comfort No Matter What Your Handicap. The Specially Design E-dts? Hybrid Technology Ensures Premium Quality Grip And Stability, Even In The Rough, While Ecco Hydromaxt Treated Leather Is Water Repellant. Features: Professional Standard Golf Shoe For Men Made From Soft Yak Leather Biom Anatomical Design Based On Extensive Research For The Optimum Fit E-dts? Hybrid Technology Provides Support And Comfort Inlay Sole With Silicon Print For Improved Grip And Stability Ecco Hydromaxt Treated Leather Keeps Moisture Out

      Manufacturer: Ecco
      ID: Ecco
      Category: Mens, shoes
      SKU: 10125123

    U.s. Kids Ultralight Hybrid
      U.s. Kids Ultralight Hybrid.

      U.s. Kids Juniors Ultralight Hybrid The U.s. Kids Ultralight Hybrid Club Head Is Designedw Ith Low And Deep Center Of Gravity Making It Easier To Hit Than Long Irons. The Head Is More Stable At Impact Which Helps With Off-center Shots. Features: Designed For Improved Performance Player's Skill Level: Beginner To Intermediate Ultralight Head K-flex Graphite Shaft Headcover Not Included Fitting Guide: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;}.tg Td{font-family:arial, Sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;}.tg Th{font-family:arial, Sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 5px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;}.tg .tg-baqh{text-align:center;vertical-align:top}.tg .tg-0lge{background-color:#656565;color:#ffffff;text-align:center}.tg .tg-hu9n{background-color:#656565;color:#ffffff;text-align:center;vertical-align:top}.tg .tg-yw4l{vertical-align:top}@media Screen And (max-width: 767px) {.tg {width: Auto !important;}.tg Col {width: Auto !important;}.tg-wrap {overflow-x: Auto;-webkit-overflow-scrolling: Touch;}} Size: Color: Optimal Height Range: Ideal For Swing Speeds Up To: Model: Loft: Finished Club Length: Grip: Ul 39 Red 39" To 42" Wt-30u (30% Lighter Club Head) 31? 24 In. Size 39 Ul 42 Yellow 42" To 45" Wt-25u (25% Lighter Club Head) 28? 26 In. Size 42 Ul 45 Blue 45" To 48" Wt-25u (25% Lighter Club Head) 28? 28 In. Size 45 Ul 48 Teal 48" To 51" Wt-20u (20% Lighter Club Head) 29? 30 In. Size 45 Ul 51 Orange 51" To 54" 53 Mph Wt-20u (20% Lighter Club Head) 29? 32 In. Size 51 Ul 54 Purple 54" To 57" 58 Mph Wt-15u (15% Lighter Club Head) 27? 33 In. Size 54 Ul 57 Green 57" To 60" 63 Mph Wt-15u (15% Lighter Club Head) 27? 35 In. Size 54 Ul 60 Maroon 60" To 63" 68 Mph Wt-10u (10% Lighter Club Head) 26? 36.5 In. Size 60 Ul 63 Dark Yellow 63" To 66" 73 Mph Wt-10u (10% Lighter Club Head) 26? 38.5 In. Size 63

      Manufacturer: Us Kids
      ID: Uskids
      Category: Juniors, hybrids
      SKU: 10129516

    Orange Whip Orange Peel Training Aid
      Orange Whip Orange Peel Training Aid.

      Orange Whip Orange Peel Training Aid Get Ready To Play Balance Is The Foundation Of An Efficient And Athletic Motion. Golfers Who Swing In Balance Are More Powerful And Consistent Than Those Out Of Balance. Poor Balance Can Lead To Tension And Manipulation Of The Golf Club During The Swing. The Orange Whip Orange Peel Training Aid Was Designed To Enhance The Golf Swing Learning Process By Altering Static And Dynamic Balance Positions. Similar To Standing At The Bottom Of A Sphere, The Peel Creates A Slighg Inward Pressure In The Feet And Legs Which Helps Stabilize And Support The Hips And Core Area At Address. When Swinging An Orange Whip Or Golf Club Within The Orange Peel It's Easier To Stay In Balance And Thus An Effective Way To Learn Proper Rotary Motion. Regular Usage Of The Orange Peel Increases Stability And Promotes Better Rhythm And Tempo In The Swing By Helping Your Core Region Maintain The Center Of Gravity Wwhile In Motion. When You Practice On The Orange Peel You Will Strengthen Your Legs And Core. This Will Create More Flexibility Of Motion. You Will Be Able To Pivot And Rotate Correctly On A Level Plane, Adding Consistency And Power To Your Golfs Wing Motion. When The Orange Peel Is Used With The Orange Whip Trainer, Your Entire Body Will Achieve Every Benefit Of A Correct Golf Swing Motion. You Will Be Able To Strengthen All Your Golf-specific Muscles And Train Them To Work As One Explosive Unit. Features: Made In The U.s.a. Concave Form Engages Your Body Into Its Natural Stance Recreates All Golf Course Slope Conditions Promotes A Rotational Golf Swing Prevents Lateral Movement Commonly Kno Wn As "swaying" Effective For Adjusting Your Swing Plane

      Manufacturer: Orange Whip
      ID: Jimmyh
      Category: Training Aids
      SKU: 10131672

    Copper Fit Pro Series Back Support
      Copper Fit Pro Series Back Support.

      Copper Fit Pro Series Back Support Offering High Quality Compression, The Copper Fit Pro Series Back Support Is Designed To Provide Everyday Support And Relief For Lower Back Muscles. Features: Adjustable Compression Straps For Perfect Form-fitting Compression Provides Lower Back Support For Greater Mobility And Comfort Contoured, Lightweight Design Fits Discreetly Under Clothes Copper-infused Moisture-wicking Fabric Absorbs Sweat And Odors From An Active Lifestyle Or Work E Nvironment

      Manufacturer: Copper Fit
      ID: Copper
      Category: Wellness
      SKU: 10132751

    Command Factor Fairway Woods
      Command Factor Fairway Woods.

      The Command Factor Fairway Woods Feature A Classic Rounded Top Shape Giving You The Confidence You Need When Looking Down At The Club. The Shallow Face Of The Clubs Also Make It Easier To Make Solid Contact Out Of The Fairway And Rough. The Club Is Finished With A Matte Black Which Is Very Popular In All Clubs Being Manufactured Today. Be Assured This Club Will Deliver With Forgiveness And Distance. This Club Is Available In Custom Lengths And Flexes. Click For More Info.

      Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf
      SKU: Command-factor-fairway-woods

    Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls ( 12 Pack ) - Yellow
      Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls ( 12 Pack ) - Yellow.

      The Extra Soft Is Designed With A Superior Soft Feel On All Shots And Long Distance With A Straighter Ball Flight. Extra Soft Is The Perfect Ball For All-around Performance.

      Manufacturer: Bridgestone
      ID: Xsx6d
      Category: Golf, gt, balls
      SKU: 1141904

    Pinemeadow Golf Realtree Camouflage Golf Stand Bag
      Pinemeadow Golf Realtree Camouflage Golf Stand Bag.

      Pinemeadow Golf Is Excited To Announce Their Partnership With Realtree Introducing An Exclusive Collection Of Products Starting With The Realtree Stand Bag. Hit The Links In Style With Officially Licensed Realtree Golf Gear! This High Quality Stand Bag Can Easily Be Carried On Your Back Be Pushed/pulled On A Force Cart Or Be Stored In The Back Of A Power Cart.

      Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf
      ID: 12162
      Category: Golf, gt, bags
      SKU: 1003483

    Belt 2016 Hot Fashion Cowhide Leather Men Jeans Belt Designer Luxury Famous High Quality Automatic Buckle Men Belts For Men
      Belt 2016 Hot Fashion Cowhide Leather Men Jeans Belt Designer Luxury Famous High Quality Automatic Buckle Men Belts For Men.

      Cheap Fashion Bag For Ipad, Buy Quality Fashionable Reusable Shopping Bags Directly From China Fashion Golf Bag Suppliers: Belt 2016 Hot Fashion Cowhide Leather Men Belt Designer Luxury Famous High Quality Automatic Curl Men Belts For M

      Category: Belts
      SKU: 375556618

    Bluetooth Sport Smart Watches F2 With Heart Rate Monitor F Itness Tracker Leather Wristwwatch  Ips Screen Mtk2502 For Ios & Android
      Bluetooth Sport Smart Watches F2 With Heart Rate Monitor F Itness Tracker Leather Wristwwatch Ips Screen Mtk2502 For Ios & Android.

      Cheap Watches Golf, Buy Quality Watch Band Link Remover Directly From China Watches Latest Suppliers: Product Description: 1, Cpu: Mtk2502 2. Memory: 128m + 64m 3. Display: Ips Wide Viewing Angle Hd Screen; 1.55 "

      Category: Smartwatches
      SKU: 375715740

    2018 Stone New Man Wool Hat Island Jacket Hat Beanie
      2018 Stone New Man Wool Hat Island Jacket Hat Beanie.

      Good Quality Golf Cap For Men And Women Leisure Unisex Caps Baseball Caps Casquette Hat Sports Outdoors Cap

      Category: Ballcaps
      SKU: 394647093

    Golf's Red Zone Challenge: A Breakthrough System To Track And Improve Your Short Game And Significantly Lower Your Scores
      Golf's Red Zone Challenge: A Breakthrough System To Track And Improve Your Short Game And Significantly Lower Your Scores.

      Detailing A Program That Has Been Proven To Provide Results And Significantly Improve A Golfer's Game From Within 100 Yards Of The Hole, This Revised Edition Includes Added Features, Enhancing The Ground-breaking Instruction That Motivates Golfers To Practice Their Short Game And Produces Measurable Results. The New Version Of "golf's Red Zone Challenge" Includes A Revised And Expanded Version Of One Of The Easiest-to-follow Programs Ever Created To Lower Every Golfer's Score; New Tips And Drills That Cover All Aspects Of The Short Game, From Putting To Chipping To Pitching To Bunker Play; An Appendix That Details Golf's Three Essential Elements-face, Path, And Lag; And A Series Of Challenging Five-minute Drills Meant To Hone Any Golfer's Short Game. With A Foreword Written By David Toms, This Book Also Includes Testimonials From Other Akins' Students, Such As High-profile Golfer Chris Dimarco And Nba Legend Jerry West.

      SKU: 7369948
      ISBN: 9781600782138
      Author: King, Charlie / Akins, Rob / Toms, David

    Inspiring Thoughts For Golfers: A Celebration Of Life On The Links
      Inspiring Thoughts For Golfers: A Celebration Of Life On The Links.

      Here's The Perfect Gift For Friends Or Family Who Gof-or Even Yourself: "inspiring Thoughts For Golfers" Is Sure To Please Players Of All Skill Levels. Featuring Intriguing Golf Information And Encouraging Spiritual Truths, This Full-color Book Celebrates "what We Love About Golf" (the Title Of The Introduction), Making Thoughtful Biblical Points In Four Chapters: "being Outdoors," "friendly Competition," "history And Tradition," And "enjoying The Camaraderie." In A Handsome, Padded Hardcover Binding, "inspiring Thoughts For Golfers" Makes An Ideal Gift For Any Golfer

      SKU: 7381994
      ISBN: 9781602607507
      Author: Warren, Lee

    Lonely Planet Washington, Dc City Guide [with Map]
      Lonely Planet Washington, Dc City Guide [with Map].

      Discover Washington Dc Toss A Frisbee In The Shadows Of The Founding Fathers On America's Front Lawn View Cutting-edge Art In A Former Munitions Factory Drink Beers While Practicing Your Putt In A Bar That Doubles As A Mini-golf Course Chow Down On Curry Served From A Van Full Of Would-be Circus Ringleaders In This Guide: Two Authors, 50 Days Of In-city Research, 15 Detailed Maps, Innumberable Half-smokes Eaten Dedicated Politics Chapter Reveals What Makes The Capital City Tick Expanded Eating Chapter Lets You Taste Everything From Chesapeake Bay Crabs To Salvadoran "pupusas"

      SKU: 7451974
      ISBN: 9781741790450
      Author: Karlin, Adam / St Louis, Regis

    Frommer's The Carolinas & Georgia [with Pocket Map]
      Frommer's The Carolinas & Georgia [with Pocket Map].

      Enjoy The Best Of A Multi-faceted Region That Offers Something For Any Visitor, Frok The Beach To The Mountains To City Life. Try Your Hand At Golfing, Wine Tasting, Or White-water Rafting, And Then Make Time To Explore Some Southern History, Culture, And Food.

      SKU: 10970197
      ISBN: 9780470887301
      Author: Porter, Darwin / Prince, Danforth

    Avoid Boring People: Lessons From A Life In Science
      Avoid Boring People: Lessons From A Life In Science.

      From A Living Legend-james D. Watson, Who Shared The Nobel Prize For Having Revealed The Structure Of Dna-a Personal Account Of The Making Of A Scientist. In "avoid Boring People, " The Man Who Discovered "the Secret Of Life" Shares The Less Revolutionary Secrets He Has Found To Getting Along And Getting Ahead In A Competitive World. Recounting The Years Of His Own Formation-from His Father's Birding Lessons To The Political Cat's Cradle Of Professorship At Harvard-watson Illuminates The Progress Of An Exemplary Scientific Life, Both His Own Pursuit Of Knowledge And How He Learns To Nurture Fledgling Scientists. Each Phase Of His Experience Yields A Wealth Of Age-specific Practical Advice. For Instance, When Young, Never Be The Brightest Person In The Room Or Bring More Than One Date On A Ski Trip; Later In Life, Always Accept With Grace When Your Request For Funding Is Denied, And-for Goodness' Sake-don't Dye Your Hair. There Are Precepts That Few Others Would Find Occasion To Heed (expect To Gain Weight After You Win Your Nobel Prize, As Everyone Will Invite You To Dinner) And Many More With Boader Application (do Not Succumb To The Seductions Of Golf If You Intend To Stay Young Professionally). And Whatever The Season Or The Occasion: Avoid Boring People. A True Believer In The Intellectual Promise Of Youth, Watson Offers Specific Pointers To Beginning Scientists About Choosing The Projects That Will Shape Their Careers, The Supreme Importance Of Collegiality, And Dealing With Competitors Within The Same Institution, Even One Who Is A Former Mentor. Finally He Addresses Himself To The Role And Needs Of Science At Large Universities In The Context Of Discussing The Unceremonious Departure Of Harvard's President Larry Summers And The Search For His Successor. Scorning Political Correctness, This Irreverent Romp Through Watson's Life And Learning Is An Indispensable Guide To Anyone Plotting A Career In Science (or Most Anything Else), A Primer Addressed Both To The Next Generatin And Those Who Are Entrusted With Their Minds.

      SKU: 1111190
      ISBN: 9780375412844
      Author: Watson, James D.

    When Light Breaks
      When Light Breaks.

      Garnering Comparisons To Anne Rivers Siddons And Pat Conroy, Patti Callahan Henry Has Woven Her Lyrical Southern Voice Throughout The Lowcountry Landscape. Now, As Two Women From Opposite Sides Of The Same Sea Meet, A Tale Unfolds That Will Draw Readers Into The Heart's Remembrances-and The Tender Awakenings Of First Love. Though Bogged Down In The Stress Of Planning Her Elaborate Wedding To A Professional Golfer, Twenty-seven-year-old Kara Larson Still Makes Time To Visit Ninety-six-year-old Maeve Mahoney At Her Nursing Home. And As Maeve Recounts The Rambling Story Of Her First Love Back In Ireland, Kara Is Driven To Remember Her Own First Love: Childhood Neighbor Jack Sullivan.

      SKU: 1473649
      ISBN: 9780451218346
      Author: Callahan Henry, Patti

    The Rahway Valley Railroad
      The Rahway Valley Railroad.

      Many Residents Of Union And Essex Counties In New Jersey Fondly Recall The Whistles Of The Rahway Valley Railroad Trains That Rolled Through The Picturesque Stations Of Roselle Park, Kenilworth, Union, Springfield, And Summit. The Rahway's Steam And Diesel Locomotives Supported Local Commerce, Provided Passenger Service, And Carried A Vast Array Of Goods To And From Local Businesses. It Connected The Area With Larger Railroads, Such As The Central Railroad Of New Jersey, The Lehigh Valley, And The Delaware, Lackawanna And Western. One Of The Shortest Yet Most Prosperous Of American Railroads, The Rahway Valley Helped Transform A Rural Region Into One Of New Jersey's Most Vital And Populous Areas. The Rahway Valley Railroad Presents The Story Of This Colorful Short Line With Rare, Vintage Photographs Of Locomotives, Passengers, Stations, And Train Crews. It Recounts How The Rahway Valley Evolved From The New York And New Orange Railroad, Linking Union County Towns With Newark Heights (maplewood), In Adjoining Essex County. Images In This Book Include Passengers Riding Rahway Valley Trains To Picnics, Church Outings, And Springfield's World-famous Baltusrol Golf Club. Readers Will Learn How This Feisty Little Line Competed Successfully For Many Years Against The Trucking Industry And The Interstate Highway System During A Time When Many Small Railroads Were Dying Out. The Rahway Valley Railroad Tells The Distinctively American Story Of A Proud Short Line That Competed With Forces Larger Than Itself And Faithfully Served The Local Merchants And Residents Who Now Remember It So Fondly.

      SKU: 2690386
      ISBN: 9780738510088
      Author: Maxton, Donald A.

    The Great Depression In America: A Cultural Encyclopedia
      The Great Depression In America: A Cultural Encyclopedia.

      Everything From "amos N' Andy" To Zeppelins Is Included In This Expansive Two Volume Encyclopedia Of Popular Culture During The Great Depression Era. Two Hundred Entries Explore The Entertainments, Amusements, And People Of The United States During The Difficult Years Of The 1930s. In Spite Of, Or Perhaps For Of, Such Dire Financial Conditions, The Worlds Of Art, Fashion, Film, Literature, Radio, Music, Sports, And Theater Pushed Forward. Conditions Of The Times Were Often Mirrored In The Popular Culture With Songs Such As Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Breadlines And Soup Kitchens, Homelessness, And Prohibition And Repeal. Icons Of The Era Such As Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George And Ira Gershwin, Jean Harlow, Billie Holiday, The Marx Brothers, Roy Rogers, Frank Sinatra, And Shirley Temple Entertained Many. "dracula, Gone With The Wind, It Happened One Night," And "superman" Distracted Others From Their Daily Worries. Fads And Games - Chain Letters, Jigsaw Puzzles, Marathon Dancing, Miniature Golf, Monopoly - Amused Some, While Musicians Often Sang The Blues. Nancy And William Young Have Written A Work Ideal For College And High School Students As Well As General Readers Looking For An Overview Of The Popular Culture Of The 1930s. Art Deco, Big Bands, Bonnie And Clyde, The Chicago's World Fair, Walt Disney, Duke Ellington, Five-and-dimes, The Grand Ole Opry, The Jitter-bug, Lindbergh Kidnapping, "little Orphan Annie," The Olympics, Operettas, Quiz Shows, Seabiscuit, Vaudeville, Westerns, And "your Hit Parade" Are Just A Sampling Of The Vast Range Of Entriesi N This Work. Reference Features Include An Introductory Essay Providing An Historical And Cultural Overview Of The Period, Bibliography, And Index.

      SKU: 968997
      ISBN: 9780313335204
      Author: Young, Nancy K. / Young, William H.

    South Carolina Handbook: Including Charleston, Hilton Head, The Blue Ridge, And Hell Hole Swamp
      South Carolina Handbook: Including Charleston, Hilton Head, The Blue Ridge, And Hell Hole Swamp.

      South Carolina Is A Land Of Contrasts - Placid Salt Marshes And Thundering Appalachian Falls, Majestic Lowcountry Plantations And Austere Cotton Farms, Gracious Manners And Fiery Passions. In Moon's New South Carolina Handbook, Author Mike Sigalas Provides A Thoughtful Look At The History And People Of This Defiant State, With Insights Into Its Myriad Subcultures From The Bluegrass World Of The Mountain Mill Towns To The Unique Gullah Culture Of The Coast. In Addition To Exploring The Cobblestone Streets Of Charleston And The Golf Meccas Of Myrtle Beach, Sigalas Offers Readers Such Unusual Destinations As Cheraw, Birthplace Of Dizzy Gillespie; Ocean Drive Beach, Headquarters Of The Shagging Subculture; And Cayce, Home To The World's Only Combination Bbq Joint, Gospel Mission, And Job Office. South Carolina Handbook Also Focuses On The State's Outdoor Recreation Offerings, Including Chattooga River Whitewater And The New Statewide Palmetto Trail. Extensive Listings, Unparalleled Maps, And Fascinating Sidebars Round Out This Comprehensive Guide.

      SKU: 7013285
      ISBN: 9781566911535
      Author: Sigalas, Mike

    Tin Cup Dreams: A Long Shot Makes It On The Pga Tour
      Tin Cup Dreams: A Long Shot Makes It On The Pga Tour.

      Now Available In Paperback, Tin Cup Dreams Is The Remarkable Odyssey Of Self-taught Golfer Esteban Toledo, A Former Boxer Who Overcame Poverty And The Wrong Side Of The Tracks To Make It Through Q School And A Make-or-break Season On The Pga Tour. With Uncommon Grit And Determination, Toledo Finally Triumphs After A 12 Year Quest That Took Him To The Depths Of Despair. Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Michael D'antonio Gives A Rare Behind-the-scenes Look At The Pga Tour While Keeping Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats With His Chronicle Of Toledo's Struggles. Traditionally, Golf Was A Dreamer's Path To Glory. Tin Cup Dreams Shows That It Still Is.

      SKU: 3104214
      ISBN: 9780786886470
      Author: D'antonio, Michael

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