2-pack Omega-caps Hp Snip Tips For Medium & Large Dogs (500 Capsules)

    2-pack Omega-caps Hp Snip Tips For Medium & Large Dogs (500 Capsules)
      2-pack Omega-caps Hp Snip Tips For Medium & Large Dogs (500 Capsules).

      Omega-caps Ā® Are Specially Formulated With A Blend Of Essential Fatty Acids And Vitamin E To Help Support The Immune System Of Your Dog Or Cat. The Active Ingredients In Omeg-caps Snip Tips Also Help Maintain Joints, Heart Health, And Normal Brain Function. Formulated With Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Epa And Dha, Which Are Essential To The Healthy Functioning Of Your Pet's Body, Especially The Brain And Nervous System. They Also Play A Key Role In Vascular Health By Supporting Normal Function Of The Cardiac Muscle And Promoting Normal Circulation. These Fatty Acids Cannot Be Produced By Your Pet's Body And So Must Be Obtained Through Secondary Sources Like Omega-caps Snip Tips. The Antioxidant, Vitamin E, Assists Your Pet's Body In Combating Environmental Pollutants By Helping The Body Remove Damaging Free Radicals. These Fish Flavored Snip Tip Gels Are An Easy Way To Help Maintain A Healthy Immune System, Brain And Nervous System, And A Healthy Heart In Your Dog Or Cat. Simply, Snip The End And Squeeze The Gel Out For Your Pet To Readily Consume These Nutrients. Omega-caps Snip Tips For Cats And Smaller Dogs Is Formulated For Pets Up To 45 Lb, For Pets Weighing More, Try Omega-caps Snip Tips For Medium And Large Ogs. For Use In: Dogs And Cats Key Features: Eicosapentaenoic Acid (epa) 540 Mg Docosahexaenoic Acid (dha) 350 Mg Vitamin E 3 Iu You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, omega-caps, amp, trade,
      SKU: Omegacapsnipml500

    Animed Absolute Ha (16 Oz)
      Animed Absolute Ha (16 Oz).

      Hyaluronic Acid Is A Major Component Of Both The Cartilage And Synovial Fluid Of The Joint And Is Associated With Joint Lubrication And Flexibility.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, animed Absolute Ha
      SKU: Animed-absolute-ha-16-oz

    Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 (100 Softgels)
      Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 (100 Softgels).

      Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 Is A Vital Antioxidant And Tissue Healer. Vita E 200 Also Aids In Cellular Respiration, Detoxification And Repair. Each Gel Cap Provides 200 Ius Of D-alpha Tocopherol, The Most Potent Form Of Vitamin E. Enhances Oxygenation Of Blood, Strengthens The Heart, Revitalizes, Increases Fertility, Tones Muscles And Skin. Protects Against Radiation And Protect B Vitamins From Rapid Blood Oxidation. Ingredients: Vitamin E 200 I.u. (100% Natural D-alpa Tocopherol), Vegetable Oils, Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin And Water

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, azmira Holistic Animal Care Vitamins
      SKU: Azmiiravitae200

    Betadine Solution (gallon)
      Betadine Solution (gallon).

      An Aqueous Solution Of Povidone-iodine 10%, Used As A First Aid To Kill Germs And Help Prevent Infection In Minor Burns, Cuts And Scrapes.ā 

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, betadine
      SKU: Betadine-solution-gallon

    Exo Terra Repti-glo 5.0 Tropical Terrraium Lamp (15 W, 18")
      Exo Terra Repti-glo 5.0 Tropical Terrraium Lamp (15 W, 18").

      The Most Important Feature Of A Fluorescent Lamp Is The Ability To Emit Sufficient Uvb Light, A Component Of Sunlight. The Exo Terra Reptile Glo 5.0 Provides High Levels Of Uva (30%) And Uvb (5%) Making Them Suitable For Reptiles That Are Seen In Shady Environments Like Rainforests. The Vegetation And High Humidity In These Environments Filters Out Or Prevents Direct Sunlight From Striking The Animals And Their Basking Sites. Shipping: This Item Does Not Ship Via Our Priority Shipping Method. (overnight Shipping Is Available)

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, lighting Products, gt, exoterra Terrarium Lamps , amp, Lighting
      SKU: Exoterraglo5lamp15w

    Fidorido Pet Car Seat - Beige (24"x18x10")
      Fidorido Pet Car Seat - Beige (24"x18x10").

      We've All Seen Dogs Sitting On Drivers' Laps With Their Heads Out The Window. Not Only Is This Unsafe For Driving, But Unrestrained Pets In Even Low Impact Accidents Can Fly Through The Windshield And Be Seriously Injured Or Killed. They Can Also Become Projectiles, Hitting Passengers And Causing Serious Injury Or Death. The Patented Fidoridoā® Is A 3-in-1 Booster Seat And Restraint System That Can Be Utilized As A Pet Bath Tub And Pet Bed For Dogs Up To 30 Lbs. Or Two Small Dogs With A Combined Weight Up To 30 Lbs. The Fidoridoā® Installs Easily With Your Car's Seat Belt. The Two-strap Restraint System, When Used With The Fidoridoā® Harness Provided, Equalizes The Pressure Of A Sudden Stop. The Fidoridoā® Provides More Room And Comfort Over Other Dog Car Seats And Seat Belt Harnesses. Even Though Restrained, Your Dog Can Stand, Sit, Lie Down And Look Out The Wnidow! Promotes Safer Driving With Your Dog Dog Is Secured With Adjustable Straps Installs Easily With Car Seat Belt Boosts Pet To Window Level Roomy So Yuor Dog Can Stretch Out Can Be Used As A Pet Bathtub Allows Interaction With Your Pet Durable Container All Parts Are Washable Makes A Great Pet Bed Anywhere Holds Two Small Dogs Together Includes Handy Storage Pouch

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, travel Supplies, gt, fidorido, amp, reg, Pet Car Seat
      SKU: Fidorido-pet-car- Seat-beige

    Fruitables Skinny Minis Soft & Chewy Dog Treats - Apple Bacon (5 Oz)
      Fruitables Skinny Minis Soft & Chewy Dog Treats - Apple Bacon (5 Oz).

      Fruitables Skinny Mini Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Are Tiny Treats That Are Low In Calories And Big On Flavor For Dogs That Deserve The Best! These Treats Feature A Soft And Chewy Texture And A Succulent Apple Bacon Flavor. Each Treat Is Under 3 Calories To Ensure That You Can Feed Your Dog Multiple In A Single Day, Which Makes Them Perfect For Training Or Rewarding Your Pup. Fruitables Skinny Mini Soft & Chewy Dog Treats Are Made Without Artificial Ingredients Or Grain Fillers To Ensure Tthat They Are Easy For Your Dog To Digest. This Resealable Package Comes With 5 Ounces Of Delicious Apple Bacon Chews- But A Larger Bag Of 12 Ounces Is Also Available. Don't Hesitate To Get These Delectable Treats For Your Pup- Order Now! Key Features: All Natural Ingredients Under 3 Calories Per Treat Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, fruitables Chewy Treats
      SKU: Fruitables-skinny-minis-dog-treats-apple-bacon-5-oz

    Polkadg Wonder Nuggets With Beef Liver Dog Treats (16 Oz)
      Polkadg Wonder Nuggets With Beef Liver Dog Treats (16 Oz).

      Polkadog Wonder Nuggets With Beef Liver Dog Treats Are All-natural Delectable Training Treats Made With Real Beef Liver For A Full, Rich Flavor Your Dog Will Love! Each Treat Is Soft And Squishy To Provide A Tender Texture That Will Drive Your Dog Wild. This Formula Combines Dried Apples And Rolled Oats To Provide Additional Flavors And Added Nutrition. Polkadog Wonder Nuggets With Beef Liver Dog Treats Are Free Of By-rpoducts And Are Made Here In The Usa To Ensure Their Quality. This Bag Contains 8 Ounces Of The Treats To Provide A Hearty Supply And Can Be Resealed For Your Convenience. Grab A Bag Of These Savory Snacks To Treat Your Pooch To Something Special! Key Features: All Natural Treats Made With Real Beef Liver Contains 8 Oz In Resealable Bag Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, polkadog, amp, reg, Natural Dog Treats
      SKU: Polkadog-wonder-nuggets-beef-liver-dog-12-oz

    Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14")
      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14").

      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Hedgehog (14") Bring Out Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct With Our Realistic Skinneeez Toys. Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez Last Longer Than Regular Plush Dog Toys Because There Is No Stuffing For Your Dog To Rip Out! Now Your Dog Can Enjoy Long Lasting Play While Flip-flopping Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez. The Spot Skinneeez Plush Pet Toy Has 2 Squeakers - One In The Head And One In The Tail For Double The Fun. Collect Them All!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Spmiskstfrhe

    Thomas Labs E-z Calm (30 Count)
      Thomas Labs E-z Calm (30 Count).

      Helps Calm Stressed Animals With: Separation Anxiety Nervous Traveling Fear Of Grooming Storm Panic Effectively Pacify Over-active Animals During Conditions Of Anxiety, Stress Or Upset. Contains L-tryptophan, A Natural Amino Acid Known To Calm Hyperactive Or Stressed Animals, And Probiotics To Help Alleviate Diarrhea And Upset Stomach.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, thomas Labs E-z Calm
      SKU: Thomas-labs-e-z-calm-30-count

    Zack & Zoey Blue Vintage Santa Set - Large
      Zack & Zoey Blue Vintage Santa Set - Large.

      Zack & Zoey Blue Vintage Santa Sets Offer An Elegant And Luxurious Look With A Vintage Touch For The Holidays.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-blue-santa-set-large

    Zoetis Elimin-odor - Feline (8 Fl Oz)
      Zoetis Elimin-odor - Feline (8 Fl Oz).

      Elimin-odor Feline Cat Urine And Stool Odors Are Destroyed - Not A Cover-up. The Odor Molecules Are Prevented From Forming A Gas; Without A Gas There Is No Odor. Safe. May Be Used As Often As Required. Stops Odors At The Source By Preventing Odor Molecules From Forming A Gas. No-desensitizing Or Masking Agents. Non-toxic And Non-irritating To Skin, Eyes And Hair.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, zoetis, amp, trade, Elimin-odor, amp, reg,
      SKU: Zoetis-elimin-odor-feline-8-oz

    Zukes Z-bones Edible Dental Chews Mini Clean Cherry Berry (0.5 Oz)
      Zukes Z-bones Edible Dental Chews Mini Clean Cherry Berry (0.5 Oz).

      Zukes Z-bones Mini Clean Cherry Berry Doggie Dental Hygiene Isn't Always The Most Up Kept, With A Natural Proclivity To Carry Anything In Their Mouths No Matter How Unsanitary. If You're Looking For A Natural Way To Keep Their Teeth Clean And Breath Fresh, Look No Further Than Z-bones, The Natural Edible Dental Chews. Z-bones Use A Delicious, Grain Free Formula Which Is Easy To Digest And Will Help Scrape And Polish Teeth. Grain Free Formula Z-bones Are Made With Potato Starch And Tapioca As An Alternative To Allergy Inducing Wheat Based Bones. As An Added Benefit, Tapioca Helps Digestibility With Fewer Calories. Z-bones Are Also Made Without Dairy, Which Is A Common Allergen For Dogs. Natural Breath Freshener Z-bones Contain A Full Arsenal To Combat Bad Breath. Alfalfa Concentrate, A Highly Concentrated Form Of Chloro Phyll, Freshens Breath From The Inside Out. Parsley Along With Rosemary Offer Natural Powerful Herbs To Eliminate Doggy Breath. Clove Has Analgesic Properties And Acts Quickly To Suppress Your Hound's Halitosis. Z-bones Also Has Fennel, Which Is A Common Ingredient For Mouth Washes And Toothpastes. Antioxidants And Digestibility Clean Cherry Berry Has The Natural Benefits Of Cherries And Cranberries. These Berries Are A Healthy Source Of Highly Concentrated Antioxidants. They Are Also High In Fiber For Enhanced Digestibility. Zukes Z-bones Mini Clean Cherry Berry Grain Free Easy To Diest Clean Teeth Healthy Wholefood Antioxidant Natural Breath Freshener Delicious And Nutritious For Dogs Greater Than 5 Lbs And More Than 6 Months Of Age More Info Dog Treats More Treats For Your Dog. Top Dog Bones Find Alternative Dog Bones. Canine Dental Disease Learn More About Problems That Can Come From Poor Dental Hygiene Pet Food Couple Your Healthy Treat With A Healthy Meal. Choose The Right Size Z-bone For Your Dog Clean Apple Crisp Clean Carrot Crunch Clean Cherry Berry Mini 18 Bone Box Regular 8 Bone Box Giant 12 Bone Box Mini: For Dogs 5-25 Lbs Regular: For Dogs 25-60 Lbs Regular 8 Bone Box Large 6 Bone Box Giant 12 Bone Box Mini: For Dogs 5-25 Lbs Mini 18 Bone Box Regular 8 Bone Box Large 6 Bone Box Giant 12 Bone Box Healthy Pets Healthy Planet Every Zuke's Product Is Crafted To Keep Both Pets And The Planet Healthy. Be Healthy Beyond Ingredients Be Active Embrace The Outdoors Be Devoted Honor Unconditional Love

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, z-bones Edible Dental Chews By Zukes
      SKU: Zukescherrychew05

    Wonderful World Of Horses Coloring Book
      Wonderful World Of Horses Coloring Book.

      Thirty Handosme Illustrations Capture The Legendary Grace And Beauty Of The Horse. Depictions Of Mounted Riders; Horses Racing Across Fields; Mares With Their Colts; Horses Walking, Galloping, Trotting; A Stallion Rearing Up On Its Hind Legs; And More. Captions Supplement An Impressive Panorama Of The World's Best-loved And Most Highly Prized Animals.

      SKU: 1603991
      ISBN: 9780486444659
      Author: Green, John

    Hoppy Passover!
      Hoppy Passover!.

      Violet And Simon, Two Small Bunnies, Are Excited About Passover. They Help Set Out The Seder Plate, They Taste That First Bite Of Matzoh (and A Little Bit Of Horseradish), Search For The Afikomen, And Most Importantly...they Ask Lots Of Questions Linda Glaser's Simple, Cozy Story Is Just Right For Children First Learning About This Holiday. Daniel Howarth's Charming Paintings Show A Happy Family Passing On Their Traditions.

      SKU: 10841660
      ISBN: 9780807533802
      Author: Glaser, Linda / Howarth, Daniel

    Season Of Secrets
      Season Of Secrets.

      The Next Novel From Sally Nicholls, Author Of The Critically Acclaimed Ways To Live Forever Molly And Hannah Have Just Lost Their Mother, And While Dad "figures Things Out," They're Sent To Stay With Their Grandparents In A Quiet Country Town. Everything Is Different: There Are Only Ten Kids In Their Entire School; They Have To Walk Home By Themselves Every Day; And A Phone Call From Dad Just Isn't The Same As A Hug. In Fact, They're Not Even Sure When, Or If, Their Dad Will Be Back For Them. (cont'd) One Night Hannah Decides To Run Away, And Molly Follows Her Out Into The Storm. Suddenly, Molly Is Surrounded By Dogs And Strange Men On Horseback, And They're All Chasing A Man In The Road. Molly Rushes To Find Someone To Help Him, But When She Returns, He's Nowhere To Be Seen. She Finds Him Again The Next Day, And He's Badly Injured. As He Heals, Molly Befriends Him And Realizes That There's Something Magical About Him. He Can Make A Flower Blossom In The Palm Of His Hand; He Can Make A Sapling Grow In The Dead Of Winter. Molly Wants Desperately To Figure Out Who He Is And Just How Much Power He Has. If He Can Make The Trees Come To Life Again, Is There Still Hope For Molly's Mother?

      SKU: 11418906
      ISBN: 9780545218252
      Author: Nicholls, Sally

    Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus, Volume 1
      Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus, Volume 1.

      In The Not-tpo-distant Past, The First Nuclear Weapon Test Changed The World Forever . . . But Ont In The Way We Expected. Unleashed Upon The Planet Was A Microscopic Technological Virus Of Unknown Origin That Infected Millions - Some To No Effect, Some To Horrifying Agonies And Disfigurement, Others With The Gift Of Incredible And Sometimes Terrifying Power. But Would A World Populated By Supermen Become A Battleground For Good Against Bad . . . Or Bad Against Worse? Is It True That With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility . . . Or Does It Truly Come With Great License?

      SKU: 7278142
      ISBN: 9781593077341
      Author: Dark Horse Comics

    God's Way
      God's Way.

      Lyonald James Marston Was Born, November 23, 1938 In Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. When He Was 4 Years Old Some Of His Kinfolk Would Ask Him What He Wanted For Christmas. He Answered: "a Bible." They Would Tease Him By Saying, "a Bottle" "no" He Would Reply. "i Want A Bible For Christmas." Needless To Say He And His Brother Bobby Ray Got A Bible Each That Christmas. When He Was 5 Years Old, People Would Ask Him What He Wanted To Be When He Grew Up. He Would Reply: "i Want To Be A Preacher." Most Every Sunday, He Would Sit Beside An Elderly Man On The Front Pew In Th E Downtown Church Of Christ. As The Years Passed By, His Desire Changed To Many Other Things. He Wanted To Be A Juvenile Judge, A Lawyer, Fbi, The Black Rider, Riding A Black Horse And Dressed In Black To Save The People Out West, Like Some Of The Movie Stars He Had Seen At The Movies. As Time Moved On He Had Several Jobs And Finally Worked In Washington, D.c. With The William J. Burns International Detective Agency, Located At 909 21st Street, N.w. He Was Working As An Investigator When President John F. Kennedy Was Killed In Dallas, Texas. He Was Offered The Position With The Secret Service Protecting The Future President; However He Turned Down That Offer. He Married Anna Florence Slaubaugh Who Worked In The Pentagon Located In The State Of Virginia. He Went Into Business For Himself As An Investigator And Eventually Moved To Nashville, Tennesseee. He And His Wife Attended The Church Of Christ On Nolensville Road. His Wife, Anna Was Baptized There. Lyonald Learned About Th Nashville School Of Preaching. He Became A Student There And Started Preaching Part Time With Some Small Congregations And Started Full Time Ministry In Saint Mary's Church Of Christ Located In St.mary's W.va. Lyonald And Anna Got Divorced And Later He Married Patricia (pat) Russell And He Still Preaches On A Part Time Basis For Small Congregations In Texas. His Health Will Not Allow Him To Work Full Time.

      SKU: 18643822
      ISBN: 9781619963214
      Author: Marston, Lyonald J.

    Holland's Life Of Abraham Lincoln
      Holland's Life Of Abraham Lincoln.

      Soon After The Assassination Of President Lincoln In April 1865, Newspaper Editor Josiah Gilbert Holland Traveled To Illinois To Talk With People Who Had Known Abraham Lincoln "back When." In 1866 Holland Published The Earliest Full-scale Life Of The Fallen Leader. A Great Popular Success, Holland's Biography Introduced American Readers Who Were Hungry For Personal Information About Lincoln's Early Life To Some Of The Most Famous And Enduring Lincoln Stories. From Holland The Reader Learned About Lincoln Making Restitution For A Ruined Book, The Railsplitter Earning His First Silver Dollar, The Millhorse's Kick To His Head, The Wrestling Match With Jack Armstrong. Holland Relayed Homey Stories About The Young Illinois Legislator And Lawyer And Poignant Ones About The President During The Dark Days Of The Civil War. Holland Was One Of The Earliest Biographers Of Lincoln To Insist That Lincoln Had Always Opposed Slavery And Had Planned Consistently For Emancipation. Most Debatable, From The Viewpoint Of Some Later Historians, Holland Demonstrated That Lincoln Was "eminently A Christian President." To Understand The Sixteenth President And The Making Of His Public Image, It Is Necessary To Begin With "holland's Life Of Abraham Lincoln,"

      SKU: 3256123
      ISBN: 9780803273030
      Author: Holland, Josiah Gilbert 1819 / Guelzo, Allen C.

    Contrabando: Confessions Of A Drug-smuggling Texas Cowboy
      Contrabando: Confessions Of A Drug-smuggling Texas Cowboy.

      Don Henry Ford, Jr. Is A Texas Cowboy, Rancher And Farmer. In The Late 1970s, He Was Foreman Of His Father's Ranch And Farm In West Texas Along The Pecos River. The Ranch Was Going Broke. The Bankers Were Knocking At The Door. Don Went To His Mexican Hands, The Same Guys Who Were The Connection For His Own Marijuana-smoking Inclinations, And They Directed Him To Their Contacts On The Other Side Of The Rio Grande. Soon, He Was Scoring Spme Easy Money And He Was Hooked. For The Next Seven Years, He Made His Living As An Outlaw, Smuggling Marijuana Across The U.s./mexico Border In The Big Bend Region. Millions Of Dollars Passed Through His Hands. He Did Business With Many Of The Big-name Narcotraficantes Of The Era Like Pablo Acosta And Amado Carrillo Fuentes. After Being Arrested And Sent To Prison, He Escaped And Lived For A Year In Rural Northern Mexico, Raising A Bumper Crop Of Marijuana And Hiding Out From The Federales. "contrabando" Is A Confession, But It's Also An Homage To The Mexican Paisanos And, Indeed, To Other Outlaws North Of The Border Who Became Don Ford's Friends And Protectors During His Seven Years As A Smuggler. Charles Bowden (author Of "down By The River," Simon & Schuster, 2003) Has Written A Remarkable Introduction To "contrabando," Giving An Historical Perspective To The Never-ending "war On Drugs" Waged By The U.s. Government. In December 1986, The Feds Caught Don Henry Ford A Second Time. He Was Sentenced To 15 Years In A Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary. He Now Lives In Seguin, Texas, Farming And Raising Race Horses.

      SKU: 4207692
      ISBN: 9780938317852
      Author: Ford, Don Henry, Jr. / Ford, Jr. / Bowden, Charles

    Horse Latitudes
      Horse Latitudes.

      Between The End Of The Baby Boom And The Rise Of Gen X, There Was Another Alost Generation.a A Generation Of Tv Zombies Who Came To Awareness As Man Walked On The Moon, The Batles Disbanded, And The Sixties Proved To Be The Biggest Disappointment Since Spanish Fly. Meet Chester Sprockett, Former Golden Boy High School Football Star, Now Facing The Prospect Of Middle-age Alone, Unemployed And Stuck In A Quagmire Of Personal And Literary Impotence As He Pursues His Lifelong Ambition To Write The Great Ameriacn Novel. Sex, Love, Relationships, Impending Middle-age Angsta]itas All Here. Horse Latitudes Is A Darkly Humorous, Sex-fueled Odysseyaone Manas Quest For Liberation. Itas A Tale Youall Never Forget.

      SKU: 7423326
      ISBN: 9781607035237
      Author: Bufogle, Quentin R.

    American Chica
      American Chica.

      From Her Father's Genteel Peruvian Family, Marie Arana Was Taught To Be A Proper Lady, Yet From Her Mother's American Family She Learned To Shoot A Gun, Break A Horse, And Snap A Chicken's Neck For Dinner. Arana Shuttled Easily Between These Deeply Separate Cultures For Years. But Only When She Immigrated With Her Family To The United States Did She Come To Understand That She Was A Hybrid American, An Individual Whose Cultural Identity Was Split In Half. Coming To Terms With This Split Is At The Heart Of This Graceful, Beautifully Realized Portrait Of A Child Who "was A North-south Collision, A New World Fusion. An American "chica,"" Through Arana's Eyes The Reader Will Discover Not Only The Diverse, Earthquake-prone Terrain Of Peru, Charged With Ghosts Of History And Mythology, But Also The Vast Prairie Lands Of Wyoming, "grave-slab Flat," And Hemmed By Mountains. In These Landscapes Resides A Fierce And Colorful Cast Of Fami1y Members Who Bring Her "historia" Vividly To Life, Among Them Arana's Proud Paternal Grandfather, Victor Manuel Arana Sobrevilla, Who One Day Simply Stopped Coming Down The Stairs; Her Dazzling Maternal Grandmother,, Rosa Cisneros Y Cisneros, "clicking Through The House As If She Were Making Her Way Onstage"; Grandpa Doc, Her Maternal Grandfather, Who, By Example, Taught Her About The Constancy Of Love. But Most Important Are Arana's Parents, Jorge And Marie. He A Brilliant Engineer, She A Talented Musician. For More Than Half A Century These Two Passionate, Strong-willed People Struggled To Overcome The Bicultural Tensions In Their Marriage And, Finally, To Prevail.

      SKU: 6019965
      ISBN: 9781400001996
      Author: Arana / Arana, Marie

    Little Wonders: Animal Babies And Their Families
      Little Wonders: Animal Babies And Their Families.

      Amazing Things Animals Do, A Series From Owl Books, Offers A Unique Overview Of Animal Behavior For Young Children. Children Are Fascinated By Babies, And In "little Wonders" They Discover The Amazing Number Of Ways That Animal Babies Around The World Are Cared For And Grow. From The Tiny Seahorse To The Mighty Elephant, A Wide Range Of Animals And Their Parenting Behaviors Are Accurately Described And Delicately Illustrated. Children Will Be Enthralled By Red-billed Hornbills That Protect Their Chicks With A Wall Of Mud, Baby Kangaroos That Somersault To Safety In Mother's Pouch, Baby Sea Otters Wrapped In Seaweed Cradles To Keep Them Safely Anchored And Warm, And More. The Beautifully Detailed Illustrations Show Each Animal In Its Own Environment. A Special Who's Who Section At The Back Of The Book Features Animal Photos With More Information On Each Animal's Size, Habitat And Habits.

      SKU: 7727818
      ISBN: 9781895688313
      Author: Baillie, Marilyn / Caron, Romi

    Wholesale-modern Photo Wallpaper 3d Stereo Horses Galloping Bedroom Living Room Sofa Tv Background Wall Mural Wallpaper Flash Silver Cloth
      Wholesale-modern Photo Wallpaper 3d Stereo Horses Galloping Bedroom Living Room Sofa Tv Background Wall Mural Wallpaper Flash Silver Cloth.

      Cheap Wallpaper Garden, Buy Quality Cloth Boy Directly From China Cloth Gift Bags Wholesale Suppliers: Custom 3d Mural Wallpaper European Style Painting Stereoscopic Relief Jade Living Room Tv Backdrop Bedroom Photo Wall P

      Category: Wallpapers
      SKU: 394604549

    Wholesale High Quality 18pcs/ Set Make Up Brush Champagne Classic Toiletry Kit Wool Ocsmetic Face Eyebow Brush Set
      Wholesale High Quality 18pcs/ Set Make Up Brush Champagne Classic Toiletry Kit Wool Ocsmetic Face Eyebow Brush Set.

      100% Brand New And High Quality. 18pcs/set Natual Pure Horse Hair Brush Eye Shadow, Blush, Concealer, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Foundation, Powder, Loose Powder, Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil, Cosmetic Bags, False Eyelashes, Mascara. It Is Very Fashional And Popular Champagen Color Shining With Classic

      Category: Makeupbrushes
      SKU: 395383236

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