3-pack Felisyl L-lysine Gel For Cats (15 Oz)

    3-pack Felisyl L-lysine Gel For Cats (15 Oz)
      3-pack Felisyl L-lysine Gel For Cats (15 Oz).

      Felisyl ® Is A Gel Supplement That Contains The Amino Acid L-lysine For Use In Cats And Kittens For Conditions Responsive To L-lysine. L-lysine Is An Essential Amino Acid, Which Means That Your Cat's Body Needs It, Butcan't Produce It, So This Supplement Is A Perfect Choice To Provide That Necessity. L-lysine Hcl Immune System Support For Cats Gel Helps Keep Your Cat Healthy By Supporting The Immune System Naturally So That It Can Function Normally And Produce Antibodies. Felisyl L-lysine Gel For Cats Also Helps Maintain Healthy Tissue, Supports Respiratory Health, And May Even Help With Your Cat's Vision. The L-lysine Is In A Maple Flavored Gel That Your Cat Will Enjoy Eating, Making It Easy To Administer On Food Or Right On The Cat's Paw. For Use In: Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, lysine Products, gt, felisyl Immune System Support
      SKU: 3pack-phs-felisyl-l-lysine-gel

    Adaptil (dap) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml)
      Adaptil (dap) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml).

      Adaptil (dap) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray (20ml) Helps Stop Or Prevent Fear And Stress-related Behavior In Puppies And Adult Dogs That Result In: Destructive Behavior, Excessive Vocalization (barking, Whining, Etc.), House Soiling, Excessive Licking, Anxiety.  dap™ Helps Comofrt The Puppies And Adult Dog In Stressful Situations Like Meeting New People Or Animals Or Traveling To An Unfamiliar Environment. In Mammals, Lactating Females Release Substances Called "appeasing Pheromones" The Function Of Which Is To Reassure The Offspring. These Pheromones Calm The Puppy During Times Of Stress And Provide Reassurance, Particularly In Unknown Environments And When Encountering Novel Experiences. Research Has Shown That The Reassuring Prperties Of These Pheromones Persist Even Into Adult Age. Dap™ (dog Appeasing Pheromone) Reproduces The Properties Of The Natural &quo;tappeasing Pheromones" Of The Bitch. You'll Love The Way This Spray Calms Your Dog, So Order It Today! Key Feature: Spot Solution To Help Comfort Dogs Uses Synthetic Dap That Is Scientifically Proven To Calm Dogs Naturally Comes With 20 Ml Of Spray

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, adaptil - Dap For Dogs , dog Appeasing Pheromone,
      SKU: Adaptil-dap-spray-20-ml

    12 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Extra Large Dog (for Dogs Over 55 Lbs.)
      12 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Extra Large Dog (for Dogs Over 55 Lbs.).

      The New And Improved Advantage Ii Now Offers Flea And Lice Protection For Your Dog. Flea And Lice Treatment Wit Advantage Ii Gives Your Dog A Safe Solutio That Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month. Dog S And Puppies Older Than 7 Weeks And Weighing Over 55 Lbs Are Fit For This Flea And Lice Killing Formula. This Formula Will Kill Fleas Completely By Eliminating Their Eggs And Larvae By Using A Variety Of Ingredients And Compounds. It Contains A Fast-acting Formula That Kills Fleas Quickly And Prevents Them From Returning. Advantage Ii Uses The Compound Pyriproxyfen To Kill Fleas And Other Insects By Interfering With Their Maturity Cycle. Targeting Insects, Pyriproxyfen Does Not Affect Mammals. Other Flea Killing Properties Like Adulticidal, Larvicidal, And Ovicidal Kill Fleas And Prevent Them From Emerging Again. Imidacloprid Paralyzes Fleas So They Are Killed Before Biting Your Dog And Also Reduce The Incidence Of Flea-related Allergies. Kills Adult Fleas Within 12 Hours And Re-infesting Fleas Within 2 Hours Integrated Flea Control (ifc) Disrupts Flea Life Cycle With Pyriproxyfen Waterproof Guaranteed Us Epa Approved Application Quick And Easy With Easy-squeeze Tube Each Package Of This Long Lasting Topical Lasts For 4 Or 6 Months Per Dose: $10.00

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, advantage Ii For Dogs
      SKU: Advantageiiblue12

    Amoxfin Fish Antibiotic (30 Capsules)
      Amoxfin Fish Antibiotic (30 Capsules).

      Amoxfin Is A Pharmaceutical-grade 500mg Amoxicillin Antibiotic Commonly Used In The Treatment Of Bacterial Infections. There Are No Fillers Or Additives In Amoxfin. Antibiotics Are Proven To Control And Treat Common Bacterial Fish Diseases Including Fin Rot, Aeromonas, Dropsy, Red Pest, Pseudomonas Genera And Mycobacterial Group. For Treatment Of Common Bacterial Infections No Filters Or Additives Made In The U.s.a. 500 Mg

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Amoxfin-fish-antiibiotic

    2 Month K9 Advantix Ii Green For Small Dogs (upto 10 Lbs)
      2 Month K9 Advantix Ii Green For Small Dogs (upto 10 Lbs).

      2 Month K9 Advantix Ii Green For Small Dogs (upto 10 Lbs)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, k9 Advantix Ii For Dogs, Flea , amp, Tick Control
      SKU: K9-advantix-ii-green-small-dog-2-pack

    Life's An Itch Watermelon Skin Soothing Shampoo (16 Oz)
      Life's An Itch Watermelon Skin Soothing Shampoo (16 Oz).

      When Dry, Irritated Skin Is Making Your Dog?s Life Miserable, Stop The Itching With Life?s An Itch Watermelon Skin Soothing Shampoo . This Ph Adjusted Formula Is Made Without Any Harsh Chemicals And May Help Your Pet Finally Get Some Much Needed Relief. Specially Formulated To Relieve The Itch! This Soothing Formula Gets To The Root Of Common Causes Of A Dog?s Itchy Skin. Frequently The Itch Is The Result Of Skin Irritations Caused By Either Insects Or Dry Skin. To Combat This Irritation, Life?s An Itch Watermelon Skin Soothing Shampoo Contains Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Vitamins, And Chamomile Extra. These Ingredients Work Together To Soothe Skin And Leave Your Dog?s Coat Looking And Feeling Soft And Silky. Benefits: Stops The Itching Nourishes Skin Conditions Coat Relieves Skin Irritations Purifies Hair Follicles Fortifies And Moisturizes Coat

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, pet Head Shampoo
      SKU: Lifes-an-itch-watermelon-skin-soothing-shampoo-16-oz

    Dechra Malacetic Hc Wipes (25 Ct)
      Dechra Malacetic Hc Wipes (25 Ct).

      Malacetic Hc Wipes Are Premoistened Wipes In A Dispensing Container For Topical Use On Dogs And Cats. Antifungal, Antibacterial, Anti-itch Formula With Hydrocortisone. Contains 1% Acetic Acid 1% Boric Acid 1% Hydrocortisone

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, dechra Malacetic
      SKU: Malacetichcwipes25

    Mirra-coat Powder For Dogs (1 Lbs)
      Mirra-coat Powder For Dogs (1 Lbs).

      Mirra Coat Powder Is Recommended For Use As A Concentrated Supplement For Dogs And Other Animals That Need Special Attention To Help Control Shedding, Scratching, Dull Coat And Dry, Flaky Skin. Use To Aid In Restoring The Skin And Coat Condition After Treatment For Non-nutritional Problems Such As Parasites, Trauma And Allergies. Improvements Are Seen Within Two Weeks Of Use.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements, gt, mirra-coat
      SKU: Mirracoatpowder

    Naturvet Hip & Joint Advance Formula Senior Care (120 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Hip & Joint Advance Formula Senior Care (120 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet Hip & Joint Advance Formula Senior Care Are Formulated And Recommended To Support Healthy Hip And Joint Function. The Special Formula Helps To Maintain Healthy Cartilage And Connective Tissue In Your Dog's Joints. Naturvet Hip & Joint Advance Formula Senior Care Provides Senior Dogs With The Extra Support Needed For Healthy Aging And Advanced Hip And Joint Stages. The Tasty Soft Chews Will Make This Supplement A Treat Your Dog Will Love. 120 Soft Chews Support Healthy Hip And Joint Function Maintains Healthy Cartilage And Connective Tissue A Tasty Treat Formulated For Senior Dogs But May Be Used In Any Dogs Over 1 Year Of Age Save Even More When You Try New Arthrisoothe Gold 360 Soft Chews Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supple Ments, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, naturvet Senior Hip , amp, Joint
      SKU: Naturvet-hip-joint-advance-senior-care-120-soft-chews

    Reindeer Atlers - Large
      Reindeer Atlers - Large.

      Reindeer Antlers Is Great For The Holidays. Features White Antlers And Elasticized Strap For A Comfortable Fit On Any Pet. In Addition, The Green Ribbon With Jingle Bell Accent Add To The Festive Fun! Measures 5.5wx6.375h In

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, holiday Wear
      SKU: Reinantlerslrg

    Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer (1 Gm) - Small Dogs (3 Pack)
      Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer (1 Gm) - Small Dogs (3 Pack).

      Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer (1 Gm) - Small Dogs (3 Pack) Safeguard 4 Caninne Dewormef (1 Gm) - Small Dogs (3 Pack) Is A Safe And Effective Treatment For Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, And Whipworms. Made With 22.2% Fenbendazole, This Fda Approved Product Kills And Controls Parasites In All Breeds Of Dogs. Quick And Easy To Use In As Little As Three Days, Your Dog Could Be Free Fromt He Discomfort Caused By Intestinal Parasites That Make Your Pet?s Life Miserable. Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer Is Quick And Easy To Use. Simply Mix Each Package Of Granules With Your Dog?s Regular Food At Mealtime For Easy Ingestion. Benefits Highly Effective Safe For Adult Dogs, Pregnant Females, And Puppies 6 Weeks And Older Works Quickly Comes In 3 Easy To Use, Prepackaged Doses Simply Mix With Dog?s Usual Food Recommended For The Removal And Control Of Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, And Tapeworms

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, safeguard Dewormers
      SKU: Safeguard-4-canine-dewormer-1-gm-small-dogs-3-pack

    Lixit Dog Water Bottle (64 Oz.)
      Lixit Dog Water Bottle (64 Oz.).

      Dog Water Bottle Easy To Install Fits Most Cages Engineered For Superior Performance One Piece Tube/cap Assembly With Stainless Steel Double Ball Point Tube Filling Instructions: Water Bottles Work On A Vacuum Lock. When Bottle Is Filled And First Inverted, Press The Control Ball And Let Water Trickle Out Until Vacuum Develops Before Placing Bottle In Holder. Occasional Dripping Due To Temperature Caused Expansion Of The Bottle Is Normal.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, travel , amp, Disposable Bowls, gt, lixit Kennel Water Bottle
      SKU: Sdw64bot

    Spot Skinneeez Cat Toy - Assorted Mouse
      Spot Skinneeez Cat Toy - Assorted Mouse.

      Skinneeeez For Cats Are Fun, Stuffing Free, Catnip Filled Toys For Cats. These Soft, Mouse Shaped Toys Will Appeal To Your Cat's Natural Hunting Instincts. Watch Them Chase, Pounce And Battle The Stuffing Free Toys! The Catnip Housed Inside Will Be Sure To Hold Your Cat's Interest. Mice Measure Approximately 3 Inches Long Stuffing Free Catnip Inside

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, spot Skinneeez For Cats
      SKU: Spot-skinneeez-cat-toy-mouse

    Timberline Crickets Adults (1000 Count)
      Timberline Crickets Adults (1000 Count).

      Crickets (acheta Domestica) ? Full Of Protein, Vitamins, And Minerals, And Fun To Eat! From Bearded Dragons To Anoles, Tarantulas To A Red-eared Sliders, Just About Every Reptile, Amphibian, And Arachnid Enjoys Live Crickets. Crickets Are A Good Staple For Their Diets, And They?re Full Of Natural Appeal. Shake A Few Crickets Into Their Habitat, And Watch Your Animal Hunt, Chase, And Slurp Them Up. Full Of Protein, Vitamins & Minerals Fun To Eat! 1000 Count Bulk Adults Crickets All Live Pet Food Are Charged As Vaccine Shipping Which Will Be Shipped Ove Rnight . A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Live Pet Food. For More Shipping Info Click Here. All Sales Are Final No Refund Or Exchange

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, reptile Food, gt, timberline Live Pet Food - Crickets
      SKU: Timberline-500-crickets-adults

    Bones Would Rain From The Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs
      Bones Would Rain From The Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs.

      Akin To Monty Roberts's The Man Who Listens To Horses And Going Light-years Beyond "the Hidden Life Of Dogs," This Extraordinary Book Takes A Radical New Direction In Understanding Our Life With Canines And Offers Us Astonishing New Lessons About Our Pets. From Changing The Misbehaviors And Habits That Upset Us, To Seeing The World From Their Unique And Natural Perspective, To Finding A Deep Connection With Another Being, Bones Would Rain From The Sky Will Help You Receive An Incomparable Gift: A Profound, Lifelong Relationship With The Dog You Love.

      SKU: 1438299
      ISBN: 9780446696340
      Author: Clothier, Suzanne

    Cowboy Camp
      Cowboy Camp.

      A Little Boy Who Doesn't Fit In At Camp Finds Out Just How Valuable His Non-cowboy Skills Can Be. Every Child Will Relate To The Message, The Humor, And The Deliciously Playful Illustrations. Giddyup, Kids, And Gallop Right Over To Read This Rootin' Tootin' Tale Of An Unlikely Would-be Hero . Avery's At Camp, Trying Hard To Saddle Up And Master His Lasso, But He's Just Not Like The Other Cowboys. He's Allergic To The Horses And Can't Stand The Grub. But When A Bully Threatens All The Campers, Avery Proves His Mettle In His Own Unique Way. Young Readers Will Have Lots Of Fun With The Story's Lively Language And Wildly Humorous Pictures.

      SKU: 6058452
      ISBN: 9781402722240
      Author: Sauer, Tammi / Reed, Mike

    Giddy-up, Daddy!
      Giddy-up, Daddy!.

      "giddy-up, Daddy " Is The Newest Imaginative Picture Book From Celebrated Cartoonist Troy Cummings. When Rootin'-tootin' Daddy The "horse" Is Eyeballed By Some Rotten Rustlers, It's All The Kids Can Do To Keep Him Out Of The Big Lugs' Lasso. What Follows Is A Quick Detour Through A Rodeo, A Trip Across A Circus High Wire, And A Near-miss In The Rockies, Till The Kids Don Mounty Gear And Capture The Bad Guys For Good. A Celebratory Parade At Sundown Leads The Kids And Daddy Back Home Into Mom's Waiting Arms.

      SKU: 19414058
      ISBN: 9780307978561
      Author: Cummings, Troy

    The Englishman's Boy
      The Englishman's Boy.

      Winner Of The Governor General's Award Counterpointing The Stories Of The Legendary Western Cowboy Shorty Mcadoo And Harry Vincent, The Ambitious Young Screenwriter Commissioned To Retell His Story In 1920s Hollywood, This Novel Reconstructs An Epic Journey Through Montana Into The Canadian Plains, By A Group Of Men Pursuing Their Stolen Horses. "the Englishman's Boy" Intelligently And Creatively Depicts An American West Where Greed And Deception Are Tempered By Honor And Strength. As Richard Ford Has Noted, "vanderhaeghe Is Simply A Wonderful Writer. "the Englishman's Boy," Spanning As It Does Two Countries, Two Centuries, Two Views Of History"-"the Canadian Wild West As 'imagined' By Hollywood"-"is A Great Accomplishment. Readers, I Think, Will Find This Book Irresistible."

      SKU: 922754
      ISBN: 9780312195441
      Author: Vanderhaeghe, Guy

    Act Of Will
      Act Of Will.

      "act Of Will" Is A Boisterous Fantasy Adventure That Introduces Us To Will Hawthorne, A Medieval Actor And Playwright Who Flees The Authorities Only To Find Himself Inextricably Bound To A Group Of High-minded Adventurers On A Deadly Mission. Will Travels With Them To A Distant Land Where They Are Charged With The Investigation And Defeat Of A Ruthless Army Of Mystical Horsemen, Who Appear Out Of The Mist Leaving Death And Devastation In Their Wake. In The Course Of Will's Uneasy Alliance With His New Protectors, He Has To Get His Pragmatic Mind To Accept Selfless Heroism (which He Thinks Is Absurd) And Magic (which He Doesn't Believe In). Will Must Eventually Decide Where His Loyalties Really Lie And How Much He Is Prepared To Do-and Believe-to Stand Up For Them.

      SKU: 2957954
      ISBN: 9780765360885
      Author: Hartley, A. J.


      Hea Dstrong Horse Rescue Director Bren Ryan Has Been A Red-headed Streak Of Trouble For More Than One Man In Clear Spring. She's Grown Up Needling Local "kill Buyer" Wes Connelly, And Since The Sheriff Ruled Her Husband's Sudden Death An Accident, Bren's Been Investigating Things Herself. She's Certain Tom Was Murdered, And She's Hell-bent On Cornering His Killer The Only Way She Knows How-by Tempting Him To Do It Again. And She's The Bait. Rafe Langston Came To Maryland Looking For Land And A Fresh Start. Or So He Says. The Sexy Cowboy Isn't Generous With Details, But Bren Couldn't Care Less- Until He Buys Half Her Farm At Auction And Moves Into Her Childhood Home. Suddenly, The Last Man She Should Befriend Becomes Her Only Ally In Solving Her Husband's Murder. Soon Their Cozy Stakeouts Sizzle In The Opinion Of Unexpected Desire Neither One Can Ignore, Threatening His Mysterious Plans And Her Promise To Never Fall In Love Again- Especially With A Handsome Strang E

      SKU: 19171209
      ISBN: 9780984899708
      Author: O'dwyer, P. J.

    Roman Cavalry Equipment
      Roman Cavalry Equipment.

      Drawing On Written Records, Coins, Inscriptions, And Other Archaeological Evidence, The Authors Present A Detailed Picture Of How The Roman Cavalryman And His Horse Wee Equipped.

      SKU: 2804569
      ISBN: 9780752414218
      Author: Aston, Michael / Stephenson, I. P. / Dixon, K. R.

    The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: Religion, War, Famine And Death In Reformation Europe
      The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: Religion, War, Famine And Death In Reformation Europe.

      Using The Prism Of Durer's Woodcut, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, Andrew Cunningham And Ole Grell Offer A New And Exciting Interpretation Of European History In The Period 1490 To 1648. Durer's Image Came To Characterize The Outlook Of Most Early Modern Europeans, Who Saw Repeated Episodes Of War, Epidemics And Faminw As Indicating The Imminent End Of The World. Lavishly Illustrated With Fascinating Contemporary Images, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Brings Together Religious, Social, Military And Medical History, Giving Readers A Unique Insight Into The Early Modern World. Andrew Cunningham Is A Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow In The Department Of History And Philosophy Of Science In The University Of Cambridge. His Most Recent Book Is The Anatomical Renaissance (1997). Ole Peter Grell Is A Lecturer In Early Modern History At The Open University, Milton Keynes. Among His Recent Books Are Calvinist Exiles In Tudor And Stuart England (scolar Press, 1997) And Paracelsus: The Man And His Reputation (brill Academic Publishers, 1998). Together The Authors Have Published Health Care And Poor Relief In Protestant Europe 1500-1700 (routledge, 1997) And Health Care And Poor Relief In Counter-reformation Europe (routledge, 1999). Since 1998 They Have Edited The Series History Of Medicine In Context Published By Ashgate.

      SKU: 1754594
      ISBN: 9780521467018
      Author: Cunningham, Andrew / Grell, Ole Peter / Andrew, Cunningham

    Union Infantryman Vs Confederate Infantryman: Eastern Theater, 1861-65
      Union Infantryman Vs Confederate Infantryman: Eastern Theater, 1861-65.

      The Enthusiastic But Largely Niexperienced Soldiers On Both Sides In The Civil War Had To Adapt Quickly To The Appalling Realities Of Warfare In The Pertaining Age. In This Fully Illustrated Study, An Authority On The Civil War Investigates Three Clashes That Illustrate The Changing Realities Of Infantry Combat In America's Bloodiest Conflict. The Appalling Slaughter At 1st Bull Run/1st Manassas On July 21, 1861 Brought Home The Realities Of War To Both Sides. In The Final Bloody Stages The 11th New York (1st Fire Zouaves) Clashed With The 33rd Virginia Infantry. The 11th New York Had First Clashed With The "black Horse Cavalry" And Then Re-captured The Guns Of Rickett's Battery, Only To Be Forced Backwards Several Times Before Being Crushed Into Retreat By A Final Confederate Charge Which Very Much Involved The 2nd South Carolina. Pickett's Charge At Gettysburg On July 3, 1863 Saw The Confederate Veterans Of Pickett's Division, Including The 56th Virginia Infantry, Decimated In A Set-piece Attack On Union Positions Held By Regiments Including The 71st Pennsylvania Infantry, Having Seen Extensive Fighting On The Previous Day, The Men Of The 71st Played A Key Role In The Union Defense, Refusing To Break And Keeping Their Positions At "the Angle" Of The Stone Wall That Marked The Union Line, Even Though Their Sister Regiments Broke And Retreated. The Union Soldiers' Staunch Defense Threw The Confederate Front Line Into Confusion, Forcing Them To Withdraw. On September 29, 1864, At The Battle Of Chaffin's Farm, The African-american Troops Of Brigadier General Charles J. Paine's 3rd Division, Including The 4th Us Colored Infantry Under Major A.s. Boernstein, Took Part In The Union Assault On Formidable Confederate Positions Held By Brigadier General John Gregg's Veterans Of The Texas-arkansas Brigade, Including Lieutenant Colonel Clinton M. Winkler's 4th Texas Infantry. Alongside The 6th Usci, Boernstein's Men Were Ordered To Attack At 5.30am Unassisted By Any Union Artillery Fire; Deployed In A 200yd Skirmish Line And Hampered By A Swampy Ravine, The Two Regiments Struggled Through Two Lines Of Defensive Emplacements Before Being Riddled By Deadly Accurate Small-arms Fire From The Texan Defenders. Although A Few Men Actually Broke Into The Confederate Lines, They Were Soon Killed Or Captured, And The Remnants Retired. Between Them, The 4th And 6th Usci Lost 350 Of Their 700 Effectives; Fully 14 Medals Of Honor Were Awarded To The Regiments That Stormed New Market Heights, Including Sergeant Christian Fleetwood And Sergeant Alfred B. Hilton Of The 4th Usci. The Four Regiments Of Lee's "grenadier Guards" Had Inflicted 850 Casualties On Their Attackers While Sustaining Only 50 Themselves. Featuring Specially Commissioned Artwork, Expert Analysis And Carefully Chosen First-hand Accounts, This Absorbing Study Traces The Evolution Of Infantry Tactics In The Crucible Of The Civil War By Examining Three

      SKU: 20773316
      ISBN: 9781780969275
      Author: Field, Ron

    White Mare's Daughter
      White Mare's Daughter.

      An Exciting And Passionate Epic Of The Dawn Of History In The Bestselling Tradition Of The Mists Of Avalon And Valley Of The Horses Millions Of Readers Have Thrilled To Such Stirring Sagas Of Early History As Jean Auel's The Clan Of The Cave Bear, Kathleen And Michael Gear's People Of The Soil, And Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists Of Avalon. The Audience For These Epic Tales Of Heroic Adventure, Passionate Romance, And Ancient Gods And Goddesses Continues To Grow, And Readers Have Been Clamoring For More. Now, With White Mare's Daughter, Judith Tarr Answers That Demand, With A Sweeping Saga That Expertly Blends All Of The Elements That Made These Works Into International Bestsellers: A Courageous Heroine Driven By A Powerful Vision. A Great Love Story Filled With Stirring Romance And Ardent Passion. A Turbulent, Forgotten Age When The Great Goddess Was Still Worshipped Openly. It Is The Gripping Saga Of Sarama, The Beautiful, Headstrong Young Priestess Of A Nomadic Warrior Band, Whose Majestic White Horse Is The Incarnation Of The Goddess Epona On Earth. Her Fateful Odyssey To A Great City Where Women Still Rule Unleashes An Epic And Violent Clash Of Cultures That Changes The Course Of History. Filled With Impressive Characters, Heart-stopping Adventure, Turbulent Action, And Unbridled Desire, White Mare's Daughter Is A Breakthrough Novel That Is Sure To Win This Master Storyteller A Host Of Devoted New Readers. "a Remarkably Believable Story With A Rich Sense Of Time And Place". - Jean Auel On Lord Of The Two Lands "seduction, Power And Politics Are The Order Of The Day". - Library Journal On Throne Of Isis "judith Tarr Is As Confident In Describing The Battlefields Ofwar As She Is In Exploring The Conflicts Of Love". - Washington Post

      SKU: 951245
      ISBN: 9780312861124
      Author: Tarr, Judith

    10pcs Horse 25mm Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Necklace Perfume Diffuser Locket Include Chain And 100pcs Felt Pads
      10pcs Horse 25mm Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Necklace Perfume Diffuser Locket Include Chain And 100pcs Felt Pads.

      25mm Magnet Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Necklace Pendant Perfume Diffuser Locket .include 10pcs 2.3mm 24inch Flat Cable Chain And 100pcs Felt Pads

      Category: Lockets
      SKU: 398713518

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