Adaptil Spray (60 Ml)

    Adaptil Spray (60 Ml)
      Adaptil Spray (60 Ml).

      Adaptil Spray Provides A Concentrated Source Of Synthetic Pheromones To Reduce Stress In Dogs. This Formulation Works To Help Control Undesired Behaviors With A Clinically Proven Replica Of A Natural Pheromone That Is Shown To Help Reduce Stress In Both Puppies And Adult Dogs. Adaptil Spray Utilizes The Same Synthetic Pheromone As Adaptil Diffusers To Provide A Calming Solution Ideal For Dogs That Are Traveling In A Kennel Or Carrier. This Bottle Contains 60 Ml Of The Spray To Provide A 50 Applications, Each Of Which Works To Calm Dogs For 4 To 5 Hours. Keep Your Dog Calm The Natural Way When Traveling With This Clinically Proven Spray Solution And Order Today! Key Features: Proven To Help Reduce Signs Of Stress Comforts Both Puppies And Adult Dogs In Stressful Situations Helps Control Unwanted Behaviors During Transport Or Visits To The Vet

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, adaptil - Dap For Dogs , dog Appeasing Pheromone,
      SKU: Adaptil-spray-60-ml

    Alabama Dog Leash - Ribbon
      Alabama Dog Leash - Ribbon.

      Nylon Leads Have Reflective Fabric Woven Into The Top And Bottom Edges Adding A Safety Element To Each Design. Leads Are 4' In Length With Hand Loop To Safely Walk Your Pet. Heavy Weight Nickel Plated Hardware Is Sturyd And Corrode Redistant. Leads Are Printed With The School Logos On Both Sides. Each Design Shows Off The Official School Colors And Logos.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, alabama Dog Collars , amp, amp, Leashes
      SKU: Alabama-leash-ribbon

    Andis Ultraedge Clipper Blade - Size 8  1/2
      Andis Ultraedge Clipper Blade - Size 8 1/2.

      Andis Quality Provides Quality Clippers The Andis Brand Of Clippers And Other Grooming Tools Began In Racine, Wisconsin. Mathew Andis First Developed The Andis Electric Clipper In The Early 1920s; The Clipper And Its Quiet Motor Has Become A Favorite Of Professional Groomers In Many Countries Around The World. Choose The Andis Ultraedge Blade For Precision Grooming The Andis Ultraedge Clipper Blade - Size 8 ¾? Is A Great Choice When You Want To Leave Hair Just 7/64? Long. This Blade Fits All Ag, Mbg And Oster A-5 Models In Addition To The Andis Clippers. The Blade Has Been Created By Superior Cutting, Hand Lapping, And A Special Hardening Process. The Benefits Quiet Operation For The Comfort Of Animals Lightweight And Easy To Use The Chrrome Finish Is Resistant To Rust Blades Provide Precision Cuts For A Long Time The Ceramic Edge Provides A Cooler Cut

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, hair Trimmers , amp, amp, Scissors, gt, andis, amp, reg, Replacement Blades
      SKU: Andis-ultraedge-clipper-blade-size-8-1-2

    Catit Cat Pan With Rim - Warm Grey
      Catit Cat Pan With Rim - Warm Grey.

      Catit Cat Pan With Littershield Rim: Combination Of Deep Base And Raised Back Help Retain Litter Inside The Pan For Less Mess Added Rim Acts As A Shield To Further Prevent Litter From Spilling Out Of The Pan Built-in Bag Anchor Keeps Bag Open And Frees Hand For Scooping Suitable For All Types Of Litter

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, catit Litter Pans , amp, Mats
      SKU: Catit-cat-pan-sith-rim-warm-grey

    Dogtra No Bark Collar - Small To Medium Dogs
      Dogtra No Bark Collar - Small To Medium Dogs.

      Small To Medium Sensitive Dogs Dogtra Has Developed A "sound Recognition And Ifltering Microprocessor" That Distinguishes A Dogs' Barkinng From Its Surrounding Ambient Noises. The Model Ys300, An Intelligent No-bark Collar, Is Fitted With This Self-activating Micro Processing Sound Analysis Technology, Which Only Responds To The Barking Of Your Dog. Features: Non-electrical Stimulation Vibration (p) Warning Prior To The Stimulation. 6 Intensity Levels (2-7) For A Wide Variety Of Dispositions. (test) Level For Testing The No Bark Collar. Rechargeable 2-hour Rapid Accuse Lithium Polymer Battery. Fits Dogs As Small As 10 Lbs.(receiver Weight : 4.0 Ounces) Tri-color Led Battery Life Indicator. Fully Waterproof. Small Size - 2.63" X 1.81" X 1.14" Light Weight - 4.0 Ounces. Uses Surgical Stainless Steel Contact Points And Anti-microbial Plastic To Protect The Dog's Skin. Thirty-day Satisfaction Guaranteed. One-year Warranty.

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, dogtra No Bark Collar
      SKU: Dogtra-no-bark-collar-small-medium

    Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone ? Regular (4.5")
      Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone ? Regular (4.5").

      Nylabone Flexible Puppy Bone Are Made Specifically To Meet Your Puppy's Needs, Features Great Flavor. Specially Designed To Help Clean Teeth. Not Recommended For Dogs With Any Adult Teeth.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, nylabone Puppy Chew
      SKU: Flxpupboner

    Glycoflex 2 Feline (60 Soft Chews)
      Glycoflex 2 Feline (60 Soft Chews).

      Glycoflex Ii Bite-sized Chews For Cats Is A Glucosamine Supplement For Cats With Moderate Joint Dysfunction Or For Pets Recovering From Sprains Or Orthopedic Surgeries. All Naturl Ingredients Support Joint Tissue Health Easy-to-adminster Soft Chews Economical - Only 22 Cents Per Chew! Glycoflex Supplements Contain The Highest Quality Form Of Glucosamine. Glucosamine Is Present In All Living Animals, With A High Concentration Found In Cartilage. As An Animal Ages, Or When There Is Damage To Cartilage, They Often Aren't Able To Synthesize Enough Of Their Own Glucosamine, That Is When A Glucosamine Supplement Can Help. Comparison Between Old And New Formulas.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, glycoflex 2 For Dogs
      SKU: Glsoch60ch

    Petegoumbra Pet Portable Pet House & Containment System - Large
      Petegoumbra Pet Portable Pet House & Containment System - Large.

      The Upet Tent Is A Portable Pet House, Car Containment System, And Outdoor Life Tent Featuring An Umbrella Opening And Closing Mechanism. The Upet Pops Up In Seconds And Collapses Just As Effortlessly. This Ultra Light Shelter Includes A Messenger Style Bag For Easy Carrying, Claw-proof Mesh Windows, And A Front Porch So Your Pet Will Always Feel At Home Wherever You Go Together. A Complementary Accessory To The Upet Tent Is The Seat Extender - An Inflatable Pillow That Fills In The Gap Between The Front And Back Seats Of Your Car. Pop-up Portable Pet House Umbrella Mechanism For Easy Set Up And Break Down Can Be Used In Cars Durable Mesh Vents Are Claw Proof Measures 35 3/8 Inches By 35 3/8 Inches By 35 3/8 Inches

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, travel Supplies, gt, petego Portable Pet House
      SKU: Petego-umbra-house-containment-system-large

    Petpals Queen
      Petpals Queen.

      Petpals Contemporary Black And White Recyclable Paper Rope Condo.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, cat Trees , amp, amp, Condos, gt, petpals, amp, trade, Cat Trees
      SKU: Petpals-queen

    Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Light (14 Lb)
      Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Light (14 Lb).

      Cats Living Exclusively Indoors Have A More Sedentary Lifestyle, Lower Energy Requirements And A Higher Risk Of Obesity. The Lifestyle Of The Indoor Cat, Sheltered From Temperature Variations And Changes In Day Length, Disrupts The Natural Seasonal Cycle Of Fur Growth, So That It Sheds Almost Continuously, Aggravating The Problem Of Hair Swallowed During Grooming. Calorie Reduction: The Ideal Balance Between A Diet's Energy Level (measured In Calories) And The Energy Expenditure, In Relation To Your Cat's Lifestyle And Activity Level, Supports A Healthy Weight. *compared To Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Adult 27â® Highly Palatable: Formulated With Natural Flavors To Help Provide Your Overweight Cat With An Appealing, Low Calorie Diet Supports Lean Muscle Mass: A High Protein Diet With Moderate Fat Levels (high Ratio Of Proteins To Calories) May Help To Prevent Excess Weight Gain And Preserve Your Cat's Elegant Body Line. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery Too Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, royal Canin Dry Cat Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-feline-health-nutrition-indoor-light-15-lb

    Tiki Dog Lahania Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 Oz)
      Tiki Dog Lahania Luau Succulent Chicken (2.8 Oz).

      Tiki Dog Lahania Luau Succulent Chicken Is Shredded Chhicken Breast On Brown Rice Topped With Sweet Potato, Crab, Egg, Garlic And Kale Prepared In Crab Consommã© For A Low Grain, Gravy Free, One Percent Carb Meal. The Gently Cooked Gourmet Prepared Ingredients And Techniques Applied For Superior Taste, Nutrition, And Variety, Cooked In Healthy Consommã© With No Heavy Starches Or Gravies. It Is A Complete And Balanced Diet For All Life Stages, Feeding 2% Of Body Weight Per Day To Maintain Weight. Tiki Dog Lahania Luau Succulent Chicken Is Great To Feed Solely Or To Supplement A Dry Food Diet By Adding The Missing Moisture And Boosting The Necessary Protein And Fat Levels Missing From Kibble. 2.8 Oz Can For All Life Stages Sustainable Foods And Materials A Whole Food Diet Usda Certified For Human Consumption Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, tiki Dog Canned Food
      SKU: Tiki-dog-lahania-luau-succulent-chicken-2-8-oz

    Tuggo Ball - Water-weighted Dog Toy - 7" (assorted Colors)
      Tuggo Ball - Water-weighted Dog Toy - 7" (assorted Colors).

      The Tuggo Ball Water-weighted Dog Toy Provides The Perfect Toy For Pet Owners That Can't Always Play Tug-of-war Themselves. This Clever Toy Offers Variable Resistance To Provide The Ideal Tug Toy For Any Small Dog. Simply Unscrew The Cover Concealing This Toy's Opening And Fill It With Water Until It Weighs Right For Youur Pooh. The Tuggo Ball Water-weighted Dog Toy Provides A Braided Rope Capable Of Scraping Away Plaque And Tartar While Your Dog Plays To Help Keep His Teeth And Gums Healthy. Though This Ball Measures 7 Inches In Diameter, It Is Also Available In A Larger 10-inch Size To Accommodate Bigger Dogs. Provide Your Pooch With The Perfect Toy For The Lonely Pup And Grab This Tug Toy Today! Key Features: Can Be Easily Filled With Water To Create A Weighted Resistance For Your Pup Braided Rope Scrapes Plaque And Tartar From Teeth As Your Dog Plays Available In Two Sizes With Replacement Ropes Sold Separately

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, rope , amp, amp, Tug Toys, gt, tuggo, amp, reg, Balsl
      SKU: Tuggo-ball-toy-7

    Victor Mole Trap
      Victor Mole Trap.

      When You See Mole Tunnels Popping Up In Your Yard, You'll Want To Have One Of These On Hand. The Victorâ® Mole Trap Effectively Kills Moles Without The Use Of Chemicals Or Poisons. The Plunger-style Trap Features Weather-resistant Spears That Allow The Trap To Be Used Over And Over Again. Additionally, Each Trap Is Equipped With An Unconstrained To Use Design And Sfaety Pin To Eliminate False Firings. The Trap Come Fully Assembled And With Illustrated Operating Instructions On Setting And Placement. As The Most Effective Mole Trap On The Market, You Can Rest Assured That Your Yard Is Safe From The Damaging Effects Of Moles. Plunger-style Mole Trap Weather-resistant, Metal Spears For Superior Strength And Durability Can Be Used In All Soil Types Fully Assembled Equipped With A Safety Clip For Secure Operation For Clean And Quick Trapping Non-toxic - No Chemicals Or Poisons Springtime Is Best For Trapping Provides Visible Proof Of Mole Capture Reusable No Bait Needed

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, victor Pest Control
      SKU: Victormoletrap1

    Zoguard Plus For Cats (12 Pack)
      Zoguard Plus For Cats (12 Pack).

      Zoguard Plus For Cats Offers A Topical Preventive That Protects Cats And Kittens Against Ticks, Chewing Lice, And All Life Stages Of Fleas. This Clinically Proven Formula Utilizes The Same Active Ingredients As Frontline® Plus, Both Fipronil And (s)-methoprene, To Offer The Same Great Protection At A Fraction Of The Cost. Zoguard Plus For Cats Comes In Easy To Use Tubes That Make Topical Application Quick And Painless. This Box Includes 3 Of The Doses To Provide A Single Cat With A 3-month Supply Of Pest Protection. Protect Your Pet With This Cost-effective Topical And Order A 3-month Supply For Your Cat Today! Key Features: Kills Ticks, Chewing Lice, And All Life Stages Of Fleas On Cats Utilizes Fipronil And (s)-methoprene, Same Ingredients As Frontline Plus, To Protect Your Cat Against Pests For Less! Includes 3-month Supply For Cats And Kittens Over 8 Weeks Of Age And Over 1.5 Lbs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, zoguard, amp, trade, Plus For Cats , amp, amp, Dogs
      SKU: Zoguard-plus-cats-12-pack

    Girl Of The Year 2013 Book 1
      Girl Of The Year 2013 Book 1.

      Ten-year-old Saige Copeland Loves Spending Time On Her Grandma Mimi's Ranch, Riding Horses And Painting. Her School Made The Tough Choice To Cut Art Classes, Which Means She's Lost Her Favorite Subject. So When Mimi Decides To Organize A "save The Arts" Fundraiser And Parade To Benefit The School, Saige Jumps On Board. She Begins Training Mimi's Beautiful Horse, Picasso, For His Appearance In The Parade. Then Mimi Is Injured In An Accident, And Saige Wonders What She Can Do To Help. Can She Ride Picasso In The Parade And Make Her Grandma Proud? Can She Still Raise Money To Protect The Artx At School?

      SKU: 19383947
      ISBN: 9781609581664
      Author: Haas, Jessie / Davis, Sarah

    American Chica: Two Worlds, One Childhood
      American Chica: Two Worlds, One Childhood.

      In Her Father's Peruvian Family, Marie Arana Was Taught To Be A Proper Lady, Yet In Her Mother's American Family She Learned To Shoot A Gun, Break A Horse, And Snap A Chicken's Neck For Dinner. Arana Shuttled Easily Between These Deeply Separate Cultures For Years. But Only When She Immigrated With Her Family To The United States Did She Come To Understand That She Was A Hybrid American Whose Cultural Identity Was Split In Half. Coming To Terms With This Split Is At The Heart Of This Graceful, Beautifully Realized Portrait Of A Child Who "was A North-south Collision, A New World Fusion. An American Chica." Here Are Two Vastly Different Landscapes: Peru-earthquake-prone, Charged With Ghosts Of History And Mythology-and The Sprawling Prairie Lands Of Wyoming. In These Rich Terrains Resides A Colorf Ul Cast Of Family Members Who Bring Arana's Historia To Life...her Proud Grandfather Who One Day Simply Stopped Coming Down The Stairs; Her Dazzling Grandmother, "clicking Through The House As If She Were Making Her Way Onstage." But Most Important Are Arana's Parents: He A Brilliant Engineer, She A Gifted Musician. For More Than Half A Century These Two Passionate, Strong-willed People Struggled To Overcome The Bicultural Tensions In Their Marriage And, Finally, To Prevail.

      SKU: 1152291
      ISBN: 9780385319638
      Author: Arana, Marie

    A Hummingbird Dance
      A Hummingbird Dance.

      Detectives Lane And Harper Are Back For The Third Installment Of The Detective Lane Mystery Series In This Gripping Twister Of A Novel That Baffles With Its Ever Increasing Body Count And Suspect List. When Ryan Dudley Ventures Out On Horseback And His Horse Returns Without Him, Lane And Harper Are Summoned To Unravel The Mystery. Dudleys Disappearance Marks The First Anniversary Of A Young Boys Murder In The Same Neighbourhood, And Evidence Indicates The Two Incidents Are Connected. When Dudleys Roommate Also Goes Missing And Mysterious Shootings Start Happening In The Area, Harper And Lane Are Swept Into A Feud Between Neighbours, Races, And Land Owners, All In Search Of A Murderer On The Loose For Much Too Long.

      SKU: 7731972
      ISBN: 9781897126318
      Author: Ryan, Garry

    Driving Across Kansas (pb)
      Driving Across Kansas (pb).

      In His Introduction To Dan Dancer's The Four Seasons Of Kansas, Bestselling Author William Least Heat-moon Reflects Upon The Great Kansas Passage Of Those Who Race Their Cars Westward Across Interstate 70 Without Trying To Understand The Truth Of The Place. Ted Cable And Wayne Maley Come To The Rescue Of Those Bored And Blinkered Speed-driven Travelers With A New Guide That Will Expand And Enrich Their Understanding Of A State Whose History, In Heat-moon's Words, Is "a Tumbling Of Guns, Torches, Hatchets, And Knives." Guided By Cable And Maley, The Historical Landscapes Of I-70 Come Back To Life, Recalling Landmarks And Legacies Relating To Pioneer Movements And Indian Dispossession, Army Outposts And Great Bison Hunts, Cowboys And Cattle Trails, The Struggles Over Slavery And Women's Rights, And The Emergence Of Major Wheat, Beef, Oil, And Water Industries. Their Guide Parcels Out Inforjation, Mile-marker By Mile-marker, In A Way That's Equally Accessible To Westbound And Eastbound Users Alike. For Example: 85 Grinnell - In 1872, Grinnell Had Two Large Sod Buildings For Drying Buffalo Meat. The Air Was So Dry Here That Meat Could Be Stripped Off In Layers And Hung To Dry. The Dried Meat Would Be Preserved And Not Spoil. This Was Critical In The Days Before Coolers And Refrigerators. People Called This Meat "jerked" Meat Because Of The Way It Was Torn From The Buffalo's Carcass. Today At Gas Stations Or Convenience Stores Along I-70 You Have The Opportunity To Buy Similar Jerked Meat In The Form Of Beef "jerky." 117 Capturing An Iron Horse - In This Area, Along The Railroad Track Paralleling I-70 To The North, Indians Tried In 1868 To Capture A Locomotive "alive" By Taking Telegraphwire, Doubling It Back And Forth Several Times, And Stretching It Across The Track With An Indian Or Two Holding Each End. Needless To Say, The "iron Horse" Running At Full Steam, Tore Through The Snare Like A Rampaging Buffalo Through A Spider Web. 298 Fort Riley - Ft. Riley's Cavalry School Became The Only One In The United States And Largest In The World. Horse Soldiers Were Trained Until 1950 When All The Units Became Mechanized. Because Of The Emphasis On Horses, The Fort Produced The U.s. Olympic Equestrian Team For Every Olympics Between 1894 And 1947. 194 The Clock House - The House Was Built Fom A Kit In 1905. The Initial Owners Ordered The Kit From Sears Roebuk. All The Parts, Including Window Glass And Doors, Were Shipped By Rail To Lecompton, Then Hauled The Final Six Miles By Horse And Wagon To This 1908 It Won The National Farm House Of The Year Award. Like The Ever Popular Roadside Kansas (see Page 54), Driving Across Kansas Will Rewarrd The Observant Traveler With A Treasure Trove Of Details Sure To Increase His Or Her Appreciation For The Great Sunflower State.

      SKU: 2565139
      ISBN: 9780700612604
      Author: Cable, Ted T. / Maley, Wayne A.

    Voices Of The Trojan War
      Voices Of The Trojan War.

      "tell Us Again Of The Wooden Horse; Give Us An Ageless Rhyme Of Heroes And Battles, Of Meddling Gods, And A City Lost To Time." Thi Invocation To The Muse Begins Kate Hovey's Exquisite Rendition Of The Events Leading Up To And During The Trojan War - The Legendary Ten-year Battle Between The House Of Priam In Troy And The Great Heroes Of Greece And Its Allies, In Consequence Of Paris, The Prince Of Troy, Having Carried Off Helen, Wife Of The King Of Sparta. Through Passionate Verse And Evocative Images, We Are Transported To The Battlefield To Witness The War As It Unfolds - From The Moment Paris Is Manipulated By The Gods To Fall In Love With Helen To The Final Maneuver By The Greeks, Who Enter And Vanquish The City Of Troy By Secreting Themselves In A Gigantic Wooden Horse. In Listening To The Voices And Stories Of Those Ancient Greeks And Trojans Who Struggled, Fought, Lost, And Won, Readers Everywhere Will Be Deeply Moved And Will Come To A Profound Appreciation Of The Delicate Nature Of Humanity And The Futility Of War.

      SKU: 2539138
      ISBN: 9780689857683
      Author: Hovey, Kate / Gore, Leonid

    Value Songbooks - Acoustic Rock Guitar: Play The Hits For Less! (easy Guitar Tab)
      Value Songbooks - Acoustic Rock Guitar: Play The Hits For Less! (easy Guitar Tab).

      Value Songbooks: Acoustic Rock Guitar Contains 78 Clasisc Songs By 45 Legendary Artists Titles: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You * Both Sides Now * Cat's In The Cradle * The Chain * Chuck E's In Love * Classical Gas * Copperline * Do You Want To Know A Secret * Fake Plastic Trees * Good Riddance (time Of Your Life) * Hey There Delilah * If You Could Read My Mind * Into The Mystic * Layla (unplugged Version) * Life By The Drop * Losing My Religion * Maggie May * Melissa * Mr. Bojangles * Never Going Back Again * Peaceful Easy Feeling * Sister Golden Hair * Take It Easy * Taxi * Wild Horses * Wildfire * Wish You Were Here * And Many More.

      SKU: 11420258
      ISBN: 9780739071229
      Author: Alfred Publishing

    Tales Of A Farmboy: The Life And Times Of Clarence Salmon
      Tales Of A Farmboy: The Life And Times Of Clarence Salmon.

      Tales Of A Farmboy Isn't Just The Life Story Of A Farmer And His Struggles (though It Is That, Too). It Warmly Relates The Peaks And Valleys In One Man's Life, Told With A Great Depth Of Feeling, And With Great Humility And Humor. Clarence Salmon Paints Pictures Wi Th His Stories And Poems, And The Reader Can Almost Smell The Scents And Hear The Sounds That His Vivid Descriptions Evoke. This Book Is Filled With First-person Accounts Of A Simpler Time, When Going To Church Meant Hitching Up The Horse And Buggy, When Christmas Was Truly A Homegrown Affair, And Where Children Could Actually Go Sledding Down The Middle Of Allen Hill Road Without Danger. It Describes The Author's Firsthand Experiences With The Traumatic Events Of The Times, Such As The Stock Market Crash Of 1929, When He Was A Twenty-year-old Bellhop At A Well-to-do Florida Hotel, As Well As The Destruction Of The 1938 Hurricane - "the Storm Of Storms." Together, Clarence And Donna Salmon Have Created A Wonderful Reading Experience Which Follows One Man's Journey From Cradle To Old Age Using Love, Faith, Determination, Strength Of Character, Perseverance And A Great Sense Of Humor. A True Piece Of Americana.

      SKU: 6536902
      ISBN: 9781434301482
      Author: Salmon, Clarence J. / Salmon, Donna L.

    Adventures In Autism
      Adventures In Autism.

      The Master Of Motivation, Peter A. Laporta, Returns And Brings Us Heart-warming Stories Of Courage, Determination, And Overcoming Adversity. "adventures In Autism" Takes You Around The Globe To Meet Incredible Families That Live Each Day Under The Umbrella Of Autism. Open Your Eyes And Your Mnd As These Amazing Individuals Demonstrate The Wonderful Accomplishments They Have Achieved By Surpassing The Boundaries That Society Has Placed Around Them. From Surfing To Horseback Riding, Competitive Sports To Musical Performance, They Live Full Lives As The Autism Flows Through Their System. Through The Many Adventures In The Book You Will Meet Such Children As Ping Lian, A World Class Artist And A Proven Force In The Global Art Community. You Will Be Introduced To David And Terry, Two Children "recovering" From Autism Through Years Of Biomedical Therapies. You Will Be In Awe Of The Single Mother Of Five Boys That Juggles Her World With Three Children On The Spectrum. Peter Even Opens The Autism Window To His Own Family And Shows Us How Wonderful Life Can Be Living With His Son, Peter Jr. Numerous Stories Within Will Show You That Any Circumstance Can Be Overcome. The World Is Facing An Autism Epidemic That Is Systematically Altering The Future Of The Human Race. The Statistics Are Staggering As Children Are Being Thrown Into A Vortex Of Darkness. Now Is Not The Time To Close Your Eyes In Ignkrance. Now Is The Time To Embrace Autism And Fuel The Motivation To Move Forward. Come Along For This Amazing Ride Across The Autism Universe. Peter A. Laporta Is The Highly Acclaimed Author Of Three Best- Selling Titles. His First Book, "ignite The Passion, A Guide To Motivational Leadership" Was Named By To Be One Of The Top 20 Books On Motivational Leadership In Print. A Former Disney Leader, Peter Travels The Globe Spreading His Messages Of Motivation And Service. For More Information On Peter And His Incredible Journey, Visit Http: //

      SKU: 16776775
      ISBN: 9781468528152
      Author: Laporta, Peter A.


      "tijuana" Is A Haunting Collection Of Stories And A Novella, All Set In The Shadowy Borderlands Between Mexico Andd The United States. A Fresh And Evofative Voice, Federico Campbell Traces Many Kinds Of Borders-geographical, Psychological, Cultural, Spiritual-and The "halfway Beings" That Inhabit Them. The Novella, "everything About Seals," Is Both A Passionate Love Story And A Deeply Disquieting Chronicle Of Romantic Obsession. The Narrative Voices In Campbell's Stories Are Many-sided, Moving From The Brash Teenager Whose Gang's Symbol Is The Mobil Oil Flying Horse To The Confused Law Student Who No Longer Knows Whether His Cultural Allegiance Is To Mexico City Or To Los Angeles. Campbell Has Captured Here The Ambivalent, Fascinating Ties Between Mexico And The U.s., Ties Ranging From Hollywood Movies To Mexican Folklore. The First English-language Translation Of His Work, "tijuana" Will Be Welcomed By General Readers As Well As Literary Critics, Anthropologists, Historians, And Those Interested In The Culture Of The Border.

      SKU: 1710165
      ISBN: 9780520086036
      Author: Campbell, Federico / Castillo, Debra A.

    Bijia Porro Bk4 Prism Waterproof 12 X25hd Night Vision Binoculars 83m/1000m Ultra-clear Telescopes Hunting Binoculars Telescopes+b
      Bijia Porro Bk4 Prism Waterproof 12 X25hd Night Vision Binoculars 83m/1000m Ultra-clear Telescopes Hunting Binoculars Telescopes+b.

      Type: Binoculars For: Auto Racing,beach,bird Watching,boating/yachting,horse Racing,hunting,outdoor Activities,sports,theater,travel Color: Black Amplification Factor: 12x Objective Lens (mm) : 25mm Field Of View: 83m / 1000m Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.2mm Exit Pupil Distance: 20.0mm Package Eight: 0.43 Kg Product Size (l X W X H): 11.00 X 8.50 X 4.00 Cm / 4.33 X 3.35 X 1.57 Inches

      Category: Telescopes
      SKU: 392587111

    Personalized Woman Jewelry Yellow Crystal Sea Horse European Sealife Bead Metal Charms Bracelet With Big Hole Pandora Chamilia Compatible
      Personalized Woman Jewelry Yellow Crystal Sea Horse European Sealife Bead Metal Charms Bracelet With Big Hole Pandora Chamilia Compatible.

      All Our Beads Are In The Same Quality As Pugster. Hole Size Is Approximately 4.8 To 5 Mm. Suitable For Any Occasion, Dressy Or Casual.

      Category: Metals
      SKU: 372927576

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