Alabama Dog Leash - One Size

    Alabama Dog Leash - One Size
      Alabama Dog Leash - One Size.

      Show Support Of Your Favorite Team With This Adjustable Nylon Officially Licensed Ncaa Dog Leash! This Dog Leash Is 6 Foot Long And 3/4 Inch Wide.

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      SKU: Alabama-dog-leash-one-size

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Bouvier Des Flanders (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Bouvier Des Flanders (2.5").

      Bouvier Des Flanders Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Bouvier-des-flanders-keychain

    Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash (16 Oz)
      Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash (16 Oz).

      Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash One-step Topical Eye Wash That Cleans Wounds, Treats Infection And Kills Bacteria Including Antibiotic-resistant Mrsa. Expend To Treat Irritated Eyes And Provide Relief From Burning, Stinging, Itching, Pollutants And Other Foreign Materials. This Steroid-free, Antibiotic-free, No-rinse Solution Is Non-toxic And Speeds Healing. Vetericynâ® Eye Wash Is Based On Fda-cleared Microcynâ® Technology. This Revolutionary Antimicrobial Treatment Kills Antibiotic Resistant Strains Of Bacteria As Well As Fungi, Viruses And Spores. An Oxychlorine Compound Similar To That Produced By The Animal?s Immune System, Vetericyn Is Non-toxic And Won?t Harm Healthy Tissue. Having The Same Ph As Normal Tear Fluid, It Will Not Sting When Applied. Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash Has Been Proven In Research Studies To Successfully Kill Moraxella Bovis, The Cause Of Pinkeye In Cattle. Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash Effectively Kills Antibiotic-resistant Strains Of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses And Spores. Spray Or Flush Vetericyn Bovine Eye Wash Into Eyes As Often As Needed. No Rinsing Necessary. Ingredients: Electrolyzed Water (h2o) (99.97%), Sodium Chloride (naci) (0.023%), Sodium Hypochlorite (naoci) (0.004%), & Hypochlorous Acid (hocl) (0.003%) Directions: Adjust Nozzle. Wipe Away Excess Matter That May Have Collected In The Corner Of The Eyes. Flush Eyes Gently With Vetericyn. No Rinsing Necessary. Repeat 3-4 Times Per Day Until Animal Is Healed. Indications: For Flushing, Cleaning And Treating Wounds And Infections To The Eye. Cleans And Treats Eyes Affected Pollutants, Contaminants And Infections Caused By Bacteria, Virus Or Fungus. Also For Management, Treatment Regimen & Acceleration Of Healing Process Of Traumatic Wounds, Cuts, Abrasions, Post Surgical Incision Sites, Burns, Scratches, Rashes Or Chronic Inflammation. In-solution, This Product Kills 99.9999% Of Bacteria, Single-cell Organisms And Fungi Making It Ideal For Prevention & Control Of Infections & Maintenance Of Sanitary Conditions By Killing Bacteria Such As E.coli, Salmonella,staph (mrsa), Strep, Moraxella Bovis, Pasteurella & Actinomyces. Use Precautions: For External Use Only. Discontinue Use If Irritation Develops And Contact Your Veterinarian. For Animal Use Only. Not For Human Use. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Safe If Licked By Animal. Not For Injection. Always Consult With A Veterinarian For Systemic Conditions. Storage: Store At Room Temperature Away From Direct Sunlight And Heat. Do Not Freeze. After Use, Seal Or Close Dispenser.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Eye Care, gt, vetricyn Bovine Eye Care
      SKU: Bovineeyewash16oz

    Cosequin Plus Advanced Strength Vitamins & Minerals (30 Chewable Tablets)
      Cosequin Plus Advanced Strength Vitamins & Minerals (30 Chewable Tablets).

      Cosequin Plus Advanced Strength Vitamins & Minerals (30 Chewable Tablets) Offers Total Joint Health And Protection With Multivitamins And Minerals For Your Dog In The Form Of A Once-a-dy Tablet. This Tasty Chewable Tablet Is Formulated To Enhance The Quality Of Life Of Your Pets. Because Cosquein Is The #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand For Joint Pain In Arthritic Pets You Can Be Sure That You're Only Giving Your Pet The Best. This Formula Is Perfect For Owners Who Are Already Giving Their Pets Joint Supplements And Multivitamins Separately. 30 Chewable Tablets #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand* Once-a-day Joint Maintenance Formula With Multivitamins And Minerals Great Choice For Dogs On A Joint Supplement And A Multivitamin Contains The Same Researched Specifications As Found In Cosequin Ds Tasty Chewable Tablet

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, cosequin Advanced , amp, amp, Maximum Strength
      SKU: Cosequin-plus-vitamins-minerals

    Dechra Trizchlor 4hc Sha Mpoo (8 Oz)
      Dechra Trizchlor 4hc Sha Mpoo (8 Oz).

      Dechra Trizchlor 4hc Shampoo Provides Relief From Itching And Irritation While Cleaning Cats, Dogs, And Horses. This Shampoo Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate To Combat Detrimental Bacteria That Can Cause Infection And Irritation Thereby Protecting Your Pet's Skin While Cleaning His Coat. It Also Includes Hydrocortisone To Relieve Any Itching Or Irritation Caused By Bacterial Infections, Hot Spots, Or Other Conditions. Dechra Trizchlor 4hc Shampoo Will Promote Skin Health On Your Animal And Leave Them Clean With A Pleasant Scent. This Bottle Contains 8 Fluid Ounces Of Shampoo To Ensure That You Can Keep Your Pet Clean And Healthy. Protect Your Pet's Skin By Ordering Today! Key Features: Anti-microbial, Anti-pruriti Properties Formulated For Cats, Dogs, Horses Contains 8 Fl Oz Of Shampoo

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, dechra Trizchlor
      SKU: Dechra-trizchlor-4hc-shampoo-8-oz

    Nylabone Double Action Chew - Regular (5" L)
      Nylabone Double Action Chew - Regular (5" L).

      Nylabone Durable Double Action Chew For Dogs Features An Ez Carry Minty Fresh Center And Durable Ends For Powerful Chewers. Dental Nubs Help Control Tartar.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, nylabone Dura Chews
      SKU: Dubpetite

    Gold Paw Stretch Fleece - Blue (size 10)
      Gold Paw Stretch Fleece - Blue (size 10).

      The Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Is The Perfect Way To Keep Your Pet Warm And Cozy During The Cold Winter Nights. Not All Pets Have Big, Furry Coats To Fend Off The Frigid Temperatures Of The Season. This Comfortable Fleece Can Be Worn Like A Vest To Fit Securely Over Your Pet's Forepaws And Keep Him Warm. The Gold Paw Stretch Fleece Is Available In Different Styles And Sizes So You Can Find The Perfect Fleece For Your Furry Friend! This Blue Fleece Is A Size 10- But It Is Also Available In A Size 8 Or A Size 12 And In A Red Color For These Same Three Sizes. Don't Let The Cold Weather Keep Your Pet Down- Order This Amazing Fleece Today! Key Features: Quality Material Keeps Your Pet Warm To Be Availed Of In Red Or Blue Color Available In Three Sizes In Each Color

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      SKU: Gold-paw-stretch-fleece-blue-size-10

    Greenies Weight Management Treat-pak - Petite (27 Oz)
      Greenies Weight Management Treat-pak - Petite (27 Oz).

      Greenies® Weight Management Treat-pak™ Includes An Abundance Of Veterinarian-recommended Dental Treats Formulated Specifically For Overweight Dogs. These Treats Control Plaque And Tartar With A Uniquely Abrasive Texture That Scrape Away Debris From Your Dog's Teeth And Gums. Through This Mechanic, Greenies Have Been Shown In Independent Studies To Effectively Reduce Plaque Accumulation By 33%. Greenies Weight Management Treat-pak Features Dental Treats That Include L-carnitine, A Naturally Occurring Amino Acid That Boosts Metabolism To Help Your Pet Lose Weight. This Package Contains 45 Petite Treats That Are Ideal For Dogs Weighing Between 15 And 25 Pounds- But It Is Also Available In Smaller And Larger Sizes. Keep Your Dog Healthy With These Weight Management Dental Treats Today! Key Features: #1 Vet Recommended Dental Chew Contains L-carnitine For Ideal Body Composition Safe And Easily Digestible With An Irresistible Taste

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies, amp, reg, Weight Management
      SKU: Greenies-weight-management-treat-pak-petite-27-oz

    Pet Greens Jerky Dog Treats Savory Beef (4 Oz)
      Pet Greens Jerky Dog Treats Savory Beef (4 Oz).

      Pet Green's Jerky Style Dog Treats Savory Beef (4 Oz) Are Great Tasting And Healthy As Their Made In The Usa Using Real Meat And Wheat Grass! With Wheat Grass Adding Fiber, Antioxidants And Vitamins To Your Dogs Diet, It's A Safe Alternative To Chemically Treated Outside Grass. These Dog Treats Contain No Grains, Fillers Or Wheat Gluten. Healthy Source For Green Nutrition - Safe Alternative To Potentially Irritating And Chemically Treated Outside Grasses. No Wheat Gluten - No Grains Or Fillers, No Artificial Colors Or Flavors - All Natural Recipe With Beef, Chicory And Wheat Grass. Wheat Grass - Contains Chlorophyll, Antioxidant Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, And Amino Acids. Ingredients: Beef, Dried Chicory Extract, Organic Ground Wheat Grass Powder, Lecithin, Salt, Cultured Whey, Garlic, Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, pet Greens Jerky Treats
      SKU: Jerkybeef4oz

    Lambert Kay  Fresh 'n Clean 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo - Baby Powder Scent (18 Oz)
      Lambert Kay Fresh 'n Clean 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo - Baby Powder Scent (18 Oz).

      Lambert Kay Fresh 'n Clean 2 In 1 Baby Powder Scent Conditioning Shampoo Cleans And Conditions The Hair Leaving It Lustrous And Manageable. Aloe Vera Has Also Been Added To Soothe The Skin. Formulated To Match The Ph Balance Of A Pet?s Skin And Hair. 2 In 1 Formula Cleans And Conditions In One Easy Foot~ Leaving A Long-lasting Scent. Protein Penetrates The Hair Fiber To Strengthen, Repair & Protect The Coat. Goes Deep To Moisturize The Skin With The Hydration Benefits Of Vitamin E & Aloe. Ph Balanced For Pet's Skin And Coat Builds Body And Helps Combat Mats & Tangles.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, lambert Kay Fresh N Clean
      SKU: Lambertbaby18

    Omega Alpha E-z Rest (5 Oz)
      Omega Alpha E-z Rest (5 Oz).

      Omega Alpha E-z Rest Is A Supplement For Both Cats And Dogs That Uses An All-natural Formula To Calm And Relax Your Pet. This Supplement Contains Herbs That Are Specially Selected For Their Soothing Effects. These Effects Are Perfect For Controlling The Negative Effects Of Stressed Pets Such As Insomnia, Los Of Appetite, Barking, And Destructive Behavior. Omega Alpha E-z Rest Is Perfect For Helping Pets Adjust To A New Home, Travel, Or Other Stressful Situations. This Bottle Comes With 4 Ounces Of The Supplement But A 16-ounce Bottle Is Also Available. Keep Your Pet Calm And Happy By Ordering A Bottle Of Ez-rest Today! Key Features: Soothes And Relaxes Cats And Dogs Prevents Destructive Behavior Caused By Stressful Situations All-natural Ingredients Are Easily Absorbed In Liquid Formulation

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, omega Alpha E-z Rest
      SKU: Omega-alpha-e-z-rest-4-oz

    Phycox Max Small Bites Soft Chews (120 Count)
      Phycox Max Small Bites Soft Chews (120 Count).

      Phycox® Max Small Bites Soft Chews Contain 3x Phycox® For Faster Mobility. Phycox® Max 3x Is A Novel, Patented Support Matrix Containing 3x The Amount Of Phycocyanin, An Extract Of Blue-green Algae, Found To Function As An Anti-inflammatory And Antioxidant. The Phycox® Max 3x Formula Is Geared Towards The Mature Dog For Increased Mobility In Just 30 Days, And Contains A Balanced Blend Of Natural Ingredients Proven To Aid In The General Health And Well-being Of Your Aging And Mature Dog. Nutritional Requirements Change With Age. Phycox® Max 3x Addresses Concerns With Heart Health, Obesity, Blood Glucose Levels, And Urinary Tract Health That Are Common In Your Mature Dog. Improvements Over Regular Phycox® Formula Increased Anti-inflammatory Activity With Greater Analgesic Effects Improved Weight Loss In Aging Dogs Improved Control Of Blood Glucose Levels Potent Antioxidant, Immune Boosting Functions, And Auto Immunomodulating Functions Phycox® Has All The Joint Support Benefits Of Many Commonly Used Products, Plus Scientific Research Has Shown Phycox® To Be Effective At Reducing Pain And Inflammation In Dogs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, phycox Joint Supplement
      SKU: Phycox-max-small-bites-soft-chews-120-count

    Thrush Buster (2 Oz)
      Thrush Buster (2 Oz).

      Thrush Buster Relieves The Agonizing Effects Of Thrush And Reduces The Chances Of Re-infection. Lasts Up To Eight Days Without Reapplication. The Unique Purple Color Tells You Where It's Doing The Job, With A Fresh Coat Needed Only Where The Color Has Faded.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Hoof Care, gt, thrush Buster
      SKU: Thrush-buster-2-oz

    Zuke's Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs - Salmon (1 Lb)
      Zuke's Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs - Salmon (1 Lb).

      Zuke's Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs - Salmon (1 Lb.) By. Zukes Is A Healthy Moist Miniature Treat. It's Great For All Dog Sizes. Zuke's Mini Naturals Also Makes The Perfect Training Reward. Each Miost Little Morsel Is Packed With The Nutritious Taste Of Ocean-caught Salmon, Plus Vitamins And Minerals To Keep Your Dog Heal Thy. Mini Naturals Are Wheat-free And Corn-free And Contain No Added Animal Fat, Artificial Colors Or Artificial Flavors. Ingredients: Salmon, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Vegetable Glycerin, Malted Barley, Tapioca, Gelatin, Water, Menhaden Fish Oil, Brewer?s Yeast, Natural Flavors, Lecithin, Salt, Acetic Acid, Cultured Whey. Vitamins: A, D3, E, B12, C, B2, B1, B6. Minerals: Taurine, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacin, Folic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Selenium. Small Size - The Perfect Dog Training Treat! Delicious, Semi-moist Texture Low Calorie, At Only 2 Calories Each, Minis Are Great For Small Dogs, Big Dogs And Big Dogs Who Could Be Smaller! Made With High Quality Proteins And Grains And Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals Made In The Usa With Usa Sourced Meats, Grains, Fruits And Vegetables Healthy, Natural Dog Treat Free Of Wheat, Corn And Soy Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors Or By-products

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      SKU: Zukesalmon1lb


      The Town Of Westport Has Long Been Tied To The Sea. Its Abundant Rivers Provided Waterpower For Cotton And Iron Manufacturing, And Its Protected Harbor Served As A Base For The Whaling And Fishing Industry. Since It Was First Settled In The 1670s, Generations Of Farmers Have Worked Westportas Soil, And Agriculture Remains An Important Part Of This Coastal Community. Water Continues To Define This Community, There Is Still An Active Commercial Fishing Fleet, Waterfront Cottages Fill With Summer Residents, And Day-trippers Flock To The Long Sandy Crescent Of Horseneck Beach. Westportas Beauty Is Not Simply In Its Past But Exists Today In The Well-preserved 18th- And 19th-century Homes, The Pristine Landscape, And The Rich Community Life Of Its Villages.

      SKU: 2694413
      ISBN: 9780738556673
      Author: Westport Historical Society

    For Kicks
      For Kicks.

      Australian Horse Breeder Daniel Roke Had Resisted The Exorbitant Sum Of Money Offered By A Suave Englishman To Investigate A Scandal Involving Drugged Racehorses. But After Another Investigator Dies Mysteriously, Roke Agrees To Fill His Shoes-and Learns That Men Who Would Give Drugs To Horses Are Capable Of Doing Much Worse To Human Beings.

      SKU: 1360966
      ISBN: 9780425194980
      Author: Francis, Dick

    Archie Archives Volume 1
      Archie Archives Volume 1.

      Dark Horse Comics And Archie Comics Publications Are Thrilled To Present The Archive Library Series Everyone Is Talking About - Archie Archives Now The Earliest And Most Hard-to-find Stories In The History Of Archie Comics Can Be Read And Enjoyed In Gorgeously Produced, Full-color Hardcover Books. Seventy Years Ago, A Small Independent Comics Publisher In New York Introduced A New Kind Of Character To Comics Fans. Archie Andrews, The Red-headed Teenaged "everyman" We All Grew Up With. Volume 1 Of The Archie Archives Series Shines The Spotlight On Young Mr. Andrews' Earliest Adventures On The Streets Of Riverdale And All The Trouble He's Caused Along The Way.

      SKU: 12755824
      ISBN: 9781595827166
      Author: Various

    On A Hoof And A Prayer: Exploring Argentina At A Gallop
      On A Hoof And A Prayer: Exploring Argentina At A Gallop.

      The Stampeding True Story Of One Woman's Journey From Timorous Equestrian Novice To Wildly Whooping Cowgirl-a Madcap Ride Through Argentina That Will Fascinate Horse Lovers, Travelers, And Armchair Adventurers Alike. As A Girl, Polly Evans Dreamed About Learning To Ride-and In Her Mid-thirties The Obsession Returned. Determined To Finally Bite The Bullet And Saddle Up, She Set Off For Argentina, Home Of The Nomadic Gaucho Whose Spirit Still Gallops Across The Plains. In This Sprawling Country, Six-year-olds Travel To School On Horseback. How Difficult Could It Be? As She Learns To Sit Astride A Horse Without Falling Off And Befriends The Marvelous Creatures Around Her, Polly Leaps Into The Sights And Sounds Of Argentina Past And Present: A Hair-raising Mystery Involving Evita Peron Becomes A Parable About Women, Politics, And Religion; A Tango Performance In Buenos Aires An Occasion For Both Sorrow And Rejoicing. From Wine Tasting In The Andes To Exploring The Legendary Perito Moreno Glacier, From Investigating The Myth Of The Gaucho To Discovering Her Welsh Roots In Patagonia, Polly Takes Us Along For An Exhilarating, Unforgettable Ride As She Finally Lives Out Her Dream-at A Trot, A Canter, And A Gallop.

      SKU: 1153946
      ISBN: 9780385341103
      Author: Evans, Polly

    Finnglas And The Stones Of Choosing
      Finnglas And The Stones Of Choosing.

      ""on, Cloud-clearer, On "" Screamed Princess Finnglas. But She Knew Her Horse Was Already Pouring Out All His Strength. And The Rival Black Stallion Was Still Ahead. Finnglas Is Riding For Her Life And The Crown. If She Loses, She Will Die And The Summer Land Will Fall Into The Grip Of Evil Powers. But This Race Is Only The First Of The Seven Trials. There Are More Terrifying Tests Ahead.

      SKU: 2775978
      ISBN: 9780745947600
      Author: Sampson, Fay

    Frommer's Ireland From $90 A Day
      Frommer's Ireland From $90 A Day.

      -chicago Sun-times Gleann Fia Country House, Killarney, County Kerry, From $50 To $79 Per Person Per Night, Based On Double Occupancy, Including Private Bathroom, Irish Breakfast, And All Taxes. Frommer's Dollar-a-day Guides Show You How To Travel In Style-without Breaking The Bank. You'll Find Inexpensive Accommodations That Don't Skimp On Comfort. Affordable Restaurants Where Locals Go For A Good Meal. And All The Best Sightseeing And Shopping Values. Frommer's Dollar-a-day Guidebooks. First Class Travel On A Budget. Everything You Need For An Unforgettable-and Affordable-trip * Inviting Places To Stay, From Country Castles To Victorian Townhouses-for As Little As $35 Per Person Per Night. * Great Dining At Unbelievably Low Prices, From An $8 Dublin Pub Lunch To A Three-course Gourmet Meal At A Cozy Inn For $25. * A Complete Budget Sightseeing Guide To The Emerald Isle: Celtic Sites, Norman Castles, Literary Landmarks, City Strolls, Museums, And More. * The Best Of The Beautiful Countryside: Scenic Drives, Vitality Walks, Golf, Fishing, Horseback Riding, And More. Great Trips Begin At

      SKU: 1573378
      ISBN: 9780471769811
      Author: Kelleher, Suzanne Rowan

    The Complete Horse: A Complete Guide Of Riding, Horse Care And Equestrian Sport
      The Complete Horse: A Complete Guide Of Riding, Horse Care And Equestrian Sport.

      The Complete Horse Is Aimed At Horse Riders And Owners Whatever Their Level Of Experience. From The Basics Of Learning To Ride, To Choosing The Right Clothing, This Book Details The Joys And Pitfalls Of Owning One's Own Horse.

      SKU: 7588523
      ISBN: 9781858686752
      Author: Draper, Judith / Carlton Books / Carlton Books

    Two Princes
      Two Princes.

      A Bittersweet Drama About Life, Love, Loss, And Sculpture. One Night, Deep In The Forests Of 12th-century West Wales, The Celebrated Rebel Prince Emrys Is Hunted To His Death By His Brother Prince Geraint. Eight Hundred Years Later Nothing Much Has Happened To The Town Of Treianto, And The Town Council Have Decided To Erect A Statue To Its Prince. But What Did He Look Like? How Was He Killed? Why Was The Page Left Holding The Horse? And Does Any Of This Matter With A Juicy Grant Cheque In The Offing?

      SKU: 7565389
      ISBN: 9781854595591
      Author: Barker, Meredydd

    Native American Politicians: Charles Curtis, Winona Laduke, Robert Latham Owen, John Tyler Hammons, Thad Cochran, Dick Wilson, Wil
      Native American Politicians: Charles Curtis, Winona Laduke, Robert Latham Owen, John Tyler Hammons, Thad Cochran, Dick Wilson, Wil.

      Purchase Includes Free Access To Book Updates Online And A Free Trial Membership In The Publisher's Book Club Where You Can Select From More Than A Million Books Without Charge. Chapters: Charles Curtis, John Tyler Hammons, Kenneth Maryboy, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, John Mercer Langston, Adam Kokesh, Charles Henry Langston, Mark Maryboy, Tom Cole, Wilma Mankiller, Brad Carson, Ely S. Parker, Ben Reifel, J. B. Milam, Davis Filfred, Larry Echohawk, Lawrence T. Morgan, Will Rogers, Jr., Enoch Kelly Haney, Laura Spurr, Dick Wilson, Jay Morago, Tony Tillohash, Jean Fredericks, Michael Jandreau, Carl J. Artman, Ladonna Harris, Floyd Hicks, Gladys Tantaquidgeon, Taylor Mckenzie, Edward T. Begay, Bruce Whalen, Jeff Morris, Paul Jones. Excerpt: Adam Charles Kokesh Adam Charles Kokesh (born February 1, 1982) Was A Sergeant In The United States Marine Corps Reserve And Is A Veteran Of The Iraq War . Kokesh Is Now Running A Grassroots Campaign For The United States Congress In New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District; He Is Running Against Primary Opponent Tom Mullins And Democratic Incumbent Ben R. Lujn . A National Tea Party Leader, Adam Is A Life-long Republican Who Is Pro-gun, Pro-life, And A Supporter Of Small Businesses. He Is Opposed To The U.s. Military Intervention In Iraq And Has Received Media Attention Related To Anti-war Protest Activities. Service In Iraq Kokesh Enlisted In The Marine Corps In 1999 During His Junior Year At The Native American Preparatory School In Rowe, New Mexico As Part Of The Delayed Entry Peogram . He Was Originally Assigned To November Battery, 5th Battalion, 14th Regiment Of The 4th Division. In 2004, He Volunteered For Deployment To Iraq As Part Of The 1st Regiment Detachment Of The 3rd Civil Affairs Group And Served I Nfallujah From February To September 2004, Where He Was Engaged In Several Firefights . Kokesh Was Promoted To Sergeant Shortly After Arriving In Iraq, But Was Demoted To Corporal Immediately Before Being Discharged In La...

      SKU: 9863404
      ISBN: 97811554666316
      Author: Books, Llc

    Little Bit Of Hopes And Dreams: A Lifetime Of Loving Horses, Falling In Love With A Horse Of A Lifetime
      Little Bit Of Hopes And Dreams: A Lifetime Of Loving Horses, Falling In Love With A Horse Of A Lifetime.

      Have You Ever Been So Passionate Abuot Something That It Consumed Your Every Thought? Or Had A Dream, That Seemed Unattainable Because Of Lack Of Training, Or Funds? Well Belinda Did. This Is Her Journey From A Horse Crazy Little Girl From The Poor Side O Town To Eventually Raising And Training A Supreme Versatility Champion Walking Horse. It Is A Journey Of Determination Likewise When All Odds Seemed To Be Against Her. You Will Read How She Used Every Means Available To Her, Even Coming Up With Some Real Creative Ideas On Her Own, To Learn The Finer Points Of Equitation. When She Witnessed Training Techniques That Were Cruel, But Accepted By Most, She Knew In Her Heart There Had To Be A Better Way. Ultimately, Her Training Of A Very Special Horse, Not Only Created A Bond And Partnership That Was Evident To All Who Seen Them, But Took Her Dreams To Heights Even She Never Imagined Could Come True. This Book Will Inspire And Encourage Any One To Follow Their Dreams, And T0 Not Give Up. God Knows The Desires O Our Hearts, And If We Leave It Up To Him And His Timing, All Things Are Possible.

      SKU: 10283424
      ISBN: 9781600474583
      Author: Green, Belinda

    The Story Of Tonle
      The Story Of Tonle.

      Mario Rigoni Stern Was Born In 1921 In Asiago, In The Mountains Of Northeastern Italy. Throughout His Literary Career, He Has Remained Deeply Attached To The Region Of His Birth, Its Peasant Customs, Its Dialect, Its Seasonal Cycles And Shi Fting Historical Fortunes. Tonle Bintarn's Story Takes Place In The Mountains Of The Veneto Region, Which Once Bordered The Austro-hungarian Empire And Where Smuggling Was A Means Of Subsistence For The Peasant Population. Having Run Afoul Of A Patrol Of Revenue Agents, Tonle Must Seek Refuge Beyond The Frontier In Central Europe, Where Year After Year He Live By Doing Odd Jobs And Working, Among Other Things, As An Itinerant Print Peddler, A Horse Trainer In Hungary, And A Gardener In A Prague Castle. But Every Winter He Returns Secretly To His Home And Family, Until Finally A Pardon Is Granted. By Now His Children Are Grown And He Has Little To Do But Tend His Sheep. Meanwhile, The Times Are Changing, Social Values Are Disintegrating Under The Impact Of Modernization, And Europe Moves Ever Closer To Disaster. During The Devastation Of The First World War, The Occupation And Ultimate Destruction Of His Village, And His Own Internment In An Austrian Camp, It Is Tonle's Loyalty To His Roots And His Stubborn Devotion To His Task As A Swain That Persist And Make Him A Quiet Symbol Of Heroism And Human Endurance.

      SKU: 3365320
      ISBN: 9780810160347
      Author: Stern, Mario Rigoni / Rigoni Stern, Mario / Shepley, John

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