All Those Moments: Stories Of Heroes, Villains, Replicants, And Blade Runners

    All Those Moments: Stories Of Heroes, Villains, Replicants, And Blade Runners
      All Those Moments: Stories Of Heroes, Villains, Replicants, And Blade Runners.

      He Came To Mainstream Prominence As A Machine More Human Than His Creators In "blade Runner," Terrified Us As A Hitchhiker Bent On His Own Death And The Death Of Anyone Who Got In His Way In "the Hitcher," And Unforgettably Portrayed A Lonely King Roaming The Night As A Wolf And Pining For The Love Of A Hawk During The Day In "ladyhawke." Rutger Hauer Has Dazzled Audiences For Years With His Creepy, Inspiring, And Villainous Portrayals Of Everyone From A Cold-blooded Terrorist In "nighthawks" To A Blind Martial Arts Master In "concealed Fury," But His Movie Career Was Nothing Compared To His Real-life Adventures Of Riding Horses, Sword Fighting, And Leaving Home At Fifteen To Scrub Decks On A Freighter And Explore The World. From Poverty To Working With A Traveling Theater Troupe To His Breakout European Performance In "turkish Delight" And Working With Legendary Directors Such As Paul Verhoeven ("robocop" And "basic Instinct") And Ridley Scott ("alien" And "gladiator"), Hauer Has Collected "all Those Moments" Here.

      SKU: 195761
      ISBN: 9780061133909
      Author: Hauer, Rutger / Quinlan, Patrick

    4 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Kitten (for Cats Under 5 Lbs.)
      4 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Kitten (for Cats Under 5 Lbs.).

      A Cat Infested Fleas Is A Cat That's Suffering. Fleas Bite The Sensitive Skin Of Your Pet To Cause Irritation And Itchiness. These Pesky Intruders Can Even Jump Off Your Pet's Body And Originate Populating Your Home. When You Are Facing A Serious Flea Infestation You Need To Be Armed With The Best. Advantage Ii By Bayer Has A Quick-acting Formulation That Destroys Adult Fleas, Larvae And Eggs. Its Special Formulation Is Pet Friendly While Being Devastating To The Flea Population. The Product Is Easy To Use And It Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month. This Teal-colored Advantage Ii Is Specially Made For Kittens Weighing Under 5 Lbs. Advantage I's Waterproof Formulation Ensure Its Effectiveness Throughout The Month. Making Use Of Powerful Ingredients, It Attacks And Kills Adult Fleas, Eggs, And Larvae. Speak To A Vet To Find Out If Advantage Ii Teal Is Right For Your Kitten.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, advantage Ii For Cats
      SKU: Advantageiiteal4cat

    Dermazoo Drinking Water Additive (16 Fl Oz)
      Dermazoo Drinking Water Additive (16 Fl Oz).

      Dermazoo™ Drinking Water Additive Is A Simple Way To Help Combat The Plaque And Tartar Responsible For Dental Disease In Cats And Dogs. Simply Add A Small Amount Of This Liquid Concentrate To Your Pet's Drinking Water And The Chlohexidine Gluconate It Contains Will Help Slow Both The Formation Of New Plaque And The Calcification Of Existing Plaque Into Tartar. Dermazoo Drinking Water Additive Features A Palatable Beef Flavor That Will Drive Your Pet Wild. This Bottle Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Of The Additive That Can Be Safely Stored At Room Temperature. Keep Your Pet's Teeth And Gums Healthy By Ordering This Additive Today! Key Features: Includes Chlorhexidine Gluconate To Combat Plaque Formation And Calcification Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Of The Additive Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Water Additivesg, t, dermazoo, amp, trade, T, edta, c, amp, trade, Water Additive
      SKU: Dermazoo-drinking-water-additive-16-oz

    K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint - Chicken Flavor (10 Oz)
      K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint - Chicken Flavor (10 Oz).

      K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint Chicken Flavor Support Your Dog's Health With A Crunchy, All Natural Treat. These Delicious Snacks Are Made With Only Natural Ingredients And Contain Glucosamine And Chondroitin To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Contain Neither Sodium Nor Cholesterol. K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats Hip & Joint Chicken Flavor Are Made In The Usa With An Abrasive Texture That Scrapes Plaque From Teeth To Support Dental Health. This Bag Contains 10 Ounces Of The Treats And Can Be Easily Resealed To Keep Them Fresh For Your Pooch. Grab A Bag Of These Healthy Snacks To Support Your Pooch Today! Key Features: 100% Natural, Includes Glucosamine And Chondroitin Free Of Sodium And Cholesterol Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, k-9 Fat Free Dog Treats, amp, trade, Hip , amp, Joint
      SKU: K-9-fat-free-dog-treats-hip-joint-chicken-flavor-10-oz

    Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress For Cats (4 Oz)
      Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress For Cats (4 Oz).

      Reduce The Stresses Of Life And Change For Your Cat T Here Are Many Life Events That Turn Out To Be A Stressful Situation For Our Pets, Especially Cats. If You?re Planning To Move, Board Your Cat While You?re Out Of Town, Or Even If Your Cat Suffers From Frequent Stress, A Natural Pet Pharmaceutical For Stress Control Can Provide Relief And Help Them To Relax. If Your Per Exhibits Nervous Or Anxious Behavior, Such As Shaking, Loss Of Appetite, Fur Pulling, Meowing, And Other Unusual Behaviors, A Homeopathic, Natural Remedy Is A Safe And Effective Way To Reduce Their Stress. Benefits Provides Not Only Relief Of The Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress, But Also Promotes A Feeling Vitality And Overall Well-being. Many Individual Ingredients Are Combined To Create A Precise And Fast Acting, Safe Medication For Your Cat.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, natural Pet Anxiety , amp, Stress For Cats
      SKU: Natural-pet-pharmaceuticals-stress-control-cats-4-oz

    Pig Ears Singles
      Pig Ears Singles.

      Pig Ears Will Surely Be A Favorite For Your Pet! Your Dog Will Enjoy Hours Of Chewing This Tasty Treat! These Dog Treats Are So Good You're Sure To Run Out Quickly. Great For Dogs Of All Sizes. These Treats Will Make Even The Pickiest Pup Yearning For The Delicious Taste Of Pig Ears. Buy Your Dog Something You Know They'll Love.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, merrick Body Parts
      SKU: Pigearssingles

    Naturvet Bladder Support Plus Cranberry Time Release (60 Chews)
      Naturvet Bladder Support Plus Cranberry Time Release (60 Chews).

      Naturvet Bladder Support Plus Cranberry Time Release (60 Chews) Is Veterinarian Formulated For Senior Dogs To Help Maintain And Support Normal Bladder Health And Control. Directions: Animal Weight Daily Amount Dogs Up To 50 Lbs 1/2 Tablet Twice Daily 51-75 Lbs 1 Tablet Twice Daily 76 Lbs & Over 1-1/2 Tablets Twice Daily By Naturvet Also Try Contone For Improved Bladder Health In Dogs. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Doog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, naturevet Senior Bladder Support
      SKU: Seniorbladdersupport

    3-pack Simply Wild Jerky Treats - Chicken With Peas & Carrots (12 Oz)
      3-pack Simply Wild Jerky Treats - Chicken With Peas & Carrots (12 Oz).

      Simply Wild Jerky Treats Are Delicious All-natural Jerky Treats Made From Resources From Local Farms To Ensure Your Dog Receives Only The Best. These Treats Were Slow-cooked To Give Them A Unique Crunch That Dogs Love. Many Jerky Treats Aren't Crispy Because They Contain Vegetable Glycerin And Other Ingredients That Pass As "natural" Despite Being Extracts Used To Control Consistency Or Taste. Simply Wild Jerky Treats Are Made With No Fillers, No By-products, And No Additives. This Means That It Does Not Contain Glycerin, Gluten, Soy Or Wheeat To Ensure That It Contains Only Quality Dog Treat Ingredients. This Particular Package Contains Chicken Jerky With Peas And Carrots, But A Beef Jerky Is Also Available. Your Dog Will Love These All-natural Treats, So Order A Package Now! Key Features: Slow Cooked To Preserve Freshness Does Not Contain Glycerin, Soy, Gluten, Or Wheat 4 Oz Of Treats Per Container

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, simply Wild Jerky Treats
      SKU: Simply-wild-jeerky-treats-chicken-12-oz

    Sore No-more Sports Salve (2 Lb)
      Sore No-more Sports Salve (2 Lb).

      The Arenus Family Of Products - Turning Innovative Science Into Sound Health And Nutrition The Successful Liniment Base Is Mixed With A Creamy Tamanu Butter And Aloe Vera Blend To Give You A Soothing, Cooling Arnica Cream. The World Famous Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Is An Arnica Based Herbal Salve Containing Tamanu Oil And Aloe Vera. Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Can Be Used On Legs And Body To Promote Healthy Skin, And To Hooves To Promote Hydration, Elasticity, And Enhance Overall Condition. Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Is Excellent For Use On Horses With Sensitive Skin And Can Be Used On Dry Skin, Burns, Skin Abrasions And Blanket Rubs. The Successful Liniment Base Is Mixed With A Creamy Tamanu Butter And Aloe Vera Blend To Give You A Soothing, Cooling Arnica Cream. The Applications For Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Are Endless. The Mix Makes For An Excellent Leg Grease Prior To Competition. Apply To Areas Of Edema, Swelling, Heat, Inflammation, Friction Burns, And Scrapes. Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Helps Hydrate Skin And Hooves While Encouraging Hair Growth. Sore No-moreā® Sports Salve Is For Possible Health Issues Including For Protective Leg Grease For Bangs And Bruises During Eventing, Roping, Reigning, Gymkhana And Other High Impact Sports, For Rubs, Burns, Scrapes And Abrasions, For Cracked Heels, Skin And Dry Shelly Hooves, For Cracked Heels And Feet, Rundowns, Scratches, And Abrasions, For Use For Irritations Under The Belly And Girth Galls, For Use For Blanket Rubs, Friction Burns, And Sunburns, And For A Sweat Alternative For Legs. Sore No-moreā® Spots Salve Benefits Include A Silky Cooling Cream For Irritated Skin, Is Soothingt O Rub Burns, Scrapes And Abrasions, Moisturizes And Softens Dry Skin, Hooves And Cracked Heels, Is Comforting To Sensitive Skin, Helps To Renew Hair Growth, And Helps Hydrate And Improve Elasticity.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Hoo Fcare, gt, equilite Sore No-more Sports Salve
      SKU: Sore-no-more-sports-salve-2-lb

    Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone 1.0% (4 Fl. Oz.)
      Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone 1.0% (4 Fl. Oz.).

      Zymox Otic With Hydrocortisone Is Used For The Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Otitis Externa, An Inflammation Of The Outer Ear Characterized By Chronic Swelling And Pain In The Outer Part Of The Ears. Simply Touching The Ears Of Your Pets Can Hurt Them And Can Lead To Aggression. Zymoc Otic Is Manufactured By Pkb Animal Health, A Well-known Manufacturer Of Pet Care And Vet Erinary Products. It Provides Quick Relief For Your Pet And Also Eliminates The Bacteria And Fungi That Caused The Infection. It Is Safe To Use As A Long-term Medication And Is Especially Beneficial For Persistent Cases Of Otitis Externa. Zymox Otic Without Hydrocortisone Is Also Available, But It May Not Be Effective For Swollen Or Inflamed Ears. Hydrocortisone Can Also Help Reduce The Itchiness And Redness That Is Often Present In This Type Of Condition. Cleaning Your Pet's Ears After Applying Zymox Otic Is Important In Order To Remove The Solution That Has Accumulated In The Ear Canal. Directions: Apply Liberally To Dirty Ear, Filling Ear Canal. Gently Massage And Work Into Infected Area. Wipe To Remove Excess. Treat Once A Day For 7 Days, 14 Days For Chronic Infections. Recommended For Extended Use On Persistant Cases. Post Treatment Flush Is Recommended To Remove Any Residual Product And Accumulated Dead Skin Cells. Ingredients: Glycerin, Deionized Water, Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Lodide, Hydrocortisone, Dextrose, Propylene Glycol, Glucose Oxidase, Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin. Cautions: Do Not Clean Ears Before Or During Treatment. Do Not Use Conjunction With Other Topical War Medications Or Cleaners. Do Not Allow Water In Or Near Ear During Treatment. If Condition Persists Or Worsens, Consult Your Veterinarian. Do Not Use On Punctured Ear Drums. Do Not Use On Pregnant Or Lactating Females. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, zymox Otic
      SKU: Zymoxenzyhc

    Pippi Goes To School: Picture Book
      Pippi Goes To School: Picture Book.

      Pippi Longstocking Has Her Own Special Way Of Doing Everything, Even Going To School. She's Not About To Walk, She'd Rather Ride Her Horse. And Pippi Can't Be Bothered With Spelling And Math; She's More Interested In Drawing On The Floor And Finding Out When Christmas Vacation Starts. Pippi May Be Ready For School, But Is School Ready For Pippi? Pippi Goes To School Is A Great Introduction For Young Children To The Wacky, Wonderful World Of Pippi Longstocking.

      SKU: 430698
      ISBN: 9780141302362
      Author: Lindgren, Astrid / Peskin, Joy / Chesworth, Michael D.

    Racing Against Time
      Racing Against Time.

      All Of Taylor's Hard Work With Prince Albert Is Finally Paying Off, And Both She And The Horse Feel At Home At Wildwood Stables. But Spoiled Plum Mason Is Still Causing Problems, Overtraining Her New Horse, Shafir. Can Taylor And The Other Wildwood Girls Protect Shafir From The Reckless Rider?

      SKU: 1840475
      ISBN: 9780545149815
      Author: Weyn, Suzanne

    The Midnight Horse
      The Midnight Horse.

      On A Coach Bound For Cricklewood, The Orphan Boy Touch Caught His First Glimpse Of The Haunt Named The Great Chaffalo. According To Rumor, He Was Once A Famous Magician Who Could Turn A Pile Of Straw Into A Horse. Now, Touch Needs The Ghost's Help In Order To Escape His Wicked Great-uncle. So, With An Armload Of Straw And A Determined Spirit, Touch Makes His Plea To The Great Chaffalo - And, Magically, A Horse Appears But Can Magic Save Touch When His Great-uncle's Schemes Grow Even More Villainojs?

      SKU: 178906
      ISBN: 9780060722166
      Author: Fleischman, Sid / Sis, Peter / Fleischman, Sid

    In The Presence Of Absence
      In The Presence Of Absence.

      "darwish Is To Be Read With Urgency, In The Night, When Nothing Else Moves But His Lines."-"the Village Voice" By One Of The Most Transcendent Poets Of This Generation, A Remarkable Collection Of Prose Poems That Explores Themes Of Love, Pain, Isolation, And Connection. In This Self-eulogy Written In The Final Years Of Mahmoud Darwish's Life, Paelstine Becomes A Metaphor For The Injustice And Pain Of Our Contemporary Moment. Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008) Was One Of The Most Acclaimed Poets In The Arab World. His Poetry Collections Include &quott;why Did You Leave The Horse Alone?" And "a River Dies Of Thirst" (archipelago Books). In 2001 Darwish Was Awarded The Lannan Cultural Freedom Prize.

      SKU: 11132896
      ISBN: 9781935744016
      Author: Darwish, Mahmoud / Antoon, Sinan

    River-horse: Across America By Boat
      River-horse: Across America By Boat.

      The Author Of Blue Highways And Prairyerth "takes Us On A Lifetime Voyage Full Of Imagery, Insight And Appreciation." -cleveland Plain Dealer In His Most Ambitious Journey Ever, William Least Heat-moon Sets Off Aboard A Small Boat Named Nikawa ("river Horse" In Osage) From The Atlantic At New York Harbor In Hopes Of Entering The Pacific Near Astoria, Oregon. He And His Companion, Pilotis, Struggle To Cover Some 5,000 Watery Miles, Often Following In The Wakes Of Our Most Famous Explorers, From Henry Hudson To Lewis And Clark. En Route, The Voyagers Confront Massive Floods, Dangerous Weather, And Their Own Doubts About Whether They Can Complete The Trip. But The Hard Days Yield Incomparable Pleasures: Generous Strangers, Landscapes Untouched Since Sacajawea Saw Them, Riverscapes Flowing With A Lively Past, And The Growing Belief That Efforts To Protect Our Lands And Waters Are Beginning To Pay Off. Teeming With Humanity, Humor, And High Adventure, River-horse Is An Unsentimental And Original Arteriogram Of Our Nation At The Millennium.

      SKU: 423005
      ISBN: 9780140298604
      Author: Heat Moon, William Least

    Faith Of My Fathers
      Faith Of My Fathers.

      John Mccain Is One Of The Most Admired Leaders In The United States Government, But His Deeply Felt Memoir Of Family And War Is Not A Political One And Ends Before His Election To Congress. With Candor And Ennobling Power, Mccain Tells A Story That, In The Words Of Newsweek, "make The Other Presidential Candidates Look Like Pygmies." John Mccain Learned About Life And Honor From His Grandfather And Father, Both Four-star Admirals In The U.s. Navy. This Is A Memoir About Their Lives, Their Heroism, And The Ways That Sons Are Shaped And Enriched By Their Fathers. John Mccain's Grandfather Was A Gaunt, Hawk-faced Man Known As Slew By His Fellow Officers And, Affectionately, As Popeye By The Sailors Who Served Under Him. Mccain Sr. Played The Horses, Drank Bourbon And Water, And Rolled His Own Cigarettes With One Hand. More Significant, He Was One Of The Navy's Greatest Commanders, And Led The Strongest Aircraft Carrier Force Of The Third Fleet In Key Battles During World War Ii. John Mccain's Father Followed A Similar Path, Equally Distinguished By Heroic Service In The Navy, As A Submarine Commander During World War Ii. Mccain Jr. Was A Slightly Built Man, But Like His Father, He Earned The Respect And Affection Of His Men. He, Too, Rose To The Rank Of Four-star Admiral, Making The Mccains The First Family In American History To Achieve That Distinction. Mccain Jr.'s Final Assignment Was As Commander Of All U.s. Forces In The Pacific During The Vietnam War. It Was In The Vietnam War That John Mccain Iii Faced The Most Difficult Challenge Of His Life. A Naval Aviator, He Was Shot Down Over Hanoi In 1967 And Seriously Injured. When Vietnamese Military Officers Realized He Was The Son Of A Top Commander, They Offered Mccain Early Release In An Effort To Embarrass The United States. Acting From A Sense Of Honor Taught Him By His Father And The U.s. Naval Academy, Mccain Refused The Offer. He Was Tortured, Held In Solitary Confinement, And Imprisoned For Five And A Half Years. Faith Of My Fathers Is About What Mccain Learned From His Grandfather And Father, And How Their Example Enabled Him To Survive Those Hard Years. It Is A Story Of Three Imperfect Men Who Faced Adversity And Emerged With Their Honor Intact. Ultimately, Faith Of My Fathers Shows Us, With Great Feeling And Appreciation, What Fathers Give To Their Sons, And What Endures.

      SKU: 6024086
      ISBN: 9781400067923
      Author: Mccain, John / Salter, Mark

    Sea Horse
      Sea Horse.

      Children Will Love This Amazing Series About The Life Cycles Of Animals And Other Living Things Created By Bobbie Kalman, This Beautiful Set Of Books Takes Young Readers Through The Fascinating Process Of Life That All Living Things Share-birth, Growth, An D Adulthood. Carefully Designed And Written, Each Book Clearly Shows That A Life Cycle Does Not Simply Describe The Life Of One Living Thing But The Continuation Of Its Entire Species.

      SKU: 3018899
      ISBN: 9780778706939
      Author: Kalman, Bobbie

    African Americans Of Jefferson County
      African Americans Of Jefferson County.

      Jefferson County Can Proudly Claim A Large Number Of Firsts When It Comes To African Americans In National History. The Raid To Free Slaves That Served As A Catalyst For The Civil War Was Led By Abolitionist John Brown In Harpers Ferry. The First Man Wounded In The Rebellion Was Heyward Shepherd, A Free African American And A Jefferson County Resident. Pres. Abraham Lincoln Appointed Jefferson County Native Martin Robison Delany As The First African American Field Officer Of The Civil War. In 1906, The Niagara Movement, Forerunner To The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (naacp), Held Its First Meeting On American Soil On The Storer College Campus. The First Woman To Become The Coach Of A Menas College Basketball Team Was Also An African American From Jefferson County. Additionally, The Colored Horse Show Held In Charles Town Was The First Of Its Kind For African Americans.

      SKU: 2695487
      ISBN: 9780738567877
      Author: Jefferson Coounty Black History Preservation Society Inc

    Bet To Win! A Handicapping Guide To Playing The Horses
      Bet To Win! A Handicapping Guide To Playing The Horses.

      Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within Htis Work Is Geared Towards The Occasional Handicapper Looking For Help, But Takes You Through The Entire Process, So, Beginners Can Use It, Too. The Entire Process Is Clear And Concise With Plenty Of Examples And Worksheets To Guide You. If You Are Going To Play The Horses, You Need To Read This

      SKU: 6521920
      ISBN: 9781432708955
      Author: Zen, Bobby

    A Feather In The Rain
      A Feather In The Rain.

      Jesse Burrell Buried His Son, And With Him His Own Heart. Determined To Never Again Experience The Heartache Of Loss, This Trail-hardened Cowboy Chose A Self-imposed Lonely Existence. He Ran A Ranch And Competed In Cutting Horse Competitions With Diminishing Success While The Ultimate Dream Of A Futurity Championship Eluded Him. An Internationally Famous Model, Her Own Heart Shattered By The Death Of Her Brother, Saw In Jesse A Kindred Spirit. Their Explosive Love Affair Sets Readers' Hearts Ablaze With Passion. Based On A True Incident, Noted Film And Tv Actor Alex Cord Bares His Soul In This His Second Novel.

      SKU: 7230870
      ISBN: 9781589850118
      Author: Cord, Alex

    Redeeming Features
      Redeeming Features.

      From British Interior Designer Nicholas Haslam, A Dazzling And Witty Account Of A Frenetic And Full Life-from The 1940s To The Present-in Europe And America, In A Crowd Of Friends And Acquaintances That Includes Virtually All Of The Cultural Icons Of Ou Time. Haslam Has Found Himself At The Center Of Some Of The Most Interesting Circles Wherever He Is-at Parties, Opening Nights, Royal Weddings. In London In The Late 1950s He Crossed Paths-and More-with Cecil Beaton, Francis Bacon, Diana Cooper, Greta Garbo, Lucian Freu,d David Hockney, David Bailey, And Noel Coward. A Time Living In The Still Unspoiled South Of France Was An Education In Everything From The Work Of Bunuel To The Style Of Toreros Like Dominguin And Ordonez. In Paris He Met Jean Cocteau And Janet Flanner, And, In Saint-tropez, Danced With Brigitte Bardot. In The 1960s, In New York, He Encountered Dorothy Parker, Cole Porter, Andy Warhol, Jack Kennedy, Joan Didion, And Marilyn Monroe While Working In The Art Department At "vogue" And Later As Art Director, Following Henry Wolf, At Huntington Hartford's "show" Magazine. After "show, " Haslam Moved To A Ranch In Arizona To Raise Arabian Horses-truman Capote And John Richardson, Among Others, Came To Stay-and He Began Designing And Commuting To Los Angeles To Decorate For The Stars. Back In England In The 1980s, He Worked On David Bailey's "ritz" Magazine, Attended The Wedding Of His Cousin Diana Spencer, And Designed For Everyone From The Financier James Goldsmith To Rock Star Bryan Ferry. "redeeming Features "is About Much More Than Documenting A Life Among The Celebrated And The Eccentric: It Is A Vivid, At Times Humorous And Moving Portrait Of A Way Of Life That Has All But Disappeared. Haslam Has An Exacting Eye For The Telling Detail And His Story Is A Compelling And Wholly Fascinating Document Of Our Times.

      SKU: 869067
      ISBN: 9780307271679
      Author: Haslam, Nicholas

    The Barbarians Of Ancient Europe: Realities And Interactions
      The Barbarians Of Ancient Europe: Realities And Interactions.

      The Barbarians Of Ancient Europe Deals With The Reality Of The Indigenous Peoples Of Europe, In Contrast To Many Publications That Explore These Peoples In The Context Of The Greek Idea Of "barbarians" As The "other." These Varied Groups - Thracians, Scythians, Celts, Germans, Etruscans, And Other Peoples Of Italy, The Alps, And Beyond - Had Contact With One Another And With Greek Culture During Its Flowering. Images On The Spectacular Gold And Silver Objects Buried In Royal Tombs Show How The Horse-riding Nomads And The Barbarian Women Warriors Known In Antiquity As Amazons Saw Themselves. Archaeological Discoveries Show How They Dressed, What They Ate And Drank, Where They Lived, And How They Honored Their Dead Kings With Barbaric Splendor And Human Sacrifices, Allowing Us To Change, Correct, Or Confirm The Picture Given In Greek And Roman Literature.

      SKU: 11157062
      ISBN: 9780521194044
      Author: Bonfante, Larissa

    The 100 Greatest Days In New York Sports
      The 100 Greatest Days In New York Sports.

      "pick A Sport - Baseball, Professional Or College Football Or Basketball, Horse Racing, Boxing, Or Tennis - And In Every Case New York Has Consistently Had Front-row Seats For Every Major Development And Many Of The Most Memorable Events In Sports History." - From The Introduction It's Every New York Sports Fan's Dream: A Chance To Analyze, Debate, And Rank The Top 100 Sports Events In New York History. A List To Settle All Arguments. What Would You Choose? First Of All, Where To Start? Babe Ruth Hitting The First Home Run In Yankee Stadium? Arthur Ashe Winning The First U.s. Open? Muhammad Ali Versus Joe Frazier At Madison Square Garden? Over The Years, New York Has Been At The Center Of Seemingly Every Major Sporting Event. From The Integration Of Baseball To The Heyday Of Boxing And Horse Racing To The Rise Of Professional Sports - It All Happened In New York. The Journalist Stuart Miller, A Native New Yorker And Sportswriter, Guides Us Through The Pivotal Events With Illuminating Analysis And Colorful Detail. Based On Extensive Research, This Richly Illustrated Book Is Filled With Vivid And Authoritative Prose. Highlights Include: * Willie Mays Makes "the Catch" In The 1954 World Series * Jimmy Connors Turns Back The Clock At The 1991 U.s. Open * Willis Reed Rescues The Knicks In The 1970 Nba Finals * Joe Namath And The Jets Win The 1968 Afl Championship * Mookie Wilson's Slow Grounder To First Is A Mets Miracle In The 1986 World Series All Of The Celebrated Franchises Are Here, From The Yankees And The Mets To The Knicks And The Giants, As Well As Sports Ranging From Horse Racing To Tennis To Boxing To The New York City Marathon. There Are Additional Lists And Analyses, Such As "on The Rod: The Top 25," Featuring Events Such As Bucky Dent's 1978 Homer Over The Green Monster In Fenway Park. "fearsome Foes" Highlights Epic Performances By The Opposition, Like Michael Jordan's 55-point Night At The Garden In 1992. Miller Also Gives Us The Bad Side Of Sports, In "worst Days," Such As When Benny Paret Died In The Ring At The Hands Of Emile Griffith. Exhaustively Researched And Endlessly Entertaining, The 100 Greatest Days In New York Sports Is A Book Destined To Be On The Shelf Of Every New York - And Every American - Sports Fan.

      SKU: 2345667
      ISBN: 9780618574803
      Author: Miller, Stuart F.

    Concise Guide To Arthritis In The Horse
      Concise Guide To Arthritis In The Horse.

      In A Simple, Nontechnical Way, The Book Discusses The Types Of Arthritis As Well As Other Joint Problems That Affect The Horse And Cause Inflammation. Horse Owners Learn What Treatments Medical And Surgical Exist And More Importantly, How To Evaluate Treatment Options With Their Veterinarian. David W. Ramey, D.v.m., Wrote All The Books In The "concise Guides" Series As Well As Howell's "horsefeathers: Facts Versus Myths About Your Horse's Health" And Edited The Facsimile Edition Of "the Anatomy Of An Horse." He Lives In Agourah Ills, California.

      SKU: 3885525
      ISBN: 9780876050910
      Author: Ramey, David W.

    Pale Horse Among Us
      Pale Horse Among Us.

      In The Small, Friendly Oregon Town Of Lone Oak, Seemingly Untouched By Time And The Modern World, A Fundamentalist Minister Thinks The Town's Secular Activities Have Summoned The Pale Horse Of The Apocalypse. Believing He's Been Called To Become The Town's Savior, Reverend David Phillips Strikes Out At The Scantily Clad Girls At Track Meets, The Blasphemous Talk Among The Town's Eccentric Cronies In The Barber Shop And Gas Station, And The Growing Population Of Latinos, Among Whom He Sees A Teenage Boy Jesus Martinez As The Antichrist. The Minister, Empowered By His Religious Beliefs, Is A Terrifying Force, But The Townspeople Are Not Powerless. Led By The Town Matriarch, Rachel Douglas, Flinty Granddaughter Of The Town's Founder, And Inspired By Cat Stanford, A Gifted Athlete Whose Running Prowess Unites Them, The Town Resists The Minister And His Followers. Will The Town's Fundamental Goodwill And Humanity Be Enough To Withstand The Minister's Rigid And Destructive Fundamentalist Beliefs? The Pale Horse, Once Called Forth, Cannot Easily Be Recalled.

      SKU: 2153807
      ISBN: 9780595368761
      Author: Evans, George

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