Animed Balance Ii (15 Lb)

    Animed Balance Ii (15 Lb)
      Animed Balance Ii (15 Lb).

      A Nutrient Balancing Vitamin And Minerial Supplement For Horses Fed Grass Hay. Using Balance Ii On A Daily Basis Helps Achieve The Nutritional Balance Necessary For The Maintenance Of Optimum Health And Peak Body Condition

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, animed Horse Supplement
      SKU: Animed-balance-ii-15-lb

    Aquaclear 30 Filter Insert Foam (3 Pack)
      Aquaclear 30 Filter Insert Foam (3 Pack).

      Aquaclear 30 Foam Filter Insert 3pk Provides Mechanical Filtration By Trapping Particles And Debris In Addition To Providing Biological Filtration. Exclusively Designed For The Aquaclear 30 Power Filter, The Insert Is Safe For Fresh And Saltwater Aquariums.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, aquaclear Filter Inserts
      SKU: Aqua30foampk3

    Best Friend Mobility - Small (13" - 17")
      Best Friend Mobility - Small (13" - 17").

      Enjoy The Following With Best Friend Mobility: Universal Yet Customizable Dog Wheelchair Design. Here At Best Friend Mobility, We Believe That Each Dog Is An Individual, And That As Such, Will Have Individual Needs, Habits, Mannerisms, And A Stance That?s All Its Own. Our Patented, Orthopedic Surgeon-designed Dog Wheelchairs Come In 5 Sizes And Are Fully Height, Length, And Width Adjustable For Maximum Comfort And Ease Of Use. Selecting A Dog Wheelchair In Best Friend Mobility Is Easy. Wheelchair Sizing Is Based On 5 Weight Classifications And Further Adapted To A Specific Dog?s Measurement, Needs, And Comfort Level Through The Various Adjustable Parts. Great Value For Money Features: Sturdy Design And Materials Easily And Fully Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Frame Stainless Steel Hardware Accommodates Pets Ranging From Under 5 To 175 Lbs. We Are Confident That You Will Find Our Dog Wheelchairs Beyond Satisfactory; So Confident In Fact, That We Have A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Each Dog Wheelchair We Sell. If For Any Reason, Your Dog Wheelchair Doesn?t Fit Properly And You?d Like To Return It, We Provide A 100%, No Questions Asked Refund Or Exchange For A Different Size. Our Dogs Needs Do Not Lessen With Impaired Mobility. On The Contrary, Their Needs Might Grow And Evolve. We Make Our Dog Wheelchairs To Take All These Into Account Along With Factors Such As The Type Of Mobility Impairment, Size, Weight, And Breed, Plus The Special Needs Of Certain Dogs. We Take Pride In Our Work And In Knowing That They?ll Be Used By Creatures Loved By Our Customers The Same Way We Love Our Own. Common Conditions That Require The Use Of Dog Mobility Aids: Hip Dysplasia Neurological Impairment Complete Or Partial Rear Paralysis Arthritis Spinal Diseases Such As Degenerative Myelopathy Lumbar Or Thoracic Disc Injury Surgical Recovery Rehabilitation And Therapy Any Other Condition That Results In Rear Leg Pain Or Weakness Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Made With Both Style And Substance. They Look Good And Are Actually Good For The Pets That Use Them. The Best Friend Mobility Wheelchair Line Is The End Result Of The Generous Collaboration Between Our Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons And Industrial Designers Who Are Themselves, Pet Owners. Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Currently For Pets With Normal Front Leg Strength. All Of Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Designed And Expertly Crafted With Attention To Detail. The Maximum Adjustability Of Our Wheelchairs Can Allow You And Your Pet To Enjoy An Almost Custom-built Like Fit Minus The Custom-built Price. Cart Assembly For Xx-small To Medium Size. Usa Size Chart All Sales Are Final. Returns Can Only Be Accepted For Defaults In The Products, We Cannot Accept Returns Due To Sizing Issues.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentialsg, t, pet Assistance, Stairs , amp, amp, Ramps, gt, best Friend Mobility Carts
      SKU: Best-friend-mobility-small-15-40-lbs

    Blue Buffalo Basics Senior Turkey & Potato Recipe (24 Lb)
      Blue Buffalo Basics Senior Turkey & Potato Recipe (24 Lb).

      Blue Basics Turkey Recipe Is A Limited-ingredient Diet Formulated To Minimize Food Sensitivities Some Dogs Experience, Wbile Maximizing The Nutritional Value They Receive. And Because It?s Blue, It?s Made With Only The Finest Natural Ingredients: Real Turkey Is The First Ingredient Made With Potatoes, An Easily-digestible Carbohydrate Source No Chicken (or Poultry) By-product Meals No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy Or Eggs Because The Nutritional Requirements For Senior Dogs Are Different From Other Life Stages, Blue Basics For Senior Dogs Features The Ingredients To Support Their Overall Health And Well-being. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-basics-senior-turkey-potato-recipe-24-lb

    Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Mini (12 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Mini (12 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo Blue Bones Are Natural Dental Chews For Dogs.  blue Bones Are Tasty, Healthy And Easily Digestible. Snacking On These Chews Will Help Freshen Your Dog's Brreath And Make His Teeth Sparkle. Blue Bones Distinguish Themselves From Other Dental Snacks By Including: Glucosamine And Chondroitin To Help Promote Joint Health, Taurine Which Promotes Heart Health And Vitamins A, C And E To Support The Immune System. Only The Finest Ingredients Are Used In Blue Bones. No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals Are Used. Blue Bones Are Also Corn, Wheat And Soy Free. 12 Oz. Bag Of Mini Dental Chews For Dogs 5-15 Lbs. Natural, Healthy, And Easily Digestible Fortified To Support Healthy Joints, Heart And Immune System

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Bones
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-blue-bones-mini-12-oz

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Border Collie (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Border Collie (2.5").

      Border Collie Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Border-collie-keychain

    Catit White Tiger Voyageur Medium - Black
      Catit White Tiger Voyageur Medium - Black.

      Catit White Tiger Voyageur Cat Carrier Is The Ideal Solution For Your Pet Transportation Needs. Durable, Sturdy And Safe, The Catit Style Profile Voyageur Cat Carrier Is Idealfor Transporting Your Pet By Car, Bus, Train Or Even By Air. Ventilation Holes Form Unique Cat Silhouette Profile Offering Optimal Ventilation And Air Flow Top Petting Door Safety Lock Easy Assembly Side Latch System Molded Waste Collection Gutter Treat Compartment With Food / Water Bowl Meets Airline Regulations (with Permanent Screws / Tie Wraps) Available In Small & Medium * Size: 56.5 Cm L X 37.6 Cm W X 30.8 Cm H (22in X 14.8in X 12in). For Cats With Maximum Height Of 26.6 Cm (10.5in).

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Carriers, gt, catit Pet Carriers , amp, Kennels
      SKU: Catit-white-tiger-voyageur-medium-black

    Fly Rid Duramask V For Horses
      Fly Rid Duramask V For Horses.

      The Flyrid Duramask V Horse Fly Mask Repels Flies And Other Biting Insects From Your Horse. Benefits:rub Free Design With All Edges Trimmed In Fleece Decreased Attraction Of Debris With Fleece Trim Superior Eye Dart Stitching For Enhanced Safety Extra Reinforcement For Durability Excellent Quality At An Incredible Valuegeneral Product Information:repels Flies And Other Biting Insects Clear Vision Double Locking Fastener Hidden Under The Jaw Comfortable Fit With Fleece Edges Available In 4 Sizes: Yearling, Arabian, Horse, And X-large.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Pest Control, gt, duravet Horse Pet Control
      SKU: Duramaskv

    Habitrail Ovo Tower
      Habitrail Ovo Tower.

      Habitrail Ovo Tower Consists Of 2x Curves, 2x Elbows, 1x Den, 5x Lock Connectors. This Kit Allows You To Expand Your Hamster Set-up. Limited Only By Your Imagination!

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Habitats , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, habitrail Small Pet Habitats And Accessories
      SKU: Habitrail-ovo-tower

    Endura Flap Pet Door - Large Wall Mount - Double Flapp (10" X 18")
      Endura Flap Pet Door - Large Wall Mount - Double Flapp (10" X 18").

      The Most Essential Part Of A Pet Door Is The Flap Itself. Throughout The History Of Pet Doors, The Flap Has Always Been The Biggest Disappointment To The Pet Owner. They May Leak, Not Insulate That Well, Blow Open, Wear Out Quickly, Or Even Hurt The Pet. Until Now! The Award Winning Endura Flap Pet Door For Walls Is The Premium Solution To All Of These Problems. The Endura Flap Is Nothing Like Your Current Pet Door You May Have, As You?re Not Going To Believe How Much Better It Is! I F You Get The Single Flap Version, The Flap Is On The Inside Of Your Home (the Same Side As The Locking Cover) Andd If You Get The Double Flap Version There Is A Flap On Both Sides. The Wall Mounts Come With An 8" Thick Aluminum Tunnel That Is Self Framing For Most 2 X4 And 2x6 Stud Walls.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, patio Pacific Endrua Flap Wall Mount
      SKU: Patio-pacific-endura-flap-large-wall-mount-double-flap

    N-bone Pupper Nutter - Small
      N-bone Pupper Nutter - Small.

      The N-bone Puppernutter Is Highly Palatable Bone With Peanut Flavor And Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil. The Puppernutter Is Not Only Nutritious But Low In Fat And Without Any Added Salt Or Sugar. Puppernutter Typically Last Longer Than Other Edible And Digestible Chew Bones. Wheat Free & Soy Free Omega 3s From Fish Oil No Added Salt Or Sugar Low Fat & Highly Palatable Naturally Preserved Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, n-bone Pupper Nutter
      SKU: Puppernuttersm

    Sentryhome Household Flea & Tick Spray (16 Oz)
      Sentryhome Household Flea & Tick Spray (16 Oz).

      Sentryhome Household Flea & Tick Spray Kills Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs And Flea Larvae And Protects Your Home For Seven Months By Preventing Their Development Into The Adult Biting Stage. This Spray Reaches Fleas Hidden In Carpets, Rugs, Draperies, Upholstery, Pet Bedding And Floor Cracks. One Treatment Gives Continuous Protection For 210 Days. It Leaves No Objectionable Odor Or Sticky Mess. Sentryhome Household Flea & Tick Spray Also Won't Stain Furnishings. 16 Oz Spray Can Kills Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae Seven Months Of Protection No Mess, No Staining

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, home , amp, Yard Treatments, gt, sentry Flea , amp, Tick Home , amp, Yard Treatments
      SKU: Sentryhome-household-flea-and-tick-spray-16-oz

    Smartbones Large Beef Chews (3 Pack)
      Smartbones Large Beef Chews (3 Pack).

      Smartbonesâ® Beef Chews Have All The Benefits Of A Rawhide Chew?without The Rawhide! Multitude Veterinarians Are Concerned With The Potential Health Risks Associated With Dogs Consuming Rawhide. No Rawhide Smartbonesâ® Are Made With Real Beef, Chicken And Wholesome Vegetables For A Scrumptious Taste Dogs Can?t Resist! Made With Real Beef, Chicken And Vegetables Rawhide-free Easy To Digest Vitamin & Mineral Enriched Chewing Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Smartbones-large-beef-3-pack

    Tr Opiclean Fresh Breath Instant Fresh Foam (4.5 Oz)
      Tr Opiclean Fresh Breath Instant Fresh Foam (4.5 Oz).

      Tropiclean Fresh Breath Instant Fresh Foam (4.5 Oz) Regular Use Of Fresh Mint Foam Keeps Teeth And Gums Clean. Its Natural Formula Helps Freshen Their Breath. For Best Results, Your Pet Should Receive Daily Oral Care To Promote Periodontal Health And Overall Wellness. Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Natural Mint, Baking Soda, Polysorbate 20, Grain Al Cohol, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Chlorophyllin, Green Tea Leaf Extract. Directions: Do Not Feed Pet For 30 Minutes Prior To Or 30 Minutes After Use. Expose Your Dog's Teeth And Gums By Gently Pulling Back Their Lips. Spray 1 Squirt Directly Onto The Teeth And Gums.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Cleansing Gels , amp, amp, Foams, gt, tropiclean, amp, reg, Fresh Breath Gel And Foam
      SKU: Trpclnfbinstntfrshfm4-5

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Weimaraner (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Weimaraner (2.5").

      Weimaraner Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Weimaraner-keychain

    Winter Bundle Pack For Dogs
      Winter Bundle Pack For Dogs.

      New! Winter Bundle Pack For Dogs Wondering What's The Best Way To Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter Season? That's Easy! Check Out The Winter Bundle Pack For Dogs That Comes With Everything You Need To Keep Your Dog Warm And Comfortable. From A Heated Bed And Easy Drinking Heated Bowl To Pprotection From The Elements Outside, We've Got You Covered! Take Advantage Of This Bundle Kit At This Great Price! Includes: 1) Orthopedic Heated Bed (30 X 40) 2) Pawz Dog Boots (medium) 3) Allied Heated Pet Bowl - 5 Quart / 50 Watts

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, other Pet Essentials, gt, winter Kit
      SKU: Winterpack

    A Pet Named Sneaker
      A Pet Named Sneaker.

      Fifty Years After The Publication Of "robert The Rose Horse Come"s Joan Heilbroner's Second Beginner Book-"a Pet Named Sneaker, " With Illustrations By Pascal Lemaitre. A Madcap Tale Reminiscent Of "the Cat In The Hat, Go, Dog. Go ," And "put Me In The Zoo, ""sneaker" Is The Story Of A Pet-store Snake Who Longs For A Real Home. When He Is Finally Adopted By Pete-a Young Boy Charmed By Sneaker's Uncanny Ability To Twist Himself Into Different Shapes-sneaker Not Only Proves Himself A Good Pet, But Proves To Be A Good Student (sneaking Into School With Pete And Learning To Read And Write); A Good Citizen (saving A Drowing Toddler At A Community Pool); And A Goodwill Ambassador For The Entire Animal Kingdom (inspiring The Community To Open The Pool To All Animals) With Delightfully Understated, Wickedly Funny Illustrations By Pascal Lemaitre, This Is A Fantastic, Funny Book That Will "sneakily" Get Beginning Readers Reading On Their Own

      SKU: 18570392
      ISBN: 9780307975805
      Author: Heilbroner, Joan / Lemaitre, Pascal

    Fallen Star
      Fallen Star.

      While Visiting A Track In New York, Christina Reese Mmeets Cindy Blake, The Well-known Jockey And Long-lost Member Of The Whitebrook Family. Cindy Has Been Plagued With Shoulder Problems Throughout Her Racing Career, And Christina Is Thrilled When Her Newly Found Relative Aceepts An Invitation To Come To Whitebrook To Rest And Heal. But Cindy Isn't The Mentor Christina Hoped She'd Be. Bitter About Racing, Cindy Offers Christina Little Encouragement Or Inspiration. Christina's Disappointment, However, Is Soon Overshadowed When Her Beloved Horse, Star, Falls Sick With A Deadly Virus. Yet To Her Surprise, She Isn't The Only One Willing To Fight For Star's Life. Cindy Is There, Too, Helping Her Nurse Her Beloved Colt. Looking Beyond Her Dreams, Christina Wouldn't Mind If Star Never Raced Again-she Just Wants Him To Live

      SKU: 192871
      ISBN: 9780061058745
      Author: Campbell, Joanna / Anderson, Mary Newhall

    Teaching Safe Horsemanship: A Guide To English & Western Instruction
      Teaching Safe Horsemanship: A Guide To English & Western Instruction.

      Safe Riding Is Correct Riding. That's Jan Dawson's Motto, And It's The Philosophy Behind Her Book, Teaching Safe Horsemanship. Dawson's Goal Is To Provide Both English And Western Riding Instructors With An Effective And Safe Teaching Program. She E Xplains How To Assess A Horse's Particular Characteristics In Order To Weed Out Potentially Dangerous Animals. She Also Offers Guidelines For Assessing Instructors And Students, Including What Makes A Good Instructor And What Attitudes Can Get In The Way Of Learning Proper Horsemanship. Since 80 Percent Of All Accidents Involve Falls Due To Loss Of Balance, Dawson Identifies The Techniques That Ensure That A Horse And Rider Are In Proper Balance. Finally, Since She Is A Lawyer As Well As A Riding Instructor, Dawson Includes A Chapter On Securing Useful Liability Forms, What Insurance Coverage Does And Does Not Do, And How To Handle Accidents And Lawsuits. Dawson And Her Husband Teach The Only Equine Law Course Taught At A Law School In The United States.

      SKU: 7137883
      ISBN: 9781580175159
      Author: Dawson, Jan

    The Grey Horse
      The Grey Horse.

      The Small Irish Town Is Puzzled By The Arrival Of A Gentle Grey Horse And Bizarre Young Man With Hypnotic Eyes. Quickly One Rebellious Woman Discovers The Pair Desires Just One Thing: Her.

      SKU: 7188685
      ISBN: 9781585860401
      Author: Macavoy, Roberta A.

    Loving Larry: A Tribute To The Lady Who Named Peptoboonsmal
      Loving Larry: A Tribute To The Lady Who Named Peptoboonsmal.

      Loving Larry The True Story Of A Man Worth Loving, A God Worth Trusting And An Equine Sport Worth Celebrating. Loving Larry Is A Riveting Page-turner That Reads Like A Good Novel. Penny Wormet Has Written An Honest, Heart-wrenching And Ultimately Uplifting Story Of Elaine Ahll's Struggle To Hold Her Family And Life Together In The Face Of Her Husband Larry's Severe Bipolar Disease And Eventual Death. Deftly Woven Through Wormet's Narrative Is The Story Of Larry Hall Cutting Horses, Home Of Some Of The Foremost Performance Horses In The World. Saddle Up For A Great Ride Sally Harrison, Author/editor A Tribute To The Lady . . . Expected To Fail In A Business Where Men Prevail, The Grief Stricken Widow Of Larry Hall Drew Strength From Devout, Unwavering Faith. With Profound Love, She Endured The Numbing Tragedy Of Larry's Mental Illness. With Dauntless Determination, Effervescent Personality And Business Savvy Based On Common Sense, She Carried On The Dream That Continues To Thrive In The Cutting Horse Industry.

      SKU: 7338545
      ISBN: 9781598000962
      Author: Wormet, Penny / Hall, Elaine

    Doctor Syn, A Smuggler Tale Of The Romney Marsh
      Doctor Syn, A Smuggler Tale Of The Romney Marsh.

      Posing As A Respectable Vicar In Dymchurch At The Turn Of The 18th Century, Dr. Syn Is Actually The Retired Pirate Captain Clegg. Clegg, Believed Hanged In Rye, Is No Longer Being Sought By The Authorities. However, Country Life Proves Too Tame For The Good "dr. Syn," And His Attention Turns To Smuggling. He Takes On A Secret Identity, "the Scarecrow," And Leads A Gang Of Smugglers Known As The Marsh Men. They Travel Romney Marsh By Night On Horseback, Sometimes Using Mounts Painted With Phosphorus To Give Them A Spectral Appearance, Spreading Legends Of Supernatural Evil And Menace. Although A Criminal, Syn's Appeal Is Almost Robin Hoodlike. He Uses His Ill-gotten Gains To Help His Parish, And The King's Men Sent To Ferret Out Him And His Men Are Hardly A Sympathetic Lot, Even Though They Represent The Forces Of Law. It's Little Wonder That The Doctor Syn Proved A Hit Among Readers Of Its Day.

      SKU: 3360194
      ISBN: 9780809500819
      Author: Thorndike, Russell

    Sioux Indian Religion: Tradition And Innovation
      Sioux Indian Religion: Tradition And Innovation.

      Individuals Of All Persuasions Have Become Deeply Interested In Contemporary Sioux Religious Practices. These Essays By Tribal Religious Leaders, Scholars, And Other Members Of The Sioux Communities In North And South Dakota Deal With The More Important Questions About Sioux Ritual And Belief In Relation To History, Tradition, And The Mainstream Of American Life. Contents: (1) "lakota Belief And Ritual In The Nineteenth Century," By Raymond J. Demallie; (2) "lakota Genesis: The Oral Transfer ," By Elaine A. Jahner; (3) "the Sacred Pipe In Modern Life," By Arval Looking Horse; (4) "the Lakota Sun Dance: Historical And Contemporary Perspectives," By Arthur Amiotte; (5) "the Establishment Of Christianity Among The Sioux," By Vine V. Deloria, Sr.; (6) "catholic Mission And The Sioux: A Crisis In The Early Paradigm," By Harvey Markowitz; (7) "contemporary Catholic Mission Work Among The Sioux," By Robert Hilbert, S.}.; (8) "christian Life Fellowship Church," By Mercy Poor Man; (9) "indian Women And The Renaissance Of Traditional Religion," By Beatrice Medicine; (10) A∓quot;the Contemporary "yuwipi," "by Thomas H. Lewis, M.d.; (11) "the Native American Church Of Jesus Christ," By Emerson Spider, Sr.; (12) "traditional Lakota Religion In Modern Life," By Robert Stead, With An Introduction By Kenneth Oliver; Suggestions For Further Reading; Bibliography.

      SKU: 3310820
      ISBN: 9780806121666
      Author: Demallie, Raymond J. / Parks, Douglas R. / Amiotte, Arthur

    The Incredulity Of Father Brown (dodo Press)
      The Incredulity Of Father Brown (dodo Press).

      Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 -1936) Was An Influential English Writer Of The Early 20th Century. His Prolific And Diverse Output Included Journalism, Philosophy, Poetry, Biography, Christian Apologetics, Fantasy, And Detective Fiction. Chesterton Has Been Called The "prince Of Paradox." He Wrote In An Off-hand, Whimsical Prose Studded With Startling Formulations. He Is One Of The Few Christian Thinkers Who Are Equally Admired And Quoted By Both Liberal And Conservative Christians, And Indeed By Many Non-christians. And In His Own Words He Cast Aspersions On The Labels Saying, "the Whole Modern Universe Has Divided Itself Into Conservatives And Progressives. The Business Of Progressives Is To Go On Making Mistakes. The Business Of The Conservatives Is To Prevent The Mistakse From Being Corrected." Chesterton Wrote Many Books Among Which Are: All Things Considered (1908), Alarms And Discursions (1910), The Ballad Of The White Horse (1911), The Appetite Of Tyranny (1915), The Everlasting Man (1925), The Secret Of Father Brown (1927) And The Scandal Of Father Brown (1935).

      SKU: 6112267
      ISBN: 9781406591033
      Author: Chesterton, G. K.

    Mistresses & Wives, Husbands And Other Lives
      Mistresses & Wives, Husbands And Other Lives.

      Izhar Patkin Has Always Reinvented Ways Of Making Art. This Book Presents His Latest Inspiration-a Whimsical Collection Of 365 Pieces Of Dinner China Specially Commissioned For Malo In Italy. Found In Second-hand Shops And Painted With Delightful Characters And Designs From The Artist's Imagination. Each Colorful Cup, Bowl, Plate, Or Other Treasure Combines The Functional With The Beautiful And Sensual-in The Expressive Face Of A Greek Goddess, A Gentleman Forward Horseback, A Cheerful Bull With A Golden Ring, Or Simply A Gesturing Hand. Patkin's Fanciful Dishware Designs Will Delight Artists And Collectors Alike.

      SKU: 3721255
      ISBN: 9780847857838
      Author: Patkin, Izhar

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