Annie Henry: Adventures In The American Revolution

    Annie Henry: Adventures In The American Revolution
      Annie Henry: Adventures In The American Revolution.

      Annie Henry Is Full Of Energy, And Somehow She Always Seems To Find Herself In The Middle Of All The Excitement. Following In The Footsteps Of Her Father, The Famous Patriot Patrick Henry, Young Annie Henry Faces The American Revolution With Courage And A Commitment To Fighting For Liberty In Any Way She Can. Whether That Means Riding A Horse To Spread News About The War Or Caring For Her Family While Her Father Is Away, Annie Is Determined To Do Her Part To Bring Freedom To America. Yet Life Is Not Easy For Annie. Her Father Is Often Away For Long Periods Of Time Working To See That The Revolution Succeeds. When He Becomes Governor In Colonial Virginia, Annie Has To Get Used To The Life Of A Politician's Daughter And To A New School Away From Her Old Friends. In The Midst Of Her Adventures And Her Frustrations, Annie's Faith Is Growing; And She Is Learning More About Her Need For God As She Faces The Challenges Of Growing Up. This Book Includes All Four Of The Action-packed Adventures In The American Revolution: Annie Henry And The Secret Mission Annie Henry And The Birth Of Liberty Annie Henry And The Mysterious Stranger Annie Henry And The Redcoats In These Four Stories, Suan Olasky Gives 8- To 12-year-olds An Exciting Look At Life In The Colonies During The Time Of America's War Of Independence.

      SKU: 7148729
      ISBN: 9781581345216
      Author: Olasky, Susan

    Animed 100% Natural Anipsyll (4.85 Lbs)
      Animed 100% Natural Anipsyll (4.85 Lbs).

      Animed Anipsyll Is A Natural Source Of Psyllium Husks And Dietary Fiber Designed To Increase Ration Bulk. Anipsyll Aids In The Treatment And Prevention Of Constipation, Sluggish Intestines And Sand Colic By Forming A Lubrication Gel When Passing Through The Horse's Digestive Tract.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, animed Horse Digestive
      SKU: Anipsyll4

    Cocotherapy Coconut Chips (6 Oz)
      Cocotherapy Coconut Chips (6 Oz).

      Cocotherapy Coconut Chips Provides An All-natural Source Of Dietary Fiber To Support Digestive Health With Each Delicious Bite. Other Snacks Often Combine A Wide Assortment Of Ingredients For A Long And Unmanageable Ingredient List. Know Exactly What You're Giving Your Dog With This 100% All-natural Dehydrated Organic Ccoconut. Cocotherapy Coconut Chips Are Free Of Added Preservatives, Dyes, Bleach, Sugar, And Salt. This Package Contains 6 Ounces Of The Chips And Is Resealable To Keep Each Treat Fresh. Keep Your Pet Healthy And Regular With A Scrumptious Coconut Chip Treat And Order Now! Key Features: No Artificial Colors Or Flavors, Added Sugar, Salt Or Preservatives Rich Source Of Dietary Fiber Contains 6 Ounces Of Dehydrated Organic Coconut For Cats, Dogs, Birds, Rabbits, Or Small Animals

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, cocotherapy, amp, reg, Natural Treats
      SKU: Cocotherapy-coconut-chips-6-oz

    Furminator White Coat Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs (16 Oz)
      Furminator White Coat Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs (16 Oz).

      Furminator White Coat Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs Is Enriched With Vitamins And Natural Oils That Enhance The Shine Of Your Pet's Coat.  this Premium Shampoo Is Made Without The Use Of Parabens Or Chemical Dyes To Provide A Monthly Solution That Keeps Your Pet's Coat White And Shiny While Also Working To Reduce Excess Shedding. Furminator White Coat Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs Is Safe For Topical Use On Both Cats And Dogs Over 6 Weeks Of Age. This Shampoo Is Made In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality And Comes In A Bottle That Contains 16 Fluid Ounces. Keep Your Pet's Coat White And Fluffy With This Premium Shampoo From Furminator And Grab Your Bottle Today! Key Features: Brings Out The Natural Shine Of White & Light Colored Coats Formulated With Vitamin B 5 , Vitamin E, Juniper Fruit Oil And No Parabens Or Chemical Dyes Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, furminator, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Furminator-white-coat-ultra-premium-shampoo-16-oz

    Chunky Chews Glucosamine Rawhide Bone 9"
      Chunky Chews Glucosamine Rawhide Bone 9".

      Chunky Chews Glucosamine Rawhide Bone 9" Are More Than Three Times The Weight Of Industry Rawhide. Chunky Chews Also Have An Added Nutritional Benefit. Chunky Chews Are Coated With A Clear, Non-staining Formula Of Glucosamine. These Patented Long-lasting Nutraceutical Chews Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes Including A Patented Premium Round Safety-knot™ Bone Design That Helps Slow Down And Enhance The Chewing Process. The Curvaceous Shape Of The Bone, Along With Its Big Round Knots, Are Appealing And Ergonomically Correct For Dogs. Three Times The Weight Of Industry Rawhide Coated With A Clear, Non-staining Formula Of Glucosamine Patented Premium Round Safety-knot™ Bone Design

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, petag Rawhide Chews
      SKU: Glucosrawhidebone9

    Jw Pet Cataction Crunchy Butterfly
      Jw Pet Cataction Crunchy Butterfly.

      Jw Pet Cataction Crunchy Butterfly Crinkles & Crunches As Your Cat Plays. Ribbon Tentacles Are Perfect For Grabbing Onto During Play. Assorted Fun, Bright Colors

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, jw Pet Cataction Plush Toys
      SKU: Jw-pet-cataction-crunchy-butterfly

    Jw Pet Playplace Lattice Ball - Large
      Jw Pet Playplace Lattice Ball - Large.

      The Jw Play Place Lattice Ball Will Get Your Dog's Adrenaline Pumping. The New Play Place™ Line Of Multi-textured Toys Is Made From Jw's Super Tough Megalastomer™. This Bouncy, Brightly Colored Translucent Material Is Not Only Strong, It Is Also 100% Recyclable! Play Place Is Truly A Do-it-all Line Offering Fun Shapes And Designs That Are Perfect For Tough Teethers. Bouncy And Brightly Colored For Hours Of Fun For Any Dog.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp Fetch Toys, gt, jw Pet Playplace
      SKU: Jw-pet-playplace-lattice-ball-large

    Living World Seed Cup With Perch - Large
      Living World Seed Cup With Perch - Large.

      Living World® Feeders And Water Cups Come In A Variety Of Styles And Colours. All Have Been Carefully Designed To Meet The Specific Feeding And Drinking Habits Of Pet Birds. They Can Be Used As Primary Sources For Food And Water Or As Extra Cups To Feed Treats And Supplements. The Living World® Seed Cup Has A Convenient Access Perch And Comes Complete With Wire Cage Attachments. Size: 140 G (5 Oz), Large, 12 Cm X 8.5 Cm

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Toys , amp, Accessories, gt, living World Bird Perches
      SKU: Living-world-seed-cup-with-perch-large

    Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews For Dogs - Petite
      Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews For Dogs - Petite.

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Other Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews For Dogs Combine Enzymes Found Naturally In Your Pet's Saliva With The Natural Abrading Action Of Beefhide To Help Remove Food Debris Before It Become A Problem. After Your Pet Finishes A Meal, Tiny Food Particles Combine With Bacteria To Form Plaque. Plaque, If Not Removed, Eventually Hardens Into Calculus Or Tartar, And Can Ultimately Lead To Periodontal Disease. If Left Untreated, Periodontal Disease Is The Single Greatest Cause Of Health Problems In Pets. Regular Veterinary Check-ups And Professional Dental Cleanings Are An Important First Defense In Controlling And Preventing Periodontal Disease. Routine Home Dental Care Is Equally Important In Helping Keeep Your Pet And Its Teeth Healthy. Simply Brushing Food Debris And Plaque From The Teeth And Gumline Can Greatly Reduce The Chance Of Tartar Build-up, Periodontal Disease, And Bad Breath.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, vetoquinol Enzadent Oral Care Chews
      SKU: Neenorcachfo

    Osteo-form (25 Lb)
      Osteo-form (25 Lb).

      Calcium-phosphorus And Vitamin Powder Supplement For Horses. Osteo Form Is Used As An Aid In The Prevention Of Dietary Deficiencies Of Calcium, Phosphorus And Vitamins A And D. Feeding Directions: To Aid In The Prevention Of Dietary Deficiencies, Give 1 To 3 Slightly Rounded Tablespoonfuls To Foals And 3 To 5 Tablespoonfuls To Yearlings And Adults Each Day For As Long As Indicated. Preparation: Osteo Form May Be Added To The Daily Ration Or Mixed With Milk And Water. To Facilitate Proper Adhesion Of Osteo Form To The Ration, Slightly Moisten The Grain With Water Or Liquid Supplement. When Using Osteo-form As A Maintenance Dietary Supplement, Calcium And Phosphorus From Other Food Sources Should Be Considered.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, osteo-form Horse Supplement
      SKU: Osteo-form-25-lb

    Petzlife Complete Coat Organic Spray (8 Oz)
      Petzlife Complete Coat Organic Spray (8 Oz).

      The Petzlife Complete Coat Is A Topical Formula To Keep Your Pet?s Coat Healthy And, More Importantly, To Ward Off Insects And Parasites Of All Types. It Is All-natural And Contains No Pesticides. The Petzlife Complete Coat (8 Oz) Is 100% Safe For Dogs And Cats. It Comes With A Convenient Screw-on Spray Attachment. Key Features: Organic Spray Helps Keeps Coat Healthy Wards Off Insects And Parasites Antiseptic & Non-inflammatory

      Category: New Products, gt, petzlife Complete Coat Organic Spray
      SKU: Petzlife-coat-organic-spray-8-oz

    Smokehouse Natural Piggy Slivers Dog Treats (24 Pack)
      Smokehouse Natural Piggy Slivers Dog Treats (24 Pack).

      Smokehouse Natural Piggy Slivers Dog Treats (24 Pack) Are Whole Pig Ears That Are Cut Into Smaller Pieces Which Are Great For Dogs Maintaining A Healthy Weight. These Piggy Treats Are Also The Perfect For Small Dogs. Smokehouse Piggy Slivers Natural Chews For Dogs Are Made From Usda Approved Meat Plants And Are 100% Natural! Made In The U.s.a! 100% Natural Chew Slow Roasted To Perfection! Dogs Love The Flavor Of The Finest Quality Pork Crunchy Texture That Dogs Love Helps Keep Teeth Clean And Healthy

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, smokehouse Body Parts
      SKU: Piggyslivers24pk

    Spunky Pup Flash & Glow Ball
      Spunky Pup Flash & Glow Ball.

      Now You Can Play With Your Pet In The Dark. Spunky Pup Flash & Glow Ball Will Glow In The Dark Upon Impact And Also Floats. It Is Made Out Of Non-toxic And Recyclable Material. Glows In The Dark Floats Lights On Impact 100% Recyclable Dishwasher Safe Non-toxic

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, spunky Pup Flash , amp, Glow Balls
      SKU: Spunky-pup-flash-glow-ball

    Super Pet Perfect Chews For Guinea Pigs
      Super Pet Perfect Chews For Guinea Pigs.

      Supe Rpet Perfect Chews For Guinea Pigs Provide A Fun Chew Toy That Is Spefially Crafted To Be Perfect For Guinea Pigs. This Chew Provides A Variety Of Shapes And Textures To Keep Your Pet Intrigued With Unique Chewing Sensations. Also, It's Made Of Wooden Blocks That Are Painted In Vibrant Colors. The Toy Comes With Wooden Blocks That Have Been Fashioned To Look Like Tangerine Slices To Entice Pets That Love Fruit. Super Pet Perfect Chews For Guinea Pigs Promotes Dental Health In Guinea Pigs, As It Stimulates Gums And Can Help Clean Teeth. This Toy Also Features A Metal Clip That Allows You To Easily Hang It From The Wall Of Any Ccage Or Pet Home. Your Guinea Pig Will Love This Chew, So Order Today! Key Features: Unique Textures And Shapes Keep Toy Entertaining Great For Pet's Dental Health Perfect For Guinea Pigs Or Other Small Animals

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Dental Care, gt, super Pet Dental Care
      SKU: Super-pet-perfect-chews-guinea-pigs

    Supreme Science Selective Rabbit (4 Lbs)
      Supreme Science Selective Rabbit (4 Lbs).

      Supreme Science Selective Rabbit (4lb) Is High In Fiber Which Vets Recommend In Rabbit Food. Supreme Has Now Raised Their Fiber Levels To 25% To Keep Your Rabbit In The Best Of Health. Selective Science Also Includes Omega 3 & 6 Which Helps To Keep Your Rabbit's Skin And Coat In Top Condition. 4lb Bag High In Fiber Doesn't Contain Sugar Or Molasses Contains Natural Prebiotics To Help Promote Friendly Bacteria All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Food , amp, amp, Treats, gt, supreme Science Selective Pet Foods
      SKU: Supreme-science-selective-rabbit-4lbs

    The Black Stallion And The Lost City
      The Black Stallion And The Lost City.

      When Alec And The Black Are Hired To Work As Stunt Doubles In A Film About Alexander And His Horse, Bucephalus, They Find Themselves On Set In The Remote Mountains Of The Greek/bulgarian Border. Movie Making Involves A Lot Of Waiting, So They Set Out For A Morning Of Exploring. Chasing An Elusive Albino Mare, The Two Find Themselves Caught In An Underground River Which Drops Them, Half-drowned, Beside A City Lost In Time. Revered At First, They Soon Discover That They Are Intended As The Entertainment At A Horrific Ritual . . . Sacrifices To The Legendary Flesh-eating Mares In The Coloseum Of King Diomedes. Another Thrilling New Black Stallion Novel By Walter Farley's Son, Which Proves That The Art Of Writing A Great Horse Story Is Definitely In The Genes "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 15102225
      ISBN: 9780375872082
      Author: Farley, Steve

    Captain's Rangers
      Captain's Rangers.

      In 1875, Nearly Forty Years After The Mexican War, Mexicans And Texans Are Still Spilling Blood Over Ownership Of The Nueces Strip-a Hot, Dry Stretch Of Coastal Prairie That Bushwackers And Horse Thieves Have Turned Into A Lawless Hell. Captain L.h. Mcnelly, A Complex And Determined Confederate Veteran, Is Brought Into The Nueces Strip For One Purpose: To Keep The Peace. His Measures Are Harsh And Controversial-but Mcnelly Wasn't Sent In To Be Popular. In This Boilerpot Of Killing And Racial Hatred, Can Any Man Bring Lasting Peace?

      SKU: 3406807
      ISBN: 9780812574906
      Author: Kelton, Elmer

    Railroading Around Cumberland
      Railroading Around Cumberland.

      Located At The Confluence Of Will's Creek And The Potomac River, Cumberland, Maryland, Is Known Like The Queen City Of The Alleghenies. Because Of The Unique Geography Of The Mountain Passes, Cumberland Became A Transportation Nexus Between The Eastern Seaboard And The Inland Bounty Of The United States. The National Road, A Federal Project Initiated By Pres. Thomas Jefferson, Passes Through Cumberland, As Does The Chesapeake And Ohio Railroad And Canal. Rail Lines And Roads Stretch Out West, South, And North To Industrial, Agricultural, And Natural Resource Areas. Regional Short-line Railroads Served To Move Coal To The Loading Docks Of The Canal In Cumberland. Today The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Features Steam-power Excursions From The Old Western Maryland Station Next To The Caanal Basin, While 6,000-horsepower Diesels Haul Heavy Freight Through The Csx Yards In South Cumberland.

      SKU: 2694125
      ISBN: 9780738553658
      Author: Stakem, Patrick H.

    The Dreams
      The Dreams.

      In This New Collection Of His Shortest Short Stories, The Egyptian Nobel Laureate Has Reduced Fictional Form To Its Most Essential Level, While Retaining His Justifiably Famous Mastery Of The Storytelling Art.a Man Finds That All The Streets In This Neighborhood Have Turned Into A Circus - But His Joy At The Sight Changes To Anger When He Sees He Cannot Escape It Anywhere, Even In His Own Home. A Group Of Lifelong Friends Meet To Trade Jokes In A Familiar Alley - Only To Face A Sudden, Deadly Flood That Echoes The Revenge Taken By An Ancient Egyptian Queen Upon The Men Who Murdered Her Husband. A Girl From The Dreamer's Childhood Flies With Him From His Native Lane On A Cart Drawn By A Winged Horse, To Become A Star In The Firmament Above The Great Pyramid.such Is The Stuff Of Naguib Mahfouz's The Dreams - His First Major Work Since A Knife Attack By A Erligious Fanatic In 1994 Left Him Unable To Write For Several Years. First Serialized In A Cairo Magazine, The Dreams Is A Unique And Haunting Mixture Of The Deceptively Quotidian, The Seductively Lyrical, And The Savagely Nightmarish - The Richly Condensed Sum Of More Than Nine Decades Of Artist1c Genius And Everyday Feel.

      SKU: 8617273
      ISBN: 9789774248665
      Author: Mahfouz, Naguib / Stock, Raymond

    We Followed Odysseus
      We Followed Odysseus.

      "we Followed Odysseus" Is The Story Of Two Legendary Sailors-one From The Ancient World, The Other From Today. Set Against The Backdrop Of Homer's Great Tale, Hal Roth Tells The Fascinating Story Of Sailing A Small Boat In The Wake Of Odysseus. Crossing Oceans And Seas In Pursuit Of His Goal, Roth, With The Help Of His Wife, Margaret, Retraces The Voyages Of Odysseus Along The Turkish Coast And The Storybook Isles Of Greece. Then He Sails To A Desert Island In Tunisia, Visits Sicily And Corsica, And Finally Goes To Italy And Malta Before Returning To Greece. While Writing This Book Back In The U.s., Roth Talked To Hundreds Of People And Discovered That Although Most Have Heard About Odysseus And The Trojan Horse, They Have Never Read "the Iliad" Or "the Odyssey."

      SKU: 7714413
      ISBN: 9781892399038
      Author: Roth, Hal

    The Horse Warriors
      The Horse Warriors.

      In Ancient Greece, Dorian, A Cavalry Officer, Is Assigned To Hunt Megacles, A Greek War Criminal. With His Friends Farouz The Persian And Callicles The Naval Captain, Dorian Tracks Megacles To The Northern End Of The Black Sea. There He Meets Danae, A Barbarian Priestess. They Learn That Megacles And His Gang Are On A Boat Going Up The Great Northern River (the Modern Dnieper) With The Intention Of Establishing An Empire To Control The Lucrative Amber Trade. Dorian And His Frien Ds Track Megacles And Finally Ambush Him And His Gang At A Landing Spot Along The River. Although Dorian And His Friends Are Greatly Outnumbered, Danae's Formidable Archery Skills Quickly Even The Odds. Dorian Is Then Able To Confront Megacles In A Dramatic Showdown On Horseback.

      SKU: 9249990
      ISBN: 9781450049962
      Author: Buford, George

    The Reduced History Of Football: The Story Of The World's Greatest Game Freshly Squeezed Into 120 Minutes
      The Reduced History Of Football: The Story Of The World's Greatest Game Freshly Squeezed Into 120 Minutes.

      The History Of World Football Told In 90 Net--bulging Episodes The Story Of Football As It's Never Been Told Before, This Is A Cock-eyed Compilation Of Match Reports, Corr Espondence, And Reminiscences From Pundits, Commentators, Players, Officials, And Spectators Who Weren't There But Should Have Been-a Victorian Public School Headmaster Bemoans The Advent Of Soccer; Pc Scorey Records The Altercations At The White Horse Cup Final In His Notebook; The Russian Linesman Has Second Thoughts About Geoff Hurst's Goal; God Berates The Cardinal Archbishop Of Buenos Aires About Maradona's Claims Of Divine Intervention; Amd David Beckham's Hairdresser Provides David Seaman With Coiffeur Tips In The Aftermath Of The England's World Cup 2002 Exit. The Nutmegs, Tantrums, And Penalty-shoot-outs That Have Provided The Ubiquitous Topic Of Male Conversation For Generations, Are Entertainingly Evoked Here.

      SKU: 13666768
      ISBN: 9781853758263
      Author: Barnes, Justyn / Day, Aubrey / Husband, Tony

    The Journey West
      The Journey West.

      This Saga Begins In 1858 During William "red" Montgomerie's Third Trip Out West. He Is A 22 Year Old Adventurous Young Man. At 6'1"- 220 Pounds Of Work Hardened Muscle, Broad Shoulders, With A Swagger In His Walk He Was Quite A Sight To See. With His Bowie Knife And Indian War Hatchet Hanging On The Left Side Of His Money Belt And A New Model 1858 .44 Caliber Remington Six Shot Revolver On The Right Side, Cross Draw Fashion, He Had The Look Of One To Ride The River With. His Uncle Jake, Being A Mountain Man, Had Taught Him Many Lessons Of Self-defense. The Indians Were In Awe Of His Long Flaming Red Hair And Were Impressed With His Superb Knowledge Of Indian Sign Language. He Was In Tune With His Surroundings, Whether In The Rocky Mountains Or Out In The Open Expanses Of The Great Plains. The Challenging Task To Lead His Family And Friends From Cleveland, Tennessee To A Beautiful And Ush Valley In The New Mexico Territory Was Filled With Dangers. The 1600 Mile Journey Would Be Full Of Hardships And Tragedy, From The Excitement Of Saloon Brawls To The Hangings Of Outlaws. "red" Was To Lead A Wagon Train Of 21 Overland Wagons, With 29 Men And 23 Women And Their Many Children West To Build Their New Homes And To Put Down Roots In The New Wide Open Territory. He Chose To Travel The Northern Most Route Of The Santa Fee Trail. They Faced Many Dangers From Stand Thieves, Outlaws, Indians, Half Breeds, Adding To Their Daily Hardships. This Novel Has It All...."depicting The Toils And Hazards Faced On A Wagon Train In 1860 On The Lawless Frontier." .... This Book Is Filled With High Adventure And Romance.

      SKU: 12995378
      ISBN: 9781456719043
      Author: Montgomery, Stephen C.

    The Film Actor's Handbook
      The Film Actor's Handbook.

      What's Unusual About This Book On Acting? Jesse Vint Wrote This Book Because He Found, Strangely Enough, Almost No Books About Film Acting By People Who Have Actually Made A Living At Acting In Film. Almost All Are Written By Non-professional Actors. It's Tantamount To Learning From The Sailor Who Has Never Been To Sea, The Soldier Who Has Never Been To War, Or The Cowboy Who Has Never Ridden A Horse. In Other Words, They Are Coffee-shop Geniuses. Jesse Is A Veteran Of Over A Hundred Films And Television Shows. He Has Also Produced, Directed, And Written Full-length Feature Films That Have Played Throughout The World. Quote From Oscar Nominee, David Carradine, From His Book About The Shooting Of Quentin Tarantino's Film, Kill Bill. -"jesse Vint Is A Very Cool And Wise Dude." Jesse Shows Actors How To Internalize. Once They Read This Book, They Will Have A Clarity About Acting And What It Is That They Have Never Had Before, Regardless Of How Long They've Studied. Jesse Covers Subjects Such As: What Makes A Star; Traps In Acting; Rehearsals; The Essence Of Script Analysis: Moving The Information From Head To Heart; Locating Your Hotbuttons; Strategy For Stressful Uaditions; The Problem Of Anticipation; Preparation Before The Director Says Action; Etc. Jesse Says That The Writer Provides The Words, The Director Is The Cinematic Storyteller, And It Is The Actor's Job To Activate His Soul In A Manner Consistent With The Character. That Is What An Actor Gets Paid For. An Actor Can Speak With An Accent, Walk With A Limp, Strap On A False Nose, But These Things Mean Absolutely Nothing If The Part Is Not Internalized. If The Actor Does These Things Without Internalizing, Then That's Not Acting - That's Halloween. A Movie Is Not Everyday Life - It Is A Compression Of Highly Intense Experiences. An Actor Must Know The Engine That's Driving Him Through His Life; The Engine That Drives Him In Life Is The Same Engine That Will Drive Him Through The Screenplay, And Give Him The Power To Reach The Intense Experiences That Film Acting Demands

      SKU: 11000804
      ISBN: 9780578065649
      Author: Vint, Jesse

    Alamo Farm
      Alamo Farm.

      "genius....orwellian...a Tremendous Novel " The Leader Of The Alamo Farm Entered Through A Side Door To The Barn And Mounted The Steps Of Hay To The Stage Podium. The Chickens Clucked, The Sheep Baaed, The Cows Mooed, The Horses Whinnied, And The Dogs Howldd In Appreciation Of Their Leader Reggie. Years After Overthrowing Their Domineering Leader, The Animals Of Alamo Farm Revel In The Fruits Of Their Labor And All Is Well On Alamo Farm Until Two Animals From A Neighboring Farm Sneak Through A Hole In The Fence Separating The Two Farms. It Is On This Very Day That Things Begin To Change. Their Diminished Bodies Evoke The Sympathy Of Most Alamo Residents And Soon Trouble Brews When Food Is Stolen And Over Time The Wealthiest Animals Are Taxed To Help Feed The Poorest. Will The Animals Learn The Visitors' Language And Embrace Their Culture? Will The Visitors Be Invited To Stay On Alamo Farm? Reggie Sees Dollar Signs When He Looks At The Neighors Of T. Wanda Farm And Thinks The Two Should Merge. Will The Changes On Alamo Farm Be All That Reggie Envisions Or Will The Animals Of Alamo Farm Have To Band Together To Fight For Their Way Of Life, Their Farm, Their Freedom??

      SKU: 6521186
      ISBN: 9781432701307
      Author: Lynch, Andrew

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