Biology And Conservation Of Horseshoe Crabs

    Biology And Conservation Of Horseshoe Crabs
      Biology And Conservation Of Horseshoe Crabs.

      The Four Living Species Of Horseshoe Crabs Face A Set Of Growing Threats To Their Survival, Including The Erosion And/or Man-made Alteration Of Essential Spawning Habitat, Coastal Pollution, And Overfishing. Horseshoe Crabs Are A Oeliving Fossilsa, With A More Than 200 Million Year Evolutionary History. Their Blood Provides A Reagent, Known As Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Or Lal, That Clots In The Presence Of Minute Quantities Of Bacterial Endotoxin; The Lal Test Is The State-of-the-art Methodology Used To Ensure That Pharmaceuticals And Surgical Implants Are Free Of Contamination. Horseshoe Crabs Are An Integral Part Of The Food Web In Coastal Marine Ecosystems, And Their Eggs Provide Essential Food For Shorebirds In The Delaware Bay Estuary Each Spring. The Commercial Fishery For Horseshoe Crabs, Which Utilizes Animals For Bait, Contributes To The Economies Of Coastal Communities. This Book Consists Of Papers Presented At The 2007 International Symposium On The Science And Conservation Of Horseshoe Crabs.

      SKU: 1183143
      ISBN: 9780387899589
      Author: Tanacredi, John T. / Botton, Mark L. / Smith, David

    Original Deer Antler Large 4oz - 8oz
      Original Deer Antler Large 4oz - 8oz.

      Original Deer Antler Is A Delicious And Nutritious Dog Chew. Only 100% Naturally Shed Antlers Are Used; No Animals Are Harmed In The Making Or Collecting Of This Product. With Original Deer Antler, You?ll Find All The Benefits Of Raw Bone Chews. These Antlers Are Hypoallergenic And Provide A Rich Source Of Protein And Phosphorus. If You Have Experience With Short Lived Chews, These Chews Will Surprise You With Just How Long They Last. They Typically Last 2-4 Weeks, And, Best Of All, Leave No Stains And Are Odor Free. 100% Natural Shed Antler Long Lasting Rich In Calcium Hypo Allergenic Stain And Odor Free Measure Between 7.5" - 10

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, newt, s Chews Natural Shed Deer Antler
      SKU: Deerantlerlrg

    Delectables Bisque Ilckable Treat For Cats (box Of 12)
      Delectables Bisque Ilckable Treat For Cats (box Of 12).

      Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat For Cats Will Make You Throw Out Those Outdated Dry Treats! Hartz Puts Forward The First Wet Cat Treats That Every Feline Is Purring For. Delectables Are Creamy Lickable Blends That Your Cat Will Love And Crave So Much, You'll Have To Restock Soon. This Unique Puree Contains Meat As Well As Delicious Juices For Your Cat To Enjoy One Pouch At A Time. Single Serve Wet Cat Treats Puree Contains Real Tender Tuna A Creamy Lickable Blend Your Cat Will Crave This Box Contains: 12 X Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat For Cats - Tuna (1.4 Oz) , A Total Of 12 Packets

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, meaty Cat Treats, gt, delectables Lickable Treat For Cats
      SKU: Delectables-bisque-tuna-box

    Dog Bark Naturals Dog Treats - Shark Bark (4 Oz)
      Dog Bark Naturals Dog Treats - Shark Bark (4 Oz).

      Dog Bark Naturals Are Treats, Rewards, Incentives, And Great Sources Of Protein Your Dog Will Absolutely Love And Ones You Can Feel Good About Giving To That Beloved Member Of Your Family. All Of Our Treats Are Made With One Single Ingredient! There?s No Guess Work In What Or How Much Of Anything You Get With Our Treats. Minimally Processed And As Natural As It Gets, Your Dog Will Know The Difference And Love You For It. Dried Shark Cartilage Chews Are Healthy, Fun, And Rewarding Way To Support Your Dogs Hips And Joints. Shark Cartilage Is A Renowned And Natural Source Of Glucosamine And Chondroitin. No Hormones Added. Zero Preservatives. All Natural Cartilage Chews For Dogs Natural Source Cnondroitin Omega-3 100% Shark Cartilage Sourced & Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, dog Bark Naturals Dog Treats
      SKU: Dog-bark-naturals-shark

    Glandex Anal Gland & Digestive Support For Dogs & Cats (5.5 Oz)
      Glandex Anal Gland & Digestive Support For Dogs & Cats (5.5 Oz).

      Glandex® Anal Gland And Disgestive Support For Dogs & Cats Promotes Healthy Anal Gland Function In Both Cats And Dogs. This Fiber Supplement Has Been Specially Formulated By Veterinarians To Reduce The Inflammtion Of Anal Glands, To Provide Digestive Support, And To Support Healthy Bowel Movements. Furthermore, This Formula Has Been Proven To Work Within 3 To 5 Weeks Of Use With No Known Side Effects! Glandex Anal Gland And Disgestive Support For Dogs & Cats Are Made In The United States With Natural Ingredients That Include Probiotics And Anti-inflammatory Agents. This Package Comes With 5.5 Ounces Of Palatable Supplements- But There Are Also Containers That Come With 2.5 Ounces Nad 4.0 Ounces That Are Appropriate For Cats And Dogs Of All Sizes. This Supplement Is Perfect For Your Caring For The Anal Glands Of Your Cat Or Dog- So Order Today! Key Features: Promtoes Healthy Anal Gland Function Inc Ats And Dogs Of All Sizes Proven Results In 3-5 Weeks With No Proven Side Effects Comes In Three Sizes: 2.5 Oz, 4.0 Oz, 5.5 Oz

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, glandex Anal Gland , amp, Digestive Support
      SKU: Glandex-anal-gland-digestive-support-dogs-cats-5-5-oz

    Hairball Solution For Cats ( 3.5 Oz Gel)
      Hairball Solution For Cats ( 3.5 Oz Gel).

      Food Supplement For Hairball Elimination And Digestive Maintenance. Formulated With Zinc And Biotin To Reduce Shedding And Maintain A Glossy Coat. Formulated With Taurine For Proper Eye Development And Muscle Health. Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamins A, E, And K. Gentle Laxative That Helps Relieve Constipation. Easy To Administer, Highly Palatable Gel. Flavored With Chicken Digest.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, laxatives , amp, amp, Hairball Treatments, gt, petag, amp, reg Hairball Solution
      SKU: Hairball-solution-cats-gel

    Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets - Chicken & Sweet Potato (13 Oz Can)
      Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets - Chicken & Sweet Potato (13 Oz Can).

      Natural Balance® Limited Ingredient Diets® Is A Complete And Balanced Premium Dog Food Which Contains Premium Quality Protein And Carbohydrates. This Food Is Formulated To Be Highly Digestible And Contains All Of The Nutrients Needed To Maintain A Dog's Health. Each Limited Ingredient Diets Formula Was Developed By Veterinarians And Animal Nutritionists To Meet The Nutritional Needs Of Any Dog. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Can Be Used For Puppies, Nursing Bitches, And Adult Dogs Alike. This Can Contains 13 Ounces Of The Duck & Potato Recipe For A Great Taste That Dogs Love. Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy With A Food Formula That Includes Only The Best Ingredients Available, Order Natural Balance L.i.d. For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Contains Only Premium Quality Ingredients Includes All Nutrients Growing And Adult Dogs Need To Stay Healthy Includes 13 Oz Of Food In Each Can Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, natural Balance, amp, reg, Limited Ingredient Diets, amp, reg, Cans
      SKU: Limited-ingredient-diets-chicken-sweet-potato-13-oz-can

    6-pack Nucat Senior Multivitamin For Cats (180 Bite-sized Chews)
      6-pack Nucat Senior Multivitamin For Cats (180 Bite-sized Chews).

      Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitam In Is Specifically Formulated For Geriatric Cats. It Is A Comprehensive Formula That Supports Cardiovascular, Liver, Cognitive, Eye, Joint, And Digestive Functions. As Our Cats Age, They May Need Additional Nutritional Support. Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin Provide These Beneficial Nutrients In A Delicious Fish-flavored Chew. For Senior Cats Of All Weight Ranges Helps Support Immune, Heart, Liver, Eye, And Brain Health 30 Bite-sized Chews, 1.32 Oz (37.5g) Manufactured In The U.s.a. This Bundle Contains: 6 X Nucat Senior Multivitamin For Cats (30 Bite-sized Chews) , A Total Of 180 Bite-sized Chews

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, vetriscience Nu-cat
      SKU: Nucat-senior-multivitamins-180-chews

    Petlinks Mix N' Scratch Ramp
      Petlinks Mix N' Scratch Ramp.

      Petlinks Mix N' Scratch Ramp Is The Perfect Solution To Focus Your Cat's Scratching Away From Furniture While Still Satisfying Their Natural Instincts. This Uniquely Shaped Scratching Surface Is Cleverly Constructed Of Two Separate Parts To Keep Your Cat's Interest And Ensure That The Product Lasts A Long Time. The Ramp Is Composed Of A Smooth Wooden Ramp With Velcro Fixed To Its Surface That Allows For The Attachment Of Mats With A Variety Of Textures That Cats Love To Scratch. Petlinks Mix N' Scratch Ramp Is Built To Be Strong And Stable To Hold Up Against The Sharpest Of Claws And Hold Any Scratch Surface In Place. This Product Also Comes With Premium Catnip To Be Sprinkled Across Your Cat's Intricately Woven Scrat Ch Surface To Further Excite Your Cat. Your Cat Will Love This Amazing Scratch Ramp- So Order Today! Key Features:

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, cat Scratchers, gt, petlinks Cat Scratchers
      SKU: Petlinks-mix-n-scratch-ramp

    Proselect Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl (40 Oz)
      Proselect Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl (40 Oz).

      Many Pets Inhale Their Food During Mealtimes, Leading To Obesity And Bloat. Designed With Fast Eaters In Mind, Vet-recommended Proselect Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowls Force Pets To Eat More Slowly, Allowing Them To Feel Full, And Reducing Instances Of "re-eating".

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, slow Feed Bowls, gt, proselect Stainelss Steel Slow Feed Bowls
      SKU: Proselect-stainles-steel-slow-feed-bowl-40-oz

    Sentry Allergy Relief Tabs For Dogs (100 Count)
      Sentry Allergy Relief Tabs For Dogs (100 Count).

      Sentry® Allergy Relief Contains Antihistamine Ingredient Which Can Be Used To Temporary Relief Of Respiratory Allergy Symptoms: Itching Skin Sneezing Itchy, Watery Eyes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, allergy Aids, gt, sentry, amp, reg, Allergy Relief
      SKU: Sentry-allergy-relief-tabs-dogs

    Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets For Dogs & Cats 2-25 Lbs (6 Pack)
      Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets For Dogs & Cats 2-25 Lbs (6 Pack).

      Every Dog's & Cat's Deserves To Be Flea Free! Kill Fleas Fast With Sentry Capguard (nitenpy Ram) For Dog's & Cat's. It Contains Nitenpyram, The Same Veterinarian-recommended Active Ingredient Found In Capstar (nitenpyram). Capguard Is An Oral Flea Control Medication Available Over-the-counter To Consumers Like You. This Easy-to-dose Tablet Begins Working Within 30 Minutes. It Cuts Out The Mess And Does Exactly What You Need It To Do: Kills Adult Fleas Fast! Give This Effective And Hassle-free Product A Try! Kills Fleas Fast Easy-to-dose Tablet Begins Working Within 30 Minutes Available Over-the-counter

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, oral Treatments , amp, amp, Supplements, gt, sentry, amp, reg, Capguard, amp, reg,
      SKU: Sentry-capguard-flea-tabs-dogs-cats

    Holiday Pet Bandanna - Large
      Holiday Pet Bandanna - Large.

      Holiday Pet Bandanna Is The Perfect Pet Accessory For The Holiday Season. Made With Elegant Velvet With Plush Trim And Velcro Brand Fasteners On Back For Easy Fastening And Taking Off. Fits Necks 18" To 25" Velcro Brand Is A Registered Trademark Of Velcro Industries B.v.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, holiday Wear, gt, plush Puppies Holiday Pet Bandanas
      SKU: Xmasbanlrg

    Zodiac Tick Collar For Dogs (7 Months) Large
      Zodiac Tick Collar For Dogs (7 Months) Large.

      Zodiac Tick Ring For Dogs (7 Months)large Zodiac's Affordable Dog Collars Offer Fast-acting, Long-lasting Protection From Fleas And Ticks. One Collar Will Protect Your Dog From Fleas For Seven Months. They Are Convenient To Use And Go Wherever Your Pets Do. Kills: Lyme Disease Carrying Fleas & Ticks Continuous Action Even When Wet For Dogs & Puppies With Neck Up To 25" Active Ingredients: Tetrachlorvinphos - 14.55% Other Ingredients - 85.45%

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, collars, gt, zodiac Flea And Tick Collars
      SKU: Zodiacflea5

    Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash (128 Fl Oz)
      Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash (128 Fl Oz).

      Zymox® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash Cleans And Maintains A Healthy Skin And Coat On Horses. This Formula Combines Mild Plant-based Surfactants With A Patented Lp3 Enzyme System To Eliminate Harmful Microbes Without The Use Of Harsh Chemicals Or Detergents. This Means That The Formulation Maintains Skin And Coat Health Without Removing The Skin's Natural Oils. Zymox® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash Is Made Here In The Usa And Though This Container Includes 1 Gallon Of The Wash, It Is Also Available In A 12 Fluid Ounce Bottle . For Additional Protection, It Can Also Be Used In Conjunction With Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin Guard As Directed. Skin And Coat Problems Can Be A Real Nuissance- So Keep Your Horse Healthy With The Zymox Equine Defense System By Ordering Now! Key Features: For Problematic Skin Conditions And Irritations Safe For Use On Horses Can Be Combined With Zymox Equine Defense Skin Guard For Extra Protection Available In 12 Fl Oz And 1 Gallon Containers Made In Usa

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Grooming Products, gt, zymox, Equine Defense, Skin , amp, Coat Wash
      SKU: Zymox-equine-defense-enzymatic-skin-coat-wash-gallon

    A Field Full Of Horses: Learned And Wonder
      A Field Full Of Horses: Learned And Wonder.

      "no Horsefeathers, This Is A Surefire Bet For Young Equestrians." -booklist Do You Love Horses? Do You Love The Way Their Noses Are Silky-soft But Bristly Too? And The Way A Horse's Tail Slowly Swishes As He Rests In The Shade With Eyes Half-shit? Do You Love To See Them Trot, Canter, Gallop, Buck And Rear? Every Child Who Has Ever Clambered Up The Back Of A Pony Or Dreamed Of Owning A Horse Will Delight In A Field Full Of Horses. Full Of Interesting Facts About Horses, This Handsome Book Captures The Very Essen Ce Of Horses For The Very Young.

      SKU: 2927012
      ISBN: 9780763614348
      Author: Hansard, Peter / Lilly, Kenneth

    Crow Bait
      Crow Bait.

      Lancasger's Been In Some Tough Situations Before, But This One Has To Be The Worst: Attacked By Three Men And Left To Die In The Desert-no Weapons, No Water, No Horse. Still, He Refuses To Die Without Exacting Some Kind Of Retribution. He Finds Salvation In The Least Likely Place: A Horse So Emaciated And Pitiful It Looks Like It'd Be Good Only For Crow Bait. And Yet, Ol' Crow Bait Manages To Bring Him To Safety. And It's Crow Bait Who Will Help Lancaster Find The Trio Of Toughs Who Put Him In Such A Tight Spot In The First Place. Even Though He Has Only One Name To Go On, It Describes Lancaster's Revenge Perfectly-sweet.

      SKU: 13270856
      ISBN: 9781428511521
      Author: Randisi, Robert J.

    The Joy Of Hobby Farming: Grow Food, Raise Animals, And Enjoy A Sustainable Life
      The Joy Of Hobby Farming: Grow Food, Raise Animals, And Enjoy A Sustainable Life.

      When The Farm Is A Lifestyle, Not Just A Way To Earn A Living, That's Hobby Farming. Most Of Us Want To Live A Sustainable Life In Which We Protect The Land And Keep It Safe From Development And Overproduction. But We Can Take This A Step Further By Learning How To Grow And Savor What We Can Produce Ourselves-while Still Maintaining An Alternative Career To Fund This Passion . Michael And Audrey Levatino Here Share How To: - Grow Your Own Food. - Raise Chickens, Horses, Llamas, Bees, And More. - Practice Being (a Little) Off The Grid. - Sell The Bounty In Your Local Community. - Balance A Professional Career With A Rural Lifestyle. The Joy Of Hobby Farming Is A Book That Will Excite Armchair Farmers And Inspire Any Do-it-yourselfer.

      SKU: 10982565
      ISBN: 9781616082284
      Author: Levatino, Michael / Levatino, Audrey

    Ruffian: A Race Track Romance
      Ruffian: A Race Track Romance.

      As A Young Boy In Illinois, William Nack Carried In His Pocket A Trading Card Of His Hero, Swaps, Winner Of The 1955 Kentucky Derby. As A Young An Adult, He Climbed On A Table At An Office Party And Rattled Off From Memory The Names Of Every Horse Who Had Ever Won America??'s Premiere Race. Newsday Promptly Promoted Him To The Paper??'s Turfbeat. Weeks Later, Nack Began An Unprecedented Streak Of Good Fortune At Belmont Racetrack. He Met A Young Colt Named Secretariat And Found Himself Writing An Equine Biography, ???the Gold Standard Of Horse Books, ??? According To Seabiscuit Author Laura Hillenbrand. Upon Publication, Nack Returned To The Track To Meet Ruffian, A Daring Filly Who Endeared Herself To A Generation Of Fathers And Daughters With A Magnificently Inspiring, Ten-race Winning Streak. On July 6, 1975, She Was Leading The Colt Foolish Pleasure In A Nationally-televised Match Race When Her Luck Ran Out. She Shattered Her Ankle And Had To Be Taken From The Track By Ambulance. After A Heroic Attempt To Mendher Leg With Surgery, Ruffian Was Put Down Later That Evening. In This Moving, Lyrical Memoir, Nack Chronicles His Real-life Romance With The Sport??'s Most Famous Filly And The Tragic Afternoon That Forever Changed His Love Affair With The Track.

      SKU: 7809468
      ISBN: 9781933060309
      Author: Nack, William

    A Famine Of Horses: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery
      A Famine Of Horses: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery.

      In The Year 1592, Sir Robert Carey Comes North To Carlisle To Take Up His New Post. He Has Wangled His Appointment To Be Nearer His True Love. And Of Course, He Can Use The Money.... Rich In Atmosphere And Packed With Vivid Real And Fictional Characters, Few Novels Are As Well Imagined Or As Abundant Fun As This Romp Through Roguish Courtiers, Rival Gangs, Rustling, Treason, And High Ambition.

      SKU: 7702886
      ISBN: 9781890208271
      Author: Chisholm, P. F.

    Wildlife Hidden Pictures
      Wildlife Hidden Pictures.

      Young Puzzle Fans Must Find Common Objects Hidden In Unusual Places. If They Look Hard Enough, They'll Find A Happy Face In A Desert Environment Populated By Slithey Snakes, A Spoon And A Mini-ladder In A Beaver Lodge, And A Horseshoe And Pencil In A Backyyard Filled With Squirrels. 13 Colorable Puzzles With Solutions.

      SKU: 1603314
      ISBN: 9780486436753
      Author: Nathan, Cheryl

    Guitar World - Expressway To Acoustic Rock: 25 Acoustic Rock Guitar Standards With Matching Step-by-step Lessons To Get You Playi
      Guitar World - Expressway To Acoustic Rock: 25 Acoustic Rock Guitar Standards With Matching Step-by-step Lessons To Get You Playi.

      Guitar World Magazine's Expert Staff Releases An Instructional Songbook Featuring 25 Of The Greatest Acoustic Rock Songs Ever Recorded. Each Song Is Accompanied By A Full And Detailed Lesson. The Arranyements Are Perfect For Intermediate And Novice Players So You Can Learn Your Favorite Songs While Mastering The Guitar Complete Demonstration Tracks Are Included. With The Included Tnt Software You Can Slow The Tracks Down, Loop Sections, Change Keys, Mute The Guitar, Or Even Mute The Vocals For Singing Practice. Titles: Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You *embryonic Journey * Everlong (acoustic) * Fake Plastic Trees * Hey There Delilah * High And Dry * Into The Mystic * Layla (unplugged Version) * Let It Bleed * Losing My Religion * Maggie May * She Talks To Angels * Wild Horses * Wish You Were Here * And Many More

      SKU: 15144404
      ISBN: 9780739078631
      Author: Alfred Publishing

    The Horse Soldier
      The Horse Soldier.

      Determined To Find Her Missing Husband, Julia Bonneaux And Her Young Daughter Make A Dangerous Journey To Wyoming. But At Fort Laramie Julie Finds Instead Major Andrew Garrett, The Man She Had Secretly Married Seven Years Ago, A Union Spy Who Had Betrayed Her And Who She Believed Was Dead. Now She Needs His Help, And Andrew Is Torn Between Duty And Desire, Between The Misunderstandings Of The Past And The Promise Of A New Beginning.

      SKU: 6839049
      ISBN: 978151667843
      Author: Lovelace, Merline

    It Was All About Sects
      It Was All About Sects.

      Essex, England-1860 Catherine Devereaux Becomes Lady Ashworth When She Marries The Marquis Of Ashworth. She Enjoys Breeding Horses, Designing Gardens And Fancy Balls, But Her Inability To Produce An Heir Brings Untold Abuse From Her Husband, Lod Ashworth. She Devises A Way To Stay Away From Him But The Situation Worsens. Lady Ashworth Actuall Welcomes The Untimely Death Of Her Husband, Then Learns That He Willed The Estate To An Unknown Cousin. Never Lacking In Determination, Lady Ashworth Crafts A Scheme To Insure Her Possession Of Ashworth When She Learns Her Husband Has Impregnated One Of The Maids. In Search Of True Love Lady Ashworth Initiates A Series Of Liaisons, Including A Priest And A Psychoanalyst, That Only Generate Greater Problems For Her. Finally, She Realizes The Fruits Of Her Search In Away She Never Imagined. But At What Price?

      SKU: 7169637
      ISBN: 9781583850336
      Author: Hime, Stanley E.

    The West Explored: The Gerald Peters Collection Of Western Art
      The West Explored: The Gerald Peters Collection Of Western Art.

      As James H. Nottage Writes In The Preface, "the Gerald Peters Collection Of Western Art Has A Range That Expresses Many Different Trends, Techniques And Schools In The Art History Of The American West. Do Not Look At The Painted Canvas For Images Of Dress And Equipment As In James Walker's Brilliant Oil "roping Wild Horses." Observe Pieces Such As Thomas Moran's "green River, Wyoming" And Think Of The Painter As A Visionary Image Maker, For The Painter's Realm Has Done Much To Romanticize Our Perceptions Of The American West." These Paintings Were The First Visual Communications Of The Vast Grandeur Of The West And The Wild Beauty Of Its Inhabitants. Featuring 37 Artists, Including John James Audubon, Albert Bierstadt, Karl Bodmer, Henry Farny, Alfred Jacob Miller, Thomas Moran, Frederick Remington, And Many Others.

      SKU: 4192847
      ISBN: 9780935037227
      Author: Schimmel, Julie / Nottage, James H.

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