Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Indoor Salmon Entree For Cats - (24 Pack) 5.5oz

    Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Indoor Salmon Entree For Cats - (24 Pack) 5.5oz
      Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Indoor Salmon Entree For Cats - (24 Pack) 5.5oz.

      Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Pate Indoor Salmon Entree For Cats - (24 Pack) 5.5oz When You Feed Your Cat Delicious Blue Spa Select Canned Food, You Can Feel Good Knowing That You?re Providing Her With Rich, Wholesome Nutrition. Each Formula Contains Only Healthy, Natural Ingredients And Is Full Of Flavor Your Cat Will Look Forward To Every Day. High-quality Protein?always The First Ingredient The Salmon In Our Recipe Provides All The Essential Amino Acids Your Cat Needs On A Daily Basis. Wholesome Whole Grains Hearty Whole Grains Like Brown Rice And Barley Supply The Complex Carbohydrates That Your Cat Needs For Energy. Healthy Garden Veggies And Nutritious Fruit Whole Carrots And Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries And Cranberries...these Are Just Some Of The Nutrient?rich Fruits And Veggies You?ll Find In Spa Select. Made Without Wheat This Is An Important Difference Between Blue Spa Select And Other Canned Cat Foods. Many Other Brands Use Wheat As A Thickening Agent In Their Food, But Wheat Has Been Known To Cause Allergies In Some Cats. 24-pack Of 5.5 Oz Canned Food Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    6 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Large Dog (for Dogs 21-55 Lbs.)
      6 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Large Dog (for Dogs 21-55 Lbs.).

      The New And Improved Advantage Ii Now Offers Flea And Lice Protection For Your Dog. Flea And Lice Treatment With Advantage Ii Gives Your Dog A Safe Solution That Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month. Dogs And Puppies Older Than 7 Weeks And Weighing 21- 55 Lbs Are Fit For This Flea And Lice Killing Formula. This Formula Will Kill Fleas Completely By Eliminating Their Eggs And Larvae By Using A Variety Of Ingredients And Compounds. It Contains A Fast-acting Formula That Kills Fleas Quickly And Prevents Them From Returning. Advantage Ii Uses The Compound Pyriproxyfen To Kill Fleas And Other Insects By Interfering With Their Maturity Cycle. Targeting Insects, Pyriproxyfen Does Not Affect Mammals. Other Flea Killing Properties Like Adulticidal, Larvicidal, And Ovicidal Kill Fleas And Prevent Them From Emerging Again. Imidacloprid Paralyzes Fleas So They Are Killed Before Biting Your Dog And Also Reduce The Incidence Of Flea-related Allergies. Kills Adult Fleas Within 12 Hours And Re-infesting Fleas Within 2 Hours Integrated Flea Control (ifc) Disrupts Flea Life Cycle With Pyriproxyfen Waterproof Guaranteed Us Epa Approved Application Quick And Easy With Easy-squeeze Tube Each Package Of This Long Lasting Topical Lasts For 4 Or 6 Months Per Dose: $9.83

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      SKU: Advantageiired6

    Anigen Canine Parvovirus-coronavirus Antigen Test Kit (10 Tests)
      Anigen Canine Parvovirus-coronavirus Antigen Test Kit (10 Tests).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. Please Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Anigen Canine Parvovirus-coronavirus Antigen Test Kit Is An Immunochromatographic Test For The Qualitative Detection Of Parvovirus Antigen And Coronavirus Antigen In Feces. The Parvovirus Is A Highly Contagious Viral Disease That Can Severely Threaten Your Dog's Health, And Can Prove Fatal If Left Untreated. Similarly, The Coronavirus Is A Highly Contagious Viral Disease That Can Occur At The Same Time As A Parvovirus Infection. Anigen Canine Parvovirus-coronavirus Antigen Test Kit Can Detect The Antigens For These Viruses In Your Pet's Feces To Determine Which Affliction, If Any, May Be Affecting Your Pet. This Package Contains 10 Tests And A Test Kit To Determine Which Virus May Be Affecting Your Dog. For More Information On What Is Included In This Package And How To Use These Kits, You Can Find The Full Package Insert In Pdf Form Here . Key Features: In Vitro Diagnostics Dispodable Store At Room Temperature Or Refrigerated (2-30°c) Do Not Freeze See Insert For Complete Instruction

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    Best Friend Mobility - Xlarge (23" - 29")
      Best Friend Mobility - Xlarge (23" - 29").

      Enjoy The Following With Best Friend Mobility: Universal Yet Customizable Dog Wheelchair Design. Here At Best Friend Mobility, We Believe That Each Dog Is An Individual, And That As Such, Will Have Individual Needs, Habits, Mannerisms, And A Stance That?s All Its Own. Our Patented, Orthopedic Surgeon-designed Dog Wheelchairs Come In 5 Sizes And Are Fully Height, Length, And Width Adjustable For Maximum Comfort And Ease Of Use. Selecting A Dog Wheelchair In Best Friend Mobility Is Easy. Wheelchair Sizing Is Based On 5 Weight Classifications And Further Adapted To A Specific Dog?s Measurement, Needs, And Comfort Level Through The Various Adjustable Parts. Great Value For Money Features: Sturdy Design And Materials Easily And Fully Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Frame Stainless Steel Hardware Accommodates Pets Ranging From Under 5 To 175 Lbs. We Are Confident That You Will Find Our Dog Wheelchairs Beyond Satisfactory; So Confident In Fact, That We Have A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Each Dog Wheelchair We Sell. If For Any Reason, Your Dog Wheelchair Doesn?t Fit Propperly And You?d Like To Return It, We Provide A 100%, No Questions Asked Refund Or Exchange For A Different Size. Our Dogs Needs Do Not Lessen With Impaired Mobility. On The Contrary, Their Needs Might Grow And Evolve. We Make Our Dog Wheelchairs To Take All These Into Account Along With Factors Such As The Type Of Mobility Impairment, Size, Weiht, And Breed, Plus The Special Needs Of Certain Dogs. We Take Pride In Our Work And In Knowing That They?ll Be Used By Creatures Loved From Our Customers The Same Way We Love Our Own. Common Conditions That Require The Use Of Dog Mobility Aids: Hip Dysplasia Neurological Impairment Complete Or Partial Rear Paralysis Arthritis Spinal Diseases Such As Degenerative Myelopathy Lumbar Or Thoracic Disc Injury Surgical Recovery Rehabilitation And Therapy Any Other Condition That Results In Rear Leg Pain Or Weakness Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Made With Both Style And Substance. They Look Good And Are Actually Good For The Pets That Use Them. The Best Friend Mobility Wheelchair Line Is The End Result Of The Generous Collaboration Between Our Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons And Industrial Designers Who Are Themselves, Pet Owners. Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Currently For Pets With Normal Front Leg Strength. All Of Our Dog Wheelchairs Are Designed And Expertly Crafted With Attention To Detail. The Maximum Adjustability Of Our Wheelchairs Can Allow You And Your Pet To Enjoy An Almost Custom-built Like Fit Minus The Custom-built Price. Cart Assembly For Large To X-large Size. Usa Size Chart All Sales Are Final. Returns Can Only Be Accepted For Defaults In The Products, We Cannot Accept Returns Due To Sizing Issues.

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      SKU: Best-friend-mobility-xlarge-100-175-lbs

    Bone Dispenser - Black (30 Bags)
      Bone Dispenser - Black (30 Bags).

      Make Dog Clean-up A Walk In The Park With This Fun, Black Bone-shaped Bag Dispenser. Designed To Release One Strong, Leak-proof Bag At A Time, The Sturdy Design Of The Dispenser Attaches To Any Leash So You Will Always Have Your Bags With You Wherever You Go. Stop Over-poop-ulation By Doing Your Part! If Not Disposed Of Properly, The Bacteria Found In Pet Waste Can Pose Health Risks To People And Pets. The Bags On Board Pick-up Diapenser Comes With A Roll Of 30 Refill Bags. Bone-shaped Bag Dispenser Releases One Bag At A Time Features A Refill Roll Of 30 Strong, Leak-proof Bags Dispenser Attaches To Any Leash

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    Kala Health Dermatrix For Dogs & Cats (180 Chews)
      Kala Health Dermatrix For Dogs & Cats (180 Chews).

      Kala Health Dermatrix For Dogs & Cats Is A Great Tasting Fatty Acid Supplement Containing All The Nutrients Needed To Promote A Healthy Skin And Shiny Coat, And Reduce Excessive Shedding In Dogs, Cats And Other Comrade Animals. It Contains A High Concentration Of Omega 3, 6 And 9 Essential Fatty Acids (efa) From Plant And Fish Sources, Msm (methylsulfonylmethane), Vitamins And Minerals Important For Skin And Fur Health. Daily Supplementation With Dermatrix Prevents Nutrition Deficiencies Wyich May End In Many Skin Allergies, Lackluster Coats And Unwanted Shedding In Dogs And Cats. Dermatrix Reduces Itchiness And/or Dull Coat In Pets Due To Many Skin Conditions, Paw Chewing And Allergic Reactions Including Atopic Dermatitis. Dermatrix Is Nutritionally Superior To Other Essential Fatty Acid (efa) Supplements On The Market Because: *dermatrix Tablets Contain Omega 3, 6 And 9 Fatty Acids. Other Products Usually Contain Only Inexpensive Fish Oil (omega 3), And Therefore Lack Important Plant Derived Efa's. *each Tablet Is A Highly Concentarted Source Of Essential Fatty Acids Of Superior Quality, So A Bottle Will Last Longer. *dermatrix Contains Fewer Calories Per Daily Serving And No Vegetable Fillers, So They Have Better Nutritious Value. *the Dry-oil Formulation Make Them Easily Digestible. *the Chewable Tablets Are A Treat To Your Pet. *they Are Scored So It Is Easy To Break Them For Smaller Pets. Ingredients Per Tablet Omega 3 Oils 39 Mg Typical Omega 6 Oils 298 Mg Ttypical Omega 9 Oils 50 Mg Typical Methylsulfonylmethane (optimsmÔ«) 200 Mg Plant Oils (source Of Omega 3, 6 & 9) 700 Mg Fish Oil (source Of Omega 3 & 6) 100 Mg Vitamin A (as Palmitate) 1500 Iu Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine Mononitrate) 45 Mcg Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) 20 Mcg Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hcl) 30 Mcg Vitamin B12 (as Cobalamin) 0.2 Mcg Vitamin E (as D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 10 Iu Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 5 Mg Other Ingredients: Porcine Paaltability Enhancer, Dextrates, Poultry Liver, Calcium Carbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid.

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      SKU: Dermatrix180

    Dogit Nylon Safe-t-belt (25-40 In)
      Dogit Nylon Safe-t-belt (25-40 In).

      Traveling With An Animal In A Car Can Be A Dangerous Activity If The Right Precautions Are Not Taken. Just Like Humans, A Dog Needs To Be Restrained Within A Car So That The Animal Doesn't Go Flying Should The Car Suddenly Stop, Turn Suddenly, Be Hit In An Accident Or Similar. Uncotnrolled Objects, Including Animals, Have A Regular Tendency To Keep Moving When A Car Suddenly Stops, And A Pet Could Get Serious Injured As A Result. The Dogit Nylon Safe-t-belt Provides A Sturdy But Flexible Strap Control Of An Animal Being Transported In The Back Of A Car, Or In A Passenger Seat. Rather Than The Dog Being Able To Walk Freely Within The Car, The Animal Is Restrained To A Particular Area, But It Can Still Move Its Head And Body Within The Range Of The Dogit Nylon Belt. Made From Astrong Nylon Weave, The Belt Won't Break Under Strain Or Pulling Stress By A Dog. Additional Benefits That Come With The Dogit Nylon Safe-t-belt Include: ? A Standard Clip Lock At The End Of The Belt That Connects To A Dog's Harness Or Leash Collar. ? A Length Of Up To 40 Inches, Providing Plenty Of Reach Within A Car. ? An Adjustment Slide So The Length Can Be Adjusted To Specific Needs. ? A Seat Belt Buckle End That Attacehs The Belt Right To The Car Seat Belt Lock.

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    Dogtra Iq Cliq
      Dogtra Iq Cliq.

      The Clicker Is A Simple Training Tool That Helps Shape Your Dog?s Basic Obedience. Pair This With An E-collar To Curb Unwanted Behaviors And You Have The Iq Cliq: The First Complete And Truly Innovative Dog Training System On The Market Today. By Using A Clicker To Build New Skills, And Remote Collar Stimulation To Achieve Off-leash Reliability, You Can Enhance Your Relationship Wth Your Dog And Help Him Succeed As A Valued Companion. The Iq Cliq Combines Tools Used By Professional Dog Trainers In A Compact Handheld Transmitter That Fits Comfortably In Your Pocket, Or Around Your Neck With A Lanyard. Our Collars Are Made To Fit A Variety Of Neck Sizes Comfortably And Can Be Cut Down To Size. They Also Come In A Variety Of Colors For Complete Customizability While Housing Our Fully Waterproof, Up To Ipx7, Receiver With Technology Trainers Can Depend On. Built-in Clicker The Iq Cliq Handheld Transmitter Has A Built In Clicker. Along With The Nick And Pulsating Nick Stimulation Buttons, The Iq Cliq Handheld Transmitter Is Still Very Pocket Friendly, And Has All The Functions You Need At Your Fingertips Conductive Plastic Contacts Our Contact Points Are Made Of A Conductive Plastic And Shap Ed Ergonomically To Your Dog?s Skin. The Only Alternative For Sensitive Skin Or For Dogs Allergic To Steel Contacts. Features: Expandable To A 2-dog System Reduced Size Receiver Detachable Collar Strap Fully Waterproof Receiver Collar 100 Stimulation Levels Nick And Pulsating Nick Stimulation Lithium Batteries (cr2032) Included 100-yard Range

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      SKU: Dogtra-iq-cliq

    Maxi/guard Zn4.5 Otic (4 Fl Oz)
      Maxi/guard Zn4.5 Otic (4 Fl Oz).

      Maxi/guard® Zn 4.5 Otic Is A Natural Ear Care Solution That Works To Maintain Ear Health In Cats And Dogs. This Rinse Contains Complexed Zinc™ And Amino Acids That Work To Eliminate Odor-causing Bacteria And To Nourish And Replenish The Ear Epithelium. Regu1ar Use Of This Rinse Can Help Prevent Ear Infections And Keep Your Pet's Ears Healthy. Maxi/guard Zn 4.5 Otic Is Made In The Usa And Is Safe For Regular Use. This Bottle Contains Four Fluid Ounces Of The Solution In A Bottle With A Convenient Nozzle That Makes It Easy To Administer. Keep Your Pet's Ears Healthy And Clean With This Natural Solution Today! Key Features: Natural Ear Care Solution Delivers Complexed Zinc And Amino Acids To Eliminate Bacteria And Heal Ear Epithelium Bottle Contains 4 Fl Oz Made In The Usa

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      SKU: Maxi-guard-zn4-5-otic-4-oz

    Ourpets Smartlink Feeder - Intelligent Pet Bowl
      Ourpets Smartlink Feeder - Intelligent Pet Bowl.

      Ideal For Multi-pet Households, The Smartlink™ Feeder ? Intelligent Pet Bowl Uses Bluetooth™ Technology To Detect When Your Pet, Wearing A Unique Smartlink™ Tag That Is Paired With The Feeder Is Near And Will Only Olen For That Tag. This Eliminates Feeding Confrontations Between Pets, Protects Diet Sensitive Meals, Prevents Small Children From Getting To The Pet?s Food, And Uses Bluetooth™ Technology To Monitor Your Pet?s Feeding Habits Through The Smartpetlink™ Smartphone App. The Smartlink™ Feeder Monitors: Feed Ing Behavior, Frequency & Duration Low Battery When The Feeder Requires Attention The Smartlink™ Feeder Holds Up To 1.5 Cups Of Dry Food In A Removable, Dishwasher-safe Stainless Steel Bowl And Comes With A Smartlink™ Tag. It Is Battery Operated And The Ac Adapter Is Sold Separately. *additional Smartlink™ Tags Sold Separately. Features: Bluetooth™ Health Monitoring System Smartlink™ Tag Activates The Feeder To Unsettled And Close Lid Keeps Food Fresh Between Feedings Ideal For Pets That Require Special Diets Perfect For Multi-pet Households*

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    Synacore Canine Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamins, Enzymes - Box Of 30 (2.5 G) Stick Pack
      Synacore Canine Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamins, Enzymes - Box Of 30 (2.5 G) Stick Pack.

      Canine Synacore Contains 4 Probiotic Strains, 2 Prebiotics, 13 Enzymes And 3 Vitamins To Help Promote Digestive Support And Better Overall Health. Digestive Upsets, Diarrhea, And Related Gi Issues Are Common Issues Dogs And Puppies Deal With. These Issues Can Have A Range Of Causes: Micro Flora Imbalances, Deficiency In Enzymes/vitamins, Switching Foods, Medications, Boarding, Traveling Or Environmental Changes. Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy With Synacore.

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    Whisper Unassembled Bio-bag Cartridge Large (12 Pack)
      Whisper Unassembled Bio-bag Cartridge Large (12 Pack).

      Whisper Unassembled Bio-bag Cartridge Large (12 Pack) Whisper Bio-bag Cartridges Complete The Whisper Power Filter Package Ofr A Clean, Easy-to-maintain Aquarium. Filled With Ultra-activated Carbon, The Ready-to-use Disposable Single Packs Remove Waste Particles, Odors, And Discoloration, And Are Easily Changed Once A Month. The Whisper Bio-bag Multi-packs Come Unassembled And Offer Economical Pricing On Larger Quantities.

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    Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps - Small (12 Count)
      Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps - Small (12 Count).

      Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps Are Made With Super Absorbent Material For Long-lasting Dryness. These Disposable Dog Diapers Are Made Specifically For Male Does Who Are Prone To Lifting Their Leg To Mark On Your Precious Furniture, Walls, Drapes, And Other Parts Of Your Home. Make House Training Easier With These Wraps, Or Take Your Dog On Visits To Friends Or Cafes Without Worrying About Accidents. Prevents Male Dog Marking, Protects Furniture And Keeps Your Dog Dry Disposable Dog Diaper Bellybands Super Absorbent Material Wraps Are Adjustable To Fit Various Sizes. Protect Against Dog Urine Mishaps While Traveling, At Hotels, Visits To Friends, Etc.

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    Blaze And Thunderbolt
      Blaze And Thunderbolt.

      Billy And His Loyal Pony Blaze Head West Together In Another Exciting Adventure From C. W. Anderson. When Their New Friend Jim Is Unable To Tame The Wild Horse Thunderbolt, Billy And Blaze Want To Help. Fast And Elusive, Thunderbolt Is Not Easy To Befriend. But With Their Kind And Gentle Approach, Billy And Blaze May Succeed Where The Other Cowboys Have Failed. C. W. Anderson's Story Is One Of Friendship And Adventure, And With His Beautiful Drawings Of Blaze And Thunderbolt, It's Sure To Be Welcomed By Young Readers Everywhere. "blaze And Thunderbolt" Is Part Of The Classic Billy And Blaze Series. Thoughtful Drawings And Easy-to-read Words Capture The Warmth And Understanding Shared By A Boy And His Horse.

      SKU: 2534076
      ISBN: 9780689717123
      Author: Anderson, C. W.

    Think No Evil: Inside The Story Of The Amish Schoolhouse Shooting... And Beyond
      Think No Evil: Inside The Story Of The Amish Schoolhouse Shooting... And Beyond.

      The True Story Of October 2, 2006, When Charles Roberts Entered An Amish Schoolhouse, Bound And Shot Ten Schoolgirls, And Then Committed Suicide, Stunned All Who Read The Headlines Or Watched The Drama Unfold On Television Screens. Somehow, The Senseless Violence Seemed All The More Horrific Against The Backdrop Of Horse-and-buggy Funeral Processions And Scenes Of Wide-eyed Innocent Children Clad In Bonnets And Suspenders. But Perhaps Even More Startling Than The Violence Was The Quiet Yet Powerful Response Of The Amish Community Offering Unconditional Forgiveness To The Murderer And Reaching Out To His Family With Baskets Of Food And Warm Welcomes Into Their Homes. Culd Such Forgiveness Be Genuine, Truly Heartfelt? Surely There Must Be Simmering Rage Behind Those Peaceful Words. Jonas Beiler Wondered. He Had Grown Up In That Very Amish Community. His Own Pain Of Losing His Daughter In A Tragic Accident Years Before Resurfaced, And The Lingering Shadows Of Other Life Tragedies Loomed Darker. As He Met With The Grieving Families, He Could See How Devastated And Broken They Felt, And Yet He Was Drawn To The Strength He Saw In Them. Outsiders, Too, Had Difficulty Understanding The Rock-solid Faith Of The People In This Amish Community. How Could They Forgive Someone Who Killed Their Innocent Daughters? How Could They Reach Out And Embrace His Family, Expressing Unconditional Love For Them In These Circumstances? Letters From Around The World Poured In, Asking These Universal Questions In The Face Of Suffering. And So Began Jonas Beiler's Journey Into This Story - The Story Behind The Headlines, Behind The Farmhouse Doors, Around The Lantern-lit Kitchen Tables, At The Local Market, And Alongside The Tiny Coffins. His Quest Is Now Yours To Read. His Discoveries Yours To Consider. Walk With Those Closest To The Scene: An Amish Grandfather, An Ambulance Driver, A Surviving Amish Schoolgirl, And Volunteer Firefighters. Even Look On As The Community Demolishes The School Where The Murders Took Place And Builds The New Hope School That Holds No Memories Of Boodstained Walls. "think No Evil" Is The First Insider Account Of The Tragic Events, The Personal Victories And The Daily Amish Life In Nickel Mines, Written By A Native Of The Amish Community Who Still Lives And Works Where Most Of His Relatives Are Old Order Amish. Against The Rich And Fascinating Backdrop Of Amish Culture, Beiler Reveals The Best Of The Human Spirit In The Midst Of The Worst, And Leaves Us All Drawn Heavenward, The Richer For It.

      SKU: 6237811
      ISBN: 9781416562986
      Author: Beiler, Jonas / Smucker, Shawn

    Legends: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions & Mares; Volume 7
      Legends: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions & Mares; Volume 7.

      "legends 7" Offers The Latest Installment In A Series Designed To Capture And Preserve The History Of The American Quarter Horse By Profiling The Breed's Most Influential Stallions And Mares. This Volume - Easily The Most Diverse In The Series - Features Top Halter, Cutting, Reining And Western Pleasure Bloodlines. "legends 7" Highlights The Lives Of Horses That Built An Industry, As Told By The Men And Women Who Knew Them Best And As Written By Authors Most Familiar With Each Animal's Unique Contributions. As Always, Each Horse's Story Comes Complete With A Three-generation Pedigree, Competition Record, Progeny Record And Numerous Photographs.

      SKU: 4111222
      ISBN: 9780911647792
      Author: Martindale, Cathy / Swan, Kathy / Holmes, Frank

    Ulysses S. Grant: Confident Leader And Hero
      Ulysses S. Grant: Confident Leader And Hero.

      When The South Seceded To Form The Confederate States Of America, Few People Knew The Name Ulysses S. Grant. But By The End Of The Civil War, The Union General Had Become A National Hero. He Possessed All Of The Qualities That President Abraham Lincoln Wanted For The Commander Of The Union Army. He Was Decisive, Daring, And Stubborn. Some Northerners Proudly Called Him "unconditional Surrender" Grant, Because He Would Accept Nothing Less From A Defeated Enemy. "ulysses S. Grant: Confident Leader And Hero Tells The Story Of The Man Who Brought An End To The Civil War. Meet An Ohio Boy With A Passion For Horses Who Grew Up To Be A Great General And Later A U.s. President. Explore How Strategy And Perseverance Helped Grant Win The Battle Of Shiloh. Discover Why Confederate General Robert E. Lee Believed That Nowhere In History Was There A Better General Than Ulysses S. Grant.

      SKU: 3407528
      ISBN: 9780812679069
      Author: Cnorlian, Meg

    Spirit Of The West  3: Esperanza
      Spirit Of The West 3: Esperanza.

      Adventure, Drama, Wild Horses Running Free. The American West Is Brought To Life Through The Eyes Of The Horses Who Were There In A New Program Of Books Inspired By "spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron," The New Film Coming May 2002 From Dreamworks. Strider Is A Wild Mustang Born To Freedom In The Cimarron Valley. When A Drought Hits The Valley, Strider Sets Out To Find The Horses A New Place To Live. But On The Way, Danger Strikes, And Strider Must Make The Ultimate Sacrifice For The Herd.

      SKU: 432089
      ISBN: 9780142300978
      Author: Duey, Kathleen

    Dance Of The Stones
      Dance Of The Stones.

      The Third Sunbeam Shot Its Magical Light Into A Vallley. There Towered A Stone Circle, Great Gray Stones Veiled In Morning Mist. The Golden Beam Lit The Dew-covered Grass. The Tide Of Light Flooded And Washed Each Sarcenstone. The Stones Were Ready. As Gray Became Gold, The Largest Stone Spun On Its Axis, Then Stood Sentinel As Before. The Dawn Magic Happened Quickly, Without Witness. That Was To Change. Four Ordinary Children Were About To Be Called To The Circle. In Dance Of The Stones, Chantel, Adam, Holly And Owen Are Eager To Begin The Next Stage Of Their Adventure. "the Stones Have Stirred," Ava, Hawkwoman And Wise One, Tells Owen, "the Time Is Near For The Circle Dance." The Stones Are The Ancient Stone Circle O Favebury In England. But The Dark Being Approaches, And Her Servant, A Wraith, Blocks The Children's Progress. When Ava Is Hurt, The Children Are Thrown Back On Their Own Resources. They Must Discover The Ritual That Will Release The Circlet. Each Child Has A Part To Play In Finding The Circlet And Holding Back The Dark Being. Andrea Spalding's Modern Day Characters Jump Off The Page; Dance Of The Stones, Rich With Legend, Provides All That Fantasy-lovers Hunger For And Lures Also Those Who Simply Like A Good Tale, Well Told. Andrea Traveled To Avebury To Research Her Story, Ensuring That All The Historical And Geographical Details Are Correct. Award-winning Author Andrea Spalding Has Witten Many Popular Books For Children, Including Solomon's Tree Illustrated By Janet Wilson And Created In Collaboration With Tsimpshian Master Carver, Victor Reece, Phoebe And The Gypsy And Keeper And The Crows. The White Horse Talisman (prequel To Dance Of The Stones) Has Been Nominated For The 2003 Silver Birch, Hackmatack, And Manitoba Readers' Choice Awards. An Accomplished Storyteller, Andrea Hails From England, Where She Was Long Steeped In Ancient Lore. Dance Of The Stones Is The Second Of Four Books In The Summer Of Magc Quartet. Book One Is The White Horse Talisman. Book Three Is Heart Of The Hill. Book Four Is Behind The Sorcerer's Cloak.

      SKU: 6836339
      ISBN: 9781551432687
      Author: Spalding, Andrea

    Unlock Your Riding Talent: With 30 Key Exercises From Tina Sederholm
      Unlock Your Riding Talent: With 30 Key Exercises From Tina Sederholm.

      An Effective Seat And Clear Communication Are The Foundation To A Successful Patnership With Your Horse. In This Book Find The Exert To Achieve Just That. Based On The Systematic Training Approach Used By Her Fatjer Lars Sederholm Uniting Classical Horsemanship With The Demands Of The Competition World, Tina Sederholm Introduces A Series Of Exercises To Help Riders Of All Levels Improve Their Skills. Set Out In An Easy To Follow Way, Each Exercise Starts In Its Simplest Form And Progresses To More Advanced Versions Making This Book Ideal For Both Novice And Experienced Riders Alike. Packed Full Of Stunning Photographs, This Book Provides The Theory And The Practical Exercises To Achieve "allround Horsemanship."

      SKU: 2614235
      ISBN: 9780715319635
      Author: Sederholm, Tina

    Kill The Cowboy: A Battle Of Mythology In The New West
      Kill The Cowboy: A Battle Of Mythology In The New West.

      Rising Larger Than Life Against The Western Horizon, The Cowboy Sits Astride His Horse Right In The Middle Of American Mythology, Husbanding Our Ideals Of Freedom, Independence, And Valor. And Grazing His Cattle On The Wide-open Land, He Leaves A Dusty Trail: Weeds Spring Up, Scrub Brush Flourishes, Wildlife Declines, Ground Compacts, Soil Erodes, Streambeds Turn Into Dry Gullies. Treading A Fine Line Between The Idyllic Myth And The Harsh Facts Of Real-life Ranching, This Book Offers A Measured Look At The Struggle Over The Future Of The American West, Where Visions Of The Land Sharply Divide Between Those Who Want To Use It, Those Who Wan T To Save It From Abuse, And Those Who See A Middle Way. Fairly-though Envisioning A Revamping Of The Current Grazing System-sharman Apt Russell Describes The Present Battles That Pit Ranchers Against Environmentalists, New Westerners Against Old, Private Concerns Against Government Policies. The Story She Tells Is Dramatic, Animated With The Distinctive Personalities And Contentious Episodes That Have Shaped Current Debates. It Is Also Scrupulously Attentive To The Details Of History, Politics, And Economics In The Region. Grounded In A Deep Respect For Land, This Elegantly Written, Well-reasoned Book Begins The Work Of Reevaluating Our Heroic Myths And Immediate Needs In A Way That Will Prove Sustainable For All The Wesst's Inhabitants.

      SKU: 3256926
      ISBN: 9780803289857
      Author: Russell, Sharman Apt

    The Ipad Project Book
      The Ipad Project Book.

      Bridging The Gap Between The Palm-sized Ipod Touch And A Full-sized Computer, Apple's Ipad Offers Enough Screen Area And Horsepower To Perform The Day-to-day Tasks Most People Want To Do. Packed With Practical Knowledge, This Book Will Walk Readers Through How To Manage Their Most Common Projects, From The Simple (setting Up A Calendar Event) To The Complex (planning A Vacation) And Everything In Between. Readers Will Learn To Use The Ipad Tools And Applications By Using Them To Create Practical Real-world Projects And To Master Everyday Tasks. In This Practical Hands-on Guide, You'll Learn How To Organize A Party: Set Up The Calendar Event, Create Invitations, Invite Attendees, And Mail Out The Invites. Build A Recipe Scrapbook: Write Up Recipes In Pages (or Find Recipes Via One Of The Useful Recipe Apps) And Import Pictures Of The Finished Dish To Go With The Recipe Int He Book. Even Learn Ipad Kitchen Tips Plan A Vacation: Buy Tickets, Find Destination Activities, And Map Out Directions. Watch Videos: Stream Videos With Air Video, Convert High-quality Movies From Dvds, And Buy Or Rent Videos From The Itunes Store. Get Smart: Learn Another Language With One Of The Many Translation Apps Available, And Build An Illustrated Deck Of Flash Cards With Common Words And Phrases. Plus Many More Useful Projects-both Big And Small- To Help You Do Stuff With Your Ipad.

      SKU: 1017826
      ISBN: 9780321714756
      Author: Peachpit Press / Cohen, Michael E. / Cohen, Dennis

    Why The Confederacy Lost
      Why The Confederacy Lost.

      After The Civil War, Someone Asked General Pickett Why The Battle Of Gettysburg Had Been Lost: Was It Lee's Error In Taking The Offensive, The Tardiness Of Ewell And Early, Or Longstreet's Hesitation In Attacking? Pickett Scratched His Head And Replied, "i've Always Thought The Yankees Had Something To Do With It." This Simple Fact, Writes James Mcpherson, Has Escaped A Generation Of Historians Who Have Looked To Faulty Morale, Population, Economics, And Dissent As The Causes Of Confederate Failure. These Were All Factors, He Writes, But The Civil War Was Still A War-won By The Union Army Through Key Victories At Key Moments. With This Brilliant Review Of How Historians Have Explained The Southern Defeat, Mcpherson Opens A Fascinating Account By Several Leading Historians Of How The Union Broke The Confederate Rebellion. In Every Chapter, The Military Struggle Takes Center Stage, As The Authors Reveal How Battlefield Decisions Shaped The Very Forces That Many Scholars (putting The Cart Before The Horse) Claim Determined The Outcome Of The War. Archer Jones Examines The Strategy Of The Two Sides, Showing How Each Had To Match Its Military Planning To Political Necessity. Lee Raided North Of The Potomac With One Eye On European Recognition And The Other On Northern Public Opinion-but His Inevitable Retreats Looked Like Failure To The Southern Public. The North, However, Developed A Strategy Of Deep Raids That Was Extremely Effective Because It Served A Valuable Political As Well As Military Purpose, Shattering Southern Morale By Tearing Up The Interior. Gary Gallagher Takes A Hard Look At The Role Of Generals, Narrowing His Focus To The Crucial Triumvirate Of Lee, Grant, And Sherman, Who Towered Above The Others. Lee's Aggressiveness May Have Been Costly, But He Well Knew The Political Impact Of His Spectacular Victories; Grant And Sherman, Meanwhile, Were The First Union Generals To Fully Harness Northern Resources And Carry Out Coordinated Campaigns. Reid Mitchell Shows How The Union's Advantage In Numbers Was Enhanced By A Dedication And P Erseverance Of Federal Troops That Was Not Matched By The Confederates After Their Home Front Began To Collapse. And Joseph Glatthaar Examines Black Troops, Whose Role Is Entering The Realm Of National Myth. In 1960, There Appeared A Collection Of Essays By Major Historians, Entitled Why The North Won The Civil War, Edited By David Donald; It Is Now In Its Twenty-sixth Printing, Having Sold Well Over 100,000 Copies. Why The Confederacy Lost Provides A Parallel Volume, Written By Today's Leading Authorities. Provocatively Argued And Engagingly Written, This Work Reminds Us That The Hard-won Triumph Of The North Was Far From Inevitable.

      SKU: 535577
      ISBN: 9780195085495
      Author: Boritt, G. S.


      A Guide To The Basic Principles And Practical Implications Of Conformation Covering Everything From Proportion And Topline To Action Paces And Ride. Chapters Include Information On The Underside Of The Horse, Behind The Saddle, Shoulders And Forelimbs And Musculature And Condition.

      SKU: 7621261
      ISBN: 9781872082226
      Author: Henriques, Pegotty / Vincer, Carole

    Metal Cutting Dies Baby Rocking Horse Toy Lace Scrapbook Card Album Paper Craft Home Decoration Embossing Stencils Cutter
      Metal Cutting Dies Baby Rocking Horse Toy Lace Scrapbook Card Album Paper Craft Home Decoration Embossing Stencils Cutter.

      Quantity:1pc/lot Material:steel Metal Color:silver As Picture Size(aprrox):as Picture Conversion: 1cm=0.39inch /1 Inch =2.54cm Maybe 0.1-0.2cm Differs Due To Manual Measurement - High Quality Thin Metal Cutting Dies Made Of 100% Steel - Cut Paper Fabric And Much More - Works In Most Major Brands Of Die Cutting Machines

      Category: Crafttools
      SKU: 400953734

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