Bluegrass Winners: A Cookbook

    Bluegrass Winners: A Cookbook
      Bluegrass Winners: A Cookbook.

      The Original Bluegrass Winners Cookbook Has A Rich History Of Legendary Farms Of The Bluegrass, Historical Accounts And Photos Of Area Horse Farms Are The Centerpiece Of Hundreds Of Recipes And Menus Reflecting The Internationally Renowned Hospitality Of The Region.

      SKU: 4267459
      ISBN: 9780961444211
      Author: Garden Club Of Lexington / Garden Club Of Lexington, Ky / Favorite, Recipes Press

    Fussie Cat Tuna And Salmon Formula In Aspic (24x2.8 Oz)
      Fussie Cat Tuna And Salmon Formula In Aspic (24x2.8 Oz).

      Fussie Cat Tuna And Salmon Canned Cat Food Is A Healthy All Natural Cat Food Used To Promote A Healthy Digestive System. Fussie Uses Choice Cuts Of Quality Tuna And Salmon In Order To Give Your Cat The Highest Quality Product. Your Pet Will Not Only Love The Taste Of This Product But It Will Also Enhance The Benefits Of The Beneficial Bacteria By Helping To Prevent And Treat Diarrhea And Helps Maintain A Healthy Balance Of The "good" Bacteria With The "bad" Bacteria In The Digestive Tract. Also Effective In Relieving Constipation And Other Gastrointestinal Disorders Like Problems Related To Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, And Lactose Intolerance. 2.8oz Can Of Fussie Cat Tuna And Salmon Canned Cat Food Promotes A Healthy Digestive System With Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharidest Choice Cuts Of Quality Tuna Made In Human Consumables Manufacturing Plant Grain-free And Rich In Dha Effective In Relieving Constipation And Other Gastrointestinal Disorders Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, fussie Cat Wet Cat Food
      SKU: 24pack-fussie-cat-tuna-salmon-cat-food

    Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets)
      Arthramine Large Dog (120 Tablets).

      Arthramine Advanced Is A Unique Formulation Of Nutritional Factors Important For Joint Health And Support. Formula: Ingredient Small/medium Dgs Large Dogs Glucosamine 250mg 500mg Vitamin C 60mg 120mg Bromelain 50mg 50mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids 10mg 20mg Manganese 10mg 20mg

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, arthramine
      SKU: Arlardog120c

    Blue Buffalo Blue Stix - Beef & Potato (6 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Blue Stix - Beef & Potato (6 Oz).

      Blue Stix Are Moist And Meaty Rolls Of Pure Joy For All Treat-loving Canines. The Perfect Reward For Good Behavior, Or Just For Being A Loyal Friend, Blue Stix Have A Taste That Dogs Cant Resist. And Blue Stix Dont Just Taste Great, They Are Fortified With Natural Ingredients That Help Provide Specific Health Benefits.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Training Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Blue Stix
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-blue-stix-beef-potato-6-oz

    Bee Mine Dog Costume Yellow - Large
      Bee Mine Dog Costume Yellow - Large.

      Everyone Will Be Buzzing About Our Adorable Casual Canine Bee Mine Dog Costume This Halloween! Comes With An Antenna Headpiece With A Satin Bodice, Tiered Tulle Skirt, And Glittery Wings Includes Velcro Closure On The Belly For Easy On-off Hand Wash Only The Casual Canine Bee Mine Dog Costume Coordinates With Our Casual Canine Lucky Bug Costume . Size Length X-small 10" Small 12" Medium 14" Large 16" X-large 18" *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. No Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, casual Canine Bee Mine Costume - Yellow
      SKU: Casual-canine-bee-mine-costume-yellow-large

    Choco Nose Small Animal Water Feeder Bottle (11.2 Oz)
      Choco Nose Small Animal Water Feeder Bottle (11.2 Oz).

      The Choco Nose Small Animal Water Feeder Bottle Uses A Leak-proof Nozzle To Provide Clean And Fresh Water To Your Small Pet. This Environmentally-minded Solution Uses A Nozzle That Is Designed To Fit Most Regular Pet Bottles So That It Can Be Easily Replaced With Another Safe And Recyclable Container. The Choco Nose Small Animal Water Feeder Bottle Includes A Multi-faceted Bracket That Can Be Screwed Onto Your Animals Page Or Secured With Screws Or Nails Onto Any Wall. This Bpa-free Feeder Features A Small Nozzle That Is Ideal For Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Rabbits And Other Small Pets. Provide Your Pet With A Safe And Effective Source Of Fresh, Clean Water By Ordering Today! Key Features: Patented Leak-proof Nozzle Easy To Adjust Height With Simple Screw Bracket Bpa Free With Stainless Steel Nozzle For Sanitation

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Water Bottles, gt, choco Nose Small Animal Water Bottle
      SKU: Choco-nose-small-animal-water-feeder-bottle

    Gastromate Canine Igy Pllus Gel (15 Ml)
      Gastromate Canine Igy Pllus Gel (15 Ml).

      Gastromate Canine Igy Plus Gel Contains Microorganisms, Vitamins And Antioxidants That Work To Support Your Pet's Digestive System. This Gel Is Made With Ingredients That Make It Highly Palatable To Ensure That Dogs And Puppies Will Love Consuming It, Making For Easy Dispensation. It Is Appropriate For Both Puppies And Dogs And Can Help Ensure Puppies Are Protected Through The Period Between Their Natural Local Immunity And Their Vaccination. Gastromate Canine Igy Plus Gel Is Made With A Dried Egg Product That Works With The Microorganisms To Rebalance The Intestinal Microflora In Your Dog's System. Compared To Other Microbial Gels, Canine Igy Plus Has The Highest Viral Antibody Count In The Industry To Ensure That Your Dog's Immune System Is Also Well Fortified. This Gel Has Everything Needed To Ensure Your Dog's Digestive And Immune Systems Are Working Properly, So Order It For Your Dog Or Puppy Today! Key Features: Contains Microorganisms To Balance Intestinal Microflora Flavored To Ensure Easy Direct Feeding Contains Antibodies, Vitamins And Antioxidants To Support Immune System Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, gastromate Canine Igy Plus Gel
      SKU: Gastromate-canine-igy-plus-gel-15-ml

    Glc 1000 Canine - Large Dog 180 Caps (6.4 Oz)
      Glc 1000 Canine - Large Dog 180 Caps (6.4 Oz).

      Glc 1000 Canine - Large Dog 180 Caps (6.4 Oz) Is Proud To Use Only Usda Approved And Certified Pure Chondrotin Sulfate Of Us Origin From Bovine Trachea: Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine From Chitin, Sodium Ascorbate And Manganese Proteinate. Each Jar Contains: 128 Grams Glucosamine, 39 Grams Chondroitin Sulfate, 11 Grams Ascorbate And 2 Grams Of Manganese

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, glc Joint Supplements
      SKU: Glc10006oz

    Nutro Ultra Canned Puppy Food (12x12.5oz)
      Nutro Ultra Canned Puppy Food (12x12.5oz).

      Ultra™ Premium Canned Puppy Food Uses High-quality, Natural Ingredients Loaded With Vitamins, Minerals And Lean Protein Blends To Support Brain Development, Immune System And Strong Muscles. Our Nutrient-rich Wet Puppy Food Is Full Of All Of The Good Stuff Needed To Prepare Puppies For The Big Leagues Of Adulthood. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, nutro Ultra Wet Food
      SKU: Nutro-ultra-puppy-12x12-5oz

    Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (medium)
      Starmark Everlasting Treats - Liver (medium).

      Starmark Everlasting Treats Are Long Lasting Dental Chews That Are Hard Like A Bone To Help Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean. Pair Them With The Starmark Toys For Challenging Chewing Fun. It Features Special Ridges And Chew Action That Help To Remove The Tarter From Your Dog's Teeth. Its Unique Shape That Your Dog Can Lick, Chew, Or Gnaw On. The Liver Flavor Will Make Your Dog Beg For More. 2 - 2.75" Treats Long Lasting Dental Chews Help To Remove Tarter Great Liver Flavor

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Treats For Toys, gt, starmark Everlasting Treats
      SKU: Starmark-everlasting-treats-liver-medium

    Zack & Zoey Elements Geometric Sweater - Blue (large)
      Zack & Zoey Elements Geometric Sweater - Blue (large).

      Zack & Zoey⮠Elements™ Geometric Sweaters Combine Basic Colors With Striking Designs To Create Winning Looks For Winter. Any One Is Perfect For A Boy Or Girl Dog, Of Most Any Breed Or Size. These Classic Turtleneck Sweaters Take On A Bold Look With Striking Geometric Patterns. Each Color Featuures A Different Pattern. The Square Body Shape Provides Full Body Coverage. Features A High-cut, Stay-dry Belly. Sizes: Xs 10" S 12" M 14" L 16" Xl 18" Material: 100% Acrylic Care: Machine Wash In Cold Water On Gentle Cycle. Line Dry. Supervision Is Recommended While Your Pet Is Wearing This Garment.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-geometric-sweater-blue-large

    Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Food & Water Dishes (medium)
      Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Food & Water Dishes (medium).

      Zoo Med Repti Rock Reptile Food & Water Dishes Are A Combination Of A Feeding Dish And A Water Dish, Which Are Stackable For Easy Storage. They Are Made From Durable Materials That Hold Up To The Most Extreme Abuse.â smooth Non-pitted Non-porous Surface Will Not Absorb Bacteria Stain Or Leak. Foamed Polystyrene.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, accessories, gt, zoo Med Accessories
      SKU: Zoomedfooddishmd

    Leona The Unicorn Fairy
      Leona The Unicorn Fairy.

      Rachel And Kirsty Are Off On Another Exciting Adventure - With The Magical Animal Fairies Rachel And Kirsty Are Heading To Outdoor Adventure Camp - And Another Fairy Adventure Is Just Around The Corner The Magical Animal Fairies' Seven Animals Are Missing. The Animals Each Look After A Special Kind Of Magic. If Rachel And Kirsty Can't Find Them Fast, Nothing Will Be The Same The Girls Are Excited To Go Horseback Riding Could Leona The Unicorn Fairy's Special Unicorn Be Near The Stables, Too? There's Only One Way To Find Out. . . . Find The Missing Magical Animal In Each Book And Help Save The Fairy Magic

      SKU: 16433568
      ISBN: 9780545384230
      Author: Meadows, Daisy

    Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth: The Cowboy And The Princess\the Wrangler And The Rich Girl
      Hawk's Way: Faron & Garth: The Cowboy And The Princess\the Wrangler And The Rich Girl.

      "the Cowboy And The Princess" Faron Whitelaw Had Some Nerve Calling Belinda Prescott A Princess. A Nearly Bankrupt Ranch Was Hardly A Castle, And Faron, An Ill-tempered Cowboy Who'd Inherited Half Her Kingdom, Was Certainly No Prince. Faron Became Spitting Mad When Belinda Informed Him About The Truth Of His Parentage: He Wasn't One Of The Whitelaws Of Texas. He Wanted To Believe That She Was Nothing More Than A Gold Digger, But All She Seemed To Want Was Him... "the Wrangler And The Rich Girl" Garth Whitelaw Couldn't Understand Why A Rich Texas Debutante Like Candy Baylor Would Want To Train Horses. But She Looked Darn Sexy In Worn Jeans With Hay In Her Hair, So Who Was He To Judge? Candy Had No Idea Why Garth Was Suddenly So Agreeable, But She Wasn't About To Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth. Besides, Her Instructors In School Had Never Been So Ruggedly Handsome As This Wrangler...and She Wouldn't Mind Engaging In Some Horseplay

      SKU: 1095699
      ISBN: 9780373772278
      Author: Johnston, Joan

    Bernie Wrightsons Frankenstein
      Bernie Wrightsons Frankenstein.

      Few Works By Comic-book Artists Have Earned The Universal Acclaim Ad Reverence That Bernie Wrightson's Illustrated Version Of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein Was Met Iwth Upon Its Original Release In 1983. Twenty-five Years Later, This Magnificent Pairing Of Art And Literature Is Still Considered To Be One Of The Greatest Achievements Made By Any Artist In The Field. Now, Wrightson And Dark Horse Books Are Collaborating On A Beautiful New Hardcovsr Edition Of The Book, Published In A Larger 9' X 12' Format Intended To Show Off The Exquisitely Detailed Line Art Of One Of The Greatest Living Artists In Comics Today. This Book Includes The Complete Text Of The Original Groundbreaking Novel, And The Original Forty-seven Full-page Illustrations That Stunned The World With Their Monumental Beauty And Uniqueness.

      SKU: 7313045
      ISBN: 9781595822000
      Author: Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft / Wrightson, Bernie Wollstonecraft / Wrightson, Bernie


      Samantha Taylor Is Shattered When Her Husband Leaves Her For Another Woman. She Puts Her Advertising Career On Hold And Seeks Refuge At A Friend's California Ranch, Where She Loses Herself In The Daily Labor Of Ranch Life. Here, She Discovers The Healing Powers Of Trusted Friends, Simple Joys, And Hard Work. She Also Meets Tate Jordan, The Ranch Foreman, And A Tumultuous Relationship Ensues. When Tate Disappears And A Fall From A Horse Changes Samantha's Life Forever, She Is Confined To A Wheelchair And Must Look Deep Inside Herself To Finds The Courage To Begin Again. Now, Fighting The Battles Of The Handicapped, She Finds New Challenges, New Loves, And Even The Adopted Child She's Always Longed For.

      SKU: 1388490
      ISBN: 9780440243991
      Author: Steel, Danielle

    Sumomomo, Momomo, Volume 3: The Strongest Bride On Earth
      Sumomomo, Momomo, Volume 3: The Strongest Bride On Earth.

      Eager To Prove His Strength To His Fianc E, Hikaru Challenges Koushi To A Duel. Touched By His Heartfelt Display, Momoko Stands Down, Leaving Koushi To Face The Charge Alone But The Class Rep Can't Let Koushi Come To Harm Because Of Her Secret Affection. Donning The Guise Of The Heavenly Warrior Horse Mask And Swallowing Her Pride, Sanae Unleashes Her Hidden Power At Last

      SKU: 2867723
      ISBN: 9780759530898
      Author: Ohtaka, Shinobu

    Mounted Archery In The Americas
      Mounted Archery In The Americas.

      This Fascinating And Amply Illustrated Book Charts The History Of Mounted Archery From Its Ancient Roots On The Steppes Of Eurasia Thousands Of Years Ago To Its Current Resurgence In Popularity In The Americas. It Also Provides The Reader With Up-to-the-minute Practical Information Gleaned From A Unique Team Of The World S Leading Experts. Mounted Archery Is Shooting The Bow And Arrow From Horseback At The Canter And After A Century And A Half Of Neglect On The Great Plains Of North America, Interest In This Thrilling Activity Is Rapidly Spreading From The Arctic Circle To The Tropic Of Capricorn. This Is The Story Of The Reappearance Of This Exciting Discipline In The Americas. Horseback Archery Has Its Origins In Two Of The Great Grasslands Of The World The United States Great Plains, And The Vast Steppes Of Eurasia. As Far Back As 3,000 Years Ago Asian Mounted Warriors Thundered Down On Their Enemies In Lightnings Urprise Attacks, Loosing Showers Of Arrows Which Stunned And Hopelessly Dissembled Their Pedestrian Opposition. The Horseback Archery Culture Of The American Indians Reached A Similar Level Of Development And Sophistication, But Emerged Much Later And Was A Shorter Phenomenon. Horses Spread North From The Spanish Colony Of Mexico Through The Plains Beginning In The Mid 1600 S, But This Dynamic Equestrian Culture Virtually Vanished With The Demise Of The Buffalo In The Mid 1800 S. Yet This Mounted Tradition Was Revived When, In 1998, Kassai Lajos, The Legendary Hungarian Founder Of The Modern Standardized Discipline Of Mounted Archery, Came To The United States For Now-legendary Demonstration. The World S Leading Mounted Archer Returned For Three Subsequent Training Camps Which Inspired Many Others To Take Up The Sport. Since Then, Mounted Archery Has Spread With Great Enthusiasm Across The United States, Canada And South America. This Challenging And Engaging Discipline Is Promoted By The Mounted Archery Association Of The Americas, And The Royalties From This Ground-breaking Study Of This Ancient Equestrian Art Are Being Donated To This Association.

      SKU: 7238828
      ISBN: 9781590482629
      Author: Gray, David / Novotny, Lukas

    White Horse Talisman
      White Horse Talisman.

      It Was Seven Minutes After Midnight On The Seventh Day. Whoooooooosh A Flash Of Light Streaked The Sky. A Shooting Star Touched A Strange Carving On The Hillside And A Magical Horse Shook Itself Free Of The Chalk And Rose To Its Feet. It Was Seven Minutes After Midnight On The Seventh Day Of The Seventh Month. The Only Person Watching Was Chantel. No Matter. It Was Enough. The Summer Of Magic Could Begin. The White Horse Talisman Is The First Volume Of The Summer Of Magic Quartet, Four Books Involving A Canadian Brother And Sister Visiting Their Two English Cousins. In The White Horse Talisman, Chantel, Adam, Holly And Owen Must Help Equus, The Great White Horse, Find His Mate And Foal And Regain His Magical Talisman. But As The Horse Rises, So Does The Dragon. The Age-old Battle Beween Good And Evil Threatens The Bond Between Chantel And Adam And Endangers The Quest. This Is Fantasy As Its Best, A Story That Raises Hairs On The Back Of The Neck And Sends Satisfying Chills Up And Down The Spine, A Story That, While Clearly Drawn From The Rich World Of Make Believe, Feels Truer Than True. Award-winning Author, Andrea Spalding, Has Written Many Popular Books For Children, Including Young Readers Phoebe And The Gypsy And The Keeper And The Crows And Picturebooks Sarah May And The New Red Dress, Me And Mr. Mah, And It's Raining, It's Pouring. An Accomplished Storyteller, Andrea Hails From England Where She Was Long Steeped In Ancient Lore, Lore That Now Finds It Full Expression In The Firstvolume Of The Summer Of Magic Quartet. The White Horse Talisman Is The First Of Four Books In The Summer Of Magic Quartet. Book Two Is Dance Of The Stones. Book Three Is Heart Of The Hill. Book Four Is Behind The Sorcerer's Cloak.

      SKU: 6836294
      ISBN: 9781551432229
      Author: Spalding, Andrea

    Barbie Magic Of Pegasus
      Barbie Magic Of Pegasus.

      Long Ago In A Kingdom Filled With Magic, Barbie Refused To Marry An Evil Wizard And Flees The Kingdom To Escape His Wrath. In Her Journeys, She Discovers That Her Older Sister Also Refused His Hand In Marriage And He Turned Her Into A Flying Horse Barbie And Her Sister Travel To The Crystal Cloud Kingdom Where They Find Many Friendly Flying Horses And The Cloud Queen. Barbie, Her Sister And Their New Friends Must Find Three Magical Treasures In Order To Defeat The Wicked Wizard And Restore Unity To Their Family And Kingdom

      SKU: 3190573
      ISBN: 9780794406868
      Author: Novell, Cappi

    The Art Of Classical Horsemanship
      The Art Of Classical Horsemanship.

      Egon Von Neindorff Dedicated His Life To The Knowledge And Promotion Of The Classical Art Of Riding. He Never Wanted To Be A Reformist But Purely An Interpreter. He Truly Understood The Philosophy Of Classical Riding And Was Therefore Able To Teach His Numerrous National And International Students To Develop Their Own Style. The Essence Of Classical Dressage Requires A Deep Affection For The Horse As Well As Understanding, Sensitivity, Humility, And Devotion. In This Book, Von Neindorff Illustrates In More Than 30 Chapters His Profound Understanding Of The Natural Training Of Horses. It Encompasses A Body Of Knowledge That Was Previously Only Taught At His Riding Establishment In Karlsruhe.

      SKU: 8063132
      ISBN: 9783861279198
      Author: Von Neindorff, Egon

    Everyday Training: Backyard Dressage
      Everyday Training: Backyard Dressage.

      A Step-by-step Guide To Improved Horsemanship And Greater Riding Pleasure, This Book Explains The Principles Of Dressage And Lists The Equipment Needed. There Is A Detailed Description Of Lunging With Coverage Of Developing Good Performance And Preventing Bad Habits, While Working A Horse On The Lunge Line. The Basic Training Of Horse And Rider Is Discussed In As Close To Chronological Order As Possible. Twelveponies Clearly Explains Training The Riding Horse From Trail Work To Endurance Riding, To Reining, Jumping And Competitive Dressage.

      SKU: 4125670
      ISBN: 9780914327011
      Author: Twelveponies, Mary / Thiffault, Mark

    Ghosts Of New York
      Ghosts Of New York.

      Step Into The Shadow-world Of Ghostly Spirits And Apparitions Who, For One Reason Or Another, Chose To Stay On In New York After Their Contemporaries Had Departed For The Afterlife. Visit The White Horse Tavern, Where Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas Died After Drinking 18 Straight Whiskies, But Still Likes To Hover Around His Favorite Table. And Why Does A Young Ziegfeld Follies Chorus Girl Haunt The New Amsterdam Theatre Clutching A Blue Glass Bottle? Read Their Eerie Stories And Be Awed By Many Other Inexplicable Hauntings In This Ghostly-guided Tour.

      SKU: 7265308
      ISBN: 9781592234141
      Author: Blackhall, Susan

    Marooned: The Next Generation Of Desert Island Discs
      Marooned: The Next Generation Of Desert Island Discs.

      Featuring Original Contributions From Today's Leading Music Critics, "marooned" Is A Revealing Snapshot Of The Current State Of Pop Music Criticism. A Follow-up And Homage To Greil Marcus's Rock-and-roll Classic "strande,d" "marooned" Asks The Same Question: What Album Would You Bring To A Desert Island, And Why?with Essays By: Matt Ashare * Tom Breihan * Aaron Burgess * Jon Caramanica * Daphne Carr * Jeff Chang * Ian Christie * Kandia Crazy Horse * John Darnielle * Laina Dawes * Geeta Dayal * Rob Harvilla * Jess Harvell * Michaelangelo Matos * Anthony Miccio * Amy Phillips * Dave Queen * Ned Raggett * Simon Reynolds * Chris Ryan * Scott Seward * Greg Tate * Derek Taylor * Douglas Wolk

      SKU: 862492
      ISBN: 9780306814853
      Author: Freeman, Phil / Marcus, Greil

    Boss Croker
      Boss Croker.

      In 1846 The Crokers, A Presbyterian Landlord Family, Flee Ireland's Famine In West Cork Aboard The "henry Clay, Survive Shipwreck, And Land In New York. There They Are Confronted With The Grim Realities Of A Teeming City, Street Gangs, Poverty, And Prostitution. In This New World Their Youngest Son, Richard 'boss' Croker (1841-1922) Thrives. Through Sheer Ambition The Barely Literate Croker-engineer, Prizefighter, Fixer, Union Organizer-battles His Way From The Underworld To Seize Control Of Tammany Hall, The Seat Of Power-politics In New York. "boss Croker Also Captures The Drama Of Croker's Later Years: His Move To Dublin, Where He Reconstructs Glencairn In Sandyford, Winning The 1907 English Derby With Orby, The First Irish Horse To Do So; His Support For Rebellion In Ireland Through Contacts With Clan Na Gael And Michael Collins. It Brings Ireland And Irish America Into Vivid Focus Through The Prism Of One Extraordinary, Flamboyant Life.

      SKU: 7747558
      ISBN: 9781903305102
      Author: O'farrell, Padraic

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