Braiding Manes And Tails: A Visual Guide To 30 Basic Braids

    Braiding Manes And Tails: A Visual Guide To 30 Basic Braids
      Braiding Manes And Tails: A Visual Guide To 30 Basic Braids.

      Next To Riding, There's Nothing Horse People Love More Than To Pamper And Groom Their Horses. Particularly Satisfying Among Grooming Tasks, Braiding Manes And Tails Is A Calming, Centering Routine, Enjoyed Equally By Horse And Rider. And, Of Course, Handsome Braids Are A Requirement For Showing In Many Riding Disciplines. Horse Trainer And Instructor Charni Lewis Brings The Wonderful Process Of Braiding To Life In Her Clearly Described, Step-by-step Guide To 30 Beautiful Braids. Helping The Braider Along Are Full-color Photographs And Detailed Illustrations Showing Twists And Turns That Make Each Style Unique And The Hand Positions Necessary To Hold Those Ropes Of Equine Hair In Place. To Keep Hands Free For Braiding, The Book Has A Nail Hole At The Top Of Each Page For Easy Hanging On A Post Or Barn Wall. Lewis Begins With Detailed Advice On Choosing And Using Appropriate Tools, Preparing The Horse, And Creating A Safe Area In Which To Work. After A Chapter On No-nonsense Maintenance Braids (used Primarily To Keep The Horse Neat And Clean), She Progresses Through All The Classic Braids Required For Each Riding Discipline - From A Diamond Dressage Braid To The Three-ribbon Style Favored For Gaited Show Horses. Finally, Lewis Lets Loose With Braids That Are Simply Fun To Do. She Encourages Readers To Experiment With A Scalloped Hunter Mane Braid Or A Fourstrand Weave For The Tail. They Look Gorgeous, And When The Novelty Wears Off, There Are Many More To Try

      SKU: 7138051
      ISBN: 9781580176996
      Author: Lewis, Charni

    12 Month Provecta Advanced For Medium Dogs (11-20 Lbs)
      12 Month Provecta Advanced For Medium Dogs (11-20 Lbs).

      Provecta Advanced For Medium Dogs Provides Your Pup With 5 Way Protection Against Fleas, Ticks, Biting Flies, Mosquitoes And Lice. This Topical Treatment Keeps Your Pup Free Of Itching Bug Bites For Up To One Month With A Single Application! Adult Fleas Are Killed Within 12 Hours For Fast Relief. Not Only That, But The Additional Active Ingredient, Pyriproxyfen, Also Targets Developing Fleas Such As Flea Eggs And Pupae. By Eliminating The Next Generation Of Fleas, Future Reinfestations Are Prevented! 5 Way Protection Against Fleas, Ticks, Biting Flies, Mosquitoes And Lice Contains The Same Active Ingredients Found In K9 Advantix Ii Convenient, Easy-to-apply Monthly Topical Solution Fragrance Free For Use In Medium Dogs And Puppies 7 Weeks Of Age Or Older Weighing 11-20 Lbs

      Category: Dog Spuplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, provecta Ad Vanced For Dogs , amp, Cats
      SKU: 12-month-provecta-medium-dogs

    6-pack Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (180 Chews)
      6-pack Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (180 Chews).

      6 Pack Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews - Medium Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Help Clean Your Dog's Teeth While They Chew. These Beefhide Treats Are Coated With Enzymes That Help Remove Plaque And Prevent Harmful Bacteria From Building Up. Effective Cleaning Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Formula Features A Blend Of The Enzymes Lactoperoxidase And Glucose Oxidase, Which Help Prevent Plaque And Tartar Build Up As Well As Promote Clean Teeth And Fresh Breath. With The Enzymes Coated Onto The Chews, Your Dog Will Gain Faster Benefit. Oral Hygiene Chews Also Feature An Abrasive Texture, Which Help Scrub Your Dog's Teeth While He Chews. Oral Care Can Be A Treat! Maintaining Your Dog's Oral Health Is An Important Part To Maintaining Your Dog's Overall Health. Feeding Your Dog An Oral Hygiene Chew As A Treat Is The Easiest Part Of The Oral Care Process. Dogs Love The Delicious Poultry Flavor! Try Oral Hygiene Chews With Other Ora-clens Products To Optimize Oral Health. Ora-clens Enzyme-coated Oral Hygiene Chews Coated With Enzymes Abrasiv E Surface Scrubs Teeth Highly Palatable Featuring A Poultry Flavor Remove Plaque And Tartar Freshens Your Dog's Breath More Info Pet Health Solutions Browse More Products From Pet Health Solutions. Dental Products Browse A Wide Selection Of Dental Products. Canine Dental Disease Learn About The Consequences Of Poor Oral Health. Dental Health A Guide To Your Pet's Dental Health. Ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews Is Available In: Small And Petite Dogs Under 11 Pounds Medium Dogs (11 - 25 Pounds) Large Dogs (26 - 50 Pounds) Extra Large Dogs (over 51 Pounds) 30 Chews 3 Pack (90 Chews) 6 Pack (180 Chews) 30 Chews 3 Pack (90 Chews) 6 Pack (180 Chews) 30 Chews 3 Pack (90 Chews) 6 Pack (180 Chews) 15 Chews 3 Pack (45 Chews) 6 Pack (90 Chews)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, ora-clens Oral Hygiene Chews
      SKU: 6-pack-ora-clens-oral-hygiene-chews-medium-180-chews

    Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove
      Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove.

      Four Paws® Magic Coat® Love Glove® Eliminates Mats And Tangles In Your Pet's Fur With A Comfortable Grooming Glove. This Soft And Comfortable Tool Features Rubber Tips That Gently Remove Dirt And Dead Hair From Your Pet's Coat. The Tips Also Work To Massage The Skin, While Cleaning And Softening The Coat. Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Is Appropriate For All Coat Types And Even Works To Lift Hair From Furniture, Fabrics And Carpets. This Tool Is Designed To Fit Any Hand And Can Be Easily Washed With Warm Water. Keeping Your Pet's Coat Well-groomed Is As Easy As Petting With The Love Glove, So Order One For Your Animal Today! Key Features: Removes Dirt, Dust, And Dead Fur From Fur Coat With Gentle Rubber Tips Gently Massages Skin While Removing Mats And Tangles Lifts Hair From Furniture, Fabrics And Carpets

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, brushes , amp, Combs, gt, four Paws, amp, reg, Brushes
      SKU: Fohr-paws-magic-coat-love-glove

    Proselect Stainless Steel Pet Dish Dura-weight (2 Qt Width=8")
      Proselect Stainless Steel Pet Dish Dura-weight (2 Qt Width=8").

      Proselect Stainless Steel Pet Dish Dura-weight Is Made To Be Heavy-duty With A High-gloss Finish And Is Easy-to-clean And Bacteria-resistant. High-quality 18/8 Stainless Steel Is Strong And Scratch-resistant. Dishes Are Guaranteed Not To Pit Or Rust. Offer Quality And Value You Won't Find Anywhere Else.are Among Our Most Pooular Dishes. Strongest Heavyweight Dish Scratch Proof Dishwasher Safe Classic High Gloss Finish Is Easy To Clean. Rust-resistant

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Spplies, gt, stainless Steel Bowls, gt, proselect Stainless Steel Bowls
      SKU: Hegapfststdi2

    Multipet Look Who?s Talking Monkey (7 Inches)
      Multipet Look Who?s Talking Monkey (7 Inches).

      Multipet Look Who's Talking Monkey Looks And Sounds So Authsntic That You And Your Dog Might Just Think It's Real. With Each Squeeze, Watch The Plush, Colorful Toys Come To Life. Product Features: Satisfaction Guaranteed Your Pet Will Love It Makes A Great Gift Plush Toy For Dogs Real-life Sound Effects

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, multipet Look Who, s Talking Plush Toys
      SKU: Lookwhostalkmonkey7in

    Off-leash Smokey Beef (5.29 Oz)
      Off-leash Smokey Beef (5.29 Oz).

      Off-leash Smokey Beef Treats, By Buddy's Kitchen, Are Soft And Chewy Semi-moist Treats For Dogs. Foor Any Activity You Share With Your Dog, You Can Promote Good Behavior By Carrying Off-leash Treats With You. These Mini Treats Are Perfect For Use When Training And Rewarding Any Dog, Regardless Of Breed Or Size. Off Leash Treats Are Only 4 Calories Each And Feature Quality, All-natural Ingredients. The Treats Are Made Without Corn, Soy, Artificial Colors Or Flavors To Ensure That Your Dog Can Digest Them Properly. Each Treat Measures Approximately ½ Inch In Diameter And Are Easy To Bring With You On Walks With Your Pup. Your Dog Will Love These Palatable Treats And You'll Love How They Encourage Good Behavior- So Order Today! Package Weighs 150g (5.29 Oz) All Natural, Smokey Beef Flavored Treats No Corn, Soy, Or Added Artificial Flavors Or Colorings Only 4 Calories Each

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Training Treats, gt, off Leash Treats
      SKU: Off-leash-smokey-beef-5-29-oz

    The Pleat Sheet
      The Pleat Sheet.

      If You're Wrestling For The Sheets At Night, We'll Keep You Covered! Whether A Partner, Pets Or Kids Are The Culprit, The Pleat Sheet Is The Solution! The Pleat Sheet Is A Complete Sheet Set Featuring A Patented Expandable Pleat That Unfolds To Create Extra Wings Of Cover And Warmth At Night, And Easily Folds Back Into The Shape Of A Normal Flat Sheet For Making Up The Bed In The Morning. The Pleat Sheet Features: Full, Queen & King Sizes Complete Sheet Sets (2 Pillowcases, 1 Deep Fitted Sheet, 1 Pleat Sheet) White Or Ivory (damask Sateen Stripe) Soft, Comfortable Fabric (300 Thread Count, 100% Cotton Sateen Weave) New Button Closure (for Easily Expanding And Folding) You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, other Pet Essentials, gt, the Pleat Sheet
      SKU: Pleatsheet

    Spa Lavish Pet Comfort Shampoo (16 Oz)
      Spa Lavish Pet Comfort Shampoo (16 Oz).

      Spa Lavish Pet Comfort Shampoo (16 Oz) Lavender, Oatmeal Verbena This Rich Combination Of Nourishing Body Bath And Rich Vitamins Is Designed To Leave Your Pet's Skin And Coat Feeling Cleansed And Smooth. The Aromatherapy Effects Of Lavender And The Soothing Effects Of Hydrolyzed Oatmeal Combine To Relieve Stress And Impart Comfort To Your Loved One. By Tropiclean

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, spa Lavish Shampoo
      SKU: Spacomfort

    Thomas Labs K-ease (500 Tablets)
      Thomas Labs K-ease (500 Tablets).

      Help Flush Tired, Overworked, Or Low Functioning Kidneys. Extra-strength Formula Of Uva Ursi, Couch Grass, Corn Silk And Juniper Berries. Fast And Effective Mild Diuretic. Does Not Contain Chemicals Or Drugs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, kidney , amp, amp, Renal Support Supplements, gt, thomas Labs K-ease
      SKU: Thomas-labs-k-ease-500-tablets

    Wholistic Canine Complete (4 Lbs Tub)
      Wholistic Canine Complete (4 Lbs Tub).

      Wholistic Canine Complete (4 Lbs Tub) Finally! One Organic, Human-grade Supplement That Providse Your Pet With A Complete Array Of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Essential Fatty Acids Powerful Antioxidants And Digestive Microflora! High Bioavailability Is Ensured By The Use Of Organic, Human-grade Whole-food Sources As Opposed To Artificial, Synthetic Ingredients. If You Are Tired Of Using Several Different Supplements In The Never-ending Quest For Optimum Nutrition For Your Pet, Then Look No Further. Not Only Does Wholistic Canine Completeā„¢ Offer All Required Nutrients In A Whole-food Form That Is Easily And Readily Digestable, But It Offers The Highest Quality Of Premium Nutrients That Are Human-grade And Certified Organic! No Other Supplement Comes Close In Offering The Quality And Quanti Ty Of Nutrients That Are A Staple Of The Wholistic Pet Organicsā® Full Line Of Supplements And Food. Proprietary Blend Of Certified Organic Kelp, Certified Organic Flax Seed Organic Bee Pollen, Human-grade Hydrolyzed Whitefish (whole, Dried Fish Fillet), Certified Organic Garlic, Certified Organic Spirulina, Lecithin, Probiotics, Enzymes And Powerful Antioxidants Including Vitamins C & E. Even The Most Finicky Eater Will Love The Taste Of Wholistic Canine Complete! All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, wholistic Canine Complete
      SKU: Wholisticcomp4tub

    Zodiac Spot On Flea & Tick Control For Puppies Under 15 Lbs (4 Pack)
      Zodiac Spot On Flea & Tick Control For Puppies Under 15 Lbs (4 Pack).

      Zodiac Spot On For Puppies Is A Highly Effective Flea & Tick Control Topical For Dogs. Each Monthly Applicator Kills And Repels Fleas, Ticks And Mosquitoes On Dogs For Up To 30 Days. Spot On Contains (s)-methoprene, An Insect Growth Regulator, Which Prevents Reinfestations By Killing Flea Eggsfor One Month And Breaking The Flea Life Cycle. The Specially Designed Applicator Features A Longer Tip For Easy Application To Long-haired Dogs. Each Applicator Is Thoughtfully Designed, Featuring A Shape And Color Unique To The Animal Type And Weight The Treatment Is Intended For, Helping Prevent Accidental Misuse Of The Product. 4 Month Supply, For Puppies Under 15 Lbs. And Over 6 Months Of Age Kills And Repels Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks And Mosquitoes For 30 Days Kills Flea Eggs And Prevents Reinfestation Longer Applicator Tip For Easy Application To Long-haired Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, zodiac Spot On
      SKU: Zodiac-spot-on-flea-and-tick-control-for-puppies-under-15-lbs-4-pack

    Wild Horse Scientists
      Wild Horse Scientists.

      Meet Scienitsts Dr. Ron Keiper And Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, Who Have Devoted Their Professional Careers To Unraveling The Mysteries Of Wild Horses' Dna And Developing A Way To Vaccinate The Assateague Island, Va Herds With The Birth Control Hormone Pzp. Follow Dr. Kirkpatrick As He Braves Extreme Island Weather, Clouds Of Biting Parasites, And Endures Thousands Of Watchful Hours, As He Fights To Maintain The Precarious Balance Of Assateague's Ecosystem. The Result Of His Hard Work And Unwavering Dedication Is The First Comprehensive Research On An American Wild Horse Population's Mating Habits And Life Span. Learn How Dr. Kirkpatrick's Meticulous Handwritten Notes Chart Not Only The Life Cycle Of His Equine Subjects, Like Voodoo, Comma And Niacin, But How They Are Also Contracts Of Deep Mutual Respect, Affection And The Tenuous Bond Between People And Horses. Descriptive Prose Meets Solid Science As Author Kay Frydenborg Sheds Light On A Largely Ignored Fielld Of Study In The World Of Equine Animal Science. Revealing, Never-before-seen Photography Offers A Rare Glimpse Into The Wild Herds Of Assateague, As Well As The Fierce But Delicate Beauty Of Their Island Home.

      SKU: 18084909
      ISBN: 9780547518312
      Author: Frydenborg, Kay / Frydenborg, Kathryn

    Fun With Horses Stencils
      Fun With Horses Stencils.

      6 Brightly Colored, Pre-cut Stencils For Tracing Handsome Horses In Six Poses. Fun For Kids, Useful For Decorators.

      SKU: 1599807
      ISBN: 9780486298368
      Author: Kennedy, Paul E. / Horses

    Engine Management: Advanced Tuning
      Engine Management: Advanced Tuning.

      As Tools For Tuning Modern Engines Have Become More Powerful And Sophisticated In Recent Years, The Need For In-depth Knowledge Of Engine Management Systems And Tuning Techniques Has Grown. Tuning Engines Can Be A Mysterious Art, All Engines Need A Precise Balance Of Fuel, Air, And Timing In Order To Reach Their True Performance Potential. This Book Explains How The Efi System Determines Engine Operation And How The Calibrator Can Change The Controlling Parameters To Optimize Actual Engine Performance. Engine Management: Advanced Tuning Takes Engine-tuning Techniques To The Next Level. It Is A Must-have For Tuners And Calibrators And A Valuable Resource For Anyone Who Wants To Make Horsepower With A Fuel-injected, Electronically Controlled Engine. Author Greg Banish Is A Calibration Engineer With Extensive Aftermarket Performance Calibration Experience. He Has A Bsme From Gmi Engineering And Management Institute (kettering University). With Over A Thousand Unique Calivrations Performed Over Five Years, He Has Worked With Enthusiasts And Oems Alike To Improve The Performance And Driving Behavior Of A Wide Range Of Vehicles. The Book Contains Detailed Equations, Graphs, And Illustrations. Also Included Are Valuable And Practical Examples, Including Real-world Examples Based Upon The Author's Experience That Will Help More Advanced Readers Apply This New Information To Situations That Are Commonly Seen During Calibration.

      SKU: 7802185
      ISBN: 9781932494426
      Author: Banish, Greg


      The Sixth Reader In The Stablemates Series Features An American Quarter Horse And A Christmas Theme Belle Is A Quarter Horse Who Lives In A Big City Park. Emmy Is A Shy Young Girl Who Has Just Moved To The Big City From The Country. Emmy Is Afraid Of Things In The City And Needs A Friend. As Christmastime Approaches, Emmy Travels Off Path In The Park, But Belle Helps Her Find Their Way Back To The Stables Safe And Sound. Emmy Begins To Feel Better About The City When Her Parents Announce That Her New Present Is Belle Now They Can Be Friends Forever.

      SKU: 1381693
      ISBN: 9780439883368
      Author: Mills, Elizabeth / Rogers, Jacqueline

    Hoof Prints: More Stories From Proud Spirit
      Hoof Prints: More Stories From Proud Spirit.

      The Heartwarming Story Of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary Continues With Nineteen New Stories Of Rescued Horses Who Have Gotten A Second Chance At Life.

      SKU: 6952530
      ISBN: 9781561644124
      Author: Bowles, Melanie Sue

    The Handjob Handbook: A Work Of Non-friction
      The Handjob Handbook: A Work Of Non-friction.

      With A Little Practice And A Lot Of Passion, Sexual Power Is Easily Within Your Grasp In The Sport Of Love, There Are Times When Only An "hj" Will Do. It's Fun. It's Practical. It's Quick. But Let's Face It: The Handjob Is The Lowly Stepsister To The Far More Glamorous Blowjob. The Authors Of "the Handjob Handbook" Think That's Unfair. If A Handjob's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well, And This Helpful, Humorous Guide, Complete With Twent-five Sure-to-please Techniques, Will Show You How... The Basic - The Flatterer - The Jiffy Pop - Ants Climbing Up A Hill - Headless Horseman - The James Bond - Squeeze Play - E-z- Pass - The Ok Handjob - The Girl Scout - The Playstation - The Twist Off - Climbing The Rope - The Upstroke - Tainted Love - Taint Misbehavin' - The Tko - The Frozen Rope - The Handoff - Kneading Dough - Candy Cane - Merry Christmas - The Metronome - Taffy Pull - The Italian Job Witty, Empowering, And Playfully Erotic, It Delivers Useful Advice In A Fun And Creative Format. The Eyes May Be The Window To The Soul, But The Hands Are The Key To A Gift That Keeps On Giving.

      SKU: 6243660
      ISBN: 9781416958864
      Author: Normandy, Marsha / St James, Joseph / Schunk, Arlene

    The Jungle Book: Complete And Unabridged
      The Jungle Book: Complete And Unabridged.

      Here Are The Famous Stories Of How Mowgli Came To The Wolf Pack, Learned The Law Of The Jungle From Baloo The Bear, Bagheera The Black Panther, And Kaa The Python, And Killed The Evil Tiger Shere Khan. And Here Too Are Rikki-tikki-tavi, Little Toomai, Kotick The White Seal, And The Varied Characters In The Horse Lines Of An Army Camp.

      SKU: 424249
      ISBN: 9780140366860
      Author: Kipling, Rudyard / Langford, Alan

    The Sacred Path Beyond Trauma: Reaching The Divine Through Nature's Healing Symbols
      The Sacred Path Beyond Trauma: Reaching The Divine Through Nature's Healing Symbols.

      One Of Graham Greene's Characters Famously Said, "i Suffer, Therefore I Am," Suggesting That Pain Is An Inescapable, And Perhaps Incurable, Part Of The Human Condition. But Must This Be So? Ellen Macfarland Argues Otherwise In "the Sacred Beyond Trauma. "through The Use Of Mythology, Stories From Film And Fiction, Real-life Examples, And Her Personal History, Macfarland Shows That Healing Trauma Is Indeed Possible, Using Rich Resources Near At Hand, In Nature. The Book Explores Major Symbols Of Healing Nature That Can Provide An Impetus For Personal Transformation. One Of The Case Studies Profiles Monty Roberts, A Well-known Horse Trainer Who Overcame Significant Childhood Abuse By Working With Horses And Eventually Fostering Some Forty Children Alongside His Own Biological Family. The Key, Says Macfarland, Is Using These And Other Natural Symbols Such As "yin Yang "to Balance The Tension Between Trauma And "numinosity "(sacredness, Transcendence), Resulting In The Creation Of A New Way Of Being In The World. Understanding This And The Book's Other Nature-based Symbols Can Turn The Distressed Mind Into A Fertile Field Of Spiritual Awareness, Empowerment, And Lifelong Growth.

      SKU: 6880002
      ISBN: 9781556437250
      Author: Macfarland, Ellen B. / Romanyshyn, Robert

    Painting Unicorns In Watercolour
      Painting Unicorns In Watercolour.

      Use Simple Watercolor Techniques To Create Lovely Unicorn Paintings With This Instructional Guide. Add The Right Hooves, Manes, And Horns To Basic Horse Designs For Amazing Results. Tips On Building The Painting Using Special Watercolor Effects And Producing Fantasy Backgrounds Are Also Included. Two Demonstrations, Complete With Step-by-step Photographs And Simple Instructions, Complete This Must-have For Lovers Of Fantasy Art.

      SKU: 7493333
      ISBN: 9781844481651
      Author: Balchin, Rebecca

    True Home: Life On A Heritage Farm
      True Home: Life On A Heritage Farm.

      In Her Book Of Personal Memoirs And Essays, Anny Scoones Reaches Deeper Into What Nature, Rural Life And Agriculture Mean To Us. She Explores How We Live Within It, And Look At The Thrills And Joys And Disasters Of What Really Happens In The Countryside And Nearby Towns. These Are Tales Of How The Human Spirit Copes With Nature's Fate And How Nature Copes With Humanity. Stories Vary From A Rescued Dog Who Anny Met In The Town Bank, To A Grand Old White Pine Tree That Was Given A New Purpose, To A Homesick Goat, To A Horse Who Couldn't Relax Without Blackberries, To The Joys Of The Garage Sale, And Even A Recipe For Quince Jelly Can Be Found. Following The Lead Of Her Bestselling Books Home: Tales Of A Heritage Farm (2005) And Home And Away: More Tales Of A Heritage Farm, Anny Continues The Journey As She Charms And Inspires Readers With Her Insights And Observations On Nature, Fate, Time And Aging.

      SKU: 8805060
      ISBN: 9781926741093
      Author: Scoones, Anny

    Leonardo's Horse
      Leonardo's Horse.

      On May 2, 1519, At The Clos Luce In Amboise, Leonardo Da Vinci Is Dying. He No Longer Cares About Art Or Science. He Wants Only To Answer A Simple Question About His Life: Why Did He Abandon His Colossal Equestrian Statue In Milan? Meanwhile, R -, A Twentieth-century Historian Writing A Novel About Leonardo, Meditates Upon The Same Question In The Midst Of An Apocalyptic Traffic Jam, As Military Helicopters Fill The Air With Tear Gas, Aids Demonstrators Run Amok, And A Hospital Evacuates Its Patients Onto A Nearby Sidewalk. Berry's Stupendous Novel Is A Fitting Response To The Close Of A Century Obsessed With The "end Of History". This Book Is A Masterpiece Of A Kind Rarely Dared In The Contemporary Novel.

      SKU: 7082738
      ISBN: 9781573660310
      Author: Berry, R. M. / Berry, Ralph M.

    Chronicle Notes: Horse And Sparrow: 12 Notecards And Envelopes
      Chronicle Notes: Horse And Sparrow: 12 Notecards And Envelopes.

      These Adorable Notecards Are The Perfect Size For Announcements Or Thank-yous.

      SKU: 3392318
      ISBN: 9780811849968
      Author: Moyle / Moyle, Eunice

    Burst Of Electric Shock, Urethra, Vagina, Chastity Device, Horse Eye Stimulation Belt Particle Insertion Rod Pulse Physiotherapy Massage Adu
      Burst Of Electric Shock, Urethra, Vagina, Chastity Device, Horse Eye Stimulation Belt Particle Insertion Rod Pulse Physiotherapy Massage Adu.

      It's An Electric Shock Therapy Product That Can Help You Heal Your Prostate Discomfort, Which Gives You A Very High Level Of Stimulation.

      Category: Chastitydevices
      SKU: 400045750

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