Calling Elections: The History Of Horse-race Journalism

    Calling Elections: The History Of Horse-race Journalism
      Calling Elections: The History Of Horse-race Journalism.

      Calling Elections: The History Of Horse-race Journalism Is The Lively And Important Story Of The Origins And Evolution Of The "horserace" Tradition Of Political Journalism In The United States. Thomas B. Littlewood Examines How The Treatment Of Elections As Sporting Events Has Come To Overshadow The Reporting Of The Campaign As A Forum For The Discussion Of Ideas. He Suggests Reasons For The Perception Of Presidential Elections As Spectator Sport: The Historical Interconnections Between Gambling, Politics, And The Press; The Infusion Of Sports Language Into Political Rhhetoric; The Government Spoils System That Gives Individuals And Businesses A Financial Stake In The Status Of The Contest; The Methodological Development Of "scientific" Polling; The Fiercely Declared Independence Of Many Formerly Partisan Organizations; The Perverse Conviction Of Many Journalists In The Early 1900s That Substantive Politics Was Not Interesting To News Consumers And That Partisan "speech" Belonged In The Paid Advertising Coolumns Of The Newspaper.

      SKU: 805737
      ISBN: 9780268008338
      Author: Littlewood, Thomas B.

    Achieve (800 G)
      Achieve (800 G).

      Achieve (800 G) Helps Support A Calf's Developing Immune System During Its First 2 Weeks Of Life. This Combination Of Targeted Proteins, Beneficial Bacteria, Intestinal Energy Sources And Unique Cryptex Formula Helps Maintain Intestinal Health During Times Of Stress In The Newborn Calf. Ingredients: Charcoal, Dextrose, Dried Why, Egg Product, Glutamine, Inulin, Dextrin, Silicon Dioxide, Dried Fermentation, Product Of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L. Lactis, L. Casei, L Fermentum, L Plantarum, Bacillus Licheniformi,s Bacillus Subtilis, Enterococcus Faecium, Pediococcus Pentosaceus, Bifidobacterium Longum And B. Bifidum, Magnesium Stearate.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, achieve Immune Supplement
      SKU: Achievepaste800

    Dr. Goodpet Outside Flea & Relief (1.5 Lbs)
      Dr. Goodpet Outside Flea & Relief (1.5 Lbs).

      Dr. Goodpet Outside Flea Relief Is A Natural, Non-toxic Means Of Keeping Your Lawn Free Of Fleas And Other Pests. This All-natural Powder Is A Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth That Provides A Safe Way To Repel Unwanted Pests Without Forcing You To Restrain Your Cat Or Dog. In Fact, This Powder Can Also Be Directly Fed To Your Pet As An Anti-parasitic Solution. Dr. Goodpet Outside Flea Relief Works To Control Fleas, Ticks, Flies, Millipedes, Centipedes, Mites, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Slugs, Snails, Aphids, Earwigs, Ants, And More. This Container Includes 1.5 Pounds Of The Powder To Cover Approximately 750 Square Feet. For Pest Control That Works Inside And Out, Grab A Bottle Of This Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth For Your Cat, Dog, Or Yard Today! Key Features: Highly-effective, Chemical-free Pesticide Non-toxic Formula Can Be Fed To Cats And Dogs As Anti-parasitic Contains 1.5 Pounds Of Powder To Treat Approximately 750 Sq. Ft.

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      SKU: Dr-goodpet-outside-flea-relief-1-5-lbs

    Feline Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control Tuna (2.1 Oz)
      Feline Greenies Smartbites Hairball Control Tuna (2.1 Oz).

      Smartbites By Greenies Are Delicious Treats For Cats With Natural Ingredients That Offer Real Benefits To Your Cat's Overall Health. Smartbites Hairball Control Cat Treats Contain Fiberblend™, A Formula With A Special Combination Of Plant-based Fibers. Smartbites Hairball Control's Blend Of Fibers Help Minimize Hairball Formation And Promote Healthy Digestion. The Savory Tuna Flavor Will Leave Your Cat Begging For More. And Because Greenies Smartbites Are Only 1.3 Calories A Treat, You Don't Have To Feel Guilty About Feeding These Treats To Your Feline Friend Regularly. All Natural Cat Treats Contains Fiberblend™ Helps Reduce Hairball Formation Savory Tuna Flavor

      Category: Cat Reats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Cat Treats, gt, grenies Smartbites
      SKU: Feline-greenies-smartbites-hairball-control-tuna-2-oz

    Fiproguard Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs 45-88 Lbs, 3-pack
      Fiproguard Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs 45-88 Lbs, 3-pack.

      Fiproguard For Dogs - 45-88 Lbs, 3-pack Fiproguard For Dogs - 45-88 Lbs, 3-pack Is A Fast Acting, Squeeze-on Topical Protection Against Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice. Fiproguard Plus Is The First Approved Generic Equivalent To Frontline Plus, And Contains Fipronil, The Same Active Ingredient Used In Frontline Top Spot For Dogs. Fiproguard Plus Kills Ticks Which Can Cause Lyme Disease And Controls Mites That May Cause Sarcoptic Mange. It Is Also Waterproof, Staying Active After Baths. Fiproguard Plus Offers Premium Protection Against Pests Without The Premium Price. For Use On Dogs Over 8 Weeks Of Age Up. Features: ? Kills Fleas ? Kills Ticks ? Kills Chewing Lice ? Fights The Spreading Of Lyme Disease Which Is Commonly Transferred Through Fleas And Ticks ? Used For Dogs 8 Weeks Of Age And Older. ? Waterproof. ? Made In The Usa ? Great Value And Cost ? Contains Fipronil Which Is The Same Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot. Fiproguard For Dogs Kills Fleas Kills Ticks Kills Chewing Lice Same Fipronil Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot Fast Protection Against Adult Pests Waterproof More Info Flea & Tick Supplies Shop All Flea & Tick Supplies How To Control Fleas Find Out More Information On How To Control Fleas Flea & Tick Buyer?s Guide A Guide To Help You Choose Which Flea Protection Is Right For Your Pet Got Fleas? Understanding And Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, fiproguard
      SKU: Fiproguard45

    Inject N Clean Urine Odor Eliminator (32 Fl Oz)
      Inject N Clean Urine Odor Eliminator (32 Fl Oz).

      Inject N Clean Urine Odor Eliminator Is An Environmentally Safe Topical Cleanser Used To Completely Eliminate Tough Stains And Lingering Odors From Your Pet. This Unique Bacillus Formula Treats Stains And Odors Easily And Effectively. Bacillus Is A Bacterium That Produces Important Enzymes That Are Crucial To The Eradication Of Unwanted Odors And Stains. Use It On Carpet, Flooring, Furniture, Bedding, Clothing, And Anywhere Else Your Pet May Leave Their Mark! Works On All Pet Odors. Naturally Deodorizes. Safe For People, Pets And Planet. Removes New And Old Stains. All-natural Bacillus Formula.

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, inject N Clean Urine Odor Eliminator , amp, Carpet Cleaning Kit
      SKU: Inject-n-clean-urine-odor-eliminator-32oz

    Living World Hhamster Treat (2.6 Oz) - Field
      Living World Hhamster Treat (2.6 Oz) - Field.

      Are You Interested In Giving Your Pet Hamster A Bit More Than Just The Daily Food Meal It Eats Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner. Does A Treat Sound Like A Way To Change The Norm And Give Your Furry Friend A Bit Of Change? Then The Living World Drops For Hamsters Provide A Great Way To Spoil Your Hamster While Still Providing It A Healthy Food To Consume. Unlike Other Treats Which Just End Up Retraining The Hamster To Chase After Bad Food, Living World Drops Are Healthy In Design. So Your Hamster Doesn't Become Redirected The Wrong Way In Terms Of Diet. Living World Hamster Drops Are Designed To Include Necessary Dietary Minerals As Well As Vitamin C. The Drops Are So Ealthy They Can Be Used On A Daily Basis, But Care Should Be Taken Not To Spoil The Pet. It Still Needs To Rely On Its Regular Food For Most Of Its Daily Sustenance. The Living World Treats Can Also Be Used To Enhance Training Of Your Pet, Guiding It To Behave In A Particular Desired Way. Further, The Drops Can Be Put Inside A Treat Ball, Making The Hamster Hunt For The Treat Rather Than Just Having The Easy Way Out. This Helps Your Pet Develop Its Foraging Skills Better. Other Benefits Of The Living World Hamster Treat Drops Include: ? An Alternative From The Normal Hamster Food That Probably Comes Across Boring And Dry. ? A Healthy Way To Change Your Pet's Diet Without Harming The Hamster.

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Pet Food , amp, amp, Treats, gt, living Wotld Treats
      SKU: Living-world-hamster-treat-26-oz-field

    Mane 'n Tail Shampoo (gallon)
      Mane 'n Tail Shampoo (gallon).

      Mane 'n Tail Shampoo Is An Exclusive High Lathering Formula Containing Cleansing Agents Fortified With Moisturizers And Emollients. Rich Fragrant Lather Provides "down To The Skin" Cleansing Action Ph Balanced Formula Provides Optimum Body, Shine And Manageability Micro Enriched Protein Formula Conditions Leaving Hair Soft And Shiny Regular Use Enhances Coat Health And Appearance.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Grooming Products, gt, mane , n Tail, amp, reg, Horse Grooming Product
      SKU: Mane-n-tail-shampoo-gallon

    Petsafe Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Control
      Petsafe Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Control.

      This Tastefully Designed Tabletop Device Can Help Safely Control Your Dog?s Barking From Up To 25 Feet Away. Whenever Your Pal Barks, A 2-second Ultrasonic Tone Correction Can Be Delivered Either Automatically Or Manually ? Your Choice. No Receiver Collar Is Necessary, But Your Furry Friend Will Learn To Associate His Barking Behaviour With The Unpleasant Sound (that Only He Can Hear) In No Time.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, bark Control, gt, petsafe Stationary Bark Control Products
      SKU: Petsafe-ultrasonic-indoor-bark-control

    Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) + Free Phycodent Chews - Medium
      Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) + Free Phycodent Chews - Medium.

      Phycox Is The New And Improved Formula Intended To Support Your Pet?s Joints With A Taste They Will Love.  this Formula Is More Nutrient Dense To Give Your Pet More Of The Glucosamine, Msm, Antioxidants And Creatine That Support Healthy Joints. Phycox Is The Only Joint Supplement That Contains Phycocyanin, Phycox?s Signature Ingredient For Promoting Joint Health. Phycox Works Both To Support Joints And To Reduce Inflammation And Discomfort That Your Pet Might Exeprience On A Day-to-day Basis. Its New Formula Is Enough To Offer Most Dogs One Chew Or Less For Each Day And Still Receive The Benefits Of Noticeably Healthier Joints. This Bottle Of Phycox One Comes With 120 Soft Chews But A Bottle By The Side Of 60 Soft Chews Is Also Available. For Pet?s With Allergies To Medication, Check Out Phycox One Ha And Phycox One Ha Max . Arthritis And Joint Problems Are A Common Problem In Dogs, So Don?t Wait Until Your Dog Is Suffering- Order Phycox One Today! Key Features: Newly Balanced Formula For Optimum Joint Health Highly Palatable Taste Available In Both 60 Ct. Or 120 Ct. Sizes This Bundle Contains: 1 - Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) 1 - Phycodent Rawhide Chews - Medium (30 Chews)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, phycox Joint Supplement
      SKU: Phycox-one-soft-chews-120-count-phycodent-merium

    Sam's Yams Bichon Fries(9 Oz)
      Sam's Yams Bichon Fries(9 Oz).

      Sam's Yamx Bichon Fries (9 Oz) Are Made From Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes And Are A Healthy Alternative To Commercial Dog Chews. These Sweet Potato French Fry Chews Are Ihghly Nutritious, Rich In Antioxidants, And Are Excellent For Your Dog's Teeth And Health. Front Porch Pets Adds Nothing Artificial, No Sweeteners, Colors, Or Processed Foods. Only Human Food Quality, Fresh Sweet Potatoes And Nothing More. A Vegetable-rawhide Like Chew That's Perfect For Smaller Breeds As A Rawhide Alternative. Makes An Ideal Training Treat. Made In Usa.

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, sam, s Yams Sweet Potato Treats
      SKU: Samyambichon5oz

    Nucat Senior Multivitamin For Cats (60 Chewable Tablets)
      Nucat Senior Multivitamin For Cats (60 Chewable Tablets).

      Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin Is Specifically Formulated For Geriatric Cats. It Is A Comprehensive Formula That Supports Cardiovascular, Liver, Cognitive, Eye, Joint, And Digestive Functions. As Our Cats Age, They May Need Additional Nutritional Support. Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin Provide These Beneficial Nutrients In An Easy To Feed, Fish-flavor Tablet. Nu Cat™ Senior Multivitamin Provides Over 25 Ingredients That Are Not Always Found In Commercial Cat Foods Or Ordinary Multi-vitamins, Including: Anttioxidants (a, E And Selenium) To Fight Free Radical Damage And Support The Immune System. A Complete And Balanced Stress B Complex To Support Mood And Memory. Omega Fatty Acids To Support Healthy Skin And Coat, And Normal Brain Function. Taurine, L-lysine And Other Amino Acids?critical To Feline Health. Vital Minerals To Support Proper Composition Of Body Fluids, Formation Of Red Blood Cells, Bone Structure Support, And To Help Maintain Healthy Nerve Function

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, vetriscience Nu-cat
      SKU: Vetri-science-nucat-senior-multivitamin-60-tablets

    The War Of The Worlds
      The War Of The Worlds.

      Famous For The Mistaken Panic That Ensued From Orson Wellesas 1938 Radio Dramatization, The War Of The Worlds Remains One Of The Most Influential Of All Science Fiction Works. The Night After A Shooting Star Is Seen Streaking Through The Sky From Mars, A Cylinder Is Discovered On Horsell Common In London. Naave Locals Approach The Cylinder Armed Just With A White Flagaonly To Be Quickly Killed By An All-destroying Heat Ray, As Terrifying Tentacled Invaders Emerge. Soon The Whole Of Human Civilization Is Under Threat As Powerful Martians Build Gigantic Killing Machines, Destroying All Life In Their Path With Black Gas And Burning Ray. The Forces Of Earth, However, May Prove Harder To Beat Than They Appear. -includes A Newly Established Text, A Full Biographical Essay On Wells, A List Of Further Reading, And Detailed Notes -brian Aldissas Introduction Considers The Novelas View Of Religion And Society

      SKU: 431181
      ISBN: 9780141441030
      Author: Wells, H. G. / Parrinder, Patrick / Aldiss, Brian

    Irish Dreams: Irish Rebel/sullivan's Woman
      Irish Dreams: Irish Rebel/sullivan's Woman.

      "irish Rebel" She Was Practically Royalty-the Daughter Of A Rich, Renowned Horse-breeding Dynasty. He Was Just A Hardworking Horse Trainer. But Brian Donnelly Was In America Now, Where Even He Might Aspire To Possess The Breathtaking Keeley Grant. Her Wealth And Position Didn't Deter Brian...for It Was The Innocence Keeley Offered Him That Beguiled The Wild Irish Rebel And Threatened To Corral His Restless Heart. "sullivan's Woman" Fired From Yet Another Job, Captivating Model Cassidy St. John Hardly Expected The Solution To Her Difficulties To Come From An Absolute Stranger. When Handsome, Charismatic Colin Sullivan Offered Her A Job Modeling For One Of His Paintings, It Seemed Her Troubles Were Over-but One Look At His Blue Eyes And Cassidy Knew They Were Only Beginning....

      SKU: 1084877
      ISBN: 9780373285419
      Author: Roberts, Nora

    The Iliad
      The Iliad.

      Epic Masterpiece Chronicles Last Days Of The Trojan War - Quarrel Of Achilles And Agamemnon, The Battle For Helen Of Troy, Greek Siege Of The City, Trojan Counterattack, Stratagem Of The Trojan Horse, Many Other Events. Vast In Scope, Fresh And Noble In Literary Style. This Edition Reproduces The Celebrated Samuel Butler Prose Translation.

      SKU: 1600901
      ISBN: 9780486408835
      Author: Homer / Dover Thrift Editions

    Twelve Travelers, Twenty Horses
      Twelve Travelers, Twenty Horses.

      On The Eve Of The 1860 Presidential Election, Thirteen-year-old Jacob Israel Christmas Stands For Sale At The Third Slave Aution Of His Life. If Abraham Lincoln Is Elected, There's A Chance He'll Taste Freedom; If Stephen Douglas Wins Instead, Slavery Could Spread West. Jacob Can't Believe His Luck When Rich Mr. Higgenboom Decides To Buy Him, His Mother, And All His Friends. But When Jacob Begins To Suspect His New Master Of An Outrageous Plot To Stop The Pony Express Riders From Reaching California With The Election News, He Knows He Must Foil The Plan

      SKU: 2540474
      ISBN: 9780689876073
      Author: Robinet, Harriette Gillem

    The Ancient World At War: A Global History
      The Ancient World At War: A Global History.

      A Global History Of Ancient Warfare, Covering Egypt, The Near East, Greece, Rome, Central Asia, India, China, Korea, Japan, And The Americas. In This New Survey Of Ancient Warfare, A Group Of Distinguished Historians And Archaeologists Discusses Major Battles And Wars From Around The World. The Book Ranges In Time From 8000 Bc And The Earliest Evidence Of Warfare In Northern Iraq To The Armies Of The Aztecs And Incas Half A Millennium Ago, And Includes Alexander The Great's Triumphant Campaigns Against Persia In The Fourth Century Bc, Caesar's Gallic Wars, The Han Chinese Defeat Of The Nomadic Xiongnu Horsemen, And The Inca Ruler Atahualpa's Last Stand Against Pizarro. The Authors Combine Descriptions Of The Course Of Military Events With Expert Analyses And Explanations Of The Underlying Social, Economic, And Cultural Factors That Shaped Ancient Warfare. Their Essays Survey The Evolution Of Armies, Tactics, And Military Equipment, From The Strategic Mastery Evident In An Early Chinese Treatise On War By Sunzi To The Rise Of The Greek Hoplite Warrior And The Development Of Swords And Armor In Ancient Japan. Special Features Cover Key Battles Such As Qadesh, Issus, And Cannae; Weaponry From Shields To Artillery; And Visual Resources Such As Trajan's Column And The Terracotta Army. The Rich Illustrative Material Includes Photographs, Drawings, And Specially Commissioned 3-d Battle Reconstructions, Maps, And Plans. 351 Illustrations, 150 In Color. Contributions By: Elizabeth Arkush - Gina Barnes - Brian S. Bauer - Daniel Boatright - Robin Coningham - Jon Coulston - Hugh Elton - R. Brian Ferguson - Ross Hassig - Mark Manuel - Alan Peatfield - Charles A. Peterson - Davidpotter - Louis Rawlings - Nathan Rosenstein - Nicholas Sekunda - Ian Shaw - Joe Szymczak - Nigel Tallis - Hans Van Wees

      SKU: 1644501
      ISBN: 9780500251386
      Author: De Souza, Philip

    Alles Umsonst
      Alles Umsonst.

      No One Is More Talented In Portraying, In An Extraordinary Novel, The Drama Of The Exodus From East Prussia Than Walter Kempowski. In All For Nothing Alles Umsonst] He Tells The Story Of A Family In The Final Winter Of The War. A Farm Estate In East Prussia, In The Hinterland Of The Frisches Haff. Here Lives The Famil Globig, Second-generation Wilhelmian Bureaucratic Aristocracy. The Old Globig Acquired The Land And Began Farming It. His Son Eberhard Sold Most Of The Land And Invested The Money In English Steel Stocks And Certificates Of A Romanian Rice-mill Factory. The Small Family - Eberhard, His Pretty Wife Katharina And His Son Peter - Were For A Time Able To Lead A Life Of Luxury. Now, In The Sixth Winter Of The War, Much Has Changed. The Eastern Front Is Being Pushed Westward, And The Red Army Is On The Heels Of A Steadily Increasing Flood Of Refugees. Yet The Inhabitants Of The Georgeenhof Estate Still Feel Insulated From That Reality. Katharina, Lady Of The Estate, Is A Dreamer From Whom Life Has Thus Far Demanded Little. Her Husband Eberhard, Whose Total Investments Have Become Worthless In The War, Is A Supply Officer Stationed In Italy. Trapped In Her Loneliness And The Boredom Of Her Life, Katharina Seeks Refuge In Books, Music And Idle Indulgences. The Aunt, A Spinster Relative, In Charge Of The Household, Packs Away Some Silver Spoons Just In Case. Something Is In The Air; Even The Self-absorbed Family Members Can No Longer Deny It. Rail Service Is Continually Suspended, Enemy Planes Are Spotted Flying Overhead, And The Electricity Is Often Cut Off. Armoured Columns Pass By. And Then Odd Strangers Ask To Be Taken In: An Economist, A Young And Pretty Violin Player, Abaltic Baron With Wife And Parrot. The Members Of This Peculiar Society Appear As If They Have Arrived From Some Other Time Period, Existing In Their Own Absurd Illusions Of Reality. The Pastor Asks Katharina To Hide A Fugitive From The Local Authorities For A Night And A Day At Her House. Katharina, Never Having Been Entrusted With Anything By Anyone, Agrees. The Stranger Takes Over Katharina's Refuge. He Tells Her His Story Of Escape And Then Disappears. For Katharina, This Crazed Interlude Awakens Yearning Memories Of The One Day She Truly Loved And Lived. For Just A Moment, The Stranger Is Like A Dream Of Unlived Possibilities. But Then The Surreal Idyll Is Once And For All Over. For Her Actions, Katharina Is Betrayed And Arrested. A Short Time Later She Receives Th E News That Her Husband Has Committed Suicide In Italy: A Wife Who Aids An Enemy Of The State Is Too Much Of A Disgrace To Him. The Departure From Georgenhof Is A Scene Of Frozen Bleakness, Of An Icy, Black Sky And Crunching Snow. The Aunt Takes Command, Driving The Horse Herself. The Great Trek West Will Engulf Everything, And Only Peter Manages To Survive And Look Forward To The Future. In No Place In All For Nothing Has Walter Kempowski Allowed Himself To Be Carried Away By The Heavy Emotions Connected

      SKU: 7914236
      ISBN: 9783442737567
      Author: Kempowski, Walter

    Industrializing Organisms: Introducing Evolutionary History
      Industrializing Organisms: Introducing Evolutionary History.

      Scientists Have Developed A Featherless Chicken Designed To Make Industrial Chicken Production More Efficient, While Specially Trained Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins Are Being Deployed In The Persian Gulf To Disarm Mines And Protect Our Navy. Everyone Knows Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection, But What About His Idea Of Artificial Selection-how Humans, Not Nature, Rework Natural Organisms To Meet Our Needs? Industrializing Organisms Brings Us To The Threshold Of The New Field Of Evolutionary History-from The Mobilization Of War Horses In The 19th Century To Today's Engineered Plants And Manipulated Animals.

      SKU: 1340354
      ISBN: 9780415945486
      Author: Schrepfer, Susan R. / Scranton, Philip


      Settled In 1734, Bethlehem Is A Typical Litchfield Hill Town And Retains Much Of Its Rural Charm. Around Its Green Are An Old Post Tavern At The Woodward House, Two Historic Churches, And The Bellamy-ferriday House And Garden. Rev. Joseph Bellamy Came To Bethlehem In 1738 And Stayed To Establish The First Theological School In The Country, Educating Aaron Burr, James Morris, And Later John C. Calhoun. In 1938, Postmaster Earl Johnson Designed A Rubber Stamp To Adorn Cards Sent From The Post Office Attached To His Familyas General Store. This First Cachet Became An Annual Project And Established Bethlehem As Athe Christmas Town.a In 1946, Two Benedictine Nuns Came To Stay With Artist Lauren Ford While Establishing The Abbey Of Regina Laudis In A Factory Donated By Local Businessman Robert Leather. Every September For The Last 85 Years, The Bethlehem Fair Has Welcomed More Than 60,000 People To Apple Pies And Horse Draws At Its Scenic Fairgrounds.

      SKU: 2695223
      ISBN: 9780738565163
      Author: Brown, Carol Ann

    Fort Toulouse: The French Outpost At The Alabamas On The Coosa
      Fort Toulouse: The French Outpost At The Alabamas On The Coosa.

      Situated At The Head Of The Alabama River System-at The Juncture Of The Coosa And Tallapoosa Rivers-fort Toulouse In 1717 Was Planned To Keep The Local Indians Neutral, If Not Loyal, To The French And Contain The British In Their Southernmost Atlantic Colonies. Unlike The Usual Frontier Settlements, Fort Toulouse Was Both A Diplomatic Post, Since Its Officers Acted As Resident Ministers, And A Military Post. Because It Was Located In A Friendly Territory Adjoining An Area Under A Rival (british) Influence, The Post Participated In Psychological Warfare Rather Than In Blood-letting. It Used Trade And Aid, And Was Familiar With Spies And Double-agents-welcoming And Debriefing British Defectors; No Cannon Was Discharged In Anger At Toulouse. The Most Eminent Figure To Have Been Connected Directly With Fort Toulouse Was General Andrew Jackson, Who Established A Military Post There During The War Of 1812 After His Victory Over The Indians At Horseshoe Bend. The Outpost Was Named Fort Jackson In His Honor And Played A Key Role In The Treaty Negotiations And Eventual Settlement Of The Indian Land By Americans. In Addition To Discussing Geopolitical And Military Affairs And Diplomatic Relations With Indian Chiefs, Thomas Describes Daily Life At The Post And The Variety Of Interactions Between Residents And Visitors. Waselkov's Introduction Places The Original 1960 Book Within The Context Of The Existing Scholarship Of That Time And Adds An Extensive And Enlightening Review Of The Most Recent Archaeological And Historical Research To Thomas' Pioneering Work.

      SKU: 3483822
      ISBN: 9780817304218
      Author: Thomas, Daniel H. / Thomas, Gregory A. / Waselkov, Gregory A.

    Wicked Tales
      Wicked Tales.

      Nine Lively And Hilarious Short Stories For Ages 8-80. Modern Fairy Tales With A Wicked Sense Of Humour: Alicroc The Alien In Charge Of A Class Of Four Year Olds; The Littlest Thundertroll's Trip Down To "human-land" To Get A Box Of Chocolates For The Thundertroll Fairy; A Small Gorilla Who Outwits His Hungry Neighbours; The Bears' Backward Version Of Goldilocks; A Boy Who Runs Away And Is Captured By Trolls; What Happened Between The Greedy Princess, The Frog And The Golden Ball; An Irish Fairy And A Dancing Horse Have A Run-in With A Witch; Why Pink Pigs Should Never Talk To Wolves; And Snow White Meets The Seven Easter Bunnies, Who Are Armed And Dangerous...

      SKU: 4312971
      ISBN: 9780967765273
      Author: Wicke, Ed / Warne, Tom / Mcgregor, Liz

    Airs Of Night And Sea
      Airs Of Night And Sea.

      Driven By Insane Jealousy, Duke William Is Determined To Found His Own Flying School, Where The Valuable Flying Horses Of Oc Will Learn To Bond With Well-born Young Menainstead Of Arrogant Women. Now, Larkyn Hamley And Her Beloved Black Seraph Must Gather All Of Their Allies From The Air To The Ground. For If They Do Not Soar Now, None Will Ever See The Skies Again.

      SKU: 1397413
      ISBN: 9780441016693
      Author: Bishop, Toby

    Early Riders: The Beginnings Of Mounted Warfare In Asia And Europe
      Early Riders: The Beginnings Of Mounted Warfare In Asia And Europe.

      In This Wide-ranging And Often Controversial Book, Robert Drews Examines The Question Of The Origins Of Man's Relations With The Horse. He Questions The Belief That On The Eurasian Steppes Men Were Riding In Battle As Early As 4000 Bc, And Suggests That It Was Not Until Around 900 Bc That Men Anywhere - Whether In The Near East And The Aegean Or On The Steppes Of Asia - Were Proficient Enough To Handle A Bow, Sword Or Spear While On Horseback. After Establishing When, Where, And Most Importantly Why Good Riding Began, Drews Goes On To Show How Riding Raiders Terrorized The Civilized World In The Seventh Century Bc, And How Central Cavalry Was To The Success Of The Median And Persian Empires. Drawing On Archaeological, Iconographic And Textual Evidence, This Is The First Book Devoted To The Question Of When Horseback Riders Became Important In Combat. Comprehensively Illustrated, This Book Will Be Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In The Origins Of Civilization In Eurasia, And The Development Of Man's Military Relationship With The Horse.

      SKU: 1318528
      ISBN: 9780415326247
      Author: Drews, Robert

    Wholesale- 36-42 Animal Short Crew Socks Women Flamingo Lobster Cranes Horse Pet Penguin Golden Retriever Boxer Pug Pit Bull Dachshund Crab
      Wholesale- 36-42 Animal Short Crew Socks Women Flamingo Lobster Cranes Horse Pet Penguin Golden Retriever Boxer Pug Pit Bull Dachshund Crab.

      Cheap Crew Socks Women, Buy Quality Socks Women Directly From China Crew Socks Suppliers: Enjoy Your Shopping! 35-43 Caramella Animal Socks Bull Terrier Boston Dogo Terror Bu

      Category: Socks, amp, hosiery
      SKU: 396043731

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