C.e.t. Mini Toothbrush

    C.e.t. Mini Toothbrush
      C.e.t. Mini Toothbrush.

      C.e.t. Mini-toothbrush Helps Maintain Oral Health And Fresh Breath. Excellent For Cats, Very Small Dogs Or For Getting Puppies & Kittens Accustomed To Tooth Brushing. C.e.t. Mini-toothbrush Fit On Your Finger And Includes A 12 Gm Poultry Toothpaste Sample For You To Get Start Your Pets On Their Way To Great Dental Health.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, toothbrushes , amp, amp, Toothpastes, gt, cet Toothbrushes , amp, Toothpastes
      SKU: Cetminitooth

    3-pack K-10+ Multi-vitamins
      3-pack K-10+ Multi-vitamins.

      One Box Contains 28 Individual Packets, Providing One Month?s Supply Depending On The Dog?s Size. It Is A Water-soluble Formula, Combination Vitamins, Minerals And Electrolytes. K-10+ Multi-vitamin Supports Overall Health, Wellness And Vitality. Designed Specifically To: Maintain Optimal Health Support Physical Well-being Support Bone And Teeth Strength Open The Pack And Pour It In Your Dog?s Bowl, A Minor Color Shift Will Let You Know When The Vitamins Are Active In The Water. Depending On Your Dog?s Weight, The Following Dose Is Recommended: Up To 10 Lbs: Give 1/2 Packet Per Every 12 Oz. Of Water 11 To 50 Lbs: Give 1 Packet Per Every 12 Oz. Of Water Over 50 Lbs: Give 2 Packets Per Every 12 Oz. Of Water

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, k-10, Multi-vitamins Supplement For Dogs
      SKU: 3-pack-k-10-plus-multi-vitamins

    Dirty Dog Doormat - Large (maroon)
      Dirty Dog Doormat - Large (maroon).

      The Dirty Dog Doormat Provides An Inviting Way To Keep Your Floors Free Of The Dirt And Debris Tracked By Your Pup And Other Guests. Dogs Often Get Quite Dirty When Playing In The Yard And This Can Lead To Quite The Mess Indoors. Simply Place The Mat By The Entrance To Your Home And This Doormat Will Work To Absorb Any Dirt Or Debris From Your Pet's Paws. The Dirty Dog Doormat Uses Microfiber Technology To Trap Particulate Matter And Any Liquid To Remove Them From Your Pet's Paws! This Large Doormat Is Machine Washable For Your Convenience And Is Also Available In A Medium Size To Accommodate Smaller Entrances. Keep Dirt And Debris Where It Belongs- Off Of Your Floor- By Ordering This Doormat Today! Key Features: Absorbs Dirt And Debris From Your Pet's Paws Machine Washable For Your Convenience Available In Two Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, other Pet Essentials, gt, dirty Dog Doormat
      SKU: Dirty-dog-doormat-large-maroon

    Exo Terra Mirror Dome Light (5.5 I)
      Exo Terra Mirror Dome Light (5.5 I).

      Perfect For Use With Exo Terra Terrariums, The Exo Terra Light Dome Features A Small Size And Fits Neatly On The Top Screen Cover. The Highly Polished Aluminum Reflector Increases Light, Uvb And Uva Output By Up To 100%! The Ceramic Socket Can Accommodate Either Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Or Incandescent Bulbs.combine Multiple Fixtures With Specific Light Bulbs To Create The Ideal Lighting System. Coompact Size Extra Deep, Polished Reflector Dome Increases Uvb Output By Up To 100%! With On/off Switch And 6ft (180 Cm) Power Cord Ceramic Socket Shipping: This Item Does Not Ship Via Our Priority Shipping Method. (overnight Shipping Is Available)

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, lighting Products, gt, exoterra Terrarium Lamps , amp, Lighting
      SKU: Exo-terra-mirror-dome-light-55-inch

    Godog Mini Dragon With Chew Guard - Periwinkle
      Godog Mini Dragon With Chew Guard - Periwinkle.

      Go Dog Dragons - Periwinkle Is A Tough, Yet Soft, Chew Toy For Dogs. Go Dog Toys Feature Chew Guard Technology. This Process Adds A Super Tough, Durable Liner Specifically Engineered To Withstand The Daily Rigors Of A Dog At Play. With Double Stitched Seams And Reinforcement, Chew Guard Protected Dog Toys Stand Up To Even The Toughest Chewers! This Mini Dragon Measures 5 ½" Tall, And 8" Across. With The Added Squeaker Housed Inside This Tiny Dragon's Body, Your Dog Will Find It Difficult To Let Go. The Bubble Plush Outer Fabric Is Durable, Yet Soft On Your Dog's Mouth. Toy Measures Approximately 5 ½" Tall And 8" Across Chew Guard Technology Makes This Toy Tough! Squeaker Inside

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, do Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, godog Toys With Chewguard
      SKU: Godog-mini-dragon-with-chew-guard-periwinkle

    Overby Farm Hip Flex Joint Health (65 Soft Chews)
      Overby Farm Hip Flex Joint Health (65 Soft Chews).

      Overby Farm Hip Flex Joint Health Soft Chewables Are Specifically Formulated For The Active And Aging Canine. Working Closely With University Experts And Practicing Veterinarians, Overby Farm Has Developed A Soft-moist Chewable Supplement With More Tart Cherry Concentrate, Glucosamine And Lots Of Other Natural Ingredients Supporting Healthy Joins And Hips Promotes Joint Mobility And Vitality Naturally. Formulated With Tart Cherry And Dark Berry Bio-actives Shown To Contain Powerful Antioxidants. Loaded With Omega 3's, Flax Seed, Flax Oil And Glucosamine For Added Lubricity. Promotes Joint Health And Agility While Supporting The Immune System. Save Even More When You Try New Arthrisoothe Gold 360 Soft Chews Naturvet University Product Education Hip Flex With Tart Cherries (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, overby Farm Hip Flex Joint Level 2
      SKU: Hipflexlevel60sc

    Mammoth Cloth Rope 3 Knot Tug 20" - Medium
      Mammoth Cloth Rope 3 Knot Tug 20" - Medium.

      The Mammoth Cloth Rope 3-knot Tug Is The Perfect Toy To Play Tug Of War With Your Dog And It Maintains His Or Her Dental Health In The Process. The Mammoth Cloth Rope 3-knot Tug Is Composed Of Multiple Layers Of Braided Rope That Ensure It Will Last A Long Time. The 3-knot Tug Contains, As Its Name Implies, 3 Knots Throughout The Long Braided Rope To Give It A Unique Shape That Keeps It Interesting To Dogs. The Rope Is Multicolored And Is Twenty Inches Long. The Mammoth Cloth Rope 3-knot Tug Scrapes The Plaque And Tartar Off Of Your Dogs Teeth As He Or She Chews. The Layered Structure Of Fibers Ensure That His Teeth Really Sink Into The Rope To Allow For Maximum Cleaning. Your Dog Will Never Tire Of This Age-old Classic Toy, So Order One For Your Dog Today. Key Features: Contains 3-knots For Optimal Play And Chewing Procedures Cleans Dog Teeth And Maintains Healthy Gums Multilayered Braided Rope For Extra Durability

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, rope , amp, amp, Tug Toys, gt, mammoth Cloth Rope
      SKU: Mammoth-cloth-rope-3-knot-tug-20-medium

    Synovig3 Soft Chews (120 Chews)
      Synovig3 Soft Chews (120 Chews).

      Synovig3 Is A New Generation Supplement For Pets Experiencing Stiffness After Activity Or Exercise. Synovig3 Soft Chews Are A Supplement Offering Chondroprotective Agents And Powerful Antioxidants In A Moist, Tasty, Easy-to-chew Treat For Enhanced Client Compliance. Synovig3 Is Formulated With Glucosamine And Perna Canaliculus For Support Of Joint Health, Msm To Cushion Tissue And Creatine Monohydrate For Energy. Also Containing Antioxidants Like Vitamin E, Alphan Lipoic Acids And Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Synovig3 Is A Comprehensive Supplement For Superior Joint Health In Pets. (part Of The Synovi Line) Active Ingredient(s): Glucosamine, Msm, Creatine Monohydrate, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins And Minerals. Better Formula Available For Only $24.99 (120 Chews)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, synovig3
      SKU: Newsysoch1ta

    Ceva Sante Animale Senilife Xl For Elderly Dogs (30 Caps)
      Ceva Sante Animale Senilife Xl For Elderly Dogs (30 Caps).

      Ceva Sante Animale Senilifex L (30 Capsules) Is The Dietary Supplement That Helps Maintain Normal Brain Function In Elderly Pets. Its Blend Of Natural Ingredients Have Been Tested To Show Clinical Signs Of Improvement After 7 Days Of Treatment. 50% Of Pets Are Less Lethargic, Have More Interest In Playing, Follow Commands More Readily, And 70% Show Improvement In Night Time Moaning. Senilife Is Safe For Use Throughout A Dog Or Cat's Entire Lifetime And May Be Most Effective If Given From An Early Age. Phosphatidylserine: Naturally Occurring Membrane Phospholipid. Provides Neuronal Protection Maintains Neuron Function In Aging Brains Ginkgo Biloba: Antioxidant Activity Improved Cerebral Blood Circulation Directions For Use: To Be Given Orally Once Daily For 1-2 Months (consult Your Veterinarian For Continued Administration After This Time) Dogs: 51-99 Lbs. - 1 Capsule Daily 100 Lbs. And Greater - 2 Capsules Daily Composition: Each Capsule Contains Phosphatidylserine..........62.5mg Ginkgo Biloba Extract.......25mg Pyridoxine................51.25mg D-alpha-tocopherol.................83.87mg Other Ingredients: Grape Extract (resveratrol), Cod Liver Oil, Seed Oil Products, And Byproducts, Gelatin, Glycerin, Glyceryl, Monostearate, Titanium Dioxide, Fd&c Red 40. Guaranteed Analysis: Proteins 18.5%, Oils And Fats 52%, Cellulose Method(s) Of Administration: 1) Place Entire Capsule Directly Into Animal's Mouth, Or 2) Place Capsule Contents Onto Animal's Food Or Directly Into Animal's Mouth By Cutting The Upper Portion Of The Capsule With Scissors And Squeezing Capsule Contents. By Ceva Animal Health, Inc.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, ceva Sante Animale Senilife
      SKU: Senilife-xl

    Vetresources No Scoot (65 Soft Chew)
      Vetresources No Scoot (65 Soft Chew).

      The Funny Scoot Your Puppy Does Across The Floor Could Be A Sign Of More Serious Anal Gland Issues That Quickly Need Your Attention. Vetresources No Scoot Soft Chews Is An Easy And Delicious Way To Help Support Healthy Anal Gland Function By Increasing Your Dog?s Daily Fiber Intake. The Fiber In The No Scoot Soft Chews Blend Of Natural Ingredients Like Laxseed, Psyllium, And Pumpkin Gently Supports Bowel Function. Key Features: Helps Support Healthy Anal Gland Function In Dogs Rich Source Of Fiber Contains Natural Ingredients Highly Palatable For Dogs Over 12 Weeks Of Age

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Vetresources-no-scoot-65-soft-chew

    Yabozi Royal Collection Feeder & Water - Hot Pink
      Yabozi Royal Collection Feeder & Water - Hot Pink.

      Yabozi Royals Are For The Trend Setting Pet (and Their Owner) That Wants Style, Function And Of Course Good Taste. Here's What You Get Fresh Out Of The Yabozi Box: The One And Only Pet Bowl That Doubles As An Immediate Fashion Statement A Range Of Colors Suited To Please Any Decor Generous Five Ounce Serving Size Two Piece Design For Easy Assembly, Cleaning And Storage If You Want To Spice Up Mealtimes And Make Your Pet's Feeding Area One That Gets Barks And Meows Of Envy From All Who See, Then The Yabozi Royals Are Your Only Choice For A New Pet Food Service. At Yabozi Products, We Think Around, Over And Through The Everyday Pet User's Experience To Come Up With Solutions That Are Fun And Functional. Because If Your Pet Is Happy, We're Happy. Yabozi - Simple, Because Life Should Be Fun.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, plastic Bowls, gt, yabozi Royal Collection
      SKU: Yabozi-royal-feeder-waterer-hot-pink

    Zuke's G Zees Salmon Cat Treats (3 Oz)
      Zuke's G Zees Salmon Cat Treats (3 Oz).

      G" Is For Grain-free + Glucosamine. Every Delicious Bite Is Packed With Nutritious Turkey Or Salmon And Omega-rich Fish Oil Plus Glucosamine And Cranberries To Help Support Joint And Urinary Tract Health.

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, natural Cat Treats, gt, zukes
      SKU: Zukes-g-zees-salmon-cat-treats-3-oz

    Undeniably Yours
      Undeniably Yours.

      Winsome And Romantic-the Perfect Summer Read When Meg Cole's Father Dies Unexpectedly, She Becomes The Majority Shareholder Of His Oil Company And The Single Inheritor Of His Fortune. Though Meg Is Soft-spoken And Tenderhearted-more Interested In Art Than In Oil-she's Forced To Return Home To Texas And To Whispering Creek Ranch To Take Up The Reins Of Her Father's Empire. The Last Thing She Has The Patience Or The Sanity To Deal With? Her Father's Thoroughbred Racehorse Farm. She Gives Its Manager, Bo Porter, Six Months To Close The Place Down. Bo's Determined To Resent The Woman Who's Decided To Rob Him Of His Dream. But Instead Of Anger, Meg Evokes Within Him A Profound Desire To Protect. The More Time He Spends With Her, The More He Longs To Overcome Every Obstacle That Separates Them-her Wealth, His Unworthiness, Her Family's Outrage-and Earn The Right To Love Her. But Just When Meg Begins To Realize That Bo Might Be The One Thing On The Ranch Worth Keeping, Their Fragile Bond Is Viciously Broken By A Force From Meg's Past. Can Their Love-and Their Belief That God Can Work Through Every Circumstance-survive?

      SKU: 20577892
      ISBN: 9780764209758
      Author: Wade, Becky

    The Land Of Long Ago
      The Land Of Long Ago.

      Kelly And Kai Love To Play On The Gnarled Old Tree Trunk Outside Their Cottage In The Woods: Sometimes It Becomes A Horse, Sometimes A Crocodile And Sometimes Even A Dragon. One Day A Mischievous Gnome Makes The Tree Trunk Come To Life, And The Children Are Whisked Off To The Land Of Long Ago On The Back Of The Old Tree Dragon. On Their Incredible Journey Kelly And Kai Meet A Princess, Rescue A Knight And Trick The King Of The Trolls. But Will The Old Tree Dragon Stay Alive Long Enough To Bring Them Home Again? A Delightful Fairy Tale From Elsa B Eskow, With Beautiful Illustrations In Her Unique, Classic Styl.

      SKU: 10004948
      ISBN: 9780863157714
      Author: Beskow, Elsa

    Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again
      Humpty Dumpty Climbs Again.

      Humpty Dumpty Is Humiliated. All The King's Horse Sand All The King's Men Make Fun Of Him And His Embarrassing Fall Every Chance They Get. So Humpty Dumpty Holes Up In His Home, Determined To Never Climb Another Wall. Until A Friend Needs His Help. In This Silly Play On Traditional Nursery Rhymes Humpty Is Given The Chance To Show That The Best Thing To Do After You Fall Off The Horse (or Wall, In This Case) Is To Get Right Back On. "illustrated With Big, Clear, Line-and-watercolor Cartoons, Horowitz's Simple Rhyming Text Is Both A Parody Of Nursery Rhymes And A Fun Story. Children Will Enjoy The Puns And The Play With The Mother Goose Verses That They Know." - "booklist"

      SKU: 13234324
      ISBN: 9780142419328
      Author: Horowitz, Dave

    His Captive Lady
      His Captive Lady.

      No One Can Resist The Devil Riders: Four War Heroes In Search Of One Good Woman. Harry Morantas Tough Exterior Hides A Badly Scarred Heart. The Natural Son Of An Earl, High-born Ladies Have Only One Use For Himain The Bedchamber. Now, After Eight Years At War, Harry Is Breeding Racehorses And Planning A Practical, Unemotional Marriage. But When He Buys A New Estate, His Careful Plans Are Threatened By An Unexpected Passion Fora Of All Thingsaan Earlas Daughter.

      SKU: 1363676
      ISBN: 9780425223246
      Author: Gracie, Anne

    Astride A Pink Horse
      Astride A Pink Horse.

      The Cold War Ended Years Past, Or Did It? For Thurmond Giles, A Decorated African American Air Force Veteran Found Naked, Dead, And Dangling By His Ankles Inside A Deactivated Minuteman Missile Silo In Desolate Southeastern Wyoming, The Answer Is No. The Labyrinthine Investigation That Follows His Death-led By Former Fighter Pilot Major Bernadette Cameron And Ex-college Baseball Phenom-turned-reporter Elgin "cozy" Coseia-reveals How The Atomic Era's Legacy Has Continued To Destroy Both Minds And Lives. "astride A Pink Horse" Follows Bernadette, Cozy, And Cozy's Boss, Freddie Dames, Match Wits Wit Ha Gallery Of Unforgettable Murder Suspects: A Powerful, Right-wing-leaning Cattle Rancher; A Declining Seventy-six-year-old Wwii-era Japanese Internment Camp Victim And Her Unstable Math Professor Cousin; An Idealistic Lifelong Nuclear Arms Protestor; And A Civilian Air Force Contractor With A Twenty-year Grudge Against The Murder Victim. Do Three Amateur Detectives Stand A Chance Against These Characters And The Conspiracy That May Be Behind It All? Robert Greer's Trademark Mix Of Vivid Eccentrics, Surprisong Plot Twists, And Political Edge Makes This One Of His Most Memorable Thrillers.

      SKU: 16579778
      ISBN: 9781583943694
      Author: Greer, Robert

    Mother Massage: A Handbook For Relieving The Discomforts Of Pregnancy
      Mother Massage: A Handbook For Relieving The Discomforts Of Pregnancy.

      A Handbook For Relieving The Discomforts Of Pregnancy Massage Is A Sensuous, Relaxing, And Loving Treatment That Has The Added Bonus Of Being Especially Good For You. It's The Perfect Way To Reduce Stress And Promote General Well-being. During Pregnancy, Your Body Is Undergoing Many Changes, Some Of Them Stressful And Discomforting. "mother Massage," By Licensed Massage Therapist Elaine Stillerman, Is A Beautifully Illustrated Guidd To Help Eliminate Some Of These Adverse Effects. Designed To Be Used Either Alone Or With A Partner, "mother Massage" Provides Techniques For A Variety Of Massages, Including Full Body Massage, Preparation For Labor And Birthing Massage, Massage During The Postpartum And Nursing Stages, And Infant Massage. These Techniques Are Explained In Step-by-step, Illustrated Detail. You'll Also Learn Special Massages For Treating Such Discomforts As: - Backaches - Breast Soreness - Charley Horse And Leg Cramps - Headaches - Heartburn - Fatigue - Morning Sickness - Sciatica - Stretch Marks - Varicose Veins - And Many Others Also Included Are Sections On Reflexology, Herbal Remedies, And Nutritional Requirements For Pregnant And Lactating Women.

      SKU: 1392389
      ISBN: 9780440507024
      Author: Stillerman, Elaine

    A Clever Rabbit Has Three Hiding Places: Strategies For Success In Life: 108 Stratagems From Ancient Chinese Wisdom
      A Clever Rabbit Has Three Hiding Places: Strategies For Success In Life: 108 Stratagems From Ancient Chinese Wisdom.

      Written As An "art Of War" For Daily Life, This Book Features 108 Stratagems From Ancient Chinese Lore That Will Arm You With Cunning, Wisdom, And Insight. These Maxims Come From A Variety Of Sources Including Confucianism, Taoism, And Traditional Folk Wisdom. The Book Is Organized In Two Sections. The First Divides The Stratagems Into Three Categories - Strengthen Yourself, Weaken Your Opponent, And Develop Yourself. The Second Part Looks At A Wide Array Of Everyday Problems And Is Arranged A-z Style Into Numerous Subject Areas Such As Anger, Business, Friendss, Money, Old Age, And Wishes. Each Area Has Three Stratagems Attached, So When You Are Confronted With A Difficulty You Can Find Immediate Guidance. Each Stratagem Is Described In Vivid Language That Makes Them Easy To Remember And Call Upon In Times Oc Need: - Always Let A Good Horse Run By Itself. - When You Have Reached The Shore, Remember To Sink The Boat. - Steal The Fuel From Under The Kettle. - Show The Plums In Order To Forget The Thirst. Printed In Two Colors And Beautifully Adorned With 36 Brush Paintings, This Book Will Be A Trusted Ally In All Matters Of Business, Love, And Life.

      SKU: 7590667
      ISBN: 9781859060865
      Author: Chen, Chao-hsiu

    Tales Of Elijah The Prophet
      Tales Of Elijah The Prophet.

      Elijah The Prophet Is One Of The Most Popular And Beloved Figures In All Of Jewish Literature. Both As A Biblical Prophet And A Folklore Hero, Elijah Has Fascinated Jews All Over The World For Centuries. He Has Served In Many Different Roles, Offering Guidance On How To Live Like A Mensch, Bringing Hope, Reconciling Family Members, Rewarding Goodness While Punishing Wickedness, Rescuing Jewish Communities And Worthy Individuals, Seeing That Justice Prevails, And Signaling The Coming Of The Messiah. Tales Of Elijah The Prophet Is A Brilliant Collection Of Thirty-seven Stories Selected By The Gifted Storyteller, Peninnah Schram. In These Cunning Tales, We See Elijah As The Master Of Miracles. His Chameleon-like Disguises Are Marvelously Clever And Numerous, Using Such Diverse Poses As An Old Man, A Traveler, A Matchmaker, A Magician, A Slave, And Even A Handsome Horseman. He Uses These Disguises To Heighten Suspense And Fantasy, To Test People's Behavior, To Restore Faith, And To Bring About A Happy Resolution To The Problems In The Story. The Tales In This Wonder-filled Volume Cover A Range Of Themes And Types Of Elijah Tales. All Are Miracle Stories, But They Vary Greatly In Mood, Character, Plot, Locale, Time, And Theme. There Are Religious Stories Focusing On Restoring Faith In God And Humorous Tales That Emphasize Resourcefulness. Other Stories Involve Passover, Love, And Riddle Themes. Peninnah Schram Chose Thirty-six Of These Stories, Using The Jewish Symbolic Number Of Twice Eighteen (chai), Which Is The Hebrew Equivalent To "life." And Since It Is The Jewish Custom To Add One To A Number, Perhaps To Ensure Good Luck, She Included Her Favorite Story, Elijah And The Three Wishes, In The Introduction. In Addition To The Stories In Tales Of Elijah The Prophet, This Volume Includes An Informative Introduction To The Character Of Elijah The Prophet That Explores His Various Roles In Jewish Life And Literature. There Are Also Extensive Notes To Each Story, Indicating Sources A

      SKU: 2960456
      ISBN: 9780765759917
      Author: Schram, Pe Ninnah

    At Freedom's Door
      At Freedom's Door.

      The Book Provides A First Hand Account By A Retired British Official Of Conditions In The North Of The Indian Subcontinent On The Eve Of The British Departure In 1947. The Author During The Course Of A Horseback Journey Of Over 1400 Miles From Peshawar To The Central Provinces, Between November 1946 And April 1947, Talked With Hundreds Of Peasants And Local Wayside Travelers And Officials. The Final Part Of The Book Which Was Written After Independence And The Creation Of Pakistan Pulls Together The Insights These Interviews Raised With Respect To Politics, Economic Conditions And Changing Social Attitudes And Family Life. The Book Provides A Unique Insight Into Indian Conditions And Attitudes On The Cusp Of The British Departure. The Author Because Of Earlier Journeys And Long Service In The Ics Is Able To Contextualize The Conversations With The Local Populace And Assess The Truth Behind Some Of The Claims Which Are Made.

      SKU: 10968192
      ISBN: 9780195478365
      Author: Darling, Malcolm Lyall / Talbot, Ian

    Veterinary Guide For Animal Owners
      Veterinary Guide For Animal Owners.

      This Easy-to-use Reference Guide Provides Everything You Need To Know About Caring For And Treating Pets And Barnyard Animals. With Complete Chapters On Cats, Cows, Dogs, Goats, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, And Sheep, It Includes Hundreds Of Strategies For Preventing And Curing Common Problems. * To What Extent To Sex A Rabbit * The Best Way To Dehorn A Buck * Preventing Cannibalism In Chickens * Treating Saddle Sores * Controlling Shock * Nail Care For Dogs And Cats * Giving Medications . . . And Much More "veterinary Guide For Animal Owners" Provides A Wealth Of Practical, No-nonsense Information That No Animal Owner Should Be Without.

      SKU: 3884164
      ISBN: 9780875964041
      Author: Spaulding, C. E. / Clay, Jackie

    Who Jinxed The C&g Ranch?: Peanut Butter Club Mysteries: Book 2
      Who Jinxed The C&g Ranch?: Peanut Butter Club Mysteries: Book 2.

      In The Second Volume Of This Exciting Mystery Series, The Haskell Grandparents, Abby And Josh, Take Their Four Grandchildren And Two Friends To Medora In The Beautiful North Dakota Badlands To Help Aunt Gracie And Uncle Clyde Run The C&g Ranch. But Little Do They Know Of The Summer Adventure That Awaits At First, Life At The Ranch Couldn't Be Better. Responsible Thirteen-year-old Audrey Becomes A Good Horse Trainer While Her Twelve-year-old Brother Denny And His Friend, Randy, Can't Stay Out Of Trouble. Denny's Twin Sister, Sarcastic Jenny, And Her Eleven-year-old Friend Missy Learn To Take Care Of Each Other. Enthusiastic Eight-year-old Ty Continues To Be A Source Of Fun And Amazement. Together, The Kids Form The Peanut Butter Club. When Uncle Clyde Tells The Kids About The Mysterious Horse Thieves That Never Leave A Footprint Or A Fingerprint, The Club Springs Into Action. In Their Investigation, They Meet A Host Of Colorful Characters Including The Suspicious Sheriff Rudolph, The Rugged Rattlesnake Lenny, And The Mysterious Black Knight. But Who-or What-is Jinxing The C&g Ranch? With Good Teamwork, True Friendship, And A Little Help From The Adults, The Peanut Butter Club Is Determined To Solve The Mystery And Save The Ranch From Financial Ruin Before It's Too Late

      SKU: 6723322
      ISBN: 9781440142161
      Author: Erickson Phd, Mary Ellen

    Maison Martin Margiela Mmm Future Kanye West Sneakers High Top Luxuries Genuine Leather Men's Fashion Casual Shoe - Horse Hair
      Maison Martin Margiela Mmm Future Kanye West Sneakers High Top Luxuries Genuine Leather Men's Fashion Casual Shoe - Horse Hair.

      New With Box: A Brand-new, Unused, And Unworn Item (including Handmade Items) In The Original Packaging (such As The Original Box Or Bag) And/or With The Original Tags Attached

      Category: Casualshoes
      SKU: 373106192

    50cm Big Size Anime Kawaii Avatar Last Airbender Appa Plush Toys Soft Juguetes Cow Stuffed Animal Brinquedos Doll Kids Toys Gifts Adults
      50cm Big Size Anime Kawaii Avatar Last Airbender Appa Plush Toys Soft Juguetes Cow Stuffed Animal Brinquedos Doll Kids Toys Gifts Adults.

      1.size:50cm. 2.material:plush 3.when You Hold These Wonderful Products, You Will See And Feel Little Red Cavalry's Emphasis On Quality, Which Is A Resul T Of Careful Attention To Design, Custom Fabric Selection, Cutting, Sewing, Stuffing, Feature Creation And Finishing. You Get Not Only A High-quality Products At Reasonable Prices, But Also An Excellent Service. 44.there Might Be Slightly Difference In Measurement Method ,please Allow 1-3cm In Size Deviation.

      Category: Stuffedanimals, amp, toys
      SKU: 395183253

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