Cocotherapy Maggie's Macaroons - Coconut Apple Pie (4 Oz)

    Cocotherapy Maggie's Macaroons - Coconut Apple Pie (4 Oz)
      Cocotherapy Maggie's Macaroons - Coconut Apple Pie (4 Oz).

      Cocotherapy Maggie’s Macaroons Are An Extremely Healthy, Organic Treat With A Taste That Your Pooch Will Love! This Delectable Treat Uses Raw Coconut That Is Packed With Fiber, Protein And Medium Omega Chain Fatty Acids To Support Your Dog’s Health In A Wide Array Of Areas. Cocotherapy Maggie’s Macaroons Are Gourmet Treats That Are Great For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs, As These Vegan Confections Are Free Of Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Eggs, Preservatives, Colors, And Artificial Flavors. This Bag Includes 4 Ounces Of Treats That Feature An Appetizing Apple Pie Flavor. Grab A Bag Of These Gourmet Macaroons For Your Pooch Today! Key Features: Raw Coconut Makes For A Vegan Treat Free Of Grain, Gluten, Trans Fat, Artificial Colors Or Flavors Rich In Fiber, Protein And Medium Chain Omega Fatty Acids Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, cocotherapy, amp, reg, Natural Treats
      SKU: Cocotherapy-maggies-macaroons-coconut-apple-pie-4-oz

    Citrus Magic Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator (11.2 Oz)
      Citrus Magic Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator (11.2 Oz).

      Citrus Magic Carpet & Room Freshener Works To Eliminate Odors From Any Room While Leaving A Pleasant Citrus Scent. This Fine Powder Can Be Sprinkled Directly Onto Carpet To Eliminate The Odors Of Pets, Smoke, And More. The Fast-acting Powder Takes No More Than 10 Minutes To Eliminate Lingering Odors And Leave The Room Smelling Fresh. Citrus Magic Carpet & Room Freshener Is Best Used Right Before Vacuuming To Ensure That The Carpet Is Clean Of All Powder After The Scent Has Been Removed. This Formulation Is Also Ideal For Smelly Trash Cans To Ensure That Your Everyday Garbage Doesn't Stink Up The Whole House. Never Again Worry About The Unpleasant Odors In Your Life- Order This Citrus Powder For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Removes Odors From Pets, And Smoke From Carpet Pleasant Citrus Scent Comes With 11.2 Ounces Of Powder

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, citrus Magic Stain And Odor Removers
      SKU: Citrus-magic-carpet-room-odor-eliminator-11-2-oz

    Compact Foam Paddimg (16x24)
      Compact Foam Paddimg (16x24).

      With Self-adhesive Back. Open-cell, Slow-recovery Construction. Medium-density, Compact Foam Molds With Body Heat To Contour Body Parts. Use To Pad The Splint For Increased Patient Comfort. Contains Some Latex.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, compact Foam Padding
      SKU: Compact-foam-padding-16x24

    Furminator Deodorizing Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs (16 Oz)
      Furminator Deodorizing Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs (16 Oz).

      Furminator Deodorizing Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs Gently Eliminates Strong Odors With A Safe Formulation Intended For Monthly Use.  this Shampoo Was Enriched With Baking Soda And Vegetable Protein Extract To Naturally Absorb Odors And To Help Remove Loose Fur And Thereby Reduce Excess Shedding. The Furminator Deodorizing Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs Is Free Of Parabens And Chemical Dyes And Was Made Here In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality. This Bottle Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Of The Shampoo, Which Is Formulated To Be Safe For Both Cats And Dogs Over 6 Weeks Of Age. Keep Your Pet Smelling Fresh And Looking Great With A Shampoo Created By Grooming Experts And Order This Furminator Deodorizing Shampoo Today! Key Features: Fortified With Baking Soda And Vegetable Proteins To Remove And Absorb Odors No Parabens Or Chemical Dyes Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, furminator, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Furminator-deodorizing-ultra-premium-shampoo-16-oz

    Grriggles Funny Flock - Canada Goose
      Grriggles Funny Flock - Canada Goose.

      Each Character In The Grriggles Funny Flock Combines Mixed Materials (corduroy, Canvas, And Moppy With Faux Fur Accents) To Provide Multiple Textures, To Increae Dogs' Chewing Pleasure.

      SKU: Grriggles-funny-flock-canada-goose

    Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip (0.5 Fl Oz)
      Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip (0.5 Fl Oz).

      Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip Provides A Safe, Natural Remedy For Removing Pests From Your Pet And Supporting Healthy Skin. This Gentle Dip Provides An Effective Alternative To Harsh Chemical Dips And Is Sound Both For Cats And For Dogs. The Formulation Simply Combines A Unique Selection Of Natural, Aromatic Oils Such As Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, And Sage Oil. Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip Can Be Mixed With Your Pet's Shampoo, Applied To A Collar, Or Diluted With Water And Sprayed On Your Pet. This Package Includes A Bottle That Contains ½ Fluid Ounce Of The Formulation To Treat Your Pet With This Potent Plant-derived Blend. Keep Your Cat Or Dog Comfortable And Fresh By Grabbing A Bottle Of This Herbal Dip Today! Key Features: Gentle Alternative To Harsh Chemical Dips Made With Safe And Natural Aromatic Herbal Oils Safe For External Use On Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, herbal , amp, Unaffected Remedies, gt, halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip, amp, reg,
      SKU: Halo-cloud-nine-herbal-dip-0-5-fl-oz

    Herbsmith Bladder Care Tablets (90 Count)
      Herbsmith Bladder Care Tablets (90 Count).

      Bladder Care™ Is A Must Have Formula To Support Bladder Health. An Amazing Combination Of Bladder Health Herbs, Cranberry Extract, And D-mannose To Receive The Best Of The Old And The New. Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, Crystals In The Urine, Obstructions Of The Urinary Tract, And Urinary Stone Formation Are Commonly Experienced Issues In Our Cats And Dogs. Supporting Bladder Health Is Key To Developing The Proper Urinary Environment. Bladder Care™ Is Great For Dogs And Cats Exhibiting The Following: - Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, herbsmith Bladder Care
      SKU: Herbsmith-bladder-care-tablets-90-count

    Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover No More Marking Spray (24 Oz)
      Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover No More Marking Spray (24 Oz).

      Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh Formulated To Discourage Your Pets From Soiling In Your Home, Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover No More Marking Spray (24 Oz) Protects Your Furniture And Flooring From Becoming A Bathroom For Your Cat Or Dog. Get Rid Of Pet Smells Naturally Lingering Odors Of Sofas Or Carpeting Caused By Pet Marking Can Be A Magnet For Re-soiling. No More Marking Spray Removes Deep-down Odors And Stains And The Organic Ingredients Repel Pets Naturally Without Irritating Their Sensitive Eyes Or Noses. Benefits Cinnamon Oil And Lemon Grass Oil Act As Natural Repellants Works On A Variety Of Stains And Odors Permanently Removes Odors Leaves Your Home Smelling Clean Specially Formulated Not To Irritate Your Pet?s Senses

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaniing , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, nature, s Miracle, amp, reg, Stain And Odor Eliminating Sprays
      SKU: Natures-miracle-stain-and-odor-remover-no-more-marking-spray-24-oz

    Petcurean Now Fresh Senior Cat Food (16 Lb)
      Petcurean Now Fresh Senior Cat Food (16 Lb).

      Now Fresh™ Senior Cat Food Recipe Is Made With 100% Fresh Turkey, Salmon, Duck And 100% Fresh Omega 3 & 6 Oils From Coconuts And Canola. Now Fresh™ Also Features Zero Grains, Gluten, Wheat, Beef, Corn Or Soy. Zero Rendered Meats, By-products Or Artificial Preservatives. Balanced Proteins And Fats To Help Manage Weight Omega Oils To Promote Skin And Coat Health Pre + Probiotics To Support Digestion Added Taurine To Support Vision And Heart Function Antioxidants To Support Increased Immunity Suitable For Senior Cats And/or To Help Any Cat With Weight Management Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, petcurean Now Fresh, amp, trade, Cat Food
      SKU: Now-fresh-senior-cat-food-16-lb

    6-pack Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (48 Oz)
      6-pack Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (48 Oz).

      Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additive This Flavorless Concentrate Is Added Daily To Drinking Water To Provide The Safest, Healthiest Way To Conveniently Keep Teeht Clean Without Brushing. Features Two Patented Enzyme Systems: The Lp3 Enzyme Sysyem And The Md2 Enzyme System (mutanase + Dextranase). Together, They Effectively Inhibit Odor-causing Bacteria And Reduce Plaque Biofilm Formation By Rendering Plaque Water Soluable And Unable To Bind To The Tooth. This Combinat1on Of Patented Enzyme Systems Creates A Comprehensive Spoken Care System With Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties. Does Not Contain Chlorhexidine, Xylitol Or Alcohol Removes Plaque Biofilm While Inhibiting Odor Causing Microbes Convenient Pump Dosaging System 100% Safe For Daily Ingestion, Cannot Over-dose Convenient To Insure Client Compliance Improves Oral Health Ph Neutral This Bundle Contains: 6 X Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (8 Oz) , A Total Of 48 Oz

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, oratene Drinking Water Additives
      SKU: Oratene-water-additives-48-oz

    Pet Organics Fast Bath For Cats (12 Oz)
      Pet Organics Fast Bath For Cats (12 Oz).

      Fast Bath For Cats Is Great Anytime And Anyplace. Fast Bath Allows Your Cat To Have A Waterless Bath In Just Minutes. Quick, Easy And Elminates Odors Leaving A Light Fresh Fragrance. Contains No Harsh Chemicals Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, pet Organics Fast Bath
      SKU: Pet-organics-fast-bath-cats-12-oz

    Purina Pro Plan Focus - Indoor Care Turkey & Rice Dry Adult Cat Food (16 Lb)
      Purina Pro Plan Focus - Indoor Care Turkey & Rice Dry Adult Cat Food (16 Lb).

      Pro Plan Turkey & Rice - Indoor Provides Wholesome And Complete Nutrition For Adult Cats. It Helps In Developing A Strong Immune System And Better Health. It Is Made With Real Turkey. Pro Plan Turkey & Rice - Indoor Made With Real Turkey Net Weight Is 16 Lb Provides Balanced And Complete Nutrition Aids In Supporting A Solid Immune System Pro Plan Turkey & Rice - Indoor - Is A Yummy Entree For Your Pet For Better Overall Health. A Closer Look: Feed One Can For Every 2-1/2 Lbs Of Body Weight On A Daily Basis. It Can Be Broken Down To Two Meals. The Meal Can Be Adjusted As Per Body Weight. Made Specially For: All Adult Cats Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, purina, amp, reg, Cat Food
      SKU: Purina-pro-plan-indoor-cat-turkey-rice-16-lb

    Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dog (18 Oz)
      Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dog (18 Oz).

      Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dog (18 Oz) This Exceptional Skin Care Product Aids In The Relief Of Dry, Itchy And Flaky Skin And Deodorizes Your Dog. It Contains Teatree Oil And Oatmeal To Relieve Your Dog, And Rinses With Extraordinary Ease. This Soap-free Shampoo Is Ph Balanced And Has A Non-irritating Formula. For Dogs Helps Relieve Dry, Itchy And Flaky Skin Deodorizes To Help Leave Your Dog Smelling Fresh And Clean Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, sentry Medicated Shampoo
      SKU: Sentry-medicated-shampoo-for-dog-18-oz

    Twistix Dental Treats Milk & Cheese Flavor - Small (5.5 Oz)
      Twistix Dental Treats Milk & Cheese Flavor - Small (5.5 Oz).

      Twistix® Dental Treats Milk & Cheese Flavor Are Delectable Dog Chews That Will Drive Your Pooch Wild. These Wheat-free Dog Chews Are Made With Peppermint And Parsley To Help Freshen Your Dog's Breath As He Chews And Made To Feature A Tough Texture That Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar As Your Dog Chews. Twistix Dental Treats Milk & Cheese Flavor Is Made In The Usa And Comes In One Of Three Sizes To Accommodate Pups Of All Kinds. Though This Resealable Package Includes 5.5 Ounces Of Miniature Treats- Mini And Large Sizes Are Also Available- As Well As A Palatable Yogurt & Banana Flavor . Your Dog Deserves A Dental Treat That Is Both Healthy And Delicious, So Order This Package Of Dental Twists Today! Key Features: Chew Removes Plaque And Tartar And Freshens Breath As Your Dog Eats Available In Three Sizes: Mini, Small And Large For Dogs Of All Sizes Available In Delectable Yogurt And Banana Or Mouth-watering Milk And Cheese Flavors Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, twistix, amp, reg, Dental Treats
      SKU: Twistix-milk-cheese-small

    Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution With 0.5% Hydrocortisone (1.25 Oz)
      Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution With 0.5% Hydrocortisone (1.25 Oz).

      Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution Highly Effective For Aiding In The Treatment Of Bacterial, Fungal And Yeast Infections Including Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Proteus And Malassezia. The Solution Works With The Body To React With Present Pus And Debris To Kill Infectious Microorganisms. The Non-invasive Protocol Requires No Cleaning Before And Durnig Use So That The Enzyme Activity Is Not Disrupted. Also Recommended For Treating Antibiotic Sensitive Animals, Difficcult Problematic Pets, Rodents And Sensitive Exotics. Destroys Antibiotic Resistant Microorganisms Contains No Antibiotics Ease Of Use Improves Client Compliance Acts As Cleaner And Medication With One Daily Dose

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, zymox Otic
      SKU: Zymox-retail-ear-solution-with-0-5-hydrocortisone-1-25-oz

    Beast Quest #20: Amulet Of Avantia: Equinus The Spirit Horse
      Beast Quest #20: Amulet Of Avantia: Equinus The Spirit Horse.

      Fight The Beasts. Fear The Magic Equinus The Spirit Horse Crashes Through The Forests Of The Forbidden Land, Stealing The Life Force Of Other Creatures. Tom Must Dodge The Ghost Beast's Flying Hooves And Take The Fragment Of Amulet That Equinus Guards- Or Tom's Father Will Remain A Ghost Forever

      SKU: 12722018
      ISBN: 9780542572117
      Author: Blade, Adam

    Betsy And Tacy Go Downtown
      Betsy And Tacy Go Downtown.

      Betsy, Tacy, And Tib Are Twelve-old Enough To Do Lots Of Things...even Go Downtown On Their Own. There They See Their First Horseless Carriage, Discover The Joys Of The Public Library, And See A Real Play At The Opera House. They Even Find Themselves Acting In One Best Of All, They Help A Lonely New Friend Feel At Home In Deep Valley-the Most Wonderful Place In The World To Grow Up. Ever Since Their First Publication In The 1940s, The Betsy-tacy Stories Have Been Loved By Each Generation Of Young Readers.

      SKU: 224550
      ISBN: 9780064400985
      Author: Lovelace, Maud Hart / Lenski, Lois / Hurwitz, Johanna

    Tabitha In Moonlight
      Tabitha In Moonlight.

      Sister Tabitha Was An Efficient Nurse, But When It Came To Matters Of The Heart She Was Less Sure Of Herself. So When She Fell In Love, She Had No Idea How To Deal With Her Feelings. Was That Why The Dutcch Surgeon Marius Van Beek Called Her Cinderella? If Only Marius Would Ride Up On A White Horse And Ask For Her Hand In Marriage. But People Lived Happily Efer After Only In Fairy Tales, Didn't They?

      SKU: 15427732
      ISBN: 9780373199938
      Author: Neels, Betty

    Creepy Creatures And Bizarre Beasts From The Bible
      Creepy Creatures And Bizarre Beasts From The Bible.

      A Talking Donkey, Fire-breathing Horses, And Dinosaurs? If You Love The Mysterious And Bizarre, Then You Must Read This Book. Learn About Some Of The Weirdest Creatures And Beasts Found Not In A Comic Book-butt In The Bible. Read About A Flying Woman With Stork Wings, Or A Four-headed Winged Leopard, Or Even The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. It's All In This Book And It's All From The Bible. It's Action And Adventure Straight From The Pages Of The Bible As Part Of The 2:52 Soul Gear(tm) Collection-based On Luke 2:52-these High-energy, Fast-paced Stories Will Encourage Boys In Their Quest To Be Smarter, Stronger, Deeper, And Cooler As They Develop Into Young Men Of God.through Imaginative And Innovative Products, Zonderkidz Is Feeding Young Souls.

      SKU: 900486
      ISBN: 9780310706540
      Author: Osborne, Rick / Gettman, David / Auer, Chris

    Beyond Words: Talking With Animals And Nature
      Beyond Words: Talking With Animals And Nature.

      Animals And Nature Can Act As Teachers And Guides, Send Warnings Of Impending Danger, Or Simply Make Life More Joyous. More Profoundly, Intuitive Bonds With The Natural World Can Foster Life-altering Changes And Spiritual Redirection. &qot;beyond Words" Describes What People Experience When They Connect Intuitively With Animals And Nature. In Her First Book, "learning Their Language," Marta Williams Taught Readers How To Make This Connection; Here She Explores How Life Changes Once They Do. Williams Describes A Photographer Who Is Healed By Dolphins In The Waters Off Hawaii, How A Rottweiler Helps Her Female Companion Seek The Assistance She Needs, And Howw Young Neil And His Horse Feste Together Learned About Life, Death, And Loyalty. Easy-to-follow Exercises And Practices Help Readers Experience These Same Types Of Communication.

      SKU: 7111572
      ISBN: 9781577314929
      Author: Williams, Marta / Becker, Marty, D.v.m.

    Prairie Plants Of The University Of Wisconsin-madison Arboretum
      Prairie Plants Of The University Of Wisconsin-madison Arboretum.

      A Pioneer And Leader In The Prreservation And Restoration Of Native Midwest Prairies Since The 1930s, The University Of Wisconsin-madison Arboretum Has A Stellar Collection Of Prairie Plant Species, Including Horsetails, Ferns, Rushes, Sedges, Grasses, Shrubs, Vines, And Wildflowers. This Guide Illustrates And Describes More Than 360 Native And Introduced Species That Grow And Bloom On The Arboretum Prairies And Also Briefly Discusses Or Mentions Many Additional Species, Infraspecific Taxa, And Hybrids. Its Intent Is To Increase Awareness And Respect For Remaining Small Prairie Remnants, Motivate Readers To Work For Prairie Preservation And Restoration, And Encourage The Planting Of Native Species In Yards And Gardens. Botanist And Taxonomist Theodore S. Cochrane Has Written The Verse To Engage A Variety Of Readers: Prairie Enthusiasts, Gardeners, Amateur Botanists, Younger Students Learning About Plants, And College Students And Professionals. Nomenclature Follows In Part The New Apg Classification System. Richly Illustrated With Detailed Color Photographs By Claudia S. Lipke And Botanical Illustrations And Maps By Kandis Elliot, The Guide Provides A Beautiful And Informative Sample Of The Flora Of The Arboretum And Of The Southern Wisconsin Prairie Landscape. Many Of The Plants, Of Course, Are Also Found Throughout The Upper Midwestern United States And In Adjacent Southern Canada.

      SKU: 4361796
      ISBN: 9780978959005
      Author: Cochrane, Theodore S. / Elliot, Kandis / Lipke, Claudia S.

    Tarentine Horseman Of Magna Graecia: 430-190 Bc
      Tarentine Horseman Of Magna Graecia: 430-190 Bc.

      The Taras Were The Leading Power Of The Scattered Greek States Of Southern Italy And Built Their Reputation On The Unmatched Horse Warriors Who Helped The Taras Claim And Maintain Their Power. These Horsemen, Who Excelled In Valor And Wealth Not Only Served On Their Home Soil, But Were In Great Demand Abroas And Were Often Exported As Mercenaries. In This Book, Expert Author Nic Fields Examines The Taras Horsemen In Detail, Using Rare Artifacts And Contemporary Sources To Create An Account Which Reveals The Day To Day Lives Of These Warriors Together With Their Experiences In Battle. Fields Discusses The Taras Tactics, Weapons And Equipment, Detailing How They Bred The Horses That Were So Essential To Their Success. He Goes On To Reveal How Their Prowess Extended To Beyond The Battlefield In The Arena Of Tribal Games. With A Wealth Of Contemporary Sources And Rare Artifacts Illustrated With Specially Commissioned Color Artwork And Rare Photographs, This Is An Intriguing Insight Into The Everyday Lives Of These Horsemen And Reveals How They Acquired The Skills That Made Them So Crucial To Thd Taras' Fate.

      SKU: 7507701
      ISBN: 9781846032790
      Author: Fields, Nic / O'brogain, Sean

    The Milk Horse
      The Milk Horse.

      Kerry Loves Horses, Especially Bell, The Horse That Pulls The Milk Wagon.but One Icy Morning, Bell Shows Up At Kerry's House, Pulling The Milk Wagon Without The Milkman. Kerry And The Milk Horse Set Out To Discover What Happened And Find The Milkman.suggested Age Range For Readers: 5-8

      SKU: 15554407
      ISBN: 9781616331689
      Author: Luce, Catherine / Snider, K. C.

    At The Back Of The North Wind
      At The Back Of The North Wind.

      Tor Classics Are Affordably-priced Editions Designed To Attract The Young Reader. Original Dynamic Cover Art Enthusiastically Represents The Excitement Of Each Story. Appropriate "reader Friendly" Type Sizes Have Been Chosen For Each Title-offering Clear, Accurate, And Readable Text. All Editions Are Complete And Unabridged, And Feature Introductions And Afterwords.this Edition Of "at The Back Of The North Wind" Includes A Foreword, Biographical Note, And Afterword By Nancy Springer.listen Can Hear Magic In The Wind Diamond Lives In A Hayloft. But That Was All Right With Him. He Loves To Snuggle Up To The Horses At Night And Listen To Them Snore Away. Sometimes He Can Even Hear The Stars Twinkling In The Night Diamond Is Visited By A Beautiful Fairy With Long Flowing Hair. She Calls Herself North Wind, And She Lives In The Enchanged Land Far, Far Away. Best Of All, She Has Come To Take Diamond Back With Her-back To The Land At The Back Of The North Wind.adored By Millions Of Young Readers Since Its First Publication In 1871, George Macdonald's Magical Tale Continues To Delight.

      SKU: 3406494
      ISBN: 9780812567120
      Author: Macdonald, George

    Federico And The Magi's Gift: A Latin American Christmas Story
      Federico And The Magi's Gift: A Latin American Christmas Story.

      It's The Eve Of The Epiphany, Or The Feast Of The Three Kings, And That Means The Three Wise Men, Or Magi, Will Ride Through The Night Sky To Deliver Gifts To Children. Four-year-old Federico Has Misbehaved, And Now He Is Afraid The Magk Won't Leave Him Any Presents. As His Brother And Sister Prepare Hay And Water For The Magi's Camels, Federico Stays By Himself: Will He Get The "caballito," Or Toy Horse, He Is Hoping For? Will The Magi Really Come? This Gorgeously Illustrated Storybook By Beatriz Vidal Glows With Warmth And Holiday Cheer, And Readers Everywhere Will Surely Find Themselves Scanning The Night Skies For The Magi. Praise For "a Library For Juana": "the Text Is Perfectly Complemented By Vidal's Brilliant, Detailed Illustrations That Have The Look And Exactitude Of Renaissance Miniatures."-"school Library Journal" "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 1122367
      ISBN: 9780375925184
      Author: Vidal, Beatriz

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