Conversations With A Prince: A Year Of Riding At East Hill Farm

    Conversations With A Prince: A Year Of Riding At East Hill Farm
      Conversations With A Prince: A Year Of Riding At East Hill Farm.

      In Helen Husher's Warm, Often Funny Account Of Returning To Riding After Many Years Away, The Gravitational Pull Of The Horse Barn Finds Expression In The Unlikely Alliance Between The Fifty-something Author And A Lesson Horse Named Prince. Wayward And Charming, Prince Reopens Doors That Allow Husher To Explore And Share Thee Ssential Grammar Of Horses-what We Do With Them, What We Want From Them, And What We Hope For When We Approach Them-and Proves That Riding Is A Form Of Interspecies Poetry. Weaving Together The Past, The Present, And Classic Riding Texts Like National Velvet And Black Beauty, Husher Peels Away The Instructive And Redemptive Layers Of Our View Of Horses. The Hard Truths Underneath Can Be Painful, But Also Full Of A Mute, Strange, And Complicated Beauty. Written For Riders And Nonriders Alike, Conversations With A Prince Brings To Life A World Of Gestures, Sensation, Intuition, Negotiation, And Close Observation, But The Primary Target Is Human Passion. "horse Craziness," Says Husher, "has Certain Magical, Reiterative Properties-good Evidence That Riding Really Does Approach Allegory. But Riding Also Brings With It Grief, Love, Work, And Endless Correction. These Things Are The Opposite Of Allegory, And Hold Their Magic Because They Refuse To Turn Into Blurry Abstractions." Conversations With A Prince Will Not Teach Its Readers How To Ride, But To Understand Why Riding Matters By Placing It Into The Larger Context Of A Moral And Engaged Life, And A Animated Existence Vastly Improved By Having Horses In It.

      SKU: 7267470
      ISBN: 9781592286935
      Author: Husher, Helen

    Angels? Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse (4 Oz)
      Angels? Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse (4 Oz).

      Angels? Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse Is The Perfect Way To Prevent Infections And Keep Your Dog's Ears Healthy. This Rinse Is Specially Formulated To Deodorize, Clean, Dry, And Acidify The Ear Canal To Prevent Irritation And Remove Dirt, Wax, And Other Unpleasant Irritants. The Cleansing Process Can Also Help Remove Odors And Prevent Excessive Scratching Caused By Irritation. The Angels? Eyes Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse Is Safe For Both Cats And Dogs Of All Ages And Features A Pleasant Sweet Pea And Vanilla Scent. The Rinse Also Contains Aloe Vera To Soothe Ears That Are Already Irritated To Prevent Further Scratching. Keep Your Pet's Ears Healthy The Easy Way And Order This Ear Rinse Today! Key Features: Gently Cleans, Dries, And Deodorizes Ear Channel Reduces Ear Odor And Soothes Irritation With Aloe Vera Features Pleasant Sweet Pea And Vanilla Scent Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, angels, Eyes Ear Rinse
      SKU: Angels-eyes-coastal-breeze-ear-rinse-4-oz

    Gold Medal Whitening Grooming Spray With Cardoplex (8 Oz)
      Gold Medal Whitening Grooming Spray With Cardoplex (8 Oz).

      Whitening Spray With Cardoplex 2 Is A No-rinse Liquid Shampoo With A Long Lasting Fragrance That Removes Spots, Grass Stains And Mud Between Bathing. Designed To Help Keep Your Dog Clean Between Baths, Whitening Spray Contains No Bleach And Is Safe For Use On Any Color Dog. It Will Highlight And Add Shine To All Coat Colors. - Cardoplex Formula Helps Wash, Rinse, And Dry Faster - Cleans Fast - Whitening Spray - Spot Remover

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, cardinal Pet Grooming Sprays
      SKU: Crdwhitespray8oz

    Petsafe Easy Walk Harness - Raspberry/gray (small/medium)
      Petsafe Easy Walk Harness - Raspberry/gray (small/medium).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Petsafe Easy Walk Harness - R Oyal Blue/navy (small/medium) Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. The Easy Walk Harness Is The Safest And Most Humane Way To Control Your Dog While Out For A Walk. Choke Chains And Conventional Collars Can Choke Your Dog And Harm Work By Harming Her Until She Follows Your Lead. Harnesses, On The Other Hand, Work To Guide Your Dog From Her Center Of Gravity With A Gentle Tug To Her Chest- And This Harness Even Uses A Unique Design Specially Made To Redirect Forward Motion. The Easy Walk Harness Uses Two Buckles That Quickly Snap Together To Fabricate Using The Harness Fast And Easy. The Harnesses Are Made Of Nylon With Four Points For Adjustion To Ensure The Best Possible Fit For Your Pet. This Harness Is Rasberry And Grey In Small/medium Size For Dogs That Are Measure Between 19 And 25 Inches Around Their Rib Cage. This Harness Is Also Available In Black And Gray Buut For Smaller Dogs, Try Petite Or Small Sizes. For Larger Dogs, Try Large Or Extra Large Sizes. Key Features: Uses Two Buckles To Make It Easy To Put On And Remove Harness Unique Loops Redirect Forward Momentum 4 Points Of Adjustment For Optimum Fit For Any Dog

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, training Collars, gt, petsafe, amp, reg, Easy Walk, amp, reg, Harness
      SKU: Easy-walk-harness-small-medium-raspberry-gray

    Natural Hairball Remedy For Cats (50 Soft Chews)
      Natural Hairball Remedy For Cats (50 Soft Chews).

      Natural Hairball Remedy For Cats By Vet Classics, Are Soft Chews That Aid Digestion Formulated To Help Eliminate And Prevent Hairbal Ls In Your Cat. This Tasty Soft Chew Is Chicken Flavored And Contains Catnip. For Use In Cats Over The Age Of 12 Weeks. Recommended To Help Eliminate And Prevent Hairballs When Used On A Daily Basis. Helps Eliminate And Prevent Hairballs Tasty Chicken Flavor With Catnip Helps With Digestion

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, laxatives , amp, amp, Hairball Tre Atments, gt, vet Classics Hairball Remedy
      SKU: Hairballremedy50sc

    Howard Sport Rubber Balls 2.5" (assorted)
      Howard Sport Rubber Balls 2.5" (assorted).

      Howard Sport Rubber Balls Are Durable Bouncy Balls That Are Perfect For Games O Ffetch With Large Dogs. These Unique Toys Are Covered With Small Bumps That Create An Interesting Texture To Entice Your Dog. The Bright Colors Ensure That You Will Never Lose Them And The Heavy , Solid Form Ensures That They Will Stand Up To Dogs That Are Aggressive With Their Ball Toys. The Howard Sport Rubber Balls Come In Assorted Patterns And Colors, With Soccer Ball, Basketball, Football Or Volleyball Designs In Vibrant Pink, Blue, Red Or Yellow Colors. Though These Balls Are 2.5 Inches In Diameter There Are Also 3.5-inch Balls Available For Larger Dogs. Your Dog Will Love These Awesome Bouncy Balls- So Order Now! Key Features: Assorted Styles In Vibrant Colors Shaped Like Balls From Various Sports Bouncy Balls Are Perfect For Games Of Fetch Available In Two Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, howard Pet Sport Balls
      SKU: Howard-sport-rubber-balls-2-5

    Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers For Cats
      Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers For Cats.

      Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers For Cats Provide A Simple Way To Trim Your Cat's Nails Safely And Effectively. These Clippers Are Made Specifically For The Nails Of Felines To Ensure That They Are The Perfect Size To Trim Both Safely And Comfortably. To Further Assure Your Cat's Safety And Facilitate The Trimming Process, These Clippers Utilize Rubber Handles To Prevent Slipping. The Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers For Cats Is Made To Prevent Nails From Splintering Ro Breaking While Being Cut. These Clippers Are Suitable For All Cats Regardless Of Their Size Or Breed. You'll Love How Effortless Trimming Your Cat's Nails Becomes With This Amazing Tool, So Order A Pair Today! Key Features: Non-slip Handle Created Specifically For Cats Suitable For All Cat Breeds

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, nail Clippers , amp, amp, Files, gt, jw Pet Grip Soft Nail Clippers
      SKU: Jw-pet-gripsoft-cat-nail-clippers-cats

    Kong Genius Mike - Large
      Kong Genius Mike - Large.

      The Kong® Genius™ Mike Toy Provides A Unique And Enthralling Play Experience That Your Pet Will Love. This Treat-dispensing Toy Can Act As A Standard Chew Toy Or Be Stuffed With Snacks Or Kibble For Added Fun. The Toy Can Also Be Connected With Multiple Other Genius Toys For An Added Challenge. The Kong Genius Mike Toy Is Made In The Usa And Recommended By Veterinarians Worldwide. Though This Toy Is A Large Size For Dogs Weighing Between 15 And 40 Pounds, It Is Also Available In A Small Size For Dogs Weighing Up To 20 Pounds. Give Your Dog A Toy That Exercises Their Teeth And Their Mind With This Unique Toy And Order Now! Key Features: Can Be Stuffed With Kibble And Treats To Entice Pets To Chew Can Be Connected To Other Kong Genius Toys For Added Challenge Available In Two Sizes For Small And Medium Sized Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, treat Dispensing Toys, gt, kong, amp, reg, Genius, amp, trade,
      SKU: Kong-genius-mike-large

    Bio-groom Anti-stat Spray (12 Fl Oz)
      Bio-groom Anti-stat Spray (12 Fl Oz).

      Bio-groom Anti-stat Spray (12 Oz) Was Developed To Control Fly-away Hair, And Eliminate Static Charges On Hair That Result From Shampooing, Drying, And Combing. Anti-stat Leaves The Coat Natural And Easy To Comb And Brush. Non-sticky, Non-irritating And Excellent For Dogs. Fine Mist Sprayer. Features: Eliminates Static Charge Controls Fly-away Hair Non-aerosol Pump Spray Non-sticky Non-toxic Non-irritating Alcohol Free For Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, qmp, Foams, gt, bio Groom Sprays
      SKU: Nebiansp12oz

    Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Finger Brush (2 Pack)
      Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Finger Brush (2 Pack).

      Nylabone® Advanced Oral Care™ Finger Brush™ (2 Pack) Provides A Safe And Comfortable Way To Brush Your Pet's Teeth. These Finger Brushes Simply Slide Onto Your Finger To Provide An Easy-to-use Tool That Cleans Hard-to-reach Areas Without Difficulty. The Brushes Also Use A Soft Rubber Bristle To Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar To Keep Your Dog's Teeth And Gums Healthy. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Finger Brush Are Flexible Enough To Fit Any Finger Comfortably And Are Veterinarian-recommended To Prevent The Onset Of Periodontal Disease In Dogs. This Package Comes By The Side Of Two Brushes To Ensure You Have A Replacement If One Becomes Worn Or Damaged. Don't Allow Your Dog To Succumb To Dental Disease, Order These Brushes For Your Pup Today! Key Features: Includes Two Finger Brushes To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Soft Rubber Bristles Are Sensitive For Gums And Clean Hard-to-reach Areas Reduces Plaque And Tartar

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, toothbrushes , amp, amp, Toothpastes, gt, nylabone, amp, reg, Advanced Oral Care, amp, trade, Brushes And Kits
      SKU: Nylabone-advanced-oral-care-finger-brush-2-pack

    Fondling Naturals Calmng For Cats (30 Chews)
      Fondling Naturals Calmng For Cats (30 Chews).

      Pet Naturals Calming For Cats Chews Are A Calming Supplement Designed To Support Relaxation. Especially When Your Cat Is Stressed Out. When Your Cat Can?t Deal With Your Holiday Guests Or You Want Him To Stay Calm On That Long Trip To The Vet, Calming Chews Are A Convenient Opportunity To Help Him Relax. Three Ingredients Work Together To Support Calm Behavior Without Sedation Or Personality Changes. No Herbals Used. For All Cats Manufactured In The U.s.a. Recommended For: Changes To Environment Boarding Or Kenneling Veterinary Or Grooming Visits Holidays And Parties Boredom Or Separation Anxiety Moving Or Traveling Fireworks And Thunderstorms

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, pet Naturals Calming For Cats
      SKU: Pet-naturals-calming-cats-30-chews

    Redbarn Filled Bone Greek Yogurt (large)
      Redbarn Filled Bone Greek Yogurt (large).

      Redbarn Greek Yogurt Filled Dog Bones Are Delicious Chew Treats That Will Drive Your Dog Wild. These Palatable Bones Are Filled With Palatable Greek Yogurt To Further Encourage Healthy Chewing Habits. The Bone Itself Is A Thick Femur Bone Which Provides Plenty Of Space For The Greek Yogurt. Furthermore, Simply Chewing On This Bone Will Help Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth And Support His Dental Health. Redbarn Greek Yogurt Filled Dog Bones Use Natural Beef Or Pork Bones To Ensure That Each Treat Meets Redbarn's Strict Standards Of Quality. This Bone Is 6 Inches Long And Has A Length Of Width Of Two Inches- For Smaller Dogs, A 2.5-inch Long Greek Yogurt Filled Dog Bone Is Also Available. Your Dog Will Love This Delectable Chew Treat, So Order Some For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Made With Natural Animal Bones Filled With Palatable Greek Yogurt Promotes Dental Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, redbarn Bone Chews
      SKU: Redbarn-filled-bone-greek-yogurt-large

    Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops (6 Count)
      Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops (6 Count).

      Sentry Good Behavior Calming Drops Include A Pheromone That Helps Calm A Dog In Stressful Situations. The Calming Drops Contain Pheromone Technology That Mimics A Pheromone That The Mother Dog Produces. Dogs Associate This With The Reassuring Feeling They Had As A Puppy When Around Their Mother. Dogs Recognize These Pheromones Throughout Life. This Takes Advantage Of The Natural Process Of Association And Nurtures A Calming Effect. Pheromones Are Proven To Effectively Modify Behavioral Problems In Dogs Due To Stress And Fear Helps Dogs And Puppies Feel Safe And Secure Can Be Used Without Long-term Side Effects Can Be Used With Dogs Of All Breeds And Ages Ideal For Use On Good Behavior Cuddlin? Companion Toys Patent-pending Pheromone Technology 6 Applicators

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, sentry Calming Solutions For Dogs
      SKU: Sentry-good-behavior-calming-drops

    Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Plus - Traveler Bottle (3 Oz)
      Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Plus - Traveler Bottle (3 Oz).

      Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Plus - Traveler Bottle Is The Perfect Otic Treatment For Mild Injuries, Infections Or Irritations That Are Affecting Your Pet. This Topical Treatment Accelerates The Healing Process For Minor Wounds Without Irritating Your Pet's Skin. The Formula Is Also Safe To Be Ingested By Your Pet To Ensure That There Are No Adverse Effects Caused By Your Pet's Grooming Habits. Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Travel Bottle Is The Perfect Size For Emergency First Aid Kits Or Travel Bags. This Container Comes With 3 Ounces Of Fluid That Work To Heal Pets Of All Kinds. Stay Prepared For Any Emergency By Ordering This Otic Cleanser Today! Key Features: Topical Otic Treatment For Lacerations, Abrasions, Irritations, Or Minor Cuts Contains No Alcohol, Steroids Or Antibiotics Perfect For Parks, Vacations, Hikes, First Aid Kits, Airplanes, And More!

      Category: Dog Suppli Es, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, vetericyn Wound , amp, Skin Care
      SKU: Vetericyn-wound-skin-care-traveler-bottle-3-oz

    Farm Animals Coloring Book
      Farm Animals Coloring Book.

      Spend A Fun-filled Day On The Farm With A Horse, Lamb, Rabbit, Donkey, Chicken, Duck, Calf, Rooster, And Other Lovable Creatures.

      SKU: 1599754
      ISBN: 9780486297811
      Author: Bonforte, Lisa / Activity Books

    Seabiscuit The Wonder Horse
      Seabiscuit The Wonder Horse.

      It's Seabiscuit Vs. War Admiral In The Race Of The Century Seabiscuit Was The Grandson Of One Of The Greatest Racehorses Of All Time, But He'd Lost Practically Every Race He'd Ever Run. Who Would Want A Funny-looking Racehorse On A Losing Streak? Enter Charles Howard - Automobile Tycoon, Risk Taker, And Racing Aficionado - Who Scooped Up Seabiscuit For A Bargain Price. With The Support And Care Of A Clever New Trainer And A Loving Jockey, 'biscuit Began Winning Bigger And Bigger Races. Then Came The Biggest Race Of All. As Seabiscuit Prepared To Face War Admiral, The Top Racehorse In The Country, The Entire Nation Was On The Edge Of Its Seat: Could Seabiscuit Really Beat The Triple Crown Champion? This True Story Of Hope And Determination Will Inspire Readers Of All Ages

      SKU: 6242266
      ISBN: 9781416933601
      Author: Mccarthy, Meghan

    Veterinary Guide To Horse Breeding
      Veterinary Guide To Horse Breeding.

      A Landmark Breeding Resource For New And Seasoned Horse Owners Alike With Millions Of Recreational Riders On The Restraint Paths Today, Breeding Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Horse Owners At All Experience Levels. Whether You Are Already Enjoying The Rich Rewards Of Equine Breeding Or Need Down-to-earth Advice On Whether Breeding Is Right For You And Your Animal, The Veterinary Guide To Horse Breeding Offers A Thorough, Up-to-date Overview Of The Process. From Selecting The Best Horses To Mating, Pregnancy, Birthing, And Caring For A Newborn Foal, This Is The Authoritative Resource You'll Want By Your Side At All Stages Of The Breeding Process To Bring Healthy, Beautiful Foals Into Your Life. Features Include: * Guidance On Evaluating Mares And Stallions From Bloodline And Performance Record To Overall Health And Appearance * Key Breeding Techniques Such As Artificial Insemination, Pasture Breeding, And Hand Breeding * Pregnancy Essentials Including Testing, Gestation, Care Of Pregnant Mares, And Dealing With Complications * Foaling Fundamentals: Signs Of Approaching Labor, Labor And Delivery, Care Of The Postpartum Mare, And More * A Complete Immunization Schedule, Physiological Evaluation Tables And Procedures, And A Thorough Glossary Of Terms * More Than 100 Photos And Drawings Illustrating Anatomy, Techniques, And Procedures

      SKU: 2948431
      ISBN: 9780764571282
      Author: Darling, Kjersten / Giffin, James M.

    The Art And Science Of Picking Winning Horses
      The Art And Science Of Picking Winning Horses.

      This Concise Winning Strategy Shows Readers How To Progress From Pure Betting And Depending Upon Hance, To Taking Calculated Risks, Which Entails Knowledge And Judgment. Readers Learn How To Analyze The Real Factors That Influence A Race And Eliminate Horses That Have Little Chance Of Winning-narrowing The Short List Of Winners And Immediately Increasing A Bettor's Chances Of Cashing Tickets. Hillis Shows Which Races Are Difficult To Predict (and Should Be Avoided) And Likewise, The Races That Can Best Be Handicapped And Where The Profit Can Be Found. Packed With Sage Advice, This Book Reveals More Than 50 Key Factors For Beating The Horses And The Key Secrets The Author Has Track-tested For Decades..

      SKU: 12755505
      ISBN: 9781580422819
      Author: Hillis, James

    Holding To The Center: Sanctuary In A Time Of Confusion
      Holding To The Center: Sanctuary In A Time Of Confusion.

      As In All His Books, Heckler Draws From Personal Experience: Training His Horse, Cultivating Presence In Aikido Dojos, Consulting With Business Executives, Raising Children. A Masterful And Encompassing Book, "holding The Center" Develops From The Fulcrum Of The Self In The Natural World. Many Of Heckler's Lessons Arise From His Life As A Householder And Father. Community Is A Larger Family-we Make Alliances To "take Care Of What Matters To Us." But, As Heckler Teaches, That Takes Listening To Others With An Open Heart, And Learning What The Needs Of Others Are. The World "can" Be A Sanctuary, If We Find A Balance Between Insticnt And Choice. Richard Strozzi Heckler Sounds An Important Call About The Interplay Between Power And Generosity In These Subtle And Luminous Essays.

      SKU: 7665749
      ISBN: 9781883319540
      Author: Heckler, Richard / Strozzi-heckler, Richard

    Go The Distance: The Complete Resource For Endurance Horses
      Go The Distance: The Complete Resource For Endurance Horses.

      This Information-packed Internationall Best-seller Should Be On Every Endurance And Competitive Trail Rider's Shelf.

      SKU: 7055500
      ISBN: 9781570763427
      Author: Loving, Nancy S. / Ridgway, Kerry J.

    The Sea Horse
      The Sea Horse.

      Full Length, Drama Characters: 1 Male, 1 Female Interior Set Originally Produced At New York's Circle Rep, This Tender, Ribald, And Complex Love Story Is Set In A Waterfront Bar Where Seaman Harry Bales Spends His Shore Leave. "the Sea Horse" Is Run By Gertrude Blum, With Whom Harry Enjoys A Purely Material Relationship; They Have Never Shared Their Private Yearnings. Gertrude Has Encased Her Heart Behind A Facade Of Toughness Following A Failed Marriage. Now Harry Has A Dream; He Wants To Buy A Charter Fishing Boat And To Have A Son. The Play Progresses Through A Ritual Courtship As These Two Outwardly Abrasive Characters Fight, Make Up, Fight Again, Spin Dreams, Deflate Them, Make Love And Reveal Their Locked Up Secrets. "i Was Touched Close To Tears."-the Village Voice "a Must An Incredible Love Story. A Beautiful Play "- Newhouse Newspapers

      SKU: 12829269
      ISBN: 9780573616013
      Author: Moore, Edward J.

    Night Bites
      Night Bites.

      Mystic Roots: Alyssas Hectic Life As A Business Owner Is Interrupted With The Death Notice Of A Grandmother She Never Knew. Feeling A Draw To Her Kentucky Roots, She Travels To Her Grandmothers Hometown Searching For Answers. A Late Night Stop For Food Leads To Her Capture By The Most Sensual And Dangerous Man She Has Ever Met. Join Alyssa As She Discovers A Few Unknowns About Love And The Mystical Roots That Are Her Legacy. Keeleys Curse: What If You Learned That You Were Descended From A Long Line Of Magically Gifted Females Plagued By A Demon Curse? What If You Learned Of Prophesy That Tells Of A Strong Sorceress Mated To A Wolf That Will Defeat The Demon And End The Curse? What If You Learned You Were That Sorceress? Join Keeley As She Discovers This Fate To Be True...about Herself. Kentucky Hunger: Alana Is A Hard-working Kentucky Girl With A Few Unusual Gifts. Her Telepathic Talent Has Left Her Highly Cynical And Without A Boyfriend By Choice. That Changes When She Meets A Man That Makes Her Blood Push Hot, But Hes Not Just Any Man. Visit Kentucky For A Tale Of Vampires, Murder, Horses, Good Food And Good Lovin.

      SKU: 6857255
      ISBN: 9781554873913
      Author: Danu, Sophia

    The Last Synapsid
      The Last Synapsid.

      Faith, Colorado, Doesn't Get Many Visitors. But Thsi Spring, A Mysterious Creature Is Lurking On The Mountain. Fiercer Than A Mountain Lion, It's Beeen Hunting Pets And Horses, And Leaving Their Remains Scattered Over The Mountainside. But What Is It, And What Does It Want? Only 12-year-old Rob And His Best Friend, 13-year-old Phoebe, Are Brave Enough To Investigate. What They Find On The Mountain Is Beyond Their Wildest Imagination. The Last Synpapsid-a Squat, Drooly Creature That Looks Like A Dinosaur Crossed With A Wienerdog Not Only Speaks English, But Also Claims To Need Rob And Phoebe's Help. He's Looking For His Cohort-a Violent Carnivore Called A Gorgonopsid. If He Doesn't Bring It Back To His Time, History Will Re-align, Humans Will Never Evolve, And Rob And Phoebe Will End Up As Nothing More Than Characters In An Elderly Synpapsid's Dream.

      SKU: 8670553
      ISBN: 9780440422686
      Author: Mason, Timothy

    Into The Silent Land: Travels In Neuropsychology
      Into The Silent Land: Travels In Neuropsychology.

      How Does The Brain Construtc A "self, " The Essence Of Who We Are As Individuals? And How Does The Self Respond To The Deconstruction Of Its Brain? A Neuropsychologist With Twenty-five Years' Experience And A Runner-up For The Prestigious Wellcome Trust Science Prize, Paul Broks Writes With A Doctor's Precision And Clarity In A Series Of Narravtives About The Fascinating World Of The Neurologically Impaired, Delving Not Only Into The Inner Lives Of His Patients But Into A Deeper Understanding Of How We Define Who We Are. In "the Sea And The Almond, " A Young Woman Who Suffers From Daily Grandmal Seizures Agrees Toa Radical Surgery That Involves Removal Of The Amygdala (from The Greek For Almond) And Part Of The Hippocampus (seahorse), Which Is Responsible For Memory And All Conscious Recall. "i Think Therefore I Am Dead" Is Both A Meditation On Human Consciousness And An Intimate Case Study Chronicling Brok's Efforts In Working With A Patient Suffering From A Debilitating Illness That Has No Diagnosis Or Cure. Broks Intersperses His Accounts Of These Rare Conditions With Illuminating Studies Of What Neuroscience Can And Cannot Teach Us About The Mechanisms That Allow Us To Define Ourselves As Individuals.

      SKU: 3831965
      ISBN: 9780871139016
      Author: Broks, Paul

    A Mare For Young Wolf
      A Mare For Young Wolf.

      Illus. In Full Color. When Young Wolf Is Finally Old Enough To Have His Own Horse, He Chooses A Mare, Which Is Unheard Of Among Comanche Warriors. But Boy And Mare Prove To Be An Exceptional Team. "from The Trade Paperback Edition."

      SKU: 2491475
      ISBN: 9780679934455
      Author: Shefelman, Janice / Shefelman, Tom

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