Court Of Love

    Court Of Love
      Court Of Love.

      Love Waits Dacey O'connor Longs To Return Home To Ireland, But Is Left Nearly Destitute After Her Cheating Husband Is Killed In A Duel And She Must Rely On The Hospitality Of Her Distant Relative, Georgiana Spencer, Duchess Of Devonshire. Dacey Has Little Patience With The Insincerity Of London's Ton Even Though Georgiana Is Determined To Match Her Up With The Right Man-like Barrister Andrew Alcott, A Man Whose Tawny Mane And Unusual Golden Eyes Are Mesmerizing. He Magnanimously Offers Her A Position As His Mistress-what Woman Wouldn't Want A House And Unlimited Accounts On Fleet Street?- Which She Adamantly Refuses. Yet, When The Duke Propositions Her As Well, She Must Make A Decision Soon. With No Funds, What Are Her Real Choices? A Season For Love A Vicar's Orphaned Daughter, Elizabeth Townsend Is Grateful To Her Uncle, The Earl Of Dewberry, For Taking Her In. When She Is Thrown From Her Horse While On A Country Ride, A Dashing, Raven-haired Soldier, Just Home From The War, Gallantly Rescues Her As A Knight-of-old. At Twenty-two With No Dowry, Elizabeth Knows She Will At No Time Marry Into The Aristocracy, But The Soldier, Darian, Would Be A Good Match. Harboring Fantastical Thoughts, She Hopes To See Him At The Duke's Provincial Ball The Following Week. See Him She Does, For Darian Is The Marquess Of Bingington, Heir To The Duke-and Totally Out Of Her League. Totally Enpointe For Love Russian Ballerina Veronika Dubove Is Thrilled To Be Performing At London's Loveland Theatre. Even More Thrilling Is The Nightly Attendance Of Simon Ardleigh, The Duke Of Wentworth, With His Dark Emerald Eyes And Wild, Untamed Look That Makes Her Picture Him Riding The Open Moors Rather That Watching Her Dance La Sylphide. When England Declares War, Veronika And Her Partner, Evgenii, Are To Be Arrested As Russian Spies. The Duke Steps In And Offers Them Both Shelter And Protection, Which Would Be Just Fine With Veronika, Except That The Duke Is Betrothed To The Niece Of Former Prime Minister Plmerson And She Is Not About To Become His Mistress. Equally Determined To Fulfill His Political Obligations By Marrying The Meek, Little Mouse He Has Nothing In Common With, Simon Struggles To Remain Honorable Even As He Is Drawn More And More To Veronika's Fiery Temperament And Independent Thinking. If Only He Could Marry For Love-but There Is Always Duty, Something An English Duke Cannot Overlook.

      SKU: 18165044
      ISBN: 9780983396055
      Author: Breeding, Cynthia

    Arizona Diamondbacks Dog Bandana - Large
      Arizona Diamondbacks Dog Bandana - Large.

      Mlb Dog Bandana Decorated With Official Team Primary Logo. Dog Bandana Features A Sewn In Loop To Slide Over Dog Collar And Is Constructed In Micro Mesh Polyester.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, other Apparel , amp, amp, Accessories, gt, arizona Diamondbacks Dog Bandanas
      SKU: Arizona-diamondbacks-dog-bandana-large

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy Recipe (30 Lb)
      Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken & Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy Recipe (30 Lb).

      Blue Chicken And Brown Rice Recipe For Large Breed Puppies Is Formulated With Ingredients Chosen Specifically To Help Address Their Special Needs. Ingredint/nutrient Helps Support High-quality Protein Muscle Growth Calcium & Phosphorus Bone Development Dha Cognitive Development Vitamins & Chelated Minerals Immune Strength Fruits & Veggies Free Radical Fighters The Wholesome Goodness Of The Finest Natural Ingredients High-quality Protein Puppies Love Our Tasty Chicken, And It Provides Them With Essential Amino Acids They Need Every Day. Wholesome Whole Grains Hearty Whole Grains Like Brown Rice, Barley And Oats Supply The Complex Carbonydrates That Your Puppy Needs For Energy. Healthy Garden Veggies Whole Carrots, Sweet Potatoes And Peas Are Three Of The Nutrient-rich Vegetables That Your Puppy Will Get In Every Bite Of Blue. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-life-protection-chicken-and-brown-rice-large-breed-puppy-recipe-30-lb

    Categories Glow Tail Wand
      Categories Glow Tail Wand.

      The Categories Glow Tail Wand Features A Soft, Long Tail With Bright Led Lights Inside. With A Simple Click You Can Choose Three Different Light Speeds That Will Captivate And Stimulate Your Cat. This Fun And Interactive Toy Can Bbe Used To Encourage A Cat's Natural Stalk And Chase Instincts.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, teaser Cat Toys, gt, categories, amp, reg, Teasers
      SKU: Categories-glow-tail-wand

    Comfort Zone With D.a.p For Dogs Plugin - 48 Ml
      Comfort Zone With D.a.p For Dogs Plugin - 48 Ml.

      Comfort Zone With D.a.p For Dogs Reduces Or Prevents Stress Related Behavior. Calms Dogs During Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Visits By Strangers, Or Moving To A New Homehelps Puppies Adapt To New Environments. One Diffuser Vial Lasts Up To 4 Weeks. F Emale Dogs Secrete Pheromones That Comfort And Reassure Their Nursing Puppies. These "appeasement" Pheromones Have The Same Calming Effect On Adult Dogs. Dap. Mimics These Appeasement Pheromones To Reduce Or Eliminate Stress In Dogs Of All Ages. Comfort Zone Reduces Or Completely Stops Stress-related Behavior Including Barking Urination Or Defecation Whimpering & Whining Anxiety Chewing Other Stress-related Behavior

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, comfort Zone With Dap For Dogs
      SKU: Comfortdap48d

    Earthbath Facial Wipes (25 Count)
      Earthbath Facial Wipes (25 Count).

      Earthbath Facial Wipes Are Hypoallergenic Cleaning Wipes That Are Made To Be Sensitive Enough To Clean Your Pet's Face. These Wipes Are Appropriate For Use On All Breeds Of Kittens, Puppies, Cats And Dogs And Can Be Used Daily. The Wipes Are Both Alcohol-free And Soap-free To Ensure That They Are Safe And Sensitive. Additionally, The Wipes Are Ph-balanced To Ensure That They Are Safe For Sensitive Areas. Earthbath Facial Wipes Can Be Used To Clean Your Pet While Traveling Or To Supplement A Bath. These Wipes Are Made In The United States With Natural Ingredients To Ensure That They Are Of The Highest Quality. Facial Wipes Are The Perfect Solutionto Cleaning Sensitive Areas Quickly And Easily, So Order Them For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Safe For Kittens, Puppies, Cats And Dogs Soap-free And Alcohol-free Ph-balanced For Sensitive Pets

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, earthbath Grooming Wipes
      SKU: Earthbath-facial-wipes

    The Gotta Potty Training Alert System
      The Gotta Potty Training Alert System.

      The Gotta Potty Training Alert System Helps Train Owners To Listen To Their Pets Body Language And To Reduce The Time It Takes To Properly Potty Train Their Dog. By Alerting Owners To Cues That Are Sometimes Overlooked Or Not Observed, The Gotta Potty Mat Gives Owners A Helping Hand In The Necessity Of Potty-training Their Dog. The Premise Is Simple. The Gotta Potty Mat Is A Pressure-activated Mat That You Place In Front Of The Door Discretely Under Your Existing Rug Or Other Area That The Dog Might Be Having ?accidents?. The Mat Features A Wireless Transmitter That Is Voice-recordable That Reinforces The Proper Command To The Dog When It Cues. For Instance, The Dog Walks Over And Stands In Front Of The Door To Be Let Out, But The Owner Is Nowhere In Sight. With The Gotta Potty Mat, When The Dog Cues Like This, The Mat Delivers An Audible Recorded Message To The Dog In Your Own Voice That It Will Begin To Equate With Going Outside (consistency Is A Eky To Success). The Mat Transmits A Separate, Recordable Message To The Hand-held Receiver To Alert You That Your Dog Is Signaling To Be Let Out. The Dog Hears ?gotta Go Outside?? (or What Ever Your Want Your Command To Be) In The Owners Voice And The Owner Hears ?rex Is At The Front Door, Hurry And Let Him Out!?. Because Let?s Face It, If The Dog Cues And You Don?t See It, He?s Not Gonna Wait For Ever. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go! Reduce Or Prevent Messy Accidents Avoid Damage To Doors, Floors & Carpets Consistent Command Reinforcement For Proper Training Reduce Or Prevent Messy Accidents Benefits Consistency The Gotta Potty System Reinforces Consistency, Which Is Citical To Effective Dog Training ? Your Dog Hears Your Same Recorded Command Every Time The Alarm Is Activated. Portable The Wireless Transmitter Allows You To Be Anywhere In Your House And Still Get The Notification Alert! The Gotta Potty System Is Self Contained And Can Easily Be Moved To Areas Of Concern Or Travel With You. Invisible The Gotta Potty Pressure Activated Mat Conceals Under Any Door Mat Or Rug So It Becomes Virtually Invisible And Matches Any Decor! Customizable Both The Command The Dog Hears And The Alert You Hear Are Voice Recordable. Plus, The System Can Be Paired With An Additional Mat (sold Separately) In Order To Cover Two Locations At Once!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, potty Training Accessories
      SKU: Gotta-potty-training

    3-pack Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor (16.5 Oz)
      3-pack Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Oven Roasted Chicken Flavor (16.5 Oz).

      New Feline Greenies Is Scientifically Formulated And Clinically Proven To Mechanically Reduce Tartar Buildup That Can Cause Bad Breath. As A Treat Between Meals, Feline Greenies Work Like A Little Toothbrush To Scrub Your Cat's Teeth. Natural Formula With Added Vitamins, Minerals Taurine And Chlorophyll Less Than 2 Calories Per Piece Crunchy Texture Helps Reduce Tartar And Plaque Build-up 100% Nutritionally Complete And Balanced For Adult Cats Feline Greenies Is Naturally Preserved And Have A Taste Your Cat Will Love! Available In Four Great Flavors, Try Them All!

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dental Cat Treats, gt, greenies Feline, gt, greenies Feline Oven Roasted Chicken
      SKU: Greenieschick3pk

    Grriggles Reindeer Family - Baby
      Grriggles Reindeer Family - Baby.

      Grriggles Reindeer Family Squeaker Toys Are Sure To Win Hearts At Holiday Time! They're Made With Soft Berber And Corduroy Fabrics On The Outside, And A Rugged Tear-resistant Sport Mesh Inner Layer, To Provide Mixed Chewing Textures For Dogs.

      SKU: Grriggles-reindeer-family-baby

    Kong Jumbler Football - Large/xlarge
      Kong Jumbler Football - Large/xlarge.

      The Kong® Jumbler™ Football Is A Fun And Exciting Fetch Toy That Your Dog Will Love! This Unique Toy Features Two Handles For Easy Handling That Naturally Fit Into The Curves And Contour Of The Football Design. The Football Is Also Built With A Compressible Material That Produces A Squeak When Squeezed. The Kong Jumbler Football Excites Pets Both With Its Squeaks And Its Internal Tennis Ball That Rattles When The Ball Is Moved. This Toy Is A Large/xlarge Size For Large And Giant Dog Breeds, But For Smaller Pups A Medium/large Size Is Also Available. Treat Your Dog To The Best Toys Around And Order A Kong Jumbler For Your Pooch Today! Key Features: Toy Contains Tennis Ball And Squeaks When Compressed To Entice Play Features Two Handles For Easy Carrying Available In Two Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, kong Jumblers
      SKU: Kong-jumbler-football-large-xlarge

    Living World Mineral Block (2.5 Oz) - Pear
      Living World Mineral Block (2.5 Oz) - Pear.

      The Living World Mineral Block, Pear Design, Is A Convenient And Easy Way To Provide Essential Minerals And Vitamins To Your Bird. It Promotes A Trim And Sharp Beak And Can Be Left In Your Bird's Cage At All Times. It Is The Perfect Way To Help Provide Your Bird With A Healthy Lifestyle. Pear Shaped Mineral Block With Vitamins And Minerals Keeps Beaks Trim And Sharp Suitable For Medium To Large Birds Pleasant Vanilla Scent Can Be Left In Bird's Cage At All Times; 75 Gram

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Toys , amp, Accessories, gt, living World Mineral Blocks
      SKU: Living-world-mineral-block-2-5-oz-pearl

    Rhinestone Dog Collars - Silver Velvet Sparkle # 293 (medium)
      Rhinestone Dog Collars - Silver Velvet Sparkle # 293 (medium).

      This 5/8" Wide Collar Has Gorgeous, Plush Gray/silver Velvet Ribbon And Both Sparkling Clear And Aurora Borealis Stones. The Rhinestone Buckle And Heart Charm Are Included! What A Stunning Collar!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, rhinestone Dog Collars - Silver Velvet Sparkle
      SKU: Rhinestone-dog-collars-silver-velvet-sparkle-293-medium

    Spot Farms Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon (12.5 Oz)
      Spot Farms Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon (12.5 Oz).

      Spot Farms Believes The Benefits Associated With Farm To Fork Accountability Shouldn?t Just Be Reserved For Humans, Our Pets Deserve The Best Too! That?s Why Spot Farms Uses Only The Finest Ingredients Sourced From Family Farms And Trusted Suppliers Here In The United States. To Craft Our All-natural Turkey Bacon We Start With Human-grade White And Dark Turkey Meat And Then Hickory Smoke It To Create A Rich Flavor Your Dog Will Beg For! Made In The U.s.a All Natural Human-grade Ingredients Grain Free, No Corn, Wheat Or Soy No Animal Byproducts Hickory Smoked Antibiotic-free Turkey

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natu Ral Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, spot Farms, amp, trade, All-natural Dog Treats
      SKU: Spot-farms-hickory-smoked-turkey-bacon-12-5-oz

    Whisper In-tank Filter 40i (upto 40 Gal)
      Whisper In-tank Filter 40i (upto 40 Gal).

      Whisper In-tank Filter 40i Designed For Use On Medium-size Aquariums Up To 40 Gallons Uses Large Whisper Bio-bag Cartridges

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filters , amp, amp, Powerheads, gt, tetra Whisper Aquarium Filters
      SKU: Whpitnkflter40i

    Wild Calling Rocky Mountain  Dog Food - Trout/lamb/turkey (25 Lb)
      Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Dog Food - Trout/lamb/turkey (25 Lb).

      Wild Calling™ Rocky Mountain Medley® Dog Food Combines A Unique Array Of Protein Sources To Provide A Delectable, Diverse Formula For Your Dog. Each Formulation Of Rocky Mount Medley Is Free Of Chicken By-products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Grain Or Gluten To Ensure It Is Easily Digestible. The Food Also Contains Fruits, Vegetables, And Additional Nutrients To Ensure It Has Everything Needed To Keep Your Dog Healthy. Wild Calling Rocky Mountain Medley Dog Food Features A Complete Amino Acid Profile As Well As Probiotics And Both Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids To Cater To Every Aspect Of Your Pet's Health. This Bag Contains 25 Pounds Of The Trout, Lamb Meal, And Turkey Meal Recipe, But It Is Also Available In Two Other Sizes And Two Additional Flavors. Your Dog Needs A Food That Provides Comprehensive Nutrition, So Order A Bag For Your Dog Now! Key Features: Combines Three Sources Of Quality Protein For Over 55% Wild Meat, Poultry And Fish No Chicken By-products, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Grain, Or Gluten Complete Amino Acid Profile Fortified With Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, And A Special 'biotic Blend' Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, wild Calling, amp, trade, Dog Food
      SKU: Wild-calling-rocky-mountain-dog-food-trout-25-lb

    Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Ruffle Dress - Medium
      Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Ruffle Dress - Medium.

      Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Ruffle Dresses Feature A Fun Print That Offers An Element Of Humor, With Silly Faces That Follow The Popular Emoji Trends.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, tees, Jerseys, , amp, amp, Dresses, gt, zack , amp, Zoey, amp, reg, Happy Veggies Ruffle Dress
      SKU: Zack-zoey-happy-veggies-ruffle-dress-medium

    Wild Hoofbeats: America's Vanishing Wild Horses
      Wild Hoofbeats: America's Vanishing Wild Horses.

      An Emblem Of The American West And Once Numbering In The Millions, The Wild Horse Is Considered By Some Today As A Resource To Be Exploited Or A Pest To Be Eliminated. Now The Wild Horse Is On The Verge Of Being Removed Entirely From Our Nation's Public Lands. Wild Hoofbeats Takes Us Deep Into "adobe Town" In Wyoming's Red Desert And One Of The Largest Remaining Wild Herds In America. In Passionate Prose, But Above All In Deafening Photographs Both Intimate And Grand, Carol Walker Convinces Us To Take The Future Of These Elegant, Exceptional Animals To Heart.

      SKU: 4374410
      ISBN: 9780981793641
      Author: Walker, Carol / Kathrens, Ginger

    Mummy Dearest
      Mummy Dearest.

      Claire Malloy-a Single, Widowed Mother Of A Teenage Daughter And A Bookseller In Farberville, Arkansas-has Finally Said 'i Do' Toher Swainn, Peter Rosen Of The Local Police Department. Now They Are On Their Honeymoon In Luxor, Egypt. Well, "claire" Is On Her Honeymoon, Accompanied By Her Daughter Caron, And Inez, Caron's Best Friend And Frequent Partner In Adventure. Peter, Meanwhile, Is Mostly Away Doing Business In His New, Completely Undiscussed Role In Law Enforcement. At The Glamorous Winter Palace In Luxor, Claire Is Intent On A Quiet, Uneventful Stay Involving Shopping, And Tourist Sites. But Despite Her Determined Efforts To Avoid Trouble, The Tenor Of The Trip Quickly Switches From Sleepy To Creepy. First, Caron And Inez Are Chased Through Darkened Deserted Alleys By Persons Unknown. Then A Blond College Studemt Of Their Recent Acquaintance Is Kidnapped By Two Young Men On Horseback In A Scene Reminiscent Of A Hollywood Horror Film. Something Is Clearly Afoot In This Tourist Paradise...and Now Claire Will Stop At Nothing To Find Out What. "" ""

      SKU: 934318
      ISBN: 9780312365653
      Author: Hess, Joan

    Love Smart: Find The One You Want-fix The One You Got
      Love Smart: Find The One You Want-fix The One You Got.

      If You Are Sleeping Single In A Double Bed Or Walking Down The Street Thinking, How Do I Meet "that" Guy?; If You're On Your Twentieth Date And He's No More Committed Than When You First Exchanged Cell Phone Numbers; If Everyone You Know Is Getting Married For The "second" Time And You Can't Even Get A First Date; If You Love The One You're With But The Relationship Needs Some Spark...then This Book Is For You. In "love Smart: Find The One You Want - Fix The One You Got, " Dr. Phil Tells People Who Are Dissatisfied With Their Love Lives To Stop Making Excuses - "all The Good Ones Are Taken; I'm Too Fat/skinny/boring/unpredictable For Anyone To Love Me; I Should Stick With The Relationship I Have, I'm Not Going To Do Any Better" - And Start Taking Action Dr. Phil Knows That You Deserve A Committed Relationship, And It Is Within Your Control To Have The One You Want. First, Though, You Need To Determine What You Want In A Partner, Plot Your Course And Get Out There And Create Velocity In Your Pursuit Of A Loving Connection. The Dating World Is A Vastly New Place: Meeting Peoplle At Bars Or Through Friends Used To Be The Only Option, But That's Not True Anymore. "love Smart: Find The One You Want - Fix The One You Got" Explores New Possibilities, New Places To Meet People - Including The Internet - And New Activities To Get Involved In Where You'll Find Interesting People. Or If You Are Simply Looking To Rekindle The Relationship You Are Already In, Dr. Phil Will Tell You How To Turn Up The Flame. &am;pquot;love Smart: Find The One You Want - Fix The One You Got" Will Show You How To Stop Stumbling Through Your Love Life. You Will Learn To: Present The Real You In The Most Flattering Light. Are You Your Own Best Kept Secret? Do You Fail To Show The World How Truly Fabulous And Interesting You Are? As Dr. Phil Says, You Can't Fake Fabulous. Don't Act Pasive If Three Months Into The Relationship You're Going To Spring Your True, Opinionated Personality On Him; Don't Act Wild If You Really Just Want To Sip Tea With Your Mate In Front Of Your Favorite Nighttime Drama. Define Who You Are And Then Ride That Horse Peek Behind The Male Curtain. Knowledge Is Power, And Dr. Phil Tells You Things About Men That They Don't Necessarily Want You To Know - Their Deepest Needs And Fears (yes, They Have Those, Too, Though They Deny It), And How To Decode Their Words And Actions. Master The Right Moves. Once You've Learned To Put The Best You Forward, You Need To Go To Places Where You'll Find Interesting People And Invite Interaction. Don't Fade Into The Wallpaper; Get Noticed And Get Involved. If You're Already Coupled Up, Learn To Grow And Nurture What You Have And Build A More Fun, Enjoyable And Intimate Relationship. Bag 'em, Tag 'em And Take 'em Home. Once You Put Those Right Moves Into Action, There Will Be No Stopping You Dr. Phil Shows You How To Negotiate The

      SKU: 2753535
      ISBN: 9780743272094
      Author: Mcgraw, Phillip C.

    Horses Cl
      Horses Cl.

      Picture-packed And Covering All Aspects Of Horses - From Practical Advice On Riding, Jumping, And Groo Ming To The Fascinating History And Mythology Of Horses - This Comprehensive Reference Is A Beautiful Gift For Aspiring Young Riders. Written By An Expert Horsewoman, Horses Provides Solid Information As Well As Inspiration. Meticulous Illustrations Provide A Unique Inside Look At The Workings Of A Stable And Close-up Views Of Different Horse Breeds. An Illustrated Glossary And Index Help Make This A Truly Enlightening Visual Reference.

      SKU: 7578924
      ISBN: 9781856975667
      Author: Budd, Jackie

    Unbeaten Tracks In Japan: The Firsthand Experiences Of A British Woman In Outback Japan In 1878
      Unbeaten Tracks In Japan: The Firsthand Experiences Of A British Woman In Outback Japan In 1878.

      Isabella L Bird (1831 - 1904) Was A 19th Century British Traveler And Writer. Since Her Father Was A Church Of England Priest, The Family Omved Many Times During Her Childhood. Bird Traveled To Colorado When She Heard The Air Was Very Healthy. She Covered The 800 Miles On Horseback Riding Like A Man And Not Sidesaddle. She Also Traveled Extensively In Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Persia, Kurdistan, China, And Morocco. In 1878 She Traveled To Japan And This Book Consists Of The Letters She Wrote To Her Sister. Bird Traveled North Through The Mountainous Areas And Eventually Visited The Island Of Hokkaido. Here She Saw The Indigenous Ainu. Isabella Admired Them Tremendously, But Could Not See Them As Much More Than Savages.

      SKU: 6789076
      ISBN: 9781449917005
      Author: Bird, Isabella Lucy

    Horse Sense: An Inside Look At The Sport Of Kings
      Horse Sense: An Inside Look At The Sport Of Kings.

      A Behind-the-scenes Look At The Business And Pleasure Of Horse Racing Horse Racing May Be Known As "the Sport Of Kings," But It's Big Fun For Everyone And Even Bigger Business. A Perfect Mixture Of Beauty And Excitement, Action And Refinement, It's A Booming Business That Peaks Annually When The Kentucky Derby Turns Churchill Downs Into The Center Of The Gambling Universe. In Horse Sense, Legendary Sportswriter And Commentator Bert Sugar Goes Behind The Scenes To Interview Owners, Breeders, Trainers, Jockeys, And Track Operators To Uncover The World Of Horse Racing With The Humor And Wit Only He Can Bring To The Subject. Packed With Insight And Anecdotes, Horse Sense Shows Us Why We Love The Sport Enough To Make It A $100 Billion Industry. Bert Randolph Sugar Is One Of The Most Recognizable Personalities In Sports, With His Trademark Fedora And Cigar, He Is A Fixture At Race Tracks And Boxing Matches. A Former Advertising Executive At Mccann-erickson And J. Walter Thompson, Sugar Left The World Of Advertising After A Brawl With A Fellow Ad Exec Landed Him In The Pages Of The Ny Times And Advertising Age. Sugar Became A Sportswriter, And A Damn Good One At That. Bert Was The Editor Of Ring Magazine And Founder Of Boxing Illustrated. Bert Has Been The Kentucky Derby Announcer For Fox Tv And Has Attended The Races In The Triple Crown The Last 25 Years. Bert Is A Gradutae Of Harvard And University Of Michigan Law Scohol. Bert Lives In Chappaqua, Ny. Cornell Richardson Is The Former Chief Lending Officer At Chemical Bank Where He Was The Primary Lending Officer To The Entertainment And Sports Industries-including Many Of Those In The Horse Racing Industry. Currently, He Is Working With Bud Greenspan On A Documentary For Espn Entitled, "the Ladies Wore Silks- The History Of Women In Thoroughbred Racing." Cornell Lives In New York City.

      SKU: 1558553
      ISBN: 9780471445579
      Author: Sugar, Bert Randolph / Sugar / Richardson

    Captured By Love: A Wild Horse Story Based On Psalm 139
      Captured By Love: A Wild Horse Story Based On Psalm 139.

      I Would Like To Introduce You To "capured By Love," A Children's Adventure Story That Can Be Read Aloud With Questions For Discussion And Bible Truths With Scripture References For Parent (teacher) And Child(ren). It Is An Fictional Devotional Story Illustrating Psalm 139. The Setting Is The Rich Cariboo Country Of British Columbia, Where Wild Horses Still Roam. A Missionary/doctor Must Find A Suitable Wild Horse To Partner With Him. There Is A Cattle Round-up Adventure, A Horse Chase And A Big Test Of The Heart. Children Will Be Drawn Into This Real Life Adventure Of Taming A Wild Horse. This Devotional Is Unique In That It Takes The 'natural Horsemanship' Principles Of Training Horses And Applies Them To Our Relationship With God And His Leadership, Love And Language In Our Lives. Children Love Horses And They Will Be Most Open And Inspired By The Message Of God's Sovereignty And Love In Their Lives When They See The Marvelous Relationship The Horse And Rider Have At The End Of The Chase.

      SKU: 13245901
      ISBN: 9781456718220
      Author: Howard, Cheryl Lynne

    So The Story Goes: Twenty-five Years Of The Johns Hopkins Short Fiction Series
      So The Story Goes: Twenty-five Years Of The Johns Hopkins Short Fiction Series.

      Since Its Founding In 1979, The Johns Hopkins Poetry And Fiction Series Has Published Forty Volumes Of Short Fiction, Beginning With Guy Davenport's Acclaimed Da Vinci's Bicycle. The Series Was Launched With Two Guiding Principles: To Publish Works Of Short Fiction Exhibiting Formal Excellence And Strong Emotional Appeal And To Publish Writers At All Stages Of Their Careers. So The Story Goes Gathers The Best Short Fiction Of The Series, Works Exhibiting Wit, Elegance, And Wisdom. Writing About A Wide Variety Of Subjects And In A Multitude Of Styles, The Twenty Writers Collected Here Share A Mastery Of Language And An Extraordinary Ability To Entertain. Ellen Akins From World Like A Knife, "her Book"steve Barthelme From And He Tells The Little Horse The Uninjured Story, "zorro"glenn Blake From Drowned Moon, "marsh"jennifer Finney Boylan From Remind Me To Murder You Later, "thirty-six Miracles Of Lyndon Johnson"richard Burgin From Fear Of Blue Skies, "bodysurfing"avery Chenoweth From Wingtips, "powerman"guy Davenport From Da Vinci's Bicycle, "a Field Of Snow On A Slope Of The Rosenberg"tristan Davies From Cake, "counterfactuals"stephen Dixon From Time To Go, "time To Go"judith Grossman From How Aliens Think, "rovera"josephine Jacobsen From What Goes Without Saying, "on The Island"greg Johnson From I Am Dangerous, "hemingway's Cats"jerry Klinkowitz From Basepaths, "basepaths"michael Martone From Safety Patrol, "safety Patrol"jack Matthews From Crazy Women, "haunted By Name Our Ignorant Lips"jean Mcgarry From Dream Date, "the Last Time"robert Nichols From In The Air, "six Ways Of Looking At Farming"joe Ashby Porter From Lithuania, "west Baltimore"frances Sherwood From Everything You've Heard Is True, "history"robley Wilson From The Book Of Lost Fathers, "hard Times"

      SKU: 3225720
      ISBN: 9780801881787
      Author: Irwin, John T. / Mcgarry, Jean / Barth, John

    20pcs/lot Artificial Mini Horse Ornament Fairy Garden Miniatures Gnome Moss Terrarium Decor Resin Crafts Bonsai Home Decor For Diy
      20pcs/lot Artificial Mini Horse Ornament Fairy Garden Miniatures Gnome Moss Terrarium Decor Resin Crafts Bonsai Home Decor For Diy.

      Material: Pvc Quantity: 20pieces/lot,mixed Designs Size: About 4*2cm Material: Resin Color: White, Coffee Theme:fairy Garden Miniatures Use: Home & Garden Decoration

      Category: Artsandcrafts
      SKU: 391985552

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