Dead Man's Trail

    Dead Man's Trail
      Dead Man's Trail.

      Christmas For Yakima Henry Isn't All That Merry... Yakima Henry Is Hunting Wild Horses With His Partner, Lewis Shackleford, When They're Attacked By Desperadoes. A Mysterious Gunman With A Sharps Rifle Sends The Thieves Running. But When They Go To Thank Their Savior, They Find Him Dead-with A Large Poke Of Gold Amongst His Gear. Haunted By The Man's Death, Yakima Takes It Upon Himself To Take The Gold To The Shooter's Family. But Even Around Christmas, Nothing Is Easy. On The Trip Through The Snowy Wyoming Mountains, Yakima Willl Have To Fight Hard To Save Himself And His Traveling Companions-including A Beautiful Woman On The Run-f Rom Predators Both Animal And Human.

      SKU: 17467168
      ISBN: 9780451238450
      Author: Leslie, Frank

    Animed Cod Liver Oil Pure (32 Oz)
      Animed Cod Liver Oil Pure (32 Oz).

      An Excellent Source Of Vitamins A And D, Omega 3, Efa, Epa And Dha. Cod Liver Oil Is An Excellent Supplement For Animals Of All Ages And Classes.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, animed Horse Supplement
      SKU: Animed-cod-liver-oil-pure-32-oz

    Multipet Multicrew Christmas Plush Monkey 17"
      Multipet Multicrew Christmas Plush Monkey 17".

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Multipet Plush Dog Toys Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Allow Fun, Festive Holiday Spirit To Become A Part Of Any Furry Four-legged Friend's Daily Activities With The Multipet Multicrew Christmas Plush Monkey 17" . Whether Being Used As A Soft, Safe Chew Toy Or An Item For Tossing And Throwing, This Brightly Colored Crew Monkey Will Make A Perfect Toy And Friend For All Dogs. Crafted Out Of Soft, Shaggy, Plush Green And Red Material, This Dog Toy Will Not Only Brighten Up Any Dog's Toy Collection, But Is Safe To Use. The Plush Material Will Not Fray Or Shed Which Can Present A Choking Hazard To Any Pet Owner's Beloved Pet. Shaggy, Plush Material Is Also Easy To Clean And Sanitize In The Event This Plush Toy Gets Extra Dirty Due To Continuous Play. Extra-long Arms And Legs Provide Extra Room For Dogs To Bite, Catch, Wrestle, Or Play With This Soft, Plush Christmas Monkey. An Enclosed Noisemaking Squeaker Will Produce A Loud, Attention-grabbing Noise That Will Help Keep A Dog's Attention On The Plush Toy Whil Eplaying. Benefits Of This Plush 17-inch Christmas Monkey Include: Extra-long Arms And Legs On Plush Monkey For Extra Room To Catch, Tug, Or Play Enclosed Noisemaking Squeaker Attracts Attention While Not Posing A Danger To The Health Of The Dog Soft, Plush Material Is Easy To Clean And Gentle Enough For Even All Pets, Even Those With Bountiful Energy.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, multipet Plush Dog Toys
      SKU: Multipet-multicrew-christmas-plush-monkey-17

    Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Salmon (3 Oz)
      Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Salmon (3 Oz).

      Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Salmon (3 Oz.) Natural Purrz Are The Perfect Way To Keep Your Kitty Companion Purring. They're Soft, Delicious Treats Packed With Usda Chicken Or Ocean?caught Salmon, A Whole-food Source Of Omega 3 Fish Oil. And Because They're Healthy (and Only 2 Calories Each), You'll Feel Good Treating Your Cat To Them Everyday. You Can Both Be Happy About That. Your Kitty Will Be So Grateful They May Even Trade In Knocking Things Off Your Coffee Table For Snuggling. Maybe. Feed Nutritious Natural Purrz And Fuel The Love. Make Your Cat Purr At Only 2 Calories Each, Don't Worry About Overfeeding. Made With High Quality Proteins And Grains And Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals. Made In The Usa With Usa Sourced Meats And Grains Salmon Formula Made With Ocean?caught Salmon Always Healthy And Natural 100% Free Of Wheat, Corn And Soy Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors Or By-products Ingredients: Salmon, Barley Flour, Rice Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Malted Barley, Tapioca, Gelatin, Water, Menhaden F Ish Oil, Brewer's Yeast, Natural Flavors, Lecithin, Cultured Whey, Acetic Acid, Salt. Vitamins And Minerals: A, D3, E, B12, Tuarine, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin (b2) Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate (b1), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (b6), Folic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Seleniet (source Of Selenium).

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, treats For Cats
      SKU: Naturalpurrzsalmon

    Tropiclean Luxury 2-in-1 Papaya & Coconut Shampoo (20 Oz)
      Tropiclean Luxury 2-in-1 Papaya & Coconut Shampoo (20 Oz).

      Papaya Plus Pampers Your Pet In A Rich Luxurious Lather. Papaya And Kiwi Replenish The Natural Moisture Balance Of The Skin And Coat. Rich Botanical Conditioners Create A Healthy Sheen While Preventing Dry Skin And Tangled Hair. Routine Bathing Leaves The Skin And Coat Soft, Shiny, And Looking Great.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, tropiclean, amp, reg, Shampoo , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Tropiclean-papaya-shampoo-20-oz

    Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement With Hempseed Oil (16 Oz)
      Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement With Hempseed Oil (16 Oz).

      Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement With Hempseed Oil (16 Fl. Oz.) Ultra-oil Skin & Coat Supplement For Pets Is A Pure Gift From Mother Nature. Our Special Formula Of Nutritional Oils From Hempseed, Flaxseed, Grapeseed And Fish Provides The Omega 6 And Omega 3 Fatty Acids Pets Need For Healthy Skin And A Shining Coat. Hempseed Oil, Our Primary Ingredient, Contains The Highest Total Percentage Of These Vital Fatty Acids In The Form Of Alpha-linolenic Acid (omega 6), Alpha-linolenic Acid (omega 3), And Gamma Linolenic Acid. Added Daily To Your Pet's Food, Ultra-oil Skin & Coat Supplement For Pets Provides The Proper Balance Of Nutrients For Growth And Vitality. All Of Nature's Goodness Is Wrapped Up Into One Food Additive That Your Pets Will Love And Thank You For! Benefits Of Ultra Oil For Pets Excellent Source Of Essential Fatty Acids Including Omega 3, 6 And Gla Lower Blood Ldl Cholesterol Levels Lower Blood Pressure Improve Cardiovascular Circulation & Function Improve Organ Function Improve Immunity Levels Increased Energy Levels & Metabolic Rate Reduce Inflammation And The Symptoms Of Arthritis Reduce & Treat Dry Skin And Hair Conditions Reduction Of Many Degenerative Diseases Through Preventative Measures Gmo-free, Gluten-free, Herbicide & Pesticide Free No Thc And Trypsin Inhibitor Free Hemp Products Have A Wonderful Nutty Flavor By. Ultra-oil For Pets

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, ultra Oil Skin And Coat Supplement
      SKU: Ultraoil

    The Lakota Way: Stories And Lessons For Living
      The Lakota Way: Stories And Lessons For Living.

      Rich With Storytelling, History, And Folklore, "the Lakota Way" Expresses The Heart Of Native American Philosophy And Imparts The Path To A Fulfilling And Meaningful Life. Joseph Marshall Is A Member Of The Sicunga Lakota Sioux And Has Dedicated His Entire Life To The Wisdom He Learned From His Elders. Here He Focuses On The Twelve Core Qualities That Are Crucial To The Lakota Way Of Living-bravery, Fortitude, Generosity, Wisdom, Respect, Honor, Perseverance, Love, Humility, Sacrifice, Truth, And Compassion. Whether Teaching A Lesson On Respect Imparted By The Mythical Deer Woman Or The Humility Embodied By The Legendary Lakota Leader Crazy Horse, "the Lakota Way" Offers A Fresh Outlook On Spirituality And Ethical Living.

      SKU: 431962
      ISBN: 9780142196090
      Author: Marshall, Joseph M., Iii


      To Don Raymonde Aprile's Children He Was A Loyal Family Member, Their Father's Adopted "nephew." To The Fbi He Was A Man Who Would Rather Ride His Horses Than Do Mob Business. No One Knew Why Aprile, The Endure Great American Don, Had Adopted Astorre Viola Many Years Before In Sicily; No One Suspected How He Had Carefully Trained Him . . . And How, While The Don's Children Claimed Respectable Careers In America, Astorre Viola Waited For His Time To Come.@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;now His Time Has Arrived. The Don Is Dead, His Murder One Bloody Act In A Drama Of Ambition And Deceit-from The Deadly Compromises Made By An Fbi Agent To The Greed Of Two Crooked Nypd Detectives And The Frightening Plans Of A South American Mob Kingpin. In A Collision Of Enemies And Lovers, Betrayers And Loyal Soldiers, Astorre Viola Will Claim His Destiny. Because After All These Years, This Moment Is In His Blood. . . .

      SKU: 1061659
      ISBN: 9780345432407
      Author: Puzo, Mario

    Kentucky Heat
      Kentucky Heat.

      No Writer Today More Compellingly Explores The Emotional Heart Of A Family Than Fern Michaels. In Her New York Times Bestseller Kentucky Rich, She Brought Together The Next Generation Of Colemans And Thorntons, The Legendary Characters From Her Earlier Vegas And Texas Books, Drawing Readers Into The Turbulent Lives Of A Horseracing Clan Headed By The Indomitable Nealy Coleman Diamond. In "kentucky Heat," Nealy Faces New Challenges, As Her Love For Her Children Is Tested Almost To Its Breaking Point, With Nealy, Horses Come First. So When Her Two Grown Children's Irresponsible Acts Nearly Cost Her Shufly , The Foal That Carries All Her Hopes For The Triple Crown, She Throws Them Both Off Blue Diamond Farms. To The World, Nealy Looks Unbreakable. Inside, Her Heart Has Shattered, As She Struggles Alone To Build Her Racing Stables Into The Best In Kentucky - And Shufly Into The Horse Of The Century. When Hatch Littletree, Her Ex-husband's Law Partner, Pays An Unexpected Visit, He Brings Nealy Both Much-needed Comfort And Turmoil, As He Urges Her To Heal The Apinful Rift With Her Children. Raw With Emotion, And Yet Filled With Unstoppable Determination, Nealy Will Stand Strong. . .and Ultimately, Triumph.

      SKU: 3532459
      ISBN: 9780821773680
      Author: Michaels, Fern

    It's Not About The Horse: It's About Overcoming Fear And Self-doubt
      It's Not About The Horse: It's About Overcoming Fear And Self-doubt.

      Wyatt Webb Blends Horse Sense With Common Sense In A Revolutionary New Form Of Therapy. If You Want To Deal With Your Demons. It Helps To Make A Pi T Stop In Tucson. Arizona (or Read This Book ). His Tools Are Not A Leather Couch And A Standard Therapist's Stopwatch That Informs You When "time Is Up." Time Has Been Up For Some Of His Clients For A Long, Long Time. They Are Long Overdue When It Comes To Changing Their Lives. And They Want Some Help. With Webb's Therapy, How You Relate To The Horse Will Tell What You've Learned Over The Course Of Your Lifetime And About How You Relate To All Living Things. Wyatt Tells His Audience, "remember One Thing. It's Not About The Horse. It's About You." With His Help You Will Learn A Few Ground Skills That Will Keep You Safe In Any Barn In The World. But Your Main Goal Is To Look At What You've Learned Over The Course Of Your Lifetime And Whether It Works For You Or Against You In Your Relationships. Wyatt States. "the Horse Is The Same For Every Person Who Chooses To Be With Them. The Horse Will Serve As A Mirror To Your Energy System. It's The Person Dealing With The Horse Who Tells The Whole Story."

      SKU: 6045413
      ISBN: 9781401901288
      Author: Webb, Wyatt / Pearlman, Cindy

    The Great Horse-less Carriage Race
      The Great Horse-less Carriage Race.

      On A Wintry Morning In 1895, Six Men Were Ready To Prove To America That The Country Was Ready For A New Mode Of Transportation - Something Faster And More Efficient Than A Horse And Carriage. This Exciting Account Of The Race That Gave Birth To America's First Automobile Company Is Accompanied By Vivid Paintings Guaranteed To Transport Readers To The Thrills Of An Unforgettable Day In Our History.

      SKU: 3556836
      ISBN: 9780823416400
      Author: Dooling, Michael

    A Dream For Hannah
      A Dream For Hannah.

      Having Grown Up In The Amish Faith, Author Jerry Eicher (over 100,000 Copies In Combined Sales) Treats His Fast-growing Readership To His Firsthand Knowledge In A Dream For Hannah. Hannah Miller's Amish Faith Is Solid. Her Devotion To Her Family And Indiana Community Is Unquestionable. Yet Her Young Spirit Longs For Adventure And Romance. As Troubling Circumstancew Give Her Good Reason To Spend The Summer Ta Her Aunt's Montana Horse Ranch, Hannah Soon Discovers She Has Much To Learn About Life And Love. Her Heart Is Awhirl With Emotion As She Dreams About Her Future. Sam, The Boy Hannah Has Known All Her Life, Is Comfortable And Predictable. Peter Is The Wild One, The Boy Who Is On Rumspringa. And Jake Is Unpredictable, Intriguing, And Living In The Montana Wilderness. Hoping For A Dream Come True, Hannah Must Decide How To Fulfill Her Heart's Desire While Staying True To Her Faith.

      SKU: 2682433
      ISBN: 9780736930451
      Author: Eicher, Jerry S.

    A Knight And His Horse
      A Knight And His Horse.

      Explore A Fascinating Dimension Of Medieval Life In This Engaging Account Of Knights And Their Horses. Oakeshott Reveals How War Tactics Changed Because Of The Swift Terror Of Fighting On Horseback Instead Of On Foot. The Author Brings Us Into The World Of Jousts And Spear-play, Where A Horse's Strength, Speed, And Resiliency Were Absolutely Essemtial. To Engage In Such Exciting, Dangerous Activities, A "knight's Horse Had To Have Nerves Of Steel And A Steadfast Heart". Oakeshott Dispels Myths About The So-called Ponderous Horse Of Medieval Times. He Tells How Horses Were Bred And Trained For War, And How They Became Symbols Of Social Class And Sources Of Pride. Without A Horse, A Knight Was Nothing. Originally Published In 1962 - And Of Interest To Young And Older Readers- Thi Updated And Revised Edition Of A Knight And His Horse Has An Extensive And Useful Glossary. Accurately Illustrated By The Author, The Book Captures The Wonder And Magic Of A Past Time. Also Available From Dufour Are A Knight And His Weapons, A Knight And His Castle, And A Knight In Battle.

      SKU: 3238296
      ISBN: 9780802312976
      Author: Oakeshott, Ewart / Oakeshott, R. Ewart

    Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
      Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.

      Cuyahoga Falls Has Chicago Skinned In A Dozen Ways. So Proclaimed An Early Resident Of The City Whose Premier Location On The Mighty Cuyahoga River Gave The Town Its Name, Its Livelihood, And Its Soul. A Small Town That Realized Its Big Potential Early On, Cuyahoga Falls Became A Center Of Industry And Recreation Throughout The State Of Ohio. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Explores The Town's Founding In 1812, Its Growth Into An Inddustrial Powerhouse, And Its Current Focus On Downtown Urban Renewal. Within The Boundaries Of Their Original Two-mile Square Settlement, The Lives Of The Early Citizens Of Cuyahoga Falls Were Inextricably Intertwined With The Majestic River. They Recognized And Harnessed Its Tremendous Potential As It Tumbled Over A Series Of Falls. Local Economies Flourished As Paper, Flour, Wool, Stone, And Wood Were Milled Using The Immense Force Of The Water, Estimated To Contain The Power Of 3,460 Horses. Local Inhabitants And Visitors Alike Were Drawn To Nearby Silver Lake To Enjoy Scenic Steamboat Cruises, Fish The Waters, Ride The Roller Coaster, And Enjoy The Graceful Parks That Lined Its Shores.

      SKU: 2690133
      ISBN: 9780738507217
      Author: Seguin, Marilyn / Seguin, Scott

    The Pastures Of Beyond: An Old Cowboy Looks Back At The Old West
      The Pastures Of Beyond: An Old Cowboy Looks Back At The Old West.

      No One Is Better Suited To Convey The Flavor Of The Old West Than This Auhentic American Original, Whose Colorful Tales Of Cowboys, Indians, And The Horses They Rode Have The Grace Of Poetry And The Power Of Myth.

      SKU: 6926415
      ISBN: 9781559707602
      Author: Hyde, Dayton O.


      The Third Volume In The Institute Of Animal Health (iah) Biology Of Animal Infections Series, Bluetongue Discusses One Of The Most Economically Important Diseases Of Domesticated Livestock. Affecting Primarily Sheep Particularly The Improved Mutton And Wool Breeds, It Is Now Endemic In Africa, India, The Middle And Far East, Australia And The Americas, And Over The Last Six Ywars Has Caused A Series Of Outbreaks Throughout The Mediterranean Region And Central Europe. Bluetongue Represent A Paradigm Not Only Toward The Other Orbiviruses (such As African Horse Sickness Virus, Which Shares The Same Vector Species) But Also For Other Insect Transmitted Diseases, Including Those Of Humans. * The Only Single Definitive Work That Provides Both Historical And Up To Date Data On The Disease * Describes The Latest Developments In Epidemiological Modelling, Molecular Epidemiology And Vaccine Development, As Well As Explaining The Current Global Epidemiology Of The Disease * Outlines The Importance And Possible Mechanisms Of Overwintering, And The Impact Of Global Warming On The Vectors And Virus Distribution

      SKU: 329699
      ISBN: 9780123693686
      Author: Mellor, Philip S. / Baylis, Matthew / Mertens, Peter P. C.

    The Dressage Rider's Problem-solver
      The Dressage Rider's Problem-solver.

      In The Pursuit Of Excellence, Problems Or Difficulties Are Bound To Arise. This Practical And Authoritative Handbook Will Enable The Dressage Rider To Identify Faults, Find Their Cause, And Set About Putting Them Right. Areas Covered Include Rider's Position And Horse's Outlines; Saddlery; Dressage Terminology; Paces; School Movements; Rein-back And Pirouettes; Flying Changes; Piaffe And Passage; And Finally Test Riding.

      SKU: 7604176
      ISBN: 9781861264107
      Author: Marshall, Barry

    The Greatest Gambling Stories Ever Told: Thirty-one Tales Of Risk And Reward
      The Greatest Gambling Stories Ever Told: Thirty-one Tales Of Risk And Reward.

      "this Book Is A Good Read, With A Mingle Of Stories Ranging From Distressing To Hilarious." -casino Chronicle (newsletter) Whether Your Vice Be A Tame Game Of Bingo Or A Visit To The Local Horse Track, A Friendly Game Of Poker With Friends Or A Tejse Match Of Billiards In A Smoky Parlor, Chances Are That You, At One Time Or Another, Have Gambled On Something. And Nowhere Is Man's Fascination With Gambling More Cl Early Evident Than In The Massive Profits Amassed Each Year By Illegal Bookmakers And The Lavish Casinos In Las Vegas, Atlantic City, And Abroad. In The Greatest Gambling Stories Ever Told, Editor Paul Lyons Has Compiled Thirty-one Of The Finest Writings, Both Fact And Realistic Fiction, Ever Penned About Our Collective Gambling Vice, Which Has Been A Part Of Our History And Culture Since Biblical Times. With Contributions From Such Renowned Writers As Fyodor Dostoevsky, David Mamet, And Charles Bukowski, As Well As Some Rare, Lesser-known Gems Of The Genre From Dan Mcgoorty, Michael Konik, And Jane Smiley, The Greatest Gambling Stories Ever Told Is An Entertaining And Enlightening Collection Sure To Appeal To Anoyne Who Has Ever Picked Up A Cue, Cards, Dice, Or Racing Form, And To Anyone Out There Looking To Feel A Little Bit Of "juice."

      SKU: 7267140
      ISBN: 9781592283187
      Author: Lyons, Paul

    The King Of The Broncos And Other Stories Of New Mexico
      The King Of The Broncos And Other Stories Of New Mexico.

      Contents The King Of The Broncos Bogged Down The Bite Of The Pichu-cuate Poh-hlaik, The Cave-boy The Jawbone Telegraph A Penitents Flower-pot Bravo's Day Off Bonifacio's Horse-thief Green's Bear Trap My Smallest Sitter Our Worst Snake Kelley's Ground-sluice The Old Sharpe My Friend Will Charles Lummis (1859-1928) Was An Author, Journalist, Editor, Photographer, Los Angeles City Librarian, Adventurer, Close Friend And Harvard Classmate Of Theodore Roosevelt, And Champion Of The American Indian. He Walked From Cincinnati To Los Angeles In The Winter Of 1884-1885 To Accept A Job On The Then Three-year Old Los Angeles Times.

      SKU: 6154745
      ISBN: 9781410106582
      Author: Lummis, Charles F.

    Pieces Of Eight: Still Best Friends After All These Years
      Pieces Of Eight: Still Best Friends After All These Years.

      Who's Who Rosalie Maggio And David Koskenmaki, Pine Mountain, California, Have Three Children: Liz, Katie (married To Jason, Parents Of Margot), And Matt (married To Nora, Parents Of Zoe). Rosalie Is The Author Of 24 Books And Hundreds Of Stories And Articles, Some Of Which Have Won Book And Writing Awards; One Book Has Sold Nearly Three Million Copies. She Is Devoted To Her Rose Garden, And Collects Inkwells, Stamps, Coins, Mustard Pots, Demitasse Spoons, Pottery Vases, And Anything Else She Ever Had Two Of. She Also Reads Hundreds Of Books Every Year. Frank M. Maggio And Mary Claire Johnson Maggio, New York City, Have Three Children: Mike, Courtney (married To Rob, Parents Of Claire, Jack, And Michael), And Anthony (married To Leslie, Parents Of Katie And Abby). Frank Spent A 30-year Career In The Securities Business, Leaving At The Age Of 55 To Pursue Other Business Opportunities And To Have A Little Free Time. Patrick J. Maggio Practices Law In Colorado Springs, Is Married To Cynthia Casserly Maggio; They Are Parents Of Seery And Cass. Kevin Michael Maggio Went To Four Colleges, Sort Of: University Of Portland (oregon); University Of Portland Salzburg Extension Program (austria); University Of Iowa (b.a.); And University Of Iowa College Of Law (j.d.). He Studied Political Science, French, German, And Spanish, Practiced State And Local Government Law For 20 Years, Lived In A One-room Log Cabin Without Utilities For A Year After Quitting Law, Compiled And Published Two Books Of Quotations, Lived And Worked In An Intentional Community For Two And A Half Years, Worked For A Latino Nonprofit Agency Building Affordable Housing, And Currently Provides Employee Benefits Counseling. His Lifelong Avocations Are Photography And Piano. He Has A Son, David, And Six Grandchildren, Anastasia, Isaiah, Arianna, Isaac, Edward, And Preston. He Would Like To Receive A Sign From God Soon About The Meaning Of It All Or At Least Have A Personal Encounter With Extraterrestrials. Mary M. Maggio Is Most Like The Person Who Got On Her Horse And Rode Off In All Directions. She Is A Freelance Writer, A Theater Director, A Kid Magnet, An Actor, And A Friend To New Americans. Mary And Her Husband, Mike Pliner, Have Two Children. Paul Thomas Maggio, Aka Number Six, Resides In Waunakee, Wisconsin, Where He Is A General Dentist. His Undeniably Better Half Is Terry Lee Hay Maggio And They Share The Wondrous Blessing Of Three Incredible Daughters: Kalli, Lauren, And Leah. Paul Enjoys Spending Time With His Family, Snow Skiing, Sailing, Gardening, Travelung, And Anything To Do With Iowa Hawkeye Football And Basketball. Mark E. Maggio Farms And Teaches In Rural Iowa. After Many Years Of Big-city Life-the Twin Cities, Honolulu, Cairo, New York, Oxford, England, And The Washington, D.c. Area-mark Returned To The Countryside Where He Works A Small Farm And Teaches College Economics And Sociology. He Completed The Doctoral Degree In Public Policy At George Mason University. His Int

      SKU: 6791306
      ISBN: 9781450033480
      Author: Maggio, Rosalie

    Meet Me In St. Louis: A Trip To The 1904 World's Fair
      Meet Me In St. Louis: A Trip To The 1904 World's Fair.

      You Are Holding A Ticket To One Of The Largest And Most Magnificent Celebrations Of All Time - The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair For Seven Months Nearly Twenty Million Visitors From Around The Globe Flooded The Fairgrounds Of Forest Park. Many Explored The Twelve Mammoth Palaces (made Of Plaster And Horsehair ), Which Showcased Amazing Eexhibits. Others Enjoyed Watching The First Olympic Games In The United States, Keeping Cool All Summer With A New Treat That Became An Instant Hit - The Ice-cream Cone. And Everyone Loved Viewing All 1275 Acres Of Fairgrounds From Atop The 265-foot Ferris Wheel. Robert Jackson Describes The Planning, Building, Events, And Memory Of A Fair That Enthralled Millions With Its Magic. In Fascinating Detail, He Captures The Energy And Imagination Of Turn-of-the-century America, When Fairgoers Begged Friends And Family To Meet Them In St. Louis.

      SKU: 156576
      ISBN: 9780060092672
      Author: Jackson, Robert

    Metal Cowboy: Tales From The Road Less Pedaled
      Metal Cowboy: Tales From The Road Less Pedaled.

      An Excerpt Our Story So Far: Oh, To Be Young And Go Very, Very Fast It Was 5:30 A. M. In Pocatello, Idaho, A Thin Sheet Of Icy Rain Masked Dawn, And I Wasn't Quite Sure I Was Up For My Latest Bicycling Adventure. Coasting Through The Nearly Deserted Streets Of This Small Western Town, I Found Myself Poised At A Stoplight. An Ingrained Obedience To Traffic Laws Coupled With A Sleepy Hangover From The Long Train Ride Kept Me Anchored In Place Though There Wasn't A Car In Sight. As I Waited, An Old Rancher Ambled Up To The Intersection. The Fur Collar On His Long Coat Was Tattered, Crusted With Tobacco Stains, And Faded. As His Cane Tapped Its Way Over My Bike, I Noticed For The First Time That He Was Blind. One Eye Drooped Shut Like That Of A Tomcat That Had Seen Too Many Late-night Brawls, While The Other, Still Open, Was Cloudy And Distant. That Eye Reminded Me Of An African Tribesman Seen In The Pages Of "national Geographic" Who Suffered From River Blindness. The Old Rancher Continued To Work His Cane Over Me, Tapping As He Went. And Though The Light Changed From Red To Green Several Times, I Remained Frozen, Allowing This Slow Survey Of My Person. The Moment Felt Intimate And Awkward, But I Did Not Break It. Wen He Was Done, The Old Rancher Stood Back, Grinned Through A Ruin Of Teeth, And Said, "ah, Metal Cowboy." I Was Dumbfounded And Surprised; First, That He Had Spoken At All, And More Importantly, That This Battered Husk Of Man Had Hit Upon A Perfect Description Of Me At The Time, And My Story. Though I Looked More Like A Surfer, Or A Guy On A Fool's Journey, To Him I Felt Like A Metal Cowboy, The Bike My Horse, And The Asphalt My Trail. "keep The Wind At Your Back, And Find Where The Innocent Sleep," He Added. Then, Without Fanfare, My Rancher Crossed The Street And Dissolved Into The Early Morning Mist. A Chill Passed Through Me. I Have Thought About That Old Man Many Times During My Travels. He Was Right About The Wind, And As For Locating Where The Innocent Sleep, I Want To Believe He Meant To Look For The Best In People Along The Road, And That's What You Will Often Find. My Bicycle Has Also Brought Me To The Innocence And The Best In Myself. Collective

      SKU: 7708548
      ISBN: 9781891369100
      Author: Kurmaskie, Joe

    Horses Of The World: From The Desert To The Racetrack
      Horses Of The World: From The Desert To The Racetrack.

      In Vivid And Dramatic Photographs And With An Ardent And Lyrical Text, This Stunning Book Provides An In-depth Look At Horses And Horse-loving Cultures Throughout The World. Following The Passion That Led Her To The Four Corners Of The Globe, Jacqueline Ripart Traces Thhe History Of Riders And Horses. From Mongolia, Where The Youthful Heirs Of Genghis Khan Race Horses In Fantastic Costumes, To Canada, Where Real-life Cowboys Perform In Rodeos, And From Spain, Home Of The Royal Andalusian School Of Equestrian Arts, To Japan, Wherre Modern-day Samurai Practice The Equestrian Martial Art Of Yabusame, And To Argentina, Where Gauchos Ride The Versatile Criollo Horse To Herd Sheep And Cattle On The Pampas, Ripart Takes Readers On A Spellbinding Tour. Horses Of The World Reveals How Horses Are Tamed And Trained, Pampered And Paraded, Raced And Revered The World Over.

      SKU: 3376018
      ISBN: 9780810911956
      Author: Ripart, Jacqueline

    Fashion 18kgp Pearl Cage Pendants Horse Shape Pearl Gem Beads Cage Lockets Pendants, Wish Pendant Mountings For Diy Necklace Jewelry
      Fashion 18kgp Pearl Cage Pendants Horse Shape Pearl Gem Beads Cage Lockets Pendants, Wish Pendant Mountings For Diy Necklace Jewelry.

      18kgp Locket Cage Pandants . We Can Custom Make For You If You Want Because We Have Factory And Diy Make For You ,wish You Happy ,high Quality, Free Shipping!

      Category: Lockets
      SKU: 398017240

    1pcs Magnet 30mm Cute Horse Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Perfume Diffuser Locket Necklace With Chain , Include Chain
      1pcs Magnet 30mm Cute Horse Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Perfume Diffuser Locket Necklace With Chain , Include Chain.

      1pcs 30mm Magnet Silver Horse Aromatherapy Essential Oil Surgical Stainless Steel Perfume Diffuser Locket Necklace With Chain Include 10pcs Different Refill Pads & 1pcs 24inch Ball Chain ,1 Pcs 24inch Flat Cable O Jumpring Chain

      Category: Lockets
      SKU: 397234890

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