Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x18")

    Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x18")
      Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x18").

      The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Is Designed To Provide Maximum Viewing Of A Small Pet While Keeping The Animal Safely Contained And Safe Within The Inside Environment. The Terrarium Comes With With A Back Panel For A Natural Look, A Clear Windpwed Base, A Fully-surrounded Enclosure In Framed Glass, And Two Front Side Opening Panels For Easy, Direct Access Inside. The Terrarium Also Comes With A Standard Flat Top Lid Fitted To The Enclosure For An Accurate Seal. The Exo Terra 12" Terrarium Providesa Perfect Enclosure For A Small Reptile Or Amphibian To Be Housef In While Still Providing The Pet's Owner Easy Access For Feeding, Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Environment. When Coupled With Exo Terra's Advance Canopy Tops, A Pet Owner Can Have A Fully Controlled And Contained Environment For A Small Pet, Including Temperature And Humidity Sensors Provided By Exo Terra Accessories. Where Heating Is Needed, The Terrrarium Has Multiple Spaces And Connection Points So Heating Rocks And Similar Can Be Mounted Inside Without A Hassle. Aadditional Benefits Of The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Include: ? Locks So The Pet Inside Cannot Escape By Accident. ? A Waterproof Base So Liquid Inside Won't Leak Out. ? A Mesh Cover Made Of Stainless Steel So A Pet Can Get Out Working Or Chewing On The Top Canopy Lid.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, terrariums , amp, amp, Habitats, gt, exo Terra Terrariums
      SKU: Exo-terra-glass-terrarium-12-12-18

    Slumber Pet Cool Pup Mat - 16&a Mp;quot; X 12"
      Slumber Pet Cool Pup Mat - 16&a Mp;quot; X 12".

      Slumber Pet™ Cool Pup™ Mat - When The Weather Gets Hot, Pets Will Love Louunging On This Cooling Mat. Whether Used As An Insert Or As A Pet Bed, This Innovative Mat Cools Pets Quickly And Keeps Them Cool. Filled With A Safe, Self-cooling Polymer Absorbable Gel Film. For Added Coolness, Simply Pop The Entire Mat Into The Fridge. 16" X 12" Provides A Sound, Comfortable Cool Spot For Pets Use As A Bed Insert Or By Itself Refrigeration Enhances Cooling Effect Filled With Safe Cooling Polymers

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Cool-pup-mat-16x12

    Glc 5500 Powder (2 Lbs.)
      Glc 5500 Powder (2 Lbs.).

      Glc 5500 Powder (2 Lbs.) The Only Full Spectrum Glucosamine + Chondroitin Is Fully Patented And 100% Pure. Our Pharmaceutical- Grade Composition Of All Four Bio-available Glucosamines Optimizes Cartilage Repair And Hydration By Elevating And Sustaining Levels More Effectively Than Any Other Brand. Unlike Other Products That Substitute Perna Mussels Or Unproven Herbal Agents In Place Of True Chondroitin Sulfate, Glc 5500 Contains Clinically Proven Cs A-4 To Help Reduce Degenerative Enzymes And Speed Healing. Athlete Or Old Family Friend, You Demand The Best For Your Horse, And Glc 5500 Delivers!

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, glc Formula
      SKU: Glc5500

    Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-n-play Dog Toy 6" - Assorted
      Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-n-play Dog Toy 6" - Assorted.

      The Jolly Bounce-n-play Ball Light Blue Is Made Of Low Density, Non-toxic Polyethylene For Extra Durability. The Ball Bounces Easily And Is Great As An Interactive Toy For Outdoors Or Indoors ? Or Even In The Water. It Is A Long Lasting Toy As No Matter How Hard Dogs Attempt To Bite Into This Ball It Will Not Puncture.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-n-play
      SKU: Jolly-pets-jolly-bounce-n-play-dog-toy-6

    3-pack Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (24 Oz)
      3-pack Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (24 Oz).

      Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additive This Flavorless Concentrate Is Added Daily To Drinking Water To Provide The Safest, Healthiest Way To Conveniently Keep Teeth Clean Without Brushing. Features Two Patented Enzyme Systems: The Lp3 Enzyme System And The Md2 Enzyme System (mutanase + Dextranase). Together, They Effectively Inhibit Odor-causing Bacteria And Reduce Plaque Biofilm Formation By Rendering Plaque Water Soluable And Unable To Bind To The Tooth. This Combination Of Patented Enzyme Systems Creates A Comprehensive Oral Care System With Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties. Does Not Contain Chlorhexidine, Xylitol Or Alcohol Removes Plaque Biofilm While Inhibiting Odor Causing Microbes Convenient Pump Dosaging System 100% Safe For Daily Ingestion, Cannot Over-dose Convenient To Insure Client Compliance Improves Oral Health Ph Neutral This Bundle Contains: 3 X Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (8 Oz) , A Total Of 24 Oz

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, oratene Drinking Water Additives
      SKU: Oratene-water-additives-24-oz

    Panacur (57gm)
      Panacur (57gm).

      Panacur® Equine Dewormer Paste (fenbendazole) Is For Horses, Foals And Ponies Only. It's Safe For Pregnant Mares And Very Young Foals. Panacur Is Highly Effective Against The Predominant Internal Parasites Of Horses: Large Strongyles, Small Strongyles, Pinworms And Ascarids. It's Conveniently Administerd And Features A Unique Apple-cinnamon Flavor That Horses Readily Accept. Get Some For Your Horse Today. Dosage: Panacur Paste Is Administered Orally At A Rate Of 2.3mg/lb For The Control Of Large Strongyles, Small Strongyles And Pinworms. One Oral Syringe Will Deworm A 1,100 Lb Horse. For Foals And Weanlings (less Than 18 Months Of Age) Where Ascarids Are A Common Problem, The Recommended Dose Is 4.6mg/lb And One Oral Syringe Will Deworm A 550 Lbs Horse. For Control Of Encysted Early Third Stage, Late Third Stage And Fourth Stage Cyathastome Larvae, And Fourth Stage Larvae Of S. Vulgaris, The Recommended Dose Is 4.6mg/lb For 5 Consecutive Days Using One Oral Syringe For Each 550 Lbs Of Body Weight Per Day. Save By Buying The Larger Panacur Powerpac (5-pack (285 Gm)

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Dewormers, gt, panacur Paste Equine
      SKU: Panacur57

    Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew - Small
      Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew - Small.

      Nylabone Puppy Stix Flexible Chew Is Made From Soft, Flexible Material That Is Specially Designed For Teething Puppies Who Have Not Formed Their Adult Teeth. It Is A Non-edible, Flexible Product And Comes In Colorful Shapes That Is Easy For Young Dogs To Pick Up, Chew And Enjoy The Flavorful Taste ? Helping To Clean Teeth, And Control Tartar And Plaque Build-up. It Also Encourages Puppies To Develop Non-destructive Chewing Habits That Will Last A Lifetime. For Puppies Up To 15 Lbs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, nylabone Puppy Chew
      SKU: Puppystixsm

    Ultra Duramune Dap + C (25 Doses)
      Ultra Duramune Dap + C (25 Doses).

      For Subcutaneous Vaccination Of Healthy Dogs 6 Weeks Of Age Or Older As An Aid In The Prevention Of Disease Caused By Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Adenovirus Type 2, Canine Coronavirus And Canine Parvovirus (cpv). This Product Contains A Cpv 2b Strain Which Has Been Demonstrated To Aid In The Prevention Of Disease Caused By Cpv 2c In Puppies With Cpv Maternal Antibody. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, ultra Duramune
      SKU: Ultra-duramune-dap-c-25-doses

    Wonder Dust Wound Powder (4 Oz)
      Wonder Dust Wound Powder (4 Oz).

      A Dressing Powder And Blood Coagulant For Use On Certain Types Of Wounds, Cuts And Abrasions. Formulated For Use On Horses And Show Stock. A Caustic And Drying Agent For Slow-healing Lesions And Excessive Granulated Tissue (proud Flesh). It Contains A Deodorant To Remove Objectionable Odors From Foul Or Infected Wounds.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, wonder Dust Wound Care
      SKU: Wonder-dust-wound-powder-4-oz

    Worm Protector 2x Double Strength (2 Fl Oz)
      Worm Protector 2x Double Strength (2 Fl Oz).

      Worm Protector 2x Liquid Wormer For Dogs And Puppies Removes Large Roundworms And Hookworms. Worm Protector 2x Liquid Wormer Is Also Used To Prevent Reinfestation Of Toxocara Canis In Puppies And Adults Dogs And In Lactating Bitches After Whelping. Active Ingredient: 4.54 Mg Of Pyrantel Base As Pyrantel Pamoate Per Ml.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, worm Protector Dewormers
      SKU: Wopr2xdost

    Wysong Adult Maintenance Natural Dog Food (5 Lb)
      Wysong Adult Maintenance Natural Dog Food (5 Lb).

      Wysong Maintenance Is Dry Dog Food Made From Natural Form And Whole Ingredients. This Highly Beneficial Meal Comes Packed With Nutritious Nutrients And Fats. To Maximize The Health Benefits, This Delicious Dog Food Diet Is Also Coated With Wysong?s Proprietary Probiotic And Enzyme Solution Post-heat Processing Which Restores Many Of The Vital Food Components Lost During The Cooking And Heating Process. Maintenance Is Ideally Suited For Adult Dogs, But Can Be Healthily Fed To Dogs At Any Life Stage. Each Package Is Enclosed In Oxygen- And Light-baarrier, Non-permeable Packing To Prevent Nutrient Degradation By Oxygen And Light. Dog Food Made With Fresh Ingredients Rich In Various Nutrients And Nutritious Fats Carefully Packaged To Deliver Food At Its Best Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, wysong Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Wysongadult8


      The First Book In Philip K. Dick's Defining Trilogy (followed By "the Divine Invasion" And "the Transmigration Of Timothy Archer"), "valis "is A Disorienting And Bleakly Funny Novel About A Schizophrenic Man Named Horselover Fat (who Just Might Also Be Known As Philip Dick); The Hidden Mysteries Of Gnostic Christianity; And Reality As Revealed Through A Pink Laser. "valis" Is A Theological Detective Story, In Which God Is Both A Missing Person And The Perpetrator Of The Ultimate Crime. Taking Place In The Same Universe As Dick's Soon-to-be-published "exegesis," "valis" Is A Dense Novel, But One That Is Absolutely Essential To Understanding The Author's Off-kilter Worldview.

      SKU: 12809659
      ISBN: 9780547572413
      Author: Dick, Philip K.

    The Marvelous Land Of Oz
      The Marvelous Land Of Oz.

      Few Fantasy Lands Have Captured Our Hearts And Imaginations As Has The Marvelous Land Of Oz. For Over Four Generations, Children And Adults Alike Have Reveled In The Magical Adventures Of Its Beloved Folk. Now, For The First Time In Over Seventy Years, The Second Book About Oz Is Presented Here In The Same Deluxe Format As The Rare First Edition, Complete With All 16 Of The Original John R. Neill Color Plates, Its Colorful Pictorial Binding, And The Many Black-and-white Illustrations That Bring It To Joyous Life. First Issued In 1904, L. Frank Baum's "the Marvelous Land Of Oz" Is The Story Of The Wonderful Adventures Of The Young Boy Named Tip As He Travels Throughout The Many Lands Of Oz. Here He Meets With Our Old Friends The Scarecrow And Tin Woodman, As Well As So Me New Friends Like Jack Pumpkinhead, The Wooden Sawhorse, The Highly Magnified Woggle-bug, And The Amazing Gump. How They Thwart The Wicked Plans Of The Evil Witch Mombi And Overcome The Rebellion Of General Jinjur And Her Army Of Young Women Is A Tale As Exciting And Endearing Today As It Was When First Published Over Eighty Years Ago.afterword By Peter Glassman. A Facsimile Of The Rare First Edition, Complete With All 16 Original Color Plates, A Colorful Pictorial Binding, And Over 125 Of Neill's Drawings. A Books Of Wonder(r) Classic.

      SKU: 2518267
      ISBN: 9780688054397
      Author: Baum, L. Frank / Neill, John R.


      Why Should The Joys Of Puttering In The Garden Be Relegated To Spring And Summer When Autumn Has So Much To Offer? Enjoyable Temperatures And More Dependable Rainfall In Much Of The Country Extend The Growing Season And Allow The Gardener To Spend More Time Enjoying The Garden And Less Time Watering. Those Final Splendid Months Before Winter's Chill Offer Hospitable Conditions For An Impressive Array Of Flowers, Foliage, Berries, And Seedheads. Nancy J. Ondra And Stephanie Cohen, Two Top Garden Writers And Teachers, Team Up To Show Readers How To Achieve Three-season Garden Color. Join Them On A Detailed Tour Through Dozens Of Plants That Bring Life And Color To Late-season Gardens. Ondra And Cohen Identify All The Key Fall-specific Players And Explain How To Combine Them With Multiseason Workhorse Plants To Create Garden That Move Gracefully From Spring Through The Riotous Days Of Summer And Into Autumn's Golden Weeks. Ten Complete Garden Plans Put Everything Together For Autumn-loving Gardeners. Particularly Stunning In The Fall But Designed To Deliver Multiseason Appeal, They Cover A Range Of Increasing Conditions And Color Themes. The Authors Wrap Up The Season (and The Book) With A Garden Care Calendar Featuring Tips And Techniques On How To Plant, Prune, And Maintai Gardens All Season Long So They Remain Glorious Throughout The Fall, As Well As Dozens Of Suggestions For How To Prepare Gardens For Winter.

      SKU: 7138034
      ISBN: 9781580176804
      Author: Ondra, Nancy J. / Cohen, Stephanie / Cardillo, Rob

    Central Asia In World History
      Central Asia In World History.

      A Vast Region Stretching Roughly From The Volga River To Manchuria And The Northern Chinese Borderlands, Central Asia Has Been Called The "pivot Of History," A Land Where Nomadic Invaders And Silk Road Traders Changed The Destinies Of States That Ringed Its Borders, Including Pre-modern Europe, The Middle East, And China. In Central Asia In World History, Peter B. Golden Provides An Engaging Account Of This Important Region, Ranging From Prehistory To The Present, And Focusing Largely On The Unique Melting Pot Of Cultures That This Region Has Produced. Golden Describes The Traders Who Braved The Heat And Cold Along Caravan Routes To Link East Asia And Europe; The Mongol Empire Of Genghis Khan And His Successors, The Largest Contiguous Land Empire In History; The Invention Of Gunpowder, Which Allowed The Great Sedentary Empires To Overcome The Horse-based Nomads; The Power Struggles Of Russia And China, And Later Russia And Britain, For Control Of The Area. Finally, He Discusses The Region Today, A Key Area That Neighbors Such Geopolitical Hot Spots As Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, And China.

      SKU: 8669648
      ISBN: 9780195338195
      Author: Golden, Peter B.

    Texas: A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 200 Campgrounds
      Texas: A Comprehensive Guide To More Than 200 Campgrounds.

      "camping Texas" Is An Indispensable Guide To Hundreds Of Public Campgrounds In The Lone Star State. From The Texas Gulf Coast To The Mountains Of West Texas, The Camping Opportunities In This Book Accommodate A Range Of Outdoor Interests, I Ncluding Fishing, Boating, Mountain Biking, Bird Watching,a Nd Horseback Riding. In Addition To Providing Detailed Site Descriptions And Directions, "camping Texas" Includes Useful Tips On Camping Etiquette, Camping With Children, And Enjoying-or Avoiding-the State's Diverse And Abundant Wildlife.

      SKU: 2916367
      ISBN: 9780762746057
      Author: Behrens, Tom

    The Rolling Stones Sheet Music Anthology
      The Rolling Stones Sheet Music Anthology.

      The Rolling Stones Sheet Music Anthology Containns 277 Piano/vocal/chord Arrangements Of The Legendary British Group's Greatest Hits. Many Of The Band's Most Memorable Melodies Are Included, Such As "she's A Rainbow," "lady Jane," And "ruby Tuesday." Titles: As Tears Go By * Dandelion * Gimme Shelter * Heart Of Stone * I'm Free * Honky Tonk Women * It's All Over Now * The Last Time * Let's Spend The Night Together * Let It Bleed * Monkey Man * Mother's Little Helper * 19th Nervous Breakdown * Out Of Time * No Expectations * Play With Fire * Paint It, Black * (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction * Symathy For The Devil * She Smiled Sweetly * 2000 Light Years From Home * Under My Thumb * Wild Horses * You Can't Alway S Get What You Want.

      SKU: 2707244
      ISBN: 9780739068953
      Author: Alfred Publishing

    The Village Of Basketeers
      The Village Of Basketeers.

      In The Village Of Basketeers, The Soil Is Too Rocky For Agriculture And The Sea Too Uneven For Fishing. Luckily, The Grasses And Reeds That Grow Nearby Are Ideal For Making Baskets And A Basketeer Can Weave Anything-a House For A Duck, A Barn For A Horse, Or Ac Arriage Fit For A Queen. Life Is Good In The Village Until One Day When The Wind Blows A Little Harder Than It Blew The Day Before. And It Only Gets Worse The Next Day, And The Next. The Townspeople Have Big Ideas For Taming The Wind, But The Wind Is In No Mood To Be Caught. Can Little Elsa And Kip Coax The Wind Into Settling Down, With The Cleverest Idea Of All? In This Original Tale, Lynda Gene Rymond Creates An Enchanting Village That Is Brought To Life By Nicoletta Ceccoli's Mesmerizing Illustrations, Full Of Sunset Color And Bursting With Energy.

      SKU: 2341208
      ISBN: 9780618396719
      Author: Rymond, Lynda Gene / Ceccoli, Nicoletta

    Olympism: A Basic Guide To The History, Ideals, And Sports Of The Olympic Movement
      Olympism: A Basic Guide To The History, Ideals, And Sports Of The Olympic Movement.

      There's Nothing More Exciting And Engaging Than The Olympic Games. Athletes From Across The Globe Unite To Participate In The Most Exciting And Vigorous Competitions Of Their Lives. These Athletes Didn't Get To The Olympics By Accident - It Takes Years Of Dedication, Sweat, And Training To Become An Olympic Athlete. But You Don't Have To Be Training For The Olympics To Enjoy Sports. Whether You Like Cycling, Playing Softball, Wrestling, Or Riding Horses, The Olympic Guides Will Give You Numerous Tips On Equipment, Training, And Improving Your Skills. Complete With Up-to-date Results From The 2000 Olympic Games In Sydney, Australia, These Official U.s. Olympic Committee Publications Take A Fascinating Look At How To Play Sports, The History Of Sports, And Everything In Between. Olympism Offers A Fascinating Look At The Background, Meaning, And Purpose Of The Olympic Games, Along With Up-to-date Information On Every Olympic Sport. Whether You're Serious About Sports Or Just Getting Started, You'll Enjoy Learning About The Origin Of The Olympic Games In Ancient Greece. Olympism Helps Take The Mystery Out Of Watching The Games And Will Deepen Your Appreciation Of The Olympic Spirit.

      SKU: 3648613
      ISBN: 9780836828009
      Author: Uniteed States Olympic Committee

    Lonely Planet Aboriginal Australia: & The Torres Strait Islands
      Lonely Planet Aboriginal Australia: & The Torres Strait Islands.

      Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples Is The Most Significant Issue Confronting Contemporary Australia. When British Colonisers Invaded Australia In 1788, More Than 600 Different Indigenous Nations - Each With Their Own Distinct Language, Culture And Traditions - Were Dispossessed Of Their Land. This Companion To The Australia Guide Is Ideal For Travellers Who Want To Understand The Country's 50,000-year-old Cultural Tradition. More Than 60 Indigenous People Have Contributed To This Guide, Together With Some Of Lp's Most Experienced Guidebook Researchers. Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Writers Cover The Dreaming, Bush Tucker, Art, Sport, Music And Modern Australia's History From Invasion-era Massacres To Modern-day Disadvantage. With This Practical Guide, Travellers Can Take A Horseback Tour Of Ancient Cultural Sites With An Adnyamathannha Elder, Learn Some Of The Tjukurpa Stories Of Uluru (ayers Rock) From An Anangu Guide, Work Out In A Koorie Gym, Get Online To Learn The Latest In Indigenous Politics, Meet Contemporary Aboriginal Artists At Work Or Marvel At The Work Of Their Ancestors.

      SKU: 7613408
      ISBN: 9781864501148
      Author: Singh, Sarina / Andrew, David / Andy, Bryan


      More Than Fifty Years After Its First Appearance, "stagecoach" Remains The Most Famous Western Ever Made. Resisting David O. Selznick's Description Of His Project As "just Another Western," Director John Ford Intended Something Special From The Start: A Film That Would Integrate All The Traditions Of The Horse Opera-chases, Gunfights, Spectacular Scenery-with A Tale Of Romance And Intrigue Appealing To A Sophisticated Audience Of Both Sexes. To Give The Film Class, Ford Employed Dudley Nichols, Writer Of His Previous Prestige Successes "the Informer "and "mary Of Scotland" As Well As Such Comedy Classics As "bringing Up Baby." In The Casting, Ford Was Adept At Blending Established Actors Like Thomas Mitchell-who Won An Academy Award For His Performance-with Veteran Hollywood Saddle Tramps. And As The Ringo Kid He Chose An Unknown Who Had Spent The Past Ten Years Languishing In The Obscurity Of B-westerns. The Part Made John Wayne A Star. Shedding New Light On An Old Favorite, This Is An Enjoyable Account Of How The Film Got Made, Combined With A Careful Scene-by-scene Analysis, A Wealth Of Illustrations, And The Most Complete Credits Yet Assembled.

      SKU: 3745687
      ISBN: 9780851702995
      Author: Buscombe, Edward

    Round Engine Racers: Bearcats And Corsairs - Raceplanetech Volume 2
      Round Engine Racers: Bearcats And Corsairs - Raceplanetech Volume 2.

      Racing Bearcats And Corsairs Examines Two Of The Most Competitive Types Of Air Racers Flown At The Cleveland Air Races (1046-1949) And Today's National Championship Air Races, Held Each Year At Reno, Nevada. Bearcats, Often Modified With Engines Nearly Twice Their Original Horsepower, Have Dominated Reno Beginning In The 1960s And Have Continued A Winning Tradition With Lyle Shelton's Rare Bear. Heavily Modified Corsairs Were The Dominant Aircraft In The Post World War Ii Races, And At Reno, The Super Corsair Was The Bent Wing Bird To Beat. Racing Bearcats And Corsairs Examines What It Takes To Field A Sound Engine Racer. It Details Modifications Which Are Made To The Powerplants And Airframes, And, Based On Interviews With The Pilots And Crew Chiefs, Pr Ovides A First-hand Account Of The Fastest Motor Sport. For Military And Aviation Enthusiasts: - Great Photos And Illustrations Of Reno Racing Plane Design And Development - Fantastic Racing History Of The Bearcat And Corsair - First-hand Stories And Racing Accounts From Pilots, Engineers And Crew Members - Includes Details On Engine And Airframe Modifications Plus Racing Fuels.

      SKU: 7135847
      ISBN: 9781580070355
      Author: Veronico, Nkcholas A. / Veronico, Nick / Grantham, Kevin

    Mountain Storms: A Western Story
      Mountain Storms: A Western Story.

      John Parks Took His Twelve-year-old Son Tommy Into The Mountains Seeking The Promised Land. When John Dies, Young Tommy Is Left To Fend For Himself. In A Miracle Of Stamina And Ingenuity, Tommy Is Able To Survive. A Mother Grizzly And Her Two Cubs Adopt Tommy And Teach Him Vital Woodland Skills. When The Mother Grizzly And One Of The Cubs Is Killed, Tommy And The Remaining Cub Form A Perpetual Hunting Party To Obtain Food. When He Prevents The Killing Of An Unbreakable Horse, Tommy, The Horse, And The Bear Become A Legend, Known For Stealing Supplies From Town But Always Paying For Them With Precious Furs. An Expedition Is Mounted To Capture Or Kill Tommy But No One Imagined How Puny Would Be Their Attempts When Confronted By A Man So Powerful And Adept At The Skills Needed For Survival In The Wilderness, To Say Nothing Of The Horse That Runs Like The Wind And The Giant Grizzly That Is Their Shadow. Max Brand(r) Is The Name By Which American Author Frederick Faust Is Best Known And Loved. Born In Seattle In 1892 And Orphaned Early, He Grew Up In Rural California. He Was Killed In World War Ii During A Night Attack On A Hilltop Held By The German Army.

      SKU: 7293076
      ISBN: 9781594140013
      Author: Brand, Max

    Zzhair 16"-32" 100% Natural Brazilian Remy Human Hair Ponytail Horsetail Clips In/on Human Hair Extension Straight Hair 60g-140g
      Zzhair 16"-32" 100% Natural Brazilian Remy Human Hair Ponytail Horsetail Clips In/on Human Hair Extension Straight Hair 60g-140g.

      All Colors In Stock If You Want Other Colors Pls Leave Us Message In The Order , Or We Will Send Out Colors As In The Order

      Category: Ponytails
      SKU: 401087560

    Beautiful Holland Super Wax Fabric Veritable African Cotton Horse Batik Real Wax For Dress Vh37(6yards/pc)
      Beautiful Holland Super Wax Fabric Veritable African Cotton Horse Batik Real Wax For Dress Vh37(6yards/pc).

      6 Yards/lot,fashion Colorful African Super Wax Material For Wedding Or Party By Free Shipping

      Category: Fabric
      SKU: 260499995

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