Finding Pegasus

    Finding Pegasus
      Finding Pegasus.

      Pegasus, The Magical Winged Horse, Has Inspired Human Imagination For Centuries. Finding Pegasus Is The Rich And Inspiring Story Of Tara Eacon, An Equestrian Athlete Consumed By Her Ambition To Compete At The Olympic Games, Yet All The While Struggling To Escape The Pain Of An Abusive Childhood. Mirroring Her Angst Is Her Talented And Sensitive Thoroughbred Who, After Years Of Intensive Training With Internationally Renowned Professionals, Refuses To Submit To Human Coercion. Finally Awakening To The Fact That She Is Reenacting Her Oppressive Upbringing By Attempting To Dominate Her Horse, Tara Enters Into An Apprenticeship With An Eighty-year-old Cowboy With Mysterious Abilities. Similar To A Zen Master, Tom Dorrance Never Calls Himself A Teacher Or Explains What He Does, Continually Perplexing Tara And Those Who Work With Him. Yet His Wisdom Is Reflected In His Ability To Use Horses (and Anything Else Available To Him) Because A Means Of Helping Humans Learn About Themselves And Their Relationship To The Natural World. With Him Tara Begins The Long And Arduous Journey To Self-awareness, And A Resolutin To Her Secretive Past. About The Author: Terry Church Has Been A Professional Horse Trainer, Dressage Teacher And Competitor For The Past 34 Years. Although "classically Trained" Through The Fei (international) Levels In The United States And Germany, She Came To Understand That The Current Methods Of Training Horses Predominantly Reflect The Human Quest For Dominance And Control, Rather Than A Recognition Of How Animals Can Benefit From And Enhance The Human Experience Through Respectful Partnerships. Synchronicity Led Her To A Meeting With The Great Master Horseman, Tom Dorrance, With Whom She Spent The Next Seven Years Relearning Everything She Thought She Knew About Horses - And About Herself. Ms. Church Currently Travels Extensively Throughout The United States Where She Uses Horses To Facilitate A Person's Process Of Self-discovery, Thereby Broadening Their Awareness And Sensitivity To Themselves And The Natural World. In Addition To Her Lifelong Passion For Horses, Ms. Church Has Had An Interest In Writing Since Early Childhood. As An Adult She Studied Writing For Five Years In Santa Barbara With Author Bill Richardson, Who Became A Primary Influence In Helping Her Face The Truth About Her Life - And How To Express That In Words. She Has Published A Number Of Articles In Magazines And Trade Journals, Some Of Which Can Be Found On Her Website At: Http: //

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      ISBN: 9781595266408
      Author: Church, Terry

    Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball - Large
      Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball - Large.

      Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball Is A Fun Interactive Dog Toy To Entertain Your Pets For Hours Forward End! With A Single Touch, The Toy Will Activate And Play Any One Of The 20 Different Animal Sounds To Keep Your Dog Engaged And Active. You Don't Have To Worry About Turning It Off On Your Own Either Because This Toy Shuts Off Automatically When Inactive! Watch Your Pet Chase, Chew, And Paw At The Silliest Toy Ever! A Virtual Zoo That Interacts With Your Pet Starts When Touched; Turns Off Automatically Over 20 Different Animal Sounds Durable Construction Comes In Different Sizes To Suit Your Pet

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    Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Horse Joint Formula Liquid (32 Oz)
      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Horse Joint Formula Liquid (32 Oz).

      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Provides A Joint Health Supplement Specifically Designed For Horses Versus Other Pets. This Product Includes All The Main Ingredients That, When Mixed, Provide An Enhancement To An Animal?s System To Both Repair Ailing Joints As Well As To Keep Them In Healthy Condition As Well. The Product Includes Hyaluronic Acid, Green Lipped Mussel, Chondroitin, Glucosamine And Msm. The Benefits Of Using Arthrisoothe-gold For Horses Are Multip1e. With A Regimen Of The Supplement, Older Horses And Those With Joint Issues Can Realize Big Improvements In Mobility, Flexibility And Reduction Of Joint Pain And Discomfort. This Is Because The Supplement Mixture Is Designed By Veterinarians To Increase The Fluid In An Animal?s Joints. This In Turn Helps Increase The Movement Capacity Of The Joints, Reducing Cartilage Damage And Strain On Connective Tissue Material. The Other Benefits Of Using Arthrisoothe-gold On A Regular Basis Include: A 32 Oz Unit With A Premeasurng Tool That Allows Correct Dosage With Every Serving. The Inclusion Of Antioxidants In The Supplement Mixture, Which Help Reduce The Cellular Damage Cause By Free Radicals. A Reduction In Animal Joint Pain Which In Turn Allows A Horse To Move More, Exercise More, And Improve Joint Health Overall With Increased Exercise. A Durable Plastic Container That Won?t Break And Can Handle Rough Treatment In A Stable Area. Limit 12 Per Order

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    Grandma Lucy's Freeze-dried Grain-free Artisan Chicken Dog Food (3 Lbs)
      Grandma Lucy's Freeze-dried Grain-free Artisan Chicken Dog Food (3 Lbs).

      *pet Food Is Not Eligible For Our Free Shipping Promotion. Grandma Lucy's Freeze-dried Grain-free Artisan Chicken Dog Food (3 Lbs) Grandma Lucy's Has Taken Great Pride In Making The Best Healthy, Natural And Delicious Pet Food And Treats. Grandma Lucy?s Artisan Freeze-dried, Grain Free Pet Food Offers All Natural, High Quality Meals For Cats And Dogs. Freeze-dried, Grain Free Pet Food Is Formulated To Meet The Nutritional Levels Established By The Aafco Cat/dog Food Nutrient Profiles For All Life Stages. It?s Every Pet Owners Dream To Serve The Ultimate High Quality Pet Food That Has No Preservatives, No By-products, And Hormone And Antibiotic Free. Grandma Lucy?s Chicken Meal Is A Nutritionally Balanced Blend Of Chicken, Fruits, Vegetables, And Herbs. Highest Quality Usda Ingredients! These Freeze-dried Meals Are Easy To Prepare And Makes 17 Cups Of Fresh Food. Simply Add 1-1 1/2 Cups Of Warm Water For Each Cup Of Grandma Lucy?s Artisan, Stir Well And Let Stand For 3-5 Minutes, Then Let Your Dog Enjoy! Compared To Other Drying Processes Such As Dehydrating Or Air Drying, Freeze-drying Is Used At Grandma Lucy?s Because It Is Better At Retaining The Characteristics Of The Raw Food. Freeze-drying?s Ability To Minimize Damage To Food Attributes And Components During Drying Is The Reason For Claims That The Process Is Also Less Damaging To Enzyme Activity. More Enzymes Will Be Active In A Freeze-dried Food Than In Some Raw Material Dried In Another Manner. Fresh Or Cooked Foods Are Flash Frozen And Placed In An Oxygen-free Vacuum Chamber. About 98% Of The Foods Moisture Is Drawn Out By Evaporating The Ice At Temperatures As Low As -85â°f. The Process Of Dehydrating Or Air Drying Typically Takes Place At Much Higher Temperatures And For Longer Lengths Of Time. Both Processes Achieve Their Goals Of Becoming ?self Stable? Where It?s Safe To Store At Room Temperature For Long Periods Of Time. However, Since Freeze-drying Uses Very Low Levels Of Heat, Most Food Closely Retains The Taste, Texture And Aroma Of Its Fresh Counterpart. Grandma Lucy's Artisan Pet Food Highest Quality Usda Ingredients All Natural Grain-free Recipe No By-products Hormone & Antibiotic Free Meat Human-grade Ingredients Complete & Balanced For All Life Stages Easy To Prepare More Info Dog Treats More Treats For Your Dog. Top Dog Bones Find Alternative Dog Bones. Pet Food Safety Guide Learn More About Choosing The Right Ingredients In Your Pet Food. Pet Food Couple Your Healthy Treat With A Healthy Meal. Grandma Lucy's Pet Food & Treats: Pet Food For Dogs Treats For Dogs Pet Food For Cats Treats For Cats Artisan Pork Artisan Venison Artisan Lamb Blueberry Cookies Pumpkin Cookies Sweet Potato Treats Artisan Chicken & Fihs Roasted Chicken Treats Tuna Treats Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Bio-groom Natural Scents Crisp Apple Shampoo (12 Fl Oz)
      Bio-groom Natural Scents Crisp Apple Shampoo (12 Fl Oz).

      Bio-groom Natural Scents Crisp Apple Shampoo With Skin Soothing Chamomile & Aloe Vera, Has Been Developed With The Finest Natural Scents That Make It A Pleasure To Bathe Your Pet. This Mild, Soap Free Natural Shampoo Cleanses Thoroughly, Effortlessly, Ithout Stripping Natural Protective Oils From Skin And Coat. Rinses Out Quickly, Leaving Your Pet With A Fresh, Clean Smell. Safe Enough For Puppies And Kitten S. May Be Used On All Colored Coats. Directions: Wet The Coat Thoroughly With Warm Water. Apply Shampoo And Work Well Through The Coat. Rinse. For Best Results Shampoo And Rinse Again, Then Dry And Groom As Usual. This Shampoo May Be Used Full Strength Or Dilutrd With Up To 4 Parts Of Water.

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    12 Pack Redbarn Bully Springs
      12 Pack Redbarn Bully Springs.

      Redbarn Bully Springs Are Savory, Spiral Shaped Bully Chews For Dog, Produced With The Highest Standards In Mind. Redgarn Bulls Are Free Range And Fed A Natural, Healthy Grass Diet. In The Redbarn Processing Plant, Strict Quality Control Standards Are Enforced To Insure Your Dog Receives A High Grade Treat That He'll Love! The Muscles Are Formed Into A Spiral Shape, And Then Slow Roasted In Their Own Juices To A Crunchy Texture. While Your Dog Chews, The Spring Become Highly Palatable And Chewy Which Helps Clean Teeth And Provide Hours Of Enjoyment. Springs Measure Approximately 6" In Length. Free Range, Grass Fed Bully Sticks Slow Roasted In Their Own Juices Helps Clean Teeth

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    Horses Prefer Farrier's Hoof (32 Oz)
      Horses Prefer Farrier's Hoof (32 Oz).

      Horses Prefer Farriers Hoof Is An Easy-to-use Spray Made To Maintain The Condition Of Your Horse's Hooves. This All-natural Formula Works To Protect Hooves From Physical Damage For Circumstances In Which Hoof Injury Is More Likely, Such As During Damp Weather Or While Suffering A Bacterial Or Fungal Infection. The Spray Is Non-irritating And Uniform Features A Delightful Citrus Fragrance. Horses Prefer Farriers Hoof Can Be Used Daily And With Other Topical Salves To Provide Help Provide Comprehensive Hoof Maintenance. This Bottle Comes With 32 Ounces Of The Spray And A Nozzle That Makes Direct Application A Simple Task. Protect Your Horse's Hooves With Thiss Pray By Ordering Today! Key Features: Maintains Hoof Health And Protects Against Injury And Broken Hooves Can Be Used As Therapy For Thrush And White Line Disease Can Be Used In Conjunction With Other Topical Salves

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    Kyjen Holiday Hide-a-squirrel - Jr.
      Kyjen Holiday Hide-a-squirrel - Jr..

      Advance Your Favored Furry Four-legged Friend's Problem Solving Skills This Holiday Season With The Kyjen Holiday Hide-a-squirrel Jr .  this Cute, Holiday Themed Dog Toy Is Designed For Hours Of Fun That Will Not Only Entertain Your Dog, But Help Them Fine Tune Their Hunting And Problem Solving Skills. Great For Use With Pups Who Need An Outlet For Their Instinctual Behaviors, But Older Dogs Will Love Playing, Hunting, And Solving This Holiday Themed Puzzle. Pet Owners Take Each Of The Three Soft, Furry Squirrels And Place Them Hidden Inside The Plush Covered Log. Dogs Will Spend Their Time Hunting For And Retrieving These Holiday Themed Squirrels. Each Of The Furry, Squirrels Has A Bright Red And White Santa Cap On To Continue The Holiday Theme For This Dog Toy. A Small Squeaker Is Carefully Placed Inside Each Of The Squirrels To Enhance Playtime And Encourage Dogs To Go Out And Hunt. Benefits Of Purchasing This Holiday Themed Combination Dog Toy And Puzzle Include: Squeaking Squirrels Encourage Dogs To Pay Attention And Continue Play Time Entire Log Design Is Created To Enrich A Puppy's Hide-and-seek Game Playing And Provide Them With Valuable Problemsolving Skills Interactive Play Is Encouraged Being Of The Kind Which Pet Owners Hide The Squirrels And Dogs Find Them Cute Holiday Themed Squirrels Bring A Little Fun, Festive Holiday Cheer To A Dog's Toy Collection This Christmas Season

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    Petcube - Interactive Wi-fi Pet Camera
      Petcube - Interactive Wi-fi Pet Camera.

      The Petcube - Interactive Wi-fi Pet Camera Allows You To Stay Connected To Your Pets While You're Away With Streaming Video Straight To Your Mobile Device! The Petcube Provides A 138â° Wide Angle Camera To Stream Hd 720p Video Through Any Standard Home Wi-fi Connection. The Device Itself Is Housed In A Sleek Aluminium Case That Features A Silicon Foot To Act As A Mounting Bracket For The Typical Tripod. The Petcube Interactive Wi-fi Pet Camera Is Lightweight And Can Be Plugged In With A Standard Us 110/240 V Ac Adapter To Ensure It Is Easy To Set Up And Keep Running Throughout The Day. The Device Also Features A Buil T-in Microphone And Speaker So That You Can Maintain A 2-way Audio Stream With Your Pet. The Petcube Also Features A Build-in 5mw 3r Class Laser, So That You Can Use It As A Laser Toy To Keep Your Pet Entertained From Afar. The Device Is Easy To Use And Features Apps Available In Both The App Store And Google Play, To Ensure You Can Use It From Nearly Any Device. Never Wait To See Your Pet Again And Keep Them Entertained From Afar With This Futuristic Innovation By Ordering Today! Key Features: 138â° Wide Angle Camera (for Hd 720p Video), Built-in Microphone, Speaker, And 5mw 3r Laser All Built Into Compact, Aluminium Housing Connects To Home Wi-fi To Stream To Ios And Android Compatible Software Plus In Via 110/240 V Power Adapter (standard Us Plug) Can Be Mounted On Standard Tripods With Mounting Bracket On Bottom Of Device Named One Of Examiner's 4 Smartest High-tech Gadgets Of 2015

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    Proviable-eq Equine Paste (30 Ml)
      Proviable-eq Equine Paste (30 Ml).

      Proviable-eq Equine Paste (30 Ml) For Horses, Is A Digestive Supplement Designed To Help Reestablish And Maintain Intestinal Health Naturally. Proviable-eq Contains A Source Of Live, Naturally Occurring Microorganisms With A Guaranteed Analysis Of Colony Forming Units (cfu's) Present On The Label. The Paste Contains Both The Yeast Species Saccharomyces Boulardii And Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, And Helps Reestablish Intestinal Microflora After Imbalances And Might Help Support Intestinal Function After Surgery. The Powder Form Contains Saccharomyces Cerevisiae And Is Administered Once A Day To Help Support Healthy Gut Flora And Maintain Appetite. Administration: Give 5 Ml By Mouth Once Daily For 6 Days, Or As Needed. In Certain Situations Your Veterinarian May Recommend A High Administration Level. Guaranteed Analysis: Total Yeast, Min. ...0.4 Billion Cfu Per Grams Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Fructooligosaccharide, Gum Arabic, Natural And Artificial Peppermint Flavor, Dextrose, Dried Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Fermentation Products, Fd&c Blue No.1 And Fd&c Yellow No.5.

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    Purina Pro Plan Savor - Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Dry Puppy Food (18 Lb)
      Purina Pro Plan Savor - Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Dry Puppy Food (18 Lb).

      Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend - Puppy Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Is A Flavorful Mix Of Kibble And Tender Shredded Pieces Made With Natural Ingredients To Make Your Puppy Grow Big And Strong. Serve Your Puppy This Wholesome Food For Proper Growth And Development. Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Shredded Blend Of Chicken And Rice Dha For Brain And Vision Development Savory Combination Of Hard Kibble And Tender Pieces Optistart With Easy-to-digest Natural Milk Proteins A Closer Look: Featuring Real Chicken As The Primary Ingredient, The Food Delivers High Quality Protein To Support A Healthy Heart. It Contains Highly Digestible Formula With Wholesome Rice And Milk Proteins, Which Is Easy To Digest And Promotes A Healthy Digestive System. Made Specially For: Dogs Of All Ages, Especially Puppies And Lactating Dogs Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Purishieldâ earâ washâ (4 Oz)
      Purishieldâ earâ washâ (4 Oz).

      Purishield Ear Wash Clean Dirty Ears And Maintain Healthy Ear Function For Your Pet As It Deodorizes, Acidifies And Dries The Ear Canal. This Wash Ensures That Your Pet's Ears Are Clean And Healthy And Functions With A Soothing Effect That Will Have Your Pet At Ease. Purishield Ear Wash Is Safe For Both Cats And Dogs And Can Be Used Regularly To Ensure That Your Pet Never Suffers From Unpleasant Ear Conditions Like Ear Infections. Purishield Ear Wash Is Veterinarian Approved And Perfect For Infected Or Dirty Ears. The Wash Comes In A Bottle Containing Four Fluid Ounces And Is Easy-to-use With A Nozzle To Make Application A Breeze. This Product Can Be Used By Itself For Maintenance Or To Treat An Infection Alongside Purishield Ear Drops . Purishield Ear Wash Is The Ideal Solution To Maintaining Your Pet's Ear Health So Order Some For Your Dog Or Cat Today! Key Features: Cleans Dirty Or Infected Ears To Prevent Growth Of Fungi Adn Bacteria Safe For Both Dogs And Cats Safe For Regular Use Or For Treating Infections

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    Royal Canin Feline Renal Support A Dry (6.6 Lb)
      Royal Canin Feline Renal Support A Dry (6.6 Lb).

      Royal Canin Veterinary Dietâ® Feline Renal Support A Dry Is A High Energy And Highly Digestible Diet For Cats That Has Been Formulated With Low Protein And Low Phosphorus Levels. Royal Canin Veterinary Dietâ® Offers A Wide Range Of Great Tasting Aromatic Profiles And Tempting Textures To Ensure Superior Palatability So Every Cat Can Find Just The Right Food. Enriched With A Blend Of Antioxidants To Help Maintain A Healthy Immune System And To Reduce Dna Damage Associated With Cell Aging Enriched With Long Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Eicosapentaenoic Acid And Docosahexaenoic Acid (epa And Dha), To Help Modulate Inflammatory Reactions Enriched With A Blend Of Soluble And Insoluble Fibers To Help Reduce Digestive Problems Such As Diarrhea, Constipation, And Hairballs Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info) Please Note: Royal Canin Diets Requires Authorization. This Product Ships Directly From Royal Canin And Will Arrive Separately From Other Products Ordered From Entirelypets. This Product Will Not Be Fulfilled Until A Copy Of A Valid Authorization Is Faxed To 510-892-2930 Or E-mailed To *royal Canin Foods Cannot Be Returned For Any Reason In Accordance With Fda Regulations In The Us . Please Be Sure That You Are Placing An Order For The Correct Food. We Cannot Accept Any Returns On These Foods.

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    Tropiclean Spa Pet Cologne - For Him (8 Fl Oz)
      Tropiclean Spa Pet Cologne - For Him (8 Fl Oz).

      Spa For Him Dog Colognes Are Designed For Masculine Dogs. With A Sporty Fragrance, This Dog Cologne Keeps Male Dogs Smelling Great Between Baths.

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    Zodiac Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs & Cats (16 Oz)
      Zodiac Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs & Cats (16 Oz).

      Zodiac Flea & Tick Spray Kills And Repels Fleas And Ticks On Dogs And Cats. The Effectiveness Of Zodiac Flea & Tick Spray Stems From The Combined Effectiveness Of Pyrethrins And Precor Insect Growth Regulator (igr). Pyrethrins Quickly Eliminate Adult Fleas, While Precor Effectively Breaks The Flea Life Cycle And Protects Your Pets From Infestation For Up To 2 Months. Safe To Use On Dogs And Cats Over 12 Weeks Of Age. Flea And Tick Spray For Dogs And Cats, 1 Pt (16 Fl Oz) Kills And Repels Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Mosquitoes, Gnats And Flies Kills Flea Eggs For Up To 2 Months Pleasant Scent

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    Western Practice Lessons: Ride Like A Champion, Train In A Progressive Plsn, Improve Communication With Your Horse, Refine Your Pe
      Western Practice Lessons: Ride Like A Champion, Train In A Progressive Plsn, Improve Communication With Your Horse, Refine Your Pe.

      This Highly Visual Collection Of Riding Exercises Will Build Specific Western Riding Skills And Foster Greater Communication Betwee Nhorse And Rider. Effective Step-by-step Lessons Feature A Complete Description Of Gaits And Movements, Purpose And Benefits, Analysis And Instructions, Cautions, And Tips For Better Performance.

      SKU: 7137576
      ISBN: 978158011076
      Author: Strickland, Charlene

    Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers And Changing Climate: A Progress Report
      Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers And Changing Climate: A Progress Report.

      Using Both Time-lapse And Conventional Photography As Well As Digital Video, The Extreme Ice Survey Is The Most Extensive Visual Study Ever Conducted To Illustrate The Catastrophic Melting Of Glacial Ice. The Result Is A Dramatic And Timely Demonstration Of Global Warming's Dangerous Consequences From Alaska To Iceland To The Alps. Serviced Via Foot, Horseback, Dogsled, Skis, Fishing Boats, And Helicopters At 15 Sites In The Northern Hemisphere And Programmed To Shoot Once An Hour, Every Hour Of Daylight, Each Of The 26 Cameras Captures Approximately 4,000 Images Per Year. This Stunning Collection Of Photographs Will Form A Companion Exhibition Traveling To Museums All Over The World As Part Of An Urgent Otreach Campaign Aimed At Educating The Public About Global Warming And Providing Irrefutable Scientific Evidence Of How Rapidly Our Planet's Climate Is Changing. Launched In The Fall Of 2006 And Scheduled To Continue Until Late Summer Of 2009, The Remarkable Extreme Ice Survey Archive Will Ultimately Total More Than 300,000 Photographs-a Treasure Trove Of Data For Researchers And A Portrait Of Nature As Arresting And Unforgettable As It Is Ominous.

      SKU: 6430756
      ISBN: 9781426204012
      Author: Balog, James / Appenzeller, Tim

    West Newbury
      West Newbury.

      West Newbury Was Incorporated In 1819 After Breaking Away From The Early Settlement Of Newbury, Which Was Founded In 1635 By English Livestock Investors. From Its Very Beginning, The Town Was A Small Farming Community, Later Boasting Many Orchards, Nurseries, And Truck Farms. The Community Was Home To The Last Covered Bridge In Essex County And Can Also Lay Claim As The Birthplace Of The Comb Industry. In 1886, A Horsecar Line From Haverhill Opened Up The Community To Surrounding Areas. In 1897, Horsecars Were Replaced With Electric Cars, The Tracks Of Which Extended To Newburyport. In The Mid-1950s, The Community Grew With The Opening Of Route 95. Today, West Newbury Retains Its Historic Charm, And Residents Are Passionate About Its Past.

      SKU: 16221536
      ISBN: 9780738576428
      Author: Follansbee, Susan Poore / Wild, Jane Wallace

    Working On The Railroad
      Working On The Railroad.

      The Notion Of Working On A Railroad Has Always Carried Its Share Of Romance, Taking In Everything From The Dreams Of Small Boys To Legends Like John Henry And Casey Jones. The Reality Is Far More Complicated And Often, As This Book Amply Demonstrates, More Interesting. This Richly Illustrated Volume Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Show What Goes Into Keeping A Railroad Running In Our Era Of Computer-aided 6,000-horsepower Diesel Motion . Author And Photographer Brian Solomon Explains Who Does What And How, From Dispatching And Signaling To Maintaining Locomotives And Driving Trains. Everything It Takes To Keep A Railroad Running Smoothly And Safely-the Daily Decisions, The Procedures That Must Be Followed, The Lowdown On Track Maintenance-comes Clearly Into View As Solomon Gives Readers Both A Seat In The Locomotive And The Dispatcher's View. Into This Larger Account He Weaves Anecdotes From Railroad Workers As Well As The Historical Evolution Of Railway Vocations, With Descriptions Of How Each Job Has Changed Over Time As Well As Marvelous Archival Imagery That Illustrates These Developments.

      SKU: 2880043
      ISBN: 9780760322208
      Author: Solomon, Brian

    Hip Hotels Atlas
      Hip Hotels Atlas.

      "profiles Inspirational Locations On Six Atlas, A Guide, A Reason To Daydream."-"cincinnati Enquirer" With "hip Hotels Atlas," Herbert Ypma Created The Ultimate Guide To The World's Best Places To Stay. Now In A Travel-friendly New Format, The Book Is Ready To Be Tucked Into A Carry-on As You Venture Off To One Of These Eighty Remarkable Destinations. The Book Is Divided Into Six Sections-europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, And South America-each With Its Own Introduction And Atmospheric Historical Map. You Will Be Tempted By, Among A Host Of Other Alluring Possibilities, A Stay In A Classic Italian Palazzo With A Romantic Rose Garden, A Magnificent Mud Casbah Set In A Lush Oasis, A Traditional Japanese Inn With A Zen Ambience, A Contemporary Tasmanian Lodge Overlooking Idyllic Turquoise Waters, A Rugged Log Cabin In The Heart Of The American Wild West, And An Elegant Colonial-style Ranch Set In Acres Of Horse-riding Country. Featuring Over 1,100 Of Ypma's Beautiful Color Photographs, This Spectacular Book Will Inspire And Delight Travelers Everywhere.

      SKU: 1645266
      ISBN: 9780500285695
      Author: Ypma, Herbert

    Another Place, Another Time: The Reincarnation Of Crazy Horse
      Another Place, Another Time: The Reincarnation Of Crazy Horse.

      This Book Explores C.d. Montana's Many Trips To Her Past Life As The Legendary Sioux Indian, Crazy Horse.

      SKU: 4351904
      ISBN: 9780977059010
      Author: Montana, C. D.

    Hubcap Biscuits And Corncob Wars
      Hubcap Biscuits And Corncob Wars.

      Soft-cover Version: Humorous Short Episodes Of Growing Up On A Small Cotton Farm In The 1930s, '40s, And 50s. Start'n School, Smoking Bull Durham, The Sears And Roebuck Catalog, The Great Truck Wreck Of 1946, The Outhouse, Bathing In A #3 Washtub, Run-away Horse, Big Creek Baptism, Corncob Wars, The School Bus, Lying Sam Morris, Birds & Bees & The Farm, An Inquiring Mind In The Bible Belt, Barefoot Clodhopper, Tarzan Seeks Jane, Geezer Socks, Burma-shave, Bike Wreck(am I Alive?), Going To A Shivaree, Countr Marriage Counseling, Bear Of A Nightmare, Cornflakes & Bananas & Lsu - And The List Goes On About Humor From The Farm. Going To Lsu On A Basketball Scholarship And Eventually Becoming A Research Chemist. Examples Of Humor & Perseverance. Recommended For Those Individuals Who Need A Chuckle Every Page Or So.

      SKU: 6489861
      ISBN: 9781430313892
      Author: Rushing, Troy E.

    Last Ditch
      Last Ditch.

      Horseplay Turns Deadly... Young Ricky Alleyn Has Come To The Picturesque Fishing Village Of Deep Cove To Write. Through The Sleepy Little Town Offers Few Diversions, Ricky Manages To Find The Most Distracting One Of All: Murder. For In A Muddy Ditch, He Sees A Dead Equestrienne Whose Last Leap Was Anything But An Accident. And When Ricky Himself Disappears, The Case Becomes A Horse Of A Different Color For His Father, Inspector Roderick Alleyn.

      SKU: 105030
      ISBN: 97800006168942
      Author: Marsh, Ngaio

    Horse Sense: The Story Of Will Sasse, His Horse Star, And The Outlaw Jesse James
      Horse Sense: The Story Of Will Sasse, His Horse Star, And The Outlaw Jesse James.

      Will Sasse Longs For Adventure, But When Jesse And Frank James Ride Into Northfield, Minnesota, He Gets More Than He Bargained For. Caught In The Middle Of A Bank Heist That Ends In A Gunfight, Will Quickly Discvers That A Life Of Adventure Often Leads To Danger. The Outlaws Escape And Kidnap Will's Beloved Horse, Star, In The Process. Follow Will As He Joins The Posse To Retrieve His Horse, Encounters The Outlaws Face-to-face, And Is Offered The Chance To Join Them.

      SKU: 7094131
      ISBN: 9781575059983
      Author: Schultz, Jan Neubert

    Dressage Masterclass With Dane Rawlins
      Dressage Masterclass With Dane Rawlins.

      To Achieve The Seamless Harmony Portrayed In Dressage, A Rider And His Horse Must Work Together As A Team. Learn How To Establish An Essential Partnership While Building Technique To Refine The Graceful Movements Required. From Lunging And Long-reining, To Pirouettes, Piaffe, Passage, And More, Follow This Comprehensive Training Program By A Top Rider And Trainer. Specially Commissioned Sequence Photography.

      SKU: 2613447
      ISBN: 9780715302699
      Author: Ryecart, Karen / Rawlins, Dane

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