Handbook For Dragon Slayers

    Handbook For Dragon Slayers
      Handbook For Dragon Slayers.

      Like Gail Carson Levine's Books, Merrie Haskell's Middle-grade Fantasy / Adventure Handbook For Dragon Slayers Mixes Magic, Mythical Creatures, Thrilling Action, And A Wonderful Cast Of Characters. Political Upheaval Sends Princess Tilda Fleeing From Her Kingdom In The Company Of Two Hopeful Dragon Slayesr. The Princess Never Had Any Interest In Chasing Dragons. The Pain From Her Crippled Foot Was Too Great, And Her Dream Was To Write A Book. But The Princess Finds Herself Making Friends With Magical Horses, Facing The Wild Hunt, And Pointing A Sword At The Fire-breathing Creatures. While Doing Things She Never Imagined, Tilda Finds Qualities In Herself She Never Knew She Possessed. Handbook For Dragon Slayers Is A Deeply Satisfying Coming-of-age Tale Wrapped In A Magical Adventure Story.

      SKU: 20501080
      ISBN: 9780062008169
      Author: Haskell, Merrie

    Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake - Black/penny
      Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake - Black/penny.

      Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Makes An Unpleasant Yet Necessary Task Even Easier. The Large Capacity Is Perfect For Quick, Multi-waste Pick-ups. Ideal For Picking Up The Entire Yard. This Bin & Rake Works On All Surfaces Including Concrete, Grass, Etc. The Handle Adjusts Up To 32 Inches So Picking Up After Your Furry Friend Is No Longer A Back-breaking Chore. Two Bonus Bags Are Included To Get You Started, But Make Sure To Pick Up Additional Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin Waste Bags. The Bags Are Strong & Durable, Provide Natural Odor Control With Activated Baking Soda & Also Have A Fresh Scent. The Swivel Bin Waste Bags Also Have Easy-tie Handles & Help Keep The Bin Clean.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, waste Disposal , amp, amp, Poop Bags, gt, arm And Hammer Scoopers And Rakes
      SKU: Arm-hammer-swivel-bin-rake

    Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") - Assorted Colors
      Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") - Assorted Colors.

      Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") Can Rest Comfortably While Their Pet Parents Rest Easy, Knowing That Good Pet Beds Are More Affordable Than Ever! With Aspen Value Bedding, Pet Parents Can Get The Style And Comfort They?ve Come To Expect At Great Prices. Ideal For Cats And Small Dogs, The 18? Round Bed Has A Snuggly Plush Sleep Area That Will Have Pets Nestling Cozily! The High-loft, Recycled Polyester Fiber Fill Will Make Pets Feel Like They Are On Cloud Nine. The Top Edge Of The Bed Is Framed With Elegant Braided Gold Cording, And The Exterior Is Crafted From A Supple Micro-suede Fabric. Available In Four Colors To Complement Any Home Dã©cor: Black, Burnished Red, Espresso And Taupe. The Bed Is Machine Washable For Easy Care.

      Category: Floating Products, gt, cat Beds And Cushions
      SKU: Aspen-pet-sculptured-roundb-ed-18

    Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Blue
      Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan - Blue.

      Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Provides Privacy While Retaining The Litter Inside The Pan. The Large Hood Lifts Up For Easy Access For Cleaning, While The Built-in Bag Anchor Helps Keep The Bag Open And Frees Hand For Scooping. The Carbon Impregnated Filter Effectively Traps And Removes Litter Box Odors. Replacement Carbon Filters Sold Separately. Removable Clear Door And Replaceable Carbon Filter. Dimensions (pan): 57cm L X 46.5cm H X 39cm W (22.4in X 18.3in X 15.3in). Dimensions (door Opening): 26.5cm H X 24.5cm W (10.4in X 9.6in)

      Category: Dog Suppies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, catit Litter Pans , amp, Mats
      SKU: Catit-hooded-cat-litter-pan-blue

    Cpn Structure Growth Formula
      Cpn Structure Growth Formula.

      Structure Delivers The Kind Of Nutrition That Nature Intended Puppies To Have. Your Puppies First Meals Are The Key To Their Structural Development For The Rest Of Their Lives. After A Puppy Is Weaned, They Are At The Most Crucial Development Stage Ever. They Need Rich Digstible Protein And Fat, Along With Nutrients That Help Their Connective Tissue And Muscle Develop, As Well As Their Immune Systems. Structure Supplies These Nutrients With A Preimum Blend Of Ingredients. This Premium Blend Consists Of Milk And Egg Protein From Whey Protein Concentrate, Dried Casein, Omega 3 Enriched Pasteurized And Dried Whole Egg, Egg Yolk, Vegetable Oil Blend, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins C, E And More. The First Months Of A Puppy's Life Is The Most Critical Stage Of Physical Development They Will Ever Go Through. In The Wild, A Puppy May Nurse For Months Before They Are Weaned Onto Solid Food Entirely. When They Are, It Is In The Form Of Regurgitated Meat From The Mother's Stomach. This Is Almost Unheard Of With Today's Domestic Dogs, Because Of Larger And Larger Litters, Combined With Other Factors, Which Keep Mothers From Being Able To Let The Puppies Nurse As Long. What Sets Structure Apart From Other Growth Formulas Out There? The Answer Is, Consistency And Research. Consistency That Can Only Be Achieved By Operating Your Own Manufacturing Process, Research Into What Works And What Doesn't. Other Companies Have To Rely On Others To Take The Care And Detail Necessary To Produce Consistent Batches Every Time. Creating Rapid Growth Alone Is Not Enough For A Product To Be Considered Successful. Dogs Need Balanced Growth Where Muscle And Soft Tissue Is Growing As Rapidly, If Not More So Than Bone. That Is What Your Puppies Get With Structure. Adding Structure's Formula To A Pregnant Female's Diet Can Boost General Nutrition And Health. The Size And Health Of Your Puppies Is A Direct Result Of What You Feed Your Female During Pregnancy. Bigger, Fatter Puppies Are More Likely To Survive And Thrive. 100% Human Grade Ingredients. Available In 2, 4, 10 And 30 Lb. Sizes.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, canine Performance Nutrition Structure
      SKU: Cpnstructure

    Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Catnip Flavor (11 Oz Tub)
      Greenies Feline Dental Treats - Catnip Flavor (11 Oz Tub).

      Greenies Feline Dental Treats Will Keep Your Cat's Oral Health As Purrfect As They Are. These Tasty Treats Come In A Variety Of Irresistable Flavors To Best Suit Your Kitty's Taste: Oven Roasted Chicken, Tempting Tuna, Savory Salmon, And Catnip. The Unique Shape And Crunchy Texture Of These Bites Work To Help Reduce Tartar Buildup To Keep Your Cat's Teeth Squeaky Clean! Cleans Teeth And Freshens Breath #1 Vet Recommended Feline Dental Treat Natural Formula With Added Vitamins, Minerals And Other Nutrients 1.39 Calories Per Treat Crunchy Texture Helps Reduce Tartar Build-up Nutritionally Complete And Balanced For Adult Cats

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dental Cat Treats, gt, greenies Feline, gt, greenies Feline - Catnip
      SKU: Greenies-feline-catnip-11oz-tub

    Kanoodles Dental Chews & Treats - Small 6oz (25 Counts)
      Kanoodles Dental Chews & Treats - Small 6oz (25 Counts).

      Kanoodles Dental Chews & Treats Feature A Brilliant New Shape That Cleans Your Dog's Teeth And Gums While He Chews! This Treat Features A Unique Shape And Fabric That Allows The Treat To Bend And Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar From The Most Remote Areas Of Your Dog's Mouth. The Treats Are Made With Wholesome Grains With Valuable Nutrients That Help Promote Dental Health. Kanoodles Dental Chews & Treats Feature Anti-inflammatory And Anti-bacterial Properties To Prevent Dental Decay Before It Starts. This Package Comes With 25 Small Treats To Promote Dental Health In Your Pup! You'll Love The Way These Delectable Treats Keep Your Pet's Teeth And Gums Clean And Healthy- So Order Today! Key Features: Cleans Gums And Teeth With Unique, Patented Flexible Bristles While Your Dog Chews Wholesome Grains Provide Valuable Nutrition, Are Easily Digested, And Freshen Bad Breath No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, By-products, Sugar, Or Gmos Comes With 25 Small Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, kanoodles Dental Chews
      SKU: Kanoodles-dental-chews-treats-small-25-counts

    Nobivac Canine 3-dapv (25 Dose)
      Nobivac Canine 3-dapv (25 Dose).

      Nobivac Canine 3-dapv Is A Canine Distemper-adenovirus Type 2-parvovirus Vaccine, Modified Live Virus, Nonpregnant Dogs 7 Weeks And Older. Preservatives: Gentamicin And Amphotericin B. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, nobivac
      SKU: Nobivac-canine-3-dapv-25-dose

    Ourpets Play-n-squeak - Woolymouse Cat Toy
      Ourpets Play-n-squeak - Woolymouse Cat Toy.

      A Fun And Furry Outlet For Your Cats Instinctual Need To Hunt, Stalk And Pounce. Provides Plenty Of Mental And Physical Activity And Stimulation.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, play-n-squeak Mice And Birds
      SKU: Ourpets-play-n-squeak-woolymouse-cat-toy

    Petmate Cafe Waterer 0.75 Gallon - Peaarl Blue
      Petmate Cafe Waterer 0.75 Gallon - Peaarl Blue.

      The Petmate Pet Cafe Waterer Simplifies Your Life While Enhancing The Life Of Your Pet. Featuring An Automatic Gravity Design That Keeps Your Pet Hydrated By Replenishing Your Pet's Water Supply. The Eco-friendly Water Hopper Automatically Fills The Water Reservoir When Levels Get Low & Features A Large Water Ddispensing Hole Making The Botgle Easy To Clean. The Pet Cafe's Fashionable Base Features Easy-grab Cutouts Making The Waterer Easy To Maneuver & Comes In A Variety Of Colors To Compliment Any Home Decor. More Environmentally Sustainable Pet Vs. Pvc Bottles. Available In A Variety Of Sizes.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, petmate Caf, Feeders , amp, Waterers
      SKU: Petmate-cafe-waterer-075-gallon-pearl-blue

    Petsafe Replacement Collar Accessories
      Petsafe Replacement Collar Accessories.

      These Petsafe Replacement Collar Accessories Include Spare Parts For Your Dog's Petsafe/sportdog Fence Collar. This Package Includes Screws, Steel Probes, And Washers That Fit Your Petsafe Collar Exactly. These Parts Can Serve To Repair Your Collar Should It Break, Offering A Simple Way To Extend The Life Of Your Collar And Saving You Some Serious Cash! The Petsafe Replacement Collar Accessories Are Easy To Use And They Work Great! You Can Use All Of The Parts To Totally Refresh Your Pet's Collar Or Only Replace Those That Are Worn Or Broken. You Never Know When Replacement Parts Can Come In Handy, So Order Today! Package Contents: 2 Medium Stainless Steel Contact Points (½") 2 Long Stainless Steel Contact Points (¾") 2 Angled Washers 2 Flat Washers 2 Clear Correction Level Caps 4 Stainless Steel Receiver Screws For Rf-275 Stubborn Dog Receivers (2.5 X 0.45mm X 15mm Phillips Pan Head)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, remote Tra1ning Systems, gt, remote Training Collar Batteries And Accessories
      SKU: Petsafe-replacement-collar-accessories

    Precious Cat Cat Attract Training Litter (20 Lbs)
      Precious Cat Cat Attract Training Litter (20 Lbs).

      Precious Cat Cat Attract Training Litter Is Litter That Is Specially Formulated To Attract Cats With Natural Herbs. This Formula Is 99.5% Dust Free And Contains No Added Deodorizers, Deodorizers, Or Chemicals. This All Natural Litter Is Composed Of Sodium Bentonite Clay And Comes With A Free Booklet That Contains Several Solutions To Your Cat's Inappropriate Elimination Problems. Precious Cat Cat Attract Training Litter Is The Perfect Way To Train Kittens Or Cats With Behavior Problems. This Bag Comes With 20 Pounds Of Litter And Is Produced Here In The United States. You'll Love How Effective This Litter Works To Correct Your Cat's Behavior- So Why Wait? Order Now! Key Features: Scoopable 99% Dust Free, Contains No Deodorizers, Perfumes Or Chemicals Comes With 20 Lbs Of Cat-attracting Litter Comes With Solutions Booklet To Help Train Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, precious Cat Litter
      SKU: Precious-cat-cat-attract-training-litter-20-lbs

    Redbarn Pate High Protein Dog Food - Duck & Turkey (13 Oz)
      Redbarn Pate High Protein Dog Food - Duck & Turkey (13 Oz).

      Redbarn's Duck & Turkey Pate Has High-quality Duck And Turkey As The First Ingredients. We Added Salmon Oil, Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Which Help To Support Healthy Skin, Coat And Joints. Added Vitamin E Is A Strong Antioxidant That Promotes Immune Health And Provides Anti-inflammatory Properties. No Corn No Wheat No Soy No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives High-quality Protein Is Our First Ingredient Limited Ingredients Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, redbarn Wet Dog Food
      SKU: Redbarn-pate-high-protein-dog-food-duck-turkey

    3-pack Spizzles Beef Trachea Chips (24 Oz)
      3-pack Spizzles Beef Trachea Chips (24 Oz).

      Spizzles™ Beef Trachea Chips Are Delectable Chew Treats That Are The Perfect Size For A Small Snack. These All-natural Chews Are Made From Only The Finest Free-range, Grass-fed Beef. Each Trachea Chip Is Also Free Of Grains, Fillers, Hormones, And Antibiotics To Ensure That They Provide A Wholesome Chewing Experience For Your Pup. Spizzles Beef Trachea Chips Provide A Delectable Chew Treat For A Short But Fulfilling Chew Experience. This Product Includes Three Resealable 8-ounce Packages Of The Chews But They Are Also Available In Single 8-ounce Packages. Your Dog Will Love These Scrumptious Chew Treats, So Order A Pack For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Made From 100% All Natural Free Range Grass Fed Beef No Grains Or Fillers Free Of Hormones And Antibiotics

      Category: Dog Supplies, gy, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, spizzles, amp, reg, Natural Animal Parts
      SKU: Spizzles-beef-trachea-chips-3-packs

    Vetericyn Plus Eye Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel For All Animals (3 Oz)
      Vetericyn Plus Eye Hot Spot Antimicrobial Gel For All Animals (3 Oz).

      Use To Treat Hot Spots. This Steroid-free, Antibiotic-free, No-rinse Solution Is Non-toxic And Speeds Healing. Made With Microcyn Technology, Vetericyn Hot Spot Spray Utilizes The Same Fda-cleared Formula That Has Been Used To Treat Over One Million Humans Worldwide Without A Single Serious Adverse Effect. This Revolutionary Antimicrobial Treatment Kills Antibiotic Resistant Strains Of Bacteria As Well As Fungi, Viruses And Spores. An Oxychlorine Compound Similar To That Produced By The Animal?s Immune System, Vetericyn Is Non-toxic And Won?t Harm Healthy Tissue. Being Ph Neutral, It Should Not Sting When Applied

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, vetericyn Hot Spot Treatment
      SKU: Vetericynhotspot4oz

    Zodiac Spot On Plus Flea & Tick Control For Cats/kittens Under 5 Lbs (4 Pack)
      Zodiac Spot On Plus Flea & Tick Control For Cats/kittens Under 5 Lbs (4 Pack).

      Zodiac Spot On Plus For Cats Is A Long-lasting,e Ffective Flea Control Topical For Cats. Spot On Plus Contains Etofenprox, Which Kills Biting Adult Fleas, Deer Ticks, And Mosquitoes. Through (s)-methoprene, An Insect Growth Regulator, Reinfestations Are Also Controlled By Eliminating Flea Eggs And Breaking The Flea Life Cycle. Effects Last For One Month From Application. The Plus Formula Also Contains A Natural Coat Conditioner. The Specially Design Ed Applicator Features A Longer Tip For Easy Application To Long-haired Cats. Each Applicator Is Thoughtfully Designed, Featuring A Shape And Color Unique To The Animal Type And Weight The Treatment Is Intended Fo, Helping Prevent Accidental Misuse Of The Product. 4 Month Supply, For Cats And Kittens Under 5 Lbs. And Over 12 Weeks Old Kills Fleas, Deer Ticks And Mosquitoes For 30 Days Kills Flea Eggs And Prevents Reinfestation Longer Applicator Tip For Easy Application To Long-haired Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, zodiac Spot On
      SKU: Zodiac-spot-on-plus-flea-and-tick-control-for-cats-kittens-under-5-lbs-4-pack

    Horse Quotations
      Horse Quotations.

      Collections Of Wise And Witty Words From The Famous And The Infamous. These Books Contain The Best, The Most Apt, The Most Eloquent Or Simply The In The Greatest Degree Amusing Quotations About A Theme. The Text Is Set Within Tinted Borders And Illustrated Throughout With Over 30 Posters And Fine Creation Of Beauty Paintings.

      SKU: 7534374
      ISBN: 9781850152699
      Author: Exley, Helen

    Wink: The Incredible Life And Epic Journey Of Jimmy Winkfield
      Wink: The Incredible Life And Epic Journey Of Jimmy Winkfield.

      "may Be The Most Fascinating Untold Sports Story In American History."-charles Osgood, Anchor, "cbs News Sunday Morning" "winkfield's Story Is So Incredible You'll Find Yourself Wondering Why You've Never Heard It Before."-msnbc "winkfield's Life (is) An Unbelievable Ride."-espn "for Once, A Book's Breathless Subtitle Is Accurate."-"the Washington Post" "this Is The Stuff Of Great Nonfiction."-douglas Brinkley, Author Of "tour Of Duty: John Kerry And The Vietnam War" In 1904, At Age Twenty-three, Two-time Kentucky Derby-winner Jimmy Winkfield Was Forced From American Horseracing By A Virulent Combination Of Racism And Hard Times. Wink Left His Beloved Kentucky, Bought A Steamer Ticket For Europe, And Made The World His Racetrack. There He Embarked On A Decades-long Odyssey, Rising To Superstardom And Winning And Losing Two Fortunes. Driven At Gunpoint From Russia By The Bolshevik Army And From France By Nazi Occupiers, The 105-pound Jockey Proved Himself The Most Resilient, Courageous Athlete Of The Twentieth Century. In 2005, Winkfield Was Inducted Into America's Horse Racing Hall Of Fame. Winkfield Achieved A Human Greatness That Transcends The Limits Fo Sport. In "wink," Ed Hotaling Tells This Wonderful Story-this American Story-in All Its Rich And Vibrant Power.

      SKU: 255852
      ISBN: 9780071467568
      Author: Hotaling, Ed

    Blood Image: Turnre Ashby In The Civil War And The Southern Mind
      Blood Image: Turnre Ashby In The Civil War And The Southern Mind.

      With Blood Image, His Compellingly Original Biography Of Confederate Cavalry Leader Turner Ashby, Paul Anderson Demonstrates That The Symbol Of A Man Can Be Just As Important As The Man Himself. Renowned As A Born Leader, Graceful Horseman, And Violent Partisan Warrior, Turner Ashby Was One Of The Most Famous Fighting Men Of The Civil War. Rising To Colonel Of The 7th Virginia Cavalry, Ashby Fought Brilliantly Under Thomas J. "stonewall" Jackson During The 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign Until He Died In Battle Near Harrisonburg, Virginia. These Bare Facts Of Ashby's Wartime Exploits Scarcely Convey The Majesty And Shaping Force Of The Legend That Grew Around Him While He Lived And Fought. Anderson Explores How And Why Ashby's Admirers In The Shenandoah Valley Made Him Into Their Essential Icon Of "home." Anderson Also Demonstrates That Ashby's Image - A Catalytic, Mesmerizing, And Often Contradictory Combination Of Southern Antebellum Cultural Ideals And Wartime Hopes And Fears - Emerged During His Own Lifetime And Was Not A Later Creation Of The Lostt Cause. Recognizing The Power Of Ashby's Fame As Knightly Horseman, Family Defender, Natural Man And Savage, And Confederate Warrior, Anderson Boldly Organizes His Study In Four Radial Chapters That Capture And Reflect The Circular Energy Of Those Images, Each Facet Reinforcing And Refreshing The Others. With Superb Scholarship He Shows That The Force Of Ashby's Image Was Double-edged: It Inspired Admirers In The Shenandoah Valley, But It Also Shielded Them From The Savagery Of A War That Challenged The Very Ideals At The Heart Of Their Defense Of Home.

      SKU: 3332036
      ISBN: 9780807131619
      Author: Anderson, Paul Christopher

    Charming Classics 3 Volume Boxed Set [with Gold-tone Horse Charms & Necklace]
      Charming Classics 3 Volume Boxed Set [with Gold-tone Horse Charms & Necklace].

      Three Of The Most Beloved Horse Stories Of All Time Comprise This Three Book Boxed Set. Each Book Comes With A Gold-tone Horse Charm And Necklace

      SKU: 194875
      ISBN: 9780061117176
      Author: Harperfestival


      The Latest Addition To The Dark Horse Horror Line Is This Chilling Original Graphic Novel From Writer And Publisher Mike Richardson (the Secret, Cravan). Twentysomething Meagan Walters Regains Consciousness And Finds Herself Locked In An Empty Room Of An Old House. She's Bleeding From The Back Of Her Head, And Has No Memory Of Where The Wound Came From - She'd Been At A Club With Some Friends... Left Angrily... Was She Abducted? When Meagan Peers Through The Door's Keyhole, She Starts To Suspect That Her Captorisn't Quite Human...

      SKU: 7278231
      ISBN: 9781593078454
      Author: Richardson, Mike / Mignola, Mike / Milgrom, Al

    Charming: The Magic Of Charm Jewelry
      Charming: The Magic Of Charm Jewelry.

      Since Time Immemorial Charms Have Been Worn As Symbols Of The Eternal Themes Of Love, Luck, And Protection. Whether In The Form Of Ancient Egyptian Scarabs Or Chinese Tortoises, Talismans Against The Evil Sight Or Heart Shaped Lockets, Horseshoe Pendants On Necklaces Or Miniature Coins Dangling From Gold Chains, Charms Exude A Kind Of Magic. Figures From The Worlds Of Hollywood, Revolts, And Fashion Have Long Been Seduced By The Appeal Of Charms. Eauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, The Duchess Of Windsor, And Coco Chanel Were All Devoted To Them, And Marlene Dietrich Never Traveled Without Here. Today Glamorous Celebrities And Style Icons Can Be Seen Wearing These Unique Personal Mementos: Anna Sui Wears Hers On An Anklet, Sarah Jessica Parker Wears Hers On A Sweetie Bracelet, Matthew Williamson Weaves His Inot His Fashion Designs, And Mariah Carey Even Named Her Latest Album "charmbracelet. We In The Twenty First Century Have Rediscovered The Timeless Allure Of Charms Jewelry, Whether In The Shape Of Shamrocks Or Stars Whether Made From Cowrie Shells Or Precious Stones. This Book, Containing A Host Of Memorable Anecdotes And Historical Facts, Together With A Hundred Color Illustrations, Is The Perfect Celebration Of The Charm Of Charms.

      SKU: 1645713
      ISBN: 9780500512135
      Author: Alun-jones, Deborah / Ayton, John

    New Large Horsemen Sets Motorcycle Biker Embroidered Patch Full Back Size For Jacket Vest 38cm Mc Patch Free Shipping
      New Large Horsemen Sets Motorcycle Biker Embroidered Patch Full Back Size For Jacket Vest 38cm Mc Patch Free Shipping.

      Patch Measures 38cm Patch. 75% Embroidery With High Quality Iron On Biker Vest. Detailed Embroidery 7 Pcs As One Set. Free Shipping To Worldwide.

      Category: Sewingnotions, amp, tools
      SKU: 400724639

    Maison Martin Margiela Horse Hair Classic Neri Pigskin Men Boots Genuine Leather Waterproof Kanye West Fashino Sneakers Shoes
      Maison Martin Margiela Horse Hair Classic Neri Pigskin Men Boots Genuine Leather Waterproof Kanye West Fashino Sneakers Shoes.

      Supply The Best Products, Best Price, Best Service.looking Forward To Doing Good Business With All My Friends In The World.

      Category: Casualshoes
      SKU: 391760521

    A1350 Retro Tibetan Silver Horse Big Hole Bead Fit European Charmb Racelet Alloy Loose Beads
      A1350 Retro Tibetan Silver Horse Big Hole Bead Fit European Charmb Racelet Alloy Loose Beads.

      Material :zinc Alloy(lead Free) Size(approx):14.9*19*7.2mm 4.6mm(hole) Weight:2.2g

      Category: Alloy
      SKU: 204055104

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