Happy Howie's - Turkey Sausage Treats (13 Count)

    Happy Howie's - Turkey Sausage Treats (13 Count)
      Happy Howie's - Turkey Sausage Treats (13 Count).

      Happy Howie's Turkey Sausage Treats Are Slow-cooked, Natural Turkey Sausage Treats That Are An Excellent Way To Reward Your Dog. Slow-cooking Brings Out The Maximum Natural Flavors Of The Turkey And Takes The Utmost Cwre And Preparation To Make The Best Treats For Your Dog To Enjoy. These Delicious Sausages Are Made In The Usa With All Natural Ingredients And Gluten-free Rice Flour Stuffed In An Edible Casing Just Like In A Real Deli. Great Treat & Training Tool 100% Natural Turkey Is The #1 Ingredient Real Slow Cooked Turkey! No Wheat, Corn, Nitrates Or Soy! Bag Contains: 4" X 13 Beef Sausage Net Weight 8 Oz. (226 Grams) Fresh Made In The U.s.a. â

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, happy Howie, s Dog Treats
      SKU: Happy-howies-turkey-sausage

    Blue Buffalo Natural Dental Chew Bones - Small (12 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Natural Dental Chew Bones - Small (12 Oz).

      Blue Bones Are Tasty And Highly Digestible Dental Chews That Will Help To Freshen Your Dog?s Breath And Make His Teeth Sparkle. Plus, Blue Bones Are The Only Dental Chew Bones With Our Unique Blend Of Natural Ingredients That Help Promote Specific Health Benefits. ?glucosamine And Chondroitin To Help Promote Joint Health ?taurine To Help Promote Heart Health ?vitamins A, C And E To Help Support The Immune System Blue Bones Are Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients, Have No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals, And Are Corn, Wheat And Soy Free.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Bones
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-natural-dental-chew-bones-small-12-oz

    Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo (12 Fl Oz)
      Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo (12 Fl Oz).

      Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo Is The All-natural Way To Care For Pets?™ Skin And Coats. Made Using Only The Finest Human-grade Ingredients Like Aloe Vera And Natural Essential Herbal Oils. Dilutes 10:1.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, espree, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Espree-oatmeal-baking-soda-shampoo-12-oz

    Ez-chew-ut Urinary Support For Cats (60 Soft Chews)
      Ez-chew-ut Urinary Support For Cats (60 Soft Chews).

      Ez-chew Ut Urinary Support For Cats Are Delicious Soft Chews That Are Specially Formulated To Support Urinary Tract Health In Cats. These Soft Chews Contain D-mannose Which Works To Remove Bacteria From Your Cat's Bladder Lining And To Prevent New Bacteria From Attaching. These Harmful Bacteria Attach To The D-mannose Instead Of The Lining And Are Then Flushed From Your Cat's System In The Proper Way. Ez-chew Ut Urinary Support Soft Chews Are Formulated Specifically For Cats To Ensure That They Contain The Perfect Ratio Of Ingredients To Maintain Urinary Tract Health. The Bottle Comes With 60 Soft Chews That Are Highly Palatable To Make Maintaining Your Cat's Urrinary Tract Health As Simple As Feeding A Delicious Treat. Your Cat Will Love These Soft Chews So Order Them To Keep Your Cat's Urinary Tract Healthy! Key Features: Removes Harmful Bacteria From Bladder Lining Maintains Overall Urinary Tract Health Includes 60 Highly Palatable Soft Chews

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, ez-chew-ut Urinary Support
      SKU: Ez-chew-ut-urinary-support-cats-soft-chews

    Joint Max Regular Strength (180 Chewable Tablets)
      Joint Max Regular Strength (180 Chewable Tablets).

      Joint Max Regular Strength (rs) For Dogs And Cats Is Recommended For Joint Health With Powerful Active Ingredients That Enhance The Functions Of Joint And Connective Tissue As Well As Antioxidants To Help Reduce Oxidative Stress. It Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C, Cysteine, Manganese, And Zinc. These Powerful Active Ingredients Combined With Beef Flavor Create One Tasty, Chewable Tablet That Enhances Bone And Joint Health. Glucosamine And Chondroitin Work Together To Support Joint Health By Supporting The Structural Integrity Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Glucosamine Is An Easily Absorbed Natural Substance That May Stimulate The Production Of Proteoglycans, Which Help Maintain The Health And Resiliency Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Glucosamine Also Helps To Maintain Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints And Helps Sustain Joint Mobility. Chondroitin Provides The Building Blocks For Cartilage, Which Cushions Joints. Joint Max Rs Contains Vitamins And Antioxidants Selected To Maintain Normal Healthy Cartilage And Bone, Reduce Free Radical Damage, And Support Healthy Joint Function. Joint Max Rs May Ease Discomfort From Normal Daily Exercise And Activity By Helping To Maintain Joint Flexibility. This Formula Is Designed For Dogs And Cats That Show Moderate Needs For Joint Support, And It Also Can Be Given To Pets As Maintenance Of Normal Healthy Joint Function. For Use In: Dogs And Cats Key Features: Glucosamine 265 Mg Chondroitin 210 Mg Vitamin C 25 Mg Tasty Flavor Tablets

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, joint Max Regular Strength
      SKU: Joinmaxregst

    Kong™ Puppy Stuff'n Ziggies Large 6 Pack (8 Oz)
      Kong™ Puppy Stuff'n Ziggies Large 6 Pack (8 Oz).

      Kong™ Puppy Stuff'n Ziggies Large 6 Pack (8 Oz) Feeding Recommendations: For Puppies Over 3 Months Old And Over 15 Pounds. Always Feed The Correct. Size Ziggies For Your Puppy?s Weight. Allow 1-2 Ziggies Daily As A Treat. Always Provide Drinking Water. Important: As With Edible Treat, Always Monitor Your Puppy To Ensure The Treat Is Adequately Chewed. Swallowing Any Treat Without Adequately Chewing Can Be Harmful To A Puppy. Read Instruction Sheet Inside Ziggies Package. Ingredients: Ground Wheat, Gelatinized Wheat Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Dextrose, Poultry Fat (preserved With Mixed Tocopherols), Propylene Glycol, Natural Poultry Flavor, Wheat Protein Isolate, Oat Fiber, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Potassuim Chloride, Lecithin, Sorbic Acid (a Preservative), Titanium Dioxide, Whole Dried Field Peas, Flax Seed, Whole Dried Apples, Rosemary Extract.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Treats For Toys, gt, kong Stuff, n Ziggies
      SKU: Kziggieslg

    Petmate Crock Nesting With Microban 1cup - Medium
      Petmate Crock Nesting With Microban 1cup - Medium.

      Petmate?s Nesting Crock Is Made Of 25% Recycled Content & Are Extra Thick &p; Chew Resistant. These Durable Crocks Resist Scratches & Nicks That Can Trap Bacteria. Treated With Microban, Which Helps Prevent The Growth Of Stain & Odor Causing Bacteria. They Are Easy To Clean & Is Dishwasher Safe. They Come In Assorted Colors & In 5 Sizes, So You Are Sure To Find A Bowl For Any Size Pet!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, plastic Bowls, gt, petmate Crock Bowls With Microban
      SKU: Petmate-crock-nesting-with-microban-1-cup-medium

    Petmate Curvations Pet Tote (up To 10 Lbs)
      Petmate Curvations Pet Tote (up To 10 Lbs).

      Petmate Curvations Pet Tote Provides A Fashionable And Comfortable Way To Carry Small And Petite Dogs. This Spacious Container Is Designed With Full 360-degree Ventilation And Security And Safety Door Clasps To Ensure That Your Dog Stays Safe. The Container Itself Can Collapse For Convenient Storage And Contains A Plush Bed Lining Can Be Removed For Convenient Cleaning. The Petmate Curvations Pet Tote Is Perfect For Dogs That Are Up To 10 Pounds And 15 Inches Long, Such As Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, And Pomeranians. This Product Also Features An Adjustable Shoulder Strap For Easy Carrying, For A Similar, More Compact Design For Dogs Under 10 Pounds, Check Out Petmate Curvations Underseat Traveler . You'll Love How Easy It Is To Bring Your Pet With You In This Fashionable Carrier, So Order Today! Key Features: Measures 18" X 11" X 12" Ideal For Dogs Up To 10 Lbs Conveniently Compresses For Easy Storage And Features Handle For Easy Carrying Clasps For Door And Security Promotes Pet Safety

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Carriers, gt, petmate Curvations Carriers
      SKU: Petmate-curvations-pet-tote-up-to-10-lbs

    Pet Odor Exterminator - Pineapple Coconut Spray (7 Oz)
      Pet Odor Exterminator - Pineapple Coconut Spray (7 Oz).

      Pet Odor Exterminator™ Air Freshener Spray Uses Enzymes To Effectively Attack And Remove Pet Odors From Any Environment. This Specialty Pet Spray Works To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh And Clean. Simply Spray The Enzymatic Formula In The Area You Want To Freshen And Let The Pleasant Aroma Fill The Air. Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener Spray Is Easy To Use And Each Bottle Contains 7 Ounces Of Spray. This Bottle Features A Pleasant Pineapple Coconut Aroma, But There Are Also A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Scents Available. Don't Put Up With The Smells Of Wet Dog And Cat Litter Any Longer- Order This Amazing Air Freshener Spray Today! Key Features: Enzyme Formulated Spray Attacks And Removes Pet Odors Available In A Wide Variety Of Pleasant Aromas Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, pet Odor Exterminator, amp, trade, Sprays
      SKU: Pineapple-coconut-spray-7-oz

    Thomas Labs Pet-a-zyme Total Health Prozyme Powder (16 Oz)
      Thomas Labs Pet-a-zyme Total Health Prozyme Powder (16 Oz).

      A Beneficial, Total Health Multi-supplement, Proven To Contribute To The General Wellness And Longevity Of Your Pet. Pet-a-zyme Total Health Is Not Simply A Multi-vitamin And Mineral Formula, It Is Designed To Truly Benefit All Aspects Of Total Health, Including Proper Digestion, Skin And Coat, Circulation, Plus Energy And Recovery. A Unique Blend Of Enzymes, Probiotics, Beneficial Ocean Plants, And D/earth Make Pet-a-zyme Total Health The Foundation For A Healthy And Happy Companion Or Performance Animal. A True Multi-supplement Containing The Highest Potency Of Important Natural Nutrients Needed In The Aniimal's Diet.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, nutritional Supplements, gt, thomas Labs Food Supplements
      SKU: Thomas-labs-pet-a-zyme-total-health-prozyme-powder-16-oz

    Vetrx Veterinary Remedy For Dogs And Puppies (2 Fl Oz)
      Vetrx Veterinary Remedy For Dogs And Puppies (2 Fl Oz).

      Vetrx Veterinary Remedy For Dogs And Puppies (2 Fl Oz) Is Used As An Effective Reliever Of Respiratory Ailments, Colds, Wheezing, And Sniffles In Dogs And Puppies Caused By Congestion Or Allergies. When A Dog Loses Its Sense Of Smell Due To Congestion, It Also Loses Its Appetite, Further Weakening Your Pet. Vetrx Provides Relief Needed To Encourage It To Take In Nourishment And Speed Up The Process Of Natural Healing. For Best Results, Use Warm. Ingredients: Made With 3.3% (v-v) Alcohol U.s.p. This Proven Mixture Contains Canada Balsam, Capmhor, Oil Origanum, Oil Rosemary, Blended In A Corn Oil Base.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, vetrx Veterinary Remedy
      SKU: Vetrx2oz

    An Atlas Of Animal Anatomy For Artists
      An Atlas Of Animal Anatomy For Artists.

      Horses, Dogs, Cats, Lions, Cattle, Deer, Etc. Muscles, Skeleton, Surface Features. The Basic Work. Enlarged Edition. 288 Illustrations.

      SKU: 1592570
      ISBN: 9780486200828
      Author: Ellenberger, W. / Ellenberger, Wilhelm / Davis, Frances A.

    The Cowboy's Secret Son
      The Cowboy's Secret Son.

      After Battling A Serious Illness, Grace Cameron Realizes One Thing: Her Son Needs His Father. But How Can She Face Nathan Tegue After Seven Years Of Lies? To Ease Into It, She Enrolls Her Boy In The Cowboy Camp Run By The Teague Family On Their Texas Hill Country Ranch. Little Evan Is Bursting With Excitement Ovdr Horses, Ropin' And Hanging Around Real Cowboys Oh, My Nathan Is In Shock When Grace Comes Back To Town. Then When He Discovers He's The Father Of Her Cute Little Boy-a Miniature Nathan-he's Not Sure If He Should Be Angry, Grateful Or Both. He Decides To Go With Anry. For A Time, At Least...until He Gets The Sense That Grace Is Still Hiding Something. What's The Secret-and How Can He Ever Trust The Woman Who Stole His Son From Him?

      SKU: 16387706
      ISBN: 9780373753901
      Author: Milburn, Trish

    John Lyons' Bringing Up Baby: 20 Progressive Ground-work Lessons To Develop Your Young Horse Into A Reliable, Accepting Partner
      John Lyons' Bringing Up Baby: 20 Progressive Ground-work Lessons To Develop Your Young Horse Into A Reliable, Accepting Partner.

      An Outstanding Manual For Training Young Horses By America's Most Trusted Horseman, Featuring 178 Step-by-step Color Photos.

      SKU: 7775200
      ISBN: 9781929164127
      Author: Lyons, John / Denison, Jennifer J.

    The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale
      The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale.

      A Classic With A Twist, This Number-crunching Take On "the Princess And The Pea" Features Not Just One Princess, But Three, Not To Mention Four Horses, Five Dogs, Six Grooms, Seven Gardeners, And All Kinds Of Chances For Young Mathematicians To Put Their Adding And Subtracting To The Test It Includes A &am;quot;test Your Math Skills" Section.

      SKU: 7759562
      ISBN: 9781905236886
      Author: Williams, Brenda / Fatus, Sophie

    Yak Butter Blues: A Tibetan Trek Of Faith
      Yak Butter Blues: A Tibetan Trek Of Faith.

      What Does It Take To Survive? More Than You Could Fathom. "yak Butter Blues: A Tibetan Trek Of Faith" (an Ippy Award Winner), Is An Inspiring True Story. Join A Tenacious Mn, Woman And Their Tibetan Horse As They Set Off To Become The First Western Couple To Trek An Ancient 1000-kilometer Trail Across The Wilds Of Tibet. Their Incredible Odyssey Provides A Riveting Tale Of Human Endurance And An Intimate First-hand Look At The Valiant Struggle Of The Tibetan Culture To Survive As Well As At The Humanity Connecting Us All. "wilson Observes The Impact Of The Chinese Occupation On The Daily Lives Of Tibetans... Recommended For Adventure Travel And Tibetan Culture Collections." Library Journal "an Engrossing, Fascinating Read Sure To Be Relished By Those Readers Interested In Adventure Travel And The Tibetan Culture. It Is Also A Highly Spiritual Story Of Faith Which Reminds Us That Nothing Is Really Impossible..." Midwest Book Review "a Hair-raising Yarn...a High-altitude Tale Of Synchronicity, Divine Providence, Begging Monks, Trigger-happy Chinese Soldiers And Dehydration." Pittsburgh Post-gazette "you Can Almost Smell The Dust And Feel The Blisters. Worth A Read By Any Adventure Or Travel-trekking Novel Enthusiast." Backpacking Light Magazine "a True Pilgrimage, One That Plumbs The Heart Of Troubled Tibet..." Honolulu Advertiser "a Wonderful And Wild Read...charged, Alive, And A Little Threatening. Yak Butter Blues Flickers Insistently Like A Flashbulb Afterimage In The Mind Long After The Book Is Tucked Away." Richard Bangs, Adventurer/producer Richard Bangs Adventures "a Soaring Travel Diary. It Places The Reader In The Thick Of The Action Every Bit As Well As Marco Polo Transported Italians To China And, As It Seems To Me, Better Than Lowell Thomas Led Readers In The Dust Of Lawrence Of Arabia." Joseph W. Bean, Maui Weekly "told With Humor And Insight, This Vivid Narrative Allows You To Vicariously Experience Life At True Tibetan Pace, One Step At A Time: So Close, You Can Almost Smell The Yak Butter." Michael Buckley, Author, Tibet: The Bradt Travel Guide "inspiring, Engaging, Compassionate This Book Is A Treasure To The Tibetan People And To The Rest Of The World. It Gives Us A True Glimpse Of Tibet And Captures A Beautiful Land And Culture That May Not Be Around In Years To Come. Well Done " Naomi C. Rose, Author, Tibetan Tales For Little Buddhas

      SKU: 4351882
      ISBN: 9780977053667
      Author: Wilson, Brandon

    Piedmont Phantoms
      Piedmont Phantoms.

      From The Mountains To The Sea, North Carolina's 100 Counties Have A Wealth Of Creepy Stories To Tell. These Three Volumes Present A Ghostly Tale From Each County. Though Folklore Fans May Recognize A Few New Twists On Old Favorites, The Great Majority Of The Stories Have Not Previously Been Told In Print. Seaside Spectres Offers Tales From 33 Counties In Eastern North Carolina. "betty" Tells About A Lenoir County Orphan Who Consoles Himself Over The Loss Of His Parents By Imagining That People In Heaven Are Given White Horses To Ride To Visit Loved Ones - A Fantasy That Proves More Real Than He Could Have Imagined. "the Fraternity Of Death" Tells Of A Society Of Sacrilegious Freethinkers In New Hanover County Who Begin To Die Mysteriously After They Stage A Mocking Imitation Of The Last Supper; It Is A True-life Tale That May Have Inspired A Robert Louis Stevenson Story. Piedmont Phantoms Includes 39 Counties From The State's Populous Middle Section. In "the Incident At Settle's Bridge, " Readers Will Meet Tilda Carter, Who Was Convicted Of Murder And Hanged, Whose Lifeless Body Was Kept Overnight On A Rockingham County Covered Bridge During Bad Weather, And Whose Ghost Later Haunted That Picturesque Site. In "the Hunter At The Zoo, " They'll Encounter The Spirit Of The Confederate Recruiter Who Once Hunted Human Prey Where The North Carolina Zoological Park Now Stands In Randolph County. Haints Of The Hills Features 28 Counties In North Carolina's Mountainous West. If You Walk The Right Road In Avery County, You Might Meet The Ghost Of Seven-foot-tall Revolutionary War Hero Robert Sevier, As Related In "the Long Trek Home." If You Climb The Right Mountain In Macon County, You'llreach The Former Stomping Ground Of The Notorious Witch Old Nance, As Told In "mile-high Witch."

      SKU: 4045963
      ISBN: 9780895872586
      Author: Barefoot, Daniel W.

    Horseback Riding In Action
      Horseback Riding In Action.

      Get In The Game With Crabtree's Exciting Series On Some Of Children's Favorite Sports. Features: - The History Of The Sport - Basic Rules Of Play - Equipment And Safety Precautions - Techniques And Quick Tips For Kids On How To Improve Their Skills - Action-packed Photos Showing Boys And Girls Demonstrating Moves - Emphasis On The Value Of Fair Play And Teamwork - How The Professional Leagues Work The Competitive World Of Horseback Riding Starts With Caring For H Orses. Children Will Learn About The Daily Care Of Horses And The Basics Of Horseback Riding Including Equipment, Mounting And Dismounting, Turning, Stopping, Trotting, And Cantering. Other Topics Cover: - Practicing - Preparing For Competitions - Competing In Events Such As Show Jumping - Equitation Or Form And Appearance

      SKU: 3018690
      ISBN: 9780778701798
      Author: Calder, Kate

    Devil' Parody
      Devil' Parody.

      Lured By A Five-million Dollar Prize, Six Gamblers Are Trapped By Their Own Greed And Find Themselves Playing Against Each Other For Their Lives In A Deadly Game Of Chance. People Begin To Disappear As A Maniacal Sociopath Plays At His Own Twisted Game. That's Wher I Come In, White Horse And All.my Name Is Nick Thomas. I'm A Struggling But Contented Mystery Writer Whose Noble Intentions And Errant Judgement Often Lead Me Into Precarious Situations That Take Resource And Imagination To Survive. That's Where I Begin To Shine.i'm A Viet Nam Vet, Recovering Alcoholic, And Self-proclaimed Philosopher Of Life Who Lives In An Old Cottage By The Sea On Cape Cod. I Wear Blue Jeans, Listen To The Rolling Stones, Drive A Tempermental Old Mg, And I Am Indeed A Lucky Man. I've Been Given A Second Chance In Life. I Have A Great Woman By My Side, Good Friends Who Are There When I Need Them, And I'm Doing What I Love To Do. Sounds Perfect, Right? But As Always, Life Laughs While We Make Our Contented Way.

      SKU: 16480721
      ISBN: 9780984750009
      Author: Rieber, Tom

    Yukon River Ghost: A Girl's Ghost Town Adventure
      Yukon River Ghost: A Girl's Ghost Town Adventure.

      Aurore, Kip And The Gang Are Back In The Third Book In The "macbride Museum Yukon Kids Series" An Idyllic Yukon River Trip Turns Into A Mysterious Adventure As The Kids Discover A Gold Rush Ghost Town That Seems To Have . A Ghost Putting To Work The Sleuthing Skills That Foxed Alaskan Bandit Soapy Smith In Their First Adventure, Your Favorite Yukon Kids Easily Learn There Is More Afoot At Canyon City Than Just A Few Eerie Noises In The Night. Why Is Sourdough Oldtimer Hard Luck Henry Obsessed With The Lucky Eight Gold Nugget? What Happened To The Nugget And The Miner That Found It? And Why Does Little Sister Papillon Seem To Know So Much? With Each Clue, A Mysterious Force Pulls The Kids Closer Tl The Dangerous Waters Gushing Through Miles Canyon And The Dreaded Devil's Punchbowl. Will The Yukon Kids Solve The Mystery . Before Whatever Happened To Lucky Eight Happens To Them? * * * * * Praise For Aurore Of The Yukon And Yukon Secret Agents "a Wild Ride .equal Parts Historical Fact And Pure Entertainment." The Yukon News "colorful Yukon Characters . Raucous Adventures." The Whitehorse Star

      SKU: 2164281
      ISBN: 9780595493647
      Author: Halliday, Keith


      Discover Every Aspect Of Travel In The Magical Australian Island Of Tasmania, With Emphasis On The Natural Splendor Of The Island And How To Travel Around It With Minimal Impact And Maximum Enjoyment. Tasmania Is One Of The World's Last True Wildernesses, With 40% Of The Island Consisting Of National Park, Much Of It World Heritage Protected. This Guide Contains Invaluable Information On All 18 National Parks And Their Wildlife In Depth, Including Endemic Species Such As Tasmanian Devils, Giant Wedge-tailed Eagles, Numbats, And Wallabies. The Thought-provoking History Of This Fringe Of Australia Is Also Covered Comprehensively, Together With Its Impact On Today's Tasmania. The Island's Ancient Aboriginal Past And Brutal History Of Convicts Exiled To 'van Diemen's Land' Is Especially Highlighted, Along With Details Of Aboriginal Sites And Cave Paintings And How To Trace Ancestors From Colonial Times. Thrill-seekers Can Be Assured Of Plentiful Opportunities For Adventure Sports, From Whitewater Rafting And Snorkeling To Rock Climbing And All-terrain Mountain Biking. Tasmania Is Also Ideal For More Relaxed Pursuits-bushwalikng Routes, A Range Of Trails Taking In Glades Studded With Waterfalls, Or Snow-white Beaches Have Been Selected For This Guide, Together With Activities Such As Fishing, Boating, And Horseriding. Day-trips Out From Tasmania's Lively And Friendly Capital, Holbart, Information For Antarctic-bound Travelers, Seasonal Tips On What To Enjoy, And Advice On The Very Bset Tasmanian Ales, Wines And Cheeses Are Just Some Of The Topics Covered.

      SKU: 7465236
      ISBN: 9781841620565
      Author: Brace, Matthew

    Mind Whispers
      Mind Whispers.

      "mind Whispers Reminds Us That All Freedom Starts With The Mind, But All Minds Are Not Free. Two Flippers Up." Esmerelda The Dolphin "a Visionary Feast For The Third Eye." Cindy Bainbridge (www.bluegatefarmstudio.com) "by Wrapping The Issue Of Animal Freedom In The Emotion Of Fiction, Mind Whispers Takes Us To A New Level Of Understanding About How We Should Treat Our Fellow Creatures." Sue Mckinney (www.dogfunforever.com) What Would You Think If Animals Began Talking To You Telepathically? Brain Tumor? Psychosis? That's What Happens To Environmental Jourhalist Sarah Adams In Mind Whispers, But She Intends To Prove She's Not Crazy. How? By Locating The Dolphin Who's Speaking To Her Long-distance. Distracted By The Two Men In Her Life, Will Sarah Focus On The Physical Or The Spiritual? Will She Take Her Beagle's Advice On How To Catch A Man? Will She Transcend The Karma Of A Life Lived Four Thousand Years Ago In Sumeria? Will She Track Down The Dolphin Or Does It Only Exist In Her Mind? And What Does The Medusa Have To Do With It? This Visionary Novel Is Filled With Thoughts About The Nature Of Reality That Are As Easy To Read As Taking A Walk On A Sunny Afternoon. Fast-paced, Dialogue Driven, And Funny, Mind Whispers Is Provocative Entertainment. Debbie Blalock Received A B. A. In English Literature From Duke University In 1974. She Lives In Durham, North Carolina On Palofields Farm With Her Two Adopted Beagles, Sonnet And Soliloquy, And Manages A Retirement Home For Horses. Her Books Include Inner Waves And The Think-(w)hole. Under Her Read And Do Good Program, These Titles Are Offered At A Bookseller Discount To Charitable Organizations For Use As A Fund-raising Tool. For More Information, Go To Read And Do Good.com, The Author's Website.

      SKU: 7435195
      ISBN: 9781608 442706
      Author: Blalock, Deborough

    The Town On Beaver Creek: The Story Of A Lost Kentucky Community
      The Town On Beaver Creek: The Story Of A Lost Kentucky Community.

      A Town That Floods Repeatedly Is Bound To Be Lost Eventually. But Try Telling That To The Residents Of Martin, Kentucky, Who Lived On The Banks Of Beaver Creek For Nearly A Century, Stoically Ignoring The Foolishness Of An Existence That Forced Them To Flee To High Ground Nearly Every Year. Upon Returning Home, They Simply Replaced The Waterlogged Linoleum In The Kitchen. Again. This Is The Story Of An Improbable Place During Its Serendipitous Heyday, When 860 People Lived In An Isolated Hill Town They Loved So Much That They Rebuilt It, Year After Year After Year. Why? Maybe They Couldn't Live Without The Annual Fat-lean Men's Ball Game (sponsored By The Pta). Maybe The Memory Of The Smell Of Chili Wafting From The Hob Nob Cafe Lured Them Back. Or Perhaps They Just Couldn't Imagine A Life Without Old Dick Osborn Wandering Down Main Street In A Bathrobe, Carrying A Pot Of Steaming Turnip Greens And Muttering To Himself Because, He Said, He Liked To Hear A Smart Man Talk. In The 1930s, Michelle Slatalla's Great-grandfather Fred, A Railroad Man, Arrived In Town To Take A Job Transporting Coal Out Of The Booming Mines That Ringed The Valley. The Family, Fresh From The Civilization Of Bluegrass Country, Stepped Off The Train At The Martin Depot To Find Gunslingers On The Platform, Moonshine Brewing In The Basement Of Doc Walk Stumbo's Hospital, And Moviegoers Patiently Waiting For The Final Reel To Arrive On Horseback From The Next Town. Before Fate Caught Up With Martin, Slatalla's Great-grandmother Hesta Moved Her Family From House To House So Often That Friends Couldn't Remember Which One To Visit On A Given Day. The Savviest Businesswoman Around Was Lula Slade, Who Hit It Big During The Depression By Introducing Exotic Fare Called Spaghetti To The Menu At Her Restaurant. And Tavis Flannery, The Town's Only Policeman, Patrolled The Streets Wearing A Mail-order Bulletproof Vest That Laced Under His Arms Like A Ladies' Corset. But In The End, The Water Won. After Decades Of Floods, The Government Thought That The Way To Fix Martin's Problems Was To Demolish The Town And Rebuild It On Higher Ground. This Ten-year, $100 Million Flood-relief Project Recently Started With The Razing Of Two Rental Houses Dick Osborn Once Owned At The Base Of Mulberry Hill. Before The Town Disappeared, Slatalla Went To Kentucky To Collect Stories-from Her Family And From A Hundred Other People Who Lived In Martin-about A Remarkable American Hometown. With Research Materials That Included Court Records, Diaries, Long-lost Have Affection For Letters, Interviews, And Newspaper Archives, She Has Vividly Reconstructed A Portrait Of The Town In Its Prime, When Snowball Bushes Bloomed Behind Picket Fences, A Distant Train Whistle Signaled Noon, And Her Grandparents Fell In Love In The Springtime. Animated By Slatalla's Lively And Humorous Writing, " The Town On Beaver Creek" Is An Enchanting And Intimate History Of Life On A Twentieth-century Frontier, Evoking A Time

      SKU: 1113539
      ISBN: 9780375509056
      Author: Slatalla, Michelle

    Az Of Horse Diseases & Health Problems
      Az Of Horse Diseases & Health Problems.

      Descriptive Color Photographs Of Disorders And A Detailed Index Provide Instant Access To Disease Symptoms And Signs, Diagnoses, Causes, And Treatments, As Well As Basic First Aid, The Skeletal System, Points Of A Horse, And A Great Deal More.

      SKU: 3886139
      ISBN: 9780876058848
      Author: Hawcroft, Ttim

    Top Sale Plus Size S~6xl Man's Solid Polo Shirt Camisa Polo Summer Embroidery Horse Polo Shirts Man Polyester Men Short Sleeve Casual Shirts
      Top Sale Plus Size S~6xl Man's Solid Polo Shirt Camisa Polo Summer Embroidery Horse Polo Shirts Man Polyester Men Short Sleeve Casual Shirts.

      Color; Same As Photo. Free Shipping . Top Quality ; Great Quality + Enthusiastic Service = 100% Satisfaction

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 397096437

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