Have Saddle, Will Travel: Low-impact Trail Riding And Horse Camping

    Have Saddle, Will Travel: Low-impact Trail Riding And Horse Camping
      Have Saddle, Will Travel: Low-impact Trail Riding And Horse Camping.

      Millions Of Horse Owners Enjoy Trail Riding And Horse Camping, And Every U.s. State Has An Active Trail Riding Associatjon. But Many Riders May Find Themselves Banned From The Back Country Because Of The Environmental Impact They Cause. Low-impact Trail Riding Offers A Solution: Don West's "go Right, Go Light," Leave-no-trace Strategies For Low-impact Horse Camping. West, An Internationally Known Expert On Basic Horsemanship And Back-country Travel, Tells You Everything You Need To Know With His Generous Quick Perception And Wisdom. He Covers Planning And Packing For A Low-impact Trip, Back-country Ethics, Cooking On The Trail, Tying A Horse Responsibly, Conditioning Both The Horse And The Rider, Orienteering, Sanitation, And Dealing With Emergencies. Included Are Checklists For Horse, Camping, And Personal Ites, As Well As Trail-savvy Menus For Breakfast, Lunc, And Dinner. A Source Guide Provides Lists Of Trail Riding Establishments In The United States And Abroad. End

      SKU: 7137772
      ISBN: 9781580173711
      Author: West, Don

    Four Paws Wee-wee Super Strength Stain & Odor Remover (gallon)
      Four Paws Wee-wee Super Strength Stain & Odor Remover (gallon).

      Four Paws Wee-wee Super Strength Stain & Odor Remover (gallon) Is A Super Strength Stain & Odor Remover Permanently Removes Unwanted Urine, Feces, Grass, Blood, Dirt And More. The Unique Enzyme Solution Works Fast On Carpets, Tile, Furniture, Pet Beds, Clothing Plus More. Totally Eliminates Urine Odors For A Happier Pet Parent. Stops Pets From Returning To Previously Soiled Areas. Safe For Use Around Children And Pets. This Is A Non-caustic, Non-toxic & Non-flammable Unique Product. It Just Works Best At Full Strength! Ingredients : Water, Natural Enzymes And Mild Detergent.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, four Paws Stain And Odor Remover
      SKU: Fourpawsstainordorremovergallon

    Liver Bits Treats For Dogs (19.5 Oz)
      Liver Bits Treats For Dogs (19.5 Oz).

      Liver Bits Training Treats For Dogs 19 Oz Bulk Size Tub By Green Pet Organics, Freeze Dried Training Treats That Are 100% Natural And Absolutely Irresistible To Dogs! The Process Of Freeze Drying Preserves The Aroma, Full Flavor And Nutrients Of Raw Beef Liver Giving A Consistent Great Taste Every Time. Liver Bits Are Rich In Protein And Preservative Free. Great To Give As A Reward Or Sprinkled On Food For Extra Flavor! Tasty & Wholesome Great For Training Refrigeration Not Required Freeze Drying Seals In Nutrients All Natural And Low In Fat High In Protein Retains The Aroma, Full Flavor And Nutritional Value Of Raw Beef Liver Made With 100% Pure Beef Liver The Perfect Pocket Treats Sourced And Manufactured In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, freeze Dried Dog Training Treats, gt, liver Bits
      SKU: Grnpetliverbits19oz

    Himalayan Dog Chew - Yaky Puff (2.5 Oz)
      Himalayan Dog Chew - Yaky Puff (2.5 Oz).

      Himalayan Dog Chew - Yaky Puff (2.5 Oz) Is 100% Natural Using An Ancient Recipe Of The People Of The Himalayas And Nepal. Yaky Puff Is The Same Himalayan Dog Chew With Smoke Cheese Flavor Added With A Twist Of Softness And Crunch. In The Mountains Surrounding Mt. Everest At More Than 15,000 Feet, It Is Made Using Traditional Methods With Yak And Cow Milk With No Chemicals Or Preservatives. Now This Piece Of Himalayan Culture Is Available To You And Your Dog. 100% All Natural No Preservatives No Binding Agents Grain And Gluten Free Ancient Recipe Of The Himalayas And Nepal People.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, himalayan Dog Chew
      SKU: Himalayan-dog-chew-yaky-puff-2-5-oz

    Homeopet Dermadog Topical Spray (4 Oz)
      Homeopet Dermadog Topical Spray (4 Oz).

      Homeopet Dermadog Topical Spray Soothes Your Dog's Irritated Skin And Relieves Irritation And Itch With A Simple Topical Formula. This Spray Utilizes Natural Herbs Include Calendula, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, And Comfrey To Cmbat The Effects Of A Wide Variety Of Skin Conditions. These Herbs Help Treat Hot Spots, Sunburns, Abrasions, And Skin Irritants In A Gentle And Effective Manner. Homeopet Dermadog Topical Spray Speeds The Healing Of Damaged Skin And Can Help Relieve The Irritation That Your Dog Experiences From Flea Bites. This Spray Comes With 4 Fluid Ounces Per Bottle, Each Of Which Features A Spray Nozzle That Makes Administration Simple. Protect Your Pet From Discomfort And Heal Damaged Skin With This Unique Spray By Ordering It For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Speeds Healing Of Irritated Skin Great For Treating Insect Bites, Hot Spots, Sunburns, Abrasions, And Skin Irritations In Dogs Comes With 4 Fl Oz For Topical Use On Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, homeopet Skin , amp, Itch Relief
      SKU: Homeopet-dermadog-topical-spray-4-oz

    Mane 'n Tail Conditioner (gallon)
      Mane 'n Tail Conditioner (gallon).

      Formulated As A Topical Conditioner. Combined Ingredients Are Utilized To Support Nature's Hair Growth To Achieve A Longer, Healthier Mane And Tail.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Grooming Products, gt, mane , n Tail, amp, reg, Horse Grooming Product
      SKU: Mane-n-tail-conditioner-gallon

    Mountain Dog Chew From The Himalayas (7.1 Oz)
      Mountain Dog Chew From The Himalayas (7.1 Oz).

      Mountain Dog Chews From The Himalayas Contain No Preservatives Or Chemicals. They Are Made From All-natural Ingredients, Using A Nutritious Recipe That Dogs Love. The Inspiration For These Unique Treats Comes From Rural Nepal, Deep In The Himalayan Mountains. The Treats Are Made From A Combination Of Yak And Cow Milk, Traditional Products Of The People Of The Himalayas. The 7.1 Oz Package Is Perfect For Providing Regular Fresh Treats To Large Dogs Or Homes With Multiple Dogs. Benefits All Natural Product, Recipe Uses No Chemicals Of Preservatives Made And Packaged In The United States Proceeds Go To Help The Rural People Of Nepal Low-fat And Healthy Recipe With A Great Taste That Dogs Love Global Pet Expo Award Winning Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, mountain Dog Chews From The Himalayas
      SKU: Mountain-dog-chew-himalayas-7-1-oz

    Nobivac Canine 1-dappv+cv (25 Dose)
      Nobivac Canine 1-dappv+cv (25 Dose).

      Nobivac Canine 1-dappv (25 Dose) Canine Distemper-adenovirus Type 2-coronavirus-parainfluenza-parvovirus Vaccine, Modified Live And Killed Virus. For Dogs 6 Weeks And Older. Preservative: Gentamicin. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged Fora Ll Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, nobivac
      SKU: Nobivac-canine-1-dappv-cv-25-dose

    2-pack Naturvet Vitapet Senior With Glcuosamine (730 Chewable Tablets)
      2-pack Naturvet Vitapet Senior With Glcuosamine (730 Chewable Tablets).

      Daily Vitamin For Older Dogs And Dogs With Hip And Joint Problems.â  This Vitamin Is Enhanced With The Added Benefits Of Glucosamine Hcl For Joint Support. Great For Large Breed Dogs. Formulated With The Same Essential Vitamins, Minerals And Nutrients As Vitapet Plus With Added Glucosamine Hcl (200 Mg Per Tablet) For Joint Support.â  Many Pet Experts Feel That Healthy Pets Are Less Susceptible And More Able To Resist Flea, Worm, And Other Pest Infestations And Diseases. A Healthy Dog Will Save On Veterinarian Bills! Made With Prime Beef Liver Flavoring For Added Taste Appeal. Provide Scientifically Formulated Tasty Vitamins And Nutrients Your Dog Needs! Formulated With Human Grade Vitamins And The Finest Grade Of Dried Liver Available. Economical Way To Supplement Your Dog's Diet And Exist Sure That They Are Getting Essential Nutrients. People, Who Love Their Dog And Can See The True Value Of Self-nutrition, Can Recognize The Importance Of Supplementing Their Animal'$ Diet. It's A Simple Correlation, And It Makes Good Sense! Why Feed Vitapet Tabs, When I Already Feed A Premium Dog Food? Many Vitamins In Dog Food Are Destroyed In The Baking Process. There Are Volumes Of Documented Evidence That Speak To The Benefits Of Vitamin And Mineral Supplementation, Especially In Light Of The Fact That It Has Been Proven That Many Foods Are Lacking Such Nutritional Enhancement. The Baking Process In Many Pet Foods Destroys Vitamins. In Most Pet Foods The Ingredients Used Are Cast-offs From Human Grade Materials And Are Deficient Of Many Important Nutrients. Naturvet University Product Education Vitamins & Minerals (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, naturvet Vitapet
      SKU: Nu730

    Dogswell Nutrisca Lamb & Chickpea Dry Dog Food (28 Lbs)
      Dogswell Nutrisca Lamb & Chickpea Dry Dog Food (28 Lbs).

      Dogswell Nutrisca Lamb And Chickpea Is A Premium Dry Food Meal For Dogs. Nutrisca Starts With U.s. Sourced, Antibiotic Free Lamb Meat, With No Added Hormones. This Is An Optimal Source Of Protein And Amino Acids Which Are Essential For Muscle Development. Lamb Is Also A Great Alternative For Dogs With Poultry Allergies. Accompanying Lamb Meat Are Antioxidant Rich Fruits And Vegetables, Including: Chickpeas, Peas, Cranberies And Carrots. Chickpeas And Peas Are Another Excellent Source Of Protein, As Well As Folic Acid, Fiber And Te Essential Amino Acid Lysine. Cranberries Are A Powerful Source Of Antioxidants Which Fight Toxins In The Body And Help Maintain Urinary Tract Health. Carrots Help Neutralize Free Radicals And Support Healthy Vision. Flaxseed And Salmon Oil Enhance This Recipe's Benefits By Providing Omega Fatty Acids And Dha, Which Support Healthy Skin And Coat As Well As Brain And Vision Development Support In Puppies. You Won't Find Harmful Ingredients Common In Alternative Dog Food, Such To The Degree That: Gluten, So, Corn, Wheat, Flour, Bha/bht, Added Steroids, Antibiotics, Added Hormones, Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives. With Everything You Want And Nothing You Don't, You Can Feel Good About Feeding Nutrisca To Yoir Dog. 28 Lb Bag Of Dog Food U.s. Sourced, Antibiotic Free Lamb Meat Antioxidant Rich Fruits And Vegetables Omega Fatty Acids And Dha Provided By Flaxseed And Salmon Oill Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, dogswell Nutrisca Dog Food
      SKU: Nutrisca-lamb-chickpea-dog-food-28lbs

    Ranchers Reward Candy Cane 8" - Single
      Ranchers Reward Candy Cane 8" - Single.

      Ranch Rewards Holiday Candy Canes Are Delicious Rawhide Chews For Dogs. Fashioned As Multicolored Candy Canes, These Are The Ideal Treat For Your Dog This Holiday Season. Your Dog Is Sure To Love The Big, Long Lasting Lfavor Packed Into Each Cane. Best Of All, These Treats Naturally Clean Your Dog's Teeth While He Chews. This Treat Measures 8" Long. 8" Rawhide Chews Tasty, Long Lasting Holiday Treats For Dogs Naturally Cleans Teeth As Dog Chews

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, ranch Rewards, Rawhides
      SKU: Ranchers-reward-candy-cane-8inch

    Safari De-matting Comb For Dogs
      Safari De-matting Comb For Dogs.

      The Safari® De-matting Comb For Dogs Is Designed To Remove Tangles From Matted Fur Without Harmingy Our Dog's Skin. This Brush Features A Soft Handle With Dual Thumb Grips That Allow You To Comfortably Use The Brush For As Long As Needed To Remove Tangles From Your Pet's Coat. The Safari De-matting Comb For Dogs Features Serrated Blades That Are Designed To Avoid Contact With Your Pup's Skin. The Instrument Is Also Designed For Either Left Or Right Hand Use To Ensure That It's Ideal For Any Pet Owner. Don't Put Up With Tangled Or Matted Fur On Your Pet- Keep Your Canine's Coat In Top-shape With The Safari De-matting Comb Today! Key Features: Stainless Steel, Serrated Blades Designed To Avoid Contact With Dog's Skin As It Detangles Matted Fur Ergonomic Handle Allows For Comfortable Use For Right Or Left Hand Use

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, brushes , amp, Combs, gt, safari, amp, reg, Pet Combs , amp, amp, Brushes
      SKU: Safari-de-matting-comb-dogs

    Syner-g Digestive Enzymmes (200 Tablets)
      Syner-g Digestive Enzymmes (200 Tablets).

      Syner-g ® Digestive Enzyme Supplement Assists In Digestion And Normal Nutrient Absorption In Your Pet's Body. It Also Supports Healthy Digestion So That Your Pet Can Avoid Occasional Gastric Distress With The Added Benefits For Skin Health. The Soy Based Beef Flavor Of These Chewable Tablets Make It Easy To Give Your Pet While You Help Support Their Regular Digestion Functions And Help Maintain A Healthy Intestinal Tract, Because Syner-g Promotes Inttestinal Well Being. Syner-g Is A Plant Derived Food Enzyme Supplement Utilizing A Proprietary Formulation Of Specially Cultured Enzymes To Hydrolyze Starchse, Proteins, And Triglycerides To Break Down Cellulose. The Breaking Down Of These Compounds Helps Your Pet's Body Assimilate Essential Nutrients. This Enzyme Supplement Is A Great Way To Ensure Good Health. Syner-g Digestive Enzymes Is For Dogs And Cats Only. Key Features: Helps Assimilate Essential Nutrients Enzymes: Alpha-amylase, Lipase, Cellulas And Protease For Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, syner-g, Digestive Enzymes
      SKU: Synerg

    Vpp Vinyl  Pet Patio Door 80" - Medium
      Vpp Vinyl Pet Patio Door 80" - Medium.

      Vpp Vinyl Patio Pet Doors Was Designed With Your Ideal Pet?s Sense Of Adventure In Mind. We Made Sure This Model Would Fit Your Vinyl Sliding Patio Door With No Fuss And Make Your Life Easier. Features: Fits Most Existing Sliding Door Locks Energy Efficient Double Wall Lexan™ Ultra-flex™ Flap 78" Fits Openings From 76 3/4" - 78 1/2" 94&quo;t Fits Openings From 92 3/4" - 94 1/2" If You Need To Align The Sliding Door With Your Patio Door, Please Refer To The Manufacturers Sliding Door Adjustment Instructions For Your Brand Of Sliding Patio Door. Your Browser Does Not Support The Video Tag.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, vpp Vinyl Pet Patio Doors
      SKU: Vinyl-patio-door-medium

    Hello Rhode Island!
      Hello Rhode Island!.

      Best-selling Children's Author-illustrator Martha Day Zschock Takes Young Children On A Short Tour Of The Ocean State In Her Latest Board Book. In "hello, Rhode Island ," A Rhode Island Red Hen And Her Chick Visit The Zoo In Providence, The Topiary Garden In Portsmouth, And The Beavertail Lighthouse In Jamestown. They Ride The Flying Horse Carousel In Watch Hill, Play On A Narragansett Beach, And Celebrate July 4th In Bristol. In Newport They See Saiiling Ships In The Summer And Mansions Dressed For The Holidays In The Winter. Returning To Providence, They Are Amazed By Waterfire For Ages 2-5.

      SKU: 12964312
      ISBN: 9781933212623
      Author: Zschock, Martha Day

    Riding The Wild Side Of Denali
      Riding The Wild Side Of Denali.

      The Collins Sisters' Closest Companions Were Their Sled Dogs . . . Until They Heard About Icelandic Horses. Read How These Sturdy Creatures Joined Their Alaska Homestead.

      SKU: 4240946
      ISBN: 9780945397649
      Author: Collins, Miki / Collins-rousseau, Julie / Ummel, Christine

    The Promise Of Lumby
      The Promise Of Lumby.

      Hidden In The Foothills Of A Bucolic Landscape Lies The Charming Village Of Lumby And Its Quirky Inhabitants. The Town Mascot, Hank, A Pink Flamingo Who Thinks He's A Bald Eagle, Came To Lumby Long Ago Because Of Its Mountains, While Others Still Come For The Promise Of A Brand New Start. But What Happens When The Town's Warm Welcome Turns Cool? At Montis Inn, The Success Of Pam Walker's On-location Restaurant Is Leaving Her Overworked And Frazzled, While Her Husband Mark's Fascination With Internet Auctions Leads To Some Outlandish Purchases, One Of Which Requires Military Clearance. Meanwhile, Lumby's Only Veterinarian, Dr. Ellen Campbell, Has Decided To Sell Her Business, And The Townsfolk Are In Full Panic Mode. Who Will Tell Blind Jeremiah That His Old Horse Isabella Is Eating Rabbit Feed, And Who Will Help Little Timmy Convince His Parents That A Puppy Is The Perfect Pet? When Animal Doctor Tom Candor Arrives In Lumby, He Seems The Answer To Everyone's Prayers. But Some Residents Are Not So Trusting Of The Shy, Pensive Vet, Especially Newspaper Owner Dennis Beezer, Who Is Determined To Expose Tom's Secrets. The Repercussions Lead To An Unpredictable, Over-the-top Adventure, And A Heartfelt Lesson The People Of Lumby Won't Soon Forget...

      SKU: 1474489
      ISBN: 9780451226969
      Author: Fraser, Gail

    Thoroughbred #54: Cindy's Last Hope
      Thoroughbred #54: Cindy's Last Hope.

      Cindy Mclean And Her Partner, Ben Al-rihani, Can't Find A Jockey To Ride Gratis In The Kentucky Derby. The Only Person Besides Cindy Who Can Handle The Difficult Horse Is A Stubborn And Inexperienced Groom Named Wolf. But Cindy Doesn't Like Wolf's Attitude, And Refuses To Give Him A Chance. Besides, He Doesn't Even Have His Jockey's License Yet. Cindy Wants To Ride Gratis Herself, Risking Irreparable Damage To Her Already Injured Shoulder. Ben Won't Allow It. But Stubborn Cindy Is Hard To Stop. Will Someone Come To Her Rescue Before It's Too Late? Ages 8+

      SKU: 156459
      ISBN: 9780060090463
      Author: Campbell, Joanna / Anderson, Mary

    Quips, Quotes & Oats: Smarty Jones Talks
      Quips, Quotes & Oats: Smarty Jones Talks.

      The Funny And Feel-good Book About Horse Racing Legend Smarty Jones. Smarty Tells It Straight From The Horse's Mouth In A Book Filled With Humor And Wit. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness, And Near Belmont Stakes Triple Crown Winner Opens Up About His Life On And Off The Racetrack. The Thoroughbred Thinker Acts As Philosopher And Humorist For His Team Of Heartwarming Characters. With A Focus On Entertaining And Teaching The Reader, Smarty Delivers The Inside Philadelphia Story Of His Family, Friends, Fans, And Place In History. He Provides A Stable's Worth Of Wisdom And Lessons Of Life In The Fast Lane. Featuring Over 30 Black And White Engaging Photos, This Book Is Suitable For Both The Young And Adult Reader.

      SKU: 4348887
      ISBN: 9780976586807
      Author: Merz, Robert L.

    The Assassination Arrow
      The Assassination Arrow.

      Clovis Had Put The Arrow Exactly Where He Intended. Without Hesitation, He Eased Out Of The Cleft Of The Cliff That He Had Used To Conceal Himself And Where He Had Been Waiting. He Has A Story To Tell And One That Needed To Be Told, But How Could He Prove His Story Was True? If He Cannot Survive, The Truth About Killing Vice President Peterson May Never Be Known. J. Allan Smith Was Raised In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado And Montana Where He Developed A Passion For The Mountains. As A Youth, He Spent Every Possible Opportunity Hunting, Fishing, Or Trapping, But He Also Had Aspirations To Become A Preacher. He Followed That Dream To Texas Where He Earned His B.s. Degree In Secondary Education From Lubbock Christian University In 1986. Since Then He Has Also Earned His Masters Degree In Education And A Masters Degree In Communication. Now He And His W Ife Vicky Live In The Log House They Built On A Small Farm In Middle Tennessee. Together They Enjoy Hunting, Fishing, Backpacking, Horseback Riding And Relaxing On The Front Porch. Here You Can Often Find Him Watching The Deer And Turkey Feeding In The Front Pasture, Visiting With Friends, Reading The Word, And, Ofc Ourse, Writing.

      SKU: 7344581
      ISBN: 9781598587531
      Author: Smith, J. Allan

    Mentoring Matters: Building Strong Christian Leaders, Avoiding Burnout, Reaching The Finishing Line
      Mentoring Matters: Building Strong Christian Leaders, Avoiding Burnout, Reaching The Finishing Line.

      Christian Leadership Is Noble Work, But It Is Also A Daunting Responsibility. Leaders Often Struggle To Understand How The Spirit Is Working Through Their Ministry. Mentoring Matters Looks At How Leaders Can Maximize Their Potential So That They Can Thrive In Ministry. Author Rick Lewis Goes Beyond The Issues Of Basic Leadership Skills To Address Leaders' Personal Needs-their Spirituality, Emotional Health, Key Relationships, Vulnerabilities, And Rhyfhms Of Life. "a Joy To Read. I Particularly Like His Emphasis On Being - The Core Of A Leader - Vs. Doing - Accomplishments And Career Goals. I Congratulate Rick On This Soulful, Well-crafted Work." Sally Morgenthaler Author, Worship Evangelism "rick Imparts A Deeply Personalized Understanding Of The Processes Of Mentoring And Coaching Leaders At Every Level Of Christian Organization. A Great Discipling Tool For The 21st Century Church." Alan Hirsch Author, The Forgotten Ways "reading This Book Was Like Having A Coffee With A Mentor. His Helpful Stories Illustrate Principles While Making Mentoring Accessible To All." Dr Carson Pue Author, Mentoring Leaders "a Most Comprehensive Treatment. Rick Provides A Sound Biblical Basis, Emphasises The Pivotal Role Of The Holy Spirit, And Gives Practical Insights And Resources To Guide Mentors." Revd Dr John Mallison Medal Of The Order Of Australia "an Outstanding Contribution To The Important Practice Of Mentoring. I Highly Recommend It." Mark Conner Citylife Church, Melbourne "with Great Clarity And Isight, Based On Impeccable Research And Analysis, Rick Has Written A Most Comprehensive And Useful Book. When You Have Finished Reading Mentoring Matters, You'll Be Inspired And Empowered To Either Be A Mentor Or Be Mentored. It Really Is That Good." Peter Mchugh Christian City Church Whitehorse, Melbourne

      SKU: 3589371
      ISBN: 9780825463013
      Author: Lewis, Rick

    Pitt County: Eastern Reflections
      Pitt County: Eastern Reflections.

      Blessed With Lush, Rural Landscapes And Small-town Charm, Pitt County Possesses A History That Typifies The Traditional Southern Experience. Once A Major Cotton Producer, The Area Farmers Transformed Their Cotton Harvests In The Late 1880s Into Tobacco, Still A Cash Crop Today In The Community. Just As Pitt County Is A Center For Both Farming And Education Today, This Volume, With Over 125 Images, Focuses On The Importance Of Flue-cured Tobacco And Learning Institutions, Such As The East Carolina Teachers Training School, A Predecessor Of East Carolina University. Pitt County: Eastern Reflections Is A Visual Tour Into The County's Past, Primarily The Early Twentieth Century, When Horse And Buggy Shared Road Space With The Early Automobi Le, When Students Of All Ages Studied In One-room Schoolhouses Across The Countryside, And When The Main Streets Were Flooded With Wagons Full Of Otton And Tobacco On Market Days. You Will Meet Early Pitt County Families, Relax On Front-porch Rocking Chairs, Watch Parades Pass By Along Downtown Streets, And View Beautiful Homes And Farms In Communities Like Greenville, Farmville, And Bethel.

      SKU: 15600748
      ISBN: 9780738590264
      Author: Boccaccio, Mary

    Subtler Than The Subtle: The Upanishad Of The White Horse
      Subtler Than The Subtle: The Upanishad Of The White Horse.

      Subtler Than The Subtle?shvetashvatara Upanishad?is One Of The Sacred Scriptures Of The World, Beautifully Translated And Paraphrased In This Small Volume By One Of Today's Greatest Sanskrit Scholars. Called "the Upanishad Of The White Horse," It Shares The Wisdom Of The Yogic Sages. Its Suble Verses Open Life's Deep Secrets To Those Who Wish To Find Divine Realization And "become Immortals."

      SKU: 4200398
      ISBN: 9780936663333
      Author: Bharati, Swami Veda / Swami, Bharati Veda

    Herd Of Cows, Flock Of Sheep
      Herd Of Cows, Flock Of Sheep.

      $15.95 Hardcover 1-58685-153-5 9 X 10 In, 32 Pp, Color Illustrations Throughout, Rights: W, Children's Picture Book What's More Fun Than A Clowder Of Cats, A Rafter Of Turkeys, A Swarm Of Bees, Or A Pack Of Dogs? Herd Of Cows Flock Of Sheep -the Latest Word Play From The King Of Language Arts Picture Books, Rick Walton. After Bringing In His Corn, Potatoes, Beans, And Tomatoes Before A Rainstorm, Farmer Bob Decides To Settle Down For A Good Night's Rest. While He Snoozes Away, The River Rises High Enough To Set His Bed Afloat Down The River. This Sends His Animals Into A Panic-a Drove Of Pigs Outlines A Plan, A Colony Of Beavers Races To Chew Down Trees, A School Of Fish Tries To Create A Dam, And So Forth, Until Finally Farmer Bob Is Rescued By A Nest Of Snakes And A Herd Of Horses. It's A Barnyard Adventure That Will Leave Bands Of Children Begging For More. Author Of Once There Was A Bull Frog, Bullfrog Pops And Many Other Wonderful Children's Books, Rick Walton Lives With His Wife And Four Children In Provo, Utah, Where He Writes On Whatever Is Available And Gets Pretty Much What He Deserves. You Can Find Out More About Rick At Www.rickwalton.com. Julie Olson Was Born In Maryland, Grew Up In Evansville, Indiana, And Graduated From Brigham Young University With A B.f.a. In Illustration. She Lives Near Utah's Rocky Mountains, Where She Devotes Her Time To Illustration And Family.

      SKU: 7196266
      ISBN: 9781586851538
      Author: Walton, Rick / Olson, Julie

    2017 Men Women Designer Brand Leopard Sneakers Trainers Horsehair Casual Shoes Unisex Sneakers Genuine Leather Shoes Size 35-44
      2017 Men Women Designer Brand Leopard Sneakers Trainers Horsehair Casual Shoes Unisex Sneakers Genuine Leather Shoes Size 35-44.

      Men Women Sneakers,casual Shoes,genuine Leather,flats,lace Up.

      Category: Casualshooes
      SKU: 398299088

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