Hekate Liminal Rites - A Study Of The Rituals, Magic And Symbols Of The Torch-bearing Triple Goddess Of The Crossroads

    Hekate Liminal Rites - A Study Of The Rituals, Magic And Symbols Of The Torch-bearing Triple Goddess Of The Crossroads
      Hekate Liminal Rites - A Study Of The Rituals, Magic And Symbols Of The Torch-bearing Triple Goddess Of The Crossroads.

      Hekate - Liminal Rites A Study Of The Rituals, Magic And Symbols Of The Torch-bearing Triple Goddess Of The Crossroads By Sorita D'este And David Rankine At The Crossroads Of Life, Death And Rebirth Stands The Goddess Hekate. Honoured By Men, Women And Gods Alike, Traces Of Her Ancient Provenance Reach Back Through The Millennia Providing Clues About Her Nature And Origins Along The Way. Depictions Of Her As Three Formed Facing In Three Ways, Sometimeswith The Heads Of Animals Such As The Horse, Dog And Snake Hint At Her Liminal Nature, As Well As The Powers She Holds Over The Triple Realms Of Earth, Sea And Sky. The Sorcery Of Medea And Circe, The Witchcraft Of The Women Of Thessaly, The Writings Of Philosophers Such As Hesiod And Porphyry All Provide Glimpses Into The World Of Those Who Honoured Her. Her Magical Powers Were Considered So Great That Even King Solomon Became Associated With Her, She Was Incorporated Into Jewish Magic, And Merged With Other Goddesses Including Artemis, Selene, Bendis And The Egyptian Isis. Whilst For Some She Was The Witch Goddess, For Others She Was The Ruler Of Angels And Daimons, Who Made Predictions About Jesus And Christianity. Wherever You Look, Be It In The Texts Of Ancient Greece And Rome, Byzantium Or The Renaissance, The Greek Magical Papyri Or The Chaldean Oracles, You Will Find Hekate. The Magical Whir Of The Strophalos And The Barbarous Words Of The Voces Magicae Carry Her Message; The Defixiones, Love Spells And Charms All Provides Us With Examples Of The Magic Done In Her Name. She Was Also Associated With The Magic Of Death, Including Necromancy And Reanimation; As Well As Prophetic Dreams, Nightmares, Mild Herbs And Poisons. The Temples Dedicated To Her And The Important Role She Played In The Mysteries Of Eleusis, Samothrace And Aigina All Provide Us With Clues To Her Majesty. The Popular Shrines At The Doorways Of Ordinary People, Offerings Left At The Crossroads And Guardian Statues Of Her At The Entrance Ways To Cities And Temples All Attest To Her Status In The Hearts And Minds Of Those Who Knew Her Mysteries. In This Book The Authors Draw From A Wide Range Of Sources, Bringing Together Historical Research Which Provides Insights Into The Magical And Religious Practices Associated With This Remarkable Goddess. In Doing So They Provide An Indispensable Guide For Those Wishing To Explore The Mysteries Of Hekate Today. About The Authors Sorita D'este And David Rankine Are Esoteric Researchers, Mythologists And Modern Day Magicians Who Have Between Them Authored More Than Twenty Published Books On Magic, Mythology, Folklore And The Occult. Sorita Is The Editor Of The Anthology "hekate Keys To Teh Crossroads" And The Author Of Artemis Virgin Goddess Of The Sun & Moon. Together They Have Produced Titles Such As Visions Of The Cailleach, The Isles Of The Many Gods And The Guises Of The Morrigan.

      SKU: 7759878
      ISBN: 9781905297238
      Author: D'este, Sorita / Rankine, David

    3v Caps Hp Snip Tips For Smaller Dogs & Cats(250 Caps, 787.5 Mg/capsule)
      3v Caps Hp Snip Tips For Smaller Dogs & Cats(250 Caps, 787.5 Mg/capsule).

      Note: 3v Caps Snip Tips Have Been Discontinued. We Are Now Shipping Omega-caps Snip Tips In Its Place. 3v Caps Hp Snip Tip Is A Concentrated Dietary Supplement Providing A Concentrated Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids In A Patented Free Fatty Acid Form And Vitamin E. For Use In Smaller Dogs And Cats. Unique Snip Tip Design Allows For Normal Pilling Of Pet Or Easy Administration On Pet Food. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Helpful In Many Areas: Skin And Hair Coat Maintenance Inflammatory Conditions Cardiovascular Health Nervous System Function Joint Health Renal Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, 3v Caps Skin Formula And Snip Tip
      SKU: 3vcaps3

    6 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Medium Odg (for Dogs 11-20 Lbs.)
      6 Month Advantage Ii Flea Control Medium Odg (for Dogs 11-20 Lbs.).

      The New And Improved Advantage Ii Now Offers Flea And Lice Protection For Your Dog. Flea And Lice Treatment With Advantage Ii Gives Your Dog A Safe Solution That Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month. Dogs And Puppies Older Than 7 Weeks And Weighing 11-20 Lbs Are Fit For This Flea And Lice Killing Formula. This Formula Will Kill Fleas Completely By Eliminating Their Eggs And Larvae By Using A Variety Of Ingredients And Compounds. It Contains A Fast-acting Formula That Kills Fleas Quickly And Prevents Them From Returning. Advantage Ii Uses The Compound Pyriproxyfen To Kill Fleas And Other Insects By Interfering With Their Maturity Cycle. Targeting Insects, Pyriproxyfen Does Not Affect Mammals. Other Flea Killing Properties Like Adulticidal, Larvicidal, And Ovicidal Kill Fleas And Prevent Them From Emerging Again. Imidacloprid Paralyzes Fleas So They Are Killed Before Biting Your Dog And Also Reduce The Incidence Of Flea-related Allergies. Kills Adult Fleas Within 12 Hours And Re-infesting Fleas Within 2 Hours Integrated Flea Control (ifc) Disrupts Flea Life Cycle With Pyriproxyfen Waterproof Guaranteed Us Epa Approved Application Quick And Easy With Easy-squeeze Tube Each Package Of This Long Lasting Topical Lasts For 4 Or 6 Months Per Dose: $9.67

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, advantage Ii For Dogs
      SKU: Advantageiiteal6

    Cat Zoom Groom
      Cat Zoom Groom.

      Groom & Caress Your Cat Cats Naturally Work On Removing Their Extra Fur With Grooming And Cat Shedding, But Most Feline Friends Have No Objection To A Bit Of Help From Their Human Companions. The Cat Zoom Groom Is A Tool That Removes Excess Fur While Providing The Feline A Soothing Massage That Will Leave Him/her Purring. The Rubber Texture Of The Cat Zoom Groom Cat Grooming Brush Automatically Grabs Loose Fur, Practically Working Similar To A Magnet With Clumps Of Hair Coming Off. This Saves Your Cat Friend From Ingesting All That Loose Fur And Eventually Producing Unwanted Hairballs. Additionally, The Regular Grooming Helps A Cat Bond With His/her Owner Making The Brushing Processes Practically A Regular Occasion If Done On A Frequent Basis. Eventually, Your Cat Will See The Cat Zoom Groom And Start Rubbing Up Against Your Leg For Another Grooming Session. So If You Are Looking For Something That Your Cat Will Really Love As That Next Pet Gift, Consider The Cat Zoom Groom. Your Feline Friend Will Make It Clear That This Grooming Brush Tool Was The Right Choice.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, brushes , amp, Combs, gt, zoom Groom For Dogs And Cats
      SKU: Catzoomgroom

    Ez-chew Joint Support With Msm For Dogs (100 Soft Chews)
      Ez-chew Joint Support With Msm For Dogs (100 Soft Chews).

      Ez-chew Joint Support With Msm For Dogs Is Your Ideal Joint Supplement For Maintaining And Repairing The Joints Of Adult Dogs. These Supplements Are Formulated To Provide Maximum Fortification For Joints Through The Use Of Natural Ingredients, Including Glucosamine Hcl And Chondroitin Sulfate. Both Glucosamine And Chondroitin Are The Body's Two Natural Components For Constructing And Fortifying Joints And Are Included In Ez-chew's Comprehensive Blend. Ez-chew Joint Support With Msm Are Made With A Highly Palatable Flavor To Make Dispensation As Easy As Giving Your Dog A Treat. This Bottle Of Joint Support Comes With 100 Soft Chews But There Are Two Other Sizes Available With 50 Chews And 180 Chews . Your Dog Will Love These Tasty Chews And You'll Love The Way They Care For Your Dog's Joints, So Order Today! Key Features: Palatable Hickory Smoked Flavor Comes In Sizes Of 50, 100, 180 Soft Chews Provides Joint Support And Maintenance

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, ez-chew Joint Support With Msm
      SKU: Ez-chew-joint-support-msm-dogs-100-soft-chews

    Tetra Jumbokrill Freeze Dried Jumbo Shrimmp (14 Oz)
      Tetra Jumbokrill Freeze Dried Jumbo Shrimmp (14 Oz).

      Jumbokrill (14.0 Oz) The Ultimate Appetite Enhancer For Large Tropical And Marine Fish. Excellent Source Of Protein, Fat, Roughage, And Vitamin E That Help Keep Your Fish Looking Its Healthiest. These Whole, Large Freeze-dried Shrimp Are High In Carotenoids To Promote The Development Of Fish's Natural Pink To Orange-red Colors. Vacuum-sealed Containers For Freshness.

      Category: Aquarium , am, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Food, gt, tetra Freeze Dried Fish Food
      SKU: Jmbkrill400g

    Our Pets Specialty Sparrow Backyard Bird
      Our Pets Specialty Sparrow Backyard Bird.

      Our Pets Specialty Sparrow Backyard Bird Fabulous Feathers And Cheery Chirps! What More Do You Need To Make Kitty?s Day? The Backyard Bird Has Realistic Feathers, Realistic Sound, And Enticing Catnip. Introduce Kitty To Her New Favorite Toy! With Electronic Chirping Bird Sound Furry, Frolicsome Fun With Real Catnip Fun And Interactive!

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, play-n-squeak Mice And Birds
      SKU: Ourpets-play-n-squeak-squeaking-bird

    Pala-tech Canine Joint Health Chewables For Dogs (90 Tabs)
      Pala-tech Canine Joint Health Chewables For Dogs (90 Tabs).

      Pala Tech Canine Joint Health Chewables (glucosamine, Creatine & Msm) Unique Combination Of Nutrients Known To Be Beneficial To Maintain Healthy Joints And Muscles. Will Help Replenish Joint Fluids And Optimize Muscle Performance, Strength And Endurance. Chewable Tablet Simplifies Daily Administration. Administer The Tablets Free Choice To The Dog Or Crumble Over Their Food.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, pala-tech Canine Joint Health
      SKU: Palatechcaninejoint

    Purina Pro Plan Savor - Salmon & Wild Rice Entră©e Canned Adult Cat Food (24x3oz)
      Purina Pro Plan Savor - Salmon & Wild Rice Entră©e Canned Adult Cat Food (24x3oz).

      Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat The Purina Pro Plan Provides Complete And Balanced Nutrition. This Food Contains Real Chicken With Beef - High Quality Protein That Supports Healthy Muscles. Packaged In Easy To Open Flip-top Cans, This Recipe Provides Important Nutrients Beneficial For Immune Systems, Digestive Systems And Coat And Skin Systems. Available In Beef & Chicken, Chicken & Rice, Chicken & Liver, Ground Turkey & Giblets And Turkey & Rice Flavors. Purina Pro Plan Made With Real Chicken And Beef Nutrient Rich Formula Easy To Open Flip-top Cans 100% Complete And Balanced Nutrition You Can Feed One Can Per 2-1/2 Lbs Of Your Cat's Body Weight Daily And Adjust It As Needed. A Closer Look: Purina Pro Plan - Adult Beef & Chicken Entree Is Made With Beef, Liver, Chicken, Soy Protein Concentrate And Added Vitamins And Minerals. This Fortified Formula Provides Energy, Stamina And Important Nutrients In A Rich Delicious Gravy.

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, purina, amp, reg, Wet Cat Food
      SKU: Purina-pro-plan-cat-classic-salmon-rice-24x3oz

    Rhinestone Dog Collars - Turkey Collar #110 (medium)
      Rhinestone Dog Collars - Turkey Collar #110 (medium).

      This Collar Is A 5/8" Wide. The Collar Itself Is Golden Brown, The Stones Are Golden Topaz, Orange, And Smokey Topaz. Charms Will Vary From Between The Ones Shown In The Picture - Comes With One Charm. Gobble Gobble!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, rhinestone Dog Collars - Turkey Collar
      SKU: Rhinestone-dog-collars-turkey-collar-110-medium

    Scholastic Reader Level 3: Pony Mysteries #2: The Clue In The Clubhouse
      Scholastic Reader Level 3: Pony Mysteries #2: The Clue In The Clubhouse.

      An Early Reader Series For Every Horse Lover And Mystery Fan Penny, Tina, And Tom Get Permission To Make The Old Shed Into Their Clubhouse. After They Clean It Up, Tina And Tom's Mom Comes To Them With A Mystery: Where Did She Lose Her Keys? With A Few Clues, And Some Help From Pepper, Penny's Pony, They Solve The Mystery This Level Three Series Is Perfect For Young Sleuths Who Aren't Ready For Chapter Book Mysteries Just Yet.

      SKU: 12809531
      ISBN: 9780545115070
      Author: Betancourt, Jeanne / Riley, Kellee

    The Kids' Building Workshop: 15 Woodworking Projects For Kids And Parents To Build Together
      The Kids' Building Workshop: 15 Woodworking Projects For Kids And Parents To Build Together.

      Boys And Girls Love Woodworking Projects But Most Kids (and Most Parents) Lack Woodworking Skills. That's Where Kids' Building Workshop Steps In. Craig Robertson, A Master Carpenter And Renowned Designer And Builder Of Furniture, And Barbara Robertson, An Art Educator Who Specalizes In Teaching Children, Have Developed An Inspired Method For Teaching Kids And Their Parents The Basics Of Woodworking. In This Lively, Fully Photographed And Illustrated Book, The Robertsons Present Fun Projects That Teach Ssential Woodworking Skills. For Example, The Spider-web String Art Project Teaches Kids How To Wield A Hammer, And The Drilled Name Plaque Project Teaches Kids The Safe And Proper Way To Use A Drill. Building On These Basic Skills, The Book Moves On To Intermediate-level Projects. Kids Learn How To Make A Sawhorse, A Tool Box, A Step Stool-all Things That Every Carpenter Must Have To Build Bigger And More Elaborate Projects. Finally, The Kids Are Ready To Take On Seriously Hip Projects: A Cricket Cage, A Book House, A Dollhouse (and Dollhouse Furniture ), A Lemonade Stand, And A Kids' Play Table. The Kids' Building Workshop Is A Great Primer That Passes The Hammer To A New Generation Of Woodworking Kids (and Their Parents).

      SKU: 7137857
      ISBN: 9781580174886
      Author: Robertson, J. Craig / Robertson, Barbara / Robertson, Camille

    Seahorses And Sea Dragons
      Seahorses And Sea Dragons.

      National Science Standards, Grades K-4 - Life Science: Content Standard C - Each Plant Or Animal Has Different Structures That Serve Different Functions In Growth, Survival, And Copy. - Plants And Animals Have Life Cycles That Include Being Born, Reproducing, Etc. - All Organisms' Patterns Of Behavior Are Related To The Nature Of That Organism's Environment.

      SKU: 1668203
      ISBN: 9780516253510
      Author: Rhodes, Mary Jo / Hall, David

    The Winner's Walk
      The Winner's Walk.

      Case Callahan Isn't A Star Swimmer Like His Sister, Quinn. He's Not A Champion Horse Trainer Like His Father, Or A Popular Stage Actor Like His Mother. Still, Case Is Determined To Make His Mark. But One Effort After Another - Talent Show, Science Fair, Junior Horse Show - Is A Terrible Failure. It Isn't Until Case Comes Upon A Lost Dog That He Finds His Path To Success. The Dog, Whom Case Names Noah, Is Certainly One Of A Kind - What Other Golden Retriever Can Answer The Telephone And Put Dishes In The Dishwasher? Together Case And Noah Seem Destined To Become A Trophy-winning Team. Noah, However, Is So Smart Because He Was Trained To Be A Service Dog, And Which Time Case Learns About His Dog's Past, He Realizes There Is More Than One Way To Be A Winner. With Thoughtful Black-and-white Illustrations, This Is The Perfect Story For Any Child Who Has Struggled To Discover His Talents - And For Any Dog Lover.

      SKU: 1107024
      ISBN: 9780374384456
      Author: Patterson, Nancy Ruth / Yezerski, Thomas F.

    The Book Of Ghosts
      The Book Of Ghosts.

      If You're Weak Of Heart, Beware. Don't Turn Another Page. Or If You Dare, Do So At Your Own Risk. The Tales Within These Pages Will Haunt Long After This Book Is Closed, When The Lights Have Dimmed And Something-somewhere-is Lurking. Is It The Thunderous Beating Of A Heart, The Silen Tascent Of A Headless Horseman, Or Perhaps A Demon Arrived From The Underworld Through A Secret Portal? The Master Of All Things Magical, Michael Hague Delves Into The Formidable Realm Of Ghosts. Adapted From Legendary Writers Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, Oscar Wilde, And A Host Of Others, The Classic Ghost Stories Within This Collection Will Frighten Even The Boldest Of Readers.

      SKU: 2524864
      ISBN: 9780688140083
      Author: Hague, Michael / Hague, Devon

    Dreamworlds Of Alabama
      Dreamworlds Of Alabama.

      "i Speak In What Others Often Hear As A Strange Accent. My Past Can't Be Located. I Live In Buffalo, New York, An Exile From The South. But These Aren't Yankee Dreams, Even Though My Past Seems Like A Fabrication, A Dreamworld In Which I'm A Paper Character And Not A Historical Participant, With Scars From Barbed Wire Ripping Under The Pressure And Flying Through The Air Like A Swarm Of Bees, Or A Horse Rearing Up And Banging Its Head Into Mine From Within, Exploding My Forehead." -from The Preface Wisteria Draped On A Soldier's Coffin, Sent Home To Alabama From A Virginia Battlefield. The Oldest Standing House In The County, Painted Gray Andflanked By A Pecan Orchard. A Black Steel Fence Tool, Now Perched Atop A Pile Of Books Like A Prehistoric Bird Of Prey. In Dreamworlds Of Alabama," Allen Shelton Explores Physical, Historical, And Social Landscapes Of Northeastern Alabama. His Homeplace Near The Appalachian Foothills Provides The Setting For A Rich Examination Of Cultural Practices, A Place Where The Language Of Place And Things Resonates With As Much Vitality And Emotional Urgency A The Language Of Humans. Throughout Te Book, Shelton Demonstrates How Deeply Culture Is Inscribed In The Land And In The Most Intimate Spaces Of The Person-places Of Belonging And Loss, Insight And Memory. Born And Raised In Jacksonville, Alabama, Allen Shelton Is Associate Professor Of Sociology At Buffalo State College.

      SKU: 3475061
      ISBN: 9780816650347
      Author: Shelton, Allen

    History Lesson For Girls
      History Lesson For Girls.

      In Her Follow-up To The Critically Acclaimed Novel "the Anxiety Of Everyday Objects," Aurelie Sheehan Presents A Moving Coming-of-age Story Set In The Disturbingly Reckless And Often Hilariously Tacky 1970s. In 1975, Alison Glass, Age Thirteen, Moves To Connecticut With Her Bohemian Parents And Her Horse, Jazz. Shy, Observant, And In A Back Brace For Scoliosis, Alison Finds Strength In An Unlikely Friendship With Kate Hamilton, The Charismatic But Troubled Daughter Of An Egomaniacal New Age Guru And His Substance-loving Wife. Seeking Refuge From The Chaos In Their Lives, The Girls Escape Into The World Of Their Horses. Rich In Humor And Heartbreak, "history Lesson For Girls" Is An Elegy To A Friendship That Meant Everything.

      SKU: 436119
      ISBN: 9780143111900
      Author: Sheehan, Aurelie

    Prairie Dogs
      Prairie Dogs.

      Three New Titles In The Highly-regarded "our Wild World Series Explore The Fascinating Animals Of The American Prairies. Each Title Is Packed With Information On The Animal, Its Habitat, Diet, Breeding, Babies, Socialization, Dangers, And Life Cycle. "our Wild World Titles Are In-depth And Thorough, And So Much More Than Just A Collection Of Amazing Facts. These Books Capture The Essence Of The Featured Animal And Instill In Readers An Understanding Of The Animal's True Nature. "hawks Provides Information On All Aspects Of These Raptors, But Zeroes In On Their Amazing Predatory Behavior. "prairie Dogs Will Captivate Readers By Highlighting The Animals' Incredible Ability To Communicate-they Even Describe Things To Each Other "wild Horses Delves Into The History Of Wild Horses And Details The Extraordinary Journey The Species Has Made To Reach The Wild Prairies Of The United States. Each Title Includes 25 Full-color, Action Photos, Several Full-color, Detailed Illustrations, And Many Fun Facts Throughout. "hawks, Prairie Dogs, And "wild Horses Are Detailed And Entertaining Reads, With Straightforward Language And A Kid-friendly Approach. Kids Find Books In The "our Wild World Series Perfect For School Reports Or Just For Fun.

      SKU: 6927022
      ISBN: 9781559718844
      Author: Lorbiecki, Marybeth / Ford, Wayne

    Incredible Horse Tales
      Incredible Horse Tales.

      Horses Have Been At The Right Hand Of Man For Thousands Of Years. They Have Helped Build Empires And Helped Bring Them Down. Horses Have Carried The Doctor Swiftly To The Door Of A Dying Mother And Galloped Across The Vast Distances Of The American West, Bringing News To The Settlers. Horses Today Are Our Companions In Sport, Dashing To The Finish Line Or Leaping Impossibly High Fences For The Sheer Glory Of The Win. Horses Also Lurk In The Mists Of Myth And Legend. Here Are The Most Exciting Horse Stories Compiled From Human History, Both Fact And Fiction.

      SKU: 7267751
      ISBN: 9781592289875
      Author: Shiers, Jessie


      Equine Veterinarian Gail Mccarthy Is Up For The Challenge Of A Lifetime: Two Weeks Alone Deep Within The Winding Trails Of The Sierra Nevada Mountains In California. Needing A Break From The Stress Of Everyday Life And A Somewhat Trying Long-distance Relationship. Gail Is Eager To Depart On A Solitary Pack Trip With Only Two Horses And Her Faithful New Puppy For Company. The Night Before Gail Is To Leave, She Stumbles Across A Wounded Man Lying In An Open Meadow Next To A Gun. He Has Apparently Tried To Kill Himself, And Despite The Immediate Help That Gail Gets, He Sadly Succeeds. But Not Before He Mumbles Several Enigmatic Words, Leaving Gail To Wonder If This Might Have Been More Than A Simple Suicide. Unwilling To Let Anything Get In The Way Of Her Long-planned Trip Ad Unable To Do Anything About The Man's Death, Gail Sets Off. But It Isn't Long Before She Becomes Aware Of An Eerie Lurking Presence Following Closely In Her Footsteps, Threatening To Close In And Make Gail His Next Victim. It Will Take All Of Gail's Strength To Survive The Trip, And All Of Her Intelligence To Figure Out Who Her Stalker Is And How He Might Be Related To The Dead Man.

      SKU: 923562
      ISBN: 9780312209100
      Author: Crum, Laura

    Streams Of The Soul
      Streams Of The Soul.

      Streams Of The Soul Delves Deeply Into The True Nature And Spirit Of All Life. Its Lyrical Messages Obey A Great Inspirational Calling That Breaks Free From Many Cultural Confines. This Exciting Book Speaks To The Heart And Soul While Awakening The Mind With A Greater Meaning And Vision For Life. Logically Organized Into Twenty Categories, The Poemsa Spontaneous And Evocative Style Moves Us Unexpectedly. Here Are Brilliant Poems Describing Individual Persona, And Giving Insights Into Past And Future Lives, Evolution, Language, Poetry, Music, Genius, Dreams, Prophecies, Religion, Reverence For Life, Love, Etc. Certain Fascinating Poems Depict Animals, Such As Wild Horses, And Their Role On Earth. Many Poems Combine Biological Principles With A True Grasp Of Lifeas Individual Spirit And Essence. These Present A Religion Of The Heart And Mind Together. These Are Poems Unto Salvation They Elevate Us Through A Magical Artistry Of Words And Are Accompanied By Awesome Photographs In Tune With This Free-spirited Work.

      SKU: 6208986
      ISBN: 9781413777154
      Author: Downer, Craig Carpenter

    Lady Of Horses
      Lady Of Horses.

      Tarr Continues With Her Prehistoric Romances About The Servants Of The Horse Goddess. Lady Of Horses Plunges The Reader Deep Into Time, Far Back In The History Of The World, To An Age When All The Human Race Consisted Of Small Bands Moving Across The Land, Living By The Spear And Arrow, Following The Herds For Their Survival. Only Two Lifetimes Before, Humans First Tamed The Powerful Lords Of The Plains, The Horse. A Single Lifetime Before, A Young Girl-child First Dared To Mount On The Back Of A Mare, But The Priests Declared That This Must Be A Man's Privilege Only. They Stole Her Achievement And Made A New Legend Giving That Bold Achievement To Her Brother. But The Spirit Of The Horse Is A Goddess, And Horse Goddess Would Not Be Deprived Of Her Srevants.

      SKU: 951247
      ISBN: 9780312861148
      Author: Tarr, Judith

    The Whisper Of The River
      The Whisper Of The River.

      In This Sequel To Run With The Horsemen, The Redoubtable Porter Osborne Jr., A Little Older And Slightly More Worldly, Leaves The Dusty Security Of His Rural Georgia Home For College. The Year Is 1938, But The Story Is Timeless. Armed With The Self-assurance Of Having Been "raised Right, " Porter Goes Off To Willingham University. Neither Porter Nor The University Will Ever Be The Same Again.

      SKU: 4176477
      ISBN: 9780931948602
      Author: Sams, Ferrol

    Bodie Gone
      Bodie Gone.

      Frances Tip Dequillaffluent Housewife, Mother, And Sometimes Newspaper Writerwas Mortified When The Rion Door Clanked Shut. Yes, She Was Locked Up In The Bridgeport Jail. Imprisonment Marked The Beginning Of The Price She Would Pay For Investigating A Sequence Of Portentous, Unlikely Events That Had Occurred Close To Bridgeport And The Nearby Ghost Town Of Bodie, California.frances Had Been Obsessed Trying To Unravel The Mystery Of The Strange Things That Had Happened, Much Like Prospectors Who Had Been Driven To Seek Bodies Veda Madre. No Warnings, No Threats, And Not Even Jail Could Divert Her Attention. Her Quest For A Story Would Take Her Back In Time To The Gold Rush Days And Urge Ehr To Chronicle The Stories Of Eight Strangers Who Had Struggled To Reach Bodie Seeking Gold, Love, Lust, Adventure Or Revenge. Her Strangers Would Interact With Some Of The Best Known Characters From The Old West And They Would Experience Many Historical Happenings. But Nothing They Suffered Would Prepare Them For Their Bizarre Departure From Bodie.would Frances Find The Truth? Could She Escape Her Hunters? Would She Have Time To Expose The Cover-up And Find The Real Meaning Of Bodie Gone?bill Hyde Is A Former Navel Officer With Extensive Trade Experience Who Has University Degrees In Both Geology And Industrial Management. He Has Traveled Extensively, Panned For Gold In The High Country And Loped His Horse Over The Bodie Mountainsides. Bill Thrives On A Challenge And Loves An Adventure. He Lives With His Wife, And Best Friend, Ann, In Laguna Beach, California. This Is His First Novel.

      SKU: 3795479
      ISBN: 9780865343177
      Author: Hyde, Bill

    Cleveland's Transit Vehicles: Equipment And Technology
      Cleveland's Transit Vehicles: Equipment And Technology.

      From The Beginnings Of The Horse Car Era To The "sardine Days" Of World War Ii, Cleveland Transit Operators Provided High Quality Service While Introducing Procedures And Equipment That Were Widely Copied Elsewhere. The Social And Political Aspects Of Cleveland's Public Transportation History Are The Subject Of This Companion Volume To Horse Trails To Regional Rails. The Focus Here Is On The Technological Aspects Of The System. From The Start Of Street Railway Operations In 1859 Until The End Of The Surface Electric Era In 1963, The City Was Crisscrossed With Hundreds Of Miles Of Track And Overhead Wire, And With Thousands Of Poles To Keep The Overhead Wire In Place. Thousands Of Streetcars, And Then Thousands Of Buses, Carried Millions Of Passengers. The Old Cleveland Transit System Alone Carried Over 493 Million Passengers In 1946, And That Total Does Not Reflect The Ridership Of Various Suburban Carriers. In This Volume Are Described And Listed Both The Early Vehicles And The Modern Ones. It Is Not So Much A Nostalgic Look At Earlier Times As It Is A Description Of How Ongoing Developments In The Industry Changed The Way The Public Transportation System Carried Out Its Mission. In Cleveland This Was Accomplished With Rare Efficiency And With Good Speed. The Authors Confess, However, To One Nostalgic Piece. In 1965, Jack Ainsley, A Cleveland Railfan, Wrote His Reminiscences About Taking The Streetcar Through The Detroit-superior Bridge Subway. His Narrative Is In Part 3. His Recollections Help Frame The Technological Focus Of This Volume And Give It A More Human Face.

      SKU: 3852663
      ISBN: 9780873385480
      Author: Toman, James A. / Hays, Blaine S. / Toman, Jim

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