Hellboy Volume 1: Seed Of Destruction

    Hellboy Volume 1: Seed Of Destruction
      Hellboy Volume 1: Seed Of Destruction.

      Since Mike Mignola's Hellboy First Hit The Stands In 1993, It Has Become A Cultural Sensation, Racking Up A Dozen Eisner Awards And Inspiring Numerous Spinoffs, From A Novel Line, To Video Games, To Feature Films. Now, Dark Horse Is Pleased To Present The Comics That Started It All, Collected In Deluxe Hardcover Editions. Sized At 9" By 12," And Handsomely Bound To Match The Art Of Hellboy Hardcover, Each Volume Contains Two Full Story-arcs - The Equivalent Of Two Trade-paperbacks. Each Volume Of The Hellboy Library Editions Also Includes Extensive Supplemental Materials, Including Previously Unreleased Sketches And Designs.

      SKU: 7278292
      ISBN: 9781593079109
      Author: Mignola, Mike / Byrne, John / Kesel, Barbara

    Casual Canine Mesh Harness Vest - X-large (red)
      Casual Canine Mesh Harness Vest - X-large (red).

      Casual Canine Mesh Harness Vest Is Perfect For Any Dog, But Especially If Your Dog Pulls On The Leash. Your Leash Attaches To A Metal Ring On The Harness, Thereby Tightening Pressure Across A Dog's Front Chest Area, Unlike Collars Which Can Pull And Choke Your Dog. The Lightweight, Breathable Harness Features And Adjustable Chest Strap For You To Comfortably Fit Your Dog As Well As A Quick-release Plastic Buckle. X-large Red Harness, Chest Sizes 24"-32" Lightweight, Breathable Material Adjustable Chest Strap For An Easy Fit Quick-release Plastic Buckle Nickel-plated D-ring For Leash Attachment

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, casual Canine Mewh Harness Vest
      SKU: Casual-canine-mesh-harness-vest-x-large-red

    Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher (25 Inches)
      Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher (25 Inches).

      Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher Enhances Games Of Fetch With Your Dog By Allowing Farther Throws With Less Effort. The Elegant Arc Of The Launcher And Its Extended Design Allow For More Force To Be Added To Each Throw. The Cup At The End Makes It Easy To Pick Up Any Medium Sized Chuckit! Ball Or Any Standard Tennis Ball Without Needing To Touch The Ball- Saving You From The Unpleasant Feel Of Doggy Saliva. Chuckit! Sport Medium Ball Launcher Comes With A Medium Chuckit! Tennis Ball So That Yoou Can Play A Game With Your Dog As Soon As It Arrives. This Particular Model Of The Launcher Is 25 Inches Long- But A 18-inch Standard Is Also Available For Farther Throws. Your Dog Will Love The Extended Throws And Games That You Can Play With This Easy-to-use Product, So Order Now! Key Features: For Medium Sized Chuckit! Balls Or Standard Tennis Balls Tosses Ball 3x Farther Than Normal Picks Up Balls Hands-free

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, chuckit, amp, reg, Balls , amp, amp, Launchers
      SKU: Chuckit-sport-medium-ball-launcher-25-inches

    Dogtra Combo 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer
      Dogtra Combo 1/2 Mile Remote Trainer.

      Built To Capture Every Moment With Your Dog, The Dogtra Combo E-collar Gives You The Immediate And Accurate Stimulation Control By Our Unique Combination Boost Control System And Advanced One-handed Operation Handheld Transmitter. Designed For Dogs As Small As 10 Pounds, The Dogtra Combo Is An Intuitive And Durable Remote Training Tool? The Perfect E-collar For Pet Training, Hunting Dogs, Police K9 Professionals, And Serious Amateurs. The Versatie Dogtra Combo E-collar Outputs Low-mid Stimulation In ¾-mile Range With The Unique Features Necessary For Professional E-collar Trainers. The Dogtra Combo Has 8 Stimulation Levels And Is Paired With The Combination Boost Control System That Gives 3 Levels Of Instant Boost Per Stimulation Level. The Front Facing Selector Step Dial And Intuitively Placed Stimulation And Non-stimulation Input Buttons On The Functionally Designed Ergo Dynamic Handheld Transmitter Provides The ?no-look? Control, Letting You Focus More On Your Dog. Features: 1/2-mile Range Selector/step Dial With Stimulation Levels 0-8 2-hour Rapid Charge Batteries Stimulation/combination Buttons 1-handed Operation Nick And Constant Stimulation Non-stimulating High Performance Pager Audible Tone Low To Medium Power Stimulation Ultra-compact Receiver/collar Fully Waterproof Enhanced Contact Points For Dogs As Small As 10 Lbs. 2-year Limited Lifetime Warranty

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, dogtra Remote System , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Dogtra-combo-remote-trainer

    Floyd - See Spot Run (small 6.5" W)
      Floyd - See Spot Run (small 6.5" W).

      Floyd Is The Most Happening Fetching Fling Toy For The Outdoors. The Lightweight Construction Makes Throwing A Breeze And Fetching Fun, It's A Funky Frisbee! Constructed Of Durable Nylon And Rubber Also Allows For Gentle Play.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , am P, Fetch Toys, gt, otis And Claude Floyd Fling Fetch Toy
      SKU: Floydsmcream

    Get Naked Super Antioxidant Large (6.6 Oz)
      Get Naked Super Antioxidant Large (6.6 Oz).

      Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks Are Part Of A Synergestic Product Line Of Immune Health Line Of Treats And Supplements That Are Fortified With Superfoods For Good Health And Well-being. Superfoods Are Rich Sources Of Antioxidants That Help Prevent Cell Damage Caused By Oxidation. Antioxidants Are Most Effective When Taken In A Blend, Which Is Why We Use Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Cranberries, Blueberries (pomace), Pomegranate And Decaf Green Tea Extract. The Natural Chewing Action Will Help Clean Teeth By Removing Plaque And Tartar Buildup While Peppermint And Parsley Freshen Breath. All Natural Blend Of Fruits And Veggies For Immune Health Wheat Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free Cleans Teeth & Freshens Breath Low Fat & Low Calorie Made In Usa Guanteed Analysis: Calories Per Serving: 19 Kcal Crude Protein Min. 18.0% Crude Fat Min 2.5% Crude Fat Max. 4.0% Crude Fiber Max. 3.0% Moisture Max. 15.0% Ash Max. 3.0% Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Powder, Rice Powder, Tapioca Starch, Gelatin, Natural Chicken Flavor, Oat Fiber, Carrageenan Gum (natural Seaweed Extract), Chia Seed, Parsley, L-ascorbyl-2 Polyphosphate (source Of Vitamin C), Mixed Tocopherols (natural Source Of Vitamin E), Pomegranate, Apple Pectin, Organic Carrots, Cranberries, Blueberries, Green Tea Extract (decaf), Water, Vegetable Glycerin

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, get Naked Super Antioxidant Treats
      SKU: Getnaketantioxidantlrg

    Gingerlead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Quick Collar - Small
      Gingerlead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Quick Collar - Small.

      Gingerlead Quick Collar Can Be Used Byveterinary Technicians. They Attach To The Leash Of The Gingerlead So It Will Work As A Slip Lead When The Dogs Are Not Wearing Collars In The Hospital.

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, gingerlead Dog Support , amp, Rehabilitation Quick Collar
      SKU: Gingerlead-collar-small

    Goughnuts Original Ring Chew Toy
      Goughnuts Original Ring Chew Toy.

      Goughnuts Original Ring Was First Designed In 2006. There Was A Need For A Safer Product And There Was A Need For Tougher Or More Durable Product. The Original Ring Design Has No Weak Points. The Dog Will Grab The Ring In A Different Spot Each Time Creating Months And Or Years Of Susceptibility Chewing. Every Goughnut Product Has A Safety Guarantee And When Any Red Is Seen, This Indicates That The Diameters Of The Toy Are Damaged.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, goughnuts, amp, reg, Indestructible Chew Toys
      SKU: Goughnuts-indestructible-toy-original-green

    Petlinks Busy Body
      Petlinks Busy Body.

      Petlinks Busy Body Is A An Elaborate Mat With Diverse Features That Work To Entertain Your Feline Friend. This Mat Includes A Variety Of Cat Toy Elements Sewn Into The Fabric To Keep Your Cat Enticed For Extended Periods. One Section Crinkles, Toys Are Hidden And Attached To The Mat, And The Mat Itself Is Made Of A Comfortable Material That Your Cat Will Love. Petlinks Busy Body Includes A Removable Mouse Toy, A Re-fillable Pocket Of Catnip, And Two Detachable Feather Toys. The Mat Also Measures An Ideal Size Of 17.5 Inches By 15 Inches, Which Is Large Enough For Any Cat But Small Enough To Fit Nearly Anywhere In Your Home. Your Cat Will Love This Exciting And Versatile Cat Toy Mat- So Order Now! Key Features: Includes An Assortment Of Toys That Detach For Extra Fun Pocket Full Of Catnip And Comfortable Material Are Extremely Satisfying Measures 17.5" X 15

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, interactive Cat Toys, gt, petlinks Interactive Cat Toys
      SKU: Petlinks-busy-body

    Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridge Rite-size H (1 Pk)
      Marineland Eclipse Filtration Systems Filter Cartridge Rite-size H (1 Pk).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Marineland Filter Cartridges & Replacements Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Petmate?s Crock Is Made Of 25% Recyccled Content & Are Extra Thick & Chew Resistant. These Durable Crocks Resist Scratches & Nicks That Can Trap Bacteria. Treated With Microban, Which Helps Prevent The Growht Of Stain & Odor Causing Bacteria. They Are Easy To Clean & Is Dishwasher Safe.they Come In Assorted Colors & In 3 Sizes, So You Are Sure To Find A Bowl For Any Size Pet!

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, marineland Filter Cartridges , amp, amp, Replacements
      SKU: Ritesizecrtdgh1pk

    Vetericyn Foamcare Shampoo For Pet With Moderate Coats (16 Fl Oz)
      Vetericyn Foamcare Shampoo For Pet With Moderate Coats (16 Fl Oz).

      An Easy & Healthier Clean For Your Pets With Moderate Coats. Specifically Formulated For All Pets With A Moderate Coat, Vetricyn Foamcare™ Is The Easy On And Easy Off Conditioning Shampoo That Saves You Time While Leaving Them With A Fresh Clean Scent. It's The Coat-specific Shampoo That Delivers Nutrients That Are Vital To Optimal Skin Health. Simply Spray, Foam, And Rinse For A Stress-free Experience For You And For Your Pet. Supports Optimal Skin & Coat Health: Non-irritating Ph Optimized Skin Conditioning Retains Essential Skin Oils Compatible With Vetricyn Plus® Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, vetericyn, amp, reg, Foamcare, amp, trade, Shampoo For Pets
      SKU: Vetericyn-foamcare-shampoo-pet-moderate

    Zack & Zoey Quilted Thermal Nor'easter Coat - Almond (large)
      Zack & Zoey Quilted Thermal Nor'easter Coat - Almond (large).

      Here's Our Best-selling Coat Silhouette, Now With Thermapet Technology! Zack & Zoey Quilted Thermal Nor'easter Coats Are Mdae With Mpet, The Same Technology Used For "space Blankets," To Ensure Ultimate Warmth.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-quilted-thermal-coat-almond-large

    Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo Pack
      Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo Pack.

      Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp Combo Packt Contains Everything You Need To Meet Your Lizards Heat, Uvb And Basking Needs. Lizards Have Strict Requirements For The Light And Heat They Need To Be Available In Their Habitat To Stay Healthy And Comfortable. The Reptisun 10.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent Components Will Provid Eyour Pet With Adequate Heat, Uvb Visible Light. The Reptisun Replicates Sunlight And Can Be Beneficial In The Metabolism And Development Of Reptiles. The Eptisun 10.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent Increases The Ambient Air Temperature Of A Terrarium For Up To 2,000 Hours. These Items Ensure That Your Terrarium Is Perfectly Equipped With Light And Heat For Almost Any Reptile, So Order It For Your Pet's Terrarium Today! Key Features: Comes With Basking Lamp And Uvb Lighting Heats Temperature For Up To 2,000 Hours Provides Light Rays Necessary Ofr Reptile Health

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, heating Products, gt, zoo-med Heating Supplies
      SKU: Zoo-med-bearded-dragon-lamp-combo-pack

    The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel
      The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel.

      When His Third Wife Abandons Him In Tucson, Boozing, Misanthropic Anarchist Henry Holyoak Lightcap Shoots His Refrigerator And Sets Fof In A Battered Pick-up Truck For His Ancestral Home In West Virginia. Accompanied Only By His Dying Dog And His Memories, The Irascible Warhorse (a Stand-in For The "real" Abbey) Begins A Bizarre Cross-country Odyssey-determined To Make Peace With His Past-and To Wage One Last War Against The Ravages Of "progress."

      SKU: 3288030
      ISBN: 9780805057911
      Author: Abbey, Edward

    Smonk: Or Widow Town
      Smonk: Or Widow Town.

      It's 1911 And The Townsfolk Of Old Texas, Alabama, Have Had Enough. Every Saturday Night For A Year, E. O. Smonk Has Been Destroying Property, Killing Livestock, Seducing Women, Cheating And Beating Men, All From Behind The Twin Barrels Of His Winchester 45-70 Caliber Over-and-under Rifle. Syphilitic, Consumptive, Gouty, And Goitered-an Expert With Explosives And Knives-smonk Hates Horses, Goats, And The Irish, And It's High Time He Was Stopped. But Capturing Old Smonk Won't Be Easy-and Putting Him On Trial Could Have Shocking And Disastrous Consequences, Considering The Terrible Secret The Citizens Of Old Texas Are Hiding.

      SKU: 196209
      ISBN: 9780061142772
      Author: Franklin, Tom

    The Chestnut Soldier
      The Chestnut Soldier.

      The Thrilling Conclusion To The Award-winning Fantasty Trilogy From New York Times Bestselling Author Jenny Nimmo Gwyn Can Feel Danger Coming In The Wind. Somehow He Knows The Warnings Have To Do With The Broken Toy Horse That Holds The Evil Spirit Of A Prince Who Lived Long Ago. When Gwyn Discovers That The Prince's Dark Soul Has Escaped From The Horse And Is Seeking Revenge Gwyn, Emlyn, And Nia Have To Figure Out How To Save The Mysterious Soldier Who Claims To Be Nia's Distant Cousin. With The Help Of The Snow Spider, Can They Recapture The Prince's Soul Without Hurting The Chestnut Soldier? Nimmo's Fast-paced Page Turner Fantasies Appeal To Boys And Girls With Their Magical Adventures.

      SKU: 1839689
      ISBN: 9780545071277
      Author: Nimmo, Jenny

    Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: "trapped On Treasure Island"
      Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: "trapped On Treasure Island".

      Oh, For Gosh Sakes Floyd Gottfredson S Classic 1930s Mickey Mouse Is Back For Another Round Of Thrills, Chills, And Epic Quests Taking Him From The Depths Of Teeming Jungles To The Halls Of Spooky Blaggard Castle. Mickey S Classic Disney Bad Guys Are Here, Too, With Arch-enemy Pegleg Pete Joined For This Book By The Mysterious Bill Shakespeare And Hypnosis-happy Professors Ecks, Doublex, And Triplex Floyd Gottfredson, Artist Of Mickey Mouse From 1930-1975, Made It The Most Popular Cartoon-based Comic Of Its Time. Unafraid To Tackle Social Satire And Grown-up Action-adventure, Gottfredson Produced A Mouse For All Ages. Today As Disney's Epic Mickey Video Game Brings Mickey S Gutsy Side To A New Medium. Fantagraphics Mickey Mouse Series Shows Just How Long Mickey Has Been A Hero In This Book You Ll Relive Mickey S Fight With Pirates On Desolate Treasure Island; His Quest With Goofy To Catch Ruthless Counterfeiters; And His Battles To Save Windy Horace Horsecollar From Mad Scientists, A Robbery Frame-up And Himself Lovingly Restored From Disney S Original Negatives And Proof Sheets, Mickey Mouse: Trapped On Treasure Island Also Includes More Than 50 Pages Of Fascinating Supplementary Features. You Ll Enjoy Rare Behind-the-scenes Art, Vintage Publicity Material, And Vivid Commentary By A Full Team Of Seasoned Disney Scholars. Walt Disney Often Said That His Studio S Success All Started With A Mouse And Today Mickey Is Among The World S Most Recognizable Icons In The World. Now It S Time To Rediscover The Wild, Unforgettable Personality Behind The Icon: Floyd Gottfredson S Mickkey Mouse.

      SKU: 13330723
      ISBN: 9781606994955
      Author: Gottfredson, Floyd / Gerstein, David / Groth, Gary


      Follow One Little Foal As He Grows Into A Magnificent Horse From Learning To Stand On Wobbly Legs To Napping In The Sunshine And Trotting Around The Field With His Mother, He Changes As The Seasons Pass. By Springtime He Has Grown Big And Strong. Set Against Lush Green Fields And Picturesque Skies, This Touching Portrait Of A Mare And Her Foal Is Perfect For All Horse Fans

      SKU: 6241892
      ISBN: 9781416924678
      Author: Doyle, Malachy / Rinaldi, Angelo

    Your Camino - A Lightfoot Guide To Practical Preparation For A Pilgrimage
      Your Camino - A Lightfoot Guide To Practical Preparation For A Pilgrimage.

      A Must Have For Anyone Planning Their First, Or Second Or Third Camino And An Invaluable Resource For Organisations That Offer Advice And Help To Pilgrims Planning Their Caminos.after Years Of Answering Frequently Asked Questions On Camino Forums, The Internet, Camino Workshops And On Her Camino Blog (amawalker.blogspot.com) Sylvia Nilsen, Provides The Answers To Your Questions .besides Providing Information And Maps On The Many Different Camino Routes In France And Spain (with Links To Jacobean Routes In Other Countries) She Offers Advice On The Best Time To Go And How To Get There, Planning Daily Stages, Budgets And Accommodation, Pilgrim And Trail Etiquette.she Enlisted The Help Of Greg Dedman (camino Pilgrim And Backpacking Expert) To Help With Chapters On Technology, Weather, Food And Language. Many Other Experienced Pilgrims Shared Their Expertise On Subjects As Diverse As Disabled Pilgrims, Cycling, Trekking With Children, Horses, Donkeys And Dogs. There Are Chapters On Clothing And Equipment Covering Boots, Shoes, Backpacks And Sleeping Bags, As Well As Medical Matters, Relics, Santiago Holy Years And Pilgrim Statistics.illustrated With Delightful Pilgrim Characters, This 322-page Reference Guide Covers Everything From Learning About The Camino On The Internet, In Books And Dvds, Confraternities And Forums, To Taking A Donkey On The Trail, And How To 'go' In The Woods

      SKU: 14076981
      ISBN: 9782917183168
      Author: Nilsen, Sylvia / Dedman, Greg

    Land Of The Saints
      Land Of The Saints.

      Jeff Wells, A Successful Attorney In Los Angeles, Is Also A Western Pleasure Horseman Who Seeks Out The Solitude And Serenity Of The American Southwest When He Wants To Get Away From It All. But His Current Trip To Arizona Is For Business. His Friend, Big Jim Higgins, Is In Trouble And Needs Jeff's Help. Big Jim Has Been Charged With The Murder Of Three Rustlers, And He's Being Held Without Bail. Soon, Jeff Finds Himself Drawn Into The Strange, Mysterious, And Surprisingly Dangerous World Of Mormon Spirituality. Big Jim Lives In A World Where Friends And Foes Alike Search For The Most Sacred Of Mormon Artifacts, The Golden Plates. Jeff Is Introduced To The Realm Of Seer Stones, Blood Oaths, And The Magidal Golden Plates, Reputed To Be Written In Ancient Hieroglyphics By The Angel Moroni And His Predecessors, Who Lived In North America Hundreds Of Years Aago. The Search For And The Mystery Surrounding The Golden Plates Leads Jeff Not Only Into A Land Of Unbridled Greed And Hypocrisy But Also Into The Realm Of Native American Mysticism. Jeff Is Drawn To The Mystical Four Corners Region, Where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, And Utah Meet. Jeff Encounters Lutakaw, A Hopi Holy Man Who Helps Jeff Unearth The Golden Plates. The Consequences Of His Discovery Change The Shape Of This Religion In A Dramatic Fashion.

      SKU: 16570443
      ISBN: 9781462062744
      Author: Desjardins, Robert P.

    Trojan Horse Beside The Nile: Pyramid Construction For Mummies, I Mean Dummies
      Trojan Horse Beside The Nile: Pyramid Construction For Mummies, I Mean Dummies.

      A Young Student Of Archeology Accidentally Stumbles On Evidence That Suggests Water Was Used To Assist In Constructing The Great Pyramid Of Egypt. A Mummy He Befriends Later Presents Him With Irrefutable Proof On The Method Of Construction, The Conditions For Workers At The Time Of Construction, And The Real Reason Why Pharaoh Khufu Undertook Such A Project In The First Place. In Addition, This Narrative Contains The Appendix Of The Mummy, Which Explains In Detail Just How The Ancient Egyptians Constructed Pyramids Using Only Materials Available To Them At The Time. "the Mummy's Testimonial Is Absolutely Jaw Dropping " Lost Angeles Toombs. "each And Every Page Contained Tasty Morsels..." Omaha Gazelle. "like The Pharaoh Said About Papyrus, It's A Great Reed..." Cairo. Harold.

      SKU: 15492789
      ISBN: 9781936780624
      Author: Eyberg, Jim

    Max And Me And The Time Machine
      Max And Me And The Time Machine.

      When Steve Brings Home A Time Machine He Bought For $2.50 At A Garage Sale, Max Is Suspicious. "there' S No Such Thing As Time Travel. "or Time Machines." Then They Both End Up In The Year 1250 In Medieval England - Steve As Sir Robert Marshall And Max As His Horse - And Max Must Admit The Machine Works. Sir Robert Soon Finds Himself In The Midst Of A Duel To The Death With The Hampshire Mauler, Defending Not Only His Honor, But His Life. Can Max Rescue Him? Will The Machine Return Him In Time To Spare His Life? The 20th Century Never Looked So Good.

      SKU: 224651
      ISBN: 9780064402224
      Author: Greer, Gery / Ruddick, Robert / Ruddick, Bob

    A Cormac Mccarthy Companion: The Border Trilogy
      A Cormac Mccarthy Companion: The Border Trilogy.

      " With Essays By Edwin T. Arnold, J. Douglas Canfield, Christine Chollier, George Guillemin, Dianne C. Luce, Jacqueline Scoones, Phillip A. Snyder, Nell Sullivan, And John Wegner " The Completion Of Cormac Mccarthy's Border Trilogy-"all The Pretty Hroses" (1992), "the Crossing" (1994), And "cities Of The Plain" (1998)-marked A Major Achievement In American Literature. Only Ten Years Earlier Tthis Now Internationally Acclaimed Novelist Had Been Called The Best Unknown Writer In America. The Trilogy Is Mccarthy's Most Ambitious Project Yet, Composed At The Height Of His Mature Powers Over A Period Of Fifteen Years. It Is "a Miracle In Prose," As Robert Hass Wrote Of Its Middle Volume, An Unsentimental Elegy For The Lost World Of The Cowboy, The Passing Of The Wilderness, And The Fading Innocence Of Post-world War Ii America. The Trilogy Is A Literary Accomplishment With Wide Appeal, For Despite The Challenging Materials In Each Book, These Volumes Remained On Bestseller Lists For Many Weeks. This Collection Of Essays Is The First Book To Xamine These Novels As A Trilogy, The First To Read Them As An Integrated Whole. Together These Explorations Of Mccarthy's Magnum Opus Serve As An Ideal Companion Reader. Represented Here Are Nine Of The Most Notable Cormac Mccarthy Scholars, Both American And European. Their Essays Provide A Substantial Exploration Of The Trilogy From Different Perspectives. Included Are Gender Issues, Eco-critical Approaches, Explications Of The War Or Land History Underlying The Trilogy, Studies Of Narrative Voice, Dreams, The Cowboy Tradition, And The Pastoral Traidtion, And Considerations Of Mccarthy's Moral And Spiritual Outlook. These Essays Complement One Another In Highly Provocative Ways, Prompting New Appreciation Of The Complexity Of Mccarthy's Work And The Profundity Of His Vision. Edwin T. Arnold And Dianne C. Luce Are Editors Of "perspec Tives On Cormac Mccarthy" (university Press Of Mississippi). This New Volume Is An Admirable Companion To "perspectives," Bringing Mccarthy Scholarship Into The 21st Century.

      SKU: 7117643
      ISBN: 9781578064014
      Author: Arnold, Edwin T. / Luce, Dianne C.

    Prince Of The Stable - Pbk
      Prince Of The Stable - Pbk.

      In This Delightful Tale From Hungary, An Enchanted Horse Helps A Young Stable Boy Win The Heart Of A Princess.

      SKU: 3477955
      ISBN: 9780816740222
      Author: Keane, Christopher / Keane / Reasoner, Charles

    Mt020 False Eyelashes Crisscross Real Horse Hair Eyelash Lashes Handmade Softest Horse Hair Eyelash Horse False Eye Lashes Comfortable Wear
      Mt020 False Eyelashes Crisscross Real Horse Hair Eyelash Lashes Handmade Softest Horse Hair Eyelash Horse False Eye Lashes Comfortable Wear.

      We Wholesale Eyelashse,eyebrow, Our Products Are High, Quality And Low Price, Welcome To Contact Us And Visit The Factory

      Category: Falseeyelashes
      SKU: 393995526

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