Hittite Warrior

    Hittite Warrior
      Hittite Warrior.

      Written By Trevor Bryce, One Of The World's Leading Experts Attached The Hittites, This Book Charts The Rise And Fall Of A Warrior People Famed For Their Ferocity, Who Built An Empire Which Stretched From Mesopotamia To Syria And Palestine. Regarded As Barbarians By The Egyptians, For A Hundred Years The Hittites Fought A Draining War Against The Egyptians - The Climax Of Which Saw The Hittites Defeated And Their 400-year-old Empire Destroyed At Qadesh. Thought To Have Invented Iron, Used To Forge Their Weapons, And Known For Pioneering A Revolutionary Three-man Chariot System, Bryce Details The Day-to-day Lives Of Hittite Warriors. He Examines Their Training, Equipment, Tactics, And Motivations, As Well As Their Unique Attitude To Religion Which Saw Them Adopt The Gods Of The People They Conquered. The Inclusion Of A Hittite Manual Which Describes, In Detail, The Training Of Horses And The Warriors That Rode Them In Battle, As Well As Original Full Color Illustrations Make This Book A Fascinating And Enlightening Addition To An Often Ignored Subject.

      SKU: 7507518
      ISBN: 9781846030819
      Author: Bryce, Trevor / Hook, Adam

    4cyte Canine (50 Gm)
      4cyte Canine (50 Gm).

      4cyte Canine Is An Advanced Joint Supplement With Proprietary Ingredients That Reduce Inflammation And Pain In Arthritic Dogs. This Supplement Prevents Joint Degradation With Its Proprietary Ingredient, Epitalis, A Plant Extract Which Is Dense In Essential Fatty Acids. This And Other Ingredients Also Work As Pain Killers To Ensure That Your Dog Is Comfortable While His Joints Heal. 4cyte Canine Is Suitable For Dogs Of Altogether Ages To Help Promote Flexibility And Mobility In Joints. This Container Comes With 50 Grams Of The Supplement- But There Is Also A Package Of 100 Grams Available. It's Never Too Early To Start Caring For Your Dog 's Joints- So Order A Package Of 4cyte Canine For Your Pup Today! Key Features: Made For Dogs, Suitable For All Ages Reduces Inflammation And Relieves Joint Pain Comes In Two Sizes: 50 Gm And 100 Gm

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, extra Strength Joint Support, gt, 4cyte Canine
      SKU: 4cyte-canine-50gm

    Animed Balance I (15 Lb)
      Animed Balance I (15 Lb).

      A Nutrient Balancing Vitamin And Minerial Supplement For Horsse Fed Alfalfa Hay. Using Balance I On A Daily Basis Helps Achieve The Nutritional Balance Necessary For The Maintenance Of Optimum Health And Peak Body Condition

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Nutritional Supplements, gt, animed Horse Supplement
      SKU: Animed-balance-i-15-lb

    Outward Hound Christmas Holiday Antler Headband With Sparkle & Feathers
      Outward Hound Christmas Holiday Antler Headband With Sparkle & Feathers.

      Raise The Woof This Holiday Season With The Outward Hound Holiday Antler Headband ! This Festive Dog Accessory Features Plush Red Antlers With A Fun Metallic Pattern And Feather Detail. The Headband Is Soft And Flexible For Your Pup?s Comfort. You Can Get Just The Right Fit With The Adjustable Elastic Chinstrap. One Size Fits Most Dogs. Key Features: Soft, Flexible Holiday Antler Headband Festive Metallic Sheen And Feather Details Adjustable Elastic Chinstrap For Comfortable, Snug Fit

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Antler-headband-sparkle-feathers

    Aquaclear 70 Filter Insert Activated Carbon (3 Pack)
      Aquaclear 70 Filter Insert Activated Carbon (3 Pack).

      Aquaclear 70 Activated Carbon Filter Insert 3 Pack Improves Water Clarity For Fresh And Saltwater Aquariums. Exclusively Designed For The Aquaclear 70 Power Filter, It Provides Superior Adsorption Qualities Which Eliminate Odors, Discoloration And Impurities. Net Weight: 14.8 Oz(420g)

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, aquaclear Filter Inserts
      SKU: Aquacarbon70pk3

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones - Small (10 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Bones - Small (10 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo™ Wilderness® Wild Bones™ - Small Are The 100% Grain-free Treat Made To Satisfy The Spirit Of The Wolf That Lives In Every Dog. Made To Look Just Like Something The Wolf Pack Would Search The Forest For, These Wild Bones Will Help Clean Your Dog?s Teeth As Well As Freshen His Breath. Made With Only The Finest Natural Ingredients, Wild Bones Dental Chews Are Free From Both Grains And Glutens. They?re 100% Chewing Pleasure Any Dog Will Love. Like All Blue Wilderness Treats, Wild Bones Contain No Artificiial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives So Your Dog Can Satisfy His Primitive Instincts The Way Nature Intended. For Dogs 15-25 Lbs. 100% Grain-free With Added Vitamins & Minerals No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals No Corn Wheat Or Soy No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives Made In U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Bones
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-wilderness-wild-bones-small

    Petmate Soft Bite Fur Catnip Mice - Small (12 Pack)
      Petmate Soft Bite Fur Catnip Mice - Small (12 Pack).

      Soft Bite Mice Are An All-time Feline Favorite! Available In A Variety Of Fabrics And Colors, Each Mouse Contains Catnip To Drive Your Cat Crazy. Choose From Standard Fur, Colorful Plush Or Multi-colored Sisal Mice. Your Cat Will Be Entertained For Hours Batting These Mice Around And Digging Their Claws Into The Material.

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, catnip Toys, gt, petmate Catnip Mice
      SKU: Booda-soft-bite-fur-catnip-mice-small-12-pack

    Durvet Fly Rid Ointment (6 Oz)
      Durvet Fly Rid Ointment (6 Oz).

      Fly Rid Repels House Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies And Horn Flies From Wounds And Open Sores. Kills On Contact And Remains Effective For Hours. Also Ideal For Treating Superficial Wounds, Abrasions, Sores And Scratches. Kills On Contact Effective For Hours

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Pest Control, gt, duravet Horse Pet Control
      SKU: Durvet-fly-rid-ointment

    Insect Shield Blanket 56"x48" - Green
      Insect Shield Blanket 56"x48" - Green.

      The Insect Shield® Blanket Provides Built-in Pest Protection To Make It The Perfect Way To Stay Warm Outdoors. Whether You're Out Camping, Enjoying A Trip To The Beach, Or Just Hanging Out In The Backyard- Mosquitoes And Other Pests Can Prove To Be A Huge Nuisance. To Keep The Pests At Bay, This Blanket Is Specially Treated With Permethrin To Provide Protection From Bugs While Keeping You And You Rpet Warm. The Insect Shield Blanket Is Machine Washable And Can Be Washed Up To 25 Times Without Losing Its Efficacy. This Comfy Blanket Is Constructed With 100% Polyester And Is Available In Two Sizes And Colors To Meet The Needs Of Any Pet Or Person. Keep Your Pet Warm And Safe By Ordering This Incredible Blanket Today! Key Features: Resists Pests With Permethrin, Machine Washable Up To 25 Times Compact For Convenient Storage And Travel Material: 100% Polyester

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, other Pet Essentia Ls, gt, insect Shield, amp, reg, Blankets
      SKU: Insect-shield-blanket-56x48-green

    Missing Link Well Blend Hip & Joint (1 Lb)
      Missing Link Well Blend Hip & Joint (1 Lb).

      Missing Link Well Blend Hip & Joint Is A Palatable Dietary Supplement That Promotes Hip And Joint Health In Dogs. This Superfood Supplement Is Ideal For All Breeds Of Adult Dogs And Is Formulated To Be Safe Even For Dogs With Food Sensitivities. The Powder Includes Fatty Acids, Probiotics And Antioxidants That Work Synergistically To Reduce Inflammation And Rebuild Components Essential To Healthy Joint Function. Missing Li Nk Well Blend Hip & Joint Is Also Free Of Preservatives, Artificial Colorings Or Flavors, And Common Allergens To Ensure It Is Safe For All Dogs. This Resealable Package Contains One Pound Of The Delectable Supplement. Protect Your Pooch From Arthritis And Other Degenerative Joint Diseases With A Product They'll Absolutely Love And Order Today! Key Features: Promotes Healthy Joints, Hips, Skin, Coat, Immune Function And Digestion Free Of Corn, Soy, Wheat, Shellfish, Nuts, Meat, Meat By-products, Dairy, Egg, Preservatives, And Artificial Colorings Or Flavors Contains 1 Pound Of Powder To Provide Average Dog An 80-day Supply

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, missing Link Joint Support
      SKU: Missing-link-well-blend-hip-joint-1-lb

    Petlinks Cuddle Sack
      Petlinks Cuddle Sack.

      Petlinks Cuddle Sack Is A Soft, Plushy Sack Toy That Is Inviting For Kittens To Play And Nestle In. This Play Sack Offers Your Kitten Privacy To Help Your Cat Feel More Secure At Home. The Petlinks Cuddle Sack Also Offers A Concealed Material Underfoot That Will Crackle To Your Kitten's Wonderment And Delight. 12" X 8" Offers Your Kitten Privacy Hidden Material Crackles With Each Step

      Category: Floating Products, gt, cat Beds And Cushions
      SKU: Petlinks-cuddle-sack

    Petmate Infinity Programmable Lebistro 10 Lbs - Black
      Petmate Infinity Programmable Lebistro 10 Lbs - Black.

      The Petmate Infinity Programmable Feeder Not Only Reliably Delivers Portion-controlled Meals To Pets While The Pet Parent Is Away, It Also Eliminates The Daily Chore Of Scooping & Measuring. With A Large Lcd Screen & Built-in Meal Counter, Programming Is Easy, With 3 Simple Buttons That Take The Pet Parent Through The Process. The Food Hopper Is Conveniently Transparent For Monitoring Food Levels At A Glance & Has A Handy Twist-lock Lid To Keep The Food Fresh & Secure. The Bowl Is Removable For Easy Cleaning & Is Top-shelf Dishwasher Safe.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, petmate Infinity , amp, Lebistro
      SKU: Petmate-infinity-programmable-lebistro-10lbs

    Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls
      Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls.

      Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls Are Soft, Catnip-filled Toys That Encourage Quiet Play To Keep Cats Entertained While You Sleep. With Cats That Are Particularly Active At Dawn Or Dusk, It Can Be Near-impossible For Pet Parents To Get A Good Night’s Rest. These Innovative Rolls Aim To Channel Your Cat’s Energy Into A Silent Activity That Won’t Wake You. Petstages Darkness Time Catnip Rolls Are Filled Only With 100% North American Catnip To Ensure They Keep Your Cat’s Attention Rapt With A Safe Incentive. This Package Includes Three Of The Rolls To Keep Any Kitty Enthralled. Put Those Nighttime Troubles To Rest With These Soft And Silent Catnip Rolls Today! Key Features: Soft Material For Silent Play Stick Is Great Shape For Biting Filled With 100% North American Catnip - No Fillers

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, catnip Toys, gt, petstages Catnip Toys
      SKU: Petstages-night-time-catnip-rolls

    Savory Prime Natural Chicken Jerky (16 Oz)
      Savory Prime Natural Chicken Jerky (16 Oz).

      Savory Prime Natural Chicken Jerky Is A Delicious Jerky Treat That Makes For The Perfect Reward Or Snack For Any Dog. These High Quality Chicken Fillets Are All Natural And Slow Roasted To Give Them A Succulent Flavor That Dogs Love. These Treats Are Also A Great Source Of Protein And Is A Natural Source Of Important Nutrients That Your Dog Needs And Are 97% Fat Free. Spc Chicken Jerky Is Made To Usda Standards To Ensure That Is Safe And Healthy For Your Dog. The5e Treats Come In A 16 Ounce Resealable Package To Preserve Freshness- But There Are Also 4 Ounce , 8 Ounce , And 32 Ounce Bags Available. Your Dog Will Love These Palatable Jerky Treats, So Order Now! Key Features: 100% Natural Real Chicken Fillets Great For Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds Made To Usda Standards

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, savory Prime Natural Jerky
      SKU: Savory-prime-natural-chicken-jerky-16-oz

    Snack 21 Salmon Snacks For Cats (25 G)
      Snack 21 Salmon Snacks For Cats (25 G).

      Snack 21 Salmon Snacks For Cats Are One Of The World's Finest Foods In A Treat For Your Cat! These Dried Salmon Treats Are Wholesome, Nutritious And Naturally Delicious. Snack 21 Salmon Snacks For Cats Are Made From 100% Salmon Filets. There Are No By-products, Filters, Preservatives, Coloring Or Artificial Flavoring. They Are Full Of Rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, And Natural Vitamins And Minerals. 25 G Bag 100% Salmon Filets Rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids Natural Vitamins And Minerals

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, natural Cat Treats, gt, snack 21 For Cats
      SKU: Snack-21-salmon-snacks-for-cats-25-g

    Spot Farms Chicken Jerky - Flaxseed + Vitamin E (12 Oz)
      Spot Farms Chicken Jerky - Flaxseed + Vitamin E (12 Oz).

      Spot Farms Chicken Jerky - Flaxseed + Vitamin E Is An All-natural, All-american Jerky Treat That Your Dog Will Love!  these Tasty Treats Are Free Of Antibiotics And Are Even Supplemented With Flaxseed To Ensure That They Provide A Rich Source Of Vitamin E And Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Help Keep Your Pup Healthy. Spot Farms Chicken Jerky Flaxseed + Vitamin E Is Made From Chickens Raised In Kkentucky, So You Know That This Product Is Made In The Usa From Start To Finish. This Bag Includes 12 Ounces Of The Irresistible Natural Cuts And Is Resealable To Keep Each Treat Fresh. Order Your Dog's Jerky Treats From A Company You Can Trust And Grab A Bag From Spot Farms Oday! Key Features: All-natural Chicken Jerky Fortified With Flaxseed To Provide Omega Fatty Acids And Vitamin E Free Of Antibiotics, Grain, Corn, Wheat, Soy, And Animal Byproduct Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, spot Farms All-natural Skin , amp, Coat Dog Treats
      SKU: Spot-farms-chicken-jerky-flaxseed-vitamin-e-12-oz

    Stratford Dermabenz 3 Shampoo Benzoyl (12 Oz)
      Stratford Dermabenz 3 Shampoo Benzoyl (12 Oz).

      Stratford Dermabenz-3 Shampoo Works To Clean Your Pet And Degrease Their Skin To Relieve Itchy And Scaling Skin. Scaling And Itching Can Lead To More Serious Skin Conditions Such As Infections And Seborrheic Disorders; Therefore, It Is Important To Treat Scaly Or Itchy Skin As Soon As Possible. This Formulation Contains Both Benzoyl Peroxide And Other Ingredients To Degrease And Flush Out Follicles Woth Antiseptic To Prevent Bacterial And Fungal Infections. Stratford Dermabenz-3 Shampoo Is Appropriate For Cats, Dogs And Horses And Will Leave Them Smelling Fresh With A Citrus Scent. This Formulation Is Soap-free And Contains Moisturizers To Smooth Scaly Skin While It Cleans. This Shampoo Has Everything You Need To Ensure That Your Pet Stays Clean And That His Coat Stays Healthy, So Order It Today! Key Features: Antiseptic Properties To Prevent Infection Cleans And Deodorizes Cats, Dogs And Horses 12 Oz Bottle

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, stratford Shampoo
      SKU: Stratford-dermabenz-3-shampoo-benzoyl

    Zoo Med Eco Earth (single Brick)
      Zoo Med Eco Earth (single Brick).

      Zoo Med Eco Earth , A Compressed Coconut Fiber Expandable Substrate That Can Be Safely Composted Or Recycled, Is Perfect For All Types Of Reptiles, Amphibians, Small Animals, Or Insects. Compressed Brick Will Expand To Make 7 To 8 Liters Of Substrate. Made From An Eco-friendly Renewable Resource. Naturally Absorbs And Breaks Down Odor And Waste Products. Use Damp For Tropical Species, Dry For Desert Species, Or Mix With An Organic Fertilizer For The Perfect Vivaria Soil. Instructions: Place Brick In A Pail, Bucket, Or Sink. Add 4 Quarts (3 To 4 Liters) Of Water. Allow Brick To Expand For 20 To 30 Minutes. Wring Out Excess Moisture. For Small Animals, Snakes And Tarantulas Use Thirsty By Leaving Moist Substrate Out In The Sun Before Moving To Your Animal?s Enclosure.

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, substrates , amp, amp, Bedding, gt, zoo Med Substrates And Bedding
      SKU: Zoomedecoearth

    Death And The King's Horseman
      Death And The King's Horseman.

      Based On Events That Took Place In Oyo, An Ancient Yoruba City Of Nigeria, In 1946, Wole Soyinka's Powerful Play Concerns The Intertwined Lives Of Elesin Oba, The King's Chief Horseman; His Son, Olunde, Now Studying Medicine In England; And Simon Pilkings, The Colonial District Officer. The King Has Died And Elesin, His Chief Horseman, Is Expected By Law And Custom To Commit Suicide And Accompany His Ruler To Heaven. The Stage Is Set For A Dramatic Climax When Pilkings Learns Of The Rituaal And Decides To Intervene And Elesin's Son Arrives Home. "soyinka Both Entertains And Asks Subtle Questions About Mass Psycholog, Individual Psychology, And Universal Human Struggles Of The Will."-"chicago Tribune"

      SKU: 1200388
      ISBN: 9780393322996
      Author: Soyinka, Wole

    Men To Match Our Mountains
      Men To Match Our Mountains.

      Wyoming's Chief Game Warden, Jay Lawson, Has Chronicled The Life Histories Of Some Of The Most Colorful Outdoor Men And Women Of Early 20th Century Wyoming, Including Trappers, Cowboys, Forest Rangers, Hunting Guides And Early Game Wardens. Lawson Spent Years Conducting Interviews And Gathering More Than 140 Old Photographs Depicting Their Fascinating Lives Spent In Country As Wild As Their Spirits. This Is A Remarkable Collection. Were It Not For Lawson's Keen Interest In Wyoming History And His Gift As A Storyteller, Some Of The State's Most Legendary Figures And Their Stories Would Be Lost Forever. By Capturing The Memories Of Wyoming's Pioneer Outdoors People, Lawson Does A Tremendous Service For Our Generation, And Those Who Will Follow.-tom Reed, Author Of Great Wyoming Bear Stories And Give Me Mountains For My Horses. Jay Lawson's Book Has Preserved The History Of Wyoming's Colorful Outdoor Characters. His Career As A Wyoming Game Warden Took Him To Wild Places Where He Uncovered These Delightful Stories That He Is Sharing With Us. I Recommend Men To Match Our Mountains To Anyone With An Interest In Western History And Our Outdoor Heritage. - Dave Bragonier, Author Of Wild Journey

      SKU: 7804338
      ISBN: 9781932636321
      Author: Lawson, Jay

    The Way Of The Warrior: Stories Of The Crow People
      The Way Of The Warrior: Stories Of The Crow People.

      With Vigor And Insight, Crow Elders Tell Their Favorite Stories Of The Exploits Of Memorable Leaders From Years Past In "the Way Of The Warrior." Rousing Adventures And Unforgettable Warriors Inhabit These Tales: The Impetuous Rabbit Child, Who Rushes To His Fate As He Keeps A Sacred Vow; The Rise To Power And Dreaded Revenge Of Red Bear, One Of The Greatest And Most Spiritually Powerful Crow Leaders; The Dazzling Success And Even Greater Shame Of Spotted Horse; And The Legendary Bravery Of Top Of The Mountain. Decades Ago The Storytellers Represented Inn This Volume-including Carl Crooked Arm, Plain Feather, And Cold Wind-recounted These Tales To Two Crow Brothers, Henry Old Coyote And Barney Old Coyotd Jr. The Old Coyote Brothers Recorded, Transcribed, And Translated Into English The Accounts, Which Have Now Been Edited And Introduced By Barney's Granddaughter, Phenocia Bauerle. Bauerle's Editing Has Preserved The Power Of The Traditional Crow Oral Tales And Has Made Them Accessible To Non-crow Readers As Well. The Result Is A Work That Entertains And Teaches Readers About Traditional Crow Leaders And Their World. This Remarkable Collection Of Stories Also Shows That The Values That Guided And Inspired The Crow People In The Past Remain Meaningful For Them Today.

      SKU: 3255483
      ISBN: 9780803262300
      Author: Bauerle, Phenocia / Coyote, Henry Old / Coyote, Barney Old

    Mighty Samson Archives Volume 2
      Mighty Samson Archives Volume 2.

      With Fantastic Beasts, Savage Survivors Of A Nuclear War, And Imaginative Artwork By Frank Thorne And Jack Sparling, Mighty Samson Archives Volume 2 Hits The Ground Running With Nonstop Post-apocalyptic Adventure And Sci-fi Fun. Created By Prolific Writer Otto Binder And Artistic Titan Frank Thorne, The Mighty Samson's Comic-book Career Lasted For Only Thirty-two Issues, But Dark Horse Is Bringing The Exploits Of This Daring, One-eyed Adventurer To Modern Audiences In A Series Of Elegant Hardcovers Born Into A Peaceful Yet Primitive Tribe Of N'yark, In A Radioactive Future America, Samson Vows To Protect His Defenseless Human Kin From The Dangers Around Them - And His Motto Becomes, "to Protect The Weak From The Powerful, The Good From The Evil " With The Beautiful Sharmaine And Her Scientist Father, Mindor, Samson Ventures Out Into His Strange World On A Quest To Unravel The Secrets Of His Country's Past While Surviving In A Future Filled With Ridiculously Transformed Animals And Desperate, Violent Humans. Surprisingly Lighthearted, These Tales Have More Than A Little Humor Mixed In With Their Themes Of Destruction And Human Folly.

      SKU: 10390970
      ISBN: 9781595826596
      Author: Binder, Otto / Sparling, Jack / Thorne, Frank

    Prince Aalley Em Of Loafing Hills Farm
      Prince Aalley Em Of Loafing Hills Farm.

      Prince Alley Em Is Mary Ann Powells Second Book Published. Its A Sequel To Her First Book, Emerson. The Story Takes You Comfortably Back Into Life At The Spencer Familys Loafing Hills Horse Farm, Located At The Foothills Of Sugarloaf Mountain, In Maryland. The Farm Maintains Horses Used For Breaking, Schooling, Showing And Trail Riding. Along With Showing Jumpers And Hunters, Carol And Her Friend Gloria Try New Adventures - Riding In Combined Training, Working With A Rescue Farm, A Riding School For Therapeutic Children, Polo Events, And Even The Miniature Horse Scene And Shows. As You Join This Irresistible Family In Your Reading Youll Find Yourself Cheering, Laughing, And Sometimes Even Crying As They Share Their Love For Each Other And Dedication To Their Horses. If You Have Love For Horses In Your Heart, Youll Enjoy This Story Of Life At Loafing Hills Farm.

      SKU: 6708953
      ISBN: 9781438927152
      Author: Powell, Mary Ann

    Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings
      Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings.

      This Year's Dark Horse Maverick Anthology Is An Amazing Collection Of Stories By The Hottest Up-and-coming Talent Along With The Industry's Giants. The Artists' Mission Was Deceptively Simple: In One Way Or Another, Each Tale Had To Work With The Theme Of Happy Endings-literally Or Otherwise. Regardless Of The Approach, Every Creator Involved Poured Heart And Soul Into The Work, And The Results Are Astounding: From Gilbert Austin's Depression-era Hucksters "barley And Diggs, " To Brian Michael Bendis's Autobiographical Convention Tale "only In..." To Mike Mignola's Fractured Fable Of "the Magician And The Snake, " The Stories Are As Varied As The Creators Themselves

      SKU: 7042023
      ISBN: 9781569718209
      Author: Kieth, Sam / Dalrymple, Farel / Mignola, Mike

    Double Or Nothing
      Double Or Nothing.

      Kip Is A Typical Teenager, Trying To Catch The Buzz. It Is Not Drugs Or Alcohol That Are Going To Get Him There, But The Pure Adrenaline Rush That Hits When You Are Playing For High Stakes: Thhe Risks, The Thrill - Throw In Some Money And The Fun Really Begins. "double Or Nothing" Follows Kip's Ride As He Gets More And More Involved In High-stakes Gambling. Although He Is A Good Kid, Does Well In School And Works At His Uncle's Restaurant To Save For College, His Rush Comes From Betting. What Begins As Ten-dollar Wagers With His Buddy Quickly Escalates. Kip Constantly Makes Bets With Himself - What Wine Will His Next Customer Order? Will It Be A Glass Or A Bottle? He Has The Attitude, Knows The Odds And Has Done His Research. The Thrill Comes Only When Money Is Laid Down. To Increase The Thrill Just Raise The Stakes. If Smell Is The Strongest Sense, Imagine The Smell Of Victory, The Smell Of Money. Who Could Resist? When Kip Meets The Enticing And Wonderful Joey, Things Couldn't Be Better. She Is Unlike Any Girl He Has Known. They Begin Hanging Out And Then Kip Meets Joey's Father, King Hewitt, Master Illusionist. Nothing Could Be Cooler. A Magician Plays The Margins Like No Other. Unfortunately, King Turns Out To Be A Compulsive Gambler, And Takes His Young Charge To Places He Has Never Been Before: The Races To Bet On Horses And Casinos To Play The Slots. After Winning Their First Big Race On A Tip, Kip Thinks King Is A Genius. Despite The Spectacle Of King Losing Fifty Bucks In Less Than Four Minutes On The Slots, Kip Only Becomes More Hooked. Can He Really Feel The Energy Emanating From The Machine? Kip Starts Skipping School, Missing Work, Diving Into His College Fund. Thebuzz Is Still Increasing, But So Are His Debts. He Knows He Needs Just Individual More Big Win To Get It All Back. Then King Hits A Losing Streak And Disappears. Joey's Home Is Crashing Down Around Her And The Repo Men Are Turning Up. Can Kip Keep Lying To Her And His Mom? Can He Beat The Odds And Turn Things Around Before He Hits Bottom?

      SKU: 2289392
      ISBN: 9780613518208
      Author: Foon, Dennis

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