Horses On The Farm

    Horses On The Farm
      Horses On The Farm.

      Take A Trip To The Farm With These Fun Books Beginning Readers Will Learn About Each Animal's Physical Appearance And Basic Needs And Why Farmers Raise These Types Of Animals. This Series Explores And Supports The Standard "the Living Environment: Interdependence Of Life," As Required By Benchmarks For Science Literacy: Project 2061.

      SKU: 2676174
      ISBN: 9780736811897
      Author: Schuh, Mari C. / Saunders-smith, Gail

    6" Cotton Tipped Applicators (100 Count)
      6" Cotton Tipped Applicators (100 Count).

      Non-sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs Are Ideal For Cleansing, Removal Of Debris And For Applying Topical Medications. 100 Count 6 Inch Durable Cotton Tip

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, vet One Cotton Tipped Applicators
      SKU: Applicator

    Ascenta Feline Omega-3 (4.7 Oz)
      Ascenta Feline Omega-3 (4.7 Oz).

      Help Your Cat's Overall Well-being With Ascenta Feline Omega-3 Ascenta Feline Omega-3 4.7-oz Fish Oil Offers Your Cat Numerous Benefits, Since It Contains Nutrients That Are Critical To The Healthy Functioning Of Various Systems, But Difficult For Indoor Cats To Come By. Ascenta Feline-omega 3 Packs All Of These Nutrients Together In A Convenient Form. This Product Fights Various Health Problems. Ascenta Feline Omega-3 Consists Of A Blend Of Fish Oil And Rosemary Extract. Omega-3 Offers A Variety Of Health Benefits, Contributing To A Lustrous Coat, Healthy Joints, Heart And Immune System Health, Kidney Function, And General Growth. The Diet Of An Indoor Cat Typically Doesn't Provide Enough Omega-3, Even If Canned Fish Is Part Of That Diet. Fish Oil Is Effective Because It Contains Such Highest Amounts Of The Omega-3 Acids Dha And Epa. Benefits: Contains A Balanced Ratio Of Epa To Dha Made With Wild Fish, Which Contain Higher Quantities Of Omega-3 Available In A Delicious Fish Flavor Beneficial To Cats Of Every Age, Breed, And Health Condition

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, ascenta Omega-3 For Dogs , amp, Cats
      SKU: Ascenta-feline-omega-3-4-7-oz

    Petcurean Go! Fit + Free Adult Dog Food -chicken Turkey + Trout (12 Lb)
      Petcurean Go! Fit + Free Adult Dog Food -chicken Turkey + Trout (12 Lb).

      Our Go! Fit + Free™ Adult Recipe Is Prepared With Premium-quality Meat Proteins, Fruits & Veggies, And Omega Oils. Our Fit + Free™ Recipes Have The Most Meat Of Any Go! Recipe. A Protein-rich, Lower Carb Diet Helps Your Dog Stay Strong, Healthy And Fit. Pre And Probiotics To Aid With Digestive Health Omega Oils For Healthy Skin And Coat Gluten Free Zero By-product Meals, Added Growth Hormones, Or Artificial Preservatives Zero Beef, Wheat, Corn Or Soy Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, petcurean Go, Fit , Free, amp, trade, Dog Food
      SKU: Go-fit-free-adult-dog-food-chicken-12-lb

    Greenies Freshmint Treat-pak - Teenie 43 Treats (12 Oz)
      Greenies Freshmint Treat-pak - Teenie 43 Treats (12 Oz).

      Greenies® Mint Treat-pak™ - Teenie® (12 Oz) Are Minty Dental Treats That Will Leave Your Pup's Breath Smelling Fresh! Tired Of Deplorable Doggy Breath Plaguing Your Pooch? Treat Your Dog To A Mint Greenie And Eradicate His Halitosis With A Nutritious Treat That Also Promotes Dental Health! Greenies Mint Treat-pak - Teenie (12 Oz) Contains Treats With A Unique Texture That Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth As He Chews. These Treats Are Ideal For Dogs Weighing Between 5 And 15 Pounds And Were Made In The Usa To Ensure That They're Safe For Your Pup! Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy With These Delectable Dental Treats And Order Today! Key Features: Minty Flavor Helps Freshen Bad Breath Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar To Keep Teeth And Gums Heallthy Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies
      SKU: Greenies-freshmint-treat-pak-teenie-12-oz

    Hagen Guinea Pig Pellets (5 Lb)
      Hagen Guinea Pig Pellets (5 Lb).

      Hagen Guinea Pig Pellets Is A Complete Pelleted Diet Suitable For All Stages Of A Guinea Pig's Life Cycle. All Vital Nutrients Required For Breeding, Lactation, Growth And Maintenance Are Included. The Pellets Contain Vitamin C To Compensate For The Guinea Pig's Inability To Manufacture This Important Vitamin, Lack Of Which Will Cause Serious Health Problems. Regular Use Of A Balanced Vitamin Supplement Such As Hagdn Vitamin Supplement Conditioner Is Recommended To Help Prevent Any Vitamin Deficiencies. The Diet May Also Be Supplemented With Fresh Greens Daily As Well As A Dried Hay Product Such As Hagen Alfalfa. Hagen Guinea Pig Pellets Comes In A Resealable Zipper Bag To Seal In Freshness. This Product Weight Is 5-pound. Measures Of Bag 14-1/2-inch Length By 9-inch Width By 2-inch Height. Argyle Polo Shirt Spring And Summer 2011 Clothing Collection For Small Dogs All Vital Nutrients Required For Breeding, Lactation, Growth And Maintenance Are Included The Pellets Contain Vitamin C To Compensate For The Guinea Pig's Inability To Manufacture This Important Vitamin This Product Weight Is 5-pound Measures Of Bag 14-1/2-inch Length By 9-inch Width By 2-inch Height

      Category: Slender Pets, gt, small Pet Food , amp, amp, Treats, gt, hagen Pet Food And Treats
      SKU: Hage-guinea-pig-pellets-5-lb

    Naturvet Hip & Joint Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chew)
      Naturvet Hip & Joint Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chew).

      Naturvet Hip & Joint Plus Omegas For Cats Supports Hip And Joint Health With A Pleasing Soft Chew That Is Easy To Administer.  these Chews Combine Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins, And Glucosamine To Repair And Reconstruct Damaged Joints And To Prevent Further Damage And Inflammation From Afflicting Them. Naturvet Hip & Joint Plus Omegas For Cats Is Made Without Wheat Fillers Here In The Usa To Ensure That They Are Safe For Your Cat. This Reusable, Dishwasher-safe Container Includes 60 Palatable Soft Chews That Work To Keep Your Cat Mobile And Happy. Protect Your Cat's Joints With These Delectable Chews And Order Today! Key Features: Maintain Flexibility And Mobility By Promoting Hip And Join Tfunction Contains 60 Palatable Soft Chews To Provide 30-day Supply For Most Cats Made In The Usa Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, naturvet Joint Supplements
      SKU: Naturvet-hip-joint-cats-60-soft-chew

    Plato Natural Duck Dog Treats (16 Oz)
      Plato Natural Duck Dog Treats (16 Oz).

      Plato Natural Duck Dog Treats Are Delicious, Natural Treats Made From Top-quality Organic Duck That Your Dog Will Love. These Delicious Snacks Contains Abundant Nutrients That Your Pet Needs To Maintain Immune And Cardiovascular Health. The Treats Also Provide A Valuable Source Of Vitamin C And Other Nutrients That Promote Other Areas Of Your Dog's Healrh As Well. Plato Natural Duck Dog Treats Comes With 16 Ounces Of Treats In A Resealable Bag That Preserves Freshness. These Duck Treats Are Delicious- But Plato Makes Treats With Natural Chicken And Salmon . No Matter Which Flavor You Choose, Your Dog Willl Ove Plato Natural Dog Treats- So Order Today! Key Features: Contains Valuable Nutrients That Promote General Health Comes In 16 Oz Resealable Bag Made With Real Palatable Duck

      Category: Dog Ssupplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, plato Natural Treatss
      SKU: Plato-natural-duck-dog-treats-16-oz

    Sweetwater Nutrition Complezyme Plus (100 Count)
      Sweetwater Nutrition Complezyme Plus (100 Count).

      Normal, Healthy Digestion Is A Key Part Of Your Dog?s Overall Good Health. Under Normal Conditions, Your Dog?s Digestive System Is Able To Develop And Maintain A Healthy Balance Of Friendly Bacteria Needed To Support Healthy Digestion. But With Stressful Situations Such As Traveling, Dietary Changes, Age, Illness, Deworming, Antibiotic Treatment, Or Even Separation Anxiety From Family Members Gone During The Day, This Delicate Balance Can Easily Become Upset And Your Dog Can Develop Digestion Or Elimination Issues, Such As Excessive Gas Or Loose Stools, That Can Take Its Toll Over Time. Under Stressful Conditions, The Number Of Bad (pathogenic) Bacteria Quickly Increases, While The Number Of Beneficial Bacteria Decreases. As A Result, This Imbalance Can Lead To Digestion Upsets Including Diarrhea, Constipation, And Discomfort. And When It Comes To The Health Of Your Dog, Especially Keeping His Sensitive Digestive System Working Properly, You Want To Take The Best Care Possible By Providing Him With A Healthy, Effective Solution. Complezyme Plus Is An Effective Digestive Aid That Can Help Restore The Normal Balance In The Intestines, Working Quickly To Get Your Dog?s Digestive Health Back On Track. All Natural And Without Fillers Or Commercial Additives, Complezyme Plus Provides The Gastrointestinal Relief And Daily Support Your Dog Need To Help Maintain His Active Lifestyle. Ideal For Digestive Upset In Dogs Including Gas, Loose Stools And Diarrhea. Happy Dog Jumpingcomplezyme Plus Helps Restore This Delicate Balance To Its Natural, Healthy State By Providing Viable Lactobacillus Acidophilus (500,000 Cfu At Time Of Manufacture). These Live, Naturally Occurring Micro-organisms, Called Probiotics Or ?friendly Bacteria?, Help Support A Favorable Environment For The Absorption Of Nutrients, Encourage Intestinal Microflora Balance, And Promote The Healthy Functioning Of The Intestinal System. Complezyme Plus Also Contains A Concentrated Blend Of Three Natural Digestive Enzymes For Dogs, Including Bromelain Enzymes And Ox Bile, Which Are Quickly And Easily Absorbed. This Effective Blend Of Digestive Enzymes Play An Important Role In The Complex Process Of Digestion By Assisting With The Breakdown Of Starches, Proteins, Ftas And Cellulose, As Well As Replace Valuable Food Nutrients That Are Lost During The Processing Of Most Dog Foods. Senior Dogs, Too, Can Benefit Greatly From Complezyme Plus, As Older Dogs Typically Do Not Produce Adequate Amounts Of Enzymes On Their Own. The Addition Of These Digestive Enzymes For Dogs Along With Probiotics And Prebiotics Produces A Balanced And Effective Approach To A Digestive Aid. If Your Dog Exhibits Sudden, Chronic Or Prolonged Diarrhea Ask Your Veterinarian For Advice Since Diarrhea Can Indicate Underlying Medical Conditions That Need Immediate Treatment. We Recommend A Consultation With Your Veterinarian Before Using Any Supplement. Complezyme Plus Benefits: Helps Maintain Healthy Digestive Function Ideal For

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digetsion Supplements, gt, sweetwater Nutrition, amp, reg, Complezyme Plus
      SKU: Sweetwater-nutrition-complezyme-plus-100-count

    Swipets Glove Cat Hair Removal Blue - Single
      Swipets Glove Cat Hair Removal Blue - Single.

      Swipets Cat Hair Removal Glove Is The Perfect Tool For Cleaning Up Pet Fur For Cats And Dogs And Can Help Control Shedding And Fur Balls. Made From A Proprietary Blend Of Spandex And Nylon, These Gloves Work To Easily Remove Fur From Common Surfaces. These Materials Make Clean-up As Simple As Wiping A Polluted Surface And Watching The Fur Cling To The Glove. Swipets Cat Hair Removal Glove Will Clump Fur Together In A Way That Makes The Glove Easy To Clean And Reuse. This Glove Comes Ina Stylish Blue Color- But A Green Glove Is Also Available, As Is A 2-pack Of White Gloves . You'll Love How Easy It Is To Keep Your Home Clean With These Gloves, So Order Today! Key Features: Made Of Unique Material That Clumps And Collects Fur Sturdy And Ergonomic Design Reduce Toll Of Cleaning Comes With 1 Glove, Available In 2-packs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, hair Removal , amp, amp, Other Cleaning, gt, swipets Gloves
      SKU: Swipets-glove-cat-hair-removal-blue-single

    Vectra 3d Small Dog 11 To 20 Lbs 6-pack Teal
      Vectra 3d Small Dog 11 To 20 Lbs 6-pack Teal.

      Vectra 3d Protects Your Pets Against Parasties And Pathogens. Vectra 3d Uses A Three Pronged Approach To Keep Your Pet Safe From Disease Carrying Agents By Utilizing Dinotefuran, Permethrin And Pyriproxyfen. The Dinotefuran Is An Insecticide That Functions By Causing Continuous Stimulation Of The Nervous System Of Insects Upon First Contact. This Stimulation Leads To Tremors And Quick Deaths In Insects As They Land On Your Dog. Permethrin Is An Adulticide And Works To Repel Vectors, Such As Mosquitoes, Ticks And Sand Flies By Causing Them To Lose Control Of Their Nervous System. Lastly, Pyripoxyfen, An Insect Growth Regulator, Works To Prevent Development Of Fleas In Their Early Stages. This Keeps Them As Eggs, Larvae And Pupae Until The Other Active Ingredients Functionally Decimate Them. Vectra 3d Has Been Clinically Shown To Provide Fast-acting Protection Against Multiple Pests Lasting Up To One Month. In Addition To Repelling Mosqquitoes, Ticks, And Sand Flies, Vectra 3d Repels And Kills Fleas, Lice, And Mites Quickly And Effectively. In Fact, It Has Been Shown To Reduce The Number Of Ticks In Only 24-hours And Begins Killing Fleas Within The First Two Hours Of Use. Vectra 3d Remains Effective After Bathing And It Can Be Used On Dogs And Puppies Older Than 7 Weeks. Vectra 3d Comes In 4 Dosing Sizes Based On Your Dog?s Body Weight. The Product Is Available For All Weights In Packs Of 3-doses And Packs Of 6-doses. Vectra 3d Green For Dogs & Puppies Is Intended For Dogs Between 2.5 And 20 Pounds And This Particular Package Comes With 6 Doses. For Heavier Dogs, Use Vectra 3d Blue, Vectra 3d Purple, Or Vecra 3d Red. Vectra 3d Is Also Available For Cats And Kittens. Please Read The Application Instructions Thoroughly Before Applying Vectra 3d To Your Pets. Key Features: Kills Fleas, Ticks, Sand Flies, Mosquitoes, Lice And Mites On Contact Before They Can Bite Repels Pests For Full Month Per Dose Comes In Four Varieties Depending On Dog Weight: Teal For Dogs 11 To 20 Lbs, Blue For Dogs 21-55 Lbs, Purple For Dogs 55-95 Lbs And Red For Dogs Over 95 Lbs Contains: Dinotefuran, Permethrin, And Pyriproxyfen

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, vectra 3d For Dogs
      SKU: Vectra-3d-green-dogs-puppies-2-5-20-lbs-6-doses

    Changes For Felicity
      Changes For Felicity.

      Felicity Merriman Is A Spunky, Spritely Girl Growing Up In Virginia In 1774, Just Before The Revolutionary War. Felicity's Stories Tell Of The Adventures Of This Spirited Girl, Who Grows Impatient Doing The "sitting Down Kinds Of Things" That Colonial Girls Are Expected To Do. Felicity Much Prefers To Be Outdoors, Especially Riding Horses In Her Stories, Felicity Learns About Responsibility And Loyalty - To Her Family, Her Friends, And Her New Country - And What It Means To Be Truly Free. As War Between The Patriots And Loyalists Looms, Felicity Faces Chanegs At Home And In Her Relationship With Her Best Friend, Elizabeth.

      SKU: 6960649
      ISBN: 9781562470371
      Author: Tripp, Valerie

    Horse Tales
      Horse Tales.

      For Any Child With A Passion For Horses, This Collection Of Fourteen Tales, Gloriously Illustrated By Inga Moore, Is The Perfect Equine Companion. Saddle Up, Take The Reins, And Prepare For An Exhilarating Ride Through This Field Of Horse Tales Here You'll Find Difficult Horses And Dream Ponies, Ponies In Danger, And Horses That Ride To The Rescue. June Crebbin's Collection Of Fourteen Stories Draws On A Wide Range Of Places, Times, And Cultures: There Are Tales From Ancient Greece, Fourteenth-century Mongolia, And France In The Middle Ages; Traditional Tales From Russia And Native America; And Stories From The Present Day, Too. The Horses And Ponies Themselves Are Equally Diverse - Of All Colors And Characters - Each Magnificently Rendered By Award-winning Artist Inga Moore.

      SKU: 2927824
      ISBN: 9780763626570
      Author: Crebbin, June / Moore, Inga

    Horse Sense, Business Sense Vol. 1
      Horse Sense, Business Sense Vol. 1.

      Equine Therapy Programs Have Been In Existence For Nearly Thirty Years In The Form Of Therapeutic Riding. However, A New Form Of Equine Assisted Practice Has Evolved In The Past Decade, And A Growing Number Of People Are Experiencing Profound Healing And Siginficant Personal Growth Throughh The Application Of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (eap) And Equine Assisted Learning (eal) Programs. Both Therapists And Horse People Alike Have Been Attacted To The New Discipline, Seeking To Let Alone More Traditional Roles Behind In Their Respective Worlds. However, While Eap And Eal Grow In Credibility, These Same Odd Bedfellows Are Struggling With The Realitiees Of Operating Both An Equine Business And A Mental Healing Practice Under One Umbrellawith Sometimes Disastrous Results. Developed By One Of The Leaders In The Field Of Equine Assisted Practice, Horse Sense, Business Sense Is Book Written For Those Seeking To Learn The Business Basics Essential For A Successful Journey Into Equine Assisted Therapy And Learning. Practical And Pragmatic, Horse Sense, Business Sense Relates The Straightforward And Oftentimes Humorous Story Of Author Shannon Knapps Own Journey From Idealistic Upstart To Savvy Entrepreneur, With Key Principles And Pointers Ideal For The New Therapy Business. Shannon Knapp Is One Of The More Experienced Veterans In The Field, And Has Learned Firsthand That Creating A Successful Practice Comes Only After Learning How To Create A Successful Business Foundation. Learn The Necessary Horse Sense Principles To Avoid The Pitfalls That Can Threaten Your Success In The Exciting New World Of Equine Assisted Practice. Horse Sense, Business Sense Is The Book Therapists And Equine Businesseshave Been Waiting Forand A Terrific Common-sense Book For Anyone Trying To Be Financially Successful While Following Their Dreams. Kendall Summerhawk, Author Of Brilliance Unbridled, Says, "running A Horse Business Is A Labor Of Love. Horse Sense, Business Sense] Is Chock Full Of Practical Insights And Real-life Information That Will Give Every Horse Business Owner The Shot They Deserve At Being Successful. Definitely A Must-read "

      SKU: 4365075
      ISBN: 9780979404108
      Author: Knapp, Shannon C.

    We Fed Them Cactus
      We Fed Them Cactus.

      Documents The Daily Activities Of Hispanic Pioneers-buffalo Hunting, Horse Breaking, Sheep Herding, Preparing And Preserving Food, Sewing, Tending The Sick, And Educcating Children Are Included In This Rich Recuerdo, As Well As Stories Of Comancheros, Tejanos, Americanos, And Outlaws.

      SKU: 3596677
      ISBN: 9780826315038
      Author: Cabeza De Baca, Fabiola / De Baca, Carlos / Gilbert, Fabiola Cabeza De Baca

    Ormond Beach
      Ormond Beach.

      The Ormond Beach Area's Earliest Known Inhabitants Were The Timucua Indians, Whose Primitive, Blunt-nosed Canoes Skimmed The Waters Of The Halifax And Tomoka Rivers In Northeast Volusia County. Soon, Hardy Settlers Also Made Their Way To The Area-brothers John Andrew And Charles Bostrom Were Attracted By The Mighty Oaks And Sparkling Spring Water In 1868 And Were Soon Followed By Other Rugged Visionaries. As The Town Grew, Entrepreneurs Began Their Work, And One Of The Most Celebrated Area Landmarks, The Hotel Ormond, Was Opened In 1888 . At The Turn Of The Century, The Hard-packed White Sands Of The Nearby Beach Became A Natural Proving Ground For Gas- And Steam-driven Horseless Carriages-the Original "birthplace Of Speed." The Region Was Blessed With Abundant Resources, A Mild And Inviting Climate, And Natural Beauty, All Of Which Served To Entice John D. Rockefeller, Perhaps Ormond Beach's Most Famous Resident, To Spend His Winters In The Area. His Three-story Home Now Serves The Community As A Cultural Center And Museum.

      SKU: 2689722
      ISBN: 9780738502571
      Author: Ormond Beach Historical Trust / Ormund Beach Historical Trust Inc

    Second Chance Cowboy
      Second Chance Cowboy.

      The Gorgeous H Unk Of Cowboy Flesh Had A Name- Hank Monroe-and Just About Every Woman In Whitehorse Dreamed Of Being His Match. So Why Would The Newcomer Want To Date Plain Ol' Arlene Evans? His Arrival Was Enough To Flip Her World Upside Down-leaving No Time At All To Get Her Hair Done-but Could He Also Set It Right? When Arlene's Pregnant Daughter Disappears, Hank's Got The Connections To Close The Case. But With His Own Past Catching Up-heck, Nobody's Perfect -arlene Will Do Anything To Get To The Bottom Of One Tall, Masculine, Montana Mysteery. Their Lives Are On The Line, But Nothing In This Rough And Tumble World Can Tear Hank And Arlene Apart.

      SKU: 1099904
      ISBN: 9780373888337
      Author: Daniels, B. J.

    Toby Keith Guitar Collection
      Toby Keith Guitar Collection.

      14 Of The Biggest Hits From This Country Megastar Are Presented In This Collection. Includes: American Soldier * Beer For My Horses * Country Comes To Town * Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue * Honkytonk U * How Do You Like Me Now? * I Love This Bar * I Wanna Talk About Me * A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action * My List * She's A Hottie * Whiskey Girl * Who's Your Daddy? * You Ain't Much Fun.

      SKU: 2372738
      ISBN: 9780634085734
      Author: Keith, Toby

    Equine Back Pathology: Diagnosis And Treatment
      Equine Back Pathology: Diagnosis And Treatment.

      An Invaluable Reference Dedicated To The Equine Back, Providing Comprehensive Coverage By International Specialists. Equine Back Pathology: Diagnosis And Treatment Is The First Book To Explore Conditions And Problems Of The Horses Back And Pelvis, Which Are Often Difficult To Diagnose And Treat. The Importance Of The Horse's Back To Their Function And Athletic Ability Cannot Be Underestimated. There Has Been Considerable Progress In Recent Years In Understanding Back Problems In The Horse, And This Book Brings Together The Most Recent Research. The Book Is Divided Into Sections Covering: * The Normal Anatomy And Kinematics Of The Horse's Back * The Approach To Investigating Suspected Back Pathology * Diagnosis And Treatment Of Specific Conditions * Back Pathology In Specific Sporting Disciplines * Complementary Therapy And Rehabilitation This Book Is A Vital Tool For Those Engaged In Improving The Diagnosis And Management Of All Horses With Back Problems.

      SKU: 6099006
      ISBN: 9781405154925
      Author: Henson, Frances

    Gossamer Seasons
      Gossamer Seasons.

      Haynes W. "buddy" Dugan Ii Has Had An Adventurous Life As A Student, Marine Officer, Social Worker, Military Chaplain, And Active Sportsman. Having Lived Through Many Historical Events, He Offers Insight Into The Events From World War Ii, The Cuban Blockade, Vietnam, And The Bosnian Deployment, To The Present. Along The Way He Met Several Notable People; He Shares His Account Of Meetings With Colonel James Earl Rudder, Of The Rudder's Rangers Who Seized The German Gun Positions On Pointe Du Hoc On D Day; Clark Clifford, Who Was A Counsel To U.s. Presidents And The Secretary Of Defense; Walter Cronkite; Debbie Boone; Muhammad Ali; And Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Buddy Dugan Takes Us Back In Time As He Describes His Adventures From His Childhood Up Through Seven Decades Of Active Life, Involving Soldiering, Parachuting, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Hunting, Riding Horses, And Leading Pack Animals Into Rocky Mountain Wilderness Areas To Hunt And Fish He Spent Over Six Years In Europe And Skied In Germany, Austria, And Switzerland. "gossamer Seasons" Tells The Story Of A Life Fully Lived, In Which Tragedies Occurred And Loves Were Lost. It Is A Life That Served And Assisted Others, And One In Which Love Ultimately Triumphs.

      SKU: 10153037
      ISBN: 9781450240871
      Author: Dugan Ii, Haynes W. "buddy"

    The 25 Greatest Moments In Camp Randall Stadium
      The 25 Greatest Moments In Camp Randall Stadium.

      Throughout The Years The University Of Wisconsin Football Program Hasprovided Badger Fans With Many Memorable Moments At Camp Randall Stadium?the Running Of Heisman Trophy Winners Alan ?the Horse? Ameche And Ron ?the Great? Dayne; The Rough-and-tumble Days Of The ?51 Hard Rocks; ?42 Legends Like Elroy ?crazy Legs? Hirsch And Dave Schreiner; The Matt Schabert-to-lee Evans Touchdown Pass To Beat #3-ranked Ohio State In ?03; And The ?81 Upset Of #1-ranked Michigan. Which Moment Is The Most Memorable? Let The Great Debate Begin. The 2005 Wisconsin Football Season Slogan, ?celebrate The Legacy, ? Is Exactly What Author Mike Lucas Does As He Takes An Inside Look At The Players, Coaches And Teams Who Make Up The 25 Greatest Moments In Camp Randall Stadium History. Lucas, Who Has Covered The Badgers In Five Different Decades Dating To The Late ?60?s, Painstakingly Researched Each Of The Greatest Moments And Has Ranked Them In Order Of Their Importance And Impact On The Uw Progam. Read F

      SKU: 4344545
      ISBN: 9780975876954
      Author: Lucas, Mike

    Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig In His Time
      Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig In His Time.

      "all These Many Years Down The Road, Lou Gehrig's Reputation Still Holds Up-as Does Ray Robinson's Elegant Biography."-bob Costas Lou Gehrig Will Go Down In History As One Of The Best Ballplayers Of All Time; He Was Elected To The Hall Of Fame And Played In A Record-setting 2,130 Consecutive Games. Als-known Today As "lou Gehrig's Disease"-robbed Him Of His Physical Skills At A Relatively Young Age, And He Died In 1941. Ray Robinson Re-creates The Life Of This Legendary Ballplayer And Also Provides An Insightful Look At Baseball, Including All The Great Playerso F That Era: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, And More. 16 Photographs.

      SKU: 1200935
      ISBN: 9780393328820
      Author: Robinson, Ray, Ii

    Mastodon Discography
      Mastodon Discography.

      Mastodon Is An Atlanta, Georgia-based Heavy Metal Band Formed In 1999 By Guitarists Brent Hinds And Bill Kelliher, Bassist And Vocalist Troy Sanders, And Drummer Brann Dailor. Their Discography Consists Of Four Studio Albums, A Compilation Album, Two Extended Plays, Four Singles, A Video Album, Nine Music Videos, And A Demo Album. In 2001, Mastodon Released Their Debut Album (an Ep), Lifesblood, Followed By The First Full-length Album In 2002, Remission; Which Were All Released By Relapse Records. After A Tour Promoting The Album Remission, They Released Their Second Full-length Leviathan, Issued In August 2004. In February 2006, Mastodon Released Two Records-first A Compilation Of Their Early Recordings, Titled Call Of The Mastodon And Shortly After, The Dvd The Workhorse Chronicles. This Same Year Marked The Band's Debut In A Major Label, Through Warner Bros. They Released Blood Mountain, Peaking At Number 32 On The Billboard 200 Charts. In 2009 They Released Crack The Skye, Their Most Successful Album To Date, Peaking At Number 11.

      SKU: 9705288
      ISBN: 9786130735432
      Author: Miller, Frederic P. / Vandome, Agnes F. / Mcbrewster, John

    My Yankee Girl
      My Yankee Girl.

      The Yankee Village Of Long Ridge Cradles Our Story Of A Boy And Girl Working, Play-wrestling, And Growing Amid The Red Barns And Broad Haylands Adjoining Their Homes. After School And Doing Chores, When The Long Afternoons Of Eastern War Time Turned Warm With The Season, The Young Pals Rode A Great, Black Horse Across Fields And Over Stone Walle, Moving As One Rider With Its Animal Power. They Often Sought A Deep Pond In The Forest, Stripped To Scant Underwear And Swam In The Chill Waters,then Sunned Themselves Dry On A Warm Shelf Of Rock. In These Swift Hours, Stolen Out Of Time, They Left Unspoken The Special Feelings They Sensed, Signified By Tasting Each Other With A First Kiss Beside A Woodland Sprinv. Yet Time And The War Were Hurrying Their Lives. Come Darkness On The Hill And They Could See On The Horizon The Flaming Glow Of Dying American Ships, Loaded Oil Tankers Torpedoed By Nazi Submarines. Yet Before The Young Couple Finishes Their Teen Years, They Leave The Ridges To Seize Their Futures At Home, At Sea, And In A World At War. It Was A Time When All Goodbyes Were Uncertain And Some Were Forever.

      SKU: 2170247
      ISBN: 9780595673643
      Author: Rowland, Stanley J., Jr.

    Free Shipping Kb 11 Xi Elite Low 4kb Red Horse Sneakers For Sale High Quality Mens Basketball Kobe Sport Shoes Size Eur 40-46
      Free Shipping Kb 11 Xi Elite Low 4kb Red Horse Sneakers For Sale High Quality Mens Basketball Kobe Sport Shoes Size Eur 40-46.

      Kobe Basketball Shoes,competitive Price,fast Shipping,combined Order,drop Shipping Available,best And Timely Service,100% Satisfaction ,bog Discount For Big Order.

      Category: Basketballshoes
      SKU: 389888915

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