I'd Like The World To Buy A Coke: The Life And Leadership Of Roberto Goizueta

    I'd Like The World To Buy A Coke: The Life And Leadership Of Roberto Goizueta
      I'd Like The World To Buy A Coke: The Life And Leadership Of Roberto Goizueta.

      This Is A Business Profile Of Roberto Goizueta, Chairman And Ceo Of Coca-cola. The Book Chronicles Goizueta's Career, From His First Job Managing Coke's Cuban Production Plant To His Appointment As Ceo In 1981 And Up To The Present, When He Will Soon Celebrate His 65th Birthday And Needs To Think About Who Should Be The Next Ceo Of Coke. The Book Describes How Goizueta Fled His Native Cuba In 1960 With Only $20 In His Pocket And 100 Coke Shares In His Suitcase (shares Worth $2 Million Today); How He Started Working For Coke In Miami And Later Moved To Atlanta In 1964 To Become Coke's Youngest-ever Vp, In Charge Of Technical Research And Organizational Development; And For What Cause He Became Ceo In 1981, Having Been Chosen By Then-ceo Robert Woodruff, Even Though Goizueta Was Considered The Darkhorse: He's An Engineer With A Production Background In A Marketing-driven Company, But He Had A Close Personal Friendship With Woodruff. The Book Also Describes Goizueta's Management Of Coca-cola: He Spearheaded The Globalization Of Coke, Successfully: In The "cola Wars" Between Coke And Pepsi, It's Not Taste That Matters, It's Market Share, And Coke Wins Easily With Greater Market Share In Every Country Around The World. He Also Survived The &am;quot;new Coke" Debacle As Well As Several Distracting Acquisitions (especally Columbia Pictures Movie Studio). And The Book Describes Goizueta's Management Style: He Has Been Characterized As Both Charismatic And As Conducting "the Spanish Inquisition".

      SKU: 1547943
      ISBN: 9780471194088
      Author: Greising, David

    Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold (40 Chewable Tablets)
      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold (40 Chewable Tablets).

      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold In Chewable Tablet Form Provides Pets Critical Supplements For Their Joint And Mobility Health. Arthrisoothe Is Designed To Help Pets Get Their Ability To Move Back By Providing Them The Same Minerals And Supplements Used For Human Joint Health, Especially In Older Patients. These Ingredients Include A Mixture Of Msm, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin, And Green Lippid Mussel. Each Bottle Comes With 40 Tablets, Providing More Than Enough Supply For A Month's Worth Of Treatment. Designed Specifically By Veterinarians For Pets With Joint Health And Mobility Issues, Particularly In The Hip Area And Legs, Arthrisoothe Helps A Pet Build Up A Cartilage Flexibility Status That Reduces Joint Inflammation, Pain And Reluctance To Move. The Supplement Helps Animal By Reducing Their Discomfort With Painful Joints, Increasing Their Ability To Move And Exercise. It Also Helps Rebuild Connective Joint Tissue And Cartilage. So If Your Pet Seems To Be Suffering From A Furry Friend Version Of Arthritis Or Painful Joint Conditions, Definitely Consider The Benefits Of Arthrisoothe: Reduction Of Joint Pain And Discomfort. Increased Mobility And Exercise Which Strengthens Joints. Increased Flexibility, Allow A Pet To Respond And Function Better While Moving. A Natural Form Of Treatment Which Is Accepted Better By A Pet?s Digestive System. A Treatment Approach That Works For Both Pets And Humans In Terms Of Maintaining Joint Health. Naturvet University Product Education Advance Joint Support (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, arthrisoothe
      SKU: Arthrisoothe-gold-40-chewable-tablets

    Groomer's Best Tub Raised Floor Grate - 24"x24"x12"
      Groomer's Best Tub Raised Floor Grate - 24"x24"x12".

      Groomer's Best Raised Floor Grate Is Perfect To Get Small Breed Dogs Up To Your Working Level! Constructed Of High Density Polyethylene With All Stainless Steel Hardware Rust Will Never Be An Issue. Features: Raised 12", Designed To Save Your Back While Bathing Small Dogs. Keep Pets Feet Out Of Shampoo Suds And Water. 24" X 24" Platform. High Density Polyethylene Plastic With Stainless Steel Hardware To Never Rust.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, pet Grooming Equipment, gt, groomer, s Best Table, Tub , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Groomers-best-tub-raised-grate

    Grriggles Corny Candy Dog Toy (assorted)
      Grriggles Corny Candy Dog Toy (assorted).

      The Aerodynamic Shape Of This Toy Also Ensures That It Can Be Used For Hours Of Fun As A Fetch Toy, And The Durable Plush Construction Makes It Safe For Even Sensitive Mouths. Dogs And Puppies Alike Will Find This Toy Enjoyable. Each Durable Plush Toy Also Has A Squeaker Inside, For Additional Mental Stimulation. Key Features: These Toys Makee Xcellent Plush Chew Toys For Dogs And Puppies Alike. The Shape Of These Toys Also Makes It Superb For Playing Fetch. Squeakers Embedded In These Toys Add Additional Fun And Entertainment Value.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, grriggles Plush Toys
      SKU: Grriggles-corny-candy-clip-strip

    Mammoth Snakebiter 26" - Small (assorted)
      Mammoth Snakebiter 26" - Small (assorted).

      The Mammoth Snakebiter Is A Fun Toy That Maintains Your Dog's Dental Health While He Plays. Mammoth Toys Use A Flossy Braided Rope To Achieve Maximum Durability In A Toy That Promotes Good Dental Health. The Flossy Braided Rope Is Designed To Allow Your Dog's Teeth To Sink Into The Toy And Scrape Away Tartar And Plaque. As The Rope Begins To Fray, The Stray Ends Begin To Stimulate His Gums. The Thick Braids Of Rope Also Make The Mammoth Snakebiter An Extremely Durable Toy That Your Dog Will Be Able To Enjoy For Years To Come. The Mammoth Snakebiter Is Perfect For Games Of Fetch And Tug-of-war With Your Dog. The Mammoth Snakebiter Comes In Three Sizes, This Particular Model Is 30". For Larger Sizes And Other Mammoth Products, Check Out The Related Products Section. Key Features: Cleans Teeth And Gums As Dogs Play Great For Fetch, Tug-of-war And Chewing Uses Layers Of Braided Rope For Extra Durability Comes In Three Sizes: Small (26"), Medium (38"), And Large (46")

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, rope , amp, amp, Tug Toys, gt, mammoth Snakebiter
      SKU: Mammoth-snakebiter-30-small

    Nutro Natural Choice Soft Loaf Duck - Adult Cat (24x3oz)
      Nutro Natural Choice Soft Loaf Duck - Adult Cat (24x3oz).

      Some Cats Express A Strong Preference When It Comes To Protein Sources. So, The Makers Of Natural Choiceâ® Cat Food Offer A Lineup Of Premium Canned Cat Foods With A Variety Of Proteins To Satisfy Even The Most Discerning Cats. Natural Choiceâ® Adult Soft Loaf Duck Recipe, With Real Duck As The #1 Ingredient, Delivers The Ideal Nutrient Balance Cats Need. Cats Will Enjoy The Taste And Texture, And You?ll Know You?re Providing The Best Ingredients Nature Has To Offer. Package Sizes Available: 3 Oz. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, nutro Natural Choice Wet Cat Food
      SKU: Nutro-natural-choice-cat-soft-loaf-duck-24x3oz

    Purina Pro Plan Select - Natural Beef & Brown Rice Entră©e Canned Dog Food (24x5.5oz)
      Purina Pro Plan Select - Natural Beef & Brown Rice Entră©e Canned Dog Food (24x5.5oz).

      It Helps Dogs Stay In Great Hape With Wholesome Nutrition, Taste And Variety. Smothered In Delicious Gravy, It Supplies Nutrients That Support Immune Health, And Skin And Coat Condition. Made From Real Meat/fish Omega Fatty Acids For Healthy Skin And Coat Palatable Formula A Closer Look: It Is Made From Real Meat And Is Formulated To Meet The Nutrtiional Levels Required For Growing Dogs. Made Specially For: Dogs Of All Ages Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, wet Dog Food, gt, purina Wet Dog Food
      SKU: Purina-pro-plan-dog-beef-brown-rice-24x5oz

    Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo Dog Toy (13")
      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pink Flamingo Dog Toy (13").

      Spot Mini Skinneeez Stuffing Free Minnow Flamingo (13") Bring Out Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct With Our Realistic Skinneeez Toys. Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez Last Longer Than Regular Plush Dog Toys Because There Is No Stuffing For Your Dog To Rip Out! Now Your Dog Can Enjoy Long Lasting Play While Flip-flopping Our Stuffing Free Skinneeez. The Spot Skinneeez Plush Pet Toy Has 2 Squeakers - One In The Head And One In The Tail For Double The Fun. Collect Them All!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Spmiskstfrpi

    Supercat Plush Gators With Catnip Spray
      Supercat Plush Gators With Catnip Spray.

      The Supercat Plush Gators With Catnip Spray Provides Two Quirky Plush Toys That Are The Perfect Size For Any Cat Along With A Catnip-based Spray That Power Of Determination Drive Them Wild! This Uniquely Formulated Catnip Spray Releases Thousands Of Micro-encapsulated Catnip Bubbles That Have The Same Attractant Properties As Real Catnip And Are Guaranteed To Have Long-lasting Effects. Thessupercat Plush Gators With Catnip Spray Features Two Toys That Crinkle When Compressed To Provide Even More Excitement For Your Cat. Though This Pack Comes With Two Gator Toys, Other Packs Include Yetis , Dinosaurs , Birds , And Platypuses . Your Cat Will Love Playing With These Crinkle Toys And The Catnip Spray Will Drive Them Wild- So Order A Pack For Your Feline Friend Today! Key Features: Includes Two Plush Crinkle Toys 3 Ml Extended Release Supercat Catnip Spray Releases Thousands Of Micro-encapsulated Catnip Bubbles Long-lasting!

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, supercat Plush Toys
      SKU: Supercat-plush-gators-catnip-spray

    Tuffy's Ultimate Ring Blue Camo Dog Toy
      Tuffy's Ultimate Ring Blue Camo Dog Toy.

      Tuffy's Ultimate Ring Dog Toy Is Tough And Long Lasting. Use Interactively With One Or Multiple Dogs. It Can Be Used As A Frisbee Or A Tug Toy. Great For Flyball Training - Soft Edges Won't Hurt Gums. And Floats!! Some Dogs Require Toys With Extra Durability. The Ultimate Series Durable Dog Toys Have A Higher Tuff Scale To Last Longer. Comes In A Wide Selection Of Styles And Colors Just The Right Size And Tuffness For Your Dog. Play Catch Or Tug-o-war For Hours On End! Tuff Scale: 9 For Dogs: Over 20lbs Size: 11x 11x 2 Squeakers: 4 Ultimate Construction: Each Toy Is Made With 4 Layers. 2 Layers Are Made Of Industrial Grade Luggage Material, 1 Layer Of Plastic Coating, And The Other Layer Is Made Of Soft Fleece On The Outside. All Of These Layers Are Sewn Together To Make One Super Strong Layer Of Material. Each Toy Is Sewn Together With 2 Layers Of Cross Stitching And Then 2 Layers Of Linear Stitching. After The Toy Is Sewn Together An Additional Piece Of Black Trim Is Added To Cover The Four Rows Of Stitching. This Extra Piece Of Black Trim Is Sewn With 3 Linear Stitches To Give The Product A Total Of 7 Seams! Please See Inset 2 Image For More Info On Ultimate Construction * These Toys Are Machine Washable (air Dry) Adn Float!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, tuffy, s Dog Toys
      SKU: Tuffybluecamoring

    Oster Universal Attachment Comb #6 (3/4")
      Oster Universal Attachment Comb #6 (3/4").

      Oster Universal Attachment Comb (3/4") Is Specially Designed To Fit Oster Clippers And Almost Any Other Clipper Available. Easy To Use Attachment, Simply Attach Comb To The Base Of The Blade, Pull Up And Secure Into Position. By Oster Professional Products

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, hair Trimmers , amp, amp, Scissors, gt, oster, amp, reg, Accessories
      SKU: Universalcomb3-4

    Nemex-2 Oral Liquid Dog Wormer By Zoetis (16 Oz / Pint)
      Nemex-2 Oral Liquid Dog Wormer By Zoetis (16 Oz / Pint).

      Nemex Is A Single-dose Treatment For Removal Of Large Roundworms (toxocara Canis And Toxascaris Leonina) And Hookworms (ancylostoma Caninum And Uncinaria Stenocephala) In Dogs And Puppies. It Is Also Effective In Preventing The Reinfestation Of T. Canis In Adult Dogs, Puppies And Lactating Bitches After Whelping. It Is Available In 2 Forms: A Palatable Liquid Suspension And Scored Tablets For Oral Administration. Key Benefits: Excellent Palatability Of Caramel-flavored Liquid. Lactating Bitches Should Be Treated 2?3 Weeks After Whelping. For Maximum Control And Prevention, Puppies Should Be Treated Regularly?see Label Directions

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, dewormers, gt, nemex , pyrantel Pamoate,
      SKU: Zoetis-nemex-2-1-pint

    Tagus The Night Horse
      Tagus The Night Horse.

      A Mysterious Force Has Been Creepiny Over The Plains Of Avantia. The Animals Are Stampeding, And Brush Fires Sweep The Prairie. The Farmers Are Spooked-whispers Of A Mysterious Horseman Are Spreading As Fast As The Stampedes. And Now That Someone Has Disappeared On A Cattle Drive, Suspicion Runs High. Tom Nad Elenna Speed To The Plains To Stop Tagus The Night Mare Before He Can Do Any More Damage. But Tom Ends Up In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time And Is Mistakenly Thrown In Jail. Can He Win The Trust Of The People-and His Own Freedom-before It's Too Late To Stop Tagus?

      SKU: 1371700
      ISBN: 9780439024563
      Author: Blade, Adam / Tucker, Ezra

    Horse-drawn Days: A Century Of Farming With Horses
      Horse-drawn Days: A Century Of Farming With Horses.

      Before Tractors Or Steam Engines Arrived On The Farm, Horses Did All The Heavy Work. From Spring Plowing To The Fall Harvest, The Mighty Draft Horse Powered Farms Across The Midwest. Relied Upon To Complete A Multitude Of Tasks, Including Towing Threshing Machines And Plows, Hauling Milk To The Local Cheese Factory, And Pulling The Family Buggy To Church Each Sunday, These Animals Were At The Center Of Farm Life, Cementing The Bond Between Human And Horse. "horse-drawn Days: A Century Of Farming With Horses" Captures Stories Of Rural Life At A Time When A Team Of Horses Was A Vital Part Of The Farm Family. Author Jerry Apps Pairs Lively Historic Narrative With Reminiscences About His Boyhood On The Family Farm In Wisconsin To Paint A Vivid Picture Of A Bygone Time. Featuring Fascinating Historic Photos, Ads, And Posters, Plus Contemporary Color Photos Of Working Horses Today, "horse-drawn Days" Evokes The Majesty Of These Animals And Illuminates The Horse's Role In Our Country's Early History And Our Rural Heritage.

      SKU: 3820017
      ISBN: 9780870204456
      Author: Apps, Jerold W.

    The Wizard Of Id: The Dailies And Sundays 1971
      The Wizard Of Id: The Dailies And Sundays 1971.

      Oppressed, Dank, Shabby And Miserable. No, Not A Night Out In Flint, Michaigan But The Land Of Id. A One Horse Kingdom Ruled By A Wretched, Pint-sized Tyrannical Despot. This Is A Collection Of Brant Parker And Johnny Hart's Award Winning Newspaper Strip, Featuring A Cast Of Wise-cracking Wizards And Rotten Rulers, Drunken Has-been Jesters And Cowardly Knights. If This Doesn't Make You Laugh, You're Better Off In Michigan. Collecting Together A Complete Year Of Strips That Helped To Make Brant Parker And Johnny Hart One Of The World's Best Loved Creative Teams, An Make The "wizard Of Id" One Of The Most Popular Cartoons Of All Time.

      SKU: 7530334
      ISBN: 9781848566835
      Author: Parker, Brant / Hart, Johnny

    The Twin Princes
      The Twin Princes.

      Why Did Old King Chanticleer Worry About His Two Sons? Because They Were Twins, And He Could Not Decide Which Prince Should Inherit His Throne. And So He Planned A Horse Raceaone That Would Determine The Next King. But This Race Was An Unusual One: The Brother Whose Horse Was Last To Cross The Finish Line Would Be The Winner. How In The World Could They Finish This Strange Race? With Puns On Every Page, Exuberantly Goofy Artwork, The Classic Battle Of Hero Versus Villain, And Even A Riddle For The Reader To Solve, This Featherbained Story Is Terrifically Clever Fun.

      SKU: 3262237
      ISBN: 9780803726963
      Author: Arnold, Tedd

    Animals And Their Young: How Animals Produce And Care For Their Babies
      Animals And Their Young: How Animals Produce And Care For Their Babies.

      A Polar Bear Mother Gives Birth While Hibernating, Then Goes Back To Sleep For Another Two Months. A Male Seahorse Carries A Female's Eggs In A Pouch Until They Are Ready To Hatch. Whether Near To Giving Birth, Protecting Their Young Or Teaching Them Survival Skills, Animals Produce And Care For Their Babies In Some Extraordinary Ways. Con Taining Lots Of Interesting Facts, Activities And Easy-to-do Experiments, This Title In The Animal Behavior Series Takes A Resourceful Approach To Exploring Animal Life.

      SKU: 6849061
      ISBN: 9781553370628
      Author: Hickman, Pamela / Stephens, Pat

    The Tribes Of The Sioux Nation
      The Tribes Of The Sioux Nation.

      The Horse Culture Of The Tribes Of The High Plains Of North America Lasted Only Some 170 Years; Yet In That Time The Sub-tribes Of The Teton Or Western Sioux People Imprinted A Vivid Image On The World's Imagination By Their Fearless But Doomed Fight To Protect Their Hunting Grounds From The Inevitable Spread Of The White Man. This Text Outlines The History, Social Organization, Religion And Material Culture Of The Santee, Yankton And Teton Sioux; Rare Early Photographs Include Portraits Of Many Of The Great War Chiefs And Warriors Of The Plains Indian Wars, And Eight Detailed Plates Record Details Of Sioux Traditional Costume.

      SKU: 7570339
      ISBN: 9781855328785
      Author: Johnson, Michael / Smith, Jonathan / Johnson, Michael

    Stormy And Stub: Another Jo Barkley Adventure
      Stormy And Stub: Another Jo Barkley Adventure.

      Jo Barkley Already Has A Reputation As A Good Horsewoman, But Can She Prove To Dad That She Can Handle Stormy And Stub, The Team Of Workhorse Colts She Wants To Drive In The Draft Horse Pull At The Rockville County Fair? While She Awaits Her Chance To Drive Stormy And Stub, A Neighbor Asks Her To Train His Two-year-old Colt Scamp. Her Pay Will Be Getting To Ride The Colt The Rest Of The Summer. Percy, A Know-it-all Young Cowboy From Montana, Interrupts Jo's First Training Session With Scamp. He Whacks The Colt On The Rump And Rides Off Laughing. Jo Tries To Control Her Anger And Convince The Other Members Of The Snake Flat Riders Club They Need To Befriend Percy And Try To Help Him. But Prrcy's Pranks Go From Bad To Worse. Is Jo's Own Faith Strong Enough To Follow Jesus' Command To "love Thy Neighbor As Thyself"? When Jo And Her Dad Go To Sign Her Up For Thee Draft Horse Pull, She Encounters A Surprising Turn Of Events. Does God Have Something Better For Her?

      SKU: 2166127
      ISBN: 9780595528547
      Author: Andrews, Neva

    Delaware Park: Winners, Losers And Long Shots
      Delaware Park: Winners, Losers And Long Shots.

      Horse Racing Embodies The Very Spirit Of America, Honoring Our Dual Traditions Of Risk Taking And Adventure Seeking. Known Throughout The Racing World, "delaware Park" Shines As A Diamond Among Racecourses. The Park Was Designed And Built By Willie Dupont, A Lean And Wiry Man For Whom There Was No Sweeter Music Than The Pound Of Horses' Hooves. In The Decades That Followed, "delaware Park" Became The Home Of Kelso, Secretariat And Barbaro, Some Of The Greatest Names In Horse Racing History. Read About The Dramatic Ups And Downs Of This Legendary Institution As Kenneth Baumgardt Captures The Spirit Of One Of America's Most Celebrated Racing Destinations.

      SKU: 7318351
      ISBN: 9781596294660
      Author: Baumgardt, Kenneth

    The Albuquerque Affliction
      The Albuquerque Affliction.

      Rick Morales Was Born In The Right Place At The Wrong Time. His Rigid Moral Code And Yen For Simplicity Are Better Suited For The Old West Of One Hundred And Fifty Years Ago Than The High-tech, Politically Correct World He Inhabits. He Has Built A Successful Business By Providing Security Serviecs To The Government Agencies And Contractors Along The Rio Grande Corridor, But He Still Feels More Comfortable On Horseback In The New Mexico Wilderness. His Inner Conflict Is Played Out In The Contrasting Venues Of The Vast, Uninhabited Southwestern Landscape And The Bustling Cities Of Albuquerque And Santa Fe.

      SKU: 4342631
      ISBN: 9780975344620
      Author: Byars, Larry L.

    Desert Journey
      Desert Journey.

      "time And Experiences Had Left Lines On My Face, Which Had Grown Deeper, Like The Dusty Trails Of My Life That I Seemed To Be Retracing." Reeling From Yet Another Relationship Failure, Jerry Travels To The American Southwest To Spend A Couple Of Months Riding His Horse, Savoring The Warm Weather, And Finding Respite From The Daily Grind. But What Begins As A Simple Escape To The Wide-open Spaces Of Arizona Soon Becomes A Powerful Odyssey Of Self-discovery. When Jerry Comes Upon An Indian Named Tom In The Middle Of The Superstition Mountains, He Senses That The Meeting Is No Casual Encounter. Wise And Unreserved, Tom Speaks To Jerry With A Knowingness That Both Unnerves And Captivates Him. Jerry Is Compelled To Return To The Mountain Again And Again To Accept Tom's Challenges, Exercises, And Assignments For Living In The Moment, Tuning Into The Love All Around Him, And Honoring A Connection To Spirit. With Tom As His Guide, Jerry Uses Dreams And Visions Of His Own Past Lives To Make Sense Of His Modern Reality. Tom's Lessons Cause Jerry To Question Long-held Beliefs, Yet They Also Afford Him The Insight He Needs To Move Beyond Pain And Make His Metaphysical Journey Toward Inner Peace And Enlightenment.

      SKU: 2158609
      ISBN: 9780595422265
      Author: Burgener, Jerry / Burgener, Dr Jerry

    The Horse Interlude: A Pictorial History Of Horse And Man
      The Horse Interlude: A Pictorial History Of Horse And Man.

      This Is A Popular And Highly Illustrated History Of Horse-drawn Harvesters From The Mid-1850s To The 1930s In The Northwest.

      SKU: 4026924
      ISBN: 9780893010362
      Author: Keith, Thomas / Keith, T. B.

    D. Wayne
      D. Wayne.

      ""in His First Feature-length Biography, Carlo Devito Has Turned In A Strong Effort, Relating The Story Of The Enigmatic Monarch Of The Far-flung Empire Known As Team Lukas, Which Dominated American Racing Of The 1980s And '90s."-"thoroughbred Times """d. Wayne "is The First Biography Of America's Premier Horse Trainer. Love Him Or Not-and Few Horse Players Are Ambivalent-lukas Is Racing's Most Succes$ful Trainer And Has Changed His Sport. Devito's Richly Detailed Account Is Sympathetic But Hardly Uncritical."-"louisville Courier Journal

      SKU: 252713
      ISBN: 9780071414920
      Author: De Vito, Carlo

    Nocturnals Volume 3: Unhallowed Eve
      Nocturnals Volume 3: Unhallowed Eve.

      Collecting Two Giant-sized Nocturnals Adventures In One Trade Paperback First Up, The Long Out-of-print Witching Hour Seriall From Dark Horse Presents-a Full-color Adventure Starring Halloween Girl. Her Trick-or-treating Greed Leads Her To A Dilapidated Shack And A Ghastly Witch Who Isn't Prepared To Let Her Go Home. Good Thing She's Not Prepared For The Gunwtich, Either. Second Is Troll Bridge, The Artist Jam Extravaganza Printed In Black, White, And Orange-a Special Hallow Een Candy Treat. Halloween Girl Gets Spirited Away By The Naughty Devil Lantern, And The Rest Of The Nocturnals Have To Chase Her From Dimension To Weird Dimension To Try To Bring Her Home. Featuring Art By Ted Naifeh, Jill Thompson, Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Adam Warren, Bruce Timm, Jay Stephens, Stephen Destefano, Stan Sakai, Eric Jones, Kieron Dwyer, And John Heebink, With Special Cameos By Jingle Belle, Usagi Yojimbo, And Scary Godmother It's Two-fists Of Fun, Featuring Dan Brereton's Creepiest Creations

      SKU: 7778584
      ISBN: 9781929998432
      Author: Brereton, Dan

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