It's A Dog's Life

    It's A Dog's Life
      It's A Dog's Life.

      A Charming Tale From A Master Storyteller Is Told From The Perspective Of Russ The Sheepdog"" "lula Always Likes Me To Go With Her To The End Of The Lane. She Loves A Bit Of A Cuddle And A Lick Or Two Before The School Bus Comes. "oh Russ," She Whispers. "a Horse. ""it's All I Want For My Birthday." And I'm Thinking-'scuse Me, But What's So Great About A Horse? Isn't A Dog Good Enough." Michael's Story Is An Energetic Romp Through A Dog's Busy Day On A Farm. Russ, The Sheepdog, Herds Sheep And Cows And Plots Against Tigger, The Farm Cat. He Covers Lula, His Master's Daughter, With Lots Of Slobbery Licks But When She Gets A Special Birthday Present, He Worries That She Might Love It More Than She Loves Him.

      SKU: 11318853
      ISBN: 9781405213370
      Author: Morpurgo, Michael / Benson, Patrick

    12 Pack Spizzles Australia Free Range Grilled Bully (18")
      12 Pack Spizzles Australia Free Range Grilled Bully (18").

      Spizzles® Australian Free-range Bully Sticks Are 100% Natural And Contain No Additives Or Preservatives. This Extra Long Pizzle Has Been Grilled To Hold The Flavors Intact, So Your Dog Will Not Only Enjoy Its Taste, But Savor It For A Long Time. It Is Low In Fat And An Excellent Way To Reduce Tartar Buildup. Spizzles Brand Bully Sticks Are Easy To Digest And Have Passed Our Inspection Standards. What's More; They Come From Free-range, Grass Fed, Hormone-free Australian Cattle. Spizzles Buys Direct From The Source, So You Get The Savings And Your Dog Gets The Enjoyment Of Chewing A Healthy Organic Bully Stick. Looking For A Better Buy, Save Even More By Buying A Box Of 48 ! See All Spizzles Products. Observation Recommended When Giving Treats To Your Dog

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, spizzles Bully Sticks
      SKU: 12-pack-spizzles-australia-free-range-grilled-bully-18

    Booda Wing-a-ball - Medium
      Booda Wing-a-ball - Medium.

      Why Just Throw When You Can Wing It? Booda Wing-a-ball Is A Great Interactive Toy For You And Your Dog Made From High-quality, Braided Polypropylene Rope. Features A Handy Grip On One End And And Monkey Fist Knot On The Other, Making This The Perfect Toy For A Game Of Fetch. Plus, Wing-a-ball Floats, Making This Toy A Great Addition To A Day At The Beach. Available In A Variety Of Sizes And Bright Colors.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, rope , amp, amp, Tug Toys, gt, booda Wing-a-ball
      SKU: Booda-wing-a-ball-medium

    Groomer's Best Electric Table - 24"x42"
      Groomer's Best Electric Table - 24"x42".

      Groomer's Best Is Proud To Offer One Of The Best Electric Grooming Tables On The Market!t His Is The Most Attractive, Durable, And Affordable American Made Grooming Tables. Very Sturdy Construction, Made Of 14 Gauge Steel, And Powder Coated To Ensure It Lasts! Easy To Set Up, Just Plug It In And Its Ready To Make Your Life Easier! Features: Height Adjusts From 20" To 42". Easy To Set Up And Use. Foot Pedals On Both Sides Of Table. Attractive Powder Coat Finish In Charcoal Gray With Stainless Steel Side Cover Plates Table Top Is Reinforced With Stainless Steel Plates For Strength And Durability For Your Grooming Arms. Also Has A Textured Coating That Is Non-slip And Easy-to-clean. No Assembly Needed. Storage For Scissors And Blades Available With Flip-top Swing Arm Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, pet Grooming Equipment, gt, groomer, s Best Table, Tub , amp, Acces Sories
      SKU: Groomers-best-electric-table

    Ifetch Frenzy - Mini
      Ifetch Frenzy - Mini.

      Ifetch Frenzy - Mini Brings Brand New Technology And High-quality Design To Interactive Dog Toys. For Owners Who Simply Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Play Fetch With Their Energetic Pups, Ifetch Frenzy Is Perfectly Designed For You! Simply Insert The Miniature Tennis Balls Into The Top, And The Nifty Gadget Will Do The Rest So You Can Play With Your Dog Even When You're Not At Home! Watch Your Dog's Amusement When The Ball Rolls Out Of One Of The Three Chutes For Them To Chase. Give Your Dog The Best Mental And Physical Exercise For Their Playtime With Minimal Hassle! Water Resistant. Whisper Quiet. Hidden Ball Storage Compartment. Includes Ac Adapter Or Operates On C Batteries.. Includes 3 Miniature Tennis Balls.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Ifetch-frenzy-mini

    Kong™ Bacon & Cheese Easy Treat
      Kong™ Bacon & Cheese Easy Treat.

      Kong™ Bacon And Cheese Easy Treat Is A Delicious Treat That Delights All Types Of Dogs While Providing An Easy No-mess Solution For Pet Parents. Made In The Usa, This Highly-digestible And Trans-fat Free Treat Is An Enticingly Delicious Addition When Added To A Stuffed Kong™. A Uniquely Designed Nozzle Easily Controls The Amount Of Kong™ Easy Treat While Also Having The Added Benefit Of A Convenient, No Mess Stuffing Solution. Want To Make Your Stuffed Kong™ Last Longer? Freeze A Stuffed Kong™, Topped With Kong™ Bacon And Cheese Easy Treat For A Longer-lasting, Mind Occupying Challenge. No Refrigertaion Required. Irresistible And Delicious Bacon And Cheese Flavor To Engage And Delight Dogs Easy To Dispense As A Convenient No Mess Stuffing Solution Great For Stuffing Into Kong™ Classic And Rubber Toys For Extended Play Made In The Usa Available In One Size: 8 Oz.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Treats For Toys, gt, kong Stuff, n Easy Treats
      SKU: Kong-bacon-cheese-easy-treats

    Mosquito Halt (1 Qt)
      Mosquito Halt (1 Qt).

      Mosquito Halt ® Kills And Repels Mosquitoes Provides Quick Knockdown, Kill And Residual Control Repels And Kills Mosquitoes Plus Gnats, Face Flies, Stable Flies, And House Flies. Contains Two Insecticides And Two Repellents Also Includes Soothing Aloe, Lanolin, And Paba Sunscreen Can Be Used On Horses, Ponies, And Foals

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Pest Control, gt, mosquito Halt
      SKU: Mosquitohalt

    Naturvet Vitapet Adult Daly Vitamins Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Vitapet Adult Daly Vitamins Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet⮠Vitapet™ Adult Daily Vitamins Plus Omegas For Cats Provides Comprehensive Nutritional Support In A Delectable Soft Chew Form.  it Can Be Difficult To Ensurre That Your Cat Is Getting All The Vitamins And Minerals He Needs To Thrive. To Relieve The Burden, These Soft Chews Are Formulated To Meet All Your Cat's Nutritional Needs With Vitamins, Minerals, And Additional Omega Fatty Acids To Keep Him Healthy. Naturvet Vitapet Adult Daily Vitamins Plus Omegas For Cats Are Wheat-free And Are Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That They Are Safe For Your Cat. This Reusable, Dishwasher-safe Container Includes 60 Soft Chews To Provide A 30-day Supply To Most Cats. Meet Your C At's Nutritional Needs The Easy Way And Order These Scrumptious Soft Chews For Your Cat Today! Key Feautres: Includes Saturated Spectrum Of Daily Vitamins And Minerals To Keep Your Cat Healthy Contains 60 Soft Chews For A 30-day Supply For Most Cats* Made In The Usa Naturvet University Product Education Vitamins & Minerals (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, naturvet Vitapet
      SKU: Naturvet-vitapet-daily-cats-60-soft-chews

    Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Spray (4 Fl Oz)
      Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Spray (4 Fl Oz).

      Nylabone&a Mp;reg; Advanced Oral Care™ Dental Spray Works To Reduce Plaque That Harbors Bacteria, Controls Bad Breath, And Soothes Minor Gum Irritation. This Formulation Contains Denta-c, A Scientifically Formulated Blend That Reduces The Plaque That Causes Periodontal Disease In Dogs, The Number One Clinical Condition Affecting Dogs Today. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Spray Is Made Here In The Usa And Is Extremely Easy To Use. Simply Lift Your Dog's Lip And Liberally Spray The Teeth And Gums Each Day To Maintain Your Dog's Dental Health. This Bottle Contains 4 Fluid Ounces Of This Powerful Dental Spray- So Order It To Maintain Your Dog's Dental Health Today! Key Features: Freshens Breath And Reduces Plaque Easy To Apply To Your Dog's Teeth And Gums And Safe For Daily Use Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Sprays , amp, amp, Rinses, gt, nylabone, amp, reg, Advanced Oral Care, amp, trade, Spray
      SKU: Nylabone-advanced-oral-care-dental-spray-4-oz

    Snack 21 Salmon Marrow Bites For Dogs (50 G)
      Snack 21 Salmon Marrow Bites For Dogs (50 G).

      Snack 21 Salmon Marrow Bites For Dogs Are One Of The World's Finest Foods In A Treat For Your Dog! These Dried Marrow Bites Are The Treat Your Dog Will Crave While Still Being Good For Them! Snack 21 Salmon Marrow Bites For Dogs Are Made From 100% Salmon! There Are No By-products, Filters, Preservatives, Coloring Or Artificial Flavoring. They Are Full Of Rich Omega-3 Unctuous Acids, High Quality Protein, And Natural Vitamins And Minerals. 50g Re-sealable Bag 100% Salmon Rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids Natural Vitamins And Minerals

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, snack 21 Body Parts
      SKU: Snack-21-salmon-marrow-bites-for-dogs-50-g

    Sogeval Ketoseb +ps Shampoo (8 Oz)
      Sogeval Ketoseb +ps Shampoo (8 Oz).

      Sogeval Ketoseb +ps Shampoo Is An Antiseptic Shampoo That Works To Cleanse And Deodorize The Skin And Coat Of Cats, Dogs, And Horses. This Formulation Is Soap-free And Contains Both Chlorh Exidine And Ketoconazole To Treat A Wide Variety Of Skin Probleems. In Addition To Combating Both Bacterial And Fungal Infections And Conditions- This Shampoo Also Restores Damaged Skin With The Pro-ceramide Phytosphingosine. Sogeval Ketoseb +ps Shampoo Is Particularly Helpful With Long-term Management Of Chronic Skin Conditions, As It Also Combats Inflammation. This Bottle Comes With 8 Fluid Ounces Of Shampoo- But There Is Also A Bottle Containing 16 Fluid Ounces Available. Protect Your Pet's Skin And Coat While Simultaneously Leaving Them With An Aromatic Scent By Ordering This Shampoo Today! Key Features: Antimicrobial, Antifungal Properties Treat Variety Of Skin Conditions Soap-free Formula Also Combats Inflammation For Cats, Dogs, And Horses Comes In Bottles Of 8 Or 16 Fl Oz

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, products For Skin Conditions, gt, sogeval Ketoseb
      SKU: Sogeval-ketoseb-ps-shampoo-8-oz

    Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Plant Hairgrass 12"
      Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Plant Hairgrass 12".

      Tetra Water Wonders Fw Plant Hairgrass 12" The Graceful Beauty Of Underwater Plants Adds The Finishing Touch To Any Aquarium. Waterwondersâ® Decorative Plants Are Specially Designed For Ease Of Installation And Long-lasting Beauty. Each Waterwonders Plant Includes A Plastic Anchor Base That Can Be Buried In The Gravel To Secure The Plant. The Easy-connect Feature Allows The Plants To Be Removed From The Plastic Anchor And Connected To Other Products.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Decorations , amp, amp, Ornaments, gt, tetra Aquarium Decorations
      SKU: Tetrahairgrass12

    Tetramin Tropical Granules (1.2 Oz)
      Tetramin Tropical Granules (1.2 Oz).

      Tetramin Tropical Granules (1.20 Oz) These Small, Slow-sinking Granules Are Designed To Reach The Smaller Fish In Your Community Aquarium With The Same Nutritious Benefits As Tetramin Flakes. Tetramin Granules Are Enriched With Vitamin C. Also Great For Bettas.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Food, gt, tetra Fish Granules
      SKU: Ttrmngrnles1oz

    Hellsing, Volume 1
      Hellsing, Volume 1.

      There's A Secret Organization Somewhere In England Created To Defend The Queen And Country From Monsters Of All Sorts. Yes, It's Hard To Believe In This Day And Age... But Really, Isn't This The True Age Of Monsters? Enter Hellsing, An Agency, Long In Tooth, With The Experience, Know-how, And... Er... Equipment To Handle The Problems That Arise When Vampires, Ghouls, And The Like Take On These Dark Forces. "what Equipment?&quo;t You May Say. How About Another Vampire, And A Big Pistol Loaded With Special Silver Bullets? That Oughta Do The Trick. But What Really Knocks 'em Dead Is The Sharp Wit, Awesome Artwork, And Crazy, Bloody Action That Make Up The Manga. Hellsing The Long-awaited Manga Is Finally In America, Thanks To Dark Horse Comics And The Folks At Digital Manga, And You're Gonna Love It. Come Get Some Smart-ass Gore And Action As Only Japan Seems To Produce, In That Crazy "non-western" Format The Kids Seem To Love. And Nice And Thick At A Full 200 Pages The Night Is Dark, But At Least Those Wacky Anti-heroes From Hellsng Can Make Light Of It.

      SKU: 7277649
      ISBN: 9781593070564
      Author: Hirano, Kohta / Johnson, Duane / Lacuna, Wilbert

    Shades Of Twilight
      Shades Of Twilight.

      Roanna Davenport Was Raised A Wealthy Orphan On Her Grandmother's Magnificent Alabzma Estate, Davencourt, Where She Had A Passion For Horses, A Genius For Trouble, And A Deep Love For Her Cousin, Webb. But Everyone Expected Webb To Marry Their Ravishing Cousin, Jessie. When He Did, Roanna's Wish Became No More Than The Stuff Of Dreams - Until The Night Jessie Was Found Bludgeoned To Death. After The Shocking Murder Of His Wife, Webb Left For Arizona, Abandoning The Legacy That He Had Once Believed Was All He Wanted. But Then An All-grown-up Roanna Walked Into A Dingy Bar In Nogales To Bring Him Home; The Mischievous Sprite He Had Knownt En Years Earlier Was No More. Gone, Too, Was Her Fire. In Its Place Was Ice That Melted At His Touch. Webb Is Drawn Back To Davencourt, To Roanna, And To The Killer That Once Destroyed His Life And Waits Only For The Chance To Finish The Job....

      SKU: 2415474
      ISBN: 9780671019716
      Author: Howard, Linda

    The Next Sure Thing
      The Next Sure Thing.

      "cree Thunderboy Wants Nothing Less Than To Be The Ext Great Blues Man. But, Playing To Tiny Audiences In Shabby Rooms Like Shelly's Crab Shack, His Career Is Stalled. Then At The Race Track He Meets Win Hardy, A Seemingly Charming Rogue Who Spots Cree's Knack For Picking Winning Horses. He Offers To Record His First Cd And Send Him On Tour, As Long As Cree Can Keep Coming Up With The Hot Tips At The Track. Things Are Looking Good For Cree Until He Discovers Win's Connections To The Mob And His Violent Response To Anything That Doesn't Go His Way. And When Things Inevitably Go Bad, Cree Discovers That In Life And In Gambling There Is Never Reallyt He Next Sure Thing."

      SKU: 15288765
      ISBN: 9781554699001
      Author: Wagamese, Richard

    Sham: In The Shadow Of A Superhorse - Revised
      Sham: In The Shadow Of A Superhorse - Revised.

      An American Champion At Heart, "the Magnificent Sham" Achieved An Unofficial Record For The Second-fastest Time In The History Of The Kentucky Derby. He Remains Second Only To The Legendary Secretariat. Ironically, Challenging Secretariat For The 1973 Triple Crown Abruptly Shattered His Quest For Fame And Almost Ended His Life. This Compelling Book Unfolds That Brilliant Animal's Spellbinding Story-the Story Of A Courageous Underdog Born In The Wrong Plaec In Time.

      SKU: 7282046
      ISBN: 9781593305062
      Author: Walsh, Mary

    Fifties Flashback: A Nostalgia Trip!
      Fifties Flashback: A Nostalgia Trip!.

      Was The Fifties Your Decade? Relive The Memories, The Optimism, The Cars And The Lifestyle Of Those Early, More Innocent Years. Or, Experience For The First Time The Custom-car Craze, The Horsepower Race; When Detroit Built Terrific Cars And America Was The Greatest Country In The World It's All Here - Car Shows, Drive-ins, Drag Strips, Movies, Comics, Clymer Books, Bonneville Drop-tank Racers, Tv Shows, Hot Rods, Car Hops, Ricky Nelson, Beaver Cleaver, And Much More

      SKU: 7786315
      ISBN: 9781931128179
      Author: Drake, Albert

    Ossec Host-based Intrusion Detection Guide [with Cdrom]
      Ossec Host-based Intrusion Detection Guide [with Cdrom].

      This Book Is The Definitive Guide On The Ossec Host-based Intrusion Detection System And Frankly, To Really Use Ossec You Are Going To Need A Definitive Guide. Documentation Has Been Available Since The Start Of The Ossec Project But, Due To Time Constraints, No Formal Book Has Been Created To Outline The Various Ffeatures And Functions Of The Ossec Product. This Has Left Same Important And Powerful Features Of The Product Undocumented...until Now The Book You Are Holding Will Show You How To Install And Configure Ossec On The Operating System Of Your Choice And Provide Detailed Examples To Help Prevent And Mitigate Attacks On Your Systems. - Stephen Northcutt Ossec Determines If A Host Has Been Compromised In This Manner By Taking The Equivalent Of A Picture Of The Host Machine In Its Original, Unaltered State. This ?picture? Captures The Most Relevant Inforrmation About That Machine's Configuration. Ossec Saves This ?picture? And Then Constantly Compares It To The Current State Of That Machine To Identify Anything That May Have Changed From The Original Configuration. Now, Many Of These Changes Are Necessary, Harmless, And Authorized, Such As A System Administrator Installing A New Software Upgrade, Patch, Or Application. But, Then There Are The Not-so-harmless Changes, Like The Installation Of A Rootkit, Trojan Horse, Or Virus. Differentiating Between The Harmless And The Not-so-harmless Changes Determines Whether The System Administrator Or Security Professional Is Managing A Secure, Efficient Network Or A Compromised Network Which Might Be Funneling Credit Card Numbers Out To Phishing Gangs Or Storing Massive Amounts Of Pornography Creating Significant Liability For That Organization. Separating The Wheat From The Chaff Is By No Means An Easy Task. Hence The Need For This Book. The Book Is Co-authored By Daniel Cid, Who Is The Founder And Lead Developer Of The Freely Available Ossec Host-based Ids. As Such, Readers Can Be Certain They Are Reading The Most Accurate, Timely, And Insightful Informaation On Ossec. * Nominee For Best Book Bejtlich Read In 2008 * Http: // -get Started With Ossec Get An Overview Of The Features Of Ossec Including Commonly Used Terminology, Pre-install Preparation, And Deployment Considerations. -follow Steb-by-step Installation Instructions Walk Through The Installation Process For The "local," "agent," And "server" Install Types On Some Of The Most Popular Operating Systems Available. -master Configuration Learn The Basic Configuration Options For Your Install Type And Learn How To Monitor Log Files, Receive Remote Messages, Configure Email Notification, And Configure Alert Levels. -work With Rules Extract Key Information From Logs Using Decoders And How You Can Leverage Rules To Alert You Of Strange Occurrences On Your Network. -understand System Integrity Check And Rootkit Detection

      SKU: 7332818
      ISBN: 9781597492409
      Author: Hay, Andrew / Cid, Daniel / Bray, Rory

    Visits With The Amish: Impressions Of The Plain Life
      Visits With The Amish: Impressions Of The Plain Life.

      Who Are The "plain People," The Men And Women Who Till Their Fields With Horse And Plow, Travel By Horse And Buggy, Live Without Electricity And Telephones, And Practice "help Thy Neighbor" In Daily Life? Linda Egenes Visited With Her Old Order Amish Neighbors In Southeast Iowa For Thirteen Years Before Writing This Informative And Companionable Introduction To Their Lifeways. Drawn To Their Slower Pace Of Life And Their Resistance To The Lures Of A Consumer Society, Egenes Found A Warm Welcome Among The Amish, And In Return She Has Given Us An Equally Warm Perspective On Amish Family Life As She Experienced It. The Amish Value Harmony In Family Life Above All, And Egenes Found An Abundance Of Harmony As She Savored Homemade Ice Cream In A Kitchen Where The Refrigerator Ran On Kerosene, Learned To Milk A Two-bucket Cow, Helped Cook Dinner For Nine In A Summer Kitchen, Spent The Day In A One-room Schoolhouse, And Sang "the Hymn Of Praise" In Its Original German At Sunday Service. Whether Quilting At A Weekly Sewing Circle Above The Stringtown Grocery, Playing Dutch Blitz And Dare Base With Schoolchildren, Learning The Intricacies Of Harness Making, Or Mulching Strawberries In A Huge Garden, Egenes Was Treated With The Kindness, Respect, And Dignity That Exemplify The Strong Community Ties Of The Amish. Her Engaging Account Of Her Visits With The Amish, Beautifully Illustrated With Woodcuts By Caldecott Medal Winner Mary Azarian, Reveals The Serene And Peaceful Ways Of A Plain People Whose Lives Are Anything But Plain.

      SKU: 7201935
      ISBN: 9781587297854
      Author: Egenes, Linda / Azarian, Mary


      This Is A Story Of A Man And A Horse. Both Have "sand"-the Gumption It Takes To Tackle The Challenges Of Life Head On. The Setting Is The Great Plains. The Characters Are Cowboys And Horses. The Heart Of This Story Is The Hero's Long Duel With The Horse, And How "the Little Grain Of Sand Within Him" Starts To Grow.

      SKU: 3911112
      ISBN: 9780878423538
      Author: James, Will

    Horse Show Romance
      Horse Show Romance.

      Double-take That Was What Trevor Walker Did When He Saw The Woman Sitting Atop The Pony He Wanted To Buy His Young Dauhgter, Maddie. Trevor Was A Self-employed Carpenter, Looking To Fill A Promise Made To His Young Dead Wife. Samantha Short Moved Here To Brighton, Illinois, After Leaving Her Cheating Husband Back In Missouri Three Years Earlier. Her Job As An Rn Gave Her The Ability To Acquire Work Wherever She Chose, And This Quaint Community Was Where She And Her Small Daughter Kaylea Would Stay. Could This Be A Second Chance For A Widower And A Single Mother Burned By Love?

      SKU: 6370318
      ISBN: 9781424115792
      Author: Walls, Rachel D.

    The Bedtime Reading For The Horse Lover: Private Lessons
      The Bedtime Reading For The Horse Lover: Private Lessons.

      The Book Of Encouragement. In This Book, You Will Find A Collection Of John's Best Editorials, As Well As Answers To Your Ground Handling And Riding Questions.

      SKU: 7644434
      ISBN: 9781879620636
      Author: Lyons, John

    Pawnee Hero Stories And Folk-tales: With Notes On The Origin, Customs And Characters Of The Pawnee People
      Pawnee Hero Stories And Folk-tales: With Notes On The Origin, Customs And Characters Of The Pawnee People.

      In The Late 1880s The Ethnologist And Writer George Bird Grinnell Visited The Pawnee Agency In Indian Territory. To Eagle Chief, Whom He Had Known For Many Years, He Explained The Object Of His Visit: "father, We Have Come Down Here To . . . Ask The People About How Things Used To Be In The Olden Times, To Hear Their Stories, To Get Their History, And Then To Put All These Things Down In A Book." The Chief Meditated For A Time And Then Said: "it Is Good And It Is Time. Already The Old Things Are Being Lost, And Those Who Know The Secrets Are Many Of Them Dead. . . . The Old Men Told Their Grandchildren, And They Told Their Grandchildren, And So The Secrets And The Stories And The Doings Of Long Ago Have Been Handed Down." The Result Of Grinnell's Field Work Was "pawnee Hero Stories And Folk-tales," First Published In 1899. Here Are Stories About A Pawnee Youth Who Serves As A Peacemaker And A Warrior's Quest For Lost Joy, And Such Tales As "the Dun Horse," "the Bear Man," "the Snake Brother," And "the Ghost Wife." Extended Notes Describe The Origins And Migrations Of The Pawnees, Their Customs, Methods Of Warfare, And Later History.

      SKU: 3254885
      ISBN: 9780803250802
      Author: Grinnell, George Bird / Frink, Maurice

    True-or-false Book Of Horses
      True-or-false Book Of Horses.

      Do Horses Really Walk On Tiptoe? Can They Solve Math Problems? Are There Wild Horses Today? Discover What's Fact And What's Fiction About Horses Award-winning Author Patricia Lauber Teams Up With Superb Illustrator Rosalyn Schanzer To Provide A Fascinating Introduction To The History, Anatomy, And Behavior Of An Animal That Changed Human History. The Accessible True-or-false Question-and-answer Format Adds To The Fun For Young Readers Who Want To Know More About These Much-loved Animals.

      SKU: 2527139
      ISBN: 9780688169206
      Author: Lauber, Patricia / Schanzer, Rosalyn

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