Lie By Moonlight

    Lie By Moonlight
      Lie By Moonlight.

      Hired To Tutor Four Orphaned Girls At Remote, Ramsh Ackle Aldwick Castle, Miss Concordia Glade Is Pleased To Find Her Pupils Both Eager And Bright. Indeed, They Are Bright Enough To Have Noticed Some Oddities About Their Situation. Provided For By An Unperceived Benefactor, They Are Surrounded At All Times By Hard-eyed Guards In The Guise Of Gardeners - And Their Previous Tutor, She Learns, Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances. Stepping Into This Uncertain Atmosphere, Concordia Sees At Once What Must Be Done. The Plan Is Daring In Scope And Execution, But With The Help Of Her Four Students, The Great Escape Stands A Good Chance Of Success. Of Course, Even The Best-laid Plans Can Go Awry . . . And Even The Most Independent, Strong-minded Lady Must Occasionally Accept An Offer Of Help. During An Investigation Into A Womana (tm)s Death, Private Inquiry Agent Ambrose Wells Finds Himself On The Castle Grounds - And In The Middle Of Chaos. The Building Is In Flames. People Are Dead. And A Woman And Four Girls Are Fleeing On Horseback. A Confirmed Loner, Ambrose Nevertheless Finds Himself Taking Concordia And Her Students Under His Wing. His Past Has Made Him Eminently Suitable To Protect Them From The Person Behind The Events At Aldwick Castle: A Notorious London Crime Lord Who Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Those Who Know His Secrets. Their Lives At Risk, Concordia And The Girls Must Remain Safely In Hiding Until Ambrose Is Able To Unravel The Dark Conspiracy. But If The Girls Have Learned Anything From Miss Glade, It Is The Value Of Curiosity - A Property Their Teacher Possesses In Great Abundance. She Has Never Been One To Sit Back Quietly And Let Others Take Care Of Her. As The Danger Circles Ever Closer, Ambrose And Concordia Must Work Together To Discover A Way Out Of The Darkness. In The Process, They Will Learn A Few Lessons Themselves - About Stubbornness, Courage, And Love.

      SKU: 7286340
      ISBN: 9781593554682
      Author: Quick, Amanda / Flosnik, Anne T.

    3-pack Naturvet Natural Hairball Aid With Catnip (9 Oz)
      3-pack Naturvet Natural Hairball Aid With Catnip (9 Oz).

      3-pack Natural Hairball Aid With Catnip (9 Oz) Is Formulated With The Appealing Taste Of Catnip, Natural Hairball Aid Is A Combination Of Natural Herbs And Oils Which Coat The Digestive Tract To Help Ingested Hairballs Pass Through The Intestines And Prevent Hairballs. *petrolatum Free Directions: For Cats Over 6 Months: Give A Few Tasty Licks (1-1/4" Ribbon = 1/2 Teaspoon) Daily. For Cats And Kittens Over 4 Weeks Old: Give Half The Regular Amount (1/4 Teaspoon) Once Daily. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, laxatives , amp, amp, Hairball Treatments, gt, naturvet Natural Hairball
      SKU: 3pkhairballaid

    Denosyl For Dogs Over 35 Lbs (30 Tablets) 425 Mg
      Denosyl For Dogs Over 35 Lbs (30 Tablets) 425 Mg.

      Denosyl Is A Nutritional Supplement That Helps Minimize A Variety Of Liver Problems In Dogs And Cats. It Has Also Been Shown To Improve Liver Health And Function By Protecting And Repairing Liver Cells. It Is Recommended To Improve Hepatic Glutathione Levels In Dogs And Cats. For Optimal Absorption, Give Your Dog Or Cat Denosyl On An Empty Stomach, At Least An Hour Before Feeding. Feline And Canine Denosyl Administration Guide Body Weight Total Daily Administration And Tablet Size 35 To 65 Pounds (16 - 29.5 Kg) One Tablet Of 425 Mg 66 To 120 Pounds (30 - 54.5 Kg) Two Tablets Of 425 Mg Over 120 Pounds (54.5 Kg +) Three Tablets Of 425 Mg The Number Of Tablets Can Be Gradually Reduced Or May Be Increased At Any Time Depending On The Pet's Needs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, liver Support Supplements, gt, denosyl
      SKU: Denosyl

    East Side Collection Holiday Snowflake Sweater Melancholy - Large
      East Side Collection Holiday Snowflake Sweater Melancholy - Large.

      Keep Your Dog Toasty And Warm Throughout The Cold Season With A Colorful Sweater From East Side Collection Holiday Snowflake Sweaters . Wearing A Cozy Sweater To Keep The Winter Chill At Bay, Your Pup Will Stay In The Holiday Spirit Throughout The Season. East Side Snowflake Sweaters Are Designed To Keep A Dog's Body Warm And Dry From The Neck To The Lower Back. The Lightweight, High-cut Ribbed-knit Sweater Is Ideal Whenever Your Dog Needs To Go Outside Whether For Traveling, Exercising Outside Or When Going For A Walk. Not Only Will He Remain Comfortable In Chilly And Inclement Weather While Being Outside, The Cheerful Snowflake Design In Contrasting Holiday Colors, Make Your Pup Stand Out In A Crowd. Each Snowflake Sweater Allows Plenty Of Wiggle Room For Dogs To Move Around Due To Its Flexible Material. The Ribbed Turtleneck Keeps The Neck Warm And Dry While The High-cut Of The Sweater Allow Dog's Ample Movement Without Being Too Tight Or Restrictive. The Design Of East Side Collection Holiday Snowflake Sweaters Includes A Stay-dry Stomach Area For Extra Comfort And Forearm Sleeves With A Ribbed Hem. The Base Of The Sweater Encircling The Dog's Lower Back Also Has A Ribbed Hem Allowing For A Good Fit And Easy Movement. Benefits Of East Side Collection Holiday Snowflake Sweaters Include: Lightweight And Flexible Material Turtleneck Design Ribbed-knitted Hems Around Sleeves And Sweater Base High-cut For Easy Movement Stay-dry Belly For Additional Comfort Idea L Option To Keep Pups War During Outside Excursions

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, sweaters, gt, east Side Collection Snowflake Sweater Blue
      SKU: East-side-collection-holiday-snowflake-sweater-blue-large

    Fresh Digest Daily Intestinal Aid (100 G)
      Fresh Digest Daily Intestinal Aid (100 G).

      Fresh Digest Daily Intestinal Aid By In Clover, Is A Complete Formula Of 4 Plant-based Enzymes Plus Clinically-tested Levels Of Fos To Start Working Fast. Fos Is Food For The ?friendly? Bac Teria Naturally Instant In Dogs And Beneficial To Maintaining Good Health. Fresh Digest Supports The Natural Balance That Is Sometimess Upset By Diet Change, Travel Or Separation, Or The Normal Aging Process. It Has No Inactive Ingredients Or Fillers That May Upset Sensitive Systems. This Natural Formula Supports Intestinal Balance And A Healthy Immune System To Promote More Comfortable, Active And Vibrant Dogs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, fresh Digest , amp, Optagest By In Clover
      SKU: Freshdigest100g

    Miracle Care R-7m Ear Mite Treatment (4 Oz)
      Miracle Care R-7m Ear Mite Treatment (4 Oz).

      Miracle Care R-7m Ear Mite Treatment (4 Oz) Formsrly Gimborn Controls Ear Mites & Ticks. Ear Mites Are Extremely Bothersome To Your Cat Or Dog. They Are Itchy And Leave A Bloody Residue Behind. This Remedy Allows You To Rid Your Pet Of These Pests. Safe For1 Cats And Dogs Only! Miracle Care R-7m Ear Mite Treatment Is A Pyrethrin Based Liquid That Controls Ear Ticks And Mites. Ear Mites Are Extremely Bothersome To Your Cat Or Dog. They Are Itchy And Leave A Bloody Residue Behind. This Safe Remedy Allows You To Rid Your Pet Of These Terrible Pests. Safe For Dogs & Cats Only! Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, ear Mite Control, gt, miracle Care Ear Mite Relief
      SKU: Gimearmite4

    Ifetch Too - Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs
      Ifetch Too - Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs.

      Ifetch Too - Interactive Ball Launcher For Dogs Are The Best Interactive Dog Toys. This Gadget Brings Brand New Technology And High-quality Design To Your Dog's Playtime. For Owners Who Simply Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Play Fetch With Their Energetic Pups, Ifetch Too Is Perfectly Designed For You! Simply Insert The Dog Balls And The Nifty Gadget Will Do The Rest For You! Watch Your Dog's Amusement When The Ball Launches From The Device For Them To Fetch. Being Adaptable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Play, Ifetch Too Gives Your Dog The Best Mental And Physical Exercise For Their Playtime With Minimal Hassle! Includes 3 Normal Sized Tennis Balls. Includes Rechargable Battery. Good For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use. Fun For Your Dog While You're Away. Durable High-uqality Design And Construction.

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Ifetch-too

    Living World Nesting Material
      Living World Nesting Material.

      Lw Nesting Material ? (living World Bird Nesting Materialeach In A Printed 4-lingual Box W/clip For Hangingeach Box Containing 20 Grams Of Nesting Material24 Pcs To Inner Pack, 432 Pcs To Export Carton) · A Natural Fiber Disc For Nesting · Satisfies Natural Urge To Build Nests · Designed For Easy Access To Soft Nest Lining · Maximum Comfort For Breeding And Raising Hatchlings

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Toys , amp, Accessories, gt, living World Bird Accessories
      SKU: Living-world-nesting-material

    Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 20 Oz
      Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 20 Oz.

      Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl Is Perfect Against Providing Your Dog With Fresh Water When Traveling. It's Great For Camping, Hikes, Traveling, Etc. Features A Clip To Be Carried On Belt Or Waistband While Walking Or Hiking If Desired. Simply Unplug The Bottle And The Bowl Will Be Filled With Water. Travel Bottle Widemouth Bottle For Ice Cubes On Hot Days Bottle And Bowl In One For Pets Of All Sizes Hands Fre E- No Squeezing Or Holding Comes In Assorted Colors, Please Allow Us To Choose For You.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, litter Locker Refills, gt, 5 Pack Litterlocker Plus Refill Cartridge, gt, lixit Travel Water Solutions
      SKU: Lixitportbowl

    Natural Diet (1 Lb)
      Natural Diet (1 Lb).

      Formulated To Be Fed To Dogs That Are Being Fed Raw Meat. Microencapsulated Probiotics, Specific Natural Enzymes To Help Dogs Digest Raw Meat. Additional Vitamins And Minerals.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, animal Health Solutions Natural Diet Supplement
      SKU: Natural-diet-1-lb

    Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray For Dogs (16 Oz)
      Pet Organics No Stay! Furniture Spray For Dogs (16 Oz).

      No Stay! Furniture Spray For Dogs. A Special Blend Of Natural Herbs That Most Pets Find Displeasing And Prefer To Avoid. Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, pet , amp, amp, Animal Deterrents, gt, pet Organics Deterrent Products
      SKU: Pet-organics-no-stay-furniture-spray-dogs-16-oz

    Vet Classics Arthriease Gold Powder (1 Lb)
      Vet Classics Arthriease Gold Powder (1 Lb).

      Vet Classics Arthriease Gold Powder Helps Dogs And Cats Who Need Advanced Support For Hips And Joints. Our Special Blend Of Carefully Selected Supplements Increases Mobility And Reduces Discomfort For Your Canine Or Feline Friend. Supreme Formula Arthiease Gold Powder Is Made A Blend Of Antioxidants, Enzymes And Other Supplements Proven To Aid In Joint Function And Mobility. Hyaluronic Acid Lubricates Joint Tissue, Chondroitin Acts As An Anti-inflammatory And Msm Improves Joint Connective Tissue Health. Other Ingredients Include Glucosamine, Cellulose, Protease And More. Ideal For Older Or Large Pets Just As With Their Owners, Pets? Joints Stiffen With Age Anx Support Can Be Needed To Perform Routine ?tasks? Like Jumping On The Bed Or Getting Into The Car. Large Or Overweight Pets Can Have Added Challenges With Joint Health As They Age. Arthiease Gold Powder Eases Some Of The Effects Of Aging For By Eliminating Free Radicals That Cause Cell Damage And Providing Valuable Lubrication And Support For All Joint Components. Benefits Allows Your Pet To Maintain Activity Reduces Discomfort Simple?just Add To Pet?s Food Great Taste Pets Love!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, vet-classics Arthriease
      SKU: Vet-classics-arthriease-gold-powder-1-lb

    Wild Calling Cabin Fever Canned Cat Food - Chicken (5.5 Oz)
      Wild Calling Cabin Fever Canned Cat Food - Chicken (5.5 Oz).

      Wild Calling™ Canned Cat Food Is A Top-quality Wet Cat Food That Includes The Nutrients Your Feline Needs With A Fantastic Flavor To Boot! This Exquisite Cat Food Formula Is 96% Healthy Protein-rich Ingredients That Range From Chicken Liver And Trout To Real Buffalo. Each Formula Is Also Free Of Grain, Gluten, And Artificial Ingredients Or Preservatives. Wild Calling Canned Cat Food Is Formulated To Meed Your Cat's Nutritional Needs And Is Made And Sourced Here In The Usa. This Can Contains 13 Ounces Of The Cabin Fever Formula Which Features Paw-lickin' Chicken As Its Primary Ingredient. Offer Your Cat The Cream Of The Crop With This Choice Canned Food And Order Now! Key Features: 96% Quality Protein Sources Free Of Grain, Gluten, And Artificial Ingredients And Preservatives Made And Sourced In The Usa

      Category: Cat Food, gt, wet Cat Food, gt, wild Calling, amp, trade, Canned Cat Food
      SKU: Wild-calling-cabin-fever-cat-food-chicken-5-5-oz

    Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas
      Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas.

      Would You Like To Learn More About Horse Anatomy? Here Is An Easy And Fun Way To Do It The Authors Describe One Area Of Anatomy At A Time In Language Even Intermediate Grade Students Can Understand, And Include Everyday Concerns Like Colic, Navicular And Founder In Their Explanation. Medical Quality Illustrations Are Designed To Be Colored In As A Learning Aid. An Invaluable Resource For Owners, Farriers, Students, Trainers, Veterinary Technicians And Anyone Else Involved With Equines. A National 4-h Reference Selection. Wire Binding

      SKU: 7116075
      ISBN: 9781577790211
      Author: Kainer, Robert A. / Mccracken, Thomas O.

    Junius And Albert's Adventures In The Confederacy: A Civil War Odyssey
      Junius And Albert's Adventures In The Confederacy: A Civil War Odyssey.

      Albert Richardson And Junius Browne, Two Correspondents For The "new York Tribune," Were Captured At The Battle Of Vicksburg And Spent Twenty Months In Horrific Prisons Before Escaping And Making Their Way To Union Territory. Their Amazing, Long-forgotten Odyssey Is One Of The Great Escape Stories In American History, Packed With Drama, Courage, Horrors And Heroics, Plus Many Moments Of Antic Comedy. They Must Endure The Confederacy's Most Notorious Prison; Rely On Forged Passes And The Secret Signals Of A Covert Pro-union Organization In North Carolina; Trust A Legendary Guerilla Leader; And Ultimately Depend On A Mysterious, Anonymous Woman On A White Horse To Guide Them To Safety. They Traveled For 340 Miles, Most Of It On Foot, Much Of It Through Snow, In Twenty-six Days. This Is A Marvelous, Surreal Voyage Through The Cold Mountains, Dark Prisons, And Mysterious Bands Of Misfits Living In The Shadows Of The Civil War.

      SKU: 20979927
      ISBN: 9781610391542
      Author: Carlson, Peter

    Dangerous Doses: A True Story Of Cops, Counterfeiters, And The Contamination Of America's Drug Supply
      Dangerous Doses: A True Story Of Cops, Counterfeiters, And The Contamination Of America's Drug Supply.

      When Counterfeit Prescription Medicine Started Turning Up In The Nation's Supply And Threatening Some Of The Sickest And Weakest Patients, Katherine Eban Went In Search Of The Story. What She Found Was An Unlikely And Irresistible Group Of Heroes-five Aging South Florida Investigators Who Dubbed Themselves The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse And Held Their Meetings At Hooters. Working Around The Clock On Cases No One Else Wanted To Tackle, They Followed The Trail Of Stolen And Contaminated Medicine In A Takedown Eventually Dubbed Operation Stone Cold. This Riveting Page-turner Takes Us Along With The Horsemen As They Wade Into "more Rank Florida Unseemliness Than A Carl Hiaasen Novel" (salon) To Ultimately Uncover $33 Million In Bad Medicine And Make More Than Sixty Arrests. Thanks In Part To The Attention Dangerous Doses Received In Hardcover, The Media, Politicians, And Drug Companies Are Starting To Address The Problems It Uncovered. This New Paperback Edition Includes A Chapter With The Latest Update On These Developments.

      SKU: 490574
      ISBN: 9780156030854
      Author: Eban, Katherine

    Go Wild In New York City
      Go Wild In New York City.

      Go Wild In New York City Is The Brainchild Of Author Brad Matsen And Philanthropist Ted Kheel. Its Mission Is To Open Kids' Eyes To The Hidden Natural Wonders Of The Urban Environment-in This Case, New York City. This Book Will Help Children Understand And Celebrate City Life, While Also Sparking Interest In Science Topics And Promoting Ways Of Caring For The Earth. This Book Seeks To Answer Children's Most Basic Questions Such As, "where Does Water Come From?" Or "why Is The Sky Blue?" It Also Serves Up Page After Page Of Fascinating Trivia And Fun Facts About The Big Apple. For Instance: "new York City's Hottest Day Ever? (july 9, 1936 When The Thermometer Climbed To 115 Degrees Fahrenheit ) "the Amount Of Sewage Generated In An Average Day? (1.4 Billion Gallons) "did You Know That At The End Of The 19th Century, Manhattan Alone Had150,000 Horses Living In It? (and No Public Street-cleaning Works?) "oh, And About Those Alligators In The Sewer Systemo?= Chapters Include: 1.water City -water, Sewage Rocks -rocks, Earth, And Ice Age Of Nyc 3.take A Deep Breath - Weather, Atmosphere, And Climate 4.hey, Nice Plants - Plants, Air, Flowers, Pollution 5.rulers Of New York - Bugs, Bugs, Bugs 6.fur, Fins, Fangs, & Feathers- Everything That Walks, Crawls, Slithers, Or Flies In Nyc In, Garbage Out - The Incredible Story Of Nyc's Garbage, Peee-youuu All Chapters Discuss Pollution Issues And Environmental Concerns. Each Chapter Features Activities For The Reader, As Well As Websites To Go To For Further Research. The Back Matter Includes Resources, An Index, Additional Information And Websites, A Complete Map Of New York City, And Information On The Missions Of The Organizationsinvolved. Go Wild Is Supported By The Non-profit Organization Nurture New York's Nature (nnyn) Headed By A Legendary Mediator In The Labor Industry And The Extremely Philanthropic Ted Kheel. Nnyn's Mission Is To Bring Attention To The Need For Sustainable Development In Urban Environments. Mr. Kheel's Passion For His Work Has Initiated An Assortment Of Projects Supporting Resource-friendly Development And Awareness Throughout New York City. By Inspiring This Book, Mr. Kheel Hopes To Reach Out To The Children Of The City And Incite Their Environmental Awareness At An Early Age. Mr. Kheel's Extensive Personal Connections, Including The Likes Of Oscar De La Renta And Mikhail Baryshnikov, Will Certainly Help To Promote This Book And Make It A Sales Success. Mr. Kheel's Go Wild "team" Will Be Working In And Out Of The City To Get The Word Out. Mr. Kheel Is Very Committed To This Project And Appears To Have An Endless Supply Of Resources, Both Socially And Monetarily, To Help Support The Project. To Find Out More About Nnyn And Their Extensive List Of Other Projects, Go To Http: // For A Biography On Ted Kheel, Take A Look At

      SKU: 3164807
      ISBN: 9780792279822
      Author: Matsen, Bradford / Corio, Paul / Lake, Kate

    Sapphire: New Horizons
      Sapphire: New Horizons.

      Home Is Where Your Horse Is Emily Summers Does "not" Want To Go To Oregon. Why Would She Want To Leave Her Friends And Rhapsody, Her Perfect Dressage Horse, To Move To A Horse Rescue Ranch All The Way Across The Country? Then Emily Discovers That At Running Horse Ridge, She'll Be Living Her Dream Of Riding And Caring For Horses 24/7, And After She Meets The Roguish Black Stallion Named Sapphire, She Feels She's Founnd A True Friend. There's Just One Catch: Sapphire Is At Running Horse Ridge To Be Retrained And Sold. Has Emily Met The Horse Of Her Dreams Only To Lose Him?

      SKU: 201445
      ISBN: 9780061429804
      Author: Brooks, Heather

    Aaevt's Equine Manual For Veterinary Technicians
      Aaevt's Equine Manual For Veterinary Technicians.

      "aaevt's Equine Manual For Veterinary Technicians" Offers A Compendium Of Information On The Care And Treatment Of Horses For Equine Veterinary Technicians. Highly Accessible And Easy To Use, The Book Builds On The Basics Of Equine Care To Provide A Complete Reference For Equine Nursing And Technical Skills. "aaevt's Equine Manual For Veterinary Technicians" Is An Invaluable Guide For Qualified Equine Veterinary Technicians And Assistants, Particularly Those Earning Their Equine Certification, Vet Tech Students, And Equine Practices.

      SKU: 3430266
      ISBN: 9780813829715
      Author: Reeder, Deborah / Miller, Sheri / Wilfong, Deeann

    Ron Paul Speaks
      Ron Paul Speaks.

      "ron Paul Speaks" Presents Hundreds Of Fascinating Quotes From America's Favorite Dark Horse Presidential Candidate. Congressman Ron Paul Provides Supporters Ando Thers With Insight Into His Beliefs, Expressing What He Stands For On A Wide Range Of Issues, And What He Would Offer America Were He To End Up In The White House Sooner Or Later. Covering All Sorts Of Controversial Topics-from Abortion, The Constitution, Education, Gas Prices, Health Care, And The Stock Market To Terrorism And The War In Iraq-"ron Paul Speaks" Brings Us The Real Words Of The Man Famous For Advocating A Return To The Founding Fathers' Original Intent: Limited Government, States' Rights, Personal Liberty, Low Taxation, And Low Spending. It Includes An Introduction By Ron Paul Himself, The Texas Congressman And Onetime Obstetrician Who Became The Darling Of Millions Of Americans Young And Old Who Feel That Mainstream Politics Has Left Them Out In The Cold. "we Should Not Trick Ourselves Into Believing That We Can Pick And C Hoose Which Part Of The Bill Of Rights We Support."-ron Paul

      SKU: 7352867
      ISBN: 9781599214481
      Author: Haddad, Philip / Marsh, Roger / Paul, Ron

    The Man Who Was Hanged By A Thread: And Other Tales From Bc's First Lawman
      The Man Who Was Hanged By A Thread: And Other Tales From Bc's First Lawman.

      From 1858 Until 1950, The Bc Provincial Police Were Responsible For Maintaining Law And Order In The West. Numbering Only 100 Men In 1900, They Patrolled A Vast Area By Horseback, Boat, Snowshoes And Dog Team Until The Arrival Of The Train, Automobile And Airplane. In These Classic Cases From The Files Of The Bc Provincial Police, Former Deputy Commissioner Cecil Clark Brings To Life The Lawmen Who Upheld The Peace And The Criminals Who Disrupted It. A Texas Gambler Thinks He Has Committed The Perfect Murder, But His Plans Are Foiled By A Barber. A Quesnel Family Disappears In Mysterious Circumstances-their Fate Remains Unknown To This Day. Two Men Are Brutally Murdered At Osborne Bay In A Case Of Mistaken Identity, But Did They Ever Receive Justice? These Dramatic Stories Provide A Vivid Window Into Frontier Society And The Challenges Faced By The Members Of North America's First Territorial Constabulary.

      SKU: 16629765
      ISBN: 9781926936949
      Author: Clark, Cecil

    Sunset In Kentucky
      Sunset In Kentucky.

      It Is 1835 In Richmond, Kentucky, When A Horse And Buggy Races Down The Road Toward The Home Of Big Al And Lucy Bennings. Shortly After The Buggy's Arrival, A Baby Boy Is Born To A Young Farm Couple, Brady And Anna Marie Patterson. As The Pattersons Welcome Little Patrick Into Their Family, They Embrace A New Beginning Fueled By Hope. It Is Not Long Before Brady Is Recruited To Accompany A Search Party Intent On Traveling Up The Kentucky River To Search For New Fertile Farmland To Homestead. Anna Marie, Now Pregnant With Their Second Child, Begs Brady Not To Leave, But Despite Her Misgivings, He Succumbs To The Temptation Of What He Thinks Will Be A Great Adventure. As The Scouts Encounter One Unforeseen Event After Another, Anna Marie Faces Her Own Trials And Tribulations In Brady's Absence. But It Is Only After She Receives Word That Brady Has Been Injured That She Realizes She Is Plagued With Loneliness And Makes A Decision That Changes Everything. In This Historical Tale Filled With Love, Camaraderie, And Adventure, A Woman Grows To Become A Strong Pioneer And Mother As Her Husband Discovers His Journey To A Better Life Is More Challenging Than He Ever Realized.

      SKU: 19267583
      ISBN: 9781458203229
      Author: Howell, Carol Walls

    California Coast Trails: A Horseback Ride From Mexico To Oregon
      California Coast Trails: A Horseback Ride From Mexico To Oregon.

      Few Books Deserve The Endorsement Forgotten Gem. Yet California Coast Trails Is Ntitled To That Accolade And More An English Immigrant, Smeaton Chase (1864-1923) Came To California In 1890 Where He Pursued A Career As One Of The State S Earliest Social Workers. Yet He Never Allowed His Career To Niterfere With The Life-long Pursuit Of His Twin Passions, Equestrian Travel And Botany. Though Chase Made Many Various Horse Trips Throughout The American West, This Book Describes His Most Famous Journey, From Mexico To Oregon Along The Coast Of California. The Amateur Scientist Doesn T Merely Ride Along, He Treats Us To A Treasure Trove Of Observations, Commenting On Subjects As Diverse As The Architecture Of The Spanish Missions, The Hospitality Of The People, And The Beauties Of A Fabled Countryside In The Last Days Of Its Pristine Natural Glory. While Chase Regales The Reader With Adventures, Such As Rescuing His Horse From Quicksand, The Book Is Far More Than A Mere Account Of An Equestrian Exploration. It Remains One Of The Most Poetic And Moving Accounts Ever Written By A Man In The Saddle. California Coast Trails Is Thus Not Merely A Classic. It Is A Blessing To Any Library And To Every Reader.

      SKU: 7238624
      ISBN: 9781590480281
      Author: Chase, J. Smeaton

    The Behaviour And Welfare Of The Horse
      The Behaviour And Welfare Of The Horse.

      Horses Play A Unique Role In Human Activities, For Both Work And Recreation. From The Ranch To The Racetrack, An Understanding Of Their Behavior And Needs Is Vital For Humans To Ensure Their Well-being. Providing A Comprehensive, Scientific Overview Of Horse Behavior And Its Relation To Welfare, This Updated Edition Includes New Developments In The Understanding Of The Relationship Between Physiology And Performance, And The Neuro-chemical Basis Of Stereotypic Behavior. It Is Expanded To Address The Important Topic Of Welfare From Both A Fundamental And Practical Viewpoint, And Will Serve As An Essential Resource For Veterinarians, Equine Professionals And Horse Owners As Well As Students Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences.

      SKU: 7506440
      ISBN: 9781845936280
      Author: Fraser, Andrew Ferguson

    Polos Shirt Men Hot New Classic T-shirt Club Fashion 100% Cotton Male Casual Shirt Brands White S-xxl
      Polos Shirt Men Hot New Classic T-shirt Club Fashion 100% Cotton Male Casual Shirt Brands White S-xxl.

      Polo Shirts,more Colors,size:s,m,l,xl,xxl,best Quality, Horse,cotton,quick Dry,breather Top Quality,free Shipping,drop Shipping

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 397239624

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