Metropolitan Railways: Rapid Transit In America

    Metropolitan Railways: Rapid Transit In America
      Metropolitan Railways: Rapid Transit In America.

      Early In The 19th Century, Growing American Cities Began To Experience Transportation Problems. One Solution Was The Horse-drawn Streetcar, Developed In 1832, But It Soon Proved Inadequate. The First Elevated Train Was Transporting Passengers Above The Streets Of Manhattan By 1871; The First Subway Opened 25 Years Later In Boston; And Similar Systems Soon Followed In Philadelphia And Chicago. Rapid Transit Was Confined To These Few Cities Until After World War Ii, When A New Generation Of Systems Began To Appear. In The 1970s, Light Rail Became An Economical Alternative To Conventional Rapid Transit. By Century's End, Some Three Dozen Cities In The U.s., Canada, And Mexico Operated Metropolitan Rapid Transit Or Light Rail Systems That Transported Five Billion Urban Passengers Annually, And Still More Were Under Construction Or Planned. These Diverse Systems Include Elevated Lines Ranging From Chicago's "l" To The Fully Automatic Skytrain Metro Of Vancouver, B.c.; Subways From New York City's Thundering Tunnels - The World's Largest Underground System - To The Thoroughly Modern Metro Of Guadalajara; And Light Rail From Lovingly Restored New Orleans Streetcars To The Sleek, Articulated Vehicles Of Silicon Valley. Metropolitan Railways Is A Large-scale, Extensively Illustrated Volume That Deals With The Growth And Development Of Urban Rail Transit Systems In North America. It Traces The History Of Rail Transit Technology From Such Impractical Early Schemes As A Proposed Steam-powered "arcade Railway" Under New York's Broadway Through Today's Sophisticated Systems. Rapid Transit Enthusiasts As Well As Residents Of Cities That Are Potential Candidates For Rapid Transit Or Light Rail Systems Will Find This Book Indispensabl.

      SKU: 788206
      ISBN: 9780253341792
      Author: Middleton, William D.

    Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Small Dogs (7 Months)
      Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Small Dogs (7 Months).

      Adams Flea & Tick Control Collar For Small Dogs & Puppies Kills Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs And Larvae Through Contact For Up To 7 Months. Prevents Infestation By Breaking The Flea Life Cycle Kills Fleas, Ticks, Flea Eggs & Larvae. Prevents Flea Eggs From Hatching For 7 Months.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, collars, gt, adams, amp, reg, Plus Flea And Tick Collars For Dogs
      SKU: Adams-plus-flea-tick-collar-small-dogs

    Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box Dark Blue ^
      Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box Dark Blue ^.

      Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box Dark Blue The Booda Domeā® Was Designed For Cleanliness As Well As Privacy. This Covered Litter Box Comes In A Variety Of Metallic And Pearlescent Colors Which Blend Harmoniously With Any Home's Decor. Each Litter Box Includes A Large Capacity Filter. Uniqque Design Fashionable Colors Easy To Clean Free Liner & Filter

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, litter , amp, amp, Litter Boxes, gt, booda Cat Litter Box And Supplies
      SKU: Bdomeboxb

    Casual Canine I'm So Corny Tee Black - Large
      Casual Canine I'm So Corny Tee Black - Large.

      Now Pets Can Proudly Proclaim Their Candy Corniness With Our Original Casual Canine I'm So Corny Tee . Glow-in-the-dark Design Comfortable Poly/cotton Tee Ribbed Neck, Waist, And Sleeves Size Length Xx-small 8" X-small 10" Small 12" Small/medium 14" Medium 16" Large 20" X-large 4" *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. Not At All Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, halloween Tees, gt, casual Canine I, m So Corny Tee - Black
      SKU: Casual-canine-im-so-corny-tee-black-large

    Dechra Dermalyte Shampoo (one Gallon)
      Dechra Dermalyte Shampoo (one Gallon).

      Dechra Dermalyte Shampoo Is Easy To Rinse, Gentle Moisturizing Shampoo For Cleansing Normal, Sensitive Or Dry Skin. It Utilizes A Revolutionary Formulation Containing Essential Fatty Acids, And No Animal By-products Or Soap. Dermapet Dermayte Shampoo Assists Grooming, Aids In Restoring Natural Luster To The Coat, Is Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-polluting And Cruelty Free. Directions: Wet Coat, Apply Shampoo, Later, Rinse Thoroughly. Repeat. Shampoo May Be Diluted 4:1 In Water. Dermapet Dermalyte Shampoo May Be Used As Often As Desired. For Best Results, Apply Dermapet Dermallay Conditioner Following Shampoo. Contains: Natural Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil (linoleic Acid), Sodium Lactate, And Glycerine As Natural Moisturizing Factors, And Puri Fied Water In A Hypo-allergenic Gentle Cleansing System. Hypo-allergenic No Animal Protein Essential Fatty Acids All Natural, No Soap Or Dyes Environmental Formula Note: This Item Is Restricted From Shipping To California.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, dechra Shampoos
      SKU: Dermlyte1gal

    Dvm Daily Soft Chews (120 Count)
      Dvm Daily Soft Chews (120 Count).

      Dvm Daily Soft Chews Are A Comprehensive Dietary Solution Designed To Provide All The Vitamins And Minerals That Dogs Need In One Convenient Chew. These Supplements Contain A Variety Of Helpful Ingredients That Seek To Promote The Overall Health Of Your Dog. Over 24 Vitamins, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes And Minerals Are Included In This Unique Formula. These Chews Are Great For Dogs Of All Reeds, Sizes And Ages. Dvm Daily Soft Chews Should Be Used Regularly To Keep Your Dog In Prime Physical Condition. These Chews Are Also Formulated To Be A Tasty Treat That Your Dog Will Love. This Bottle Comes With 120 Soft Chews To Ensure That Your Dog Has Anywhere Between A One-month And Four-month Supply. These Chews Will Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy And Make The Perfect Treat For Your Dog, So Order Them Today! Key Features: Great Taste That Dogs Love On Tains Digestive Enzymes 24+ Vitamins, Minerals And Antioxidants

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, dvm Daily Soft Chews
      SKU: Dvm-daily-soft-chews-120-count

    Pet Botanics E-collars Assorted Colors - Medium (neck Size: 7 1/4" - 12 1/4")
      Pet Botanics E-collars Assorted Colors - Medium (neck Size: 7 1/4" - 12 1/4").

      Pet Botanics E-collars Assorted Colors - Medium (neck Size: 7 1/4" - 12 1/4") Relieve Your Pet's Endless Cycle Of Biting, Licking And Scratching. Safe, Lightweight And Comfortable E-collar With Padded Neckline Stops Your Pet's Self-inflicted Wound Aggravation And Allows Topical Medications To Be Effective. Transparent Collar Allows Your Pet To Maintain His Peripheral Vision. Size Medium (neck Size: 7 1/4" - 12 1/4") Directions Directions: Each E-collar Has Unique Snaps On One Side Of The Collar. Simply Place The Collar Snugly, But Not Tight Enough To Choke, Around The Pet's Neck. Line Up The Snaps To The Properly Positioned Holes On The Opposite Side Of The Collar And Press Together. To Snap The E-collar Into The Selected Holes: Start At One End Of The Snap. Position Two Fingers Under The Snap And Hole. Firmly Support The Collar From Below. Push Down One End Of The Snap. Repeat Procedure On The End Of The Snap. If The E-collar Is Still Too Loose, Simply Attach The E-collar To Your Pet's Collar With Gauze Or String.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, e Collars, gt, pet Botanics E-collar
      SKU: Ecollarmedium

    Fido Dental Care Belly Bones (mini 21 Pack)
      Fido Dental Care Belly Bones (mini 21 Pack).

      Naturals Belly Bone Dental Care Yogurt Flavor Are 100% Rawhide Free Treats Made With A Potato And Rice Formula That Are A Good Source Of Prebiotics And Probiotics For Your Dog. Probiotics Are A Healthy Live Bacteria And Yeasts That Promote Gastrointestinal Health And Balance, While Prebiotics Act As A Nourishment To The Good Bacteria To Further Increase The Health Of Your Furry Friends. These Chews Are A Healthy Way To Maintain Your Dog's Dental Health By Scraping Away Plaque And Controlling Tartar Buildup As They Chew, All While Promoting Their Digestive Health. Unique Design And Chewy Texture Cleans Dogs' Teeth As They Chew And Helps Freshen Bretah. These Bones Are Pressure Molded Not Baked. They Taste Great, Are Healthy And Safely Digest, Unlike Rawhide That Have A Risk Of Blockage. Please Always Supervise Your Pets So They Do Not Gulp Our Treats Without Chewing Them First. Proper Size Of Treats Depending On Breed Is Recommended 21 Mini Treats For Dogs 4-18 Lbs Helps Support Digestive Health Regular Chewing Helps Reduce Plaque And Tartar Formation Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, fido Dental Care Belly Bones
      SKU: Fido-belly-bones

    Fresh 'n Clean Skunk-off Soaker (8 Fl Oz)
      Fresh 'n Clean Skunk-off Soaker (8 Fl Oz).

      Fresh 'n Clean® Skunk-off Soaker (8 Fl Oz) Is Specially Formulated To Remove Odors On Contact From Pets, Clothnig, Furniture And More. This Unique Formula Works Instantly To Permanently Remove Skunk Odors From Pets, People, Clothes, Home Surfaces, Car Interiors, Car Exteriors, And More. Fresh 'n Clean® Skunk-off Soaker Uses The Latest Technology To Ensure That It Is Easy To Use, Safe For Pets And People, And Effective At Removing Odors Completely. This Product Was Made In The Usa And Features A Nozzle That Makes It Easy To Apply. Don't Put Up With Offensive Skunk Odors- Order This Product Today! Key Features: Safe For Use On Pets, People, Clothing, Upholstery, Carpets, Bedding, Car Interiors, And Car Exteriors Works Instantly An Permanently Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, fresh , n Clean, amp, reg, Skunk-off
      SKU: Fresh-n-clean-skunk-off-soaker-8-fl-oz

    Kong Large Squeezz Stick - Assorted
      Kong Large Squeezz Stick - Assorted.

      Kong Large Squeezz Stick - Assorted Has A Recessed Squeaker That Gives The Safest And Funnest Squeak Of Any Toy Out There. Great For Agmess Of Fetch, The Erratic Bounce And Squeak Guarantee Tons Of Fun For You And Your Dog. Perfect For Games Of Fetch Recessed/protected Squeaker Induces Play Comes In Four Vibrant Colors: Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire

      Category: Specials , amp, Sales, gt, top Selling Products On Entirelypets, gt, kong Squeezz
      SKU: Kong-large-squeezz-stick-assorted

    Naturvet Skin & Coat Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Skin & Coat Plus Omegas For Cats (60 Soft Chews).

      Naturvetā® Skin & Coat Plus Omegas For Cats Helps Support Healthy Skin And Coat On Cats With Delectable Soft Chews Your Cat Will Love. Ā these Chews Include An Ample Supply Of Omega Fatty Acids And Additional Vitamins That Promote Skin Health. These Nutrients Also Work To Ensure That Your Cat's Coat Stays Lustrous And Healthy. Naturvet Skin & Coat Plus Omegas For Cats Is Free Of Wheat And Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That Each Chew Is Safe For Your Cat. This Reusable, Dishwasher-safe Container Includes 60 Soft Chews To Provide The Average Cat A 30-day Supply Of Chews. Keep Your Cat's Skin And Coat In Ideal Health With These Delectable Soft Chews And Order Now! Key Features: Helps Support Healthy Skin And Glossy Coat Contains 60 Soft Chews To Provide 30-day To Supply To Most Cats* Made In The Usa Naturvet University Product Education Skin & Coat (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements, gt, naturvet Skin And Coat Supplements
      SKU: Naturvet-skin-coat-cats-600-soft-chews

    Nobivac Felv (25 Dose)
      Nobivac Felv (25 Dose).

      Nobivac Felv (25 Dose) (feline Leukemia Vaccine) Is A Killed Virus For Cats 9 Weeks And Older. Preservatives: Gentamicin And Amphotericin B. All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, nobivac
      SKU: Nobivac-felv-25-dose

    Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment Biscuits - Mini (20 Oz)
      Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment Biscuits - Mini (20 Oz).

      Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment Biscuits Are Scrumptious Oven-baked Treats That Will Have Your Dog's Tail Waggin'! Old Mother Hubbard Carefully Crafts Its Treats From Home-style Recipes That Have Been In Use Since 1926. This Classic Recipe Uses All-natural Ingredients To Produce Full-flavored, Crunchy Biscuits That Are Both Wholesome And Delicious. Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment Biscuits Make Great Rewards For Pets In Training Or As Gifts To Show Your Pup You Love Him. This Package Contains 20 Ounces Of Original, Chicken, Cheddar And Charcoal Flavored Mini Treats. Order A Package Of These Delectable Oven-baked Biscuits For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Oven-baked For Crunchy Texture All-natural Ingredients For Wholesome Healthy Treats With Great Taste Available In 20 Ounce Size Of Miniature Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, old Mother Hubbard Biscuits
      SKU: Old-mother-hubbard-original-assortment-biscuits-mini-20-oz

    Telfa Pads Non-adherent Dressing Sterile (2"x3") - 100 Pack
      Telfa Pads Non-adherent Dressing Sterile (2"x3") - 100 Pack.

      ? Absorbent Cotton Pads ? Superior ?ouchless? Dressing Won?t Disrupt Healing Tissue By Sticking To Wound ? Each Sterile Dressing Individually Wrapped In Peel-open Envelope ? Ideal As Primary Dressing For Lightly Draining Wounds ? Bonded On Both Sides With Perforated Non-adherent Film; Can Be Cut To Any Shape Without Separating ? Perforated Dispensing Carton, Sterile 1's In Peel-back Package

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Hurt Care, gt, kendall Wound Care
      SKU: Telfa-pads-non-adherent-dressing-sterile-2-x-3-100-pack

    Healthy Pet Water Filter 2pk
      Healthy Pet Water Filter 2pk.

      Adding A Healthy Pet Water Filter To The Healthy Pet Water Station Helps Remove Chlorine, Sediment And Odor From The Water Stored In The Reservoir. Keeping The Water Supply Fresh, Clean And Odor Free Has Been Shown To Promote Your Pet To Drink More Water. This Filter Will Fit Any Healthy Pet Water Station (sold Separately). Replacing The Filter Every 6-8 Weeks Will Provide The Best Results, Depending On Pet Usage. This Pack Comes With 2 Healthy Pet Water Filters. Encouraging Your Pet To Drink More Will Keep Yor Pet Healthier And Prevent Unnecessary Illness. Quiet, Replaceable Activated Carbon Water Filter Removes Chlorine, Sediments And Odor From Water Fits All Sizes Of The Healthy Pet Water Station, Sold Separately Includes 2 Filters Replace Every 6-8 Weeks, Depending On Pet Usage

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, petsafe Feed , amp, Water Systems
      SKU: Waterfilter2pk

    Cave Art
      Cave Art.

      The Discovery Of Pre-historic Decorated Caves In Western Europe Transformed The Way We Think About The Development Of Art. The Earliest Known Evidence Of Human Artistic Endeavor, The Awe-inspiring Paintings, Dramatic Engravings And Small, Delicate Sculptures Of Animals And Humans Found In These Caves Still Hold A Unique Power And Fascination, More Than A Century After They Were First Discovered. In This Book, Nternationally Renowned Expert On Prehistoric Art Jean Clottes Explores The Origins Of Art And Creativity. He Takes The Reader On A Guided Tour Of 85 Caves And Rock Shelters, Many Of Which Are Not Open To The Public, Revealing The Extraordinary Beauty Of The Works Of Art Within Them. "cave Art" Features More Than 300 Works From The Paleolithic Period, Made Between 35,000 And 11,000 Years Ago, Presented In Geographical And Chronological Order.this Comprehensive, Accessible Introduction To Prehistoric Art Includes Such Spectacular Works As The Famous Horses Of Lascaux, The Buffalo In The Altamira Cave In Spain And The Ivory Carving Of A Woman's Face Found At Brassempouy In The South Of France, As Well As Examples From Less Well-known Sites. A Wonderful Range Of Animals Is Presented, From Cave Bears To Reindeer, As Well As Mysterious Abstract Signs And Schematic Representations Of Human Beings. Examples Of Portable Art And Sculpture Are Also Included. While Most Of The Caves Described In The Book Are European, "cave Art" Also Includes Examples Of Open-air Rock Art Made After The Last Ice Age At Sites Around The World. With An Unparalleled Selection Of Images, "cave Art" Offers A Unique Guided Tour Of The Earliest Expressions Of Human Creativity. Each Work In "cave Art" Is Illustrated By A Color Photograph, And Accompanied By A Clear, Vivid Explanatory Text. A Concise Introduction Tells The Story Of The Discovery Of The Caves, And Gives A Clear Outline Of Current Knowledge, Research And Debate On The Subject Of Prehistoric Art. The Book Also Includes A Chronology, Maps Of The Main Caves And Sites, A Glossary And A List Of Sites That Can Be Visited.

      SKU: 2612844
      ISBN: 9780714857237
      Author: Clottes, Jean

    The Trail Drivers Of Texas: Interesting Sketches Of Early Cowboys...
      The Trail Drivers Of Texas: Interesting Sketches Of Early Cowboys....

      "for 60 Years, The Trail Drivers Of Texas Has Been Considered The Most Monumental Single Source On The Old-time Texas Trail Drives North To Kansas And Beyyond....because Of Its Vast Volume Of Raw Material, Expressed In The Words Of Those Who Lived The Life And Rode The Long Miles, Students Of Cattle Industry History Regard It With High Respect, Even Awe." - Elmer Kelton, Dallas Morning News ., ." The Essential Starting Point For Any Study Of Texas Trail Driving Days. Walter Prescott Webb Called It 'absolutely The Best Source There Is On The Cattle Trail ...'" - Basic Texas Books These Are The Chronicles Of The Trail Drivers Of Texas- Those Rugged Men And, Sometimes, Women Who Drove Cattle And Horses Up The Trails From Texas To Northern Markets In The Late 1800s. Gleaned From Members Of The Old Time Trail Drivers' Association, These Hundreds Of Real-life Stories- Some Humorous, Some Chilling, Some Rambling, All Interesting- Form An Invaluable Cornerstone To The Literature, History, And Folklore Of Texas And The West. First Published In The 1920s And Reissued By The University Of Texas Press In 1985, This Classic Work Is Now Available In A Handsome Paperback Edition That Contains The Full Text, Historical Illustrations, And Name Index Of The Hardcover Edition.

      SKU: 825407
      ISBN: 9780292730762
      Author: Hunter, J. Marvin

    Big Jabe
      Big Jabe.

      When A Young Slave Named Addy Goes Fishing One Spring Day, She Doesn't Catch Any Fish. Instead, She Finds A Little Boy In A Basket Floating In The River. Jabe Is No Ordinary Boy: In A Few Short Months, He Grows To Be A Big, Strong Man With The Strength Of Fifty. He Can Pick An Entire Field Of Cotton By Himself In Just One Night And Day. Why, He Even Has The Power To Turn A Tired Old Workhorse Into A Young Filly Ready To Race When Slaves Begin To Miraculously Disappear From The Plenty Plantation, Addy Knows In Her Heart That Jabe Is The Reason Why.

      SKU: 173894
      ISBN: 9780060540616
      Author: Nolen, Jerdine / Nelson, Kadir

    Horse-racing In England
      Horse-racing In England.

      General Books Publication Date: 2009 Original Publication Date: 1893 Original Publisher: Bentley Subjects: Horse Racing Games / Gambling / Track Betting History / General Nature / Animals Sports

      SKU: 5563753
      ISBN: 9781150559112
      Author: Black, Robert

    A Warrior's Heart: Battle For The Ancient City
      A Warrior's Heart: Battle For The Ancient City.

      In 1200 B.c., On The Coast Of Southeastern Thrace, The Twin Co-regents Of Talmarus Seek Peace With The Neighboring City Of Diun, Near Troy. But When Lord Sul Sends The Court Hunter Angelus To Make A Sacrifice To Zeus At A Nearby Temple, The Archer Finds More Than Ram's Blood: He Finds Betrayal And Regicide. Thus, To Possibly Save His City From Lord Paros' Tyranny And His Planned Unjust War With Diun, Angelus And His Amazonian Friend, Talon, Embark On A Perilous Journey West To Consult The Oracle Of Delphi, Braving On Their Way Demons, Gods, And Men. It Is Then That The Hunter Becomes The Hunted, For Lord Paros Sends-with Orders To Kill-five Elite Soldiers Of The Second Guard After The Two Renegades. Only With The Help Of A Beautiful Horsewmoan, The King Of The Wood, And His Faith In Apollo Does Angelus Stand A Chance At Liberating His People. Will Hr Overcome His Adversary And Finally Liberate His People?

      SKU: 6793351
      ISBN: 9781450214605
      Author: Peter C. Langella, C. Langella

    Let Them Be Free The Tyler Geiger Story
      Let Them Be Free The Tyler Geiger Story.

      This Book Is About My Son Tyler Geiger. Tyler Lived With Cp For 10 Years Until The Tragic Accident That Took His Life.this Book Is About How I Never Held Tyler Back From Doing Anything In Life. From Going To Camp To Riding Horses. I Hope That This Book Will Help Parents With Disabled Children To Let Them Live And Enjoy Life. Just Because You Have A Disablity Doesn't Mean You Can't Do Evrything Everyone Else Does. Our Children Need To Enjoy Life Just As We Have.this Book Also Shows How Tyler Touched So Many People In Life And The Lessons He Taught Them.

      SKU: 6713375
      ISBN: 9781438978666
      Author: Lee, April

    Course Of Action
      Course Of Action.

      The Girls Of Pine Hollow Face Courses Of Action That Could Have Negative Results For Their Personal Love Lives, And Their Horses.

      SKU: 1973154
      ISBN: 9780553492866
      Author: Bryant, Bonnie

    Original Stories About The American West
      Original Stories About The American West.

      Original Stories About The American West Features Poems About Three Adventurous, Rollicking Cowboys Who Roam From Place To Place In The Southwest, Seeking Fun, Fame, Fortune, And Sometimes Work. Titles Inlude "curly And The Lion," "jake And The Snake," And "bareheaded Hank." Other Stories Include "black Paw And White Throat," And "old Crank." Corporal Shivers And His Buddy Corporal Jenkins Share Many Adventures Together While Enlisted In The Seventh Cavalry. Other Stories Include "one Angry Woman," "red Mane Of Wild Horse," As Well As Many Short Poems. Come Embark On An Adventure In The Old West. Hands Rough By Labor Worncalloused Palms And Nails Torn.weary Body Rinds No Restgnarled Fingers To Attestof Work She's Done. Holding Book Of Classics Read.then Tucking In Each Nodding Lead.last To Retire In Dark Of Nightfirst To Rise At Morning's Lightbusy Hands At Rising Sun.birthing Seven In Stark Privation, Mouths To Feed Each New Creation.always Mothering Her Begotten Brood.strongly Teaching Them Moral Goodlesson Time She Could Afford. Proudly Watching Each Child Achieveknowing That Each One Would Leave.proving That Percepts Caughtwould Guide In Life As Each Was Taught, Trusting In The Living Lord. Hands Crossed Now On Silent Breatlastly Finding Deserved Restone Hundred Years Calmly Close.harsh Years Now In Death's Repose.

      SKU: 17625114
      ISBN: 9781462710119
      Author: Connerly, Robert

    180 Mm Male Horse Eye Urethral Stimulation Metal Solid Stainless Steel Urethral Dilator Lengthened Urethral Block Sex Toys
      180 Mm Male Horse Eye Urethral Stimulation Metal Solid Stainless Steel Urethral Dilator Lengthened Urethral Block Sex Toys.

      Note: Commodity Size Due To Measurement Methods, Measuring Instruments, Etc. Different Will Have A Little Error, Generally 2 Mm Error Is Normal, Does Not Belong To Quality Problems

      Category: Chastitydevices
      SKU: 394973355

    10pcs/lot Horse Love Heart Pendant, Horse Jewelry, Horse Heart Necklace Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace
      10pcs/lot Horse Love Heart Pendant, Horse Jewelry, Horse Heart Necklace Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace.

      10pcs/lot Horse Love Heart Pendant, Horse Jewelry, Horse Heart Necklce Glass Photo Cabochon Necklace

      Category: Pendantnecklaces
      SKU: 248773195

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