Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat Formula (8 Oz)

    Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat Formula (8 Oz)
      Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat Formula (8 Oz).

      Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat Formula Targets The Nutritional Gap Between That Which Nature Provides And What Is Available In Commercial Foods. The Patented Blend Provides Entire Body Support To Your Dog, But Secifically Targets Your Pet's Skin And Coat. This Helps Your Dog To Maintain Soft Tissue, Muscle, Tendon And Ligament Function, And Healthy Skin And Coat. The Best Part Is Missing Link Is Easy To Use! Simply Sprinkle The Dosage Onto Your Pet's Food. 8 Oz Of Powder Provides Vital Nutrients Full Body Health Supports Skin Health And Coat

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements, gt, missing Link Skin , amp, Coat Supplements
      SKU: Missing-link-ultimate-small-breed-skin-and-coat-formula-8-oz

    Aspen Pet Lounger Asst Plush/suede (23" X 17" X 7") - Assorted Colors
      Aspen Pet Lounger Asst Plush/suede (23" X 17" X 7") - Assorted Colors.

      Aspen Pet Lounger Asst Plush/suede (23" X 17" X 7") Has Raised Sides To Help Promote Nesting & Reduce Exposure To Drafts. Soft Fabric Is Thick & Soft So Your Pet Will Love To Snuggle Into It. Polyurethane Foam Shell Helps Bed Retain Its Shape While Offering Support & Comfort. Made Out Of High Quality Fabric With A Machine Washable Cover For Easy Cleaning. Raised Sides Help Promote Nesting & Reduce Exposure To Drafts. Polyurethane Foam Shell Helps Bed Retain Its Shape While Offering Support & Comfort. Orthopedic Base Removable Cover Is Machine Washable For Easy Care. Features Supple Micro Suede With Contrasting Plush Sleep Surface. Non Skid Bottom Available In 2 Assorted Colors! Dark Brown Medium Green

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pillow, Bolster , amp, amp, Lounger Beds, gt, aspen Pet Beds
      SKU: Aspen-pet-lounger-plush-suede-23-17-7

    Biozide Gel Wound Dressing (20 Oz)
      Biozide Gel Wound Dressing (20 Oz).

      A Topical Fungicidal-bactericidal Wound Dressing Containing 1% Iodine. Indicated For Topical Anti-infective Treatment Of Wounds, Cuts, Ulcers, Abraisons, And Postoperative Wound Protection.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Wound Care, gt, biozide Wound Care
      SKU: Biozide-gel-wound-dressing-20-oz

    Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Cat Treats (2 Oz)
      Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Cat Treats (2 Oz).

      Ideal For Rewarding Good Beh Avior, Or Foolishly Optimistic Attempts To Train Your Cat. These All-natural Treats Feature Ninety-five Percent Organic Ingredents Including Organic Free-range Chicken As The #1 Ingredient. Each Tiny Drumstick-shaped Cookie Contains Less Than 2 Calories, And Has Great Crunch Appeal And Taste. Feel Good About Treating Your Kitty. Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Cat Treats Contain No Corn, Soy Or Wheat.

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, natural Cat Treats, gt, organix Natural Cat Treats
      SKU: Castor-pollux-organix-organic-cat-treats-2-oz

    Flys Off Fly Repellent Ointment (5 Oz)
      Flys Off Fly Repellent Ointment (5 Oz).

      Flys-off Ointment Is Formulated Specifically For Dogs, Horses, Or Ponies To Repel House Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, And Horn Flies. It Keeps Flies Away From Open Sores, Wounds, Abrasions, And Scratches. Apply The Ointment Directly To The Wound Daily For The Greatest Results. Use Only On Animals 12 Weeks And Over. Directions: To Treat Superficial Wounds, Abrasions, Sores And Scratches, Apply Enough Ointment To Cover The Wound. Apply Directly To The Wound. Repeat Every Day. Do Not Use On Animals Under 12 Weeks. Consult A Veterinarian Before Using This Product On Debilitated, Ages, Pregnant, Nursing Or Medical Animals. If Signs Of Sensitivity Occur, Bathe Your Pet With Mild Soap And Rinse With Large Amounts Of Water. If Signs Continue, Consult A Veterinarian Immediately. Do Not Use On Horses Or Foals Intended For Slaughter. Active Ingredients: Piperonyl Butoxide Technical, Pyrethins, And Di-n-propyl Isocinchomeronate

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Click Supplies, gt, insect Repellents, gt, flys Off Fly Repellent
      SKU: Flysoffflyntoint5oz

    Glandex Anal Gland Hygienic Cleansing & Deordorizing Wipes (75 Count)
      Glandex Anal Gland Hygienic Cleansing & Deordorizing Wipes (75 Count).

      Glandex® Anal Gland Cleaning Wipes Are Specifically Designed To Assist In Cleaning The Anal Gland Reagion After Anal Gland Expression & Are Perfect For The Veterinary Clinic, Grooming Salon, & For The Home. Our Glandex%reg; Wipes Are Formulated With Our Deoplex® Natural Enzymatic Deodorizer That Eliminates Unpleasant Anal Gland Odor Also Feature Our Fresh Scent To Keep Pets Smelling Their Best. They Also Formulated With Vitamin E, Aloe, Moisturizers, & Skin Conditioners To Help Soothe & Restore The Area. Key Featues: Convenient One Step Clean-up After Anal Gland Expression Gentle On Sensitive Areas Yet Eliminates Tough Odors With Aloe, Vitamin E, Skin Conditioners, Deodorizers, & Frest Scent Thick, Soft, & Gentle Premium Cloth Material

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Glandex-75-wipes

    Hyalogic Hyaluronic Acid - Complete Joint Care (8 Fl Oz)
      Hyalogic Hyaluronic Acid - Complete Joint Care (8 Fl Oz).

      Hyalogic™ Hyaluronic Acid For Joints Complete Joint Object Of ~ Is A Liquid Supplement That Promotes Healthy Cartilage And Joints In Dogs. This Bottle Offers A Rich Source Of Glucosamine, Msm, And Hyaluronic Acid To Promote The Repair And Maintenance Of The Cartilage That Connects Joints And The Synovial Fluid That Keeps These Joints Lubricated. Hyalogic™ Hyaluronic Acid For Joints Complete Joint Care Is Formulated To Protect Against Free Radical Damage And To Support Antioxidant Function. This Bottle Contains 240 Ml To Provide Up To A 2-month Supply For Your Dog. This Supplement Is Ideal For Restoring Health To Ailing Dogs, So If Your Pooch Is Suffering From Joint Stiffness Then Order A Bottle Today! Key Features: Includes Hyaluronic Acid, N-acetyl Glucosamine From A Shellfish Sources, And Msm To Promote Joint And Cartilage Health Reduces The Negative Effects Of Stress And Protects Against Free Radicals Contains 240 Ml Of Non-flavored Liquid

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, hyalogic, amp, trade, Hyaflex, amp, trade, , amp, amp, Hyaluronic Acid For Dogs
      SKU: Hyalogic-complete-joint-care-8-oz

    Microbe-lift Magnesium Supplement (8 Oz)
      Microbe-lift Magnesium Supplement (8 Oz).

      Magesium Supplement Designed To Raise The Level Of Magnesium Safely In A Marine System And Will Not Upset The Ionic Balance. This Concentrated Supplement Contains Over 72,000 Ppm Of Cationic Magnesium. It Is Nitrate, Phosphate And Gluconate Free. Magnesium Has An Important Role In Keeping Concentrations Of Calcium In The Marine System. If The Concentrations Of Magnesium Drops It Wil Bee Very Difficult To Increase The Concentrations Of Calcium. Due To The Rapid Bonding Of Calcium And Carbonates In The Marine System, This Is Usually Manifested By What Is Referred To As A Snow Storm (precipitate) Upon Addition Of Calcium Or Alkaline Buffer. The Concentration Of Magnesium Should Be Maintained At 1,320 Mg/l. (1,320 Ppm) Natural Seawater Concentration. Microbe-lift/magnesium Supplement Is A Bio-available Natural Component. Microbe-lift/magnesium Supplement Does Not Require Any Pre-dissolving And Is An Essential Element For Hard And Soft Corals, Whih Is Normally Depleted By Filtration And Coral Absorption. Magnesium Supplement Is Ionically Balanced For Reef And Marine Aquaria. It Is Not Necessary To Use More Magnesium Supplement Than Recommended To Increase And Maintain The Concentration Level. Directions Shake Well Before Using Due To Settling In The Bottle, It Is Important To Shake Well Before Every Use! Magnesium Levels Should Be Checked In The Marine System, Then Add Microbe-lift/magnesium Supplement At The Rate Of 1 Ml Per Gallon Of Aquarium Or Reef Capacity Daily To Bring The Level Between 1,250 And 1,350 Ppm. This Will Raise The Level By 19 Ppm On A Daily Basis As A Regular Supplement. When Not Testing Add At The Rate Of 2 Capfuls (10 Ml) Per 50 Gallons (189 L.) Every Week For All Marine Systems. Cautions Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children Follow Directions Carefully May Cause Eye Or Skin Irritation If In Eyes, Flush With Water For 15 Minutes And Get Medical Attention This Product Is Intended For Use With All Ornamental And Aquarium Fish But May Not Be Used With Fish Intended For Human Consumption.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Water Treatments , amp, amp, Additives, gt, microbe-lift Aquarium Treatments
      SKU: Magnesium8oz

    Omega Alpha Dimethyl Glycine - Dmg (2 Lb)
      Omega Alpha Dimethyl Glycine - Dmg (2 Lb).

      Omega Alpha Dimethyl Glycine Is A Supplement That Improves The Athletic Performance And Muscle Recovery Of Horses. This Supplement Provides Plenty Of The Amino Acid Deravitive Known As Dimethylglycine, Or Dmg. Dmg Boosts Atheltic Performance By Reducing The Amount Of Lactic Acid That Builds Up In The Muscles; This Prevents The Muscles From Cramping And Can Help Prevent Tears And Other Injuries. Omega Alpha Dimethy Glycine Is Perfect For Using Before A Performance Or After An Intense Workout. This Product Contains 2 Pounds Of The Supplement- But A 1-pound Container Is Also Available. Order It Today To Keep Your Horse Safe During Their Workouts And Performances. Key Features: Supports Muscle Recovery And Athletic Performance Protects Muscle From Muscle Injuries Caused By Excessive Strain Comes In Two Sizes: 1 Lb And 2 Lbs

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, omega Alpha Horse Performance , amp, Recovery
      SKU: Omega-alpha-dimethyl-glycine-dmg-2-lb

    Petmate Fashion Pillow Pet Bed - Assorted (27" X 36")
      Petmate Fashion Pillow Pet Bed - Assorted (27" X 36").

      Petmate Fashion Pillow Pet Bed Is A Soft And Comfortable Pillow That Makes The Perfect Resting Spot Or Bed For Your Beloved Pet. This High-quality Pillow Contains Recycled Stuffing Made From Polyester Fiber That Creates A Lofty Cushion That Your Pet Will Love. Each Pillow Comes In An Assorted Design Made From Jacquard Fabrics To Match Any Decor. The Petmate Fashion Pillow Pet Bed Is Large Enough For Cats And Small And Medium Breed Dogs, Measuring 27-inches By 36-inches. The Pillow Also Makes A Fine Addition To Other Pet Beds And Cushions To Provide Ample Comfort For Your Beloved Pet. Your Furry Friend Will Love This Pillow, So Order It Today! Key Features: High-loft For Extra Comfort Made With Recycled Polyester Fiber Assorted Designs Go With Any Decor

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pillow, Bolster , amp, amp, Lounger Beds, gt, petmate Mats, Pads, , amp, Pillows
      SKU: Petmate-fashion-pillow-pet-bed-27-x-36

    Scalibor Collar Protector Band For Dogs
      Scalibor Collar Protector Band For Dogs.

      The Scalibor Protector Band Is A Tick And Flea Collar For Dogs. It Is Made By Intervet. The Scalibor Collar Is Designed To Control Ticks For Up To 6 Months. It Also Controls Sand Flies, Carrier Of The Disease Known As Leshmania. It Also Has An Anti-feeding Effect On Mosquitoes For Up To 6 Months As Well. Features And Benefits: Provides Long-lasting Protection Against Ticks (up To Six Months) Patented Insecticide/acaricide Release Technology Kills Ticks That May Transmit Serious Diseases Easy To Use ? For Better Pet Owner Compliance Water Resistant ? Can Be Worn When Swimming Odorless Excwllent Toxicity Profile ? Millions Sold In Europe Active Ingredient Deltamethrin Kills All Blood-feeding Stages Of Ticks 1 Provides Up To Six Month Protection Against Fleas One Size Fits All Sold Exclusively Through Veterinarians Mosquitoes Culex Species Contra-indications Do Not Use On Puppies Less Then 7 Weeks Old. Don't Use On Dogs With Skin Lesions. Don't Use On Dog's Hypersensitive To Pyrethroids Don't Use On Cats The Scalibor Protector Band From Intervet May Be Used On Pregnant And Lactating Dogs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tiick Supplies, gt, collars, gt, scalibor
      SKU: Scalibor

    Spot Can Food Covers (3 Pack)
      Spot Can Food Covers (3 Pack).

      Spot Can Food Covers Will Fit Standard 3.5" Pet Food Cans. Control The Portions Served To Your Pets And Save The Rest For Later. These Food Covers Help Keep Your Pet's Food Fresh For Longer. Pack Comes With 2, Multi-colored Food Covers. 3.5" Pet Food Can Lid Keeps Food Fresh For Longer

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, food Storage , amp, Scoops, gt, spot Can Food Covers
      SKU: Spot-can-food-covers-3-pack

    Spot Skinneeez Wooly Sheep (23")
      Spot Skinneeez Wooly Sheep (23").

      The Skinneeeez Wooly Sheep Are A Soft, Stuffing Free Toys For Dogs. Thee Soft Animal Based Toys Will Satisfy Your Dog's Natural Hunting Instinct. Without Stuffing To Rip Out, Skinneeeez Last Longer And Leave Less Mess Than Most Plush Dog Toys. The Long Body Flips And Flops While At Play, Generating Greater Interest For Your Dog. Measures 23 Inches Long. Toy Measures Approximately 23 Ijches Long Stuffing Free

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, skinneeez Stuffing-free Dog Toys By Spot
      SKU: Spot-skinneeez-wooly-sheep

    Who Was Annie Oakley?
      Who Was Annie Oakley?.

      You Want Girl Power? Meet Annie Oakley Born In 1860, She Became One Of The Best-loved And Most Famous Owmen Of Her Generation. She Amazed Audiences All Over The World With Her Sharpshooting, Horse-riding, Action-packed Performances. In An Age When Most Women Stayed Home, She Traveled The World And Forged A New Image Ofr American Women.

      SKU: 1444940
      ISBN: 9780448424972
      Author: Spinner, Stephanie / Fradin, Dennis Brindell / 'brien, John

    On A Farm (penguin Young Readers, L1)
      On A Farm (penguin Young Readers, L1).

      Horses Live On A Farm. Apples Grow On A Farm. A Tractor Drives On A Farm. What Else Might You Find On A Farm? Read Along And Look At The Photographs To Find Out This Level 1 Reader Is Filled With Photos That Capture Life On A Farm

      SKU: 21678132
      ISBN: 9780448465050
      Author: Andrews, Alexa

    Marguerite Henry Treasury Of Horses
      Marguerite Henry Treasury Of Horses.

      Sixty Years Ago, Legendary Author Marguerite Henry Introduced Misty And Allthe Ponies Of Chincoteague Island To Boys And Girls Around The World. Today"misty Of Chincoteague" And All Of Marguerite Henry's Stories Are Considered Some Of The Greatest Horse Tales Ever Told. In Honor Of This, Aladdin Is Very Pleased To Bring Out Ms. Henry's Award-winning Titles In Onebeautifully Designed Boxed Set That Is The Perfect Gift For Horse Fans Ofall Ages. King Of The Windnewbery Medal Winnermisty Of Chincoteaguenewbery Honor Bookjustin Morgan Had A Horsenewbery Honor Book

      SKU: 6242679
      ISBN: 9781416939542
      Author: Henry, Marguerite

    I'm A Truck
      I'm A Truck.

      How-dee My Name's Big Blue Bill, And I'm A Truck. I've Got 18 Big Wheels Turning, 600 Horses Under The Hood, And 53 Feet O' Trailer Hangin' On Behind . . . So Begins A Book That Introduces All Types Of Trucks (with Names Such As Bony Tony And Leif The Logging Truck), Narrated By A Good Ol' Boy Semi-truck Lively Text And Bold, Colorful Artwork Of Hip, Anthropomorphic Trucks Will Transport Young Readers Down Highways, Into A Truck Stop, And Onto A Construction Site.

      SKU: 1118840
      ISBN: 9780375832635
      Author: Shealy, Dennis R. / Staake, Bob

    Seeing Double: Over 200 Single Images With At Least Two Different Meanings
      Seeing Double: Over 200 Single Images With At Least Two Different Meanings.

      Imagine Horses That Turn Into Frogs. Young Girls Morphing Into Old Women. A Duck Twisting Into A Sea-serpent. Sound Like The Latest Digital Effects? Guess Again. "seeing Double" Is A Collection Of Again Than 200 Mind-bending Illustrations That Trick The Eye Into Seeing Two Different Things-but Not At The Same Time Exquisitely Rendered Images From Around The World Fill Every Page Of This Deligh Tfully Entertaining, Full-color Volume. In Creating These Playul Twosomes, The Artist May Paint A Single Line That Is The Chin Of One Man, The Nose Of Another, Or Strike An Unusual Equilibrium Between A Shape And Its Background, Teasing Our Usual Sense Of Perception. Whatever The Method, Once You've Discovvered Both Meanings, It's Impossible To Focus On Just One; The Other Keeps Popping Into Your Consciousness. J. Richard Block Leads Us On A Tour Of The Best Classic And Contemporary Illusions, From Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Baroque Paintings To Salvador Dali's Surrealist Creations To Recent Innovations By Today's Cleverest Cartoonists And Artists. Offering Vivid Explanations Of Each Picture's Illusory Effect, Block Shows The Full Variety Of Approaches To Double Images, Organizing The Illusions By Technique And Type. Along The Way, He Tells The Fascinating Stories Behind These Eye Tricks, Which Have Been Used In Everything From Advertisements To Pfopaganda, As Well As For Pure Entertainment.

      SKU: 1339440
      ISBN: 9780415934824
      Author: Block, J. Richard / Block J., Richar

    Clinical Anatomy Of The Horse
      Clinical Anatomy Of The Horse.

      This New Volume Is The First Photographic Atlas Of Equine Anatomy To Integrate Illustrations Of Prepared Specimens With Correlative Images Of The Same Structures As Visualised By Each Of The Commonly Used Imaging Modalities; Radiography, Ultrasound And Endoscopy. Additional Images Illustrate The Position And Orientation Of These Structures In The Living Animal, As They Would Most Commonly Be Encountered, Either In The Course Of A Physical Examination (for Example The Viscera Or Reproductive Organs In A Rectal Or Vaginal Examination), Or As They Present In The Prone Animal, During A Surgical Procedure. Thus The Atlas Has A True Utility For The Practitioner As Well As The Student.

      SKU: 2650123
      ISBN: 9780723433026
      Author: Clayton, Hilary M. / Flood, Peter F. / Rosenstein, Diana S.

    Unitt's Canadian Price Guide To Dolls And Toys
      Unitt's Canadian Price Guide To Dolls And Toys.

      Fully Illustrated And Indexed For Quick- And-easy Reference, Unitt's Canadian Price Guide To Dolls And Toys Offers A Comprehensive Catalogue Of Collectable Dolls And Toys In Canada. Featured Topics Include: Canadian, American And European Dolls; Doll Houses And Accessories; Music Boxes And Barbies; Soft Toys And Teddy-bears; Push-pull Toys; Rocking Horses; Wind-up And Battery-operated Toys; Trains, Cars, Dinky Toys, And Much, Much More. A Glossary Of Terms And A Thorough Index Should Prove Useful To Those Searching For Particular Items.

      SKU: 6830190
      ISBN: 9781550410297
      Author: Unitt, Peter / Unitt, Joan / Worrall, Anne

    Patricio, Why For You Here?
      Patricio, Why For You Here?.

      The Bloody San Patricio Brigade? Aye, Bejaysus Kevin Burke, A Maverick Irishman Attempting To Live Peacefully In A New Mexican Village, Watches His Life Turn Chaotic During An Extended Visit From His Rambunctious Nephew, Seamus. Kevin's Once Idyllic Existence Of Puttering In His Garden, Studying Wildflowers, And Telling Lies At The Local Cantina Is Now Under Siege. Mistaken For Descendents Of The Legendary San Patricio Brigade By A Peculiar Band Of Mexican Horsemen, And Under Threat Of Retaliation From A Smalltime Thug After One Of Seamus' Amorous Escapades, The Two Irishmen Dance A Wild Tightrope Toward The Inevitable Confrontation.

      SKU: 6522436
      ISBN: 9781432714444
      Author: Mason, Jimmy

    The Beautiful Soul Of John Woolman, Apostle Of Abolition
      The Beautiful Soul Of John Woolman, Apostle Of Abolition.

      A Biography Of The Famous Eighteenth-century Quaker Whose Abolitionist Fervor And Spiritual Practice Made Him A Model For Generations Of Americans John Woolman (1720-72) Was Perhaps The Most Significant American Of His Age, Though He Was Not A Famous Politician, General, Or Man Of Letters, And Never Held Public Office. A Humble Quaker Tailor In New Jersey, He Became A Prophetic Voice For The Entire Anglo-american World When He Denounced The Evils Of Slavery In Quaker Meetings, Then In Essays And His "journal," First Published In 1774. In This Illuminating New Biography, Thomas P. Slaughter Goes Behind Those Famous Texts Tolocate The Sources Of Woolman's Political And Spiritual Power. Slaughter's Penetrating Work Shows How This Plainspoken Mystic Transformed Himself Into A Prophetic, Unforgettable Figure. Devoting Himself To Extremes Of Self-purification-dressing Only In White, Refusing To Ride Horses Or In Horse-drawn Carriages-woolman Might Briefly Puzzle People; But His Preaching Against Slavery, Rum, Tea, Silver, Forced Labor, War Taxes, And Rampant Consumerism Was Infused With A Benign Confidence That Ordinary People Could Achieve Spiritual Perfection, And This Goodness Gave His Message Persuasive Power And Endring Influence. Placing Woolman In The Full Context Of His Times, Slaughter Paints The Portrait Of A Hero-and Not Just For The Quakers, Social Reformers, Labor Organizers, Socialists, And Peace Advocates Who Have Long Amdired Him. He Was An Extraordinary Original, An American For The Ages.

      SKU: 3348962
      ISBN: 9780809095148
      Author: Slaughter, Thomas P.

    The Shattered Horse
      The Shattered Horse.

      S.p. Somtow's Classic Sequel To "the Iliad" Returns To The Print. Firmly Rooted In Modern Archaeological Discoveries About Bronze Age Cultures, "the Shattered Horse" Paints A Vivid Picture Of A Decaying Golden Age Seen Through The Eyes Of The Survivors Of Trojan War . At The Center Of The Story, Prrince Astyanax, Heir To The Trojan Kingdom, Marked For Death As A Child By The Greek Conquerors, Escaping Perhaps By Divine Intervention . Doomed, Perhaps, To Repeat History. An Astonishing Panoply Of Mythic Characters Come To Life In This Book, Called By Gene Wolfe "in The True Sense, A Work Of Genius."

      SKU: 4352382
      ISBN: 9780977134670
      Author: Somtow, S. P.

    Riding Lessons: Everything That Matters In Life I Learned From Horses
      Riding Lessons: Everything That Matters In Life I Learned From Horses.

      Bo Derek Vaulted Into The National Spotlight In 1979 As The Perfect Fantasy Woman In "10," Blake Edwards's Sophisticated Film Comedy. Her Otherworldly Beauty And Voluptuous Figure Captivated Men Everywhere, While Her Cornrow Hairstyle Launched A Fashion Trend Among Women. Bo Has Always Remained Intensely Private About Her Personal Life, Especially With Regards To Her May-december Marriage To Director John Derek, Creating An Intriguing Sense Of Mystery That Has Led To Much Speculation. Here, For The First Time, She Reveals The Truth About The Woman Behind The Glossy Image. Born Mary Cathleen Collins And Known As Cathy, She Grew Up In Southern California, The Horse-crazy Oldest Daughter Of Four. Her Father, A Public Relations Executive For The Boat Manufacturer Hobie Cat, And Her Mother, A Hairstylist And Makeup Artist For A Number Of Hollywood Figures, Separated Permanently While Bo Was In Her Teens. During This Time Her Mother Was Working For Ann-margret, And It Was Backstage At One Of The Entertainer's Las Vegas Shows That A Theatrical Agent Approached Bo About Pursuing A Movie Career. At One Of Her Very First Auditions The Sixteen-year-old Bo Met John Derek, A Man Thirty Years Her Senior, With Whom She Would Spend The Next Twenty-five Years Of Her Life. Theirs Was A Love Affair Of Epic Proportions, But It Was One That Was Widely Misunderstood By The Press And Pbulic Alike. John Was Dubbed A Svengali, And His Influence Over The Young Bo Was Thought To Be Limitless. With Great Candor And An Endearing Humor, Bo Comes Clean On A Relationship That Has Long Intrigued Provided Fodder For American Gossip Mills, And The Result Is An Account That Is Far From What We May Haveimagined. Bolays Bare The Intimate Moments And Madcap Adventures That She And John Shared, Revealing In The Process That She Has Never, Even For A Moment, Relinquished Control Of Her Own Destiny. Given Her Unusual Story, Her Only-in-hollywood Childhood, Her Friendships With Ursula Andress And Linda Evans (both Of John's Ex-wives), Her Time Spent Living In A Trailer Home, Her Rumored Relationship With Ted Turner, And Her Exhaustive Work For The Republican Party, It Often Seems As If Bo Has Lived Nine Lives Rather Than Just One. Whether Spurning "life" Magazine Or Passing On The Opportunity To Work With Legendary Filmmaker Dino De Laurentiis, Bo Has Gone With Her Gut Regardless Of The Consequences. And That's Only Fitting For The Woman Who Has Chosen To Live Life With No Safety Nets-and No Regrets. But As Bo Makes Clear In "riding Lessons," It Is Her Passion For John And Her Love Of All Things Equine That Have Been The Constants In Her Life. Sharing Her Hard-won Lessons On Life And Love, She Draws On Her Intuitive Understanding Of Horses To Offer Surprising Insights Into The Dynamics Of Intimate Relationships. In This Compelling Memoir, Bo Derek Writes Openly Of Her Growing Self-awareness And Of The Coping Strategies She Has Learned,

      SKU: 169019
      ISBN: 9780060394370
      Author: Derek, Bo / Seal, Mark

    100% Cotton Brand Polo Shirts For Men Blue Green Orange Striped Lapel Embroidery Small Horse Logo Usa American Flag Long Sleeve Polos Shirts
      100% Cotton Brand Polo Shirts For Men Blue Green Orange Striped Lapel Embroidery Small Horse Logo Usa American Flag Long Sleeve Polos Shirts.

      Wohlesale Cheap Price 100% Cotton Best Quality Men's Lapel Lng-sleeved Shirts ,mens Clothes,plus Size Xxl,,china Factory , Guanzhou Factory

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 390757565

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