Mongolia: Nomad Empire Of The Eternal Blue Sky

    Mongolia: Nomad Empire Of The Eternal Blue Sky
      Mongolia: Nomad Empire Of The Eternal Blue Sky.

      Mongolia Is A Land Of Constant Surprises. Renowned For Its Classic Rolling Steppe Land -from Where, In Times Past, Nomadic Mongol Clans And Confederations Swept Out To Conquer Much Of The Known World - It Also Boasts Snow-capped Peaks Towering Over Wide, Grassy Valleys, Meandering Rivers And Great Lakes, As Well As Badlands, Dramatic Gorges And Mighty Sand Dunes Rising From Flat Desert Floors. Within These Enormous Vistas Much Of The Old Mongolia Can Quiet Be Found, With Herdsmen, Horses And Heart-warming Hospitality Wherever You Go. But In Its Growing Cities A New Mongolia Is Emerging, Shaking Loose From Its Soviet-era Shackles And Making The Most Of A Liberating Free-market Economy. This Beautifully Illustrated Book Provides A Comprehensive And Insightful Guide To The Diverse Natural History And Rich Culture Of 'the Land Of The Eternal Blue Sky.'

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      ISBN: 9789622178083
      Author: Robinson, Carl

    Frontline Plus For Dogs 45-88 Lbs - Purple, 6 Month
      Frontline Plus For Dogs 45-88 Lbs - Purple, 6 Month.

      Frontline Plus Purple For Dogs 45-88 Lbs Recommended By Veterinarians, Frontline Plus Purple For Dogs 45-88 Pounds Is A Powerful And Easy-to-use Formula Designed To Quickly And Effectively Kill Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice. Frontline Plus Is Specially Formulated For Dogs Weighing 45-88 Pounds. Available Without A Prescription, Frontline Plus Only Needs To Be Applied Once A Month For Thorough Pest Control. Flea Life Cycle. View Larger . Tick Life Cycle. View Larger . Quickly Kills Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice This Powerful Formula Kills Up To 100 Percent Of Existing Fleas In The First 12 Hours After Application, And It Continues To Kill New Fleas For At Least One Month Afterward. Frontline Plus Prevents The Development Of New Fleas By Destroying Flea Eggs And Larvae And By Destroying Adult Fleas Before They Have A Chance To Lay Eggs. Frontline Kills Chewing Lice And All Four Major Ticks, Including Ticks That May Carry Lyme Disease, Keeping Both Your Pet And Your Family Protected. Waterproof Formula Thanks To Its Waterproof Formula, Frontline Plus Won't Rinse Off When You Give Your Dog A Bath Or When Your Dog Goes For A Swim. The Active Ingredient In Frontline, Fipronil, Is Stored In The Natural Oils In Your Dog's Coat, So Your Pet Is Sure To Stay Protected No Matter How Many Puddles He Or She Tramps Through. This Frontline Plus Product Is Epa Approved And Registered, So It's Guaranteed To Be The Exact Same Product Sold By Your Veterinarian. Click Here For More Information On Epa-approved Pet Products. Package Contents Box Includes Three 2.68-milliliter Tubes Of Frontline Plus For Dogs. Frontline Plus Purple For Dogs 45-88 Lbs Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks, And Chewing Lice Fast-acting Formula Includes 6 One-month Applications Waterproof Formula Easy-to-use Applicator For Dogs Weighing 45-88 Pounds Per Dose: $12.17 More Info Got Fleas? A Product Guide To Flea And Tick Products. Flea Facts You Should Know Interesting Flea Facts To Help Your Pets Be Pest Free. Fleas: Understanding The Enemy All About Fleas And Prevention. Ticks Helpful Information On Ticks And Your Pets. Faqs About Fleas And Ticks Frontline Plus For Dogs Is Available In: Orange (0 - 22 Pounds) Blue (23 - 44 Pounds) Purple (45 - 88 Pounds) Red (89 - 132 Pounds) 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month

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    Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover Spray (32 Fl Oz)
      Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover Spray (32 Fl Oz).

      Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover Spray (32 Fl Oz) Has A Fast-acting Formula That Permanently And Completely Removes Even The Toughest Pet Stains & Odors. Professional Strength Bacteria And Enzyme Formula Works On Both New And Old Problem Areas, Including Carpet Pad Odors. Simple Solution Works The First Time, Every Time! Guaranteed! That's Because Simple Solution Combin Es Advanced Cleansers With Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes. This Combination Provides A Powerful Punch Yet Is Safe To Use On Carpets, Upholstery, Pet Bedding, Clothing, Tile, Concrete, Brick And Any Other Water-safe Surface. Better Yet, All The Ingredients In Simple Solution Are Non-toxic And Are Harmless To Pets And People. Ingredients: Purified Water, Denatured Ethanol, Non-pathogenic Bacteria, Natural Enzymes, Mild Detergent, Fragrance.

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    Petcurean Go! Fit + Free Cat Food - Chicken Turkey + Duck (16 Lb)
      Petcurean Go! Fit + Free Cat Food - Chicken Turkey + Duck (16 Lb).

      Our Go! Fit + Freeā„¢ Chicken, Turkey + Duck Recipe Is Prepared With Premium-quality Meat Proteins, Fruits & Veggies, And Omega Oils. Our Fit + Freeā„¢ Recipes Have The Most Meat Of Any Go! Recipe. A Protein-rich, Lower Carb Diet Helps Your Cat Stay Strong, Healthy And Fit. Pre + Probiotics To Aid With Digestive Health Added Taurine To Aid Vision And Heart Function Dha And Epa To Help Brain And Eye Development Omega Oils For Healthy Skin And Coat Antioxidants To Support Increased Immunity Gluten Free Zero By-product Meals, Added Growth Hormones Or Artificial Preservatives Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

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    Habitrail Ovo Home- Blue
      Habitrail Ovo Home- Blue.

      Habitrail Ovo Home, Blue Edition Is A Complete Hamster Habitat That Consists Of A Transparent Cage And Accessories . This Habitat Includes A Blue Cage, A Green Food Dish, A Green Cozy Hideaway Cube, 2 Ovo Blue Windows, 2 Ovo Blue Lock Connectors, A Green Ovo Water Bottle And A Green Ovo Trainer (exterior Exercise Wheel) So You Can Watch Your Hamster Spin Around! The Wide Retractable Roof Provides Easy Access To Your Hamster And His Habitat. The Air Vents Provide Air Circulation While Preventing Drafts And The Front And Back Locks Will Ensure Your Pet Remains Securely Inside His Home. Habitrail Ovo Home's Deep Base Design With Rounded Corners Help Prevent Gnawing And Make Cleaning Easy! Habitrail Ovo Home, Blue Edition Is Built On Habitrailā®'s Long-standing Reputation For Innovate Hamster Habitat Designs That Deliver A New World Of Amazing And Entertaining Living Spaces For Hamsters. Habitrail's Team Of Engineers Carefully Studied Every Detail Of A Hamster's Life And Created A Remarkbaly Refreshing Array Of Housing And Accessories That Will Enhance Your Hamster's Quality Of Life. Completely Redesigned, Re-tooled And Reinvigorated, Ovo Brings Even More Interesting And Entertaining Venues In Which Hamsters Can Explore, Burrow, Snooze, Exercise Or Simply Chill Out. The Elaborate World Of Habitrail Ovo Consists Of A Variety Main Habitats, Add-ons, Trails And Cheable Mazes That Are Easy To Assemble, Thanks To Our Exclusive Lock Connectors That Allow Quick And Easy Connections.

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    Halti Optifit Head Training Collar - Large
      Halti Optifit Head Training Collar - Large.

      The Halti Optifit Is A Premium Headcollar Designed To Provide An Its Unique Design Works By Gently Directing The Dogs Head, Steering Him Into Desired Positions Just Like A Horse. With A Self-adjusting Chin Strap And Unique, Reflective Cheek Straps Which Follow The Contours Of A Dogs Face, The Optifit Doesn?t Rise Into The Dogs Eyes Or Slide Down To His Lips (flews). Designed To Fit Dogs That Other Headcollars Don?t - From Short Nosed Boxers To Long Nosed Greyhounds, He Optifit Provides Maximum Comfort And Optimum Fit No Matter What Shape Or Size. The Pack Includes A Halti Optifit Headcollar, A Comprehensive Training Dvd And Guide And A Halti Safety Link Which Connects To The Dogs? Collar For Extra Security.

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    Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea & Tick Drops For Dogs - 60-150 Lbs
      Hartz Ultraguard Pro Flea & Tick Drops For Dogs - 60-150 Lbs.

      Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea &apm;amp; Tick Drops For Dogs Works To Kill Fleas, Deer Ticks, Mosquitoes, Larvae And Flea Eggs To Ensure That Your Dog Is Protected From A Wide Variety Oof Pests. Ultra Guard Pro Comes With The Pro-cision Flo Applicator To Dispense The Medication Directly To Your Dog's Skin. Because It Kills All Life Stages Of Fleas, It Works To Ensure That Your Dog Is Completely Rid Of Fleas For A Full 30 Days. This Box Of Ultra Guard Pro For Dogs Is Intended For Dogs Between 61 And 150 Lbs That Are Older Than 11 Weeks Of Age. For Smaller Dogs, There Are Ultra Guard Pro For Dogs Avaliable For Dogs That Are Between 5 And 14 Lbs , Between 15 And 30 Lbs , And Between 31 And 60 Lbs . This Box Comes With Three Doses Of Medication To Keep Your Dog Protected From Fleas And Mosquitoes For A Full Three Months, With Monthly Application. Don't Hesitate To Keep Your Cat Safe From Parasites, Order Ultra Guard Pro Today! Key Features: Kills Fleas, Deer Ticks, Larvae And Flea Eggs Kills And Repels Mosquitoes Easy Application For 30-day Protection

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    Naturvet Stool Ease (40 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Stool Ease (40 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet Stool Ease Is A Palatable Soft Chew Supplement That Works To Soften The Stool Of Your Dog To Maintain Regular Bowel Movement. Ā these Soft Chews Are Made With Natural Sources Of Fiber Such As Pumpkin Powder To Facilitate Healthy Digestion. The Formulation Is Also Free Of Filler Ingredients Like Wheat That Can Be Difficult For Dogs To Digest. Naturvet Stool Ease Soft Chews Are Made Here In The Usa To Ensure That They Are Safe For Your Pet. This Package Includes 40 Palatable Soft Chews To Create An Ample Supply For Your Pet. Don't Let Your Pooch Struggle With Constipation- Order This Stool Softening Supplement Today! Key Features: Includes Natural Sources Of Fiber To Soften Stool Includes Palatable 40 Soft Chews Made In Usa Naturvet University Product Education Stool Ease (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

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    Pill Pals Canine For Larger Pills Chicken Flavor (7.4 Oz)
      Pill Pals Canine For Larger Pills Chicken Flavor (7.4 Oz).

      Pill Pals Offers A Tasty Solution To Get Your Pet To Eat Your Veterinarian?s Prescription. Pill Pals Covers Your Pet?s Pill Medication In A Fresh Chicken Treat. There?s No Added Flavorings, And These Treats Are Corn Syrup Free. Simply Mold Two Treats Around The Pill And Offer To Your Pet As A Treat. Making Your Pet Take Their Pills Has Never Been More Convenient. Larger Size Ideal For Larger Pills. Dogs Love The Taste! Fresh Chicken Is The #1 Ingredient Corn Syrup Free No Added Flavorings Easy To Use ?simply ?sandwich? Two Treats Together Around The Pill

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    Ruffdawg - The Rock
      Ruffdawg - The Rock.

      Made Of Solid Rubber, You Can Throw The Rock Like A Ball And Watch It Bounce In Any Direction. A Fun Alternative To A Soggy Ball. The Rock Is: Great For Dogs Of Any Size Rugged And Bendable Tear And Puncture Resistant Gentle On Teeth And Gums 3.5" X 3" Assorted Colors Ruff Dawg

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    Sticky Paws Furniture Strips
      Sticky Paws Furniture Strips.

      Sticky Paws Furniture Strips Are 2? X 12? Transparent Adhesive Strips That Apply Directly To Fabric To Stop Cats From Destroying Home Furnishings. Formulated With Fe-lines Own Proprietary Odor-free Medical-grade Adhesive, Sticky Paws Furniture Strips Won?t Harm Cats Or Fabrics, Won?t Leave A Sticky Residue. 24 Strips Per Package Stop Cats From Destroying Furniture Deters Inappropriate Elimination Easy To Apply And Remove Useon Countertops, Stereos Speakers Drapes, Carpets, Anywhere You Don't Want Your Kitty To Be.

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    Synovial-flex Soft Chews (120 Count)
      Synovial-flex Soft Chews (120 Count).

      Many Different Breeds Of Dogs Suffer From Joint Problems, Particularly Larger Breeds, Such As Mastiffs And Newfoundlands, Although All Breeds Of Dogs May Experience Joint Pain From Time To Time. Synovial-flex Soft Chews Help Alleviate Joint Pain In Dogs. The Tasty Chews Contain Perna Canaliculus, Msm, Glucosamine Hc1, Antioxidants, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C And Vitamin E To Help Support Your Dog's Joints. Many Dogs-especially Older Ones-experience Joint Pain After Taking A Walk, Exercising, Or Engaging In Typical Daily Activities. Increased Activity May Call For Something To Help Ease Joint Pain. A Lot Of Dogs Experience Pain In The Hip Joints, Making It Difficult For Them To Rise To A Sitting Or Standing Position. Synovial-flex Soft Chews Help To Make Your Dog's Life More Comfortable. Providing Your Dog With A Soft Chew Before Exercising Or Engaging In Activities Will Make Play Time More Fun For Your Dog. You Can Also Offer A Synovial-flex Soft Chew After Exercise To Help Ease Any Joint Pain That May Have Been Caused By The Activity. Active Ingredients (per 2 Soft Chews) Glucosamine Hcl 1,000 Mg Msm (methylsulfonylmethane) 1,000 Mg Perna Canaliculus 300 Mg Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mg Eicosapentaenoic Acid (epa) 18 Mg Docosahexanoic Acid (dah) 12 Mg Vitamin C Not Less Than 10 Mg Vitamin E Not Less Than 50 Iu Initial Administration 5 Too 15 Lbs 1/2 Chew Per Day 16 To 30 Lbs 1 Chew Per Day 31 To 60 Lbs 2 Chew Per Day 61 To 100 Lbs 4 Chew Per Day Over 100 Lbs 5 Chew Per Day Maintenance Administration 5 To 30 Lbs May Reduce To Every Other Day 31 To 60 Lbs 1 Chew Per Lifetime 61 To 100 Lbs 2 Chew Per Day Over 100 Lbs 2 1/2 Chew Per Day

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    Van Ness Food Scoop (2 Cup)
      Van Ness Food Scoop (2 Cup).

      The Van Ness Food Scoop Provides A Simple Way To Both Serve And Measure Your Pet's Dry Food In One Simple Step. %nbsp;this Scoop Features An Opem Design That Makes It Easy To Retrieve Food From The Bag And Control The Amount Dispensed To Your Pet. This Scoop Was Made With Materials That Were Approved By The Usfda As Being Safe To Contact Food For Pets. The Van Ness Food Scoop Is Easy To Clean And Dishwasher Safe. This Scoop Holds Up To 2 Cups And Contains Measurement Markings For ½ Cpu, 1 Cup, 1½ Cups, And 2 Cups. For A Smaller Scoop, There Is Also A 1-cup Scoop With Measurments For ½ Cup And 1 Cup. You'll Love The Convenience Of This Scoop, So Order Today! Key Features: Made With Pet-safe Materials Machine Washable Marked With Measurements

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    True Colors
      True Colors.

      "true Colors "is "new York Times" Bestselling Author Kristin Hannah's Most Provocative, Compelling, And Heart-wrenching Story Yet. With The Luminous Writing And Unforgettable Characters That Are Her Trademarks, She Tells The Story Of Three Sisters Whose Once-solid World Is Broken Apart By Jealousy, Betrayal, And The Kind Of Passion That Rarely Comes Along. The Grey Sisters Have Always Been Close. After Their Mother's Death, The Girls Banded Together, Becoming Best Friends. Their Stern, Disapproving Father Cares Less About His Children Than About His Reputation. To Henry Grey, Appearances Are Everything, And Years Later, He Still Demands That His Daughters Reflect His Standing In The Community. Winona, The Oldest, Needs Her Father's Approval Most Of All. An Overweight Bookworm Who Never Felt At Home On The Sprawling Horse Ranch That Has Been In Her Family For Three Generations, She Knows That She Doesn't Have The Qualities Her Father Values. But As The Best Lawyer In Town, She's Determined To Someday Find A Way To Prove Her Worth To Him. Aurora, The Middle Sister, Is The Family Peacemaker. She Brokers Every Dispute And Tries To Keep Them All Happy, Even As She Hides Her Own Secret Pain. Vivi Ann Is The Undisputed Star Of The Family. A Stunningly Beautiful Dreamer With A Heart As Big As The Ocean In Front Of Her House, She Is Adored By All Who Know Her. Everything Comes Easily For Vivi Ann, Until A Stranger Comes To Town. . . . In A Matter Of Moments, Everything Will Change. The Grey Sisters Will Be Pitted Against One Another In Ways That None Could Have Imagined. Loyalties Will Be Tested And Secrets Revealed, And A Terrible, Shocking Crime Will Shatter Both Their Family Andtheir Beloved Town. With Breathtaking Pace And Penetrating Emotional Insight, "true Colors" Is An Unforgettable Novel About Sisters, Rivalry, Forgiveness, Redemption-and Ultimately, What It Means To Be A Family.

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      ISBN: 9780312606121
      Author: Hannah, Kristin / Hannah

    Easy-to-make Plains Indians Teepee Village
      Easy-to-make Plains Indians Teepee Village.

      Accurate, Full-color Scenes Of Indian Life And Culture: 5 Teepees Decorated With Clan Symbols Plus 20 "action Figures" With Movable Bases - Indians Riding Horses, Cooking, Standing Guard, Hunting Buffalo, Playing Games - And In Groups - Dancing, Curing Fish, Playing Lacrosse, More. Instructions.

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      ISBN: 9780486262710
      Author: Smith, A. G.

    A Tale Of Two Vikings
      A Tale Of Two Vikings.

      Has An Eye For The Ladies, Loves A Good Fight. Splits His Sides Over Rude Jokes. Won't Ask Directions No Matter How Lost He Is . . . Even In A Longship, For The Love Of Odin Sound Like Anyone You Know? Maybe Every Man You Know? Toste And Vagn Ivarsson Are All That And More-a Lot More. Identical Viking Twins, They Came Squalling Into This World Together, Rode Their First Horses At The Age Of Seven, Their First Maids During Their Thirteenth Summer, And Rode Off On Longships As Untried Fourteen-year-old Warriors. And Now, Having Seen Only Thirty And One Winters, They Are About To Face Valhalla Together. Or Maybe Something Even More Tragic: Being Separated. For Even The Most Virile Viking Must Eventually Leave His Best Buddy Behind And Do Battle With That Most Fearsome Of All Opponents-the Love Of His Life.

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      ISBN: 9780062019127
      Author: Hill, Sandra

    Horse Song: The Naadam Of Mongolia
      Horse Song: The Naadam Of Mongolia.

      Ted And Betsy Lewin's Illustrated Travelogue Story Of Their Trip To Mongolia To Watch Young Boy And Girl Jockeys Race Horses In The Traditional Naadam Summer Festival.

      SKU: 7173698
      ISBN: 9781584302773
      Author: Lewin, Ted / Lewin, Betsy

    Turning Training Into Learning: How To Design And Deliver Programs That Get Results
      Turning Training Into Learning: How To Design And Deliver Programs That Get Results.

      Just As You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But It Won't Necessarily Drink, So You Can Give An Employee Training, But He May Not Actually Learn... Unless, Of Course, The Trainer Uses This Insightful New Book. Turning Training Into Learning Provides A Specific, Tested Method For Making Ssure Training Equals Real Learning. Written For Anyone Who Must Train Others, This Step-by-step Guide Shows Exactly How To Create A Program That Engages Trainees And Ensures That They Remember And Use What They've Learned When They Get Back To Work. Readers Learn How To: - Analyze Exactly Wat A Particular Trainee Needs - Establish A Safe Environment Where Questions Are Welcomed - Demonstrate To Learners Why The Training Is Relevant To Them - Understand The Process By Which Adults Learn - Place Real Learning Within The Context Of The Traditional Training Cycle: Assessment, Design, Delivery, And Evaluation.

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      ISBN: 9780814405192
      Author: Furjanic, Sheila / Trotman, Laurie A. / Trotman, Laurie

    Historia Del Partido Comunista De Cuba
      Historia Del Partido Comunista De Cuba.

      Jorge Garca Montes Was Born In New York, United States, On October 19, 1898. His Father, Jos Mara Garca Montes, Was Exiled During The War Of Cuba's Independence Against The Spaniards. Later, He Became The First Secretary Of Finance In 1902 With The First President Of The Republic Of Cuba, Toms Estrada Palma. He Studied At The University Of Havana, Where He Graduated With A Law Degree In 1917. An Eminent Student, He Recieved Several Awards, Among Them The Lanuza Prize. Elected To The House Of Representatives From The Province Of Santa Clara, Garca Montes Was A Member Of The Liberal Party. He Married Concepcin Morales Y De La Torre On January 21, 1924, And Together They Had A Daughter, Graciela. His Term As Representative Ended Abruptly When He Had To Leave Cuba For Exile During The Rotation That Overthrew General Gerardo Machado, His Personal Friend, In 1933. His Exile Lasted Around Two And A Half Year. Following His Return To Cuba He Was Elected Senator From The Province Of Santa Clara. He Was Prime Minister From February 24, 1955 Through March 26, 1957, In General Batista's Governemnt. Later He Served As Minister Of Education.he Left Cuba In April, 1959 Through The Embassy Of Colombia And Arrived In The United States In May Or June, 1959. In Exile, He Wrote The Book History Of The Communist Party Of Cuba Along With Dr. Antonio Alonso Vila. "he Liked To Go To Horse Races And Play Dominoes. He Had Many Friends That Were Retired As He Was. (rosell)." Dr. Garca Montes Died On June 21, 1982 At Mercy Hospital In Miami. According To His Daughter, Graciela, Dr. Garca Montes "was A Decent, Honorable, And Honest Person In His Public And Private Life. He Was A Great Husband, Father, Grandfather, And Great-grandfather. He Dedicated Himself To Us And, I Believe, Enjoyed Life. In My Way Of Thinking He Was A Man Of Great Intelligence."

      SKU: 4057397
      ISBN: 9780897291231
      Author: Garcia Montes, Jorge / Alonso Avila, Antonio

    Lilibet: An Intimate Portrait Of Elizabeth Ii
      Lilibet: An Intimate Portrait Of Elizabeth Ii.

      In "lilibet," Master Biographer Carolly Erickson Turns Her Skill At Writing Un-put-downable Narrative To Telling The Remarkable Story Of Elizabeth Ii, Queen Of England. With Her Customary Psychological Insight, Historian Erickson Traces The Queen's Gilded But Often Thorny Path From Her Overprotected Girlhood To Her Ascension To The Throne At Twenty-five To Her Personal And Naional Difficulties As Queen. "lilibet "shows Us An Elizabeth We Thought We Knew-but Shows Her In A Different Light: As A Small, Shy Woman With A Sly And At Times Raucous Sense Of Humor, A Woman Who Appears Stiff In Public, But In Private Enjoys Watching Wrestling On Tv. A Woman Most At Home Among Her Horses And Dogs. And A Woman Long Annealed To Heartbreak And Sorrow, Who Has Presided Over The Decline Of Great Britain And The Decline In Prestige Of Her Own Windsor Dynasty. Far From Being A Light, Gossipy Treatment Of A Celebrity, "lilibet "tells The Queen's Story From Her Point Of View, Letting The Reader Relive Elizabeth's Long And Eventful Life With All Its Splendid Ceremonies, Momentous Responsibilities And Family Clashes. Through It All We Glimpse, As Never Before, The Strong And Appealing Sovereign Who Has Ruled Over Her People For Half A Century And More, A Ruler Of Immense Wealth, International Esteem And High Character Whose Daily Life Is Grounded In The Bedrock Of Common Sense.

      SKU: 932466
      ISBN: 9780312339388
      Author: Erickson, Carolly


      A National Holiday In Lake Wobegon Is Always Gaudy And Joyful. But What Is Going On Between Clint Bunsen And Miss Liberty? Clint Bunsen Is One Of The Old Reliables In Lake Wobegona The Treasurer Of The Lutheran Church And The Auto Mechanic Who Starts Your Car On Below-zero Mornings. For Six Years He Has Run The Foutrh Of July Parade, Turning What Was Once A Line Of Pickup Trucks And Girls Pushing Baby Carriages That Hold Their Cats Into An Event Of Dazzling Spectacle. Blazing Bands, Marching Units, Cannons, Horses, A Fireworks Show, And The Famous Living Flagaone Thouaand Men And Women Wearing Red, White, Or Blue, Standing In Formationahave Attracted The Attention Of Cnn And Prompted The Governor To Put In An Appearance As Well. The Town Is Dizzy With Anticipation. Until, That Is, They Hear Of Clintas Ambition To Run For Congress. Theyare Embarrassed For Him. They Know Him Too Wellahis Unfortunate Episodes Involving Vodka Sours, His Rocky Marriage. And Then There Is His Friendship, Or Whatever It Is, With The Twenty-four-year-old Girl Who Dresses Up As The Statue Of Liberty For The Parade. Itas Rumored That Underneath Those Robes She Is Buck Naked, And That Her Torch Contains A Quart Of Booze. Itas Lake Wobegon As Itas Always Beenagood Loving People Who Drive Each Other Crazy.

      SKU: 2401243
      ISBN: 9780670019915
      Author: Keillor, Garrison

    The Complete Guide To Endurance Riding And Competition
      The Complete Guide To Endurance Riding And Competition.

      First Star To The Right And Straight On Till Morning.... At The 90-mile Vet Check She Sat In The Middle Of The Road Crying, Claiming Extreme Illness And Trying To Avoid Her Nightmarish Fears Her Horse Would Die Of Founder Or Colic, Or Anything. The Last Ten Miles Of Trail Stretched Forever In Her Mind, Black Like Licorice Taffy. After A Large Measure Of Tlc From Her Patient And Understanding Crew, She And The Gelding Were Out Of The Check And On The Trail Again. The Entire Universe Shrank To Center On The Pair In The Moonlight. Time Stopped And The World Faded Into Nothingness. They Were Running In A Small, Ever-changing Pocket Of Existence, The Rhythm Of His Hooves, The Heartbeat Of That Universe. Ribbons And Trail Appeared Before Them And Lost Substance As They Moved Past. For The Rider, Clinging To The Saddle, There Was No Thought, No Pain, No Emotion, Only The Instinctive Drive To Chase Past Each Ribbon As It Appeared. Suddenly Her Horse Jumped Sideways, Eyes And Ears Frozen Forward. Awakened From Her Trance, She Oriented Herself On His Suspected Woods Troll, A Familiar Embankment That Meant They Were A Half-mile From Home. Easing Him Past The Scary Object, She Sent The Gelding On, Clinging To His Neck. As His Soft Lope Swept Them Across The Finish Line, She Wanted To Laugh Out Loud Or Cry, But Was Unable To Summon The Strength For Either. A Few Small Tears Trickled Down Her Cheek, The Only Sign Of The Enormous Pride She Felt Inside. Becky Huffman Endurance Rider, Wife, Mother Of Two, And Student Of Author Donna Snyder-smith The Howell Equestrian Library

      SKU: 3885675
      ISBN: 9780876052846
      Author: Snyder-smith, Donna / Kanavy, Valerie

    Death At Solstice: A Gloria Damasco Mystery
      Death At Solstice: A Gloria Damasco Mystery.

      Chicana Detective Gloria Damasco Has A "dark Gift," An Extrasensory Prescience That Underscores Her Investigations And Compels Her To Solve Numerous Cases. This Time, The Recurring Vision Haunting Her Dreams Contains Two Pairs Of Dark Eyes Watching Her In The Night, A Phantom Horse And Rider, And The Voice Of A Woman Pleading For Help. But Most Disquieting Of All Is Gloria's Sensation Of Being Trapped Underwater, Unable To Free Herself, Unable To Breathe. When Gloria Is Asked To Help The Owners Of The Oro Blanco Winery In California's Shenandoah Valley, She Finds Herself On The Road To The Legendary Gold Country. And She Can't Help But Wonder If The Ever-more Persistent Visions Might Foreshadow This New Case That Involves The Theft Of A Family Heirloom, A Pair Of Antique Diamond And Emerald Earrings Rumored To Have Belonged To Mexico's Empress Carlota. Soon Gloria Learns That There's More To The Case Than Stolen Jewelry. Mysterious Accidents, Threatening Anonymous Notes, The Disappearance Of A Woman Believed To Be A Saint, And A Ghost Horse Thought To Be That Of Notorious Bandit Joaquin Murrieta Are Some Of The Pieces Gloria Struggles To Fit Together. A Woman's Gruesome Murder And The Discovery Of A Group Of Young Women From Mexico Being Held Against Their Will In An Abandoned House Send Gloria On A Fateful Journey To A Witches' Sabbath And A Holy Place To Find The Final Pieces Of The Puzzle Before Someone Else Is Killed. Corpi Weaves The Rich Cultural History Of California's Gold Country With A Suspenseful Mystery In This Latest Installment In The Gloria Damasco Mystery Series.

      SKU: 6916665
      ISBN: 9781558855472
      Author: Corpi, Lucha

    Eternal Vows (ideaway Novel)
      Eternal Vows (ideaway Novel).

      "a Hideaway Wedding Wager" "twins Ana And Jason And Their Cousin Nicholas Are Successful Thirtysomethings Who Are Single-and Loving It. They Have No Idea That Their Relatives Are Betting On Which One Of Them Will Get Married Fist. But By The Family's New Year's Eve Reunion, Will All Three Have Learned What It Means To Be Really Lucky-in Love?" An Irresistible Attraction... Among Virginia'5 Horse-country Elite, Nicholas Cole-thomas Is The Ultimate Eligible Bachelor. After Escaping One Disastrous Relationship, Nicholas Plaans To Remain Single. Yet, When The Beautiful Veterinarian Working On His Horse Farm Needs Help, He Invites Her To Stay Under His Roof. And The Closer He Gets To Her, The Closer He Wants To Be.... Blurring The Lines Between Business And Pleasure Is Risky For Peyton Blackstone. It's Not Just Nicholas's Charisma But His Gentleness That Enthralls Her. But When Trouble From Her Past Resurfaces, Will He Be Man Enough To Trust Matter What The Consequences?

      SKU: 21386550
      ISBN: 9781410455574
      Author: Alers, Rochelle

    Factory Brand New Factory Direct Male Package Korean Mens Business Casual Retro Color Briefcase Metrosexual Crazy Horse Leather Laptop Bag
      Factory Brand New Factory Direct Male Package Korean Mens Business Casual Retro Color Briefcase Metrosexual Crazy Horse Leather Laptop Bag.

      Name: Men's Briefcase Restoring Ancient Ways Item No: 8113 Material: High-grade Crazy Horse Pu Leather Function: Waterproof, Wear-resistant, Breathable Color: Brown Size: 38.5 * 31 * 11 Cm (due To Manual Measurement Will Be 1-3 Cm Error) After Packing Weight: 1.2 Kg Gongchuang: Guangzhouyizhi (huangyihan)

      Category: Briefcases
      SKU: 391689180

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