Nancy Drew 58: The Flying Saucer Mystery

    Nancy Drew 58: The Flying Saucer Mystery
      Nancy Drew 58: The Flying Saucer Mystery.

      When Nancy And Her Friends Ride Deep Into The Sawniegunk Forest In Search Of A Flying Saucer, They Find Themselves In The Middle Of More Than One Mystery. Wildcats, Runaway Horses, Deadly Snakes, And A Disappearing Indian Keep The Sleuths Tangled In Danger And Suspense.

      SKU: 1445744
      ISBN: 9780448436890
      Author: Keene, Carolyn

    Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Cats (under 5 Lb) - 3 Months
      Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Cats (under 5 Lb) - 3 Months.

      Biospot Active Care Spot On Is Specifically Formulated To Kill Fleas, Flea Eggs, Flea Larvae, Ticks, Tick Nymphs, And Tick Larvae On Cats. Also Eliminates And Repels Mosquitos. Comes In A 3-month Supply. Lanolin-free.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, bio Spot, amp, reg, For Cats
      SKU: Bio-spot-active-care-flea-tick-spot-on-cats-under-5-lb-3-months

    3 Pack Feliway Diffuser Refill (144 Ml)
      3 Pack Feliway Diffuser Refill (144 Ml).

      Feliway Refills (comfort Zone) Spray And Diffusers Prevent Cats From Urinating Where They Shoildn't.  this Fantastic New Pheromone Feliway Spray Or Diffuser Duplicates The Smell Of A Cat's Natural Scent Glands. Cats Will Not Soil Anything Close To Where Feliway Has Been Sprayed. Enjoy Extra Savings On A 6 Pack Of 48 Ml Refills. Feliway Diffuser Resolves Marking Problems Naturally. Provides An Effective Way To Control And Manage Unwanted Feline Behaviors Such As: Urine Marking, Scratching, Stress And Anxiety. Also Useful In Acclimating Cats To New Environments. Creates A Calming Effect. Situation Feliway Spray Feliway Diffuser Comments Urine Marking Supplement Preferred For Best Results, Use The Feliway Diffuser In Combination With The Feliway Spray. Vertical Scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray Should Exist Pplied Directly To The Entire Scratched Surface. The Feliway Diffuser Can Also Help Reduce Stress. Multi-cat Household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Should Be Used To Reduce The General Level Of Stress In All Cats. The Feliway Spray Can Be Used In Combination With The Diffuser In High Traffic Areas. Changes To The Cat's Environment Remodeling /renovation Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is Teh Most Convenient Formulation. The Feliway Spray Can Be Used In Combination With The Diffuser To Enhance Effectiveness. Re-arrangement Of The Furniture Supplement Preferred New Arrivals (baby, New Pet...) Supplement Preferred Stressful Events Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is The Most Convenient Formulation. Begin Use 1-2 Weeks Before Anticipated Event. Holidays, Parties Supplement Preferred Familiarization With A New Environment New House Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser Is The Most Convenient Formulation. The Feliway Spray Can Be Used In Combination With The Diffuser Or In A Situation Whrere The Diffuser Is Not Practical (boarding, Kennels, Carriers). Adoption Supplement Preferred Boarding Preferred Supplement Transportation Preferred N/a About 10 Minutes Prior To Leaving, Spray All Four Corners And Floor Of The Carrier With Feliway.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, ampp, Stress Solutions, gt, feliway Diffusers And Sprays
      SKU: Feliway-refills-3-pack

    Fiproguard For Flea & Ticks On Dogs 89-132 Lbs, 12-pack
      Fiproguard For Flea & Ticks On Dogs 89-132 Lbs, 12-pack.

      Fiproguard For Dogs - 89-132 Lbs, 12-pack Fiproguard For Dogs - 45-88 Lbs, 12-pack Is A Fast Acting, Squeeze-on Topical Protection Against Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice. Fiproguard Plus Is The First Approved Generic Equivalent To Frontline Plus, And Contains Fipronil, The Same Active Ingredient Used In Frontline Top Spot For Dogs. Fiproguard Plus Kills Ticks Which Can Cause Lyme Disease And Controls Mites That May Cause Sarcoptic Mange. It Is Also Waterproof, Staying Active After Baths. Fiproguard Plus Offers Premium Protection Against Pests Without The Premium Price. For Use On Dogs Over 8 Weeks Of Age Up. Features: ? Kills Fleas ? Kills Ticks ? Kills Chewing Lice ? Fights The Spreading Of Lyme Disease Which Is Commonly Transferred Through Fleas And Ticks ? Used For Dogs 8 Weeks Of Age And Older. ? Waterproof. ? Made In The Usa ? Great Value And Cost ? Contains Fipronil Which Is The Same Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot. Fiproguard For Dogs Kills Fleas Kills Ticks Kills Chewing Lice Same Fipronil Ingredient Found In Frontline Top Spot Fast Protection Against Adult Pests Waterproof More Info Flea & Tick Supplies Shop All Flea & Tick Supplies How To Control Fleas Find Out More Information On How To Control Fleas Flea & Tick Buyer?s Guide A Guide To Help You Choose Which Flea Protection Is Right For Your Pet Got Fleas? Understanding And Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, fiproguard
      SKU: Fiproguard8912pk

    Gingerlead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness - Small Male
      Gingerlead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness - Small Male.

      The Gingerlead Is A Support And Rehabilitation Harness Designed To Help Dogs With Weak Hind Legs Walk. There Are Many Factors That May Affect Your Dog?s Ability To Walk Normally, Ranging From Injury, Amputation, Degenerative Disease, Or Simply Old Age. Fortunately, The Gingerlead Makes Walking Easier For Dogs With A No-bunch, Neoprene Padded Sling And Handle That Adjusts To A Comfortable Height For Both Pet And Owner. It Attaches To Any Standard Chest Harness, Collar, Or To Itself. Mobility Can Greatly Affect Your Dog?s Physical And Mental Well-being. Help Your Pet Enjoy Life Again With The Gingerlead! The Gingerlead Comes In Various Sizes For Dogs, From Toy To Giant Breeds, And Are Gender Specific. The Small Male Gingerlead Is Made Specifically For Small Male Dogs. Conditions: Knee, Hip Or Back Injuries Senior Dogs With Arthritis Degenerative Diseases Rear Leg Amputees Key Features: Support & Rehabilitation Harness For Small Male Dogs Comfortable, Neoprene Padded Sling And Handle Adjustts To Height Of Dog And Owner No Bunching Machine Washable Made In The Usa

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, gingerlead Dog Support , amp, Rehabilitation Harness
      SKU: Gingerlead-harness-small-male

    K&h Bolster Couch Pet Bed Mocha/tan - Large (28"x40")
      K&h Bolster Couch Pet Bed Mocha/tan - Large (28"x40").

      K&h Bolster Couch Pet Bed Is The Solution To Your Pet's Comfort Problem, Providing The Perfect Space For Naps. This Couch Bed Contains A Filling That Has Been Converted From Recycled Plastic Bottles Into A Soft An Dmalleable Cushion. The Cushion Is Contained By A Tactile Microsuede Material That Both Looks Stylish Enough To Match With Almost Any Decor And That Offers A Soft And Pleasant Touch. The K&h Bolster Couch Pet Bed Is Easy To Clean, As Its Cover Can Be Removed And Machine Washed. The Bed Comes In A Mocha And Tan Color Scheme And Is Large Enough For Most Pets. Your Pet Will Love This Comfortable Couch Bed- So Order It Today! Key Features: Removable Cover And Liner For Easy Cleaning Filled With Recycled Materials 28"x40

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pillow, Bolster , amp, amp, Lounger Beds, gt, k, amp, h Pet Beds
      SKU: K-and-h-bolster-couch-pet-bed-mocha-tan-large-28x40

    Sentry Joint Health Supplement Plus Vitamins & Minerals - Advanced Strength (30 Chewable Tablets)
      Sentry Joint Health Supplement Plus Vitamins & Minerals - Advanced Strength (30 Chewable Tablets).

      Sentry Joint Health Supplement Plus Vitamins & Minerals, Advanced Strength Is Made For Dogs To Help Support Joint Health With Glucosamine And Chondroitin ? Ingredients That Assist In Lubricating Joints And Maintaining Healthy Fluid Pressure. But The Benefits Don?t Stop There: Sentry Joint Plus Also Contains 14 Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Bones, Teeth, And Overall Nutritional Health. Sentry Joint Supplement Plus Vitamins & Minerals Come In Chewable Tablets That Can Be Given To Your Dog At Hand Or Crushed And Mixed Into Food. It?s Safe For Dogs Of All Sizes. Key Features: Helps Support Joints, Bones, Teeth And Overall Health In Dogs Rich Source Of Glucosamine, Vitamins & Minerals Comes With 30 Chewable Tablets Safe For Dogs Of All Sizes

      Category: New Pet Pproducts
      SKU: Sentry-joint-health-plus-advanced-30-chew-tablets

    Sentry Purrscriptions Flea Comb For Cats
      Sentry Purrscriptions Flea Comb For Cats.

      Sentry Purrscriptions Flea Comb For Cats Helps To Eliminate Fleas And Flea Eggs. It Also Removes Fine Debris And Dust While Combing Through Your Cat's Hair. The Ergonomic Handle Will Give You A Comfortable Grip As You Groom Your Cat. The Sentry Purrscriptions Flea Comb For Cats Gives Your Cat The Extra Attention They Want While Removing The Fleas They Don't. Helps To Eliminate Fleas And Flea Eggs Removes Fine Debris And Dust Ergonomic Handle For A Comfortable Grip

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, flea Combs , amp, Tick Removers, gt, sentry Flea Combs
      SKU: Sentry-purrscriptions-flea-comb-for-cats

    Animal Snare 4 Ft.
      Animal Snare 4 Ft..

      Animal Snare 4 Ft. Features An Easy And Quick Locking Device Which Locks Noose In Any Position With A Slight Hand Twist. It Is The Safe And Humane Way To Handle An Animal. Made From Heavy Gage Ribbed Aluminum. Noose Is Made From Plastic Coated Aircraft Cable. Opens 1 To 14 Inches In Diameter To Accommodate Both Small And Large Animals.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, wild Animal , amp, amp, Rodent Control, gt, animal Snare
      SKU: Snarem4ft

    Sogeval Hoof Bio Plus (10 Lbs)
      Sogeval Hoof Bio Plus (10 Lbs).

      A Nutritional Supplement That Is Recommmended To Help Maintain Healthy Hooves, Hair And Skin In Horses. Guaranteed Ingredients (per 1 Oz Scoop): Calcium, 3000 Mg Copper, 50 Mg Zinc, 150 Mg Dl-methionine, 3000 Mg L-lysine, 1200 Mg Cystine, 30 Mg Manganese, 150 Mg Pyridoxine Hcl, 50 Mg Biotin, 15 Mg All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Hoof Care, gt, sogeval Horse Hoof Care
      SKU: Sogeval-hoof-bio-plus-10-lbs

    Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea & Tick Shampoo (16 Fl Oz)
      Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea & Tick Shampoo (16 Fl Oz).

      Veterinary Formula® Clinical Care™ Flea & Tick Shampoo Wroks To Kill Fleas And Ticks On Cats, Dogs, Horses, And Ferrets. This Shampoo Utilizes Pyrethrum, A Plant Derivative, To Kill Pests On Contact With A Solution That Is Safe For Your Animal. The Shampoo Also Works To Keep Your Pet Clean And To Help You Remove These Insects From Your Animal's Body. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea & Tick Shampoo Also Works To Gently Cleanse Your Pet's Skin And Leave Your Pet Smelling Fresh And Clean. This Bottle Contains 16 Fluid Ounces Of The Formula And Is Safe For Animals Over 12 Weeks Of Age. Rid Your Pet Of Pesky Pests By Ordering Today! Key Features: Contains Pyrethrum, Derived From Flowers, To Kill Fleas And Ticks On Contact Safe For Horses, Ferrets, Dogs, Cats Over 12 Weeks Of Age Contains 16 Fl Oz

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, shampoos , amp, Dips, gt, veterinary Formula, amp, reg, Clinical Care, amp, trade, Flea , amp, Tick Shampoo
      SKU: Veterinary-formula-flea-tick-shampoo-16-oz

    Vet's Best Extra Large Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads 26" X 30" (50 Pads)
      Vet's Best Extra Large Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads 26" X 30" (50 Pads).

      Vet's Best Extra Large Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads Absorb Liquid And Odors To Help You Potty Train Your Pet. These Pads Feature Six-layers And A Tear-resistant Exterior To Ensure That No Leaks Pass Through These Absorbent Pads. The Pads Also Feature A Unique Technology That Reveals The Ph Of Your Pet's Urine To Indicate Warning Signs That Warrant Further Examination From A Veterinarian. Vet's Best Extra Large Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads Measure 26 Inches By 30 Inches To Cover A Wide Surface Area, But Smaller, Square 22-icnh Pads Are Also Available. This Package Comes With 50 Of These Large Pads To Ensure That You Have Plenty To Train Your Pet And Ensure That They're In Good Health. Order These Usa-made Pee Pads For Your Pup Today! Key Features: 6-layer Pad For Leakproof Protection Reveals Ph To Indicate Warning Signs Of Potentially Dangerous Health Conditions Pads Measure 26" X 30

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, dog Training Pads, gt, vet, s Best Oxy Action Floor Protection Pads
      SKU: Vets-best-extra-large-oxy-action-floor-protection-50-pads

    Farm Animals
      Farm Animals.

      Spend A Fact-filled Day On A Farm In This Nonfiction Easy Reader Children Learn About Horses, Pigs, Cows, Geese, Sheep, And More. The Text Is Written In Easy-to-read Rhymes And Is Illustrated With Irresistible Photographs. Three Pages Of Fun Learning Activities Are Designed To Both Challenge And Entertain New Readers.

      SKU: 1840011
      ISBN: 9780545099936
      Author: Cooper, Wade

    Lake On The Mountain
      Lake On The Mountain.

      Dan Sharp, A Gay Father And Missing Persons Investigator, Accepts An Invitation To A Wedding On A Yacht In Ontario's Prince Edward County. It Seems Just The Thing To Bring Dan Closer To His Noncommittal Partner, Bill, A Respected Medical Professional With A Penchant For Sleazy After-ours Clubs, Cheap Drugs, And Rough Sex. But The Event Doesn't Go Exactly As Planned.when A Member Of The Wedding Party Is Swept Overboard, A Case Of Mistaken Identity Leads To Confusion As The Wrong Person Is Reported Missing. The Hunt For A Possible Killer Leads Dan Deeper Into The Troubled Waters And Private Lives Of A Family Of Rich Wasps And Their Secret World Of Privilege. No Sooner Is That Case Resolved When A Second One Ends Up On Dan's Desk. Dan Is Hired By An Anonymous Source To Investigate The Disappearance 20 Years Earlier Of The Groom's Father. The Only Clues Are A Missing Bicycle And Six Horses Mysteriously Poisoned.

      SKU: 14563266
      ISBN: 9781459700017
      Author: Round, Jeffrey

    Rohan Nation: Reinventing America After The 2020 Collapse
      Rohan Nation: Reinventing America After The 2020 Collapse.

      Rohan Nation Tells The Compelling Story Of How Survivors Of Biological Warfare And Electro-magnetic Pulse Fight To Defend And Reinvent America. The Disasters That Lead To The Collapse Of America In 2020 And Billions Of Deaths Worldwide Are Based On Sound Research And Analysis, The Predictable Results Of On-going Mistakes. Ace, The Teenage Daughter Of A Family That Prepared For The Worst, And Justin, The Young Refugee She Captures Who Becomes Her Cavalry Scout Apprentice, Struggle To Survive In A Post-collapse Economy Where Horses Are Key To Survival. Despite The Dismal Future Forecast, Rohan Nation: Reinventing America After The 2020 Collapse Provides Each Uplifting Story Of Love And Hope As Ace And Justin Pursue Their Youthful Romance While Defending Their Community And Rebuilding A Responsible Society. You Will Share In Their Odyssey Into Life's Fundamental Questions, Moral And Political Issues, Receiving Powerful, Moving Insights Into How We Can Live Better Now. This Extraordinary Story Of Survivors Reinventing America Will Hopefully Change The Way People Think And Feel About Not Just Politics, But How To Lead Their Lives. While Set As An Action Adventure, Rohan Nation Is Also A Libertarian Political Philosophy, An Atlas Shrugged Call For A New "responsibility Poitical Philosophy" To Break Our Nation's Addiction To Socialist Entitlements And Return To Constitutional, Strictly Limited Government, Focused On Security. It Is America's Rebirth, Realistically Forecast In A Future-thriller-action-romance Novel.

      SKU: 15613702
      ISBN: 9780984370948
      Author: Miller, Drew

    Without Wonder
      Without Wonder.

      Is History Repeting Itself? Christina Reese Has Heard The Story Many Times-wonder Wws A Tiny, Sickly Foal No One Thought Was Worth Saving. No One But Christina's Mother, Ashleigh. With Ashleigh's Love And Hard Work, Wonder Went On The Win The Kentucky Derby. No W, When Wonder's Last Foal Is Born Under Tragic Circumstances, There's Little Hope For Her Baby Colt. Only Christina Can See That The Colt Is Special, Just Like His Mother Was. But Will She Get A Chance To Prove It? Read The" Wonder's Legacy" Trilogy From" Thoroughbred" And Experience The Powerful Bond Between A Determined Girl And A Very Special Colt. If You Love Horses, Then You'll Love These Books

      SKU: 193390
      ISBN: 9780061066078
      Author: Campbell, Joanna / James, Brooke

    A Canticle For Leibowitz
      A Canticle For Leibowitz.

      In Celebration Of The Publication Of The Sequel Saint Leibowitz And The Wild Horse Woman Comes This Special Edition Of The Classic A Canticle For Leibowitz,"" A Novel That Transcends Genre To Stand As One Of The Most Significant Literary Works Of Our Time. In The Tah Desert, Brother Francis Of The Albertian Order Of Leibowitz Has Made A Miraculous Discovery: The Relics Of The Martyr Isaac Leibowitz Himself, Including The Blessed Blueprint And The Sacred Shopping List. They May Provide A Bright Ray Of Hope In A Terrifying Age Of Darkness, A Time Of Ignorance And Genetic Monsters That Are The Unholy Aftermath Of The Flame Deluge. But As The Spellbinding Mystery At The Core Of This Extraordinary Novel Unfolds, It Is The Search Itsel-for Meaning, For Truth, For Love-that Offers Hope To A Humanity Teetering On The Edge Of An Abyss. A Timeless And Still Timely Masterpiece, A Canticle For Leibowitz Is A Classic That Ranks With "brave New World" And "1984."

      SKU: 1970221
      ISBN: 9780553379266
      Author: Miller, Walter M.


      R. T. Smith's "sherburne" Chronicles The Title Family's Encounters With Ruthlessness Over Several Generations. The Patriarch Discovers Himself When He Encounters Sherman's Horse Soldiers In 1864 Georgia, And His Son, Working In Law Enforcement In The Virginia Blue Ridge, Finds Himself Struggling With Moral Issues In A Harsh Landscape. As Practitioners And Victims Of Violence, The Sherburne Family Makes An Apt Portrait Of Smith's Conviction That Even Those Who Resort To Force On Behalf Of Their Community Must Bear The Responsibility And Carry The Scars. "ranging Through Time From The Civil War To The Present, This Intricate And Exquisitely Written Collection Further Confirms That R. T. Smith Is One Of America's Best Writers. "sherburne" Is A Magnificant Acheivement."-ron Rash

      SKU: 16633989
      ISBN: 9781936205448
      Author: Smith, R. T.

    The British Stable
      The British Stable.

      Until The Early Years Of Th E Twentieth Century, Horses Played An Essential Role In The Agriculture, Transport, Industry, Warfare, And Sport Of Britain. Their Stables Were Practical Shelters, But They Were Also More Than That-in Many Cases A Handsomely Appointed Stable Served As Much For The Elegant Display Of Horses As For Their Shelter. This Beautiful Book, Illustrated With Over One Hundred Specially Commissioned Photographs, Focuses Attention For The First Time On The History, The Variety, And The Importance Of Stables In The British Isles. Leading Architectural Historian Giles Worsley Examines Stables From The Twelfth Century Through 1914, With Special Attention To Country House Stables-including Those At Chatsworth And Kedleston-where The Finest Examples Of Stable Design Are Found. Worsley Discusses The Factors That Influenced The Architecture Of Stables, Whether Owned By Noblemen, Great Brewing Companies, Or The British Army. Fascinating And Lucidly Written, "the British Stable" Will Appeal Equally To Those With An Interest In Horses, Country Houses, Architectural History, Or The Special Relationship Between Horses And The People Of Britain.

      SKU: 842669
      ISBN: 9780300107081
      Author: Worsley, Giles / Rolf, William Curtis


      Ric Kealey Is The Charismatic Lead Singer Of Uber-successful Band, The Voices In My Head - And He Died Three Years Ago. Caz Tallis Restores Rocking Horses In Her London Studio. When Ric Turns Up, Shabby And Alive, On Caz's Roof Terrace, She Is Reluctantly Drawn Into Investigating The Murder That Led Him To Fake His Own Death.a Feel Good Page Turner; Contemporary Fiction With Elements Of Murder Mystery And Romance, And A Satisfying Ending.

      SKU: 10972567
      ISBN: 9780956642202
      Author: Revellian, Lexi

    The Gift Of Good Land: Further Essays Cultural & Agricultural
      The Gift Of Good Land: Further Essays Cultural & Agricultural.

      In The Twenty-four Essays Of This Collection, Well Berry Stresses The Carefully Modulated Harmonics Of Indivisibility In Culture And Agriculture, The Interdepence, The Wholeness, The Oneness, Of Man, Animals, The Land, The Weather, And The Family. To Touch One, He Shows, Is To Tamper With Them He Continues Issues First Raised In The Unsettling Of America; The Problems Addressed There Are Still With Us And The Solutions No Nearer To Hand, Mr. Berry Writes Of His Journeys To The Highlands Of Peru, The Deserts Of Southern Arizona, And The Amish Country To Study Traditional Agricultural Practices. He Writes Of Homesteading, Tools And Their Uses, Horses And Tractors, Family Work, Land Reclamation, Diversified Land The Title Essay Mr. Berry Draws Parallels Between The Christian Notion Of Stewardship And The Buddhist Doctrine Of "right Livelihood." He Develops The Compelling Argument That The "gift" Of Good Land Has Strings Attached: The Recipient Has It Only As Long As He Practices Responsible Stewardship.

      SKU: 3797596
      ISBN: 9780865470521
      Author: Berry, Wendell

    Canon Eos-1ds Mark Iii Digital Field Guide
      Canon Eos-1ds Mark Iii Digital Field Guide.

      Essential, No-fail Photography Techniques In A Full-color, Portable Guide Confidently Create Beautiful Photographs With The Powerful Features On Your Canon Eos 1ds Mark Iii Camera And This Essential Guide. A Workhorse Camera For Photojournalists And Sports And Wildlife Photographers, The 1ds Mark Iii Yields Spectacular Results, Once You Master Its Intricacies. This Easy-to-follow Book Is The Latest In The Bestselling "digital Field Guide" Series That Has Taught Thousands Of Photographers And Beginners How To Get The Most Out Of Their Digital Cameras. Get To Know Your 1ds Mark Iii, Understand How To Use All Its R Obust Features, Then Take This Handy-sized Portable Guide With You In The Field For Quick And Easy Reference. Master Your Canon Eos 1ds Mark Iii Inside And Out: 21.1 Megapixels, 5fps, 3-inch Lcd, Live View, And High-precision Af System Find Pages Of Step-by-step Techniques, Professional Tips, And No-fail Formulas That Will Help You Get The Results You Want Learn Where To Find And How To Master Your Camera's Sophisticated Menu System, Picture Modes, And Settings Gk Under The Hood Of Your Sophisticated New Camera With This Essential Guide-it Covers More Than The Manual

      SKU: 1520886
      ISBN: 9780470409497
      Author: Kraus, John

    Will You, Won't You?
      Will You, Won't You?.

      Mad Parker Has Just Graduated From Eighth Grade, Where She Had Nearly Perfected The Art Of Becoming Invisible, Unnoticed, Gone-to Teachers, To Classmates, To Her Mother, Almost To Herself. Now She Is Spending The Summer ( A Summer Of Three Rs: Riding, Reading, Rotting) With Her Grandmother, The Powerful Chair Of The Senate Finance Committee. The Powerful Chair Thinks That Dancing-scottish Region Dancing, To Be Exact-will Help Mad Get Over Her Shyness. "torture." That's What Mad Thinks. Is She Really Any Point In Going To The Chair's Weekly Dance Class? In The Meantime Mad Has Other Things To Worry About. Her Horse Has Developed Cow-phobia, E-mail Indicates She May Be Losing Her Best Friend, And Being In Her Parents' Hometown Brings Back Thoughts Of Her Father-l.g., He's Called, For Long Gone, Or G.r., For Good Riddance. But When The Chair Gets Involved In A Highly Publicized Environmental Controversy, Politcs And, Yes, Scottish Dance Show Mad The Way Courage Grows. And The Surprising Placees New-grown Courage Can Take You.

      SKU: 168234
      ISBN: 9780060291969
      Author: Haas, Jessie

    Romance Of My Dreams 2
      Romance Of My Dreams 2.

      Enjoy Ten Romantic Journeys By Eight Talented Authors: Safe Harbor By Joyce Scarbrough - Cal Pardue And His Grandfather Have Taken Care Of Each Other Just Fine Without Any Women In Their Lives, Until Hurricane Katrina Destroys Their House And Forces Them To Live On Their Crab Boat. When Amos Has To Go Into A Nursing Home After A Hip Injury, Cal Is Suspicious Of Jasmine Gregory, The Beautiful But Annoying Social Worker Who Takes A Shine To His Grandfather. Cal And Jasmine Discover Their Animosity Stems From A Mutual Attraction Neither Of Them Wants To Admit.son Of A Sheik By Pauline Baird Jones - Ellie Fell In Love With The Son Of A Sheik And He Broke Her Heart. Now He's Back, But It's Not Just Her Heart At Risk Now. She's Raising Her Niece, Emma, Who Needs To Be First In Ellie's Life. Everyone Knows That Sons Of Sheiks Are First In Everything...comfort Zone By Pauline Baird Jones - Marrying A Man She'd Met Once Was A Bad Idea. When The Guy Was Et It Was Insane-even If They Were Anatomically Compatible. He And His World Weren't Just Outside Her Comfort Zone, They Were Outside Her Comfort Universe. And If He Didn't Have Amazing Green Eyes, Saving Her Father's Career Might Not Have Been Enough To Get Her Through The Wedding...the View From The Balcony By Dk Christi - Racing Across The Surf, The Young Woman On Horseback With Flowing Blond Hair, Was A Ghostly Apparition, Bent On Drowning In Thhe Sea. He Questioned His Own Eyes When He Saying Her. No One Lived On This Rocky Italian Coast Where He Hid From His Own Demons. A Timely Rescue Opens A Story Of Torn Lives Mended By Love's Magic.pyrotechnics By Joyce Scarbrough - After Jaycee Stevens Manages To Escape Her Alcoholic Father By Getting A College Scholarship, She's Determined To Concentrate On Becoming A Journalist And Forget About Love, But She's Tripped Up By A Poor Little Rich Boy Named Bud Stanton. He's Like Jaycee's Old Man-arrogant, Selfish And Everything She Despises In A Person, And She Wants Him More Than She's Ever Wanted Anything. Recov By Helen Henderson - Eric Marten Just Had His Deepest Wish Come True. He Has The Government's Permission To Create A Child With The Woman Of His Dreams, Lauren Woods. There Is Just One Problem-she's A Recov, Woods Is One Of A Select Group Of The World's Most Talented And Intelligent Who Died Before Their Time. Brought Back To Life, A Recov Has 96 Hours To Create A Child With The Perfect Genetic Match Selected For Them By The Government. Casino Life By Jacqueline Seewald - Sara Is A Lonely Widow Whose Lite Has Lost Its Meaning. Her Regular Bus Trips To Atlantic City Are What Keep Her Going. Sara Meets Rob, A Construction Worker, Was Recently Laid Off His Job. Two Lost Souls In Need Of Comfort And Companionship. The Excitement Of Casino Life Ignites Romance And Hope.the Right Feeling By Phyllis Humphrey - Just When Megan Finds Both A New Romance And A Buyer For Her Old, Picturesque Hawaiian Hotel, She Discovers Someone Has Sabotaged The Deal. Was Bart To Blame

      SKU: 13189469
      ISBN: 9781603181488
      Author: Smith, Lisa Rene

    Sara ! Pat Circle Kinky Curly Ponytails 55cm,22" Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension Black Brown Curly Horsetail Pony Tail Synthetic Hairpieces
      Sara ! Pat Circle Kinky Curly Ponytails 55cm,22" Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension Black Brown Curly Horsetail Pony Tail Synthetic Hairpieces.

      Weight: 100 G; Length: 55 Cm,22"; Material:blend Hair; Hair Friendly:yes; Feature: Circle Circle Puffs Kinky Deep Curly ; Named: Circle Circle Puffs Kinky Deep Curly Ponytails.

      Category: Ponytails
      SKU: 389603199

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