Naturvet Glucosamine Ds With Chondroitin (240 Chewable Tablets)

    Naturvet Glucosamine Ds With Chondroitin (240 Chewable Tablets)
      Naturvet Glucosamine Ds With Chondroitin (240 Chewable Tablets).

      Naturvet Glucosamine Ds With Chondroitin Veterinarian Formulated And Recommended To Support Healthy Hip And Joint Function. Helps Maintain Joint Flexibility And Alleviate Aches And Discomfort Associated With Exercise. Provides Important Antioxidants And Helps Support Structural Integrity Of Joints And Connective Tissues. Tasty Natural Flavoring That Dogs And Cats Love. Guaranteed Anslysis Per 3 Gram Tablet: Glucosamine Hydrochloride (shellfish Source) - 500 Mg Yucca Schidigera - 90 Mg Chondroitin Sulfate (bovine Source) - 60 Mg Vitamin C (from Ester-c) - 58 Mg D-alpha Tocopheryl (vitamin E) - 60 Iu Omega 3 Fatty Acids - 1800 Mcg Omega 6 Fatty Acids - 946 Mcg Limit 12 Per Order

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      SKU: Naturvetgluds240

    Dechra Dentacetic Dental Wipes (25 Count)
      Dechra Dentacetic Dental Wipes (25 Count).

      Dentacetic Dental Wipes Containing Acetic Acid And Sodium Hexametaphosphate (hmp), Dentacetic Effectively Brightens And Whitens Teeth (the Acetic Acid Effect). Cleaning Is By Mechanical Means Utilizing The Uneven Surface Of The Wipes And The Potent Degreasing Ability Of Acetic Acid. Hmp Is A Common Component In Various Dental Products. Both Acetic Acid And Hmp Are Sequestering Agents, Which Bind Minerals Effectively Inhibiting The Transformation (mineralization) Of Dental Plaque Into Tartar. Hmp Also Coats The Teeth And Prevents Further Plaque, Calculus And Tartar Build-up. The Flavoring Agent Is Pleasant Cinnamon-clove, Which Is Favored By Dogs And Deodorizes Their Breath. The Clove Has An Age-old Additive Effect Of Relieving Pain, Thus Soothing The Gums.

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      SKU: Ddedewi

    Dechra Dermalyte (dermahypocs) (12 Fl. Oz.)
      Dechra Dermalyte (dermahypocs) (12 Fl. Oz.).

      Dechra Dermalyte (dermahypocs) (12 Fl. Oz.) A Clear, Hypo-allergenic, All Natural, Moisturizing Shampoo Which Is Ph Balanced And Contains No Animal Protein (thereby Decreasing Its Allergenicity And Substantially Increasing Its Rinsability). It Is Designed For The Allergic Pet Needing Frequent Bathing As Well As Other Nomal, Sensitive Or Dry Skin. It Is Nutritional With Vitamin E And Essential Fatty Acids (efas) - The Vitamins Of The Skin And Contains No Anti-inflammatory Drugs Like Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Oatmeal Or Oil Of Pennyroyal Which Can Be Potentially Irritating If Frequently Used. It Is Dilutable To 4:1, Contains Coat Conditoners With No Soap, Dye Nor Perfume. Even Our Pleasant Fragrance (coconut) Is Functional (coconut Oil). This Is The First Pet Shampoo Designed For Use As Often As Daily. Note: This Item Is Restricted From Shipping To California.

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    8 In 1 D.d.s. Dental Kit For Dogs
      8 In 1 D.d.s. Dental Kit For Dogs.

      8 In 1 D.d.s. Dental Kit For Dogs Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums. The Premium Active Ingredients In D.d.s. Toothpaste Fight Bacteria To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums While Leaving A Fresh Breath. Plus, The Elegant D.d.s. Toothpaste Makes It Easy To Deliver A Daily Oral Cleaning Routine For Your Dog. It's Worth Buying As The Dental Kit Includes Toothpaste, Pet Toothbrush, And Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush. Treat Your Dog To The Ultimate In Dental Care With D.d.s. Premium Oral Hygience Products. Directions: Place A Small Amount Of D.d.s. Toothpaste On The Tip Of Your Finger And Allow Dog To Lick If Off. Next, Apply A Small Amount Of Toothpaste To The Toothbrush. (use The Large Bristle Head On The Toothbrush For Larger Dogs And Larger Teeth Areas, Use Smaller Toothbrush Head For Smaller Dogs And Smaller Teeth Areas.)gently Expose Your Dog's Teeth And Gums And Brush Teeth. Praise Your Dog As You Brush. For Hard To Reach Or Sensitive Areas, Apply A Small Amount Of Toothpaste On The Finger Toothbrush Aand Gently Brush. Toothpaste Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Water, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Carrageenan, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Potassium Sorbate, Propylparaben.

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    Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Teenie 96 Treats (27 Oz)
      Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Teenie 96 Treats (27 Oz).

      Greenies® Grain Free Treat-pak™ Teenie® (27 Oz) Is A Package Of Palatable Dental Treats That Your Dog Ill Love. Not Only Are These Delectable Snacks Ideal For Rewarding Your Pooch, But Each Greenies Bone Is Formulated To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums In Dogs. The Unique Texture Of The Treats Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar To Keep Your Dog's Mouth Clean. Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak- Teenie (27 Oz) Are Made In The Usa With Ingredients That Prevent The Growth Of Harmful Bacteria In Your Pet's Mouth And That Are Easy For Your Dog To Digest. This Package Includes 27 Ounces Of Grain-free Treats That Are Ideal For Dogs Weighing Between 5 And 15 Pounds, But A 12 Ounce Package Of Teenie Treats Is Also Available. Your Dog Will Love These Nutritious, Delicious Dental Treats- So Order Today! Key Features: Grain-free With Ingredients That Are Highly Digestible Promotes Healthy Teeth And Gums And Reduces Bad Breath Available In 4 Sizes Of Treats (teenie, Petite, Regular, And Large), Each In Two Sizes Of Bags: 12 Oz And 27 Oz Made In The Usa

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    Lafeber Garden Veggie Nutri-berries With Vegetables Parrot Food (10 Oz)
      Lafeber Garden Veggie Nutri-berries With Vegetables Parrot Food (10 Oz).

      Lafeber Garden Veggie Nutri-berries With Vegetables Parrot Food (10 Oz) In The Wild, There Are Certain Foods A Bird Intuitively Craves And Seeks Out. Foods With Sweet Flavors. Succulent Flavors. Foods Like Pineapple, Papaya And Mango. And They're The Very Same Flavors Used To Create Tropical Frui T Nutri-berries. Together With Other Natural, Wholesome Ingredients Like Cracked Corn, Millet, Peanuts, Egg And Safflower- Tropical Fruit Nutri-berries Provide Your Bird With The Foods Nature Intended. Lafeber Puts All These Taste Together And Fortifies It With 100% Of The Balanced Nutrition Essential For Optimum Health. Like Foods Found In Nature, Lafeber Gives Nutri-berries A Playful, Inviting Shape That Birds Enjoy Eating. It Turns Mealtime Into A Fun Eating Experience That Birds Enjoy And Provides Plenty Of Essential Beak Exercise.

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    Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold (360 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold (360 Soft Chews).

      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Provides Valuable Nutrients For Promoting Joint Health And Mobility In A Palatable Soft Chew Form.  these Chews Are Formulated To Provide Essential Components For Hoint Reconstruction And Maintenance. Among These Components Are Glucosamine And Chondroitin Which Are Used To Create The Cartilage That Connects Joints And The Synovial Fluid That Lubricates Them. Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Soft Chews Also Include Msm And Green-lipped Mussel To Combat Inflammation And Prevent Joint Deterioration. Joint Care Is Extremely Important In Pets That Are Overweight, Over The Age Of Seven, Or That Are Particularly Active. Treating A Pet's Joints Is Best Done As A Preventive Measure To Ensure That Arthritis And Hip Dysplasia Do Not Cause Irreperable Damage To Your Pet's Joints. Joint Pain Can Affect Your Dog's Quality Of Life And Limit Their Mobility. This Product Comes With 360 Soft Chews To Provide An Ample Supply Of Joint Support To Your Dog Or Cat. So Don't Let Your Pet Suffer From Painful, Aching Joints- Otder A Bottle Of These Soft Chews Today! Key Benefits: Reduces Pain And Stiffness Of Joints Increases Flexibility And Mobility Of Your Pet Natural Ingredients To Ensure It's Safe For Your Pet Comes With 360 Soft Chews Naturvet University Product Education Advance Joint Support (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

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    Petlock Plus Flea & Tick Treatment For Small Dogs (3 Doses)
      Petlock Plus Flea & Tick Treatment For Small Dogs (3 Doses).

      Petlock™ Plus Flea & Tick Treatment For Small Dogs Protects Your Pet Against Fleas, Tick, Lice, And Mites With A Long-lasting, Fast-acting Topical Formula. This Topical Preventive Utilizes The Same Active Ingredients As Frontline® Plus To Kill All Stages Of The Flea Life Cycle And Protect Your Pet Against All Sorts Of Pests. Petlock™ Plus Flea & Tick Treatment For Small Dogs Is Formulated For Dogs Weighing Between 6 And 22 Pounds And Is Safe For Dogs And Puppies 8 Weeks Of Age Or Older. This Package Includes 3 Doses Of The Formulation To Provide Protection For Up To 3 Full Months. Protect Your Dog From External Parasites And The Diseases They Carry With This Incredible Preventive And Order Today! Key Features: Utilizes Fipronil And (s)-methoprene, The Same Active Ingredients Found In Frontline® Plus To Kill Fleas, Ticks, Lice, And Mites Kills And Repels All Life Stages Of Fleas To Prevent Reinfestation Contains 3 Doses Safe For Dogs And Puppies Over 8 Weeks Of Age

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    Petsafe - Pawz Away Premium Scat Mat 12" X 60"
      Petsafe - Pawz Away Premium Scat Mat 12" X 60".

      *** Please Allow Up To Three Weeks For Delivery *** The Petsafe Pawz Away Dog Mat Is A Valuable Aid In Training Your Dogz To Avoid Areas You Want To Protect. Simply Place The Petsafe Pawz Away Dog Mat In A Location You Would Like Your Dogs To Avoid. When He Touches The Petsafe Pawz Away Dog Mat,h E Receives A Mild Static Shock And Will Quickly Learn To Stay Away From That Area. If Your Dog Has A Habit Of Rolling, Scratching And Shedding On Your Rug, The Petsafe Pawz Away Dog Mat Will Encourage Him To Move Elsewhere. Keep Your Dog Off The Sofa, Counter Or Out Of Any Area You Want W Ith The Petsafe Pawz Away Dog Mat. There Is Never Any Danger Of Injury To Your Pets. Pawz Away Adjusts To 3 Levels Of Correction, All In The Range Of Familiar Static Shocks. After One Or Two Encounters, Your Pet Will Associate The Corrections With The Area Where His Mischief Occurred And Avoid Those Areas. Since The Pawz Away Is Battery Powered You Can Move It To Other Problem Areas. (requires 9-volt Alkaline Battery Not Included) You Probably Do Not Have The Flash Player Installed For Your Browser Or The Video Files Are Misplaced On The Server!

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    Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo For Dogs & Cats (17 Oz)
      Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo For Dogs & Cats (17 Oz).

      Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo For Dogs & Cats Is The Ideal Shampoo For Giving Your Pet A Healthy, Lustrous Coat. Fresh Pet Shampoo Is Specially Formulated To Have An Ideal Ph Balance For The Health Of Your Pet's Coat. In Addition To An Ideal Ph Balance, Fresh Pet Contains A Variety Of Conditioners That Serve To Brighten Yourpet's Coat With A Lustrous Sheen. These Conditions Also Work To Loosen Mats And Remove Tangles And Make Your Pet's Fur More Manageable. The Unique Formulation Does Greater Degree Of Than Simply Promote Coat Health, It Also Removes Dirt And Odor To Ensure Your Pet Is Properly Cleaned. Fresh Pet Also Contains A Fresh Scent Fragrance To Ensure That Your Pet Smells Nice For Weeks After Its Use. This Shampoo Is Safe For Frequent Use And Is Safe For Puppies And Kittens That Are At Least 7 Weeks Of Age. For Other Shampoos For Dogs And Cats, Check Out Top Performance Oatmeal Shampoo For Pet's With Dry, Irritated Skin. Fresh Pet Shampoo Is The Perfect Shampoo To Clean Your Pet And Care For Their Coat, So Order It For Your Dog Or Cat Today! Key Features: Ph Balanced To Care For Your Pet's Coat Leaves Fresh Scent That Is Long-lasting Safe For Dogs And Cats Over 6 Weeks Of Age

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    Tuffy Barnyard - Pig
      Tuffy Barnyard - Pig.

      Tuffy Barnyard Pig: Polly Piggy Is A Playful Pal With A Style All Her Own! Prancing Practically All Day Long, You Won?t Find A More Perfect Playmate For Your Pup. With Little Pink Flowers And Plenty Of Panache, Polly Piggy Is Sure To Please Even The Most Particular And Precocious Pooches. Tuff Scale: 7 For Dogs: All Sizes Size: 6x 8x 14 Inches Squeakers: 0 Barn Yard Construction: Each Toy Is Made With 3 Layers. 1 Layer Is Made Of 600 D Industrial Grade Luggage Material, 1 Layer Of Plastic Coating, And The Other Layer Is Made Of Soft Fleece On The Outside. Sewn Multiple Times. Most Toys Have Just One Seam To Hold The Toy Together. We Sew Webbing Around The Edges Of The Toy And Then Sew The Edges Together To Make Each Toy Tuff. All Of These Layers Are Sewn Together To Make One Super Strong Layer Of Material. Each Toy Is Sewn Together With 2 Layers Of Cross Stitching And Then 2 Layers Of Linear Stitching. After The Toy Is Sewn Together An Additional Piece Of Black Trim Is Added To Cover The Four Rows Of Stitching. This Extra Piece Of Black Trim Is Sewn With 3 Linear Stitches To Give The Product A Total Of 7 Seams! * These Toys Are Machine Washable (air Dry) And Float!

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    Planet Dog Orbee-tuff Woof Ball - Green
      Planet Dog Orbee-tuff Woof Ball - Green.

      Planet Dog Orbee-tuff Woof Ball Is A Great Catch For Your Best Pal. They Are Durable, Bouncy, Boyant, Mint-scented. 3 1/4" Diameter The Color Pink Has Been On Discontinued. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience.

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      SKU: Woofpink

    Zoe Pill Pops Grilled Beef With Ginger (3.5 Oz)
      Zoe Pill Pops Grilled Beef With Ginger (3.5 Oz).

      Zoë Pill Pops Grilled Beef With Ginger Make It Easy To Administer Pills Or Capsules To Your Dog. These Palatable Treats Are Made With A Special Consistency And Shape To Easily Conceal Your Pet's Medication In A Sof, Savory Package. The Treats Themselves Are Made With All Natural Ingredients, Including Real Beef And Ginger, To Provide A Flavor Your Pet Will Love. Zoë Pill Pops Grilled Beef With Ginger Are Made Without Corn, Wheat, Or Soy For A Rich And Full Flavor Without Fillers. This Package Contains Twenty Of The Treats, Each Wrapped In Pairs To Secure Extra Softness In Every Bite. Make Administering Your Pet's Meds A Breeze By Grabbing A Bag Of These Functional Treats Today! Key Features: Ideal For Concealing Pills Or Capsules To Ease Administration 100% Natural Ingredients- Contains No Corn, Wheat Or Soy Contains 20 Treats, Wrapped In Two's To Preserve Freshness

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    Chosen By A Horse
      Chosen By A Horse.

      The Horse Susan Richards Chose For Rescue Wouldn't Be Corralled Into Her Waiting Trailer. Instead Lay Me Down, A Former Racehorse With A Foal Close On Her Heels, Walked Right Up That Ramp And Into Susan's Life. This Gentle Creature-malnourished, Plagued By Pneumonia And An Eye Infection-had Endured A Rough Road, But Somehow Her Heart Was Still Open And Generous. It Seemed Fated That She Would Come Into Susan's Paddock And Teach Her How To Embrace The Joys Of Life Despite The Dangers Of Living. An Elegant And Often Heartbreaking Tale Filled With Animal Characters As Complicated And Lively As Their Human Counterparts, This Is An Inspiring Story Of Courage And Hope And The Ways In Which All Love-even An Animal's-has The Power To Heal.

      SKU: 490599
      ISBN: 9780156031172
      Author: Richards, Susan

    Well-shod: A Horseshoeing Guide For Owners & Farriers
      Well-shod: A Horseshoeing Guide For Owners & Farriers.

      Readers Can Use This Book As A Guide To Learn Whether Their Horses Are Being Shod Properly Or Use It To Learn To Shoe Their Own Horses. The Book Stresses Good Horse Handling Techniques And Proper Trimming. Correct Trimming Of The Feet Is The Basis Of Good Shoeing, And Neither Can Be Accomplished If The Horseshoer Cannot Get The Horse To Platform Still Long Enough To Work On Himm-thus The Importance Of Handling. To Get Really Proficient At Horseshoeing, It Takes A Lot Of Practice Trimming And Shoeing A Lot Of Different Horses. This Book Covers All The Basics In Plain, Simple Language, Lavishly Illustrated, And Diagrammed.

      SKU: 4111212
      ISBN: 9780911647693
      Author: Baskins, Don / Brech, Dwayne / Smith, Fran Devereux

    Exploits Of A Reluctant (but Extremely Goodlooking) Hero
      Exploits Of A Reluctant (but Extremely Goodlooking) Hero.

      Meet A Teenage Hero Who Likes Nothing Better Than To Sit Back With A Bucket Of Fried Chicken And A Girlie Magazine, Waiting For His Family Plumbing Fortune To Come To Him. But When Our Hero Gets Into Some Serious Trouble, He's Forced To Volunteer At A Local Soup Kitchen Where He Finds Himself At The Center Of A Struggle Between The Rich And The Poor, The Selfish And The Selfless. It Is A Worthy Cause He Could Care Less About Until The Day He Stumbles Across A Shocking Piece Of Information. What Happens Next Surprises Everybody, Including Our Very Reluctant Hero. "exploits Of A Reluctant (but Extremely Goodlooking) Hero" Is A Novel Of Adventure, Intrigue, Ukrainian Dance Lessons, Disruptive Horseplay, Inappropriate Ogling And Some Truly Heroic Consumption Of Junk Food. Adrian Mole Meets South Park In This Often Outrageous And Always Hilarious Trip Into The Inner World Of A Boy Teetering On The Brink Of Manhood.

      SKU: 6856090
      ISBN: 9781554530250
      Author: Fergus, Maureen

    Andrea Carter And The Dangerous Decision
      Andrea Carter And The Dangerous Decision.

      In This Sequel To "andrea Carter And The Long Ride Home," Andi Nearly Tramples Her New Teacher In A Reckless, Impromptu Horse Race Down The Main Street Of Fresno-not A Good Way To Begin The School Term. Then Between The Teacher's Irritating Daughter And An Escaped Convict That Rushes Into The Schoolroom, Andi Shows Her True Character-and Discovers The True Meaning For The Golden Rule.

      SKU: 3588471
      ISBN: 9780825433573
      Author: Marlow, Susan K.

    Little Freddie At The Kentucky Derby
      Little Freddie At The Kentucky Derby.

      The Story Of Little Freddie, A Kentucky Derby Racehorse, Teaches Children The Value Of Believing In Themselves And Their Dreams.

      SKU: 6997271
      ISBN: 9781565541597
      Author: Cocquyt, Kathryn / Corbett, Sylvia

    Horse Of A Different Color: A Tale Of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, And The Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat
      Horse Of A Different Color: A Tale Of Breeding Geniuses, Dominant Females, And The Fastest Derby Winner Since Secretariat.

      Everybody In The Thoroughbred Horse Business Wants To Win The Kentucky Derby, But The Odds On Making It To The Winner's Circle At Churchill Downs Are About 35,000-to-1. How Did A Former Chicago Newspaper Editor Bring Together The Stallion And Mare And Breed The Winner Of The World's Most Famous And Important Horserace? Jim Squires's "horse Of A Different Color" Tells The Story Of His Wild Ride From Absurdity To Glory At The Pinnacle Of Horseracing Success Alongside Monarchos, The Charismatic Gray Colt Blessed With The Extraordinary Speed, Poise, And Stamina Necessary To Carry His Motley Band Of Human Handlers To The Highest Level Of Their Profession. Squires Takes You On An Exciting Journey Through The Close-knit And Secretive World Of Horse Breeders, Buyers, Sellers, Owners, And Trainers. And His Hilarious Tour Of Racehorse Culture Ends With A Blazing Sprint Down The Homestretch Of The Second Fastest Derby In History In The Company Of A Crowd Of Kentuckians Driven Mad With "derby Fever."

      SKU: 7193118
      ISBN: 9781586481803
      Author: Squires, Jim

    An Apple A Day! A Kid's Guide To Julian, California
      An Apple A Day! A Kid's Guide To Julian, California.

      The Small Community Of Julian, California Is Nestled In The Cuyamaca Mountains Just About An Hour East Of San Diego, California. Here You Can Take A Step Back In Time All The Way To Julian's 1870's Gold Rush. You Can Follow The Signs And Visit A Gold Mine, On Weekends Take A Horse And Carriage Ride, Eat Apples And Apple Pie And Shop In Stores And Sit At An Historic Soda Fountain. There Is Also A Lot Of Fun Art That Kids Will Love To See, Things Like Deer And Bears Carved From Big Trees, And Even A Cigar Store Indian You Can Stay In An Historic Hotel, See A Volunteer Ire Station And Even The Pioneer Cemetery Where The Julian Pioneers Are Buried Go On A Picnic And Search For Wildlife, And You Just May Find Some. And When You Go To The Soda Fountain, It Is Said The Root Beer Floats Are The Best Ever What You Decide To Do Is All Up To You It Seems Everyone Wants To Escape Back Into The Good Old Days When Times Were Simpler And Loads Of Fun, Ad If You Can't Escape For A Lifetime, You Can Always Escape For A Day, Or You Can Just Escape Vicariously Through The Pages Of This Book With Poet Penelope Dyan And Photographer John D. Weigand Because This Is Yet Another Book Meant For Kids That Will Look Great On Your Coffee Table If You Decide To Take A Look Up The Winding Road Through The Cuyamaca Mountains To Julian, See How Many Of The Historic Sites Your Kids Can Find. But Don't Forget To Take The Book For A Quick Comparison And Have Some Apple Butter, Apple Juice, Apple Cider, Apple Pie, And Candied And Otherwise Prepared Apples, And Remember An Apple A Day Is Very Good For You (and Julian Is Good For You Too )

      SKU: 9701449
      ISBN: 9781935630128
      Author: Dyan, Penelope / Weigand, John D.

    The Good-bye Door: The Incredible True Story Of America's First Female Serial Killer To Die In The Chair
      The Good-bye Door: The Incredible True Story Of America's First Female Serial Killer To Die In The Chair.

      Nicknamed "the Blonde Borgia," Anna Marie Hahn Was A Cold-blooded Serial Killer Who Preyed On The Elderly In Cincinnati's Over-the-rhine District In The 1930s. When The State Of Ohiostrapped Its First Woman Into The Electric Chair, Hahn Gained A Place In The Annals Of Crime As The Nation's First Female Serial Killer To Be Executed In The Chair. Told Here For The First Time In Riveting Detail Is Anna Marie's Gripping Story, An Almost Unbelievable Tale Of Multiple Murders, Deceit, And Greed. Born In Bavaria In 1906, Anna Marie Brought Shame To Er Pious Family When, As A Teenager, She Gave Birth To An Illegitimate Son, Oscar. She Was Shipped Off To America In 1929 Where She Initially Lived With Elderly Relatives In Cincinnati. A Year Later She Married Philip Hahn, A Western Union Telegrapher, With Whom She Bought A New House And Opened A Delicatessen/bakery. Pressed Economically By The Great Depression, The Ever-resourceful Anna Marie Found Other Ways To Get The Money To Support Her Passionate Pasttime-betting On Horses. She Tried Burning Down The House, Then The Deli, For The Insurance; And She Tried Killing Her Husband, Also For The Insurance. Then She Took To Befriending The Neighborhood Elderly, Latching On To Their Life Savings Before Feeding Them Arsenic With Deadly Results. For Weeks Her Cincinnati Trial For "the Greatest Mass Murder In The History Of The Country" Was A Front-page Sensation Across The Nation. A Thousand Or More Curiosity Seekers Came Daily To The Courthouse To Try To Get Just A Glimpse Of Her. Nearly 100 Witnesses Gave Damning Testimony Against Her, And The Jury's Guilty Verdict Put Her On The Path To The Electric Chair. Finally, Atfer A Year, All Appeals Wereexhausted, And Anna Marie, Age 32, Was Executed On December 7, 1938, At The State Penitentiary In Columbus. True Crime Buffs, Historians, Legal Professionals, And Other Seeking An Extraordinary Story Will Find. The Good-bye Door A Compelling Addition To True Crime Literature.

      SKU: 3852982
      ISBN: 9780873388740
      Author: Franklin, Diana Britt

    In The Cold Of The Malecon
      In The Cold Of The Malecon.

      Departing From Both The Utopian-political And The Romantic-baroque Styles Of Past Cuban The Humanities, Ponte Deftly Sketches A Picture Of A Contemporary Cuba That Is Very Different From The Stereotype Of Caribbean Life, Full Of Music And Dance And Colorful Celebration. An Old Man And A Six-year-old Prodigy Have A Rendezvous To Play Chess At A Forlorn Railroad Station. Randomly Riding Trains, A Woman Keeps Company With A Strange Assembly Of Men. An Unemployed Historian Falls In Love With An Enigmatic Astrologer, And The Two Live Out Their Tragedy In The Streets Of Havana As Homeless Vagrants. A Father And Son Take An Aimless Stroll After Lunch To See The Whores Along The Maleca3n, Havana's Seaside Promenade. A Young Man, One Of The Last Cuban Students To Go To The Soviet Union On A Foreign-study Program, Returns To Havana, Where He Explores His Identity-looking At Childhood Photos With His Grandfather, Spending Time With Old Friends, And Obsessively Seeking News Of A Woman He Had Known And Loved In Russia. In A Style Both Lucid And Translucent, Ponte Shapes Intricate Stories Of Self-discovery And Metaphysical Revelation In Spare And Allusive Prose. About The Authors Antonio Josa(c) Ponte Was Born In 1964 In Matanzas, Cuba, And Studied At The University Of Havana. He Worked For Some Years As An Engineer, And Then As A Screenwriter. In Addition To Writing Short Stories And Fiction, Ponte Has Published Prize-winning Collections Of Poetry And Essays. His Work Has Been Published In France, Germany, And Spain. This Is His First Book To Be Published In The United States. Cola Franzen Is The Translator Of Over Twenty Books, Including "poems Of Arab Andalusia, Dreams Of The Abandoned Seducer" By Alicia Borinsky, And "horses In The Air" By Jorge Guilla(c)n (recipient Of The Academy Of American Poets Harold Morton Landon Translation Award 2000). Review "in His First Book To Be Published In The U.s., Ponte Gives Readers A Short Collection Of Six Elliptical Stories From Inside The Cuban Revolutionary Experience, Closer In Spirit To The Fiction Of Eastern European Dissidents Than To That Of Caribbean Fabulists, Unlike Exiled Writers Who See The Island As Either A Mythical Homeland Or A Political Cause.

      SKU: 3847810
      ISBN: 9780872863743
      Author: Ponte, Antonio Jose / Fravizen, Cola / Cluster, Dick


      The Greatest American Steam And Diesel Locomotives Of The 20th Century Are Presented In A Landscape Format That Shows Many Of The Engines In Double-page Spreads Measuring More Than Two Feet In Length Classic Steam Engines Like Union Pacific's Giant 4-6-6-4 Challenger And The Beautiful Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Are Depicted Chugging Past Scenic Mountains, Plains And Small Towns. In Addition, Classic Diseels From Manufacturers Like Alco, Ge And Emd, As Well As The 6,000-horsepower Beasts Introduced In The Mid-1990s, Are Depicted In Liveries Representing A Variety Of 20th Century Railways. A Superbly Researched Text Describes The Technical Details And Capacities Of All The Locomotives, Providing A Pragmatic Counterpoint To Brian Solomon's Stunning Photography, Much Of Which Benefits From The Clarity Of Medium-format Film.

      SKU: 2879188
      ISBN: 9780760309964
      Author: Solomon, Brian

    Dispatches From The Sporting Life
      Dispatches From The Sporting Life.

      Between Such Novels As The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz, St. Urbain's Horseman, And Barney's Version, Mordecai Richler Pursued His Obsession With Sports-and He Wrote Brilliantly About Such Sports As Ice Hockey, Baseball, Salmon Fishing, Bodybuilding, And Wrestling. His Essays And Articles Appeared In Such Prominent And Diverse Places As Gq, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, Inside Sports, Commentary, And The New York Review Of Books. Richler Spent Time With Pete Rose, Wayne Gretzky, And Gordie Howe (when A Reporter Asked Gordie's Then Eighty-year-old Father If He Was Still Interested In Sex, Howe Pere Replied, "you'll Have To Ask Somebody Older Than Me.") He Traveled With Guy Lafleur's Montreal Canadiens, And With The Trail Smoke-eaters To Stockholm, For The World Hockey Championships. When A Swedish Reporter Confronted The Smoke-eaters' Coach And Accused Him Of Encouraging Violence On The Ice, The Enraged Coach Replied, "but I Condone It Absolutely." There Are Shrewdly Perceptive Pieces Here About Sandy Koufax, Hank Greenberg, And Lady Umpires, And A Marvelous Essay On Richler's Unlimited Enthusiasm For The All-inclusive Encyclopedia Of Jews In Sports, Which Includes Amid Its Champions One Steve Allan Hertz, An Infielder Who Played A Total Of Five Games In Houston In 1964 And Had A Batting Average Of .000. This Then Is A Superb Novelist Writing Unforgettably About His Obsession For Sports. The Work Sparkles With Richler's Hallmark Irony, Wit, And Shrewd Perception. It Is A Book No Sports-or Richler-fan Will Want To Miss.

      SKU: 7267122
      ISBN: 9781592283002
      Author: Richler, Mordecai / Richler, Noah

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