Of Fire And Night

    Of Fire And Night
      Of Fire And Night.

      It is important to find out if your cat has a medical condition that may cause pain when he is being petted, therefore take him to the vet for a thorough examination. Petting may cause the pain to worsen or the cat to become anxious that you may touch a painful area. The Saga Of Seven Suns Is A Galaxy-spanning Sf Epic, Packed With Politics, War, Family Intrigues And Star-crossed Lovers. For Years, The Alien Klikiss Robots Have Pretended To Be Humanity's Friends, But Their Seeming "help" Has Allowed Them To Plant An Insidious Trojan Horse Throughout The Earth Defense Forces. In The Climactic Battle, Human And Alien Races Will Collide And The Galaxy Will Be Shaken To Its Core.

      SKU: 979218
      ISBN: 9780316021739
      Author: Anderson, Kevin J.

    Box Of 36 Merrick's Porky Jerky Pumpers (5-7")
      Box Of 36 Merrick's Porky Jerky Pumpers (5-7").

      Box Of 36 Merrick All Natural Treats. Porky Jerky Pumpers Is One Of The Hottest Sellers On The Market. It's Like Candy To Your Pets! All Natural Pork Heart With No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors. Your Dog Will Go Wild For This Mouth Watering Treat! Measures 5-7" In Height. Low Price. For Limited Time Only, Buy Now And Save Big!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, jerky Dog Treats, gt, merrick, s Jerky Chews
      SKU: Boxofmepojep

    Lixit Faucet Waterer For Dogs
      Lixit Faucet Waterer For Dogs.

      Lixit Faucet Waterer For Dogs Protects Your Dog From Thirst, Dehydration And Communicable Diseases. Install This Up To Your Outdoor Faucet And Your Pet Will Have Fresh Water Throughout The Day In No Time. When Your Dog Licks Or Nudges The Lever Control Fresh Clean Water Will Directly Flow Into Their Mouth. Fast, Easy Training Provides A Clean Sanitary And Economical Source Of Fresh Water Excellent For Home Or Kennel Use Easily Attached And Removal To Outside Faucet

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, lixit Faucet Waterer
      SKU: Lixitdogfaucet

    Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Hip, Joint & Coat For Dogs (8 Oz)
      Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Hip, Joint & Coat For Dogs (8 Oz).

      Missing Link Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat Formula Targets The Nutritional Gap Between That Which Nature Provides And What Is Available In Commercial Foods. The Pate Nted Blend Provides Entire Body Support To Your Dog, But Specifically Targets Your Pet's Joints, Skin And Coat. This Helps Your Dog To Maintain Healthy Joints And Flexibility, Soft Tissue, Muscle, Tendon And Ligament Function, And Healthy Skin And Coat. The Best Part Is Missing Link Is Easy To Use! Simply Sprinkle The Dosage Onto Your Pet's Food. 8 Oz Of Powder Provides Vital Nutrients Full Body Health Supports Joint Flexibility And Skin Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, missing Link Joint Support
      SKU: Missing-link-ultimate-small-breed-hip-joint-and-coat-for-dogs-8-oz

    Optagest Digestive Aid (10.5 Oz)
      Optagest Digestive Aid (10.5 Oz).

      Opta Gest Digestive Aid By In Clover Is A Complete All-natural Supplement For Digestive Health In Dogs. Signs Of Poor Digestive Health In Cats And Dogs Bad Breath Gas Increased Stool Diar Rhea Excessive Shedding, Itching Or Allergic Reactions Hairballs Digestive Enzymes Are Easily Destroyed By The Normal Processing Of Commercial Pet Food. External Conditions Such As Travel, Separation, Storms, Diet Change, Etc., Can Cause Anxiety Or Stress That May Reduce Digestive Efficiency. Also, As The Body Ages, Fewer Enzymes Are Produced. Optagest Replenishes The Enzymes That Help Process Fats, Carbohydrates And Protein, Easing The Burden Placed On The Digestive System. The Prebiotic, Fos, Feeds The Native Bacteria That Naturally Replenish These Essential Enzymes.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, fresh Digest , amp, Optagest By In Clover
      SKU: Optagest10oz

    Underdog Talking Dog Toy
      Underdog Talking Dog Toy.

      The Underdog Plush Dog Toy From Multipet Features The Likeness Of The Iconic Cartoon Character. This 8" Tall Toy Is Ultra Soft And Safe For Play With Any Dog,regardless Of Size Or Breed. Underdog Is Ideal For Playing Catch, Tug-o-war, Or Casual Snuggling. A Squeaker Located In His Stomach Pipes His Famous Line, "there's No Need To Fear, Underdog Is Here!" When Squeezed. 8" Tall Underdog Plush Toy Ultra Soft Calls Out "there's No Need To Fear, Underdog Is Here!" When Squeezed

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, multipet Plush Dog Toys
      SKU: Underdog-talking-dog-toy

    Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Ii: Inspirational Tales Of Passion, Achievement And Devotion
      Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Ii: Inspirational Tales Of Passion, Achievement And Devotion.

      This Follow-up To The Surprise Hit, Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul, Brings To The Page The Adoration We Have For Our Horses With Inspiring, Funny And Tender Stories. Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Ii Is Filled With Inspiring Stories Of Rescue And Rehabilitation, Heartbreaking Losses, Dedication And Commitment, And Positive Messages Of Responsibility And Unconditional Love. Readers Will Enjoy Uplifting And Humorous Stories That Depict The Horse's Intelligence, Versatility And Intuitiveness; They Will Discover The Horse's Healing Powers, Marvel At The Graceful Performance Of A Grand Prix Dressage Winner, Be Awed By The Stamina And Strength Of A Working Horse And The Athletic Prowess Of A Champion Racer. In Exchange Of Our Love And Companionship, Horses Teach, Heal Us, Protect Us And Guide Us. Chicken Soup For The Horse Lover's Soul Ii Is A Worthy Celebration Of A Very Noble Creature.

      SKU: 2839464
      ISBN: 9780757304026
      Author: Canfield, Jack / Hansen, Mark Victor / Becker, Teresa

    Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar: A Master Picker Analyzes His Pioneering Licks And Solos
      Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar: A Master Picker Analyzes His Pioneering Licks And Solos.

      Tony Rice Is Known World-wide For His Spectacular Technique, Brilliant Improvisation And Powerful Soloing. In This Lesson, He Personally Passes On To You The Style He Has Developed During His Two Decades As The Top Bluegrass Flatpicker Of His Generation. In Careful Detail, Tony Analyzes Licks, Runs, Solos And Rhythm Parts To Hot Bluegrass Songs And Fiddle Tunes That Will Challenge And Delight All Flatpickers. Before Long You'll Be Picking Solos To The Following Essential Bluegrass Tunes: Red Haired Boy * Little Sadie * Your Love Is Like A Flower * Blue Railroad Train * Home From The Forest * Wildwood Flower * Old Train * Wild Horse * And Jerusalem Ridge.

      SKU: 3186401
      ISBN: 9780793560486
      Author: Rice, Tony / Rice, Tony

    Chicken Soup For The Sports Fan's Soul: 101 Stories Of Insight, Inspiration And Laughter From The World Of Sports
      Chicken Soup For The Sports Fan's Soul: 101 Stories Of Insight, Inspiration And Laughter From The World Of Sports.

      For Pure Exhilaration And Drama, There's Nothing Quite Like Sports: It's The Crack Of The Bat As It Connects With The Baseball, Hurtling It Into The Bleachers For A Home Run; The Swish Of The Basketball As It Drops Into The Net For A Three-point Play At The Buzzer; The Roar Of The Crowd As The Quarterback Delivers A Perfect Spiral Pass For The Winning Touchdown. Most Importantly, Sports Bring Out The Best In The Human Spirit. There Is An Intensity And A Richness Inherent In Every Sporting Experience That Amplifies Our Emotions And Our Connection With The Moment And, Indeed, With Ourselves. This Latest Collection Of "chicken Soup" Honors All That Is Good In The World Of Sports. From Major Leaguers To Little Leaguers, From Hockey Stars To Figure Skaters, And From Horseracing To Mushing, The Stories In This Book Highlight The Positive And Transformative Nature Of Sports. Readers Will Come To See Sports As One Of Our Most Important And Powerful Teachers. They Can Teach Us To Focus And Stay The Course, Or To Develop A New Strategy And Rededicate Ourselves To A Goal. They Can Teach Us To Be Humble In Victory And Gracious In Defeat. They Can Teach Us The Importance Of Teamwork And Remind Us That We Must Strive To Give Our Individual All. At Their Best, Sports Will Build Us Up And They Will Wear Us Down; They Will Build Character And Teach Us To Overcome Adversity. This Book Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Enjoyed Watching Or Participating In Any Sport, From The Professional Athlete To The Weekend Warrior, From The Soccer Mom To The Diehard Sports Fan, From The Marathon Runner To The Neighborhood Jogger.

      SKU: 6915412
      ISBN: 9781558748750
      Author: Canfield, Jack / Hansen, Mark Victor / Donnelly, Mark

    A Home For Melanie
      A Home For Melanie.

      Is Melanie Leaving The Only Place That's Ever Felt Like Home? Melanie Graham Expected Whitebrook Farm To Be The Most Boring Place In America. And She Thought Her Cousin, Christina Reese, Would Be A Snob. But After An Entire Summer At Whitebrook, Melanie Has Changed Her Mind. Whitebrook Isn't Dull-it's Amazing There Are So Many Beautiful Horses, Especially Trib, Her Favorite Pony. Plus, Christina Is Totally Cool-she's The First True Friend Melanie Has Ever Had. Now Melanie Can't Imagine Living Anywhere Else. There's Just One Problem: Melanie's Dad Wants Her To Return To New York City. How Can She Convince Him To Let Her Stay At Whitebrook-forever?

      SKU: 193341
      ISBN: 9780061065415
      Author: Leonhardt, Alice / Campbell, Joanna

    On The Back Of A Horse: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Human-equine Bond
      On The Back Of A Horse: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Human-equine Bond.

      Claire Dorotik Grew Up Riding, Training, And Loving Horses, And In Many Ways Understood Hors Es Before She Understood People. While At The Time Her Equine Companions Provided Her Tremendous Solace, It Was Not Until She Entered Her Graduaate Program For Psychology, And Suffered Her Own Intense Personal Trauma That The Amazing Way In Which Horses Heal People Was Actually Realized. On The Back Of A Horse: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Human - Equine Bond Is An Entrance Into The Spiritual World Of Horses, The Devastation Of Raw Human Trauma, And The Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy That Can Help Heal It. Using Narrative Interviews And Case Studies Of Equine Experts And Psychology Researchers, The Redaer Is Given Entrance Into The World Of Equine Faciliitated Psychotherapy, And In Doing So, Taken On An Epic Journey To Discover How It Is That These Magical Creatures Understand So Much Ore About Human Trauma Than We Ourselves Do. Using Dramatic Scenes, On The Back Of A Horse, Gives The Reader An Understanding Of Just How People Experience Trauma, And Why. What Also Emerges Is An Understanding Of What Horses Do That, In Many Ways, Prevents Them From Experiencing Trauma As People Do. While Human Fallacies Illuminate Themselves, And The Debilitating Effects Of Trauma Become Evident, The Reader Is Bolstered By Examples Of Equine Communication, Bonding And Emotional Expression, Providing A Beautiful Example Of Just How These Amazing Creatures Can Help People Overcome Trauma.

      SKU: 13186507
      ISBN: 9781450290081
      Author: Dorotik Ma, Claire

    Shlemiel Crooks
      Shlemiel Crooks.

      "in The Middle Of The Night On A Thursday, Two Crooks-onions Should Grow In Their Navels-drove Their Horse And Wagon To The Saloon Of Reb Elias Olschwanger, At The Corner Of 14th And Carr Streets In St. Louis. This Didn't Happen Yesterday. It Was 1919." So Begins Anna Olswanger's Imaginative And Charming Folktale Based On The Yiddish Community Of Her Grandparents In The Early 20th Century. In Original And Engaging Storytelling, Shlemiel Crooks Brings To Life The Theft (and Recovery) Of The Community's Passover Wine, And Gives Readers Of All Ages And Of Whatever Religious Persuasion A Close Look At The Customs And Speech Patterns Of A Significant Immigrant Group.

      SKU: 7216641
      ISBN: 9781588382378
      Author: Olswanger, Anna / Koz, Paula Goodman

    The Master's Wall
      The Master's Wall.

      He Fights For His Freedom. She Fights For Her Life. Together, They Fight For Each Other.after Watching Roman Soldiers Drag His Parents Away To Their Death, David, A Young Hebrew, Is Sold And Enslaved To Serve At A Villa Outside Of Rome. As David Trains To Become A Skilled Fighter, He Works Hard To Please His Master And Hopes To Earn His Freedom. However, An Opportunity To Escape Tempts Him With Its Whispering Call. Freedom Beckons, But Invisible Chains Hold Him Captive To The Master's Granddaughter, An Innocent Girl With A Fiery Spirit. David Vows To Protect Alethea From His Master, The Murderous Patriarch, And Contrives A Daring Plan Sacrifice His Own Life To Save Hers. It's A Grand Thing To Find An Intriguing Story Told By A Talented Storyteller, And That's Just What We Have In The Master's Wall By Sandi Rog. This Story Has It All: Ancient Rome, Authentically Depicted; A Hero Worth Rooting For; And A Feisty, Charming Heroine All Flowing Through A Rousting Tale Beautifully Spun. Rog And Every Reader Has A Winner With This One. Robert Liparulo, Best-selling Author Of Comes A Horseman, Germ, And The Dreamhouse Kings Series "powerful, Faith-challenging, Epic In Nature, The Master S Wall Beckons Readers To Ancient Rome Where Sandi Rog Delivers A Captivating Story That Transforms Lives And Not Only Those Of Her Characters. Highly Recommended " Tamera Alexander, Bestselling Author Of Within My Heart (bethany House Publishers) And The Inheritance (women Of Faith Fiction, Thomas Nelson) ." . . If You Love Gladiator Scenes You Ll Love This Book. If You Enjoy Comng-of-age Stories, You Ll Enjoy Alethea S Journey From Girlhood To Adult. If You Thrive On Romances, The Sweet Love Story Will Grasp Your Heart. A Must Read For All The Right Reasons. Darlene Franklin, The Prodigal Patriot

      SKU: 11365560
      ISBN: 9781936341023
      Author: Rog, Sandi

    The Way Of An Irish Horseman
      The Way Of An Irish Horseman.

      The Way Of An Irish Horseman Is The Way Of Love For The Plains Meeting Up With The Big Sky, For A Wild Flower Blooming Safely Between The Wheel Tracks On The Oregon Trail, For Ridges And Valleys Unspoiled. I First Met The "little Man In The Big Hat" Through A Wee Irish Newsletter He Published. Cimarrn Was The Name, Which Is Spanish, Meaning Belonging To The Wilderness. On The Front Of The First Issue Was This - In The Quiet Of Your Heart, When You've Gone And Drawn Apart, And On Some Lovely Hillside, Lonely Lie, Let The Thoughts Contained Herein, Give Your Dreams Another Spin. Who's To Know It, If Your Breath Comes In A Sigh. In Format It Was No Bigger Than This Page And It Never Ran Over Four Sheets. The Type Was Hand Set In Small Fat Letters, Over-inked, And The Typos Were Not Bothersome At All. They Added A Kind Of Friendly Note. The Subject Matter, However, Was Letter Perfect. The Man Knew Horses. Every Breed From The Przewalski And The Onegar To The Arabian And The "man-tinkered" Thoroughbred. All Breeds He Recognized, Knew In What Country Each Was Bred And For What Purpose. Some He Admired, Others He Tolerated, But It Was The Indian Pony, The Spanish Barb Mustang, That Held Him. His Newsletters Were Laced With Fascinating Information Proving The Mustang's Superiority Over Man-made Horses Bred For "beautification" And Sprinting Power With Scant Regard For Stamina Over The Long Trail.. - Marguerite Henry

      SKU: 6423138
      ISBN: 9781425916879
      Author: Uibreaslain, Neil

    New Age Vikings, The Icelandic Horse. Volume One
      New Age Vikings, The Icelandic Horse. Volume One.

      A Must For Every Horse Lover Regardless Of Breed Orientation. "the Icelandic Horse Is Just Like Any Other Breed, Except More So" Says Author/photographer Elisabeth Haug. "i Have Chosen The Icelandic To Star In The Book Because He So Clearly Embodies The Traits We All Love And Admire In The Horse-beauty, Charisma, Kindness, Gentleness, Courage, Power, Swiftness, And Intelligence." Elisabeth Has The Gift Of Making Her Photography Come Alive. She Loves Horses, People, And Nature. Her Photographic Adventure Leads You On A Horseback Journey Across Modern Iceland. It Gives You A Strong Feel Of The Beauty, And Culture Of This Small, Unique Country That In The Beginning Of Time Was Tossed Carelessly Into The Middle Of The Atlantic. Adventurous Vikings Braved The Angry Seas About A Millennium Ago To Settle The Island. Bringing Their Families, Their Livestock And Their Chattel, They Sailed Into The Unknown In Open Viking Ships. .

      SKU: 4303500
      ISBN: 9780966271553
      Author: Haug, Elisabeth A.

    To The Swift: Classic Triple Crown Horses And Their Race For Glory
      To The Swift: Classic Triple Crown Horses And Their Race For Glory.

      A Dramatic Compilation Of The Finest Writing On The Triple Crown Of Horse Racing By Bestselling And Award-winning Authors. Horse Racing's Triple Crown Is One Of The Most Sought-after, Demanding And Elusive Brass Rings In All Of Sport. Since 1919, When Sir Barton Became The First Three-year-old To Capture The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness And The Belmont Stakes In A Single Year, Only Ten Other Horses Have Duplicated The Feat, And Not A One Since Affirmed In 1978. It's Not Surprising, Then, That The Names Of The Triple Crown Winners Have An Almost Mythical Ring To Them: Gallant Fox, Whirlaway, War Admiral, Assault, Citation, Count Fleet, Secretariat. But Memorable, Too, Are Many Of Those That Fell Short, As Did Spectacular Bid, Sunday Silence, Alysheba And Two Recent Upstarts Who Won The Hearts Of Fans Everywhere, Funny Cide And Smarty Jones. There Have Been Horses That Seemed Destined To Wear The Triple Crown But Didn't, Such As Native Dancer, Whose Late Charge In The Kentucky Derby Wasn't Quite Enough, And Barbaro, Whose Tragic Misstep At The Preakness Turned Into A Heartrending Drama Of Courage And Hope. Now, For The First Time, The Story Of The Triple Crown Is Told In The Words Of Some Of Horse Racing's Greatest Writers. Combining On-the-spot Reportage As It Appeared In The Pages Of "the New York Times" With New And Original Essays, "to The Swift" Covers The Biggest Wins, The Toughest Rivalries, The Wildest Flukes And The Biggest Personalities, Equine And Human. With Classic Photos And Complete Lists Of The Winners, It Is A Must-have For Racing Fans Everywhere.

      SKU: 933720
      ISBN: 9780312357955
      Author: Drape, Joe

    Reining: The Guide For Training & Showing Winning Reining Horses
      Reining: The Guide For Training & Showing Winning Reining Horses.

      Revised And Updated Guide To All Aspects Of Reining.

      SKU: 4111192
      ISBN: 9780911647396
      Author: Dunning, Al / Close, Pat / Kadash, Kathy

    Midnight On The Farm
      Midnight On The Farm.

      It's Midnight On The Farm. Somewhere Two White Horses Lie Down In The Hay And Dream Of Galloping Over Green Hills. In The Deep Dark Of Midnight, Everything On The Farm Sinks Gently Into Dreamland. For One Small Child Who Watches Through The Window, That Mystical Time Between Wakefulness And Slumber Is As Peaceful And Comforting As The Country Whose Name Is Sleep. Sooon, He Too Will Go There, But Not Before He Catches A Glimpse Of The Dreams That Will Come To Each Creature Under The Turning Stars.

      SKU: 3014937
      ISBN: 9780773757257
      Author: Hume, Stephen Eaton / Ricci, Regolo / Eaton Hume, Stephen

    Midnight Magic: Be Careful What You Wish For!
      Midnight Magic: Be Careful What You Wish For!.

      Mattie Is Fourteen-year-old And Obsessed With Horses. Thrilled To Discover A Primitive Painting Of A Beautiful Black Horse Hidden In The Attic O Her Grandmother's Home, It Is Not Long Before Mattie Realizes The Image Of The Painted Horse Seems To Be Coming To Life. This Is No Ordinary Work Of Art-this Is A Painting With A Fascinating History That Mattie Is About To Unearth. One Moonlit Night, Mattie Leaves The Safety Of Her Grandmother's Home And Ventures Deep Into The Surrounding Forest Where She Meets A Wild Horse Who Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To The One In Her Painting. Mattie And Her Mystery Horse Form A Bond That She Instinctively Knows She Cannot Reveal To Anyone. The Mysterious Spirit Who Inhabits The Painting Seems To Gain Strength As Mattie's Bond With The Wild Horse Deepens. But Mattie Is Uneasy As She Wonders-and Fears-if The Two Are Somehow Connected. Mattie Soon Realizes She Should Have Heeded Her Grandmother's Warnings To Be Careful What She Wishes For In Life-for It Is One Thing To Hope Her Painted Horse Is Real And Quite Another To Discover He Might Be.

      SKU: 14658788
      ISBN: 9781450291453
      Author: Di Fabbio, Nancy

    My Horse Samson
      My Horse Samson.

      A Story Of Love, Determination, And Beating The Odds Teenager Ashley Ball Saves A Horse From Neglect And Brings Her Foal To National Attention By Training Him To Be The Best He Can Be And Proves It Through His Excellent Performance In Competitions

      SKU: 16474876
      ISBN: 9780938467106
      Author: Ball, Ashley

    Fitness, Performance, And The Female Equestrian
      Fitness, Performance, And The Female Equestrian.

      In Praise Of Fitness, Performance And The Female Equestrian "this Main Division Is An Important Guide For Women Who Want To Feel Well, Ride Well And Extend Their Active Years." Chrystine Jones Tauber Former Member United States Equestrian Team Grand Prix Jumping Squad "mary Midkiff Is A New Voice In Our Evolving Cultural Freedom, Where Insights Unique To Women In This Case, In Relation To Horses And Riding Are Welcome And Needed." Richard M. Timms, M.d. Chairman And Ceo, Troxel Companies "this Is An Exciting Approach To An Ancient Relationship. Mary Midkiff Has Done Horsewomen An Important And Useful Service In Bringing It All Together." Mary Vernon Practicing Physician And Professor Of Mediine Lawrence, Kansas The Howell Equestrian Library Is A Distinguished Collection Of Books On All Aspects Of Horsemanship And Horsemastership. The Nearly Fifty Books In Print Offer Readers In All Disciplines And At All Levels Of Competition Sound Instruction And Guidance By Some Of The Most Celebrated Riders, Trainers, Judges, And Veterinarians In The Horse World Today. Whether Your Interest Is Dressage, Show Jumping, Or Western Riding, Or Whether It Is Breeding, Groomi Ng, Or Health Care, Howell Has A Book To Answer Your Needs. Get To Know The Books In The Howell Equestrian Library; Many Are Modern-day Classics And Have Achieved The Status Of Authoritative References In The Estimation Of Those Who Ride, Tran, And Care For Horses. The Howell Equestrian Library

      SKU: 3886191
      ISBN: 9780876059456
      Author: Midkiff, Mary D.

    Japanese Encephalitis And West Nile Viruses
      Japanese Encephalitis And West Nile Viruses.

      Japanese Encephalitis And West Nile Viruses Are Members Of The Japanese Encephalitis Serological Group Of The Genus Flavivirus And Therefore Closely Related Genetically And Antigenically. They Share A Number Of Properties, Including The Use Of Birds As Their Major Wildlife Maintenance Host And Culicine Mosquitoes For Transmission, And They Are Both Associated With Severe Human Disease, As Well As Fatal Infections In Horses. The Emergence Of These Two Viruses, And Their Well-established Propensity To Colonise New Areas, Make It Timely To Re-examine Their Ecology, Biology, Molecular Structure, Replication And Epidemiology, And These Therefore Provide The Focus Of This Volume.

      SKU: 7958532
      ISBN: 9783540427834
      Author: Mackenzie, John S. / Mackenzie, J. S. / Barrett, A. D. T.

    The Organic Horse: The Natural Management Of Horses Explained
      The Organic Horse: The Natural Management Of Horses Explained.

      If You Want To Limit Modern Contaminants And Additives That Affect Your Horse's Health And Vitality, Develop An Alternative Approach To "natural Management"-using Techniques Drawn From A Growing Understanding Of The Natural State In Which Horses Have Lived For Centuries The World Over. With Informative Tips, Charts, And Color Illustrations On Every Page, The Philosophy Of Natural Management Unfolds Through Sections On Nutrition, Health, Environment, Stable Care, Training, And Breeding. You'll Learn To Combine The Best Of What Nature Intended A Horse To Be, With New Methods For Proper Care, Restoring Wild Field Conditions, Natural Digestion, And Organic Feeding, While Carefully Removing Unhelpful Feed Additives And Supplements, Plus Revention Of Infections, Allergies, And Dangers During Mating And Birth. A Main Selection Of The Equestrian Book Club.

      SKU: 2613757
      ISBN: 9780715309506
      Author: Gray, Peter

    Designer Polo T Shirts Mens Fashion Small Horse Brand Red Black Striped Short Sleeve Polos Fashion Embroidery Usa American Flag T Shirt
      Designer Polo T Shirts Mens Fashion Small Horse Brand Red Black Striped Short Sleeve Polos Fashion Embroidery Usa American Flag T Shirt.

      Wholesale Cheap Price Men's Striped Lapel T Shirts ,mens Clothes,plus Size Xxl,4colors,china Factory , Guanzhou

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 390781287

    Sm Toys Flirt Leather Flogger Horse Whip Spanking Paddle Slave Game Fetish Bdsm Bondage Sex Products Adult Sex Toys For Couples
      Sm Toys Flirt Leather Flogger Horse Whip Spanking Paddle Slave Game Fetish Bdsm Bondage Sex Products Adult Sex Toys For Couples.

      1 Whip Black Color When You Place The Order, Please Leave A Message For Which Color You Want. Or We'll Deliver Any Color Randomly.

      Category: Adulttoys
      SKU: 371626988

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