Omega Alpha Biotic 8 (1 Lb)

    Omega Alpha Biotic 8 (1 Lb)
      Omega Alpha Biotic 8 (1 Lb).

      Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Introduces Beneficial Bacteria Into The Large Intestine To Promote Gastrointestinal Health In Horses. This Supplement Contains Eight Different Types Of Bacteria That Aid In The Process Of Digestion And Prevent The Growth Of Detrimental Bacteria That May Harm Your Pet. The Product Also Includes A Variety Of Natural Ingredients That Promote Digestive Health In General. Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Sooths And Heals The Gut While Also Boosting Energy And Removing Toxins. This Product Contains 1 Pound Of The Supplement But There Is Also A 2-pound Container Available. Order This Supplement To Care For Your Horse's Digestion Today! Key Features: Adds 8 Types Of Bacteria To The Large Intestine Anti-inflammatory That Heals The Gut, Aids Digestion, And Provides Vitamin B Available In Two Sizes: 1 Lb And 2 Lbs

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, omega Alpha Horse Digestive
      SKU: Omega-alpha-biotic-8-1-lb

    Animed Aniflex Gl (2.5 Lb)
      Animed Aniflex Gl (2.5 Lb).

      100% Natural Equine Cartilage Protective Feed Supplement Which Provides Glucosamine And Anti-oxidants. Aids In Protecting Joints Against Cartilage And Joint Damage. Also Aids In The Control Of Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Caused By Joint Overload, Abnormal Joint Forces, Poor Circulation, Over Exercise And Trauma. Each Oz Contains: 5000 Mg Glucosamine Hcl, 5000 Mg Vitamin C, 3475 Mg Bioflavonoid, 1765 Mg Msm, 875 Iu Vitamin E, Proteins, Amino Acids, Mineral And B-complex Vitamins. Feed 2 Tbsp Daily For 14 Days, Then 1 Tbsp Daily For Maintenance.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, animed Aniflex
      SKU: Animed-aniflex-gl-2-5-lb

    Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Horse Joint Formula Liquid (gallon)
      Naturvet Arthrisoothe-gold Horse Joint Formula Liquid (gallon).

      Arthrisoothe-gold Liquid Recommended For Advanced Support For Healthy Hip And Joint Function Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Lipped Mussel And Msm Veterinarian Fformulated And Recommended To Support Healthy Hip And Joint Function. Helps To Maintain Joint Flexibility And Alleviate Aches And Discomfort Associated With Exercise. Artisoothe-gold Helps To Support Synovial Fluid That Lubricates The Joints, And Helps Maintain Cartilage And Connective Tissue. Artisoothe-gold Contains Important Antioxidants That Help Remove Free Radicals That Caise Cellular Damage. Extra Strength Formula Veterinarian Formulated Excellent Support For Joints Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, naturvet Horse Joint Care
      SKU: Arthrisoothe-gold-horse-joint-formula-liquid-gallon

    Blue Buffalo Blue Stix - Salmon & Potato (6 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Blue Stix - Salmon & Potato (6 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo™ Blue Stix - Salmon & Potato Are Moist And Tasty Rolls Of Pure Joy For All Treat-loving Canines. The Perfect Reward For Good Behavior, Or Just For Being A Loyal Friend, Blue Stix Have A Taste Dogs Can?t Resist. And Blue Stix Don?t Just Taste Great, They Are Fortified With Wholesome Ingredients That Help Provide Specific Health Benefits. Glucosamine & Chondroitin - To Help Promote Healthy Joints Taurine - To Help Support Heart Health Vitamins A, C And E - To Help Support The Immune System Blue Stix Are Made With Healthy And Delicious Ingredients, And Don?t Contain Any Chicken (or Poultry) By-product Meals. With Added Vitamins & Minerals No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals No Corn Wheat Or Soy No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives Made In U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Training Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Blue Stix
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-blue-stix-salmon

    Crystal Eye Tear Stain Remover (8 Fl Oz)
      Crystal Eye Tear Stain Remover (8 Fl Oz).

      Crystal Eye Tear Stain Remover (8 Fl Oz) By Four Paw, Is Specially Formulated To Remove Tear And Other Stains From The Animals Fur. This Gentle Formula Is Safe To Use On Dogs And Cats. Crystal Eye Can Also Be Used On Boxers, Bulldogs, Sharpeis And Similar Breeds To Clean Between The Folds Of Their Skin To Help Avoid Irritation And Infection. * Safe For Dogs And Cats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, tear Stain Products, gt, crystal Eye Tear Stain Remover
      SKU: Crystaleye

    Fromm Four-star Cat Food - Duck A La Veg (15 Lb)
      Fromm Four-star Cat Food - Duck A La Veg (15 Lb).

      Fromm Four-star Nutriionals Duck A La Veg Dry Cat Food Is Made With Duck So Fresh You Might As Well Have Gotten It From The Lake Yourself, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Cranberries, And Plenty Of Other Produce Straight From The Garden. Added Chicken Cartilage Will Keep Your Joints In Prime Pouncing Condition, And Dha From Salmon Oil Will Keep Your Brain Just As Sharp As Your Claws. Enjoy! Key Benefits: Prebiotics And Probiotics Assist Gi Tract 100% Usda-inspected Ingredients Chicory Root Reduces Risk Of Worms Made From Produce Delivered Fresh Daily Suitable For All Life Stages

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, fromm, Cat Dry Food
      SKU: Four-star-cat-dry-duck-a-la-veg-15lb

    Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover (16 Oz)
      Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover (16 Oz).

      Nature'smiracle Stain & Odor Remover Contains The Same Ingredients That Nature Uses To Rid Organicdebris From The Earth's Surface-enzymes. It Consists Of Billions Ofnature's Enzymes That Turn Organic Stains And Odor Causing Materialinto A Liquid You Simply Wipe Away. Recommended For The Removal Ofurine, Stool, Blood Or Any Organic Material From Any Surface. Directions: For Stains: Lift Off Solid Material, Thensaturate With Stain & Odor Remover. Wait 5 Minutes, Then Wipe Withcloth. If Stain Persists, Reapply And Wait One Hour. On Poroussurfaces, Use A Brush To Work Solution Into Stained Area. For Fabrics And Clothing: Use As A Prewash, Saturate And Wash As Usual. For Carpet Cleaning Machines And Dog Runs: Dilute 50/50 With Cold Water. For Living Areas, Bird Cages And Litter Boxes: Use Full Strength.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, nature, s Miracle Stain And Odor Eliminating Concentrates
      SKU: Namistodre16

    Omega Alpha Ha-180 - Hyaluronic Acid (8 Oz)
      Omega Alpha Ha-180 - Hyaluronic Acid (8 Oz).

      Omega Alpha Ha-180 Provides A Source Of Hyaluronic Acid To Dogs To Ensure That Their Joints Stay Healthy. Hyaluronic Acid Is Essential For The Production Of The Synovial Fluid That Lubricates Joints. Without This Fluid, Joints Can Become Inflamed And Cause Great Pain Under Normal Stress. Unfortunately For Your Pet, This Fluid Naturally Depletes As Pets Age, Requiring Its Increased Production. Omega Alpha Ha-180 Supplies The Body With The Raw Material Needed To Create The Fluid That's So Crucial To Your Pet's Joint Health. This Package Comes With 8 Ounces Of The Fluid; However, There Is A 16 Ounce Package That Is Also Available. You'll Love The Way This Supplement Restores Mobility And Comfort To Your Pet, So Order Today! Key Features: Provides A Source Of Hyaluronic Acid To Restore Synovial Fluid To Joints Can Prevent Inflammation And Reduce Poinm Comes In 8 Oz And 16 Oz Sizes

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, omega Alpha Joint Supplements
      SKU: Omega-alpha-ha-180-hyaluronic-acid-8-oz

    Marineland Penguin Power Filter Cartridge Rite-siez B (3 Pk)
      Marineland Penguin Power Filter Cartridge Rite-siez B (3 Pk).

      Marineland, They Design Their Filter Cartridges To Meet The Absolute Highest Standards Of Water Purification Performance And Operational Ease.each Pre-assembled Cartridge Slides Easily Into Place, Providing Predominant Mechanical And Chemical Filtration And Making Replacement Fasting, Dry, And Effortless. The Cartridge Mechanically Filters Water Through A Pad Of Double Thick Poly-fiber. Debris And Waste Particles Are Trapped, And Water Is Chemically Filtered Through Marineland's Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Inside The Cartridge, A Patented Ribbed Backing Ensres The Even Distribution Of Activated Carbon To Deliver Maximum Water-to-carbon Contact. The Result? Crystal Clear, Crystal Clean Water. There's A Rite-size Cartridge For Every Penguin Filter, Emperor Filter, And Millennium Power Filter. Plus, The Custom Eclipse Filter Cartridge Is Designed Specifically For Horizontal Placement In Our Extensive Selection Of Eclipse Systems. Our Color-coded Packaging Ensures Fool-proof Carrtidge Selection. Rite-size B Fits Penguin 150b, 110b, And 125b.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, marineland Filter Cartridges , amp, amp, Replacements
      SKU: Ritesizecrtdgb3pk

    Touchless Care Silver Spray (2 Oz)
      Touchless Care Silver Spray (2 Oz).

      Touchless Care Silver Spray Uses Dimethicone, Zinc Oxide, And Silver To Treat A Variety Of Skin Conditions In Animals. Silver's Antibacterial Properties Work Synergistically With Dimethicone And Zinc Oxide To Protect Your Pet's Skin. The Inclusion Of Zinc Oxide Also Makes This Formula A Perfect Way To Relieve The Itching And Irritation Associated With These Conditions. Touchless Care Silver Spray Works To Heal Skin And Remove Malodof And Pain Associated Through A Variety Of Skin Conditions. This Formula Is Perfect For Large External Wounds And Comes In A Conveient 2 Ounce Spray Bottle That Does Not Require Yo Uto Rub The Formula Into The Animal's Skin. This Spray Provides A Uniquely Comprehensive Treatment For Skin Ailments And Their Symptoms, So Order A Bottle Today! Key Features: Contains Silver As An Antimicrobial Agent Zinc Oxide Works To Provide Itch Relief And Ease Pain Of Application Comes In 2 Oz Bottle With Convenient Spray Nozzle

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, touchless Care Sprays
      SKU: Touchless-care-silver-spray-2-oz

    West Paw Tux Tough Dog Chew Toy - Large (green)
      West Paw Tux Tough Dog Chew Toy - Large (green).

      West Paw Tux Tough Dog Chew Toy Is A Versatile Treat-containing Chew Toy That Offers A Superb Play And Chew Experience For Your Pup. This Toy Features An Open Pocket That Is Perfect For Stashing Treats Or That Can Be Filled With Yogurt, Chicken Broth, Or Another Flavored Liquid And Frozen To Create A Cool Treat For A Hot Summer Day. The Toy Is Also Made With Non-toxic Material Zogoflex® That Is Dishwasher Safe To Ensure It's Easy To Clean. The West Paw Tux Tough Dog Chew Toy Was Made In The United States From Recycled Materials That Float And Bounce But That Contain No Bpa Or Phthalates. This Large Toy Is A Bright Blue- But It Is Also Available In A Solid Black To Match Almost Any Decor. Treat Your Pup To A Unique Chew Experience That He Won't Soon Forget And Order This Amazing Toy Today! Key Features: Bpa & Phthalate-free, Dishwasher Safe, Bounces And Floats, Dishwasher Safe, 100% Recyclable Zogoflex® Is 100% Reccylable And Can Be Recycled Safely As Part Of The Join The Loop Program Made In The Usa Contains Pocket For Storing Small Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, treat Dispensing Toys, gt, west Paw, amp, reg, Design Tux, amp, reg,
      SKU: West-paw-tux-tough-dog-chew-toy-large-green

    Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash (12 Fl Oz
      Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash (12 Fl Oz.

      Zymox® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash Cleans And Maintains A Healthy Skin And Coat On Horses. This Formula Combines Mild Plant-based Surfactants With A Patented Lp3 Enzyme System To Eliminate Harmful Microbes Without The Use Of Harsh Chemicals Or Detergents. This Means That The Formulation Maintains Skin And Coat Health Without Removing The Skin's Natural Oils. Zymox® Equine Defense® Enzymatic Skin & Coat Wash Is Made Here In The Usa And Though This Bottle Includes 12 Fluid Ounces Of The Wash, It Is Also Available In 1 Gallon Containers . For Additional Protection, It Can Also Be Used In Conjunction With Zymox Equine Defense Enzymatic Skin Guard As Directe. Skin And Coat Problems Can Be A Real Nuissance- So Keep Your Horse Healthy With The Zymox Equine Defense System By Ordering Now! Key Features: For Problematic Skin Conditions And Irritations Safe For Use On Horses; Does Not Wash Away Skin's Natural Oils Made In Usa Available In 12 Fl Oz And 1 Gallon Containers Can Be Combined With Zymox Equine Defense Skin Guard For Extra Protection

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Grooming Products, gt, zymox, Equine Defense, Skin , amp, Coat Wash
      SKU: Zymox-equine-defense-enzymatic-skin-coat-wash-12-oz

    The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
      The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses.

      ""there Was A Girl In The Village Who Loved Horses... She Led The Horses To Drink At The River. She Spoke Softly And They Followed. People Noticed That She Understood Horses In A Special Way."" And So Begins The Story Of A Young Native American Girl Devoted To The Care Of Her Tribe's Horses. With Simple Text And Brilliant Illustrations. Paul Goble Tells How She Eventually Becomes One Of Them To Forever Run Free.

      SKU: 2534060
      ISBN: 9780689716966
      Author: Goble, Paul

    Believing In Horses
      Believing In Horses.

      After Her Family Moves To Maryland And Her Dad Deploys To Afghanistan, Sadie Gets A New Young Horse Named Lucky Who Proves To Be A Handful-but All Of That Is Just The Beginning Of The Trouble In This Young Adult Novel. Together, Sadie And Lucky Encounter Horse Thieves, Maryland Storms, And Unwanted Horses Destined For Auction And Uncertain Futures. Sadie Makes It Her Personal Mission To Save These Animals, Meeting Fellow People Dedicated To Rescuing Horses Along The Way, While Learning That Others Are Driven Only By Greed.

      SKU: 19171083
      ISBN: 9780973633023
      Author: Ormond, Valerie

    The Princess Doodle Book
      The Princess Doodle Book.

      "the Princess Doodle Book" Is More Than Just A Coloring Book. Instead Of Simply Coloring In The Pictures, Young Girls Can Complete The Scenes By Adding To The Illustrations Themselves Disney Princess Fans Will Love Designing A New Tiara For Aurora, Drawing Horses To Pull Cinderella's Carriage, Decorating Ariel's Grotto, And Much, Much More All Girls Need Is Their Imagination, Some Crayons Or Markers, And This 128-page Book For Hours And Hours Of Creative Fun.

      SKU: 2673375
      ISBN: 9780736426954
      Author: Disney Storybook Artists

    American Folksongs & Spirituals
      American Folksongs & Spirituals.

      75 Songs Of American Heritage, Including: All The Pretty Little Horses * Arkansas Traveler * Aura Lee * Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair * The Blue Tail Fly * Buffalo Gals (won't You Come Out Tonight) * Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie * Cotton Eyed Joe * Deep River * Down In The Valley * The Drunken Sailor * Git Along, Little Doggies * Home On The Range * Hush, Little Baby * I've Been Working On The Railroad * Joshua (fit The Battle Of Jericho) * Never Said A Mumblin' Word * Oh Susanna * Old Joe Clark * The Red River Valley * She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain * Shenandoah * Simple Gifts * Steal Away * The Streets Of Laredo * Wayfaring Stranger * And Many More

      SKU: 3186311
      ISBN: 9780793559213
      Author: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation


      Coming To A Woman's Rescue Was All In Ad Ay's Work For The Billionaire Rancher. Little Did Matt Know That The Woman In Jeopardy He'd Jumped Off His Horse To Save Was Working Undercover, Investigating Him. By Way Of His Mother, No Less Trouble Had Never Looked So Good To "shelly Lane." Exposing The Collingsworths Was A Golden Opportunity To Prove She Had What It Took To Be A Real Agent. But She Could Not Let Matt Collingsworth Distract Her. Even Though The Man Could Fi Ll Out A Pair Of Jeans-oh Myw Hat Shelly Had To Do Involved The Highest National Security And Would In The End Devastate The Collingsworth Empire...and Surely Destroy Her Chances For A Date With Matt.

      SKU: 1092361
      ISBN: 9780373693320
      Author: Wayne, Joanna

    A Hopeful Heart
      A Hopeful Heart.

      Dowryless And Desperate, Tressa Neill Applies To The Inaugural Class Of Wyatt Herdsman School In Barnett, Kansas, In 1888. The School's One-of-a-kind Program Teaches Young Women From The East The Skills Needed To Become A Rancher-or The Wife Of One. Shy And Small For Her Twenty-two Years, Tressa Is Convinced She'll Never Have What It Takes To Survive Hattie Wyatt's Hands-on Instruction In Skills Such As Milking A Cow, Branding A Calf, Riding A Horse, And Cooking Up A Mess Of Grub For Hungry Ranch Hands. But What Other Options Does She Have? Abel Samms Wants Nothing To Do With The Group Of Potential Brides His Neighbor Brought To Town. He Was Smitten With An Eastern Girl Once-and He Got His Heart Broken. But There's Something About Quiet Tressa And Her Bumbling Ways That Makes Him Take Notice. When Tressa's Life Is Endangered, Will Abel Risk His Own Life-and His Heart-to Help This Eastern Girl?

      SKU: 2937322
      ISBN: 9780764205095
      Author: Sawyer, Kim Vogel

    Show Jumping Made Easy: The Way To Successful Show Jumping
      Show Jumping Made Easy: The Way To Successful Show Jumping.

      For Many Riders, Show Jumping Presents A Challenge-to Jump A Course Of Fences In Perfect Harmony With Your Horse, Measuring Your Skill Against That Of Other Riders, Maybe Even Ending Up In The Placing. Success, However, Doesn't Just Materialize From Nowhere. This Practical And Thoughtfully Illustrated Book Provides Clear, Precise Advice On The Necessary Foundations For Success, Demonstrates What Jumping Training With Progressive Exercises Looks Like, And Shows How Typical Difficulties Can Be Overcome. Topics Covered Are Poles And Gridwork, Judging The Take-off, Jumping Unknown Fences, Improving The Technique Of Horse And Rider, And Analysis And Correction Of Faults.

      SKU: 8063133
      ISBN: 9783861279075
      Author: Busch, Clarissa

    The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook
      The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook.

      Knight Wanted. Must Have Bright Armor And Own Horse, Preferably White. When It Comes To Romance, Are Magic, Fireworks, And A Dashing Knight In Shining Armani Really Too Much To Ask? Apparently So, Since Kate Hetherington Has Yet To Find An Appropriate Mate In All Of London. Her Lifelong Friends (and Confirmed Pragmatists) Sally And Tom Tease Her Endlessly About Her Hopeless Romanticism. But Kate Knows That She's Right To Want Her Own Fairy Tale. After Stumbling Upon An Old Tome Titled The Hopeless Romantic's Handbook, Kate Decides To Give Its Advice A Whirl. Incredibly, The Book Lives Up To Its Money-back Guarantee, Because Before Kate Can Say "cinderella" She Meets Joe Rogers, A Drop-dead-gorgeous American Actor. Frankly, He's Perfect-and Kate Thinks She Might Have Finally Found The One. He Certainly Has The Muscles Required To Sweep Her Off Her Feet. But Sal And Tom Are Less Thrilled With Kate's Dreamboat. Are They Just Jealous, Or Do They Know Something About Love That Isn't In Kate's Handbook? Kate's Pretty Sure That Finding True Love Isn't Supposed To Alienate You From Your Friends, But What She Doesn't Know Is That Her Real Knight Is Still Waiting For Her-and He's Closer Than She Ever Imagined.

      SKU: 1065088
      ISBN: 9780345480040
      Author: Townley, Gemma

    The Blue Roan Child
      The Blue Roan Child.

      First Published To Great Critical Acclaim In Canada, This Unforgettable Adventure Traces The Magical Relationship Between A Young Girl And A Wild Mare. A Horse Story Like No Other. Syeira Is An Orphaned Girl Who Lives In A Magical Land. Fate Pairs Syeira With Arwin, A Wild Mare Whose Two Colts Have Been Taken From Her By The Evil Lord Ran. Syeira Pledges To Help Arwin, And They Embark On A Dangerous Quest To Free The Colts. Along The Way, They Encounter An Array Of Strange And Mysterious Characters. But Syeira And Arwin Must Only Trust Each Other -and It Is Their Shared Strength And Courage That Ultimately Allows Them To Defeat Lord Ran And Free Arwin's Colts.

      SKU: 1379106
      ISBN: 9780439627528
      Author: Findlay, Jamieson

    The Grant That Maxwell Bought
      The Grant That Maxwell Bought.

      The Maxwell Land Grant Was An Immense Parcel Of Land In New Mexico And Colorado With A History That Began When The Area Was A Colony Of Spain And Ended Only In The Twentieth Century. In This Volume, Published Originally In An Edition Of 250 Numbered And Signed Copies, F. Stanley (father Stanley Francis Louis Crocchiola) Takes On The Task Of Telling The Complex Story. In His Foreword, Stanley Says: "look In Vain For Another Section Of Land In The Nation That Produced So Much Comment From The Press Or Absorbed The Attention Of The Entire World. Because Of This Bit Of Land A Supreme Court Justice Almost Lost His Life; A President Of The United States Wanted To Horse-whip A Man; A Minister Was Looked Upon As A Killer; A Cattle Man Became A Killer; Vigilantes Rode Into The Night Burning And Killing; And The Anti-grant War Was Waged In Two States Taking More Lives Than The Lincoln County War That Brought Billy The Kid His Fame." Stanley Has Been Faulted For His Scholarship And For Stylistic Flaws That Are Probably Reflections Of The Speed It Took Him To Publish The Amazing Number Of Books And Pamphlets He Produced. His Narrative Is Chatty And Anecdotal, With Few Of The Accoutrements Of Establishment History. Still, He Has Mined Newspapers, Trial Transcripts, And A Variety Of Documents To Produce A Broad Account Of The Area. He Includes Chapters On Ghost Towns As Well As "living" Towns, The Railroads, Indians On The Grant, And A Full Chapter On Clay Allison, Whom Stanley Regarded As A More Interesting Character Than Billy Th E Kid. The Original Edition Is Probably The Scarcest Of Stanley's Books. "an Easterner By Birth But A Southwesterner At Heart, Father Stanley Francis Louis Crocchiola Hadas Many Vocations As Names," Says His Biographer, Mary Jo Walker. "as A Young Man, He Entered The Catholic Priesthood And For Nearly Half A Century Served His Church With Great Zeal In Various Capacities, Attempting To Balance The Callings Of Teacher, Pastor, Historian And Writer." With Limited Money Or Free Time, He Also Managed To Write And Publish One Hundred And Seventy-seven Books And Booklets Peratining To His Adopted Region Under His "nom De Plume," F. Stanley, The Initial In That Name Does Not Stand For Father, As Many Have Assumed, But For Francis, Which Louis Crocchiola Took, With The Name Stanley, At The Time Of His Ordination As Franciscan Friar In 1938. All Of F. Stanley's Titles Have Now Reached The Status Of Expensive Collector's Items.

      SKU: 3795798
      ISBN: 9780865346529
      Author: Stanley, F.

    The Sixteenth Mississippi Infantry: Civil War Letters And Reminiscences
      The Sixteenth Mississippi Infantry: Civil War Letters And Reminiscences.

      They Fought In The Shenandoah Campaign That Blazed Stonewall Jackson's Reputation. They Fought In The Seven Days' Battles And At Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, And Gettysburg, In The Wilderness Campaign, And At Spotsylvania. At The Surrender They Were Beside General Robert E. Lee In Appomattox. From The Beginning Of The War To Its Very End The Men Of The Sixteenth Mississippi Endured. In This Collection Of Thei Rletters And Their Memories, Both Historians And Civil War Buffs Will Find The Fascinating Words Of These Common Soldiers In One Of The Most Notable Units In The Army Of Northern Virginia. Gathered And Available Here For The First Time, The Writings In This Anthology Include Diary Entries, Letters, And Reminiscences From Average Mississippi Men Who Fought In The War's Most Extraordinary Battles. Chronologically Arranged, The Documentsdepict The Pace And Progress Of The War. Emerging From Their Words Are Flesh-and-blood Soldiers Who Share Their Courage And Spirit, Their Love Of Home And Family, And Their Loneliness, Fears, And Campaign Trials. From The Same Camp Come Letters That Say, "our Troops Are Crazy To Meet" The Enemy And, "it Is Not Much Fun Hearing The Balls And Shells A-coming." Soldiers Write Endearingly To Wives, Earnestly To Fathers, Longingly To Mothers, And Wistfully To Loved Ones. With Wit And Dispatch They Report On Crops And Land, Virginia Hospitality, Camp Rumors And Chicanery, And Encounters, Both Humorous And Hostile, With The Yankee Enemy. Many Letters Convey A Yearning For Home And Loved Ones, Closing With Such Phrases As "write Just As Soon As You Get This." Though The Trials Of War Seemed Beyond The Limits Of Human Endurance, Letter Writing Created A Lifeline To Home And Helped Men Persevere. So Eager Was Jesse Ruebel Kirkland To Keep In Touch With His Beloved Lucinda That He Penned, "i Am On My Horse Writing On The Top Of My Hat Just Having Met The Mail Carrier." Robert G. Evans Is A Judge Of The Thirteenth Circuit Court Of The State Of Mississippi. He Lives In Raleigh, Miss.

      SKU: 7117719
      ISBN: 9781578064861
      Author: Evans, Robert G.

    Horsepowe R: Your Complete Guide To Getting More Horsepower
      Horsepowe R: Your Complete Guide To Getting More Horsepower.

      Get More Grunt Every Car Enthusiast Wants More Horsepower, And This Book Shows You How To Get It. Includes Chapters On Head Flowing, Nitrous Basics, Holley Carbs, And More.

      SKU: 4246259
      ISBN: 9780947216733
      Author: Warden, Rob

    2017 New Hot Sale Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Solid Long-sleeve Summer Casual Polo Mens Slim Polos Casual Shirt
      2017 New Hot Sale Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Solid Long-sleeve Summer Casual Polo Mens Slim Polos Casual Shirt.

      2017 New Brand Men Polo Shirt Mens Solid Polo Homme Casual Long-sleeve Tops For Man Full High Quality Embroidery Cotton Plus Size

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 402800272

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