Omega Alpha Ha--180 - Hyaluronic Acid (32 Oz)

    Omega Alpha Ha--180 - Hyaluronic Acid (32 Oz)
      Omega Alpha Ha--180 - Hyaluronic Acid (32 Oz).

      Omega Alpha Ha-180 Provides A Source Of Hyaluronic Acid To Horses To Ensure That Their Joints Stay Healthy. Hyaluronic Acid Is Essential For The Production Of The Synovial Fluid That Lubricates Joints. Without This Fluid, Joints Can Become Inflamed And Cause Great Pain Under Normal Stress. Unfortunately For Your Pet, This Fluid Naturally Depletes As Pets Age, Requiring Its Increased Production. Omega Alpha Ha-180 Supplies The Body With The Raw Material Needed To Create The Fluid That's So Crucial To Your Pet's Joint Health. This Formula Utilizes A Unique Delivery System That Ensures That The Nutrients Are Highly Bioavailable. Youu'll Love The Way This Supplement Restores Mobility And Comfort To Your Pet, So Order Today! Key Features: Provides A Source Of Hyaluronic Acid To Restore Synovial Fluid To Joints Can Prevent Inflammation And Reduce Poinm Comes In 8 Oz And 16 Oz Sizes

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, omega Alpha Joint Care For Horses
      SKU: Omega-alpha-ha-180-hyaluronic-acid-32-oz

    Absorbine Liniment Gel (12 Oz)
      Absorbine Liniment Gel (12 Oz).

      Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel Is A Warm Soothing Treatment For Temporary Muscular Soreness Caused By Overexertion, Minor Injuries, And/or Arthritis. This Concentrated Spearmint-scented Gel Contains Natural Botanical Extracts That Help Reduce Swelling And Speed Recovery. Effective Muscle, Joint, And Arthritis Pain Reliever Convenient Gel Form - Easy To Apply To Hard To Reach Areas Helps Fatigued Muscles Recover Twice As Fast Can Be Applied Directly To Isolated Areas Of Pain Contains Natural Botanical Extracts Refreshing Spearmint Scent Additional Information: Convenient Gel Form - Easy To Apply To Hard-to-reach Areas. Effective Muscle, Joint And Arthritis Pain Reliever. Menthol Loosens Stiff Joints And Reduces Swelling. Contains Natural Botanical Extracts.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Bone, Joint , amp, amp, Muscle Care, gt, absorbine Horse Joint Care
      SKU: Absorbinelingel12oz

    Animal Necessity Shana Vet (45 Capsules)
      Animal Necessity Shana Vet (45 Capsules).

      The Shana Vetā„¢ Capsules Can Be Given To Your Pet To Prevent Viruses Develloping In Their Body And Harming Their Health. Animal Necessity Has Developed A Supplement That Will Drastically Reduce Your Pet?s Susceptibility To Harmful Viruses And Shorten The Time It Takes For Them To Recover. Contains Necessary Vitamins This Supplement Contains Essential Vitamins Such As Vitamin A, Vitamin D, And Other Botanical Extracts All Combined Into An All Natural Formula. These Tablets Can Be Taken By Pets Ranging From Five To 200 Pounds. Benefits: Prevents Viral Diseases Such As Herpes Simplex From Developing Lowers The Rate Of Viral Replication Within Your Pet?s System Strengthens Nails And The Epidermis So That Fungal Issues Do Not Persist Helps With Antiviral And Antifungal Activity

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, skin , amp, amp, Coat Nutritional Supplements, gt, animal Necessity Skin And Coat
      SKU: Animal-necessity-shana-vet-60-capsules

    Microbe-lift Artemiss Fresh Water (16 Oz)
      Microbe-lift Artemiss Fresh Water (16 Oz).

      Microbe-lift/artemiss Is A Unique, Herbal, Immune-enhancing Stimulant, Which Reduces Bacterial And Fungal Infections. Will Help Boost The Natural Immune System Of The Fish With No Risk Of Build1ng Up Future Resistance As Can Occur When Antibiotics Are Used Will Help To Drive Pathogenic Bacteria Off The Fish, And, Withouta Host, Ultimately The Bacteria Will Die Stimulates And Accelerates Regeneration Of Damaged Tissue Until No Trace Of The Wound Remains 100% Natural Expellant For Bacterial Diseases Provides A Chemical-free Treatment Effective Against Bacterial Diseases Including: Bacterial Dropsy Bulging Eyes Fungus Ulcers Milky Skin Mouth Rot Fin/tail Rot Raised Scales Shake Well Before Usnig

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Medications , amp, amp, Vitamins, gt, microbe-lift Supplements And Medications
      SKU: Artimissfresh16oz

    Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dog Food - Weight Control (30 Lb)
      Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dog Food - Weight Control (30 Lb).

      Scientifically Advanced For Peak Nutritional Performance Dentadefenseā® 3d Dentadefenseā® Is Proven To Reduce Tartar Build-up In 28 Days Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, eukanuba, amp, reg, Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Eukanuba-adult-large-breeed-weight-control-30-lb

    Ruffdawg - K9 Flyer Jr
      Ruffdawg - K9 Flyer Jr.

      The K9 Flyer Jr. Is The Flying Disc Perfect For Small Dogs. A Sibling To The K9 Flyer, The K9 Flyer Jr. Soars Through The Air With Ease, And Will Provide Your Dog With Hours Of Catching And Retreiving Fun. The K9 Flyer Jr. Is: Great For Small Dogs Rugged And Bendable Tear And Puncture Resistant Gentle On Teeth And Gums 6.5" Assorted Colors

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, balls , amp, Fetch Toys, gt, ruffdawg Chew Toys
      SKU: K9flyerjr

    Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Mini - Santa
      Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Mini - Santa.

      Reward Your Pampered Pooch This Holiday Season With The Christmas Dog Toy That Keeps On Squeaking, The Kyjen Holiday Invincibles Mini Santa . The Incibles Mini Santa Comes With Everything You Need To Surprise Both Naughty And Nice Dogs This Christmas Season With The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Designed To Look Like A Small, Round, Jolly Santa, This Squeaking Dog Toy Will Be Sure To Provide Hours Of Hunting Fun And Entertainment To Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds. Toy Features Bright Colors And A Friendly, Smiling Face That Accent The Holiday Theme. Each Holiday Themed Squeaker Dog Toy Has An Invincibles Squeaker Safely Ennclosed Interior. Invincibles Squeakers Are Designed To Keep On Squeaking Long After Dogs Have Punctured The Toy. This Will Prevent Overly Eager Dogs From Getting Bored Long After The Squeaker Has Died. They Will Withstand Any Rough-and-tumble Games And Activities That Dogs Can Put Them Through. All Invincibles Squeaker Dog Toys Are Stuffing-less, Which Eliminates Potential Choking Hazards And Stop Messes From Occurring. Toys Are Easy To Clean And Sanitize After Long Hours Of Use. Benefits Of Purchasing This Holiday Themed Squeaker Dog Toy Include: Stuffing-less To Prevent Choking Hazards One Invincible Squeaker Is Safely Enclosed Inside Each Toy Boredom Is Prevented As Toy Continues To Squeak Long After It Has Been Punctured Cute, Holiday Theme Adds A Festive And Fun Accent To Any Dog?s Toy Collection

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kyjen Invincibles
      SKU: Kyjen-holiday-invincibles-mini-santa

    Lambert Kay Boundary Dog And Cat Repellent Granules Shaker Can (1 Lb)
      Lambert Kay Boundary Dog And Cat Repellent Granules Shaker Can (1 Lb).

      Lambery Kay Boundary Dog & Cat Repellent Granules Will Keep Dogs And Cats Away From Trees, Shrubs, Flower Beds, Garbage Cans And Bags, And Other "forbidden" Areas! Boundary Is An Effective Deterent Of Unwanted Dog Or Cat Activity In Varous Areas Around Your Home. This Is A Lambert Kay Product Active Ingredients: Methyl Nonyl Ketone .... 1.9% Related Compounds .... 0.1% Other Ingredients ...... 98% Directions: *for Outdoor Use Only. Do Not Apply Granules Directly To Foliage Of Shrubs Or To Ornamental, Soft-bodied Plants. Do Not Apply On Or Near Food Crops. Use Training Whenever Possible Including Positive And Negative Reinforcement. This Product Repels Dogs And Cats For Up To 24 Hours Under Ordinary Weather Condiions. Keeps Frequency Of Digging By Cats In Flower Gardens. Pretreatment Directions: Stray Animals Are Frequently Attracted To Areas Where Pets Have Soiled With Feces Or Urine. To Discourage Repeat Visits, Remove Any Droppings And Clean With Water. Application Directions: Using Gloves, Lightly Sprinke Granules Directly From The Container Or Using A Spreader At The Rate Of 1 Lb. Per 250 Sq. Ft. Apply As A Border To The Item To Be Protected. Retreatment Directions: Repeat Daily, Or As Necessary, Until Undesirable Habit Is Broken, Repeat Applications After Rains.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, pet , amp, amp, Animal Deterrents, gt, boundary Dog And Cat Repellent
      SKU: Lambertrepel1lb

    Canine Matrix Zen (200 Gm)
      Canine Matrix Zen (200 Gm).

      Zen By Canine Matrix Is An Organic Pet Food Supplement That Helps Provide Focus And Reduce Anxiety And Stress In Dogs And Cats. Zen's Formula Contains A Novel Blend Of Medicinal Mushrooms: Pleurotus Eryngii (king Trumpet), Cordyceps Militaris, Trametes Versicolor (turkey Tail), Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi), And Antrodia Camphorata Mycelial Biomass. This Blend Of "adaptogens" Help Your Pet Naturally Adapt To Stressful Situations And Environments. Zen Matrix Also Works As A Training Aid By Enhancing Your Pet's Focus, Alertness And Attention During Training For Obedience, Athletic Competition Or Sport Performance. Certified 100% Organic Supplement - 200g (0.44lb) Helps Pets Adapt To Stressful Situations And Environments. Enhances Focus, Alertness And Attention Helps Maintain A Positive Disposition, Normal Alertness And Appropriate Attention May Assist In Curbing Destructive Behaviors

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, canine Matrix Zen
      SKU: Pet-matrix-zen-200-gm

    Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes (7.06 Oz)
      Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes (7.06 Oz).

      Tetrafin Flakes ( 7.06 Oz) The Latest Version Of Tetra?s Flagship Goldfish Food Has Been Optimized With The Fishkeeper?s Success In Mind. Dispenser Lids (on Select Sizes) Allow Hands-free Feeding, And An Easier-to-digest Formula Yields Tetra?s ?cleaner & Clearer Water? Guarantee. Tetrafin Flakes Continue To Be Packed With Patented, Health-enhancing Procare. This Precise Blend Of Immunostimulants, Vitamins, Biotin, And Omega-3 Fatty Acids Is Custom Designed To Strengthen Fish's Resistance To Disease And Stress.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, fish Food, gt, tetra Fish Flakes
      SKU: Ttrfnflakes1l

    Zack & Zoey Distressed British Flag Hoodie - Large
      Zack & Zoey Distressed British Flag Hoodie - Large.

      Zack & Zoey Distressed-look British Flag Hoodies Add Contemporary Style To The Iconic Union Jack Design By Giving It The Distressed Look.

      SKU: Zack-zoey-british-flag-hoodie-large

    Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Camp Shirt - Large
      Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Camp Shirt - Large.

      Zack & Zoey Happy Veggies Camp Shirts Feature The Whimsical Happy Veggies Print That Offers An Element Of Humor With Silly Faces That Follow The Popular Emoji Trends.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, tees, Jerseys, , amp, amp, Dresses, gt, zack , amp, Zoey, amp, reg, Happy Veggies Camp Shirt
      SKU: Zack-zoey-happy-veggies-camp-shirt-large

    Zoe Pill Pops Roasted Chicken With Rosemary (3.5 Oz)
      Zoe Pill Pops Roasted Chicken With Rosemary (3.5 Oz).

      Zoë Pill Pops Roasted Chicken With Rosemary Are A Natural, Wholesome Treat That Is Specially Made To Conceal Pills Or Capsules For Making The Administration Of Your Pet's Medication Easy. These Delectable Soft Chews Are Made With 100% Natural Ingredients And Are Free Of Fillers Like Corn, Wheat And Soy. Instead, The Treats Include Chicken To Provide A Delectable Roasted Chicken And Rosemary Flavor That Your Dog Will Love. Zoë Pill Pops Roasted Chicken With Rosemary Are Made In Canada And Are Individually Wrapped In Packages Of Two To Keep Each Pair Of Pill Pops Extra Soft And Fresh. This Bag Includes 20 Treats Or Pill Covers To Provide An Ample Supply. Order A Bag Of These Innovative Treat Concealers Today! Key Features: Made To Conceal Pills Or Capsules For Easy Administration All-natural Ingredients Contain No Corn, Wheat Or Soy Contains 20 All-natural Treats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, medication Administration, gt, zo, amp, euml, Pill Pops, amp, reg,
      SKU: Zoe-pill-pops-roasted-chicken-with-rosemary-3-5-oz

    This Is Paris
      This Is Paris.

      Following On The Runaway Success Of "this Is New York," Universe Is Thrilled To Reissue Two More Titles From M. Sasek's Beloved Children's Travel Series: "this Is London" And "this Is Paris." Like "this Is New York" And "this Is San Francisco," "this Is London" And "this Is Paris" Are Facsimile Editionns Of Sasek's Original Titles. His Brilliant, Vibrant Illustrations Have Been Meticulously Preserved And Remain True To His Vision. With The Passing Of Time Facts Have Been Updated Where Applicable In The Back Of Each Book. Perfect Souvenirs With Timely And Nostalgic Appeal, The Books Have An Elegant, Classic Look And Delightful Narrative That Will Charm Both Children And Their Parents, Many Of Whom Will Remember Them From Their Own Childhood. "this Is London," First Published In 1959, Presents Impressions Of London With Its Beautiful Buildings, Historic Monuments, Bridges, Parks, Shops And Piccadilly Circus, Black Cabs, Horse Guards, And Famed Underground. "this Is Paris," First Published In 1959, Brings Paris, One Of The Most Exciting Cities In The World, To Life. There Are Famous Buildings, Beautiful Gardens, Cafes, And The Parisians-artists, Concierges, Flower Girls, And Even Thousands Of Cats. Take A Tour Along The Banks Of The Seine, Throu Gh The Galleries Of The Louvre, And To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower.

      SKU: 3133805
      ISBN: 9780789310637
      Author: Sasek, Miroslav


      A Reader From The Best-selling Stablemates Series, Starlight Features A Morgan Horse Haley Has Her Hands Full With Starlight, Her Mischievous, Disobedient Foal. But One Scary Night, Starlight Gets Lost In The Woods, And Haley Makes A Special Wish-to Find Her Beloved Foal. Her Wish Comes True, And From Then On They're Friends Forever.

      SKU: 1380125
      ISBN: 9780439722414
      Author: Earhart, Kristin / Andreasen, Dan


      This Fantastic Book About Snakes Covers A Wide Range Of Topics. From The Emerald Tree Boa To The Orange Sand Viper, Find Out How Snakes Hunt, Eat And Survive. Did You Know For Instance That Big Snakes Can Eat Almost Any Animal - Even Crocodiles? Or Learn How To Avoid A Deadly Snake Bite In A Dessert Or A Steamy Rainforest. For Real Snake Enthusiasts This Book Also Suggests Websites And Places To Visit To Find Out Even More Other Titles In This Series: Big Cats, Spiders, Elephants, Bees, Dinosaurs, Wolves, Sharks, Rats, Frogs And Toads, Whales, Crocodiles, Dogs And Horses.

      SKU: 575673
      ISBN: 9780199119325
      Author: Llewellyn, Claire

    Spirit Of The Wild
      Spirit Of The Wild.

      Unforgettable Images Of The Natural World By A Best-selling Photographer That Will Delight And Inform. A Snow Monkey Emerges From A Burning Spring. A Camargue Horse Streaks Through A Marsh In A Blur Of Movement. Brown Bears From Alaska Wait In A Waterfall For Sockeye Salmon. Scarlet And Blue-yellow Macaws Sweep Across The Peruvian Sky. Red-crowned Cranes Gather To Feed In Snow-covered Japanese Marshland. A Bright-eyed Baby Sifaka Clings To Its Mother As She Hops Along In Madagascar Sunlight. A Bottlenose Dolphin Skims Over Honduran Waters At Breathtaking Speed... At First Fired By Curiosity, Steve Bloom's Photographic Explorations Of The Natural World Were Soon Imbued With A Fierce Urgency As The Full Force Of Man's Destruction Of The Environment And Its Creaturees Was Revealed To Him. His Goal Has Been To Search For The Spirit Of The World's Wildlife, From The Tiger's Eyes Gleaming Brightly In The Jungles Of India To Polar Bear Cubs Seeing The World For The First Time To The Few Mountain Gorillas Left In Africa. The Result Embodies Nature's Choreography, An Intimate Exploration That Reveals Not Only The Animals But Much That Is New About Ourselves. Accompanied By His Own Commentaries, As Passionate As They Are Informed, And Thought-provoking Quotes From Mahatma Gandhi, Gerald Durrell, Emily Dickinson, And Others, "spirit Of The Wild" Brings To The Fore The Common Experiences Of All Living Creatures. 60+ Color Photographs.

      SKU: 1645755
      ISBN: 9780500513200
      Author: Bloom, Steve

    Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
      Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story.

      Seabiscuit, National Velvet, And Now Dreamer. It's A Story About A Girl, A Horse, And A Family. Dreamer, Loosely Based On A True Story, Is The Story Of A Kentucky Horse Trainer And His Daughter Who Rescue A Horse With A Broken Leg. The Two Then Help Nurse The Animal Back To Health And Take It To Race In The Breeders' Cup. Along The Way, Father And Daughter Discover That They Have A Lot More In Common Than They Ever Imagined. Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell, Elisabeth Shue, And Kris Kristofferson Head The Cast. More To Come

      SKU: 1380554
      ISBN: 9780439774949
      Author: Hopka, Cathy / Gatins, John

    Arguments About Animal Ethics
      Arguments About Animal Ethics.

      Bringing Together The Expertise Of Rhetoricians In English And Communication As Well As Media Studies Scholars, "arguments About Animal Ethics" Delves Into The Rhetorical And Discursive Practices Of Participants In Controversies Over The Use Of Nonhuman Animals For Meat, Entertainment, Fur, And Vivisection. Both Sides Of The Debate Are Carefully Analyzed, As The Contributors Examine How Stakeholders Persuade Or Fail To Persuade Audiences About The Ethics Of Animal Rights Or The Value Of Using Animals. The Essays In This Volume Cover A Wide Range Of Topics, Such As The Campaigns Waged By People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (including The Sexy Vegetarian And Nude Campaigns), Greyhound Activists, The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, Food Manufacturers, And The Biomedical Research Industry, As Well As Communication Across The Human-nonhuman Animal Boundary And The Failure Of The Animal Rights Movement To Protest Research Into Genetically Modifying Living Beings. "arguments About Animal Ethics"' Insightful Analysis Of The Animal Rights Movement Will Appeal To Communication Scholars, As Well As Those Interested In Social Change.

      SKU: 2710090
      ISBN: 9780739142981
      Author: Goodale, Greg / Black, Jason Edward

    The Napoleonic Trilogy
      The Napoleonic Trilogy.

      Now Available In One Volume Three Great Napoleonic Era Novels By One Of The Greatest Story-tellers Of All Time. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Uncle Bernac: A Mysterious Message Summons A An Back To His Ancestral Home In France. There He Finds Service With Napoleon-and An Uncle Who Is Not Only A Vicious Undercover Operative, But Has Swindled His Family Out Of Their Estates. It's Difficult To Take Action, However, When Napoleon Desperately Needs His Uncle's Skills. The Exploits Of Etienne Gerard: Move Over Harry Flashman You've Met Your Match In The Form Of Etienne Gerard-the Most Outrageous Frenchman Ever To Don A Napoleonic Undeviating. The (self-described) Greatest Swordsman, Greatest Horseman, And Greatest Lover In The French Army Is Turned Loose In A Series Of Improbable Adventures That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat-when You're Not Falling Off It With Laughter. The Great Shadow: Two Men Fall In Love With The Same Women, Who Is, In Turn, Swept Away By A Mysterious Renegade Frenchman. It Is An Affair That Can Only Be Settled By The Death Of Either The Frenchman Or One Of His English Rivals. No One Suspected, However, That It Would Require The Killing Fields Of A Place Called Waterloo To Resolve It.

      SKU: 7827241
      ISBN: 9781934757208
      Author: Doyle, Arthur Conan

    Starting The Colt
      Starting The Colt.

      Mary Twelveponies Applies Her Lifetime Of Experience With Horses To Giving The Colt A Good Start In Its First Two Years. She Addresses Such Basic Issues As Equipping The Colt, Gaining His Trust, Training And Control, Saddling, And More.

      SKU: 1233402
      ISBN: 9780395631270
      Author: Twelveponies, Mary

    60 Feet, 6 Inches And Other Distances From Home: The (baseball) Life Of Mose Yellowhorse
      60 Feet, 6 Inches And Other Distances From Home: The (baseball) Life Of Mose Yellowhorse.

      "mose Yellowhorse's 1920 Fastball Traveled "in The Neighborhood Of Ninety-five Miles An Hour," And Todd Fuller's Bio Of Yellowhorse Is A Similarly Powerhouse Affair. Avid And Loving In The Tribute It Pays To This Too-neglected American Original, But Willing To Distinguish Mose The Myth From The Everyday Mose The Man, This Deeply Researched And Widely Encompassing Journey Through Baseball, Politics, Poetry, Prose, Stats, Tribal Life, And Comic Strip Shenanigans Is Surely Fuller's Equivalent Of Having All The Bases Loaded."-albert Goldbarth Mose Yellowhorse (18981964), A Skidi Pawnee, Played Professional Baseball For Nearly A Decade, Most Notably With The Pittsburgh Pirates In 1921 And '22. Aside From His Baseball Achievements, Yellowhorse, As A Boy, Traveled With And Performed In Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show, Later Served In The Army During World War I, And Also Appeared As A Character In Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Comic Strip. After His Death, He Earned Induction Into Both The Oklahoma Sports Hall Of Fame And The American Indian Athletic Hall Of Fame. His Baseball Glove Remains On Permanent Display At The Baeball Hall Of Fame And Museum. Using A Structural Pattern Based On An Old-time Pawnee Indian Storytelling Session, Many Voices And Perspectives Collaborate To Form A Multi-faceted Recreation Of Mose Yellowhorse's Life. Poetry, Oral Histories (from Tribal Elders), Critical Essays, Letters, Cartoons, Photographs, And Newspaper Accounts Are All Included As A Way Of Focusing Oncross-cultural Tensions. Todd Fuller Teaches Creative Writing And Literature At Drake University. In 1999 He Completed His Ph.d. In Creative Writing And Native American Literatures From Oklahoma State University, Where He Researched This Book For Eight Years, With The Help Of The Pawnee Nation Of Oklahoma. The Author Is Donating Half Of His Royalties To Establish The Mose Yellowhorse Higher Education Endowment.

      SKU: 4167932
      ISBN: 9780930100766
      Author: Fuller, Todd

    Strange Red Cow: And Other Curious Classified Ads From The Past
      Strange Red Cow: And Other Curious Classified Ads From The Past.

      Came To My Plantation, In Springfield Township, Philadelphia County, Near Flour-town, The 26th Of March 1776, A Strange Red Cow. The Owner May Have Her Again, On Proving His Property, And Paying Charges. Philip Miller. -may 1, 1776, "the Pennsylvania Gazette" To Sift Through Classifieds From Any Era Is To Uncover The Practical Needs Or Urgent Desires Of A Community During A Particular Period Of Time. By Definition, The Classified Advertisement Is Released For Public Consumption, Yet Often It Tells A Very Private Story: A Precious Keepsake Misplaced, An Intimate Relationship Sought, Even A Young Child Kidnapped. At Times Shocking, Often Amusing, And Always Enlightening, These Brief Notices Offer Rare Glimpses Into Who We Are, What We Value, And Where We're Going. And Yet They Have Always Been The Most Ephemeral Of Artifacts, Tossed And Forgotten Without A Second Thought. Until Now. While Researching A Historical Documentary, Sara Bader Stumbled Upon Something That Transported Her Ack In Time: An Eighteenth-century Classified Ad About A Lost Red Cow. Authentic And Evocative, This Discovery Inspired A Search For More Of These Vivid Scenes From Everyday Life, Past And Present. In" Strange Red Cow," Bader Presents A Sampling Of Ads From As Far Back As 1704 Up Through Contemporary Internet Postings, Sorted And Assembled Thematically. She Places Tbese Micro Messages In A Broader Context, Revealing Intimate Stories Of American History And Popular Culture. By Turns Humorous, Heartbreaking, And Insightful," Strange Red Cow" Offers A New Lens Through Which To Observe Our Evolution As A Nation And A People. From America's First Newspaper Classified In 1704 To Today's Onlinepostings, "strange Red Cow" Captures, In Colorful Detail, Scenes Of Everyday Life In The First-ever Overview Of The Nation's Unofficial History Text: The Classified Ads. "if We Strain To Identify With Those Who Commuted In Horse-drawn Carriages And Depended On Candles To Light Their Corridors, These Ads Can Personally Introduce Us. They Had Good Days And Bad Days; They Got Distracted, Disorganized, And Like Us, Left Important Things Be-hind. That Our Collective Ancestors Forgot Their Books In Carriages, Left Their Capes On Battlefields,, And Dropped Their Keys And Their Cash Is Oddly Reassuring. We Are Still Losing Our Stuff Today, Though What We Own And Wear And Carry With Us-and What We Decide To Return And Retrieve-inevitably Changes Over Time.&qhot; -from "strange Red Cow"

      SKU: 6023064
      ISBN: 9781400051205
      Author: Bader, Sara

    Phone Case Unicorn 3d Cartoon Soft Silicone Rubber Horse Back Case Cover 2017 For Iphone Se 5 5s 6 6s 7 7s Plus
      Phone Case Unicorn 3d Cartoon Soft Silicone Rubber Horse Back Case Cover 2017 For Iphone Se 5 5s 6 6s 7 7s Plus.

      Color: Three Colors Pink White Blue In Option, For All The Iphone Models Sales Model: Mixed Models And Colors. Material: Rubber Silicone.

      Category: Cellphonecases
      SKU: 396522561

    Oisk Custom Pony Horse Stand Up 4 Legged Rainbow Dash Mascot Costume Cartoon Character Full Body Suit Halloween Fancy Dress Brithday Gift
      Oisk Custom Pony Horse Stand Up 4 Legged Rainbow Dash Mascot Costume Cartoon Character Full Body Suit Halloween Fancy Dress Brithday Gift.

      We Are Very Confident To Say Oisk Brand Is The Best! We Have Hundreds More Mascot Costumes For All Your Needs, Please Ask What It Is That You Indigence And We Will Ship It To You. We Also Make Custom Made Mascot Costumes To Fit Any Business Logo, School Mascot, Or Anything Your Imagination Tells You! We Can Make It! And You Will Not Be Disappointed. We Look Forward To Doing Business With You.

      Category: Mascotcostumes
      SKU: 398338451

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