Pain In Horses: Physiology Pathophysiology And Therapeutic Implications: Number 3

    Pain In Horses: Physiology Pathophysiology And Therapeutic Implications: Number 3
      Pain In Horses: Physiology Pathophysiology And Therapeutic Implications: Number 3.

      A Comprehensive Review Of Pain Management And Anesthesia For The Equine Practitioner. Articles Include Opioids As Pain Therapy, Alpha-2 Agonists As Pain Therapy, Anti-inflammatories As Pain Therapy, Local Anesthetics, Epidural And Regional Drugs, Nmda Inhibitors And Behavior Modifiers, Treatment Of Visceral Pain And Colic, Treatment Of Osteoarthritic And Chronic Pain Syndromes, And Much More

      SKU: 11465990
      ISBN: 9781437725025
      Author: Muir, William W. / Turner, A. Simon

    3 Pack Tranquil-tabs For Dogs (180 Tablets)
      3 Pack Tranquil-tabs For Dogs (180 Tablets).

      Tranquill-tabs ™ For Dogs Is An All-natural Way To Help Your Dog Maintain A Normal And Relaxed Disposition While Coping With External Stresses. Tranquil-tabs Are For Dogs Exhibiting Nervousness, Hyperactivity, Discontenfment, Or Responding To Environmentally-induced Stress. Active Ingredient, Chamomile, Promotes A Calming Effect. The Essential Amino Acid, L-tryptophan, Is Included To Enhance Brain Function And May Reduce Hyperactivity And Promote Relaxation As Well. Another Active Ingredient, Passionflower, Can Have A Calming Effect On Nerves, While Valerian Root Provides Help For Restless Animals. Tranquil-tabs Help Your Dog Maintain Contentment During Separation, Travel, Motion Sickness, And Tension Caused By Changes In Your Dog's Daily Roufine. Great For Stress From Traveling, Hospitalization, Moving, Or Other Situations That May Cause Anxiousness. Can Also Be Used For Behavioral Problem Management As It Helps Maintain Normal Emotional Balance And May Help Curb Destructive Behavior. These Tasty Vegetarian Beef Flavored Chewable Tablets Are Easy To Administer. For Use In: Dogs

      Category: Dog Suppliees, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, tranquil-chews, amp, trade, And Tranquil-tabs, amp, trade, Calming Treats
      SKU: 3-packs-tranquil-tabs-for-dogs-180-tablets

    Avoca Asu (120 Tablets)
      Avoca Asu (120 Tablets).

      Avoca Asu Is Made By Nutramax Laboratories, Inc., The Makers Of Cosamin Ds, The #1 Brand Of Glucosamine/chondroitin Sulfate Recommended By Orthopedic Surgeons And Rheumatologists. Avoca Asu Goes Beyond The Average Glucosamine Supplement. It Is A Potent Combination Of Non-shellfish Glucosamine And Nmx1000** Avocado/soybean Unsaponifiables (asu), With Optimsm*** And Decaffeinated Green Tea. Nmx1000 Avocado/soybean Unsaponifiables Is A Potent Compound That Has Been Shown In Catrilage Cells To Lower The Production Of Several Compounds Involved In The Process Of Cartilage Breakdown In Joints. Optimsm Is A Pure Form Of Msm. Msm Provides Sulfur Which Is Used By Cartilage.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, avoca Asu
      SKU: Avocaasu120

    Grandma Lucy's Organic Blueberry Cookies Dog Treats (14 Oz)
      Grandma Lucy's Organic Blueberry Cookies Dog Treats (14 Oz).

      Grandma Lucy?s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats Are Naturaldog Treats Made With 100% Human-quality Ingredients. Grandma Lucy?s Oven Baked Treats Are Baked In A Bakery, Not Made In A Factory. There Are No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Sweeteners Added. These Treats Are Also Free Of Hydrogenated Oils And Trans Fats, While Still Maintaining A Great Quality With A Taste That Your Dog Will Love. This Is A Wholesome, Delicious Treat You Will Feel Good About Giving Your Pet! Organic 100% Natural No Preservatives No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Sweeteners Free Of Hydrogenated Oils And Trans Fats

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, grandma Lucy, s Natural Treats
      SKU: Blueberrycookies14

    Fluval Filter Foam Block 104/105 Models (2 Pack)
      Fluval Filter Foam Block 104/105 Models (2 Pack).

      Fluval Filter Foam Block 104/105 Models Provide Mechanical Straining Of Particulate Waste. It Prevents Particulate Waste From Prematurely Clogging Other Filter Media In The Module Stack. Although The Primary Purpose Of Fluval Foam Is Mechanical Filtration, Biological Activity Will Eventually Occur Within Its Pore Structure. These Fluval Aquarium Filter Foam Blocks Also Enhance Biological Filtration And Are Suitable For The Fluval 104 And Fluval 105 Aquarium Filters. Provides Mechanical Filteration Of Large Particles Prevents Premature Clogging Enhances Biological Filtration 2-pack; Suitable For Fluval 104/105 Filter

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Spuplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, fluval Plus Filter Pads
      SKU: Fluvalfoamblockpk2

    Miracle Care R-7 Sterile Eye Wash (4 Oz)
      Miracle Care R-7 Sterile Eye Wash (4 Oz).

      Miracle Care R-7 Sterile Eye Wash Is Specifically Formulated To Saftely Clean And Remove Uncomfortable Debris From The Eye. Sooths And Irrigates The Eye With Non-stinging Care For Your Dog Or Cat. Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, eye Cleansers , amp, Treatments, gt, miracle Care Eye Wash
      SKU: Gimeyewash4

    Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder For Birds (0.5 Oz)
      Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder For Birds (0.5 Oz).

      Kwik Stop® Styptic Uses Benzocaine® To Prevent Pain And Control Bleeding Caused By Clipping Nails Or Wings, Docking Tails And Minor Cuts. Kwik Stop Is One Of The Leading Brands In Terms Of Styptic Powder And Other Styptic Products And Has Been So For Over 40 Years. Their Medicinal Formula Is Also Available In A Fast-acting Gel And In Pads That Have Been Pre-soaked In Their Styptic Powder. This Particular Formulation Of Kwik Stop Is Intended For Use On Birds Though Other Formulations Exist For Cats And For Dogs. Kwik Stop Is A Great Addition To Your Pet's First Aid Kit And Is Great To Have Around Just In Case Your Pet Gets A Mild Injury. Order Kwik Stop For Birds For Your Bird Today! Key Features: Leading Brand For Styptic Medicine Formulated Specifically For Birds Comes With 0.5 Oz Per Container

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Nutritional Supplements, gt, miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder
      SKU: Kwik-stop-styptic-powder-birds-0-5-oz

    Merrick Power Bites - Turducken Dog Treats (6 Oz)
      Merrick Power Bites - Turducken Dog Treats (6 Oz).

      Merrick Power Bites Turducken For Dogs Are Soft And Chewy All-natural Treats, With Big Taste And Industry-leading Levels Of Powerful Protein Packed Into Every Bite. These Small Star-shaped Treats Are Perfect For Training And Rewarding Dogs. Grain Free And Gluten-free, Merrick Power Bites Start With Real Deboned Meat As The #1 Ingredient With Added Nutrition From Fresh Fruits And Vegetables. Soft & Chewy Natural Dog Treats Real Chicken Recipe Grain Free & Gluten Free Ingredients No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, merrick Power Bites
      SKU: Merrick-power-bites-turducken

    Petarmor 89 To 132 Lbs. (6 Month)
      Petarmor 89 To 132 Lbs. (6 Month).

      Petarmor For Dogs Petarmor 89 To 132 Lbs. (6 Month), Provides The Same #1 Veterinarian-recommended Active Ingredient, Fipronil, In The Same Concentration As Frontline Top Spot. You Get The Same Flea And Tick Protection At A Significant Savings. Petarmor For Dogs Acts Fast. It Is An Effective, Long Lasting, Waterproof, And Easy-to-use Application For Killing Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice On Dogs And Puppies Eight Weeks Abd Older. When Used As Directed, Petarmor For Dogs Stops Infestations Of Fleas, Ticks And Chewing Lice. It Also Protects Your Pet From The Mange Mites That Can Cause Severe Skin Allergies Like Scabies. Features: Petarmor For Dogs Acts Fast And Is An Effective, Lasting, Waterproof, And Easy-to-use Application For Control O F Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice On Dogs And Puppies. When Used As Directed, Petarmor For Dogs Can Stop Infestations Of Fleas, Ticks, And Chewing Lice And Help To Prevent Reinfestation On Dogs And Puppies, Including On Breeding, Pregnant And Lactating Bitches. Petarmorā® For Dogs Also Aids In The Control Of Sarcoptic Mange Infestations. Apply Monthly To Eliminate Sarcoptic Mange Mites. Directions: Fleas - According To Research Studies, Adult Fleas Are Killed For Up To Three Months Following An Application Of Fipronil. If, However, Your Dog Or Puppy Is Susceptible To Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Or If You Believe There Is A Risk Of Reinfestation, Apply Every Month. Ticks - Each Application Kills Ticks For One Month Or Longer. For Best Control Of Ticks, Apply Once Every Month. Chewing Lice - Each Application Kills Chewing Lice For One Month Or Longer. For Best Control Of Chewing Lice, Apply Once Every Month. How To Apply 1) Open The Child Resistant Package According To The Directions On The Back Of The Sealed Inner Package For Each Pipette. 2) Snap The Tip Of The Pipette Away From You. 3) Part The Dog?s Hair And Place The Tip Of The Pipette Behind The Neck And Between The Shoulders. Ensure That The Entire Application Of Petarmor For Dogs Is Contained In A Single Spot On The Dog?s Skin. Be Sure To Squeeze The Applicator Thoroughly So That The Entire Contents Are Applied. Petarmor For Dogs Kills Adult Fleas Kills Ticks Kills Chewing Lice Fast Acting Waterproof Approved For Puppies And Kittens 8 Weeks And Older More Info Flea & Tick Supplies Shop All Flea & Tick Supplies How To Control Fleas Find Out More Information On How To Control Fleas Flea & Tick Buyer?s Guide A Guide To Help You Choose Which Flea Protection Is Right For Your Pet Got Fleas? Understanding And Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, petarmor
      SKU: Peetarmor-132lb-6month

    Redbarn Antler Dog Chew - Center Cut (x-large)
      Redbarn Antler Dog Chew - Center Cut (x-large).

      Redbarn Center-cut Antler Dog Chews Are Delicious Chew Treats Made From All Natural Deer And Elk Antlers. Your Dog Will Love These Delicious Bones That Have Each Been Naturally Shed. Each Chew Treat Lasts For Hours Of Enjoyable Chewing And Is Completely Odor-free. To Ensure That Your Dog Receives Only The Best, No Artificial Preservatives, Flavorings Or Colors Have Been Added To These Treats. Redbarn Center-cut Antler Dog Chews Are Cut To Provide Your Dog A Flat And Even Bone To Enjoy. This Particular Antler Is An Extra Large Size, But There Is An Even Larger Jumbo Size Available For The Largest Dog Breeds. Your Dog Will Love This Delicious Chew Treat- So Order One Today! Key Features: 100% Natural Deer And Elk Antlers Odor-free Extra-large

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bnes And Rawhide Chews, gt, redbarn Bone Chews
      SKU: Redbarn-antler-dog-chew-center-cut-x-large

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Shiba Inu (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Shiba Inu (2.5").

      Shiba Inu Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Shiba-inu-keychain

    Sore No-more Liniment (16 Oz)
      Sore No-more Liniment (16 Oz).

      The Arenus Family Of Products - Turning Innovative Science Into Sound Health And Nutrition Our Liniment Is An Exceptional Arnica And Witch Hazel Based, Herbal Horse Liniment That Contains No Chemicals Or Harsh Abrasives. The Original Sore No-moreā® Liniment Formula Is A Natural, Herbal Arnica Cooling Liniment That Has Become Famous Around The World. It Is The Only Liniment That Is Safe To Use With Lasr, Magnetic And Ceramic Fiber Therapy. It Is Wonderful For Horses With Sensitive Skin. Sore No-moreā® Liniment Has No Tingling Or Burning Sensation, Yet Is Extremely Effective. Voted Two-time "product Of The Year" By The Horse Journal, As The Best Herbal Horse Liniment For Reducing Pain And Inflammation. Sore No-moreā® Liniment Has Many Therapeutic Uses: Use It As A Leg Brace And To Rub Noto Ankles, Knees And Hocks Before And After A Workout, Use Directly On The Body As A Massage Liniment, Rub Onto Back Before Tacking Up, For Sore Or Tight Muscles Rub On And Cover With A Hot Steaming Towel For 10 Minutes, After A Workout Use As A Bath Brace, And During Dry Weather Paint Onto Soles Of Feet After Training On Hard Ground. Sore No-moreā® Liniment Benefits Include: A Cooling Liniment That Will Not Blister Or Burn, Safe To Use Under Bandages, Magnets Or Ceramic Therapy, Safe To Use Prior To Exercising To Loosen Muscles And Tendons, Great When Bringing An Animal Back From An Injury, A Leg And Body Brace Before And After Exercise To Stimulate Blood Flow, As An Indicator (sore Muscles Will Lather When You Rub It In), And Excellent For Use On Chemically Sensitive Horses.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, pain , amp, Soreness Relievers, gt, equilite Sore No-more Topicals
      SKU: Sore-no-more-liniment-16-oz

    Thomas Labs Lib-12 (100 Count)
      Thomas Labs Lib-12 (100 Count).

      A Concentrated Tablet Of Liver, Iron And Vitamin B-12 For Supplementation In Dogs And Birds. Balanced And Safe.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, thomas Labs Vitamins
      SKU: Thomas-labs-lib-12-100-count

    Tetra Carbon Filters Medium (2 Pack)
      Tetra Carbon Filters Medium (2 Pack).

      Tetra Carbon Filter - Medium (2 Pack) Now A Carbon Filter As Innovative As The Whisperā® Ex Filtration System It's Designed To Fit. Tetra Carbon Filters' Layers Of Multi-density Floss Effectively Trap Even The Smallest Particulates While Activated Carbon Rapidly Eliminates Odor, Discoloration, Impurities, And Toxins. The Result? Water That's Clear, Healthy, And Polished. Carbon Filters Come Ready-to-use And Include One Patented Timestrip Change Indicator For Each Filter.

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Filter Cartridges, gt, tetra Carbon Filters
      SKU: Whpexcrbnfltr2md


      For A Generous Commission, Ex-prize-winning Jockey Jonah Dereham Agrees To Bid On A Young Steeplechaser On Behalf Of A Wealthy American Woman. But Immediately Following The Auction Two Thugs Demand Ownership Of The Horse. Now Jonah Must Figure Out The High-stakes Game Being Played-before He Becomes Its Next Casualty.

      SKU: 1362438
      ISBN: 9780425210246
      Author: Francis, Dick

    Quincy Moves To The Desert
      Quincy Moves To The Desert.

      In The Second Book Of The Quincy The Horse Series, Quincy And His Friend, Beau, Leave The Comforts Of Home And Go On A Big Trip Across The Us On A Huge Horse Van. Beau Is In His Element As Quincy's Tour Guide. This Is The Story Of Quincy's Journey Of Self-discovery. He Has His Doubts About The Trip Until Beau Explains That They Are Going West Where There Are "trails As Far As A Horse Can See." Quincy Is Soon Soaking Up The Sights And To His Amazement, He Learns That "horses Are Everywhere." On The Way He Sees All The Jobs Horses Can Do And Dreams About His Own Possibilities. By The Time They Reach The Desert, He Has Learned Something About Himself. He Is An American Quarterhorse, The Breed That Can Do Anything. Full Of Energy And Imagination, The Beautifully Illustrated Book Includes A Map Of The Us With Nine Highlighted States. Team Matthews And Black Have Provided A Perfect Sequel.

      SKU: 16478075
      ISBN: 9780981924014
      Author: Matthews, Camille / Black, Michelle

    The Samurai: Warriors Of Medieval Japan, 940-1600
      The Samurai: Warriors Of Medieval Japan, 940-1600.

      Perhaps The Greatest Warriors Inh Istory, The Samurai Were A Product Of A Social System Totally Geared To War. The Samurai Became Expert In Fighting Both On Horseback And On The Ground. Their Way Of Life Was Dictated By The Code Of Bushido Or 'way Of The Warrior' And Clad In Their Magnificent, Multi-coloured Armour They Were Perfectly Suited To The Violent Clan And Dynastic Warfare That Dominated Medieval Japan As The Most Powerful Families Vied For Supremacy. In This Title Anthony J Bryant Presents A Fascinating Overview Of These Truly Elite Warriors.

      SKU: 3739758
      ISBN: 9780850458978
      Author: Briant, Anthony / Bryant, Anthony J. / Mcbride, Angus

    American Indian Sovereignty And The U.s. Supreme Court: The Masking Of Justice
      American Indian Sovereignty And The U.s. Supreme Court: The Masking Of Justice.

      "a Detailed, Thorough Analysis Of 15 Us Supreme Court Cases Involving Native Americans. . . . The Cases Range From The Well-known Johnson V. M'intosh To The Little-known Ward V. Racehorse, But All Are Instance In Which The Court Has Mistakenly 'limited Or Terminated The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples.' In Each Case The Author Notes The Errors The Justices Made And The 'judicial Masks' That Have Often Enabled Them To Ignore Reality And Morality. . . . Judicious And Persuasive, He Provides New Information And Insights In This Important Field. A Must Read For Tribal Officials, Attorneys, Judges, Public Officials, And Others Concerned With Native American Affairs. - Choice "this Book Offers A Framework In Which Supreme Court Decisions Can Be Analyzed And Criticized. It Is, On Account Of This Framework, A Wholly New Kind Of Writing And One That Is Badly Needed." - Vine Deloria Jr., Author Of American Indians, American Justice "like The Miner's Canary, The Indian Marks The Shift From Fresh Air To Poison Gas In Our Political Atmosphere; And Our Treatment Of Indians, Even More Than Our Treatment Of Other Minorities, Reflects The Rise And Fall In Our Democratic Faith," Wrote Felix S. Cohen, An Early Expert In Indian Legal Affairs. In This Book, David Wilkins Charts The "fall In Our Democratic Faith" Through Fifteen Landmark Cases In Which The Supreme Court Significantly Curtailed Indian Rights. He Offers Compelling Evidence That Supreme Court Justices Selectively Used Precedents And Facts, Both Historical And Contemporary, To Arrive At Decisions That Have Undermined Tribal Sovereignty, Legitimated Massive Tribal Land Losses, Sanctioned The Diminishment Of Indian Religious Rights, And Curtailed Other Rights As Well. These Case Studies- And Their Implications For All Minority Groups- Make Important And Troubling Reading At A Tiem When The Supreme Court Is At The Vortex Of Political And Moral Developments That Are Redefining The Nature Of American Government, Transforming The Relationship Between The Legal And Political Branches, And Altering The Very Meaning Of Federalism.

      SKU: 827133
      ISBN: 9780292791091
      Author: Wilkins, David E.

    Don't Come Back Until You Find It: Tales From An Antiques Dealer
      Don't Come Back Until You Find It: Tales From An Antiques Dealer.

      New York - It Is The Early 1940s, And A Horse-drawn Wooden Cart Works Its Way Down "the Strip" - Manhattan's Upper Est Side. The Driver Loads His Cart At Various Opulent Buildings - With Help From Thankful Supers - Taking Away Tenants' Unwanted Goods. Returning Downtown, The Cart's Booty Will Help The Fledgling Newel Art Gallery Become One Of The Most Influential Decorative Arts And Antiques Galleries In The Nation.bruce Newman's New Book Chronicles His Fifty-year Career In The Decorative Arts/antiques Arena, Discovering, Acquiring, And Selling Art And Antiques From All Over The World. Newman Recounts The Early Days Of Being Mentored By His Father And His Own Tenure, During Which He Often Dealt With Famous Clients Such As Jackie Kennedy, Dustin Hoffman, And Woody Allen. Finally, He Brings His Expertise To Bear On Ways In Which A Buyer Of Antiques Can Feel More Confident In Their Own Abilities.everyone From "antiques Roadshow" Fans To Antiques Novices And Mavens Will Find This Book A Treasure Trove Of Information And Entertainment.

      SKU: 3586691
      ISBN: 9780825305368
      Author: Newman, Bruce

    Mallomar Goes To The Moon
      Mallomar Goes To The Moon.

      This Is The Second Story About Mallomar The Horse, Whose Foibles Continue To Get Him Nto More Trouble With His Neighbors As He Galavants Around The Countryside.

      SKU: 6783333
      ISBN: 9781449013929
      Author: Raine, Amelie

    Leading Product Development: The Senior Manager's Guide To Creating And Shaping The Enterprise
      Leading Product Development: The Senior Manager's Guide To Creating And Shaping The Enterprise.

      In Their Groundbreaking Book "revolutionizzing Product Development," Steven C. Wheelwright And Kim B. Clark Demonstrated How Project Leaders For Product Development Could Apply New Innovations To Bring Products To Market At Breakneck Speed. Now, In Their New Work, They Address The General Manager's Role In Leading Product Development Efforts - At The Functional, Unit, Group, And Corporate Levels. Up To Now, Senior Managers Have Merely Approved Or Rejected Proposals At The Beginning Of A Project And Rushed In At The End To Resolve Problems. This Traditional Approach To Product Development No Longer Works, The Authors Contend. A Fundamental Shift In The Role Of Senior Management Is Taking Place: The Entire Spectrum Of New Product Development Is Now The Responsibility Of The General Manager - From Pre-project Planning To Completion. Wheelwright And Clark Draw On Their Combined Consulting Experience And Numerous Examples - Such As Kodak, Honda, Hewlett-packard, And Gillette - To Explain How This New Role Can Be Successfully Executed In Today's Competitive Arena. The Authors Show How The Margin For Error In New Product Development Has Become Razor Thin. Pre-project Planning, They Show, Takes The Guesswork Out Of Development So That Projects Run Smoothly From Start To Finish. Second, They Describe How To Choose A Set Of Projects That Match A Company's Specific Strategic Objectives, Resources, And "organizational Horsepower" - Enabling The Development Of Consistently Successful Products And Capabilities Over Time. Finally, They Reveal How To Create A Plan For Action: How To Determine Project Sequence, What Measurements And Incentives Are Crucial, And, Most Important, How Tocapture Project Learning And Integrate It Back Into The Ongoing Stream Of Product Development. Wheelwright And Clark Conclude That The Opportunity For Rapid, Significant Development Lies In Managerial Leadership Of Pre-project Planning And Commitment To Improvement At Every Step Of The Product's Life Cycle. They Provide Managers With The Tools Needed To Master These Processes, Making This Book Necessary Reading For Every Manager Who Wants The Upper Hand In Bringing Timely, Efficient, High-quality New Products To Market.

      SKU: 129009
      ISBN: 9780029344651
      Author: Wheelwright, Steven C. / Clark, Kim B.

    Wild Lives
      Wild Lives.

      From The Horsemen Of Mongolia, Jordan And Andalucia To The Tribesmen Of Morocco Through To Samba Horsemen In Indonesia, This Book Includes Over 300 Previously Unpublished Photographs, Commissioned Exclusively For This Book, Which Document The Way Of Life Handed Down In 11 Different Peoples And Cultures. This Book Concentrates On The Relationships Of The Peoples With Their Horses - Not Just At Work; Their Celebrations; Daily Lives; Dressage; And The Influence Of The Landscape On These Endlessly Fascinating Ways Of Life.

      SKU: 7492519
      ISBN: 9781844300297
      Author: Lebreton, Sylvie / Tibo / Hachette

    This Other Eden: Canadian Folk Art Outdoors
      This Other Eden: Canadian Folk Art Outdoors.

      By Its Very Nature, Folk Art Is Hilarious, Cranky, Homely, Beautiful Or Just Plain Charming, And Appeals To Almost Everyone. Over The Years, Folk Artists Across Canada Have Produced An Inventive And Eclectic Array Of Objects To Decorate Their Homes, Yards And Gardens, Creating Their Own Personal Edens. This Delightful Book Displays The Wide Range Of Folk Art That Decorates Yards Across The Nation: Whirligigs Of Loggers Sawing, Sea Gulls Flying, Anglers Casting, Planes Flying; Weather Vanes Of Improbable Roosters And Elegant Horses And Even Surprised Beavers; Bird Houses Of Fantastical And Flamboyant Architecture; Lawn Ornaments And Yard Sculptures Of Whimsical Ducks, Frogs, Fish And Other Creatures; As Well As Original Interpretations Of Family Groupings, Mythic Figures And National Icons Such As Mounties. The Accompanying Text By Phil Tilney Explores The History Of Folk Art And Its Various Forms, The Story Of The Development Of Canadian Yard Art And The Place Of Gardens As A Re-creation Of Eden In Classical, Medieval And Renaissance Times In Europe As Well As In Asia And Canada.

      SKU: 6831553
      ISBN: 9781550546989
      Author: Tilney, Phil / Richardson, Bill / Tilney, Philip V. R.

    When The Sky Opens: Malli's Journey
      When The Sky Opens: Malli's Journey.

      Amlli Loved To Dream. She Dreamed Of Visiting A Land Filled With Wild Horses And High Hills Covered With An Array Of Magnificent Flowers....

      SKU: 7276879
      ISBN: 9781592980048
      Author: Jerrard, Paul J.

    Mystery At Moorsea Manor
      Mystery At Moorsea Manor.

      "no Room At The Inn" Means Someone Wants Nancy To Check Out - Permanently There's Nothing Like Riding A Horse Across The Beautiful English Countryside, And Nancy Has Been Looking Forward To This Vacation. But The Danger Begins Even Before She Arrives At Stately Moorsea Manor. Someone Steals A Road Sign, Sending Nancy Down A Dark, Twisting Road To Nowhere. When She Finally Finds The Inn, She's Almost Killed By A Bronze Statue Dropped From A Second-story Widnow The Owners Tell Her That There Have Been Other "pranks" As Well. But Someone's Going To Get Hurt - And That Means Moorsea Manor Will Be Out Of Business. Now It's Up To Nancy To Find The Culprit, Before The Guest List Becomes A Casualty List

      SKU: 2416049
      ISBN: 9780671027872
      Author: Keene, Carolyn

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