Palaces For Pigs: Animal Architecture And Other Beastly Dwellings

    Palaces For Pigs: Animal Architecture And Other Beastly Dwellings
      Palaces For Pigs: Animal Architecture And Other Beastly Dwellings.

      Throughout The Centuries There Have Been Castles, Great And Small, For Animals As Diverse As Goats And Guinea Pigs, Deer And Dogs, Cows And Bees, Pigs And Horses, Bears And Even Salmon. In 1883, A Grecian Temple With Taperin Egyptian Windows Was Built For Pigs In Yorkshire And In The 1800s A Red Sandstone Elephant With A Castle On Its Back Was Designed For Bees In Cheshire. With Such Architects As William Kent Designing A Cowshed And Sir John Soane Devising Classical 'canine Residences,' These Buildings Are Not Mere Curiosities; John Nash Applied Himself At His Most Picturesque To A Dovecote, While Capability Brown Was Commissioned To Create A Classical Menagerie And Henry Holland Designed An Elaborate Chinese Dairy. These Buildings Are The Happy Results Of The British Passion For Both Architecture And Animals - Emblems Of Unrestrained Indulgence And Often Unnecessary Extravagance. When Designing For Animals, Architects And Their Patrons Could Realise Their Wildest Flights Of Architectural Fancy; The Inhabitants Could Never Complain, However Idiosyncratic Their Dwelling - As George Eliot Wrote In 1857, 'animals Are Such Agreeable Friends - They Ask No Questions, They Pass No Criticisms' - Allowing The Builders' Imaginations To Flourish Unbridled, Often With Scant Observance To Architectural Convention. Science For Animals Has Been And Still Continues To Be A Tremendous British Tradition. Palaces For Pigs And Other Beastly Dwellings - Fully Illustrated With Striking Detail - Celebrates This Tradition, Telling The Fascinating Stories Behind The Buildings That Housed Animals And The Monuments That Commemorated Them.

      SKU: 1184166 7
      ISBN: 9781850749899
      Author: Lambton, Lucinda

    Barkworthies Beef Tendon Ribbon - Large
      Barkworthies Beef Tendon Ribbon - Large.

      Barkworthies Beef Tendon Ribbon Are Low-fat Chew Treats That Can Help Promote Dental And Joint Health In Your Dog. These Scrumptious Chews Are Made From Free-range, Grass-fed Cattle To Ensure They Are 100% Digestible And Contain Essential Nutrients That Work To Keep Your Pet Healthy. Each Treat Contains Glucosamine Which Plays A Vital Role In Creating Synovial Fluid And Structural Building Blocks For The Repair Of Joints. Barkworthies Beef Tendon Ribbon Have A Tough Texture That Helps Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth While He Chews. This Treat Comes In A Larger Size That's Perfect For Larger Dogs- But There Is Also A Medium Size Available For Medium-sized Dog Breeds. Your Dog Will Love These Long-lasting Chew Treats, So Order Today! Key Features: Completely Digestible, All-natural, Single-ingredient Chews Contains Glucosamine To Promote Joint Health And Textured To Promote Dental Health Available In Two Sizes: Medium And Large

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bully Sticks , amp, Natural Animal Parts, gt, barkworthies, amp, reg, Body Parts
      SKU: Barkworthies-beef-tendon-ribbon-large

    Benebac Plus Pet Gel (15 Gm)
      Benebac Plus Pet Gel (15 Gm).

      Benebac Plus Pet Gel Is A Prebiotic Intended To Help Maintain Your Pet's Health During Transitory States That Can Affect Their Well-being. Benebac Plus Utilizes Prebiotics And Live Microorganisms To Help Your Pet's Digestive System During Adverse Conditions. The Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharide (fos) Stimulates The Growth Of Certain Bactria In The Digestive System. Combined With The Microorganisms, Each Gram Of Benebac Is Guaranteed To Give Your Pet's Digestive System 20 Million Lactic Acid Producing Colony Forming Units (cfus) Of Microorganisms. Benebac Plus Pet Gel Is Recommended For Any Time Your Pet Experiences Changes In Their Nutrition Or Environment. This Means That It Is Great For Animals That Have Just Undergone Giving Birth, Serious Surgery, Weaning, Deworming Or Long Travel. Benebac Plus Also Comes In Powder Form . Order Benebac Plus For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Contains Seven Microoranisms Found Naturally In Mammals Prebiotic Fos Encourages Bacteria Growth Great For Animals In Stressful Conditions Safe For Normal Maintenance

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, petag Benebac Plus
      SKU: Benebac-plus-pet-gel-15-gm

    Dingo Meat In The Middle Beefy Rawhide Chew - Mini Bones (21 Pack)
      Dingo Meat In The Middle Beefy Rawhide Chew - Mini Bones (21 Pack).

      This Item Is Currently Out Of Stock And Should Be Shipped 4-6 Weeks. We Recommend Trying Other Dingo Rawhide Chews Or Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability. Dingo Brand's Irresistible Rawhide Chew With Real Meat In The Middle Is Mini-sized That's Perfect For Your Little Friend. Give Noe Every Day For A Full Dose Of Fun And Flavor. These Mighty Bites, Made Just For Small Dogs, Deliver All The Benefits Of Dingo Brand Bones. Irresistible Combination Of Real Meat Wrapped Withthe Highest Quality Natural Rawhide Great For Your Small Dog - High In Protein; 98% Fat Free Healthy And Fun To Chew To Help Promote Clean Teeth And Gums

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, dingo Rawhide Chews
      SKU: Dingobeefy21

    Elastikon Roll - Single (1 In X 2.5 Yards)
      Elastikon Roll - Single (1 In X 2.5 Yards).

      A Porous Elastic Adhesive Tape That Allows The Skin To Breathe And Stretches A Round Uneven Surfaces. Each Roll Is 2.5 Yards Long. Prices Listed Are Per Roll.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, elastikon Roll
      SKU: Elastikon-roll-single-1-inch

    Evercare Pet Hair Lint Roller Refill 60 Layers (30.1 Ftx4")
      Evercare Pet Hair Lint Roller Refill 60 Layers (30.1 Ftx4").

      Evercare Pet Hair Lint Roller Refill 60 Layers (30.1 Ftx4") Fits Onto The Evercare Pet Hair Roller. Quickly Picks Up Pet Hair, Lint, And Dust From Virtually Anywhere. Disposable Roller Sheets Fits Onto The Evercare Pet Hair Lint Roller (30.1 Ftx4"). By Evercare Veterinarian

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, hair Removal , amp, amp, Other Cleaning, gt, evercare
      SKU: Evercarepetrollerrefill

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Japanese Chin (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Japanese Chin (2.5").

      Japanese Chin Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Japanese-chin-keychain

    John Paul Pet Super Bright Shampoo (16 Oz)
      John Paul Pet Super Bright Shampoo (16 Oz).

      Super Bright Shampoo . Whitening & Brightening Formula. This Extraordinary Formula Has Been Developed For Light Colored Coats To Help Control Matting, Tangling And Flyaway Hair. Fortified With Hydrolyzed Oats, Chamomile And Sweet Almond Oil, It Cleans Thoroughly And Rinses Easily Leaving A Sparkling Clean And Shinny Coat. Directions Massage Into Damp Fur, Avoiding Eyes And Ears. Gently Use A Wet Sponge Or Washcloth On The Face. Work Lather Down To The Tail. Rinse Well With Cool, Clear Water. Repeat For Extra Cleaning Or Deodorizing. Towel Dry, Then Brush And Comb Periodically Until Coat Is Completely Dry. John Paul Pet Super Bright Shampoo * Cruelty Free * * Tested On Humans First * John Paul Is The Co-founder Of Paul Mitchell, The Finest In Salon Hair Care.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, john Paul Pet Shampoo , amp, Conditioner
      SKU: Jpwhitening

    Living World Small Pals Pen - Small
      Living World Small Pals Pen - Small.

      Living World Small Pals Pen Combines Durability, Security, And Versatility To Create The Perfect Oasis For Your Pet. The Pen Is Suitable For Small Animals, Fish And Reptiles And Is Great Way To Transport Your Pet From One Place To Another. Small Pals Pens Can Function As A Pet Carrier, Aquarium, Terrarium, Small Animal Pen, Or As A Nursery. The Unique Lightweight Design Includes A Solid Molded Structure, A Secure Snap-locking Lid, Complete Ventilation, And A Hole Incorporated In The Lid For Air Tubing. Breakaway Hinges, A Removable Lid, And Rounded Edges Allow For Easy Cleaning. The Small Pals Pen Can Also Incorporate A Separate Matching Light Unit To Suit The Needs Of Your Pet. 0.5 Gallon Aquarium; Doubles As A Small Animal Carrying Case Versatile, Works As A Carrying Case, Nursery, Terrarium Or Aquarium Allows You To Easily View Your Pet Secure, Snap-locking Lid; Durable And Lightweight Easy To Clean With Breakaway Hinges And Removable Lid

      Category: Reptile Products , amp, amp, Supplies, gt, accessories, gt, living World Small Pals Pen
      SKU: Living-world-small-pals-pen-small

    Pet Swabs - Catnip Therapy Swabs
      Pet Swabs - Catnip Therapy Swabs.

      Catnip Therapy Swabs All-natural, Liquid Aromatherapy Swabs Add New Life To Toys And Makes Playtime More Fun Without The Mess Of Dried Catnip. Apply Directly Onto Toys, Scratching Posts And Your Cat!

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, catnip Toys, gt, pet Swabs Catnip
      SKU: Petswcathsw

    Royal Canin Canine Mobility Support Dry - Large Breed (26.4 Lb)
      Royal Canin Canine Mobility Support Dry - Large Breed (26.4 Lb).

      Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Mobility Support Dry Is A Highly Digestible, Palatable, Complete And Balanced Dog Food. The Diet Is Formulated With Green-lipped Mussel (glm) Extract To Promote Joint Health In Adult Dogs With Or At Risk Of Developing Degenerative Joint Disease. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Deliveery To Arrive. (more Info) Please Note: Royal Canin Diets Requires Authorization. This Product Ships Directly From Royal Canin And Will Arrive Separately From Other Products Ordered From Entirelypets. This Product Will Not Be Fulfilled Until A Copy Of A Valid Authorization Is Faxed To 510-892-2930 Or E-mailed To *royal Canin Foods Cannot Be Returned For Any Reason In Accordance With Fda Regulations In The Us . Please Be Sure That You Are Placing An Order For The Correct Food. We Cannot Accept Any Returns On These Foods.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, veterinary Diets For Dogs, gt, royal Canin Veterinary Diets Dog Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-canine-mobility-large-breed-26-4-lb

    Cat-man-doo Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Cubes (2 Oz)
      Cat-man-doo Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Cubes (2 Oz).

      Cat Man Doo Wild Alaskan Salmon Is A Healthy, Organic Treat Your Pet Will Love! Cat-man-doo Freeze Dried Alaskan Salmon Is Available In A Re-sealable, Stand-up Bag. This Naturally Organic Treat Is Another Healthy Way To Reward Your Pet. These Treats Are Completely Free Of Grains And Fillers. Derived From A Single Protein Source, You Can Feel Good About Rewarding Your Pet Anytime. These Crunchy Cubes Will Satisfy Your Cat's Craving For Fish And Keep Her Begging For More! * Not For Human Consumption.

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, freeze Dried Cat Treats, gt, cat-man-doo Natural Flakes , amp, Treats
      SKU: Salmoncubes2oz

    Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets For Dogs Over 25 Lbs (6 Pack)
      Sentry Capguard Flea Tablets For Dogs Over 25 Lbs (6 Pack).

      Every Dog Deserves To Be Flea Free! Kill Fleas Fast With Sentryā® Capguardā® (nitenpyram) For Dogs. It Contains Nitenpyram, The Same Veterinarian-recommended Active Ingredient Found In Capstarā® (nitenpyram). Capguard Is An Oral Flea Control Medication Available Over-the-counter To Consumers Like You. Tbis Easy-too-dose Tablet Begins Working Within 30 Minutes. It Cuts Out The Mess And Does Exactly What You Need It To Do: Kills Adult Fleas Fast! Give This Effective And Hassle-free Product A Try! Kills Fleas Fast Easy-to-dose Tablet Begins Working Within 30 Minutes Available Over-the-counter

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, oral Treatments , amp, amp, Supplements, gt, sentry, amp, reg, Capguard, amp, reg,
      SKU: Sentry-capguard-flea-tabs-dogs

    Vetresources Liver Support Tablets (60 Count)
      Vetresources Liver Support Tablets (60 Count).

      Boost Liverr And Overall Health With Vetresources Liver Support Tablets Help Your Cat Or Dog Maintain Healthy And Normal Liver Function With Vetresources Liver Support Tablets. These Tablets Boost Cell Growth, Bile Production, And Other Liver Functions While Also Improving The Overall Health Of Your Pet. Liver Disease Is A Common Pet Problem With A Wide Range Of Effects Liver Disease Is Frequently A Problem For Cats And Dogs, Especially As They Grow Older. Liver Ailments Can Have All Kinds Of Other Detrimental Health Effects; They Can Also Cause Your Pet To Seem Lethargic Or Even Depressed. The Vetresources Liver Support Tablets Use A Time-release Formula That Includes Vitamin B, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, And Glutathione To Keep The Liver Healthy And Fully Functioning. Benefits Milk Thistle Promotes Cell Regeneration And Also Has Anti-inflammatory Effects Dandelion Root Stimulates Circulation In The Liver And The Production Of Bile Vitamins B-12, B-6, B-5, And B-2 Offer Additional Health Benefits - They Promote Growth, Improve Heart And Skin Health, And Prevent Anemia And Hair Loss

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, liver Support Supplements, gt, vet Classics Liver Support
      SKU: Vet-classics-liver-support-tablets-60-count

    Veterinary Formula Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Conditioner (17 Fl Oz)
      Veterinary Formula Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Conditioner (17 Fl Oz).

      Veterinary Formula® Ultra Oatmeal™ Moisturizing Conditioner Contains Potent Humectants And Moisturizers To Hydrate Your Pet's Skin And Coat. This Exceptional Conditioner Contains Jojoba, Pomegranate, Silk Proteins, And Hea Butter To Leave Coats Soft, Silky, Shiny And Strong. This Formulation Also Features A Pleasant Raspberry Tea And Pomegranate Fragrance That Will Leave Your Pet Smelling Great. Veterinary Formula Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Conditioner Is Made In The Usa And Can Be Used Without Washing Away Topical Flea And Tick Treatments. This Bottle Contains 17 Fluid Ounces Of The Conditioner That Can Be Used With Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Shampoo For An Even Softer, Healthier Coat. Keep Your Pet's Skin And Coat Healthy With These Hydrating Formulas Today! Key Features: Potent Humectants And Moisturizers Leave Coat Soft, Silky, And Shiny Features Long-lasting Raspberry Tea And Pomegranate Fragrance Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, veterinary Formula, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Veterinary-formula-ultra-moisturizing-conditioner-17-oz

    The Steel Bonnets: The Story Of The Anglo-scottish Border Reivers
      The Steel Bonnets: The Story Of The Anglo-scottish Border Reivers.

      From The Thirteenth To The Sixteenth Centuries, Outlaws Reigned Supreme On The Contentious Frontier Between England And Scotland. Feud And Terror, Raid And Reprisal, Were The Ordinary Stuff Of Life-and A Way Of Survival. Power Was Held By The Notorious Border Reivers (the "steel Bonnets," Named For Their Flashy Helmets), Who Robbed And Murdered In The Name Of Family: The Famous Clans (or "grains")-like Elliot, Armstrong, Charlton, And Robson-romanticized By Sir Walter Scott. In The Steel Bonnets, George Macdonald Fraser, Author Of The Bestselling Flashman Novels, And Himself A Borderer, Tells The Fascinating And Bloody Story Of The Reivers, Their Rise To Power As Ferocious Soldiers Of Horse, And Their Surprisingly Sudden Fall From Grace.

      SKU: 7379241
      ISBN: 9781602392656
      Author: Fraser, George Macdonald


      Loyola Press Introduces Loyola Classics, A Series Of Reprint Editions Of Literary And Popular Catholic Fiction. Combining A High Degree Of Literary Merit With Enduring Popular Appeal, Loyola Classics Will Attract Modern Readers Interested In The Timeless Themes Of Religious Fiction. Eight Books Will Be Added To The Series Each Year. Each Book Includes A New Introduction By A Contemporary Writer, As Well As Discussion Questions Designed To Help Deepen The Reading Experience For Both Individuals And Reading Groups. Helena Is The Intelligent, Horse-mad Daughter Of A British Chieftan Who Is Suddenly Betrothed To The Warrior Who Becomes The Roman Emperor Constantius. She Spends Her Life Seeking Truth In The Religions, Mythologies, And Philosophies Of The Declining Ancient World. This She Eventually Finds In Christianity-and Literally In The Cross Of Christ.

      SKU: 3612355
      ISBN: 9780829421224
      Author: Waugh, Evelyn / Weigel, George

    Midnight Lady
      Midnight Lady.

      Kirstie Scott Can't Wait To Meet The Neighbors That Have Just Moved In, Especially Their Strong-willed And Elegant Mare, Midnight Lady. But She Is Shocked To Discover That They Mistreat Their Horses. Appalled By The Abuse, She Vows To Rescue Them. However, Her Plan Backfires When Many Of The Horses Escape Deep Into The Mountains. About The Series: Kirstie Scott Lives With Her Family At Half Moon Ranch Where Her Entire Life Is Consumed By An Undying Love For Horses. She Finds The Wild And Dangerous Terrain Enticing And Spends Her Afternoons Riding Through The Tall Forests And Deep Canyons. Kirstie Always Finds Adventure In Nature And Never Has A Dull Day. Join Kirstie And Her Friends For Four More Action-packed Adventures In This Popular Horse Series. What Readers Are Saying About The Horses Of Half Moon Ranch: ..".this Series Is Going To Make Quite A Feew Little Horse-crazy Girls Very, Very Happy " "this Story Is One That I Enjoyed. I Hope That The Author Will Continue To Display Such Talent In Writing." "the Detail And Story Line Is Great. I Would Recommend To Any Horse Lover " "a Wonderful Story. This Is A Good Read For Any Horse Lover. I Enjoyed It A Lot." "thought That I Would Rea This Book Because I Have Read Other Books By This Author And I Love Horses. I Couldn't Pht This Book Down An Exciting And Gripping Read."

      SKU: 6055545
      ISBN: 9781402217043
      Author: Oldfield, Jenny

    Headless Horsemen: A Tale Of Chemical Colts, Subprime Sales Agents, And The Last Kentucky Derby On Steroids
      Headless Horsemen: A Tale Of Chemical Colts, Subprime Sales Agents, And The Last Kentucky Derby On Steroids.

      A Pointed And Irreverent Critique Of Thoroughbred Racing's Breakdown, By A Prominent Journalist Turned Horse Breeder Jim Squires Was In Trouble. He Had Gone From One Business Seemingly Intent On Committing Suicide To Another, Both Led Over The Cliff By Visionless Leaders. First It Was The Newspaper Bean-counters' Blind Adherence To The Demands Of Wall Street. Then In Horse Racing It Was A Clannish Group Called "the Dinnies" Refusing To Share Power And Unable To See That Vast Overproduction And Unbridled Greed Had Created A Subprime-like Bubble In The Market. Overpriced Animals Of Dubious Quality And Drug-enhanced Performance On The Track Were Undermining The Integrity Of Competition And Ultimately The Very Breed Itsellf. With Its Economic Model Broken, Its Tawdry Sales Practices Under Attack, And Its Public Image In Tatters After A Series Of Televised Fatal Breakdowns By Horses In Famous Races, The Sport Was Overdue For A Reckoning. "headless Horsemen" Is Squires's Comic But Poignant Critique Of What Is Happening To The Sport And The Animals He Loves, As He And A Small Group Of Unlikely Heroes Agitate For A Return To Fair Dealing. For Anyone Who Cares About The Soul And Survival Of Horse Racing, This Book Is An Impassioned Call To Arms.

      SKU: 3290279
      ISBN: 9780805090604
      Author: Squires, James D.

    Tough Break: The Barn Girls
      Tough Break: The Barn Girls.

      Join The Barn Girls And Their New Friend, Hank, On An Inspiring Trail Ride. Anrea, Baily, And Paige Are Very Surprised When They Learn They Will Have To Say A Tempo- Rary Farewell To Their New Friend, Hank. The Girls Get Pushed To Use Their Skills In Horsemanship And Their Knowledge Of The Natural World Around Them As They Receive Hank And The Barns Newly Adopted Horse, Butter- Ball, Into The Forest And Meadows Of Saber State Park For A Memorable Trip. The Girls Use Skills They've Learned In Other Areas Of Their Lives As They, Once Again, Help To Make Things Right. Look For Book Three In This New Series: Not For The Meek, Coming Soon Peggy Mccarthy, Mba, Is An Award-winning Author Of Non-fiction Books On Healthcare Issues For The Public. The Barn Girl Series Came About Because Of Many Experiences With Her Thirteen Year-old Granddaughter, Julia Rivers, Who Is The Ultimate Barn Girl. Together They Have Planned This Series Of Books Which Should Number Around Forty. The Series Will Follow The Three Barn Girls, Andrea, Baily, And Paige Through Their Pre-teens, Teens And Young Adult Activities At The Barn Where They Work To Ride To The Time When They May Have Children Of Their Own Who May Or May Not Love Horses As Much As Their Moms Do. Both Peggy And Julia Live In The Pacific Northwest.

      SKU: 18641545
      ISBN: 9781432791223
      Author: Mccarthy, Peggy / Rivers, Julia

    The Clydesdale Horse
      The Clydesdale Horse.

      The Clydesdale Horse Traces Its History Back To Farm Horses In Clydesdale, Scotland. The Hair That Grows On Its Legs And Overs Its Hooves Is Its Most Famous Characteristic. Discover More About The Clydesdale's History, Physical Features, And Its Prominent Role In Parades All Over The United States.

      SKU: 15124793
      ISBN: 9781600146572
      Author: Frazel, Ellen / Leuthner, Emily

    Six Chukkers Of Love
      Six Chukkers Of Love.

      Six Chukkers Of Love Is More Than Clark Hetherington's Autobiography. It Is A First-hand Account Of The History Of Polo In The United States Post World War Ii. Clark Knew All Of The Movers And Shakers, Great Playesr And Sundry Characters That Were Responsible For Polos Growth And Development. His Book Is Filled With Wonderful Stories Of These Individuals And Their Enthusiasm For The Sport. These Pages Portray Not Only His Love Of Polo And His Important Role In Its Growth But Also The Influential Roles Played By Each Of Many Other Individuals. At The National Museum Of Polo And Hall Of Fame Part Of Our Mission Is To Preserve, Record, And Archive The History And Tradition Of Polo. Much Of What Clark Has Written In These Pages Are Anecdotes Of Personal Experiences No Where Else Previously Documented. The Anecdotes And Stories Convey What All Of Us Who Live The Sport Know To Be The True Flavor Of Its Tradition. Our Heartfelt Gratitude Goes Out To The Author For Preserving This History. Six Chukkers Of Love Is Another Chapter In Clark Hetherington's Dedicated Service To The Sport Of Polo. In 2004, The National Museum Of Polo And Hall Of Fame Recognized His Lifetime Contributions With The Iglehart Award. Some Of These Confributions Are Briefly Outlined On The Plaque In His Honor At The Museum As Follows: He Spent A Lifetime Dedicated To Polo. An Avid Player Since Age 7. He Later Captained The Oklahoma University Team. He Started Broad Acres Polo Club In 1954 And Served Four Years As Uspa Circuit Governor. At His Own Expense, He Produced Educational Films Such As Charlie Chukker And An Umpire Training Presentation. Clark Has Been Called By Many, "the Father Of Professional Umpiring." Hetirelessly Promoted A Uniform Standard For All Umpires To The Uspa And To Clubs Around The Country. After His Appointment As Uspa Chief Umpire, He Developed Umpire Training Programs And Conducted Numerous Clinics Across The Nation, Furnishing Horses And Equipment. More Than 250 Polo Players, Including Several Hall Of Fame Inductees, Claim Hetherington As Their Mentor. I Know The Many Friends Clark Has Made Over The Years On The Polo Field Will Enjoy Reading Through These Pages. Undoubtedly, They Will Arouse In Each Reader Treasured Memories Of Polo Fun. For Me And Countless Others In The Sport, His Career Has Been A Wonderful Influence And Example. Stephen Orthwein Chairman National Museum Of Polo And Hall Of Fame

      SKU: 6327563
      ISBN: 9781420828924
      Author: Hetherington, Wm Clark

    The Jingler's Luck
      The Jingler's Luck.

      A Thomas The Falconer Mystery Winter 1594; The Body Of A Young Woman Is Found Washed Up Beside The Thames. She Has Been Cruelly Mutilated, And Cannot Be Idenitfied. Meanwhile Thomas The Falconer Arrives In Frost-bound London On A Sensitive Mission: To Persuade His Master Sir Robert To Give Up His Foolish Infatation With A Notorious Lady Of The Court. But The Lady Imogen's Intrigues Are More Sinister Than Even Thomas Imagines ? And Soon He Is Caught Up In A Bizarre Spiral Of Events. Thomas's Friend Ben Mallam, The Streetwise Jingler (a Dealer In Used Horses) Returns To Aid Him. After A Shape Of Bad Luck, Perhaps Ben's Fortunes Will Change As He Helps Thomas Unravel A Deadly Plot Which Strikes At The Very Heart Of Tudor England, Threatening The Security Of The Nation Itself . . .

      SKU: 2654250
      ISBN: 9780727863737
      Author: Pilkington, John

    Tiger's Eye: A Memoir
      Tiger's Eye: A Memoir.

      "a Decade Ago...i Fell Ill.'fall' Is The Appropriate Word; It Is Almost As Alarming And Quite As Precipitous As Falling In Love." So Begins Inga Clendinnen's Beautifully Written, Revelatory Memoir Exploring The Working Of Human Memory And The Construction Of The Self. In Her Earl Y Fiftiez, Clendinnen, Australia's Award-winning Historian Of Mayan And Aztec History, Was Struck With An Incurable Liver Disease, Immobilized And Forced To Give Up Formal Research And Teaching. From Her Sickness Comes A Striking Realization Of Literacy's Protean Possibilities: That Writing Can Be A Vital Refuge From The Debilitation Of The Body, And That The Imagination Can Blossom As The Body Is Enfeebled. Exiled From Both Society And The Solace Of History, And Awaiting The Mysterious Interventions Of Medical Science, Clendinnen Begins To Write: About Her Childhood In Australia, Her Parents, Her Neighbors, Her Own History. In Addition To Recovering Half-forgotten Stories - About The Town Baker And His Charming Horse, Herbie, About The Three Elderly, Reclusive Sisters Who Let Her Into Their Clandestine World - Clendinnen Invents New Ones To Escape The Confines Of The Hospital, With Subjects Ranging From The Jealousies Between Sisters To A Romantic, Kafkaesque Encounter On A Train. She Also Traces The Physical, Mental And Moral Impacts Of Her Disease, And Voices The Terrifying Drama Of Bizarre, Vivid Drug- And Illness-induced Hallucinations - Even One She Had During Her Liver Transplant. Along The Way, Clendinnen Begins To Doubt Her Own Memories, Remembering Things That She Knows Cannot Have Happened And Realizing That True Stories Often Produce A False Picture Of The Whole. With Her Gifts Forlanguage And Observation, Clendinnen Deftly Explores And Maps The Obscure Terrain That Divides History From Fiction And Truth From Memory, As She Tries To Uncover The Relationship Between Her Former Selves And The Woman She Is Now. An Exquisite Hybrid Of Humorous Childhood Recollections, Masterful Fictions And Probing History, "tiger's Eye" Is A Uniquely Powerful Book About How Illness Can Challenge The Self - And How Writing Can Help One Define And Realize It.

      SKU: 2749364
      ISBN: 9780743206006
      Author: Clendinnen, Inga

    10pcs/lot Hot Sale Choker Pendant Necklace Horse Unicorn Zinc Alloy Horses Punk Necklace Jewelry Simple Statement Necklace
      10pcs/lot Hot Sale Choker Pendant Necklace Horse Unicorn Zinc Alloy Horses Punk Necklace Jewelry Simple Statement Necklace.

      Fine Or Fashion:fashion Item Type:necklace Style:pendant Necklace Size:45cm Chain Color: Silver Gold Pack:opp Bag Free Shipping

      Category: Pendantnecklaces
      SKU: 394453149

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