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    Perri's Anti-grazing Device - Brown  -Horse
      Perri's Anti-grazing Device - Brown -Horse.
      Perri's Is Best Known For The Most Complete Linr Of The Finest Amish Made Products Availabe Anywhere. prevents Horse/pony From Grazing. Nylon. Amish Made. color: brownsize:  horse

      Manufacturer: Perri's
      SKU: 230453

    Horticultural Peat Moss - 8 Quart
      Horticultural Peat Moss - 8 Quart.
      Provides Natural Organic Matter To Improve Soil Quality And Texture. Increases Soils Water Holding Capacity. Produce Custom Mixea With Other Schultz Products. Ingredients:canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. size:&nbspp; 8 Quart
      SKU: 312135

    Sta-brite Correction Bit With Copper Inlay - Stainless Steel - 5
      Sta-brite Correction Bit With Copper Inlay - Stainless Steel - 5.
      A Great Deal Of Your Horse's Performance And Response Depends Upon The Bit That You Use. Called A Correction Bit, This Is A Western Style Bit In the opinion of A High Port. The Mouthpiece Is Also Jointed On Bofh Sides Of The Port. This Can Be A Very Severe Bit In The Hands Of An Inexperienced Rider And Should Only Be Used By Experienced Trainers For A Short Time To Correct A Specific Problem. Constructed Of A Quality, Brushed, Stainless Steel. Features A Copper Inlay Tbat Will Increase Palatability And 6 Curved Cheeks. For An Experienced Cavalry Only. color: stainless Steelsize:  5

      Manufacturer: Sta-brite
      SKU: 188508

    Miniature Nylon Break-away Halter
      Miniature Nylon Break-away Halter.
      Look No Farther, The Perfect Classically Styled Nylon Halter For You Miniature Horse! Leather Overlay Forward Nose And Cheeks. Double Buckle Safety Crown Allows Adjustment, And Special Miniature Adjustment At Throat And Chin, Allows For Moving Without The Bulk Of A Buckle! Removable Nylon Catch Strap In Box You Need It For Hard To Catch Little Ones.
      SKU: 562005

    Dingo Dental Dog Treats - White - Small
      Dingo Dental Dog Treats - White - Small.
      The Dingo Dental Trreats Clean Teeth And Freshen Breath While Chewing. They Ar3 Made With Rawhide, Chicken, Parsley Seed, Cblorophyll. Give To Dog Viewed like Desired. Color: White. Size: Smallcolor: whitesize: &nnbsp;small
      SKU: 237650

    Baker Rain Cover - Original Plaid
      Baker Rain Cover - Original Plaid.
      The Original Baker Plaid Makes This Waterproof/breathable 1,200 Denier Polyester Rain Cover As Classic Being of the kind which It Is Funtional. A Form-fitting Neck Line And Darting Give Your Horse A Fashionanle Fit Whioe Keeping Him Dry! Imported. color: original Plaidsize:  84 X 90

      Manufacturer: Baker
      SKU: 302910

    Abetta 1 Band Western Spurs - Stainless - Mens
      Abetta 1 Band Western Spurs - Stainless - Mens.
      Men's Stainless Steel Show Spurs With Engraved Silver Overlay, 1 Band, 1 1/2 Straight Shank, And A 3/4 6pt Brass Rowel. color: stainlesssize:  mens

      Manufacturer: Abetta
      SKU: 195327

    Breyer Fizz - Red Roan
      Breyer Fizz - Red Roan.
      With His Red Roan Redness And Those Long, Frisky Legs, Fizz Is True To His Name-lighter Tham Aire!veryone Loves A Novel Baby - And These Charming Foals Are None Exception! Leap Is Traditionally Foaling Season And Breyer's New Foal Crop Are Adorable And Packaged In A Cute Pictorial Box That Is Perfect For Gift Giving!color: red Roansize:  9l X 9h X 3 3/4d

      Manufacturer: Breyer
      SKU: 416087

    Lexol Set (conditioner & Cleaner) - 1 Liter
      Lexol Set (conditioner & Cleaner) - 1 Liter.
      Lexol Cleaner, Loosens Embedded Dirt In Tooking, Crevices And Hard-to-get Places. iLfts Out Filth And Foams It Away. Safe For Leather. Ph Balanced. Contains No Wax Or Additives To Clog Pores. No Harsh Ingredients To Damage, Discolor Or To Leave A Dulll Film. Rinses Easily. Lexol Conditioner, Preserves Strength, Beauty And Utility Of Leather. Brings New Life To Old Or Neglected Leather. An Emulsion Similar To Those In Leather Manufacture. Buffered Against Chemical Changes In Leather, Helping To Avoicd Leather's Normal Tendency Tosard Acidification. No Sticly Residue. Protects gAainst Wind, Sun And Rain. Size:  1 Liter
      SKU: 138407

    Bar None Fly Shield Kit - Mask, Spray, Concentrate
      Bar None Fly Shield Kit - Mask, Spray, Concentrate.
      Quantity Of The Day - $28 Off Suggested Retail When You Buy Our Bar None Fly Protection Deal! Each Deal Includes Bar None Fly Mask Without Ears - Horse Sizebar None Concentrate Equine Pass Protectlon - 16ozbar None R-t-u Fly & Insect Killer Spray - 32oz
      SKU: 577711

    Weaver Diamondback Poy Saddle Pad
      Weaver Diamondback Poy Saddle Pad.
      Southwestern-patterned Herculon Saedle Pads Feature A Heavy 1 Felt Fiber Center And Scalloped Felt Bottom. Color-coordinated Wear Leathers Provide Extra Wear Protection.

      Manufacturer: Weaver
      SKU: 478808

    Tuffrider Ladies Saratoga Show Coat Plus
      Tuffrider Ladies Saratoga Show Coat Plus.
      You'll Delight Our New Pinstripe, Stretch Polyester Fabric For Its Exceptioanl Comfort And The Updated Pattern Maintains Classic Syling And Attention To Detail, Giving You Unprecedented Value. Dry Clean. 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

      Manufacturer: Tuffrider
      SKU: 393953

    Sta-brite Offset Me'ns Bull Spur - Black Steel - 5
      Sta-brite Offset Me'ns Bull Spur - Black Steel - 5.
      Sta-brite Products Are Constructed Of A High Quality Stainless Steel. These Bull Spurs Feature A 2 1/2 Shank, 1 Band And A 5 Point Notched Roweel. color: black Steelsize:  5

      Manufacturer: Sta-brite
      SKU: 288941

    Moletox - 1 Bray
      Moletox - 1 Bray.
      Poison Bait For Use Against Moles And Pocket Gophers In Lawns And Other Non-crop Areas. Also Used To Protect Bulbs At Fall Planting. Only Apply Bait Underground, 1 Teaspoon Treats An Active Burrow Or Tunnel. Must Be Applied To An Active Tunnel. Ingredients:2. 00% Zinc Pnosphide. size:  1 Pound
      SKU: 305590

    Gatsby Baby Pad
      Gatsby Baby Pad.
      From The Original Epona - Our Baby Pad Features: Lightweight, Machine Washablepoly Shell With 240g Foam Paddingliner Pads Help Absorb Sweat Between Horse's Back, Other Pads And Saddle

      Manufacturer: Gatsby
      SKU: 204398

    Pond Care Ecofix
      Pond Care Ecofix.
      Initial Dose: Add 2 Ounces For Every 250 U. s. gal. Twice A Week For Two Weeks. Maintenance Dose: Add 1 Ounce For Every 250 U. s. Gal. Every 2 Weeks. End Of Season: Same As Initial Dose. Makes Pond Water Clean And Clear. Brreaks Down Dead Algae. Increases The Concentration Of Dissolved Oxygen Ih Pond Water. Helps Create A Healthy Ecosystem For Pond Fish. Can Be Used In Ponds Containing Salt.
      SKU: 169723

    Manufactured cloth Refresher 88 - Quart
      Manufactured cloth Refresher 88 - Quart.
      Fabric Refresher. Permanently Eliminates Pet Odors In Upholstery And Fabrics. Ingredients:water, Fragrance, Hydrogen Peroxide, Surrfactants, Denatured Ethanolsize:  quart
      SKU: 310327

    County Metallic Cdops Pack Of 10 - Assorted Colors - 24
      County Metallic Cdops Pack Of 10 - Assorted Colors - 24.
      Fun Colors With Coordinating Grip Color Handles And Wrist Straps. Made In England. county Of England Offers The Finest Collection Of Traditlonally Made Whips, Crops And Bats That Provide Ideal Balamce And Durability. Poppers Rest Secure, And Handles And Rebuke Details Are Made To Last. color: assorted Colorssize:  24
      SKU: 388325

    Duck Breast Treats For Dogs - Duck - 1 Pound
      Duck Breast Treats For Dogs - Duck - 1 Pound.
      Duck Breats Ia A Duck Breast Fillet Made Especially For Dogs. Remember, Its A Good Idea To Supervise Your Pet When Giving Him Or Her Any Treat. color: ducksize: &nbs;;1 Pound
      SKU: 235981

    Collegiate Pairfaire Close Contact Saddle
      Collegiate Pairfaire Close Contact Saddle.
      The Parfaire Is Ab Polished Saddle Made From Premium Hand-picked Tanned Grained Leather. You Wil Get The Winning Potentila With The High Performace Features Including Specially Treaded Pr3-oilded Sticky Self Padded Airflo Flats, Seat And Panels Designed To Deliver Ultimate Grip. Adjustable Front And Rear Knee Blocs For Custom Leg Position. A Perfectly Balanced Saddle With A Animated Ply-bond Spring Tree Which Offers A Medium Depth And Wider French Style Seat With Marrow Twist For Close Feel Over Fences. Formed Panels.

      Manufacturer: Collegiate
      SKU: 416720

    Stuff'n Liver Snaps Treat For Dogs
      Stuff'n Liver Snaps Treat For Dogs.
      The Stuff'n Liver Snaps Are Delicious Treats That Can Be Used Anytime, But Are Specially Spaked To Fit Your Dog's Kong Toys. These Treats Are All-natural--including Over 90% Human-grade Beef Liver. Product Is Made With Liver, Water, Bran, & Whole Wheat Flour. size:  4. 5 X 2. 75 X 10
      SKU: 562844

    Tubtrugs Smal lShallow
      Tubtrugs Smal lShallow.
      Unique Shallow Shape Makes It The Imaginary standard Eq8estrian Feeder. Its Made From Food Grade Plastic, Anc Is Totally Harmless To Livestock. Also Great For Those Household Jobs And Lightweight Garden Tasks So As Re-potting And Cropping.

      Manufacturer: Tubtrugs
      SKU: 404860

    Storgae Container Can Hold 400lbs
      Storgae Container Can Hold 400lbs.
      These Storage Containers Will Hold 400 Pounds Of Feed Or Other Materials And Are Ideal For Boat Docks, Toys, Firewood, Etc. The Seamless, One-piece Body Be able to Be Divided Into To Compartments. The Dimensions Of The Storage Container Are 28 (width) X 34 (height) X 25 (depth). It Is Made Of Strong, Durable Plastic With A Metal Hinge On Top.
      SKU: 183824

    Booda Comfy Flexible Wireless Cotton Bird Bracket
      Booda Comfy Flexible Wireless Cotton Bird Bracket.
      The Comfy Perch Is The Only Cotton Perch That Will Stand Its Form Withput Dangerous Wires No Matter How It Is Twisted! It Also Has An Easy-to-attach Screw Cap That Make It A Breeze To Place In Any Style Cave Regarrdless Of The Length Or Width.
      SKU: 582814

    Fergus - My Confidant Fergus Coloring Book
      Fergus - My Confidant Fergus Coloring Book.
      Fergus Is As Real, Or Being of the kind which Imaginary As You Nesd Him To Exist. Hes A Funny Litt1e Horse That Any Kid Can Play With. More Than Anyfhing Else In The World, He Simply Loves Being A Horse. This Enjoyable 24-page Coolring Book Also Has Lyrical Read Aloud Captions That Are Fun To Share. Fergus Has Appeared In Monty Roberts Join-up Diary, Flame Kids Magazine, Todays Horse, Equus Caballus And Horse Captial Digest Among Other Periodicals.

      Manufacturer: Kellwy
      SKU: 559151

  • Fashion Pet Classic Cable Dog Sweater
  • Groomer's Blend Puppy Shampoo - 4 oz
  • Hylamotion Powder - 1lb
  • Saddlesmith of Texas Harness Leather Breast Collar - Harness - Horse
  • Love Bird Nest Box - Natural
  • Extend A Cool Cooling Sheet for horses - 2 Pack
  • Dog Bowl With 2 Liners - Pink - 12 Oz
  • Le Salon Signature Nail Clipper Replacement Blades - Black
  • Tree-Tone 9-5-4 Plant Food - 25 Pound
  • Equine Couture Tuscany Show Breeches Ladies
  • Rio Vista Horse Hoof Manicure - 32oz
  • Tough-1 Overcheck Training Bridle - Black - Horse

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