Precision Pet Snoozzy Crate Bed 2000 - Natural (25"x20")

    Precision Pet Snoozzy Crate Bed 2000 - Natural (25"x20")
      Precision Pet Snoozzy Crate Bed 2000 - Natural (25"x20").

      The Precision Pet Snoozzy Crate Bed 2000 Provides The Perfect Sleep Solution To Both Cats And Dogs That Need A Soft Spot To Rest. This Product Uses A Soft Plush Fabric To Add Comfort To Crates, Carriers Or Any Other Spot Your Pooch Might Take A Nap. The Mat Is Also Machine Washable To Make Cleaning Up After Your Pet As Simple As Possible. The Precision Pet Snoozzy Crate Bed 2000 Has A Textured Bottom That Prevents The Mat From Sliding Around. This Product Is Warm And Comfortable So That Both Cats And Dogs Will Love To Using It. Your Pet Will Use This Crate Bed Often- So Order Today! Key Features: Soft Plush Fabric Softens Crates, Carriers, Or Any Floor Rolls Up Compactly For Travel Or Storage Machine Washable

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, crate Pads, gt, precision Pet Crate Pads
      SKU: Precision-pet-snoozzy-crate-bed-2000-natural-25x20

    Aoe Animal Odor Eliminator Wipes (80 Count)
      Aoe Animal Odor Eliminator Wipes (80 Count).

      Aoe (animal Odor Eliminator) All Purpose Deodorizing Pet Wipes Soothes With A Pleasant Scent And Easy Clean-up For Ears And Anal Gland Excretions. Safe For Use On Your Hands, The Pet And All Other Surfaces. One Package Comes With 80 Count, 7" X 8 ' Extra Strong Wipes.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, a, o, e, Animal Odor Eliminator Wipes
      SKU: Aoepetwipes

    Barkworthies Big Cheese Chew - Medium
      Barkworthies Big Cheese Chew - Medium.

      Barkworthies Big Cheese Chews Give Your Dog The Healthy, Long-lasting Chew They Deserve! Everest-sized Smack Worth Yakking About! All Natural Free Range Grass Fed Grain Or Gluten Free No Preservatives No Added Sugar No Antibiotics Dental Health Gmo Free Everest-sized Taste Worth Yakking About! Barkworthies Big Cheese Chews (medium) Offer Your Large Breed, Voracious Chewer Something To Really Sink His Teeth Into! Based On A Generations-old Reciipe From The Mountains Of Nepal, These All-natural, Nutritious Chews Are Made From Yak And Cow Milk That Has Been Processed To Be Low In Lactose. Everest-sized Taste Worth Yakking About! Completely Digestible As Well As Grain And Gluten Free, Barkworthies Big Cheese Chews Last Up To Five Times Longer Than Your Average Rawhide Chew. They Can Provide Many Hours Of Chew Time. Please Note That This Product Is Not For Human Consumption. Please Supervise Your Pet While Giving A Treat Or Chew. Everest-sized Taste Worth Yakking About! Just Like The Rest Of The Barkworthies Line, Barkworthies Big Cheese Chews Are Additive, Chemical And Preservative Free. Treat Your Dog To A Chew With An Everest-sized Taste Worth Yakking About! All Natural Dog Chew No Preservatives No Fillers Nothing Artificial Made In U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, barkworthies, amp, reg, Natural Chews , amp, Treats
      SKU: Barkworthies-big-chese-chew-medium

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Duck Recipe For Adult Dogs - 24lb
      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Duck Recipe For Adult Dogs - 24lb.

      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Duck Recipe For Adult Dogs Inspired By The Diet Of Wolves, True Omnivores Whose Endurance Is Legendary, Blue Wilderness Is A Protein-rich, Grain-free Food That Contains More Of The Delic Ious Chicken Your Dog Loves. Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients ? And No Grains. Deboned Duck, Chicken Meal And Turkey Meal Supply The Protein Your Dog Needs. Sweet Potatoes And Potatoes Provide Healthy Complex Carbohydrates. Blueberries, Cranberries And Carrots Support Antioxidant-enrichment. A Sensible Alternative To Raw Diets Raw Diets Are Less Convenient To Prepare Than Blue Wilderness. What?s More, With Raw Diets You Typically Need To Provide Additional Supplements To Make Secure What You?re Feeding Your Dog Is Nutritionally Complete. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, dry Dog Food, gt, blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food
      SKU: Blue-buffalo-wilderness-grain-free-duck-recipe-for-adult-dogs-24lb

    Furminator My Furst Ultra Premium Shampoo For Puppies (16 Oz)
      Furminator My Furst Ultra Premium Shampoo For Puppies (16 Oz).

      Furminator My Furst Puppy Shampoo Is A Non-irritating, Non-drying, Tearless Shampoo That Is Ph Balanced To Clean Without Drying Delicate Skin. Endiched With Kava Extract, Chamomile Extract And Aloe Vera, This Blend Of Natural Ingredients Is Safe And Gentle To Use On Puppy's Delicate Skin. My Furst Puppy Non-drying Formula Leaves Your Puppy Smelling Fresh And Clean. Contains No Parabens, Artificial Colors Or Chemical Dyes. For Long And Short-haired Dogs Over 6 Weeks Old. Ingredients: Natural Shampoo, Natural Surfactants, Water, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Kava Extract, Calendula Extract, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, Papaya Leaf Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, furminator, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Furshampoopup16oz

    Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Teenie 43 Treats (12 Oz)
      Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Teenie 43 Treats (12 Oz).

      Greenies® Grain Free Treat-pak™ Teenie® (12 Oz) Is A Package Of Palatable Dental Treats That Your Dog Will Love. Not Only Are These Delectable Snacks Ideal For Rewarding Your Pooch, But Each Greenies Bone Is Formulated To Promote Healthy Teeth And Gums In Dogs. The Unique Texture Of The Treats Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar To Keep Your Dog's Mouth Clean. Greenies Grain Free Treat-pak - Teenie (12 Oz) Are Made In The Usa With Ingredients That Prevent The Growth Of Harmful Bacteria In Your Pet's Mouth And That Are Easy For Your Dog To Digest. This Package Includes 12 Ounces Of Grain-free Treats That Are Ideal For Dogs Weighing Between 5 And 15 Pounds, But A 27 Ounce Package Of Teenie Treats Is Also Available. Your Dog Will Love These Nutritious, Delicious Dental Treats- So Order Today! Key Features: Grain-free With Ingredients That Are Highly Digestible Promotes Healthy Teeth And Gums And Reduces Bad Breath Available In 4 Sizes Of Treats (teenie, Petite, Regular, And Large), Each In Two Sizes Of Bags: 12 Oz And 27 Oz Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, greenies, amp, reg, Grain Free
      SKU: Greenies-grain-free-treat-pak-teenie-12-oz

    Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid Form For Dogs (16 Oz)
      Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid Form For Dogs (16 Oz).

      Grizzly Joint Aid Liquid Form For Dogs Naturally Supports Hip And Joint Maintenance In Your Canines Using Key Ingredients Such As Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Msm, Hyaluronic Aci D And Krill Oil. This Optimal Strength Formula Comes In A Liquid Form With Measured Pumps For Easy Dosing And Administration. Krill Oil Is Added To Enhance Absorption Of The Joint-enhancing Active Ingredients! Additionally, The Natural Flavor Of Krill Will Get Your Dog's Mouthwatering For More. This Supplement Is Skilled For Dogs Suffering From Arrthritis Or Having Annoyance Being Active Due To Age, But Is Also Ideal For Dogs Who Require Joint And Hip Maintenance. Liquid Joknt And Hip Supplement For Dogs Helps Maintain Joint, Cartilage And Connective Tissue Structure And Function Measured Pumps For Accurate Dosing Gluten-free And Grain-free Krill Oil Supports Digestive Absorption

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, grizzly Pet Joint Aid
      SKU: Grizzly-joint-aid-liquid-form-dogs-16-oz

    Groom-aid Spray (7.3 Oz)
      Groom-aid Spray (7.3 Oz).

      Groom-aid Spray Contains An Absorbable Lanolin Derivative Which Adds A Luster And Sheen To Your Pet's Coat. It Helps To Keep Coat Tangle-free. It Is Non-greasy And Absorbs Quickly. When Applied After Bathing, It Makes Pets' Coats Easy To Comb, Brush And Groom. Has A Pleasant Scent.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, grooming Sprays, Wipes , amp, amp, Foams, gt, vetoquinol Groom-aid Spray
      SKU: Groomaidespray

    Jw Pet Insight Cuttlebone Holder
      Jw Pet Insight Cuttlebone Holder.

      Jw Pet Insight Cuttlebone Holder Is The Perfect Tool For Feeding Cuttlebones To Your Bird. The Product Holds Cuttlebones In Place With A Plastic Barrier To Ensure That It Doesn't Move While Your Bird Eats. An Additional Piece Of Plastic Protruding From The Holder Makes The Perfect Perch For Your Bird To Use As He Enjoys His Meal. The Product Also Includes A Pocket To Catch Debris And Make Cleaning Up Easy. Jw Pet Insight Cuttlebone Holder Comes In Vibrant Assorted Colors That Your Bird Will Love. This Product Is Perfect For Owners With Canaries, Cockatiels, Finches, And Parakeets. Your Bird Will Love The Convenience Of This Product And So Will You- So Order One Today! Key Features: Includes Perch For Bird To Use While Eating Catches Debris To Make Cleaning Up Simple Perfect For Parakeets, Cockatiels, Finches, Canaries

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Toys , amp, Accessories, gt, jw Pet Bird Accessories
      SKU: Jw-pet-insight-cuttlebone-holder

    Marineland Aquatic Plant Lighting System With Timer (18"-24")
      Marineland Aquatic Plant Lighting System With Timer (18"-24").

      Marineland Aquatic Plant Lighting Systems Help Your Aquatic Plants To Thrive With A Modern, Streamlined Design. This Customer-requested Design Provides Blue, Red, And Green Accent Lighting To Keep Your Aquatic Plants Healthy And Lush And A New, Integrated Timer For Ease-of-use. ? 18?-24? ? Helps Your Aquatic Plants To Thrive ? 1 Watt 6,500 White Leds ? 3 Watt Rgb Leds ? Energy-efficient ? Polycarbonate Lens ? 50,000 Lifetime Hours ? Flexible Mounting System ? One-year Performance E Warranty

      Category: Aquarium , amp, amp, Fish Supplies, gt, aquarium Lighting, gt, marineland Lighting
      SKU: Marineland-aquatic-plant-lighting-system-timer-18-24

    Naturvet Odoeliminator Concentrated Deodorizer (5 Gallon)
      Naturvet Odoeliminator Concentrated Deodorizer (5 Gallon).

      Odoeliminator Concentrate ? Eliminates Odors On Contact ? Recommended For Kennels, Crates, Gravel And Dirt Runs ? Concentrated Formula ? One Ounce Makes One Gallon Of Ready-to-use Deodorizer ? Non-irritating, Non-staining And Pleasant Smelling Eliminates Odors On Contact. One Gallon Makes Over 128 Gallons Of Ready To Use Deodorizer. Odoeliminator Concentrated Deodorizer Quickly Eliminates Odors In Areas Where Cleaning Isn?t Required. Great For Kennels, Crates, Concrete, Gravel And Dirt Runs. Safely Deodorizes Kennels, Catteres And Other Small Animal Quarters. Non-irritating, Non-staining And Pleasant Smelling. It Is Easily Applied With Mop, Sponge, Scrubber, Sprayer, Trigger Or Hose-end Sprayer. Safe To Use Around Pets Including Puppies And Kittens. Contains No Phenol. Not For Use Directly On Pets.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, naturvet Odokleen , amp, Odoeliminator
      SKU: Naturvet-odoeliminator-concentrated-deodorizer-5-gallon

    Nutri-cal Cats By Tomlyn (4.25oz)
      Nutri-cal Cats By Tomlyn (4.25oz).

      Tomlyn Nutri-cal Cat Is A Veterinarian Formulated, High-calorie Dietary Supplement, Provides Quality Nutrition In A Great-tasting Gel. Ideal For Cats Who Are Finicky, Who Are "off Food" Or Who Require An Additional Source Of Energy. Directions: When The Animal's Caloric Or Nutritional Intake Is To Be Supplemented, Give 1 1/2 Teaspoons Per 10 Pounds Of Body Weight Daily. When Animal Is Not Consuming Full Feed Ration, Give Three Teaspoons (one Tablespoon) Per 10 Pounds Of Body Weight Daily.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, performance , amp, amp, High Calorie, gt, nutri-cal , amp, Nutri-stat Food Supplement
      SKU: Nutricalcats

    Tomlyn Laxatone Natural Chicken Flavor (4.25 Oz)
      Tomlyn Laxatone Natural Chicken Flavor (4.25 Oz).

      Tomlyn Products Tomlyn Is Under The Umbrella Of One Of The Largest Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies In The World, Vetoquinol Sa . All Tomlyn Products Are Formulated By Pet Experts Who Have A Genuine Passion For Animals. Tomlyn Is The Brand More Pet Owners Are Turning To For The Best In Nuttrition And Pet Care. Tomlyn Laxatone Natural (4.25 Oz) Laxatone Natural Is Formulated To Deliver The Same Quality As All Laxatone Products, But Is Free From Ingredients Like Petrolatum For The Pet Owner Who Prefers To Give Their Animals Products Free From Additives Or Chemicals. Laxatone Natural Is Also Infused With Natural Chamomile To Soothe Any Discomfort. Benefits All Natural Ingredients Petrolatum Free Easy For Pet Owners To Administer Same Excellent Effectiveness Safe Prevention Of Hairballs Great Taste That Cats Love

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, laxatives , amp, amp, Hairball Treatments, gt, tomlyn Cat Laxatives Hairball Remedies
      SKU: Tomlyn-laxatone-natural-4-25-oz

    Blue Buffalo Tranquility Chicken Jerky Dog Treats (3.25 Oz)
      Blue Buffalo Tranquility Chicken Jerky Dog Treats (3.25 Oz).

      Blue Buffalo Tranquility Chicken Chicken Jerky Dog Treats (3.25 Oz) Are Tasty, Natural Jerky Treats That Your Dog Will Sit Up, Roll Over And Beg For Because It?s Made With Ingredients To Help Him Maintain A Healthy, Happy Lifestyle. Real Chicken: Farm-raised In The U.s.a Chamomile & Lavender: Flavored With Two Mellow And Peaceful Herbs Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids: To Help Support Healthy Skin And Coat While Your Furry Frirnd Would Probably Love To Eat The Whole Bag, Blue Tranquility Jerky Treats Are Intended For Intermittent Or Supplemental Feeding Singly. * Keep In Mind, Blue Tranquility Treats Are Not Appropriate For Puppies And Dogs Less Than 5lbs. * Blue Tranquility Is Made With The Finest Natural Ingredients And Has No Chicken Or Poultry By-product Meals And Are Corn, Wheat And Soy Free.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, blue Buffalo Skin And Coat Treats
      SKU: Tranquility-chicken-jerky-dog-treats

    Norse Mythology: A Guide To The Gods, Heroes, Rituals, And Beliefs
      Norse Mythology: A Guide To The Gods, Heroes, Rituals, And Beliefs.

      Norse Mythology Explores The Magical Mythss And Legends Of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland And Viking-age Greenland-outlining Along The Way The Prehistoric Tales And Beliefs From These Regions That Have Remained Embedded In The Imagination Of The World. The Book Begins With An Introduction That Helps Put Scandinavian Mythology In Place In History, Followed By A Chapter That Explains The Meaning Of Mythic Time, And A Third Section That Presents In-depth Explanations Of Each Mythological Term. These Fascinating Entries Identify Particular Deities And Giants, As Well As The Places Where They Dwell And The Varied And Wily Means By Which They Forge Their Existence And Battle One Another. We Meet Thor, One Of The Most Powerful Gods, Who Specializes In Killing Giants Using A Hammer Made For Him By Dwarfs, Not To Mention Myriad Trolls, Ogres, Humans And Strange Animals. We Learn Of The Ongoing Struggle Between The Gods, Who Create The Cosmos, And The Jotnar, Or Giants, Who Aim To Destroy It. In The Enchanted World Where This Mythology Takes Place, We Encounter Turbulent Rivers, Majestic Mountains, Denwe Forests, Storms, Fierce Winters, Eagles, Ravens, Salmon And Snakes In A Landscape Closely Resembling Scandinavia. Beings Travel On Ships And On Horseback; They Eat Slaughtered Meat And Drink Mead. Spanning From The Inception Of The Universe And The Birth Of Human Beings To The Universe's Destruction And The Mythic Future, These Sparkling Tales Of Creation And Destruction, Death And Rebirth, Gods And Heroes Will Entertain Readers And Offer Insight Into The Relationship Between Sxandinavian Myth, History, And Culture.

      SKU: 541627
      ISBN: 9780195153828
      Author: Lindow, John

    The Sign Of The Seahorse: A Tale Of Greed And High Adventure In Two Acts
      The Sign Of The Seahorse: A Tale Of Greed And High Adventure In Two Acts.

      Romance, Mystery And Intrigue Revolve Around The Seahorse Cafe, Where The Beautiful Pearl Trout Falls In Love With Corporal Bert The Soldiercrab. But Reeftown Is In Danger, And Soon Pearl, Bert, And Pearl's Brother Finneus Must Journey Through The Ocean Depths To Find The Source Of The Deadly Poison That Is Destroying The Coral Reef. Graeme Base's "witty Rhymes (and) Dynamic, Radiantly Colored Illustrations...should Keep Both Reader And Audience Immensely Entertained" (publishers Weekly). "base Will Surely Delight His Many Fans With This Latest High-color, High-action, High-density Composition...(with) A High-minded Ecological Message". - School Library Journal

      SKU: 428522
      ISBN: 9780140563870
      Author: Base, Graeme

    The Circus Horse
      The Circus Horse.

      In The Second Volume Of This Charming Series, Friends Bonnie And Sam Are Determined To Win The Local Talent Contest. And They Know That Learning To Do Trick Riding On Horseback Will Secure Victory. When The Girls Pick A Real-live Horse To Practice On, All Bets Are Off. The Excitement Will Keep Young Readers Turning Pages, As Bonnie And Sam Discover That Some Things Are Even Better Than Winning.

      SKU: 3393776
      ISBN: 9780811866569
      Author: Lester, Alison / Harvey, Roland

    On The Edge Of Revolution
      On The Edge Of Revolution.

      Eliza Carter Loves Working For Her Father During The Summer Holidays. She Drives Her Own Team Of Horses, Led By Her Special Conestoga Horse, Clipper, Hauling Heavy Wagons Full Of Grain. But Life Changes Dramatically When Tensions In The New Colony Begin To Rise And Her Twin Brother Joins Local Farmers In Armed Resistance Against Their British Rulers. Suddenly She Finds Herself Examining Her Beliefs And Loyalties. Where Will She Stand When National Resentment Boils Over Into Revolution? And Will She Come To Her Brother's Rescue When He Needs Her?

      SKU: 2812057
      ISBN: 9780753460009
      Author: Kent, Deborah

    The Oxford Companion To United States History
      The Oxford Companion To United States History.

      Here Is A Volume That Is As Big And As Varied As The Nation It Portrays. With Over 1,400 Entries Written By Some 900 Historians And Other Scholars, It Illuminates Not Only America's Political, Diplomatic, And Military History, But Also Social, Cultural, And Intellectual Trends; Science, Technology, And Medicine; The Arts; And Religion. Here Are The Familiar Political Heroes, From George Washington And Benjamin Franklin, To Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, And Franklin D. Roosevelt. But Here, Too, Are Scientists, Writers, Radicals, Sports Figures, And Religious Leaders, With Incisive Portraits Of Such Varied Individuals As Thomas Edison And Eli Whitney, Babe Ruth And Muhammed Ali, Black Elk And Crazy Horse, Margaret Fuller, Emma Goldman, And Marian Anderson, Even Al Capone And Jesse James. The Companion Illuminates Events That Have Shaped The Nation (the Great Awakening, Bunker Hill, Wounded Knee, The Vietnam War); Major Supreme Court Decisions (marbury V. Madison, Roe V. Wade); Landmark Legislation (the Fugitive Slave Law, The Pure Food And Drug Act); Social Movements (suffrage, Civil Rights); Influential Books (the Jungle, Uncle Tom's Cabin); Ideologies (conservatism, Liberalism, Social Darwinism); Even Natural Disasters And Iconic Sites (the Chicago Fire, The Johnstown Flood, Niagara Falls, The Lincoln Memorial). Here Too Is The Nation's Social And Cultural History, From Films, Football, And The 4-h Club, To Immigration, Courtship And Dating, Marriage And Divorce, And Death And Dying. Extensive Multi-part Entries Cover Such Key Topics As The Civil War, Indian History And Culture, Slavery, And The Federal Government. A New Volume For A New Century, The Oxford Companion To United States History Covers Everything From Jamestown And The Puritans To The Human Genome Project And The Internet-from Columbus To Clinton. Written In Clear, Graceful Prose For Researchers, Browsers, And General Readers Alike, This Is The Volume That Addresses The Totality Of The American Experience, Its Triumphs And Heroes As Well As Its Tragedies And Darker Moments.

      SKU: 535278
      ISBN: 9780195082098
      Author: Boyer, Paul S. / Debofsky, Melvyn / Monkkonen, Eric H.

    Vaqueros, Cowboys, And Buckaroos
      Vaqueros, Cowboys, And Buckaroos.

      Herding Cattle From Horseback Has Been A Tradition In Northern Mexico And The American West Since The Spanish Colonial Era. The First Mounted Herders Were The Mexican Vaqueros, Expert Horsemen Who Developed The Skills To Work Cattle In The Brush Country And Deserts Of The Southwestern Borderlands. From Them, Texas Cowboys Learned The Trade, Evolving Their Own Unique Culture That Spread Across The Southwest And Great Plains. The Buckaroos Of The Great Basin West Of The Rockies Trace Their Origin To The Vaqueros, With Influence Along The Way From The Cowboys, Though They, Too, Have Ways And Customs Distinctly Their Own. In This Book, Three Long-time Students Of The American West Describe The History, Working Practices, And Folk Culture Of Vaqueros, Cowboys, And Buckaroos. They Draw On Historical Records, Contemporary Interviews, And Numerous Photographs To Show What Makes Each Group Of Mounted Herders Distinctive In Terms Of Working Methods, Gear, Dress, Customs, And Speech. They Also Highlight The Many Common Traits Of All Three Groups. This Comparative Look At Vaqueros, Cowboys, And Buckaroos Brings The Mythical Image Of The American Cowboy Into Focus And Detail And Honors The Regional And National Variations. It Will Be An Essential Resource For Anyone Who Would Know Or Portray The Cowboy-readers, Writers, Songwriters, And Actors Among Them.

      SKU: 824094
      ISBN: 9780292712409
      Author: Clayton, Lawrence / Hoy, Jim / Underwood, Jerald

    With The Cavalry To Afghanistan: The Experiences Of A Trooper Of H. M. 4th Light Dragoons During The First Afghan War
      With The Cavalry To Afghanistan: The Experiences Of A Trooper Of H. M. 4th Light Dragoons During The First Afghan War.

      Up The Indus To Ghuznee And Kabul William Taylor, The Author Of This Book, Was A Trooper In H.m 4th Light Dragoons In India As The Campaign Began To Place Shah Shuja On The Throne Of Afghanistan. The Afghan People Rejected The Choice Of The Imperial Interlopers And Preferred Their Own Choice, Dost Mohammed. So The Stage Was Set For The First Afghan War And One Of Britain's Most Catastrophic Military Disasters. Taylor Takes Onthe Campaign Of The Indus From The Horse Soldiers Perspective. It Was A Hot, Dusty Affair Of Battle, Sniping From Hidden Tribesmen, The Storming Of Citadels And The Knife In The Dark Within A Harsh And Uncompromising Land. A Must For All Those Interested In Warfare In Afghanistan And The British Army On Campaign During The Victorian Era.

      SKU: 7514619
      ISBN: 9781846775673
      Author: Taylor, William

    Mtv England
      Mtv England.

      Get The Inside Scoop On England, Plus Scottish Highlights. From The Coolest Nightclubs In London To Surfing Off The Cornish Coast, Mtv England Shows You Where You Want To Be, With Choices For Every Budget So You Can Travel The Way You Want To. Alternative Accommodations. Stay Everywhere From A London Hostel With A Rooftop Hot Tub To A Thatched-roof Cottage In The Cotswolds. Cheap Eats. Fuel Up With Curries In London, Tapas In Oxford, And Fish And Chips In Brighton. Great Clubs, Bars & Pubs. Order A Pint Of Real Ale By A Roaring Logfire, Dance All Night With The Local University Crowd, Or Mingle With Posh Socialites Over Elegant Cocktails. World-class Museums & Offbeat Attractions. From Fine Art In London To Nessie-hunting At Thhe Loch Ness 2000 Exhibition In Scotland-plus The Best Placed To Hike, Ride A Horse, And Even Surf. Visit Us Online Ar

      SKU: 2949572
      ISBN: 9780764587733
      Author: Edward, Olivia / Cortinovis, Genevieve / Lee, Youyoung

    The Cowboy And His Elephant: The Story Of A Remarkable Friendship
      The Cowboy And His Elephant: The Story Of A Remarkable Friendship.

      In The Late 1980s, A Female Baby Elephant Was Born Into A Herd That Lived On The Plains Of Southern Africa. Her Mother Has Carried Her For Two Years, And Normally She Would Have Nursedh Er For Five More. But The Close-knit Family Of Wild Elephants Was To Face A Predator For Which It Was No Match-humans. In A "cull," Her Family Was Slaughtered In A Few Moments. Only The Newborn Female's Life Was Spared. Terrified And Bewildered The Young Elephant Was Transported To America To Be Sold. There She Met The Person Who Was To Change Her Life Forever. Bob Norris Is A Cowboy With An Enormous Empathy For Animals That Overwhelms His Other Emotions. He Was Raised With A Pet Bear And As A Boy Decided To Become A Real Cowboy. He Saw His Dream Come True In Colorado On One Of The Larger Horse-and-cattle Ranches In America. Handsome As A Movie Star, He Became The Marlboro Man And Appeared On Tv And On Billboards Around The World. But With The Passing Of Years, And With His Own Family Grown Up, He Felt The Need For Something That He Could Not Name. When She Came Into His Life By Happenstance, The Hurt, Vulnerable Little Elephant Tapped The Fullness Of Bob's Empathy, And An Incredible Bond Between The Most Unlikely Of Friends Was Forged. Bob Adopted The Baby Orphan Elephant-named Amy-and Patiently Set About Helping Her Recover From The Trauma Of Her Ordeal. He Had Never Seen A Real African Elephant Up Close, Except In Zoos. He Was A Horseman And Breeder Of Champion Quarter Horses. But Through Close Observation, Gentle Training, Humor, And Endless Perseverance, Bob Gradually Coaxed Amy Into Overcoming Her Mistrust Of Humans, And Indeed, Her Fear Of The World. The Little Elephant Became A"hand" On Bob's Ranch, Tending To Simple Chores, Riding The Fences, And Shadowing Bob On His Horse. She Developed A Winning Personality, And A Strong Character, And Became A Beloved Member Of The Norris Family And Partner To The Ranch Hands. But Bob Knew From The Start That The Ultimate Goal Was For Amy To Regain Her Confidence "and" Her Independence - Even, If It Were Possible, To Go Back To The Savannahs Of Africa. This Is The True Story Of How Amy And Bob Came Together. No One Who Reads "the Cowboy And His Elephant" Can Fail To Be Moved By Such A Simple Tale Of Unlikely Love.

      SKU: 926976
      ISBN: 9780312252090
      Author: Macpherson, Malcolm

    From Spear To Flintlock: A History Of War In Europe And The Middle East To The French Revolution
      From Spear To Flintlock: A History Of War In Europe And The Middle East To The French Revolution.

      This Is A Fast-paced Survey Of The History Of War In The Eurasian World From Classical Greece To The French Revolution. Defining The Period As The Era Of Pre-industrial Warfare, Frederic Baumgartner Describes The Broad Differences, As Well As The Similarities, In The Armies Through Those 2,000 Years. He Suggests That The Greek Hoplite, The Roman Legionary, The Nomadic Horse Archer, The Medieval Knight, The Swiss Pikeman, The Early Musketeer, And Other Military Types Have More In Common With Each Other Than With The Soldier Of The Twentieth Century. Although He Concentrates On The Wars And Military Systems Of Western Europe, Baumgartner Devotes Considerable Attention To Those Societies That Had A Significant Impact On European Warfare. The Byzantine Empire, The Arabs, The Central Asian Nomads, And The Ottoman Turks Are Examined As Are The Countries Of Eastern Europe. Naval History Is Well Integrated Into The Work With Special Attention Given To Galley Warfare In The Mediterranean Between Christendom And Islam. Fortification And Siegecraft Are Also Discussed Extensively. Baumgartner Has Produced A Significant Original Synthesis Of Scholarship On Military History. It Is Not A Series Of Biographies Of Great Commanders Or Studies Of The Tactics Of Great Battles, Although A Number Of Battles Are Examined In Some Detail To Illustrate The Tactics, Fighting Style, Or Weapons System Typical Of A Particular Era. Baumgartner Is More Concerned With Illuminating The Close Relationship Between Social And Economic Change And Military Change Throughout History. This Work Will Be Useful As A Textbook For A College-level Course In Military History Or As Supplemental Reading For Classes In Westerncivilization.

      SKU: 816196
      ISBN: 9780275939557
      Author: Baumgartner, Frederic J.

    Wholesale-2014 New Unicorn Bag Black Silver Pink Red Gold Horse Bag Hot Selling Lady Party Bag Fashion Style Evening Bag Free Shipping
      Wholesale-2014 New Unicorn Bag Black Silver Pink Red Gold Horse Bag Hot Selling Lady Party Bag Fashion Style Evening Bag Free Shipping.

      Cheap Evening Bags, Buy Directly From China Suppliers:2014 New Fashionable Pu Handbag Of Cartopn Design, Weight 0.4 Kgsize: 25cm * 20 Cm * 4 Cm1-3 Cm Manual Measuring Error

      Category: Eveningbags
      SKU: 205650292

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