San Francisco - April 18,1906: 100th Anniversary Of The Earthquake And Fire

    San Francisco - April 18,1906: 100th Anniversary Of The Earthquake And Fire
      San Francisco - April 18,1906: 100th Anniversary Of The Earthquake And Fire.

      The Scene Is Set, A Beautiful Spring Morning In San Francisco, Just A Few Days After The Easter Holiday. Spring Flowers Bloom, Erasing The Tedium Of Winter. The Air Is Crisp And Clean, A Soft Bay Breeze Escorts The Gulls Soaring Above. A New Day Is Dawning, And The City Is Awakening. Paperboys Prepare To Deliver The Morning News, Vendors Hitch Their Horses To Their Produce Carts, Streets Are Washed Down, And The Smell Of Coffee From The Roastery Permeates The Air. April 18, 1906, One Hundred Years Ago. What Started As A Beautiful Spring Day Soon Turned Into A Nightmare For The Citizens Of San Francisco. The Devastating Quake Struck With Such A Force As To Throw People From Their Beds, Split Open Streets, Crumble Monumental Buildings, And Render The City Helpless, All Within A Few Seconds. With A Damaged Infrastructure, The Fire That Erupted Consumed All In Its Path, Turning This Once Glorious City Into A Pile Of Ashes. The Story Of This Cataclysmic Quake And Subsequent Fire Is Told Through The Eyes Of A Young Girl Named Bina Who Lived Through This Tumultuous Time. She Became Fascinated With The Images Of The Postcards Depicting The Sights And Events She Experienced, And With The Help Of Family And Friends Put Together The Scrapbook Presented Within These Pages.

      SKU: 6332181
      ISBN: 9781420882896
      Author: Zieman, Laura

    Bio-nutrition Aspirease Gel 3x (80 Cc)
      Bio-nutrition Aspirease Gel 3x (80 Cc).

      Aspirease Iii Is For The Relief Of Short Term Or Intermittent Acute Pain, Fever And Inflammation Such As Cuts, Abrasions, Muscle Pains And Wounds. It Is A Viable Alternative To "bute" And Other Pain Management Products. It Contains Three Times More Aspirin Per Dose Than Aspirease Pwoder. Aspirease Iii Has A Delicious Apple And Molasses Flavor Your Horse Will Love. 80 Cc Syringe - Contains 4 Doses Lasting 2-4 Days Relief Of Short Term Or Intermittent Acute Pain, Fever And Inflammation Viable Alternative To "bute" Delicious Apple Flavor

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, pain , amp, Soreness Relievers, gt, bio-nutrition Aspirease , amp, Saliease
      SKU: Aspirease-gel-3x-80-cc

    Bone-a-mints Dental Bones - Large (13 Pack)
      Bone-a-mints Dental Bones - Large (13 Pack).

      Bone-a-mints® Dental Bones Are All Natural Chew Treats That Work To Clean Teeth And Freshen Breath As Your Dog Chews. This Delectable Dental Bone Contains 5 Different Breath Fresheners That Work To Naturally Eliminate Your Dog's Halitosis: Alfalfa, Dill, Parsley, Peppermint, And Fennel. The Treats Are Also Fill Of Popular Filler Ingredients Such As Wheat, Corn, And Sog. Bone-a-mints Dental Bones Are Made In The Usa And Come In A Large Package Containing Bones Specifically For Large Dogs Weighing More Than 50 Pounds. The Bones Also Come In A Resealable Bag That Works To Help Preserve Freshness. Your Pooch Will Lover These Minty Chews And You'll Love How They Keep His Breath Fresh And His Teeth And Gums Healthy. Order These Healthy Dental Treats Today! Key Features: Contains 5 Different, All-natural Breath Fresheners Texture Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar As Your Dog Chews Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, n-bone Bone-a-mints
      SKU: Bone-a-mints-dental-bones-large-13-pack

    Dogtra Arc 3/4 Mile Expandable Remote Trainer
      Dogtra Arc 3/4 Mile Expandable Remote Trainer.

      The Dogtra Arc Features A Loow Profile Receiver Collar That Is Ergonomically Shaped To Your Dog?s Neck. The Checkered Grips On The Handheld Transmitter Allow You To Always Have A Firm Grip Of The Training At Hand. The Arc Is A Low To Medium Output E-collar Designed For All Breeds With Medium To Soft Temperaments. Features: Slim Design Receiver/collar Ergonomically Shaped To Your Dog's Neck 'nick' And 'constant' Stimulation Along With A Non-stimulating Pager/vibration Checkered Grips On The Handheld Transmitter For A Positive Feel Rheostat/volume Dial With Up To 127 Levels For A Gradual Adjustment In Stimulation Intensity User Expandable To A Two-dog System Lcd Screen Displays Exact Level Of Stimulation, And A 3 Bar Battery Life Icon Fully Waterproof Transmitter And Receiver/collar Low To Medium Power Stimulation 3/4-mile Range Rechargeable 2-hour Rapid Charge Lithium Polymer Battery

      Category: New Pet Products, gt, dogtra Remote System , amp, Accessories
      SKU: Dogtra-arc-remote-trainer

    Freedom 45 Spot-on For Dogs Large (3 Month)
      Freedom 45 Spot-on For Dogs Large (3 Month).

      Freedom Spot-on For Dogs Kills Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Lice And Mites On Dogs. Freedom Spot-on Contains 45% Permethrin In Order To Kill, Repel And Prevents Re-infestation. For Use On Dogs And Puppies 12 Weeks Of Age And Older. Do Not Use On Cats. Kills, Repels And Prevents Re-infestations Of: Fleas For Up To 5 Weeks. Ticks For Up To 6 Weeks. Mites & Mosquitoes For Up To 4 Weeks. "print This $5 Mail-in Rebate For When Our Order Arrives

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, flea , amp, Tick Supplies, gt, topicals, gt, freedom 45
      SKU: Freedomflea

    Kong Genius Leo - Large
      Kong Genius Leo - Large.

      The Large Kong® Genius™ Leo Is A Treat-dispensing Toy That Can Connect To Other Kong Genius Toys To Provide A Challenging Play Experience For Your Pup! This Large Chew Toy Offers A Unique Puzzle To Your Pup To Retrieve Whatever Kibble Or Treats It Contains. The Toy Can Also Be Connected To Other Kong Genius Toys To Create An Even More Challenging Puzzle. The Kong Genius Leo Toy Is Recommended By Vets Worldwide As A Dental Toy That Stimulates Your Dog's Teeth, Gums, And Mind. For A Great Dental Treat That Fits This Toy Perfectly, Try Kong Ziggies . Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation To Stay Healthy And Happy- So Why Not Provide It With A Challenging Chew Toy? Order The Kong Genius For Your Pup Today! Key Features: Holds Treats And Interlocks With Other Kong Genius Toys For Dogs Weighing Between 30 And 65 Lbs (13-30 Kg) Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, treat Dispensing Toys, gt, kong, amp, reg, Genius, amp, trade,
      SKU: Kong-genius-leo-large

    Naturvet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine For Cats (50 Soft Chews)
      Naturvet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine For Cats (50 Soft Chews).

      Product Description: Naturvet Senior Vitamins Plus Glucosamine Are Fortified With Essential Daily Vitamins And Minerals To Help Maintain Overall Health. Contains Glucosamine For Added Joint Support. Naturvet Uniersity Product Eduvation Cat 2-in-1 Support Soft Chews (pdf) Limit 12 Per Order

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, naturvet Senior Hip , amp, Joint
      SKU: Naturvet-senior-vitamin-glucosamine-cats-50-soft-chews

    Pet Gear I-go2 Escort - Black
      Pet Gear I-go2 Escort - Black.

      The Pet Gear, Inc. 5-n-1 I-go2 Escort Has A Telescoping Handle With Wheels To Function As A Rolling Case. Can Be Used As A Backpack, Tote, Carrier, Or Car Seat And Meets Most Airline Travel Regulations. The Escort Offers Extendable Sides For Additional Space. Comes With A Removable Pad For Easy Washing, Tether To Secure Animal, And Wheel Cover. If The Pet Fits The Dimensions Of This Product Comfortably When The Product Is Fully Assembled, The Product Will Support The Pressure Of The Pet. For Small Pet S Only. Read Sizing Dimensions Of Product Carefully.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Carriers, gt, pet Gear I-go Traveler
      SKU: Pet-gear-i-go2-escort-black

    Petalive Uti-free (20 G)
      Petalive Uti-free (20 G).

      Petalive Uti-free Provides A Homeopathic Means Of Supporting Urinary Tract Health In Your Dog Or Cat. This Assortment Of Herbs Is Made In The Usa With No Artificial Flavors Or Colors And No Added Gluten To Ensure That It Is Safe For Your Pet. The Remedy Is Also Available In A Unique And Easily Administered Form That Can Be Sprinkled Straight Into Your Pet's Mouth. Petalive Uti-free May Help Enhance Renal Function And Support A Normal Urine Ph. This Bottle Contains 20 Grams Of The Granules To Provide An Ample Supply For Your Pet. Provide Your Pet With A Natural Means Of Support For Their Renal And Urinary Health And Get Your Bottle Of Uti-free Today! Key Features: Supports Urinary Tract Health In Cats And Dogs No Artificial Flavors Or Colors Or Added Gluten Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Renal Health, gt, urinary Tract , amp, Bladder Support, gt, petalive, amp, reg, Uti-free, amp, trade,
      SKU: Petalive-uti-free-20-g

    Scott Pet Premium Pork Chomps - 7" Baked P0rk Knotz - 6.5 Oz (8 Count)
      Scott Pet Premium Pork Chomps - 7" Baked P0rk Knotz - 6.5 Oz (8 Count).

      Scott Pet Premium Pork Chomps - 7" Baked Pork Knotz Are Naturally Delicious Dog Treats Made With Oven Baked Pork Skin And Carefully Twisted Into Delectable Bone Shapes That Dogs Worldwidde Adore. Scott Pet Is Passionate About Dog Health And Happiness. That Is Why Their Treats Are Healthier And Taste Much Better Than Rawhide For A Long-lasting Chewing Experience. You Don't Have To Worry About Chemicals And Additives With Baked Pork Chipz; These Chews Are Healthy And Natural, So Give Your Pup Only The Best They Deserve! Made With Natural Oven Baked Pork Skin Rawhide-free Easy To Digest High In Protein Stain-free

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, scott Pet Premium Pork Chomps
      SKU: Scott-pet-baked-pork-knotz-8-count

    Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews For Large Dogs (8 Count)
      Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews For Large Dogs (8 Count).

      Tartar Shield Effeminate Rawhide Chews For Large Dog Contain A Patented Formula Clinically Proven To Clean Teeth, Reduce Bacteria, Freshen Breath, And Prevent Plaque And Tarter Build-up By More Than 50%. The Soft Rawhide Surface Is Easy To Chew And Gentle On Your Dog's Teeth And Gums While The Savory Bacon Flavor Will Keep Your Dog Coming Back For More. Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews Are Specially Made To Give When Your Dog Bites Into Them, Unlike Conventional Rawhide Which Can Present A Choking Hazard. 8 Rawhide Chews Reduces Plaque, Tarter, And Gingivitis Easy To Chew For All Dog Sizes Bacon Flavored

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, tartar Shield Rawhide Chews
      SKU: Tartar-shield-soft-rawhide-chews-large-dogs-8-count

    Thomas Labs I Stain Powder (12 Oz)
      Thomas Labs I Stain Powder (12 Oz).

      Thomas Labs I Stain Powder Is A Supplement Works To Naturally Combat Tear Stains In Dogs And Cats Caused By Red Yeast, One Of The Most Common Causes Of Tear Stains In Pets. The Enzyme-based Formula Contains Natural Ingredients Including Probiotics And Calcium That Will Not Harm Your Furry Friend. The Goal Of This Supplement Is To Adjust The Body's Ph Balance To A Healthy Level, Making The Environment Hostile For The Yeast To Live In. Choose The Ehalthy And Natural Alternative To Battling Tear Stains For Lasting Results! Naturally Combats Tear Stains In Dogs And Cats Contains Natural Ingredients And Probiotics Does Not Contain The Harmful Antibiotic, Tylosin Produces Long-lasting Results Powder Form That Can Be Given During Or After Meals

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, thomas Labs Pet-a-zyme Probiotics
      SKU: Thomas-labs-i-stain-12-oz

    Tuffy Barnyard - Sheep
      Tuffy Barnyard - Sheep.

      Tuffy Barnyard: Sherman Sheep I?m Not The Black Sheep Of The Flock, But Somehow I Landed This Gig. I No Longer Have My Lovely Wool Turned Into Shirts And Sweaters, Nor Do I Even Get Counted As I Jump With My Friends Over Your Bed. Apparently I?m Better Served As A Fuzzy Friend To Dogs Who Would Prefer To Tug And Slobber On Me Rather Than Wear Me. Baaaa. Tuff Scale: 8 For Dogs: All Sizes Size: 5x 15x 19 Inches Squeakers: 0 Barn Yard Construction: Each Toy Is Made With 3 Layers. 1 Layer Is Made Of 600 D Industrial Grade Luggage Material, 1 Layer Of Plastic Coating, And The Other Layer Is Made Of Soft Fleece On The Outside. Sewn Multiple Times. Most Toys Have Just One Seam To Hold The Toy Together. We Sew Webbing Around The Edges Of The Toy And Then Sew The Edges Together To Make Each Toy Tuff. All Of These Layers Are Sewn Together To Make One Super Strong Layer Of Material. One And The Other Toy Is Sewn Together With 2 Layers Of Cross Stitching And Then 2 Layers Of Linear Stitching. After The Toy Is Sewn Together An Additional Piece Of Black Trim Is Added To Cover The Four Rows Of Stitching. This Extra Piece Of Black Trim Is Sewn With 3 Linear Stitches To Give The Product A Total Of 7 Seams! * These Toys Are Machine Washable (air Dry) And Float!

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, tuffy, s Dog Toys
      SKU: Tuffy-barnyard-sheep

    Univac 5 - Puppy Shot - 1ml Dose
      Univac 5 - Puppy Shot - 1ml Dose.

      Univac 5 Is A Vaccine That Aids In The Prevention Of Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Adenovirus Type 2, Canine Parainfluenze And Canine Parvovirus. Univac 7 Is Safe For Puppies As Young As 9 Weeks Of Age. Independent Studies Have Demonstrated Cpv Seroconversion In Pups With Measurable Material Antibody(7). Trials Demonstrate Protection Against Cpv-2b Chalenge. Unique Killed Canine Adenovirus Type 2 Provides Highly Effective Protection For Both Cav2 And Inffectious Canine Hepatitis Abd Eliminates Risk Of Vaccines Virus Shedding. Aids In The Prevention Of Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Adenovirus Type 2, Canine Parainfluenze And Canine Parvovirus For Use On Puppies As Young As 9 Weeks Of Age All Vaccines Are Shipped Overnight. A $29.95 Flat Rate Fee Is Charged For All Orders Containing Vaccines. Someone Should Be Present To Sign For And Receive The Vaccine Order When It Ships To You. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, vaccines, gt, univac
      SKU: Univac-5-canine-cough-vaccine-1-ml-dose

    Vetriscience Vetri Cardio Canine (60 Bite-sized Chews)
      Vetriscience Vetri Cardio Canine (60 Bite-sized Chews).

      Vetriscience Vetri Cardio Canine Are Veterinarian-formulated Dog Chews Designed To Support Optimal Heart Health. They Contain A Synergistic Blend Of Heart-healthy Substances And Amino Acids Like Co-enzyme Q10, Hawthorn, L-carnitine, L-taurine. Cardio Canine Has A Chicken Flavor That Dogs Find Delicious! Cardio Canine Is Recommended To Support Breeds Of Dogs That Are Predisposed To Cardiovascular Stress, Dogs With Pre-existing Sub-optimal Cardiovascular Function, Geriatric Patients And Metabolic Pathways And The Structural Integrity Of The Cardiovascular System. Key Features: Bite-sized Chews Supporting Cardiovascular Health In Dogs For All Dog Weight Ranges Palatable Chicken Flavor

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, vitamins, gt, vetriscience Cardio Strength , amp, Coenzyme Q-10
      SKU: Vetri-cardio-canine-60-chews

    Out Stealing Horses
      Out Stealing Horses.

      Named One Of The Ten Best Books Of The Year By "the New York Times Book Review" A "time" Magazine Bst Book Of The Year Winner Of The Impac Dublin Literary Award "out Stealing Horses" Has Been Embraced Across The World As A Classic, A Novel Of Universal Relevance And Power. Pnoramic And Grippig, It Tells The Story Of Trond Sander, A Sixty-seven-year-old Man Who Has Mobed From The City To A Remote, Riverside Cabin, Only To Have Akl The Turbulence, Grief, And Overwhelming Beauty Of His Youth Come Back To Him One Night While He's Out On A Walk. From The Moment Trond Sees A Strange Figure Coming Out Of The Dark Behind His Home, The Reader Is Immersed In A Decades-deep Story Of Searching And Loss, And In The Precise, Irresistible Prose Of A Newly Crowned Master Of Fiction.

      SKU: 938175
      ISBN: 9780312427085
      Author: Petterson, Per / Born, Anne

    A Good Horse
      A Good Horse.

      When Eighth Grader Abby Lovitt Looks Out At Those Pure-gold Rolling Hills, She Knows There's No Place She'd Rather Be Than Her Family's Ranch-even With All The Hard Work Of Tending To Nine Horses. But Some Chores Are No Work At All, Like Grooming Young Jack. At Eight Months, His Rough Foal Coat Has Shed Out, Leaving A Smooth, Rich Silk, Like Chhocolate. As For Black George, Such A Good Horse, It Turns Out He's A Natural Jumper. When He And Abby Clear Four Feet Easy As Pie, Heads Start To Turn At The Ring-"buyers'" Heads-and Abby Knows Daddy Won't Turn Down A Good Offer. Then A Letter Arrives From A Private Investigator, And Suddenly Abby Stands To Lose Not One Horse But Two. The Letter States That Jack's Mare May Have Been Sold To The Lovitts As Stolen Goods. A Mystery Unfolds, More Surprising Than Abby Could Ever Expect. Will She Lose Her Beloved Jack To His Rightful Owners? Pulitzer Prize Winner Jane Smiley Raises Horses Of Her Own, And Her Affection And Expertise Shine Through In This Inviting Horse Novel For Young Readers, Set In 1960s California Horse Country And Featuring Characters From "the Georges And The Jewels." "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 12720338
      ISBN: 9780375862304
      Author: Smiley, Jane

    Fill'er Up!: The Great American Gas Station
      Fill'er Up!: The Great American Gas Station.

      In This Car Culture Of Ours, What Could Be More American Than The Gas Station, From The Roadside Pit Stop In The Middle Of Nowhere To The Spit-and-polish, Full Service City Shop? This Brightly Illustrated History Of Service Stations Runs The Gamut From East To West, North To South, Spotlighting The Culture And Lore Of The Gas-pumping Garage That Has Kept The United States Moving For A Century. Whether It's The Last-chance Texaco Or The Sinclair Dinosaur Winking In The Distance, The Beckoning Shell, Or The Winged Mobil Horse, It's Here In All Its Small-town Glory Of Compact Architecture, Inspired Promotions, Art Deco Pmps, And Endless Views Of The American Horizon. Author Tim Russell, One Of The World's Foremost Collectors And Historians Of Petroliana, Rolls Out The Ribbon Of Highway That Takes Us To All Of Those Way Stations Of Americas Motoring Past.

      SKU: 2880450
      ISBN: 9780760328712
      Author: Russell, Tim

    Hashknife Cowboy: Recollections Of Mack Hughes
      Hashknife Cowboy: Recollections Of Mack Hughes.

      "age And Size Ain't Got Nothin' To Do With It," Mack's Daddy Once Said. "you Gotta Want To Be A Cowboy." Mack Hughes Wanted To Be A Cowboy, All Right, And He Was Just Twelve Years Old When He Went To Work For The Famous Hashknife Spread In Northern Arizona. Growing Up On The Range, Mack Lived A Life About Which Modern Boys Can Only Wonder. He Spins Yarns Of Bad Horses And The Men Who Rode Them, Tells Of Wild Dogs That Ravaged Young Calves, And Recalls Lonely Winter Weeks Spent At A Remote Camp-where His Home Was A Shack So Flimsy That Snow Blew Through The Cracks And Covered His Bed . Stella Hughes, Author Of The Best-selling Chuck Wagon Cookin' And A Cowhand In Her Own Right, Has Compiled Rom Her Husband's Reminiscences An Authentic Look Both At Arizona History And At Cowboying As It Really Was. Illustrated By Joe Beeler, Founding Member Of The Cowboy Artists Of America.

      SKU: 3470477
      ISBN: 9780816511181
      Author: Hughes, Stella / Beeler, Joe

    Grooming Horses: A Complete Illustrated Guide
      Grooming Horses: A Complete Illustrated Guide.

      The Basics Of Grooming Are Often The First Aspect Of Horsemanship Young Riders Learn. Here, Finally, Is A User-friendly Guide That Allows Riders Of All Ages And Stages To Smooth Out The Rough Edges Of Their Essential Skills While Acquiring More Specialized Knowledge. "grooming Horses" Is The First Comprehensive And Yet Easy-to-follow, Superbly Illustrated Handbook On Every Aspect Of Grooming And Skin Care, Including Braiding And Show Preparation. It Includes A Whole Host Of Invaluable Timesaving Tips, Such As Pulling The Mane After A Horse Has Been Worked So The Pores Will Be Open And The Hairs Will Come Out More Easily. With Step-by-step Full-color Photo Sequences As Well As Sidebars Throughout, Not To Mention An Information-packed, Clearly Worded Text, "grooming Horses" Is The Definitive New Resourcee On An Age-old Subject. It Is A Must For Anyone Who Rides, Owns, Or Tends To A Horse. More Than 475 Full-color Photos On Topics Such As: Basic Grooming Bathing Clipping Braiding Common Skin Ailments Show Preparation For English, Western, And Breed Showstraining A Horse To Accept The Implements Of Grooming

      SKU: 7352824
      ISBN: 9781599213903
      Author: Shiers, Jessie / Harris, Moira C. / Ward, Laura H.

    The Seaside House: Maine Innkeepers
      The Seaside House: Maine Innkeepers.

      Read Tgis Unique And Fascinating Narrative Of The Gooch Family As They Settle In Pre-colonial Maine. Follow Them As They Continue Into The 21st Century. The Family Purchased An Innkeeping Business That Continues Today And Is Operated By A Member O The Current Generation Of Gooches. Through Perserverance, Back-breaking Work, Bravery And Sometimes Luck-the Family Beat The Odds And Held Onto The Their Land For Centuries. The Seaside House Tells Of Trials And Triumphs Each Of These Generations Encounter While Providing For The Family. The Rich Characters Will Entertain And Astound Readers With Their Adventures And Struggles. Enjoy Them Coming To Life In The Extraordinary Events That Shaped Their Lives And Offers Glimpses Of Maine's History. Trish Mason Lives On Her Small Farm In Arundel, Maine, Six Miles From The Seaside House With Her Husband Ken, Son Jack And Daughter Ellie. They Have Three Horses, Two English Setters And One Cat. When Not Keeping The Inn, Trish Can Be Found Following Her Passion-riding Dressage Horses. For More Informatiion About The Present Day Seaside Resort; Please Visit:

      SKU: 7829121
      ISBN: 9781934949139
      Author: Mason, Trish

    Will Rogers: Larger Than Life
      Will Rogers: Larger Than Life.

      There Wasn't, Anything Will Rogers Couldn't Rope, From His Headmaster's Horse To A Wild Zebra On The African Plains. And - Whoop, Whoop, Whoop - He Was Just Warming Up For The Hard Stuff (who Do You Think Roped The Earth And Made The Equator, Anyway?) Illustrated With Scott Goto's Over-the-top Paintings And Told By Debbie Dadey With The Legendary Humor That Will Rogesr Himself Was So Renowned For, Will Rogers: Larger Than Life Pays Tribute To The Spirit And Bold Adventures Of America's Most Beloved Humorist, Humanitarian, And Lasso Artist Extraordinaire.

      SKU: 3246043
      ISBN: 9780802786821
      Author: Dadey, Debbie / Hayden / Goto, Scott

    Camp: Music From The Motion Picture
      Camp: Music From The Motion Picture.

      A Little Bit Of Comedy, A Little Bit Of Drama, And A Lot Of Music Make Up The Motion Picture Camp. This Inspirational Movie Profiles A Group Of Singing, Acting, And Dancing Teenagers Discovering Their Own Talent At Summer Camp. A Must-have For Anyone Interested In Performing In Live Musical Theater, Each Unique Character Journeys From Doubt To Self-discovery In The Realization That He/she Really Has What It Takes To Make It Onstage. Catchy Songs And Upbeat Dance Numbers Add Humor To A Movie With A Whole Lot Of Heart. Sing Along And Get Inspired Alfred Introduces The Album-matching Folio To The Camp Soundtrack, With All Arrangements Included In The Original Keys. Music Includes Lyrics, Melody Line, And Chord Changes With Professionally Arranged Piano Accompaniment. Songs: How Shall I See You Through My Tears * Century Plant * Hereas Where I Stand * I Sing For You * The Want Of A Nail * Wild Horses * The Ladies Who Lunch * Turkey Lurkey Time * Skyway * The Size Of A Cow * On/off * Right On Be Free * I Believe In Us * Round Are Way.

      SKU: 2705815
      ISBN: 9780739047835
      Author: Alfred Publishing

    New 75 Styles Love Pearl Cages Pendants Opening Beads Lockets Charms For  Necklaces Diy Jewelry Craft Making Small Wholesale Bulk Lots
      New 75 Styles Love Pearl Cages Pendants Opening Beads Lockets Charms For Necklaces Diy Jewelry Craft Making Small Wholesale Bulk Lots.

      Pendant:butterfly Dolphin Elephants Cross Key Guitar Shells Owl Skull Heart Mermaids Hark Gun Dragonfly Flowers Hippocampus Horses Pumpkin

      Category: Charms
      SKU: 401837323

    Free Shipping Sex Toys Unisex Sexy Bdsm Sm Game Play Pony Fetish Thigh High Bondage Boots Horseshoe Heeled Special Purpose Shoes
      Free Shipping Sex Toys Unisex Sexy Bdsm Sm Game Play Pony Fetish Thigh High Bondage Boots Horseshoe Heeled Special Purpose Shoes.

      Free Shipping Sex Toys Unisex Sexy Bdsm Sm Game Play Pony No Heel Fetish Thigh High Bondage Boots Horseshoe Heeled

      Category: Lolitashoes
      SKU: 244461045

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