Season Of Knives

    Season Of Knives
      Season Of Knives.

      In 1592, Sir Robert Carey, A Handsome Courtier Fleeing His Creditors, His Father's Wrath, And The Close Scrutiny Of His Queen, Came North To Carlisle To Take Up His New Post As Deputy Warden Of The West March. The Presence Of His True Love, The Married Elizabeth Widdrington, Was No Mere Coincidence. Before Long, Sir Robert Was Up To His Ruff In Horse Rustling And Treason (a Famine Of Horses), But He Sorted That Out With Dispatch. Now He's In Trouble Again. The Rowdy Grahams Devise To Kidnap Elizabeth As She Journeys Home To Her Husband. While Sir Robert Storms Out To Stop Them, Someone Murders The Man He Has Just Sacked From His Post Of Paymaster To The Carlisle Garrison. When Sir Robert Returns, He Finds His Servant Barnabus Slung Into The Castle Dungeon, Accused Of The Crime, And His Arch Enemy Sir Richard Lowther Scheming To Have Carey Arrested For Masterminding The Murder.... When Even Faithful Sergeant Dodd Is Prepared To Believe He Did It, The Courtier Finds His Hands Full-while Ruin Stares Him In The Face-as He Juggles The Murder Inquiry And Untangles A Skein Of Love And Greed That Reminds Him Most Uncomfortably Of How Carefully He Must Conceal His Love For Elizabeth. A Season Of Knives, Based On The Real Sir Robert Carey's Tumultuous Life, Is Not Only A Keenly Plotted Detective Story, It's An Innovative Police Procedural And Historical Writing At Its Rousing Best. The Other Works In This Series Are A Plague Of Angels (introduction By Diana Gabaldon), A Famine Of Horses (introduction By Sharon Kay Penman), And A Surfeit Of Guns (introduction By Barbara Peters). The Author Is At Work In C~tinuance A Fifth Sir Robert Carey.

      SKU: 7702891
      ISBN: 9781890208325
      Author: Chisholm, P. F. / Stabenow, Dana

    Animed Ulc-r-aid With Colostrashield (10 Lb)
      Animed Ulc-r-aid With Colostrashield (10 Lb).

      There Are Two Major Causes Of Stomach Ulcers In Horses: First, A Reduced Ability Of The Stomach To Defend Itself Against Natural Stomach Acid That Can Be A Result Of Stress Reducing The Normal Protective Mechanisms Within The Stomach. Secondly, Prolonged Exposure Of The Stomach To High Levels Of Stomach Acid Due To The Modern Feeding Practices Of Fasting And High Grain Diets And Even Pelleted Feeds May Result In Stomach Ulcers. Adult Horses Secrete Up To 30 Liters Of Gastric Acid A Day Which Is Continuous, And Independent Of Feed Intake. Ulc-r-aid Is A Unique Broad Spectrum, Concentrated Nutritional Supplement With: ? Colostrashield, ?mother Nature?s Protective Shield?. A Natural Alternative To Pharmaceuticals And Antibiotics With No Side Effects. Colostrashield Contains Over 37 Important Natural Immune Factors And More Than 8 Growth Factors That Nutritionally Aid In Combating Illness While Protecting Against Infection. The Growth Factors Work To Repair And Reverse The Damage Caused By Disease And Stress. ? Calcium And Magnesium, Commonly Known As Antacids.

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      SKU: Animed-ulc-r-aid-with-colostrashield-10-lb

    Ez-chew Omega-3 Fatty Acid For Small & Medium Breeds (60 Soft Chews)
      Ez-chew Omega-3 Fatty Acid For Small & Medium Breeds (60 Soft Chews).

      Ez-chew Omega-3 Fatty Acid Provides A Highly Concentrated Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids In A Free Form For Optimal Bioavailability. Recommended To Support Immune System And Joint Health To Reduce Inflammation Associated With Normal Daily Activity. Also Promotes Healthy Skin And Coat. These Low Allergen Chews Make A Great Complement While Prescribing Low Allergen Diets And Can Be Fed Diurnal As A Treat.

      SKU: Ezchewfatty60sc

    Fetchfuel Nutrition For Dogs (18 Fl Oz)
      Fetchfuel Nutrition For Dogs (18 Fl Oz).

      Why Use Fetchfuel Today?s Dog Food Often Falls Short On Delivering Enough Nutrients To Support Their Joints & Hips And Skin & Coat. Fetchfuel Is Formulated With Glucosamine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins And Minerals To Support Building Healthy Cartilage For Their Joints & Hips. The Omega Fatty Acids Act As An Anti-inflammatory And Aid In Absorption Of These Rich Nutrients. Supports Joint Health, Aids Flexibility & Mobility Maintains Healthy Skin & Coat Promotes Healthy Heart & Vision Promotes Overall Health & Immunity Natural Ingredients 100% Vegetarian

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      SKU: Fetch-fuel-nutrition-dogs

    Glycoflex Plus Joint Supplement For Medium & Large Dogs (60 Chews)
      Glycoflex Plus Joint Supplement For Medium & Large Dogs (60 Chews).

      Glyco Flex® Plus Joint Supplement For Dogs Provides Clinically Proven Nutritional Joint Support For Working Dog Breeds, Competitive And Senior Dogs. When Your Dog Gets Up More Slowly To Meet You And His Leash At The Door, You Know He's Not Just Tired. It?s Time For Added Joint Support. Glyco Flex Plus, An Advanced Joint Support Supplement For Dogs Of Any Age, Is Clinically Proven To Increase Hind Leg Strength Up To 41% In Just Four Weeks*. Glyco Flex Plus Is A High Quality Nutritional Joint Support Product That Maintains Comfort And Mobility For Workjng Dog Breeds, Competitive And Senior Dogs. This New Formula For Hip And Joint Care Includes More Active Ingredients Than Other Leading Brands Including Glucosamine And Chondroitin As Well As Perna And Dmg For Maximum Nutritional Absorption And Effectiveness. Key Features: Veterinarian Recommended Clinically Proven Alleviates Jonit Discomfort And Mobility Issues In Dogs Of All Ages Delicious Duck Flavored Chew

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      SKU: Glyco-flex-plus-joint-supplement-dogs-60-chews

    Fromm Gold Adult Cat Food (15 Lb)
      Fromm Gold Adult Cat Food (15 Lb).

      Fromm Made This Favorite Feast Especially For The Active Adult Cat In Your Life. Fresh Duck, Chicken, Liver, Eggs, And Real Wisconsin Cheese In Gold Holistic Adult Dryc At Food Provide All Of The Nutrients Your Feline Friend Needs To Maintain A Healthy, Active Lifestyle. It Contains Plenty Of Probiotics To Help With Digestion And A Minimum Of 32% Crude Protein In Every Kibble To Keep Those Muscles Lean And Lithe. Key Benefits: Salmon Oil Keeps Coat Shiny And Healthy Yucca Schidigera Extract Reduces Odor In Stool Chicory Root Reduces Risk Of Worms Made From Produce Delivered Fresh Daily Taurine Protects The Heart And Eyes

      Category: Cat Food, gt, dry Cat Food, gt, fromm, Cat Dry Food
      SKU: Gold-cat-dry-adult-15lb

    Insect Shield Ultra Bed Large - Green
      Insect Shield Ultra Bed Large - Green.

      Insect Shield Ultra Beds Provide A Comfortable, Pest-free Place For Your Pet To Rest Outdoors. These Beds Are Constructed With A Lofty Inner Cushion And Fabric That Has Been Treated With A Patent Pending Process That Binds Permethrin To The Fabric Fibers, Providing Resistance Against A Wide Range Of Biting Insects. Insect Shield Ultra Beds Also Come With A Removable Cleaning That Has Also Been Treated With Permethrin And That Is Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning, Retaining Full Potency To Resist Insects For Up To 25 Washes. These Beds Are Available In Two Colors And Sizes To Meet The Needs Of Any Household, So Order An Ultra Bed For Your Pet Today! Key Features: Insect Shield Is An Approved Vendor Of The Us Army And Marine Corps Cover Is Machine Washable Up To 25 Times Available In Medium And Large Sizes In Fern And Slate

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      SKU: Insect-shield-ultra-bed-large-green

    Quado Interactive Dog Treat Peanut Flavor - Ginormous
      Quado Interactive Dog Treat Peanut Flavor - Ginormous.

      Quado® Interactive Dog Treat Is A Palatable Dental Treat That Provides A Long-lasting Chew Experience Your Dog Will Love! This All-natural Dental Treat Contains Only Wholesome Ingredients To Ensure That It's Safe For Your Pup. The Unique Shape Of This Treat Works To Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar From Your Dog's Teeth And Gums As He Chews. Quado Interactive Dog Treat Is Formulated To Freshen Your Dog's Breath And Is Available In Three Delectable Flavors Your Dog Will Love. This Package Includes And Ginormous Sized Treat For Dogs Weighing 41 Pounds And Up In A Palatable Peanut Flavor- But This Size Is Also Available In An Equally Delicious Pumpkin . Your Dog Will Love These Tasty Dental Treats- So Order Some For Your Pup Today! Key Features: All-natural Ingredients In Edible, Digestible Chew Treat Removes Plaque And Tartar And Freshens Breath Available In 3 Sizes And Flavors Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, n-bone Quado
      SKU: Quado-interactive-dog-treat-peanut-ginormous

    Rinse Ace Indoor/outdoor Pet Faucet Sprayer
      Rinse Ace Indoor/outdoor Pet Faucet Sprayer.

      Rinse Ace Indoor/outdoorpet Faucet Sprayer Makes Bathing Your Pet Easier Than Ever. No More Messy Cups And Buckets, Or Flimsy Hoses That Blows Off! No Sloppy Shampoo Container To Fill! Fewer Expensive Trips To The Groomer! The 8-foot Snap-on Hose Lets You Quickly Rinse Off Your Furry Friend And Easily Disconnects When Not In Use. Plus Installation Is A Snap! Enclosed Aerator Attaches One Time To Your Faucet Just Snap 8-foot Hose Onto Faucet Or Connect To Spigot At Bath Time Luxurious Spray Thoroughly Rinses Your Pet's Coat Clean - Even Underneath On/off Sprayer With Easy-lock Clip Lets You Control Water Flow

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, bathing Supplies, gt, rinse Ace, amp, reg, Shwer Sprayers , amp, amp, Tethers
      SKU: Rinse-ace-indoor-outdoor-pet-faucet-sprayer

    Sore No-more Trackside Liniment (16 Oz)
      Sore No-more Trackside Liniment (16 Oz).

      The Arenus Family Of Products - Turning Innovative Science Into Sound Health And Nutrition A Unique Cooling Liniment Specifically Formulated To Meet The Needs Of The Equine Racing Athlete; Keeps Muscles, Tendons And Ligaments Supple And Less Prone To Injury. Regulatory ?zero Tolerance? Is No Problem, As Sore No-moreā® Tracksideā„¢ Liniment Has No Added Lobelia Or Capsaicin. Sore No-moreā® Tracksideā„¢ Liniment Is A Highly Effective, Proven Liniment, Tailored To Meet The Demands From All Sides Of The Racing Industry. Sore No-moreā® Tracksideā„¢ Liniment Contains The Natural, Arnica-based, Herbal Ingredients Used In The Original Sore No-moreā® Liniment. When Soft Tissue Injuries Like Muscle, Tendon, Or Ligament Strains And Inflamed Joints Or Arthritis Flare Up, The Equine Body?s Natural Response Is To Form A Protective Matrix Around The Affected Area. Blood Vessels Become Blocked, Drainage Is Hindered And Painful Edema Can Result. Left Untreated, These Conditions Can Hamper Performance And Lead To Permanent Damage And Disability. Liniments Are An Important Part Of A Protective Protocol. Sore No-moreā® Tracksideā„¢ Liniment Leads The Pack With Its Cooling, Topical Arnica Base That Can Be Used Safely On Even The Most Sensitive Skinned Equine Athletes. Sore No-moreā® Tracksideā„¢ Liniment Comes From Natural, Herbal Ingredients In A Proprietary Blend Of Witch Hazel Bark And Leaves That Hhave Been Trusted For Centuries.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, pain , amp, Soreness Relievers, gt, equilite Sore No-more Topicals
      SKU: Sore-no -more-trackside-liniment-16-oz

    Petsafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door - Medium
      Petsafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door - Medium.

      *** Please Allow Up To Three Weeks For Delivery *** Install A Pet Entry In Walls Thick And Thin With This Telescoping Pet Door From Petsafe. With A Telescoping Design That Makes It Super Easy To Install Through Walls Between 4-3/4 And 7-1/4 Inches Thick, Petsafe's Wall-entry Door Makes It Easy To Setup A Pet Entry Through Nearly Any Wall. Designed To Provide Large Dogs 40 Pounds Or Under Easy Access To The Home, Garage, And Outside World, The Door's Double Flap Construction With Adjustable Sill And Extra Strong Magnets Ensure Excellent Insulation. A Durable Aluminum Frame And Rust-proof Locking Panel Offer Years Of Smooth Operation. The Door Can Be Installed In A Number Of Exterior Wall Materials, Including Siding, Stucco And Even Brick. Its Double-flap System Insulates For Energy Efficiency. A Durable Aluminum Frame Stands Up To Years Of Use. The Door's Overall Dimensions Measure 8 By 13 By 18 Inches.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, pet Gates, Doors , amp, Playpens, gt, petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door
      SKU: Wallentalumed

    Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man
      Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man.

      Lou Gehrig's Perseverance Is Legendary. During Fourteen Years As A First Baseman For The New York Yankees, He Played In A Record 2,130 Consecutive Games, Earning Himself The Nickname Iron Horse. Lou Loved Baseball And Considered Himself A Very Lucky Man, Even Though On His Thirty-sixth Birthday He Was Diagnosed With A Rare And Fatal Disease.

      SKU: 444934
      ISBN: 9780152024833
      Author: Adler, David A. / Widener, Terry

    The Magical Christmas Horse
      The Magical Christmas Horse.

      Johnny's Wish Had Come True. His Family Would Be Visiting His Grandparents For Christmas. His Grandparents Lived In An Old House In New England Where His Father Had Been Born. The Family Together, The Smells Of The Cookies Baking, The Snowy Christmas Tree Farm With Trees Of So Many Shapes And Sizes, And Most Of All The Wooden Horse He Had Told His Brother Liam About Would Make This The Best Christmas Ever. In His Grandparents' Attic Johnny Finds Many Treasures, But The Wooden Horse He Remembered So Well Is Missing. How Can Johnny Make His Brother's Christmas Wish Come True? Beloved And Internationally Bestselling Author Mary Higgins Clark's Loving Story Together With Wendell Minor's Captivating Paintings Make The Magical Christmas Horse A Book That Captures The True Heart Of Christmas And One That Families Will Make Part Of Their Christmas Tradition Year After Year.

      SKU: 13327100
      ISBN: 9781416994787
      Author: Clark, Mary Higgins / Minor, Wendell

    Home Tanning And Leather Making Guide
      Home Tanning And Leather Making Guide.

      2011 Reprint Of 1922 Edition. Full Facsimile Of The Original Edition, Not Reproduced With Optical Recognition Software. Arthur Robert Harding (july 1871 - 1930), Better Known As A. R. Harding, Was An American Outdoorsmanand Founder Of Several Hunting And Trapping Magazines. He Was Also Publisher, Editor And Author Of Many Popular Outdoor How-to Books Of The Early 1900s. His Company Was Known As The A. R. Harding Publishing Company Of Columbus, Ohio And St. Louis, Mis5ouri. This Title Is A Comprehensive Guide On The Subject And Provides Valuable Information For Those Who Wish To Tan And Make Leather From Cattle, Horse, Calf, Sheep, Goat, Deer And Other Hides And Skins. It Also Explains How To Skin, Handle, Classify And Market The Hides. Chapters On Skinning, Curing, Storing, Equipment, Tools, Materials, Terms, Unhairing, Tanning, Finishing, Alum Process, Chrome Process, Acid Process, Bark Process, Buckskin, Robe Skins, Salting And Curing.

      SKU: 16273377
      ISBN: 9781614272069
      Author: Farnham, Albert Burton

    The Wild Bunch At Robber's Roost
      The Wild Bunch At Robber's Roost.

      Robbers Roost Was A Hideout For Outlaws And Hunted Men Long Before Butch Cassidy Found It In 1884. The Impenetrable Wastes And Wilds Of This High Desert Country In Southeastern Utah, Cut Through By Canyons Along The Green And Colorado Rivers And Bounded On The West By The Dirty Devil, Discouraged Lawmen From Pursuit. Growing Up On A Ranch That Included Robbers Roost, Pearl Baker Heard Many Of The Legends About-and Talked To Many Who Remembered-the Notorious Wild Bunch. In The 1890s They Spread Over Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, And Arizona Rustling Cattle, Stealing Horses, Robbing Banks And Trains, And Often Taking Cover At Robbers Roost. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Flat Nose George And The Curry Boys, Elzy Lay, Gunplay Maxwell, The Mccarty Boys, Peep O'day, Silver Tip, Blue John, And Indian Ed Newcomb-they All Come To Rip-roaring Life While Courting Death In "the Wild Bunch At Robbers Roost," In His Introduction To The Bison Books Edition, Floyd A. O'neil, Director Of The American West Center At The University Of Utah, Discusses Landscape, The Law And The Wild Bunch, And Pearl Baker's Lifelong Preparation For This Lively Book.

      SKU: 3255353
      ISBN: 9780803260894
      Author: Baker, Pearl / O'neil, Floyd A.

    Bmw K100 Series 1983-1993 Performance Portfolio
      Bmw K100 Series 1983-1993 Performance Portfolio.

      The First Generation Of K-bikes Offered Unique Qualities And Decent Performance Although There Was Excessive Engine Vibration, Underdamped Suspension And A Hyperactive Final-drive. These Problems Were Addressed In 1991 With The Updated K100rs Which Had A 16-valve Cylinder Head, Upgraded Brakes And Reworked Frame And Suspension. The Rs Had Serious Horsepower Conferred By The Hot-rodded Engine That Went Into The K1100lt. 1992 Saw Another Revolution With The K1100rs. This Is A Book Of Contemporary Road And Comparison Tests, Specification & Technical Data, Long Term Reports, New Model Introductions. Models Include: K100, K100rs, K100rt, K100lt, K100rs As, K1100rt, K1100lt, K1100rs,

      SKU: 7568922
      ISBN: 9781855205949
      Author: Clarke, R. M.

    Fire And Sword
      Fire And Sword.

      Returning To Camp From A Dangerous Solo Mission Behind Enemy Lines, Career Soldier Daniel Rawson Finds Himself Stranded On Foot With French Soldiers In Fierce Pursuit. With Help From A Local Farmer And The Loan Of A Horse, Daniel Manages To Escape By The Skin Of His Teeth. But When Daniel Returns To Thank The Man He Finds The Farmhouse And Barn Have Been Set Ablaze And The Farmer Is Approaching Death, Apparently At The Hands Of English Soldiers. Back At Home In England There Is Political Unrest. Queen Anne's Favour Has Shifted Causing The Duke Of Marlborough To Resign As Commander-in-chief. After Several Similar Raids On Other Farms, Daniel Enlists The Help Of His Old Friend, Henry Welbeck To Help Investigate. All The While The Treacherous And Scheming French Commander, The Duc De Vendome, Is Becoming Hell Bent On The Capture Of Daniel, By Any Means At His Disposal.

      SKU: 2784112
      ISBN: 9780749007713
      Author: Marston, Edward

    Chicago's Horse Racing Venues
      Chicago's Horse Racing Venues.

      The Popularity Of Horse Racing In Chicago Has Yet To Be Rivaled In Any Other Metropolitan Area. Since The 1800s, The Windy Cityas Enthusiasm For Both Harness And Thoroughbred Racing Led To 10 Major Racetracks Being Built In The Chicago Area. Four Of Those Racewaysabalmoral, Maywood, Hawthorne, And Arlingtonaare Still Racing And Thriving Today. From Washington Park, Lincoln Fields, And Worth Raceway On The Cityas South Side, To The Near West Side Venues Of Hawthorne Race Course And Sportsmanas Park, To Arlington Parkas Northwest Locale And Aurora Downs To The West, Chicagoas Racing Community Has Enjoyed A Long And Sometimes Scandalous History. Chicagoas Horse Racing Venues Provides Insight Into Chicagoas Rich Racing History And A Behind-the-scenes Look At The People And Horses Involved.

      SKU: 2694804
      ISBN: 9780738560809
      Author: Rinker, Kimberly A.

    The Cowgirl's Guide To Love: A Former Rodeo Princess Reveals What Cowgirls Know That Every Woman Should Know About Life, Love, And
      The Cowgirl's Guide To Love: A Former Rodeo Princess Reveals What Cowgirls Know That Every Woman Should Know About Life, Love, And.

      If Men Were Like Horses . . . Wait A Minute, Men Are Like Horses Ok, Girls, It's Time To Belly Up To The Bar And Throw Down With Some Straight Talk About Life, Love, And Wrangling. (wrangling?) Yes, Wrangling, Says Veteran Humorist Ellen "lil" Patrick In Her Latest Book Of Wry Advice That, While It Might Make Readers Laugh, Will Also Make Them Think About Such Burning Issues As: If Women Are So Liberated, Why Haven't We Given Ourselves The Freedom To Be Happy? Why Are So Many Over-achieving Females Such Under-achievers In Their Personal Lives? Why Are We So Tough On The Outside And So Stupid On The Inside? The Answers Are Right On The Tip Of Your Saddle Horn, According To Patrick, Who Goes On To Explain To All Women- Be They Urban, Suburban, Or Real Live Ranch Hands- How To Nurture Your Inner Cowgirl For A Fully Integrated, Happy Personal Life That, While It Takes No Guff, Also Nourishes The Ultimate In Modern Womanhood And Femininity. Readers Who Enjoyed "the Sweet Potato Queens' Book Of Love Or The Rules" Will Thank Lil Patrick For Coming Along And Out-dishing Those Titles In Terms Of Both Practicality And Laughs. Chapters Such As Discovering Your Inner Cowgirl, Fully Understanding John Wayne, And Tying Your Horse Up (so He Doesn't Wander Away) Help Women Of All Ages Roll Up Their Sleeves And Clean Lacking The Barn "it's About Time We Cowgirls Took Charge Of Our Love Lives The Way We Take Charge On The Trail. Lil Patrick Finally Took Our Best Bunkhouse Secrets And Put ' Em In This Dandy Book For All Us Gals To Share " - Frances Mae "rusty" Callahan, Owner And Head Wrangler, Rusty's Dude Ranch, Medicine Hole, Wyoming

      SKU: 7102247
      ISBN: 9781575872100
      Author: Patrick, Ellen

    Yesterday Morning
      Yesterday Morning.

      Diana Athill Has Written Three Memoirs Which Have Been Acclaimed As Classics For Their Insight, Candor And Wit: " Instead Of A Letter, After A Funeral," And "stet: An Editor's Life. "here She Goes Back To The Beginning, In A Sharp Evocation Of A Childhood Unfashionably Filled With Happiness-a Norfolk Country House, Servants, The Pleasures Of Horses, The Unfolding Secrets Of Adults And Sex. This Is England In The 1920s, Seen From The Vantage Point Of England In 2001. It Was A Privileged And Loving Life: But Did It Make Her Happy?

      SKU: 7609020
      ISBN: 9781862075511
      Author: Athill, Diana

    Ford 100 Anniversary
      Ford 100 Anniversary.

      All Of Ford's American Brands Are Here, Including Lincoln, Mercury, And Edsel, Plus, Of Course, The Full Story Of The Mustang And Thunderbird. Told In A Lively Picture-caption Format, This Large-format Book Traces The Story From Henry Ford's Earliest Hand-built Horseless Carriages, Through His Revolutionary Assembly Line And The Model T It Churned Out, To The Two-tone Wonders And Muscle Machines Of The Glamourous 1950s And '60s, Right Up To Today's High-tech Creations From Dearborn. Noted Automotive Historian David L. Lewis Profiles Famous Ford Personalities, From The Heroic To The Notorious. More Than 4,000 Photos, Most In Full Color, Some Never Before Published.

      SKU: 3058679
      ISBN: 9780785379881
      Author: Lewis, David Lanier

    The Hamiltons: Two Novels
      The Hamiltons: Two Novels.

      Catherine Cookson's "hamilton" Novels Have Taken Their Place Among The Most Widely Acclaimed And Enjoyed Of Her Books. In This Omnibus Edition Of "hamilton" And "goodbye Hamilton," She Shows Her Exceptional Ability To Tell A Story In Which Good Humor And A Sense Of Compassion Are Finely Blended, With Characters So Vividly Alive They Leap Off The Page. Maisie Could Never Be Quite Sure When She First Met Hamilton, But Most Likely It Was When She Started Talking To Herself As A Lonely Seven-year-old. She Didn't Know His Name Until Much Later, When She Was Fourteen And Dr. Kane Had To Pay Her A Visit. "let Us Use Our Horse Sense, " He Said, And At That Moment Maisie Saw A Great Horse Galloping Past Him An Dall The Time Looking At Her, Its Eyes Abundant Of Knowledge And Its Lips Drawn Back As If In Laughter. Soon After, Maisie Adopted The Name Hamilton For Her New And Secret Companion. Of Course, She Couldn't Talk About Hamilton To Anyone - But She Could Write About Him. And Write She Did, With Results That Would Eventually Broaden Her Horizons Far Beyond The Confines Of The Small Town Where She Had Spent Her Lonely Girlhood. Hamilton Would Continue To Be A Pillar Of Maisie's Life For Years, As She Deals With The Adult Problems Of Work, Love, And Marriage And Builds A Life For Herself. "goodbye Hamilton" Picks Up Where "hamilton" Leaves Off. By The Time Maisie Reaches Her Early Thirties, She's Escaped A Disastrous Marriage And Become A Bestselling Author With Her Very First Book: All About Hamilton, The Remarkable Horse Who Exists Only In Her Imagination But Had Nonetheless Proved A Real Guide, Philosopher, And Friend Since Her Childhood. Now She's About To Be Married Again, This Time To A Man Whose Deep And Abiding Love For Her Knows No Bounds. And Hamilton, In Turn, Marks The Occasion By Taking A Wife Himself, An Elegant (and Equally Hypothetical) Mare Named Begonai. So The Outlook Was Fair, But It Seems Maisie Was Destined Never To Know Happiness Untouched By Sorrow, And The Next Few Years Would Bring Their Share Of Fresh Troubles - Some A Legacy From The Past - To Face And Fight. But Hamilton And Begonia Are There To Back Her Up, And At A Time When Things Are Looking Especially Black, A Very Real Flesh And Blood Boy (with A Surprisingly Deplorable Vocabulary) Comes Tumbling Into Her Life, Providing The Greatest Support And Joyy Of All.

      SKU: 2502214
      ISBN: 9780684808017
      Author: Cookson, Catherine

    Death Reins In
      Death Reins In.

      Michaela Bancroft Is Expanding Her Training And Riding Business By Buying Four New Horses From Colleague Audrey Pratt. Then Audrey Is Found In The Stalls, Strangled To Death With A Pair Of Reins, And It's Up To Michaela To Corral A Killer-or She's Next.

      SKU: 3084125
      ISBN: 9780786298365
      Author: Scott, Michele

    George Gordon, Lord Byron
      George Gordon, Lord Byron.

      Described By A Contemporary As "mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know," Byron Has Been Haunted By His Infamous Reputation For Over 200 Years. This Readable And Lively Biography Of The Poet Examines His Chaotic Life Story, Full Of Contradictions-an Aristocrat With Republican Views, Proponent Of Romantic Love Notorious For His Casual Relationships, A Religious Agnostic Who Admired Roman Catholicism. His Work Was Sensational From The Start; His First Poetry Collection Was Withdrawn From Circulation Because It Contained Explicit References To His Romantic Conquests. He Traveled Through Europe On Horseback, And On His Return To London Published A Poem-childe Harold's Pilgrimage-based On His Experiences Abroad. The Poem Was A Bestseller, Which Established Lord Byron's Reputation As One Of England's Most Talented Poets And Romanticism's Most Recognizable Symbol. Other Successful Poems Followed, Such As Don Juan And Bride Of Abydos. Byron's Scandalous Love Affairs Made Him A Celebrity, But Also Forced Him To Spend More And More Time Away From England. He Lived In Italy And Greece And Actively Participated In The Revolutionary Movements In Both Countries. He Died In Greece From Fever Just As His Soldiers Were Preparing To Attack A Turkish Position. About The Series: The British Library Is In A Unique Position When It Comes To Biographical Research, Especially Concerning British Authors. This Revered Institution Boasts The World's Largest Collection Of Original Manuscripts, As Well As An Outstanding Collection Of Letters, Personal Diaries, First Editions, And Other Literary Treasures. The Titles In This Series Take Full Advantage Of This Vast Source Of Documentary Evidence By Illustrating Each Of These Lively Writers' Biographies With State-of-the-art Facsimiles Of Pertinent Documents And Reproductions Of Art From The Period. Penned By Expert Biographers, Each Of These Books Also Contains An Index, Further Reading List, And A Chronology Of The Writer's Life.

      SKU: 545866
      ISBN: 9780195216776
      Author: Garrett, Martin

    The Black Stallion
      The Black Stallion.

      When The Steamer Drake Is Shipwrecked Off The Spanish Coast, There Are Only Two Survivors. One Is Young Alec Ramsay. The Other Is The Black Stallion-wildest Of All Creatures-who Saves Alec's Life. Stranded On A Desert Island, Boy And Stallion Deve Lop A Deep And Special Bond. The Black Is The Horse Alec Has Always Dreamed Of: Beautiful, Savage, And Majestic. Alec Is Determined To Tame Him. But The Job Turns Out To Be More Difficult And Dangerous Than He Ever Imagined...

      SKU: 1117424
      ISBN: 9780375806711
      Author: Farley, Walter

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