Sky Pony

    Sky Pony
      Sky Pony.

      Twelve-year-old Katie Resents Her Beloved Parents When They Decide To Move Their Family To The Yukon For Dad's New Job. But When They Take In Six-year-old Siggi As A Foster Child, Katie Is Really Mad. She Escapes From Her Unhappiness Quite By Chance When She Realizes Her Pony, An Icelandic Horse Called Peggy, Can Fly-through Time As Well As Space. By Accident She Takes Siggi To Nineteenth-century England, Where The Two Are Adopted Into A Loving Family. But When Peggy And Siggi Are Kidnapped And Forced To Work In An Underground Mine, Katie Must Rescue Them Or Risk Losing Them Forever. Through The Danger And The Triumph, And The Connections She Makes Through Time Travel, Katie Comes To Understand The Meaning Of Family.

      SKU: 12666363
      ISBN: 9781894838511
      Author: Breault-hammond, Elaine

    Homeopet Bug Bites (15 Ml)
      Homeopet Bug Bites (15 Ml).

      For Allergic Dermatitis Caused By Flea, Bug And Insect Bites. Helps Promote Healing From Itchy, Irritated Skin. (general Dosing) Natural Organic Ingredients Urtica Urens 6c&30c, Rhus Toxicodendron 6c&30c, Pulex Irritans 6c&30c, Staphysagria 6c&30c, Sulphur 6c&30c In 20% Usp Purified Water. Dosage 1-20 Lbs (10 Kg): 5 Drops = One Dose 20-100 Lbs (10-50 Kg): 10 Drops = One Dose Over 100 Lbs (50 Kg): 15 Drops = One Dose General Dosing: Use 3 Single Doses Daily To Start And Cut Back Wuth Im Provement Of Symptoms To Twice Daily And Eventually Once Daily. Remedy May Be Discontinued When Symptoms Are No Longer Present. Pets Under 1 Lb: All Pets Under 1 Lb Should Be Dosed By Putting One (1) To Two (2) Drops In Drinking Water Daily. More Information Each Remedy Comes In A 15 Ml Liquid Dropper Bottle And May Be Dosed Directly Into The Mouth, In Food/treat Or In Water/milk. There Are Approximately 350-375 Drops Per Bottle. For A Pet Under 20 Lbs/10 Kg One Bottle Will Last 3-4 Weeks, Dosing 3 Times Daily. For A Pet 20-100 Lbs/10-50 Kg, One Bottle Will Last 10-13 Days At 3 Doses Daily. All Homeopet Remedies Are The Same Size And Administered In The Same Manner. Homeopet Formulas Are Fast Acting, Non-sedating And Non-habit Forming. Homeopet Natural, Homeopathic Remedies For Pets Are The Only Brand Of Pet Homeopathic Product That Is Fda Approved. To Preserve Their Effectiveness, Please Do Not Store Homeopet Remedies On Top Of Your Refrigerator Or Microwave. Homeopet Remedies Do Not Expire And Are Not Heat Sensitive, But They May Be Affected By Electromagnetic Emissions. Homeopet Remedies Are Packaged In Non-leeching Plastic To Preserve The Quality Of The Solutions.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, homeopet Skin , amp, Itch Relief
      SKU: Bugbites15ml

    Delectables Bisque Lickable Treatfor Cats - Tuna & Shrimp (1.4 Oz)
      Delectables Bisque Lickable Treatfor Cats - Tuna & Shrimp (1.4 Oz).

      Delectables Bisque Lickable Treat For Cats Will Make You Throw Out Those Outdated Dry Treats! Hartz Puts Forward The First Wet Cat Treats That Every Feline Is Purring For. Delectables Are Creamy Lickable Blends That Your Cat Will Love And Crave So Much, You'll Have To Restock Soon. This Unique Puree Contains Meat As Well As Delicious Juices For Your Cat To Enjoy One Pouch At A Time. Single Serve Wet Cat Treats Puree Contains Real Tender Tuna And Shrimp A Creamy Lickable Blend Your Cat Will Crave

      Category: Cta Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, meaty Cat Treats, gt, delectables Lickable Treat For Cats
      SKU: Delectables-bisque-tuna-shrimp-1-4-oz

    Drinkwell Fountain Replacement Filter Kit
      Drinkwell Fountain Replacement Filter Kit.

      Includes 1 Foam Pre-filter And 3 Charcoal Filters For The Drinkwellâ® Outdoor Dog Fountain. Each Filter Features A Duo-density Polyester Pad That Catches Hair And Debris, While The Charcoal Removes Bad Tastes And Odors From The Water Making It More Appealing To Drink. Filters Help Keep Your Pet's Water Clean And Fresh And Also Extend The Life Of Your Fountain. Replace Them Every 2-4 Weeks.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, feeding Supplies, gt, automatic Feeders , amp, Waterers, gt, drinkwell Accessories
      SKU: Drinkwell-fountain-replacement-filter-kit

    Fido Dental Care Super Breath Bones (mini 21 Pack)
      Fido Dental Care Super Breath Bones (mini 21 Pack).

      Naturals Super Breath Dental Care Dog Bone Is A Healthy Way To Maintain Your Dog's Dental Health By Scraping Away Plaque And Controlling Tartar Buildup As They Chew. It's Unique Design Massages Gums And Teeth All While Effectively Freshening Breath. All-natural Ingredients Make This Chew Easily Digestible For Dogs Of All Ages. Give Your Buddy The Best Smile With Naturals Super Breath Dental Care Dog Bone! These Bones Are Pressure Molded Not Baked. They Taste Great, Are Healthy And Safely Digest, Unlike Rawhide That Have A Risk Of Blockage. Please Always Supervise Your Pets So They Do Not Gulp Our Treats Without Chewing Them First. Proper Size Of Treats Depending On Bredd Is Recommended. 21 Mini Treats For Dogs 4-18 Lbs Made With Kelp, Parsley & Alfala Helps Reduce Plaque Freshens Breath With Daily Chewing Made In The U.s.a.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, fido Dental Care Belly Bones
      SKU: Fido-super-breath

    Jackson Galaxy Air Wand Prey Cat Toy Replacement
      Jackson Galaxy Air Wand Prey Cat Toy Replacement.

      Jackson Galaxy Wands Will Keep Your Curious Cat's Mind Stimulated For Hours! These Cat Toys Were Designed With Unique Telescoping Function And Interchangeable Toys. Pet Parents Choose From Air Prey Wands For Cats That Chase Birds And Flying Objects; Ground Prey Wands For Cats Drawn To Mice And Other Scurring Critters. Replacement For The Air Prey Wand Toy

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, teaser Cat Toys, gt, jackson Galaxy Wand Cat Toy
      SKU: Jackson-galaxy-air-wand-replacement

    3-pack Optimexâ® Tear Stain Essential Formula (180 Soft Chews)
      3-pack Optimexâ® Tear Stain Essential Formula (180 Soft Chews).

      Optimexâ® Tear Stain Eliminator Is A Supplement To Remove Stains Around Dogs' Eyes Caused By Bacteria In Their Tears. This Formula Provides Immune Enhancing Effects So That Your Dog's Immune System Can Respond To And Eliminate The Bacteria Responsible For Staining. The Antioxidants In Optimex Support The Normal Detoxification Processes By Reducing Free Radicals. Optimex Tear Stain Eliminator Is Recommended For Dogs That Have Staining Around Their Eyes And Mouth And Is In An Easy-to-administer Soft Chew Form. Order These Palatable Soft Chews To Keep Your Dog Looking Happy And Healthy Today! Key Features: Formulated To Remove Stains Around The Eyes And Mouth Contains Nutrients To Enhance Immune Function Includes 60 Soft Chews With Palatable Chicken Liver Flavor This Bundle Contains: 3 X Optimexâ® Tear Stain Natural Formula (60 Soft Chews) , A Total Of 180 Soft Chews

      Category: Dog Suppiles, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, tear Stain Products, gt, optimex Anti-tear Stain
      SKU: Optimex-tear-stain-1 80-chews

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Pekingese (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Pekingese (2.5").

      Pekingese Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Pekingese-keychain

    Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick
      Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick.

      The Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Is A Naturally Appealing Toy That Works To Freshen Breath And Support Dental Health. Th Is Simple Toy Features Unique Netting That Encompasses A Plush Full Of Freshly Dried Mint. As A Close Relative To Catnip, The Mint Works To Entice Kitties Into Extended Bouts Of Play And Chew Sessions. The Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Satisfies Your Cat’s Natural Desires To Chew With A Solution Designed To Clean Teeth Off Plaque And Soothe Tender Gums. This Toy Also Releases More Minty Aroma When Compressed To Keep Your Cat Playing For Extended Sessions. Treat Your Kitty To A Toy That Does More Than Entertain And Order This Healthy Dental Mint Toy Today! Key Features: Mint Aroma Keeps Cats Engaged Freshens Breath With Mint And Netting That Removes Plaque From Teeth And Gums Satisfies Desire To Chew To Keep Cats Saffe And Happy

      Category: Cat Toys, gt, plush Cat Toys, gt, petstages, amp, reg, Mint Stick
      SKU: Petstages-fresh-breath-mint-stick

    Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) + Free Phycodent Chews - Large
      Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) + Free Phycodent Chews - Large.

      Phycox Is The New And Improved Formula Intended To Support Your Pet?s Joints With A Taste They Will Love. This Formula Is More Nutrient Dense To Give Your Pet More Of The Glucosamine, Msm, Antioxidants And Creatine That Support Healthy Joints. Phycox Is The Only Joint Supplement That Contains Phycocyanin, Phycox?s Signature Ingredient For Promoting Joint Health. Phycox Works Both To Support Joints And To Reduce Inflammation And Discomfort That Your Pet Might Experience On A Day-to-day Basis. Its New Formula Is Enough To Offer Most Dogs One Chew Or Less For Each Day And Still Receive The Benefits Of Noticeably Healthier Joints. This Bottle Of Phycox One Comes With 120 Soft Chews But A Bottle With 60 Soft Chews Is Also Available. For Pet?s With Allergies To Medication, Check Out Phycox One Ha And Phycox One Ha Max . Arthritis And Joint Problems Are A Common Problem In Dogs, So Don?t Wait Until Your Dog Is Suffering- Order Phycox One Today! Key Features: Newly Balanced Formula For Optimum Joint Health Highly Palatable Taste Available In Both 60 Ct. Or 120 Ct. Sizes This Bundle Contains: 1 - Phycox Soft Chews (120 Count) 1 - Phycodent Rawhide Chews - Large (30 Chews)

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, senior Joint Supplements, gt, phycox Joint Supplement
      SKU: Phycox-one-soft-chews-120-count-phycodent-large

    Premium Heavy Sloced Elk Antler 8"- 10" With Exposed Marrow
      Premium Heavy Sloced Elk Antler 8"- 10" With Exposed Marrow.

      Newt's Chewsp Remium Sliced Elk Antlers Are Naturally Shed Antlers That Make The Perfect Chew Treat For Any Dog. These All-natural Antlers Are A Rich Source Of Essential Nutrients Such As Calcium, Phosphorous And Minerals. The All-natural Bone Has No Scent And Leaves No Stains To Ensure That Your Dog Can Enjoy His Chewing Experience Without Making A Mess. Newt's Chews Premium Sliced Elk Antlers Are Long-lasting To Ensure That They Keep Your Pup's Attention Wrapt In A Chewing Experience That Works To Stimulate Gums And Keep Teethh Ealthy. This Antler Is A Small Size Between 5 And 7 Inches In Length. There Are Also Small (3-5") And Medium (5-7") Available For Smaller Breeds Of Dogs. Your Dog Will Absolutely Love Chewing On These Natural Elk Bones, So Order One Today! Key Features: All-natural Shed Elk Antlers Long-lasting And Hypo-allergenic Contains Calcium, Phosphorus And Other Nutrients To Maintsin Your Dog's Health

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, newt, s Chews Natural Shed Deer Antler
      SKU: Premium-sliced-elk-antler-8-10

    Proflora Probiotic For Dogs (30 Servings)
      Proflora Probiotic For Dogs (30 Servings).

      Proflora ™ Probiotic For Dogs Is A Probiotic Supplement That Provides For And Helps Maintain A Healthy Bacterial Balance In Your Dog's Digestive Tract. Use Daily To Help Populate Your Dog's Gi Tract With Beneficial Bacteria That Assists In Digestion, Ability To Absorb Nutrients, And Overall Immunity. Proflora Probiotic For Dogs Supports Normal Digestion Upset By Food Intolerances Like Poor Diet Or By Antibiotics. Intended For Supplemental Feeding Along With Your Dog's Regular Diet. When Administered Daily, 200 Million Cfu Of Beneficial Bacteria And The Prebiotic, Inulin, Work To Help Your Dog's Gastrointestinal Tract Have The Proper Balance Of Healthy Microorganisms. This Special Formulation Contains 4 Strains Of Live (viable) Bacteria Cultures That Assist In Healthy Digestion And Regularity And Promotes Intestinal Well Being. The Chicken Liver Flavor That Dogs Find Tasty Makes This Probiotic Easy To Administer, While It Supports The Protective Layer Of The Bowel And Bowel Health So That Your Dog Can Maintain Normal Stool Consistency. Simply Sprinkle Over Or Mix With Food And Proflora Probiotic For Dogs Helps Maintain Proper Microflora In The Gi Tract. This Box Comes With 30 Doses Of The Supplement In Individual Packets. Key Features: Contains 200 Million Cfu Of Beneficial Bacteria 4 Unique Strains Of Probiotics Ffor Optimal Balance Of Microflora Includes Prebiotic Inulin To Work Synergestically With Probiotic Blend Comse With 30 Packages Of 1-gram Doses To Mix Into Your Dog's Food For Use In: Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, proflora, amp, trade, Probiotics
      SKU: Proflora-probiotic-dogs-30-servings

    Aventi Kidney Support For Dogs (70 Gm)
      Aventi Kidney Support For Dogs (70 Gm).

      Aventi Kidney Support For Dogs (70 Gm) Can Help Support Dogs Throughout The Stages Of Kidney Disease By Preventing Hypokalemia, Replenishing The Loss Of B Vitamins, Controlling Metabolic Acidosis And Helping To Reduce Azotemia. Easy-to-use, Palatable Powder Is Sprinnkled On The Pet?s Food. Reduces Phosphatemia: Calcium Carbonate And Chitosan Act As Binders To Reduce Intestinal Absorption Of Phosphorus. Restores Acid-base Equilibrium: Potassium Citrate Acts As A Metabolic Acidosis Buffer. Helps Prevent Hypokalemia: Potassium Citrate Provides A Safe Source Of Potassium. Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructooligosaccharides, Lespedeza Capitata Dry Extract (titration 4% In Rutin), Orange Bioflavonoids (titration 40% In Hesperidine), Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12. Product Contains No Meat Based Ingredients. Total Microbial Count: 2.1x1011 Cfu/lb (enterococcus Faecium Sf68 1.4x1011 Cfu/lb, Lactobacillus Acidophilus Dsm13241 7x1010 Cfu/lb) Each Small Scoop Contains: Total Microbial Count 2.25 X 108 Cfu E. Faecium 1.50 X 108 Cfu And L. Acidophilus 7.50 X 107 Cfu Each Large Scoop Contains: Total Microbial Count 9.0 X 108 Cfu E. Faecium 6.0 X 108 Cfu And L. Acidophilus 3.0 X 108 Cfu Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 0.3% Min. Crude Fat 0.1% Min. Crude Fiber 2.0% Max. Moisture 6.5% Max. Pyridoxine (vimatin B 6 ) 2.5 Mg Min. Folic Acid 1 Mg Min. Vitamin B 12 0.05 Mg Min. Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) 25 Mg Min. Enterococcus Faecium* 1.5 X 10 8 Cfu Min. Lactobacillus Acidophilus* 7.25 X 10 7 Cfu Min. * Not Recognized As An Essential Nutrient By The Aafco Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Feeding Instructions Table: Use The Measuring Scoop Provided. Mix Renal Advanced Dogs With Feed According To The Following Daily Dosages: Weight Of Animal Small Scoops Per Day Up To 5.5 Lbs. 1 5.5 To 11 Lbs. 2 11 To 16.5 Lbs. 3 15.5 To 22 Lbs. 4 Weight Of Animal Large Scoops Per Day 22 To 33 Lbs. 2 33 To 44 Lbs. 3 44 To 77 Lbs. 4 77 To 110 Lbs. 5 Over 110 Lbs. 6 The Daily Dosage Can Be Divided Into 2 Or 3 Administrations, According To The Number Of Meals Fed. It Is Preferable To Mix The Product With Moist Feed. If Feeding A Dry Diet, Slightly Moisten The Kibbles To Ensure Good Adhesion Of The Powder And Its Complete Intake. Administer Renal Advanced Dogs For 30 Days, Or For Longer Periods Depending On Your Veterinarian?s Instructions. Renal Advanced Dogs Can Be Used Eit Her Alone Or In Combination With Other Therapies And Specific Diets, On The Basis Of Your Veterinarian?s Instructions. Veterinary Use Only Keep Away From Children Keep In A Dry Place And Protect From Sunlight Company With Quality System Certified By Cermet-sincert According To Uni-en Iso 9001:2008 Identification N° It000192to Manufactured In Italy By Istituto Farmaceutico Candioli S.p.a., Via A. Manzoni, 2 - Beinasco (to), Italy Produced 24 Months Before Expiration Date Nac No.: 13780130

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, kidney, Liver , amp, amp, Reanl Health, gt, kidney , amp, amp, Renal Support Supplements, gt, aventi Kidney Support
      SKU: Renaladvancedrogs

    Horse Confirmation: Structure, Soundness, And Performance
      Horse Confirmation: Structure, Soundness, And Performance.

      In Athletics As In Architecture, Form Follows Function, And Nowhere Is That Truth More Important Than In Equestrian Sports. The Better A Horse's Conformation (how The Animal Measures Up To, Or "conforms," To The Ideal Standards Of Its Breed Or Type), The Better It Will Be Able To Perform. Using Hundreds Of Photographs And Drawings, This Masterfully Produced Book Will Show You How To Develop The "eye" That Any Horseman Needs To Assess Equine Conformation And Anatomy. Its Comprehensive Text Focuses On Ideal And Abnormal Conformation Features; Balance And Symmetry; The Relationship Between Conformation Faults And Athletic Ability; Colors And Markings; As Well As Anatomical Elements, Teeth, And Aging; Body Systems; And The Relationship Between Structure And Function. Now In Paperback, Horse Conformation Is The Single Most Valuable Book On Its Subject And One That Deserves A Prominent Place In Every Horse Owner's Or Rider's Library.

      SKU: 7267287
      ISBN: 9781592284870
      Author: Equine Research

    Thoroughbred #65: Bridal Dfeams
      Thoroughbred #65: Bridal Dfeams.

      While Cleaning Out The Spare Bedroom At Whisperwood In Preparation For The Expected Baby, Samantha And Tor Come Across Their Wedding Album, Stored Away Since Their Return From Ireland Several Years Before. They Settle Down To Relive The Events That Led Up To Their Day, And We Slip Back Twelve Years In Time. When Samantha And Tor Decide To Marry, Samantha Starts Planning The Most Glorious Wedding Kentucky Has Ever See. But As The Date Nears, Disaster Follows Disaster, Forcing The Plans Aside. A Barn Fire At Whisperwood, Tor's Family's Farm; A Nasty Wreck On The Track That Puts Ashleigh In The Hospital; Samantha Is Starting To Think That She And Tor Aren't Supposed To Get Married. Finally It Looks Like Things Are Going Right, But Just A Few Days Before The Wedding, She And Tor Find A Horse Ib Need Of Rescuing, And Theey Spend The Money Set Aside For The Wedding And Their Honeymoon To Save The Animal. Samantha Accepts The Fact That There Isn't Going To Be Any Fabulous Ceremony, Until Ashleigh Steps In And Offers Whitebrook For The Wedding. In The End, Tor And Samantha Have Their Wedding On Horseback At Whitebrook, With All The Special Touches To Make It The Most Wonderful Day Of Samantha's Life. Ages 13+

      SKU: 176720
      ISBN: 9780060595241
      Author: Newhall, Mary / Campbell, Joanna / Anderson, Mary Newhall

    Playing For Keeps
      Playing For Keeps.

      Lauren Brooke Brings Heartland's Winning Spirit To This Inspiring Fourth Book In Her Exceptional New Boarding School Series. Spunky, Vivacious Lani Hernandez Is Excited To Be Back At School With Her Friends And Horses After Winter Break.then Lani Receives A Letter From Home: Her Parents Are Concerned About Her Grades And Want Her To Transfer To Another School Where The Extracurriculars Won't Be As Distracting. Upset But Determined, Lani Sets Out To Change Her Parents' Minds. When She Sprains Her Wrist Riding, She's Able To Devote More Time To Studying - Until She Gets Involved In Planning A Charity Event. If The Event Is A Success, Will Lani Be Able To Convince Her Parents That Chestnut Hill Is The Place For Her?

      SKU: 1380273
      ISBN: 9780439738576
      Author: Brooke, Lauren

    Lonestar Sanctuary
      Lonestar Sanctuary.

      In The Quiet Safety Of The Bluebird Ranch, Old Promises Resurface And Unexpected Love Brings New Hope. Though Tragedy Has Wrecked Her Life, Allie Siders Holds On To The Hope That Her Five-year-old Daughter, Betsy, Will Speak Again. But With A Stalker Out For Revenge, All Allie Can Think About Now Is Their Safety. She Must Sever All Ties And Abandon Life As She Knows It. She Heads To The Peaceful Bluebird Ranch, Nestled Deep In Texas Hill Country, And To The Only Person Who Can Help Thrm. The Ranch Is A Sancyuary For Abused Horses, And Also For Troubled Youths: The Perfect Place For Betsy To Grow And Recover. Ranch Owner Elijah Deangelo Eagerly Welcomes The Duo. But Rick Bailey-the Ranch Foreman And Deangelo's Right Hand Man-hasn't Decided To Let His Guard Down . . . Yet. Promises Made Long Ago Soon Force Rick And Allie To Work Together To Escape Danger. Will They Discover Love Along The Way?

      SKU: 16509128
      ISBN: 9781401685775
      Author: Coble, Colleen

    Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks
      Frommer's Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks.

      Frommer's Puts The Parks In Your Pocket. * The Best Strategies For Seeing Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks-and The Lowdown On Equally Stunning (and Less Crowded) Natural Wonders Nearby * Great Places To Stay: Cozy Park Lodges, Family-friendly Gateway Motels, And The Best Campgrounds * The Best Hikes, From Meandering Garden Paths To Thrilling Canyon Trails-plus Cross-country Ski Treks, Mountain Bike And Horseback Tours, And More * Where To Eat And Stock Up On Supplies, Both In The Parks And In Nearby Towns * Detailed, Accurate Regional, Park, And Trail Maps Frommer's. The Best Trips Start Here. Experince A Place The Way The Locals Do. Enjoy The Best It Has To Offer. And Avoid Tourist Traps. At Frommer's, We Use 150 Outspoken Travel Experts Around The World To Help You Make The Right Choices. Detect Great Deals And Book Your Trip At

      SKU: 1511813
      ISBN: 9780470185636
      Author: Laine, Don / Laine, Barbara

    Dressage To Music: Build A Freestyle From Choreography To Competition
      Dressage To Music: Build A Freestyle From Choreography To Competition.

      Many Riders Are Put Off Riding To Music Because It Seems To Complicated. The Task Of Puttig Together A Routinen To Ride To Appears Daunting, As Does Selectcing Suitable Music, But This Book Tells You Everythig You Need To Know, From Choreography To Quadrilles And Competition Schooling To Music Adds Another Dimensio N To Daily Training, Helping Both Horse And Rider To Develop A Sense Of Rhythm And Fluency In Work.

      SKU: 3744180
      ISBN: 9780851319438
      Author: Lilley, Claire

    Border Raiders: A Jim Blawcyzk Texas Ranger Story
      Border Raiders: A Jim Blawcyzk Texas Ranger Story.

      Comanches And Rustlers Are Wreaking Havoc On The Settlers Of The Nueces Strip... The Texas No-man's Land Between The Nueces River And The Rio Grande. Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jim Blawcyzk Is Assigned To A Company Of Rangers With Orders To Bring The Renegades To Justice... Or Die Trying. "border Raiders" Is A Gritty, Action-packed Tale Of The Texas Frontier, When A Few Brave Lawmen Brought Justice To The Far Reaches Of The Lone Star State. Jim Bblawcyzk, Winchester Now Empty, Charged Across The Camp, Colt In Hand, Sam, His Veteran War Horse, Twisting And Turning, Making The Horse And His Rider Elusive Targets. Jim Ripped The Big Gelding Around At A Shout Behind Him. "you Won't Get Away From Me This Time, Lieutenant," Tom Sullivan Shouted, As He Dropped To One Knee, Drawing A Bead On Blawcyzk's Chest. As Blawcyzk Galloped Straight At The Renegade Ranger, His Snap Shot Missed, Taking Sullivan's Hat From His Head. Just Before Sullivan Could Fire, Sam Lowered His Head, And Clamped His Teeth Onto Sullivan's Shoulder. Sullivan Screamed In Pain As The Horse's Wicked Teeth Sank Into Muscle And Bone. Sam Released His Grip, And As Sullivan Fell Backward, The Big Horse Ra Right Over Him, Trampling Him Into The Dust.

      SKU: 2152568
      ISBN: 9780595355167
      Author: Griffin, Jaames J.

    101 Animal Babies
      101 Animal Babies.

      The 4th Book In The Popular 101 Animals Series Did You Know That Sea Turtle Mothers Leave Their Babies To Hatch From Their Eggs Completely On Their Own? Or That Baby Gorilla Black-backs Are Carried Around For As Long As Three Years After They Are Born? In 101 Animal Babies, Readers Will Learn About Penguins And Sea-horse Fathers That Guard And Hatch Their Eggs, Birds That Teach Their Chicks To Fly, Kangaroos That Keep Their Joeys Safe In Pouches, And Wolves That Teach Their Pups To Hunt. Filled With Fascinating Facts And Adorable Full-color Photos On Every Page, 101 Animal Babies Is Sure To Be An Instant Favorite For Kids, Parents, And Teachers Alike

      SKU: 21706092
      ISBN: 9780545563215
      Author: Berger, Melvin, Berger, Gilda

    The Ginger Horse
      The Ginger Horse.

      Redways Is A Reasonably Successful School. Although The Headmaster's Treatment Of Both Staff And Boys Is Too Formal And Unbending To Make It An Entirely Happy One... The Head, His Assistant Masters, And Their Womenfolk Live In A World Of Petty Jealousies. But This Is Nothing Compared To The Intrigue Which Develops When A Murder Is Committed In Their Midst...

      SKU: 7526154
      ISBN: 9781847824486
      Author: Straker, J. F.

    Introduction To Animal Science: Global, Biological, Social, And Industry Perspectives
      Introduction To Animal Science: Global, Biological, Social, And Industry Perspectives.

      Unique In Focus And Cutting-edge In Content, This Lavishly Illustrated Introduction To Animal Science Covers The "full Range" Of Topics-traditional And Non-traditional-that Reflect The Way Agriculture Is Changing "today." By Exploring Animal Science From A "variety" Of Integrated" Perspectives-biological, Species, Industry, Society, And Global-it Reveals The "dynamic" Nature Of Animal Science And The Many Ways In Which It Is A Piece Of A Much Larger Whole Of Agriculture And Agriculture Within Society (e.g., How Animals Fit Into All Of Society And How Animals Contribute To The Well-being Of Man From A Worldwide Perspective). The Value Of Animals To Mankind. Factors Affecting World Agricultural Structure. Worldwide Systems Of Agricultural Production. Introduction To Nutrition. The Gastrointestinal Tract And Nutrition. Feedstuffs Classification. Genetics. Animal Breeding. Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering. Animal Reproduction. Lactation. Animal Behavior. Animal Health. Vertical Integration: Beef, Pork And Poultry. Beef Cattle. Dairy Cattle. Poultry. Swine. Sheep And Goats. Horses. Aquaculture. Pet And Companion Animals. Llamoids. Rabbits. Careers And Career Preparation In Animal Science. Animals As Consumers Of Grain: Asset Or Liability? Food Safety And Consumer Concerns. Animal Welfare And Animal Rights. Animals In Sustainable Agriculture.

      SKU: 344412
      ISBN: 9780130449979
      Author: Damron, W. Stephen

    Men And Women Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie Sweatshirt + Joggers Pants Horse Print Hoody Unisex Tracksuits Outfit Sweatpants Set
      Men And Women Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie Sweatshirt + Joggers Pants Horse Print Hoody Unisex Tracksuits Outfit Sweatpants Set.

      Men Boys Joggers Suits Tracksuit Unisex Animal Rainbow Unicorn Print 3d Pattern Pants + Hoodie Sweatshirts Emoji Outfit Sweatpants Set High Quality Material:polyester Unisex: For Man And Women Package Inclide: 1 Pcs Hoodie+ 1pcs Pant Color: As The Picture Size: S M L Xl 2xl Free Shipping

      Category: Men, stracksuits
      SKU: 396714187

    Animal Stickers For Kids Kawaii Animal Stickers Cat Dog Horse Giraffe... Zoo Kids Stickers Puffy Sticker Kids Rewards Party Supply
      Animal Stickers For Kids Kawaii Animal Stickers Cat Dog Horse Giraffe... Zoo Kids Stickers Puffy Sticker Kids Rewards Party Supply.

      6.75x16.9cm. Material: 30%pvc + 40%foam +30%pet. Free Shipping Cute Animal Stickers Pets And Pets House, Dog's Bone, Zoo Animal: Giraffe, Horse, Elephant, Cow,ox, Monkey, Birds,tortoise

      Category: Learningtoys
      SKU: 215850814

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