Solomon's Touch

    Solomon's Touch
      Solomon's Touch.

      Solomon J. Wickey Member Of The Old Order Amish Faith Iridologist Master Herbalist Born With A God-given Gift To Heal Falsely Accused Of Practicing Medicine Without A License Widely Known Throughout The Usa And World Breeds And Raises Registered Standardbred Horses Happy, Fun Loving, Musician, Carpenter, Gardener, Fisherman; Devoted Husband, Father, Brother, Friend. Historically, When God Decides To Send Mankind In A New Direction, He Sends A Messenger, Or Sometimes An Entire Army To Lead The Way. Although For Thousands Of Years Messengers Have Been Trying To Show People The Way To Achieve Perfect, Optimal Health, Each Has Presented It In A Different Way, And Since God Will Not Be Denied, We Can Expect Legions Of New Messengers Shouting With Even Stronger Voices Until They Finally "get It." Solomon J. Wickey Ws Sent To Deliver The Most Profound Message Of All; Tap Into God's Power To Heal By Sending A Coded Signal To The Body Via Silent Thought. Solomon Has Successfully Demonstrated This Method By Restoring Health Where There Was Little, If Any, Hope, And Improving The Quality Of Life For Tens Of Thousands. The Mere Possibility Of Achieving Instant Results Without Pain Or Debilitating Side Effects, Is Exciting For Those Willing To Take Charge Of Their Own Lives; Their Own Health.

      SKU: 6329370
      ISBN: 9781420850086
      Author: Naugle, June

    Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement For Medium Breeds (250 Capules)
      Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement For Medium Breeds (250 Capules).

      Vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplement Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids Derived From Fish Oil. These Fatty Acids Help Decrease Allergy Related Itchness In The Skin By Interfiering With Production Of The Inflammatory Substances That Cause The Itching. Triglyceride Omega Supplement Supplement Is The Best Supplement To Maintain The Skin Health Of Your Pet.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, fish Oil , amp, Omega Supplements, gt, vetoquinol Care Triglyceride Omega Supplements
      SKU: Allerg3med250

    Miracle Care Kwik-stop Styptic Powder (1.5 Oz)
      Miracle Care Kwik-stop Styptic Powder (1.5 Oz).

      Miracle Care Kwik-stop Styptic Powder (1.5 Oz) Formerly Gimborn Leading Styptic Powder For Over 40 Years. Helps Stop Bleeding Caused By Clipping Nails & Claws, Docking Tails & Minor Superficial Cuts. Contains Benzocaine. Kwik Stop Is The Leading Styptic Powder 40+ Years. Kwik Stop Helps To Block Pain While Effectively Controlling Minor Bleeding Caused By Clipping Nails & Claws, Docking Tails And Other Minor Superficial Cuts. Made In Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, miracle Care Kwik-stop
      SKU: Gimstypticpow15

    Zuke's Hip Action With Glucosamine And Chondroitin - Peanut Butter (1 Lb)
      Zuke's Hip Action With Glucosamine And Chondroitin - Peanut Butter (1 Lb).

      Zuke?s Hip Action- Peanut Butter With Blueberries, Flax Seed, Carrots And Apples. Does Your Dog Have Trouble Climbing Stairs, O Is Slow To Get Up? Does A Long Walk Lead To Limping, Pain Or Achy Hips And Joint Stiffness? Zuke's Hip Action Glucosamine Treats For Dogs Are An Easy, Delicious Way To Support Joint Function And Maintain Your Dog's Mobility. Every Delicious Bite Contains A Substantial Dose Of Glucosamine Hcl (300mg) And Chondroitin Sulfate (50 Or 250mg), Plus Cofactor Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids To Aid In Absorption And Metabolism. Hip Action Isn't Just For Older Dogs, Help Maintain Hip And Joint Function In Younger Dogs By Feeding Hip Action Daily. For Complete Joint Maintenance And Recovery, Try Joint Max Triple Strength .

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, functional Dog Treats, gt, zuke, s Hip Action
      SKU: Hipacpeabut1lb

    Multipet Gum Gum Twist Bar - 8" (assorted)
      Multipet Gum Gum Twist Bar - 8" (assorted).

      The Multipet™ Gum Gum Twist Bar Will Have Your Pup Excited For A Long-lasting Chew Sessions And Individual Or Interactive Play! This Unique Toy Is Made From A Soft Latex Material That Features A Ridged Tube Twisted Into A Spiral Shape To Provide An Intriguing Texture That Works To Scrape Away Plaque And Tartar As Your Dog Chews. The Multipet™ Gum Gum Twist Bar Is Perfect For Individual, Supervised Chew Sessions Or For Games Of Fetch Or Tug Of War. This Bar Comes In Assorted Colors And Is The Perfect Size For Medium Or Large Dogs. Your Pup Will Love This Fun Elastic Chew Toy, So Order One For Your Pooch Today! Key Features: Unique Spiral Shape Scrapes Away Plaque And Tartar Soft Latex Material Is Safe To Chew Ideal Size For Medium And Large Dogs

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, chew Toys, gt, multipet Rubber Toys
      SKU: Multipet-gum-gum-twist-bar-8-inches

    Nutri Dent Adult Chicken - Small (50 Count)
      Nutri Dent Adult Chicken - Small (50 Count).

      Nutri Dent Complete Small Dental Chews Is A Delicious Treat For Dogs That Is Clinically Proven To Reduce Plaque And Build-up And Prevent Halitosis More Than Brushing. These Treats Are Uniquely Shaped With A Scrubbing Nubs That Outline The Outside Of The Treat To Scrape Away Plaque Buildup As Your Dog Chews. The Treats Also Come In A Highly Palatable Chicken Flavor That Dogs Absolutely Love. The New Formula Also Contains Ingredients To Combat Plaque And Tartar From Within Your Dog's System. All Ingredients Used In Nutri Dent Complete Are Natural And Nutritious. The Small Size Comes With 50 Treats Per Package But Other Sizes Are Also Available. This Includes A Mini Size , Medium Size , And A Large Size . Order Nutri Dent Complete Small Dental Chews For Your Dog Today! Key Features: Clinically Proven To Remove Plaque And Tartar Better Than Brushing Removes Bad Breath Highly Palatable Chicken Flavor Comes In Four Sizes For Dogs Of All Breeds And Ages

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, nylabone Nutri-dent
      SKU: Nutri-dent-adult-chicken-small-50-count

    Paw Plunger - Medium (black)
      Paw Plunger - Medium (black).

      Paw Plunger Is The Perfect Solution To Your Dog's Messy Paws Tracking Dirt In The House- Cleaning Your Pup's Paws In One Quick Process. This Plunger Takes The Arduous Task Of Thoroughly Cleaning Your Pet's Paws And Produces A Procedure That's Easy To Perform And Effectively Pulverizes Dirt. The Plunger Works By Using Its Patented Bristle Design To Effectively Remove Dirt With One Swift Motion. Paw Plunger Removes More Than Simply Dirt And Mud- As It Also Removes Ice, Salt, And Chemicals That Can Irritate Your Pet's Paws. This Paw Plunger Comes In A Medium Size For Most Dogs- But There Are Also Petite And Large Sizes For Dogs That Are Particularly Small Or Large. This Product Will Keep Your Home Clean And Your Dog Happy- So Order Today! Key Features: Simple Process Removes Dirt, Ice, Salt, Mud, And Chemicals Patented Bristle Design Is Easy To Use Comes In Three Sizes For Dogs With Any Size Paw

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, other Cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, paw Plunger
      SKU: Paw-plunger-medium-black

    Anxiety Guaranteed Solution - Snuggle Puppy - Brown
      Anxiety Guaranteed Solution - Snuggle Puppy - Brown.

      The Snugglepuppie™ Is The Perfect Calming Solution For Your Pet, Providing Warmth And Soothing Physical Contact To Your Pup. This Soft Plush Provides The Perfect Companion For Pets That Are Recovering From Surgery, Injury Or Illness Or Those Suffering From Stress And Anxiety. It Also Provides A Way To More Easily Nurse Rescued Puppes Or Kittens. The Snugglepuppie Uses A Mechanical Heart To Simulate A Real Heartbeat, Offering Relief And Companionship That Other Toys And Calming Solutions Simply Can't Offer. The Plush Also Features An Interior Pocket To Store 24-hour Disposable Warming Packs , Which Provide Even More Comfort To Your Pet. If Your Animal Is Stressed For Any Reason, Offer The Best Care Available To Relieve Their Worries With This Incredible Tool And Order One For Your Furry Friend Today! Key Features: Real “feel” Heartbeat With Batteries 24-hour Disposable Heat Pack Included, More Sold Separately Nursing Bottle Feature For Orphans

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavor, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy
      SKU: Snugglepuppie-brown

    Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life
      Goddess Alive!: Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life.

      The Changing Of The Seasons, Phases Of The Moon, Even Our Personal Experiences-all Are Reflections Of The Divine Feminine. Create A Stronger Connection To The Sacred World And Your Own Divinity By Welcoming These Thirteen Powerful Celtic And Nordic Goddesses Into Your Life. As You Make Your Way Through A Transformative Year, Know That Each Goddess Has A Different Energy And A Unique Lesson To Teach You. Starting With The Winter Solstice, The Eight Seasonal Sabbats And Five Faces Of The Moon Provide The Guideposts Along Your Path. Through Ritual, Invocation, Guided Meditations, And Magical Activities, You'll Explore Each Goddess's Unique Mythology And Discover Her Message For Your Life. Cerridwyn Welsh Goddess Of Rebirth And Renewal Brigid Irish Goddess Of Healing, The Forge, And Creative Inspiration Eostre Anglo-saxon Goddess Of Spring Freyja Norse Goddess Of Lover And War Aine Irish Goddess Of Faeries And Fertility Danu Irish Mother Goddess Of Wisdom Modron Welsh Mother Goddess Of Mystery Hella Norse Goddess Of The Underworld Branwen Welsh Goddess Of Sovereignty Maeve Irish Goddess Of Personal Power The Valkyries Norse Goddesses Of Battle Magic And Soul Journey Morrighan Irish Goddess Of Magic And Death Rhiannon Welsh Great Queen And Horse Goddess

      SKU: 2697786
      ISBN: 9780738710808
      Author: Skye, Michelle

    Orlando Innamorato = Orlando In Love
      Orlando Innamorato = Orlando In Love.

      Like Ariosto's Orlando Furioso And Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, Boiardo's Chivalric Stories Of Lords And Ladies First Entertained The Culturally Innovative Court Of Ferrara In The Italian Renaissance. Inventive, Humorous, Inexhaustible, The Story Recounts Orlando's Love-stricken Pursuit Of "the Fairest Of Her Sex, Angelica" (in Milton's Terms) Through A Fairyland That Combines The Military Valors Of Charlemagne's Knights And Their Famous Horses With The Enchantments Of King Arthur's Court. Today It Seems More Than Ever Appropriate To Offer A New, Unanridged Edition Of Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato, The First Renaissance Epic About The Common Customs Of, And The Conflicts Between, Christian Europe And Islam. Having Extensively Revised His Earlier Translation For General Readers, Charles Ross Has Added Headings And Helpful Summaries To Boiardo's Cantos. Tenses Have Been Regularized, And Terms Of Gender And Religion Have Been Updated, But Not So Much As To Block The Reader's Encounter With How Boiardo Once Viewed The World. Charles Stanley Ross Has Degrees From Harvard College And The University Of Chicago And Teaches English And Comparative Literature At Purdue University. "neglect Of Italian Romances Robs Us Of A Whole Species Of Pleasure And Narrows Our Very Conception Of Literature. It Is As If A Man Left Out Homer, Or Elizabethab Drama, Or The Novel. For Like These, The Romantic Epic Of Italy Is One Of The Great Trophies Of The European Genius: A Genuine Kind, Not To Be Replaced By Any Other, And Illustrated By An Extremely Copious And Brilliant Production. It Is One Of The Successes, The Undisputed Achievements." -c. S. Lewis

      SKU: 7803009
      ISBN: 9781932559019
      Author: Boiardo, Matteo Maria / Ross, Charles Stanley

    The Queen Of Jhansi
      The Queen Of Jhansi.

      Lakshmibai, The Queen Of Jhansi, A Legendary Indian Heroine, Led Her Troops Against The British In The Uprising Of 1857, Which Is Now Widely Described As The First Indian War Of Independence. The Image Of The Young Warrior Queen Who Died On The Battlefield But Not In The Minds Of Her People Captured The Imagination Of Novelist Mahasweta Devi, Who Undertook Extensive Research That Encompassed Family Reminiscence, Oral Literature, Local Histories, And More Traditional Sources. From These She Wove A Very Personal History Of A Heroine-an Unusual Woman, Widowed At An Early Age, Who Grew From A Free-spirited Child Into An Independent Young Leader. Devi's Resulting Work Traces The History Of The Growing Resistance To The British, Wwhile Building A Detailed Picture Of Lakshmibai As A Complex, Spirited, Full-blooded Woman Who Wears Her Long Tresses Unbound At The Same Time As She Prefers A Male Attire On Horseback; Who Is A Cool-headed And Far-sighted Leader Of Men, Full Of Warm Concern For Her Soldiers; As Well As A Mother Who Worries About Her Infant Son's Well-being. Simultaneously A History, A Biography, And An Imaginative Work Of Fiction, This Book Is A Valuable Contribution To The Reclamation Of History And Historiography By Feminist Writers.

      SKU: 7765714
      ISBN: 9781906497538
      Author: Devi, Mahasweta / Sengupta, Sagaree / Sengupta, Mandira

    The Best Of Louisa May Alcott: A Charming Illustrated Collection Of Little Women, Little Men, And 24 Short Stories
      The Best Of Louisa May Alcott: A Charming Illustrated Collection Of Little Women, Little Men, And 24 Short Stories.

      "a Splendid Edition-the First Contemporary Collection Of Louisa May Alcott's Novels And Stories; One That Includes The Art Of The Great Nineteenth-century Illustrator Frank T. Merrill." -madelon Bedell, Author Of "the Alcotts: Biography Of A Family" Louisa May Alcott Was A Writer Who Liked To Be In Intimate Touch With The Reader. There Is A Confidential Immediacy To Her Style, Often Punctuated With Sly Stabs Of Satire And Irony. One Of The Principal Charms Of Her Writing Is Her Great Warmth For Her Characters, And Theirs For One Another. Nowhere Is This Better Displayed Than In The Classics "little Women" And "little Men," Which Are Here In Their Entirety. The Short Stories In The Best Of Louisa May Alcott Come From The Period Of Alcott's Most Powerful And Mature Writing, Which Began In The 1860s, When She Dealt Forcibly With Real Issues And Real People. These Stories Touch On Strong Human Qualities-joy, Compassion, Humor, Courage, Dignity, Heart-tugging Poignancy, Guilt, Or Fancifulness-and Portray The Moments When Those Qualities Come Into Focus. Alcott's Work Has A Wonderful Range. There Are Delicious Romance, Like The Frankly Autobiographical "my Boys," A Rollicking Account Of Some Of The Author's Experiences, Full Of Her Salty, Sardonic Humor And Generosity Of Spirit. There Is Also "cupid And Chow-chow," Still Very Relevant Today, Dealing With Courage And Guilt, And Sexism In The Nursery. There Is Comedy And Suspense In "clams," A Marvelous Ghost Story. There Are Wonderful Animal Stories, Including "rosa's Tale," The Heroine Of Which Is A Horse, As Well As A Description Of A Day At The Zoo In "my May-day Among Curious Birds And Beasts." There Are Also Holiday Stories Here, Like "an Old Fashioned Thanksgiving," And Two Christmas Stories: "how It All Happened," And "tessa's Surprise." And Perhaps Most Moving Of All Is "a Night," From "hospital Sketches," The Story Of A Nurse's Vigil At The Bedside Of An Extraordinarily Brave And Dignified Soldier Wounded In The Civil War. This Charming Collection, Enhanced By Beautiful Original Illustrations, Makes Clear The Timeless Appeal Of Louisa May Alcott's Work.

      SKU: 1677443
      ISBN: 9780517100349
      Author: Alcott, Louisa May / Booss, Claire / Merrill, Frank T.

    Charlotte And The Starlet
      Charlotte And The Starlet.

      Charlotte Is A Natural Horseperson, And Now She Has The Chance To Try Out For The Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad. But The Academy Head Dislikes Her, And Charlotte's Roommates Aren't Above Playing Dirty Tricks To Get Ahead. Leila Is A Movie Star Horse With A Diva Attitude, But When She Is Suddenly Kidnapped, She Ends Up At Charlotte's Riding Academy. Her Only Way Back To Hollywood Is To Reveal Her Big Secret To Charlotte: Leila Can Talk Can The Two Work Together To Achieve Their Dreams?

      SKU: 7451476
      ISBN: 9781741661248
      Author: Warner, Dave

    Snickerdoodle And The Roller-skating Horse!
      Snickerdoodle And The Roller-skating Horse!.

      Continuing His Adventures Out West, Snickerdoodle Rescues A Runaway Rodeo Horse Who Refuses To Become A Bucking Bronco And Makes Peace With A Tough Opponent. Story Shows The Importance Of Persistence In Pursuing A Personal Ogal And How To Make Friends With Bullies. Reinforces Theme: Be Yourself. Dare To Dream Big

      SKU: 4336271
      ISBN: 9780974188843
      Author: Grosgebauer, Clar Eham / Rissing, Karen

    Droll Stories V3
      Droll Stories V3.

      The Frenchman Jumped Off The Horse, And Entered The House With The Venetian Cavalier, Accepting His Supper. They Both Seated Themselves At The Table. The Frenchman Fought So Well With His Jaws, He Twisted The Morsels With So Much Agility, That He Showed Herself Equally Learned In Suppers, And Showed It Again In Dexterously Draining The Wine Flasks Without His Eye Becoming Dimmed Or His Understanding Affected. Then You May Be Sure That The Venetian Thought To Himself He Had Fallen In With A Fine Son Of Adam, Sprung From The Right Side And The Wrong One. While They Were Drinking Together, The Venetian Endeavoured To Find Some Joint Through Which To Sound The Secret Depths Of His Friend's Cogitations.

      SKU: 6297431
      ISBN: 9781419116957
      Author: De Balzac, Honore

    Giant Bluefin
      Giant Bluefin.

      This Elegantly Written And Compelling Work Portrays The Way The Japanese Demand For Giant Bluefin Tuna Has Altered The Lives Of Cape Cod Fishermen. In Telling The Story Of One Man's Passionate Hunt For Giant Bluefin, Douglas Whynott Details The Competition And Camaraderie In The Bluefin Fishery, The Pressures Of A Conservationist Movement Seeking To Limit The Bluefin Harvest, And The Struggle Of The Fisherman Himself Against "the Wild Horses Of The] Fish Species."

      SKU: 3797879
      ISBN: 9780865474970
      Author: Whynott, Douglas

    Pony Summer
      Pony Summer.

      Pony Summer Is A Preteen Chapter Book For Every Girl Who Struggles With Self-esteem Issues Because She Is Overweight. Kelly Always Felt Badly About Her Body Image. But When Two Horses Moved Into An Empty Field Behind Her House, Vitality Took On New Meaning. She Eagerly Gets Involved With Helping The Owners Take Care Of The Horses. Kelly Starts Out With A Simple Job Of Keeping The Horses' Water Full But The More She Learns, The More Important Her Jobs Get. Kelly's Love For The Horses Quickly Grows And She Spends Every Free Second She Has Watching And Learning About The Horses. As Kelly Cares For And Trains The Horses, Their Progress Becomes The Stepping-stone For A New Kind Of Freedom. Kelly Becomes Less Self-conscious, As She Develops A Higher Level Of Self-esteem. Her Body And Her Self-image Undergo A Transformation That Many Young Girls Will Find Heartening. The First Person Account Creates A Story Full Of Tears And Triumph-and One That Warms And Encourages The Soul Of The Reader.

      SKU: 4144237
      ISBN: 9780917665882
      Author: Cossi, Olga

    Dj's Challenge
      Dj's Challenge.

      Book 2 In The High Hurdles Series For Early Teen Girls. Dj Randall Discovers She May Not Be Able To Keep Her Horse If Her Mother Takes A Job In L.a.

      SKU: 6883715
      ISBN: 9781556615061
      Author: Snelling, Lauraine

    A Harvest Of Memories: Rural Ireland From The '30s To Present Times
      A Harvest Of Memories: Rural Ireland From The '30s To Present Times.

      Chapter 1. The Boss Man. Introduces My Father And Mother. If It Wasn?t For Them I Wouldn?t Have Been Around To Write These Stories Chapter 2. Growing Up A Protestant. Is Mostly About Growing Up As A Small Boy In A Protestant Culture In Ireland. Chapter 3. The Hungry Thirties: A Brief Explanation Of The Hungry Thirties Abroad And At Home, Also Explains Why The Shortage Of Money In Olden Times Didn?t Prevent People From Living And Enjoying Themselves In Spite Of Its Absence Chapter 4. Hitlre's War. How It Benefited Ireland. Emigrant's Money Being Sent Home, And The Opportunity To Work, Which Was Unavailable At Home. Chapter 5. War And Horses: During The War Years Horses Of All Kinds Were In Big Demand And Gave My Father The Opportunity To Show His Mettle. Chapter 6. Dismal Fifties: We Break Away From Thirties Thinking, But Progress Is Slow Chapter 7. The Eec. Entry To Europe And Consequent Benefits. Chapter 8: The Fordson Tractor: Irelands First Approach To Mechanisation, And How It Was Adopted Wholeheartedly By The Farm Worker. Chapter 9. The Ferguson Te 20: This Tractor Was The Turning Point In Mechanised Farming, But It Took A While To Sell Itself To ?doubtful Thomas?s? In The Farming Fraternity. Chapter 10. The Reaper And Binder: The Half Way Stage Between Backbreaking Work In The Harvest Field, And Today's Modern Combine Harvester. Chapter 11. Thrashing: Sweat, Dust, And Rat Killing, And The Hazards Faced On Road And In Haggard When Moving From Farm To Farm. Chapter 12: The Agricultural Contractor: Very Much In Vogue Today, But Was Always There In Bygone Times As Additional Farm Income. Chapter 13. Neighbours: How To, Andhow Not To, Get Along With Them, And Their Real Worth In Times Of Trouble Or Need. Chapter 14. A Settin? Of Eggs: A Settin? Of Eggs Relates How Important The Money Earned From Selling Eggs Was To The Farmer's Wife, And How It Doesn?t Pay To Get Too Greedy. Chapter 15: Pin Money: Many Of Today's Women, Married Or Single, Are Financially Independent And What They Earn Could Hardly Be Described As ?pin Money?. Yesterday's Rural Woman Struggled Hard For Her Independence, Be It Selling Eggs, Butter, The Odd Calf Or Piglet, Or Thinning Roots For Farmers And Cutting Sheaves At Thrashing Time. Bord Failte And The B@b's Set Her Up And Gave Some The Chance To Earn Real Money. Chapter 16: Daisy The House Cow: Queen Of The Farmyard, Her Welfare Was Important Not Only To The Farmer And His Family But Various Other Farm Animals. Her Yearly Journey To A Suitor Is Recorded Chapter 17: Sheep: A Law Unto Themselves, And The Bane Of All Owners When Any Form Of Control Is Practiced. The Buying And Selling Of Them Is An Art Form. Chapter 18: Fairs Old And New: The Period Covered Is From The Old Hand Spittin? An? Clappin? Fair Green Days, To The Modern Livestock Auction Ring. The Dealin? Man Was Pr Personified Chapter 19. Training Of The Collie Pup: The Collie Pup And How H

      SKU: 6383402
      ISBN: 9781425105228
      Author: Jeffers, Dick

    The Best Adventure And Exploration Stories Ever Told
      The Best Adventure And Exploration Stories Ever Told.

      An Exciting Collection Of Dangerous Adventures And Groundbreaking Exploration, The Best Adventure And Exploration Stories Ever Told Compiles The Works Of Authors From All Over The World And From The Very Distant Past To Recent Eras.popular And Well-known Authors Such As Herman Melville, Jack London, Joseph Conrad, And Jules Verne Are Featured, As Well As Homer's Fabulous Tales And Iceland's Mesmerizing Sagas From The Tenth And Eleventh Centuries. Nonfiction Stories Add A Riveting, Realistic Aspect Of Adventure To The Collection. These Include Accounts From Shackleton's Polar Expeditions; Early American Storries From The Famed Lewis And Clark; Spellbinding Accounts Of Magellan's Perilous Expeditions To Uncharted Areas; And Many More No Less Exciting.the Stories Compiled In This Priceless Collection Represent A Thousand Years Of Adventure, Expedition, Danger, And Discovery. They Inspire As Well As Awe, And Readers Will Find Themselves With An Urge To Follow In These Great Adventruers' Footsteps. Ancient And Modern Escapades Placed Side By Side Make This Book Perfect For All Who Crave The Adrenaline Of Adventure And Discovery. This Title Is Part Of Skyhorse's Respected The Best Stories Series, Each Of Which Is Selectively Edited And Handcrafted To Include Ojly The Best Stories From The Best Writers Of The Genre.

      SKU: 21019059
      ISBN: 9781620875698

    Thunder Horse
      Thunder Horse.

      An Earthquake Derails A Japanese Corporation's Plan To Develop A Trout Farm On Montana Land-and Reveals The Ancient Burial Ground Of A Long-dead People. Soon, A More Recent Body Turns Up: A Snowmobiler Shot In The Back, Carrying A Large Fossil Tooth. A Local Archaeologist Says It's From A Tyrannosaurus Rex-and Reminds Gabriel Du Pre That Only Four Complete T. Rex Skeletons Have Ever Been Located. How Much Would One Be Worth? Before Du Pre Finds The Answer, His Own Life Is Threatened And Tensions Between Developers And Residents Nearly Destroy The Rural Montana Community.

      SKU: 956576
      ISBN: 9780312968878
      Author: Bowen, Peter

    Villa: Soldier Of The Mexican Revolution
      Villa: Soldier Of The Mexican Revolution.

      Starting With Twenty-eight Followers, Francisco Pancho Villa Rose Out Of Banditry To Become A Dynamic Strategist Who Mastered The Tactical Use Of A Diverse Array Of Weapons, Including Modern Railroads And Cavalry, To Cotest Control Of Mexico. In His Early Days As A Brigand, The Peasantry Idolized Him Because He Often Gave Them The Largesse Of His Raids On The Wealthy Haciendas. His Military Career Began In 1910 During The Mexican Revolution, And By The Time Of His Defeat At The Battle Of Celaya In 1915 He Commanded 15,000 Horsemen. Villa Could Be A Generous Patron To His Loyal Followers But A Terrifying Enemy. He Believed That Those Whom He Defeated Earned The "privilege" Of Being Executed By His Own Hand. During The Bloodiest Months Of The Mexican Revolution, He Even Contended For Control Of The Nation. He Could Not Be Intimidated By Anyone, Including The U.s. Army's Punitive Expedition Led By Gen. John J. Pershing, Who Was Sent To Capture Villa After Hiis Raids Into New Mexico During 1916. He Died As He Lived, Violently, The Victim Of An Assassination Squad In 1923. Robert Scheina Analyzes This Complex Man And Provides A Solid Overview Of Mexico's Political History Against The Fabric Of Social And Cultural Turmoil.

      SKU: 7091571
      ISBN: 9781574885132
      Author: Schenia, Robert L.

    The Complete Book Of Horse Care
      The Complete Book Of Horse Care.

      This Comprehensive, Large-format Guide Addresses Such Topics As Daily And Periodic Care, Feeding, Grooming, Exercise, Shoeing, And The Most Common And Easily Recognized Illnesses, Detailing Their Signs, Symptoms, And Treatments.

      SKU: 4246115
      ISBN: 9780947116774
      Author: Hawcroft, Tim

    The Stalking-horse
      The Stalking-horse.

      The Glynis Tryon Books Have Been Praised By Sara Paretsky As "well-written...historically Accurate And Telling". New York Newsday Wrote, "the Genius Of Monfredo Is To Teach 'herstory' While Absorbing The Reader In A Good Oldfashioned Mystery". Now The Small-town Librarian Returns, In One Of The Most Fascinating Chapters From Our Nation's History... Based On An Actual Event, The Stalking-horse Is Set On The Eve Of The American Civil War. Glynis Tryon's Niece, Bronwen, Has Joined Pinkerton's Detective Agency. While On Her First Assignment In Secessionist Alabama, Two Of Her Fellow Agents Are Murdered. When Word Reaches Seneca Falls That Bronwen Is In Trouble, Glynis Heads South And Finds Her Niece Caught In The Midst Of A Diabolical Plot Designed To Strike At The Heart Of The United States Government.

      SKU: 1357530
      ISBN: 9780425157831
      Author: Monfredo, Miriam Grace

    Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Crocodile Tommy Camisa Solid Short Sleeve Summer Casual Camisas Polo Mens Free Shipping 006
      Polo Shirt Men Big Small Horse Crocodile Tommy Camisa Solid Short Sleeve Summer Casual Camisas Polo Mens Free Shipping 006.

      Good Quality, And Keep The Item(s) If They Are Not As Described, Or Possess Any Quality Issues By Negotiating Directly With Seller.

      Category: Men, spolos
      SKU: 400958737

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