Spurgeon's Color Atlas Of Large Animal Anatomy: The Essentials

    Spurgeon's Color Atlas Of Large Animal Anatomy: The Essentials
      Spurgeon's Color Atlas Of Large Animal Anatomy: The Essentials.

      Extraordinary Accuracy And Beautiful Original Artwork Are Just Two Features Readers Will Find In This New Resource, Providing A Basic Foundation In Domestic Large Animal Anatomy. Its Unique Organization Includes The Anatomy Of All Organ Systems In The Various Species, Described In A Consistent Manner. The Book Presents Relevant Anatomy Of The Following Species: * Horse (with Contributors By Dr. Gayle Trotter) * Ox (with Contributions By Dr. Fran Garry) * Sheep And Goat (with Contributions By Dr. Joan Bowen) * Llama And Alpaca (with Contributions By Dr. Larue Johnson) * Swine (with Contributions By Dr. Larue Johnson) * And Chicken (with Contributions By Dr. John Avens). Features That Enhance Understanding: * Carefully Selected Labeling Helps Students Learn And Remember Structures And Relationships. * Male And Female Of A Given Species Are Depicted On Facing Pages So That Topographic Anatomy Is Easy To Compare. * Structures Common To Various Animals Are Labeled Several Times, Whereas Unique Structrur5es Are Labeled Only On One Or Two Species So Students Can Make Rapid Distinctions Of The Structures Peculiar To Certain Animals. * An Introduction Provides Readers With A Background In Nomenclature And Anatomic Orientation So They Can Benefit From The Atlas Even If They Lack Training In Anatomy. The Atlas Depicts Topographic Relationships Of Major Organs In A Simple, Yet Technically Accurate Presentation That's Free Of Extraneous Detail So That Those Using The Atlas Can Concentrate On The Essential Aspects Of Anatomy.

      SKU: 2496798
      ISBN: 9780683306736
      Author: Mccracken, Thomas O. / Kainer, Robert A. / Spurgeon, Thomas L.

    Behaviir Control Kit For Cats
      Behaviir Control Kit For Cats.

      New! Behavior Control Kit For Cats Have Your Cats Been A Bit More On The Disobedient Side Lately? No Problem! The Behavior Control Kit For Cats Comes With Everything You Need To Keep Your Cat's Behavior Under Control. From Calming Gel And Pheromones To Scratching Stimulation, We've Got You Covered! Take Advantage Of This Bundle Kit At This Great Price! Includes: 1) Feliway Electric Diffuser (48 Ml) 2) Naturvet Quiet Moments Gel For Cats (3 Oz) 3) Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, behavior Control Kit For Cats
      SKU: Behctrlkitcat

    Pet 'n Shape Chik 'n Rings (8 Oz)
      Pet 'n Shape Chik 'n Rings (8 Oz).

      Chik N Rings Are Ring Shaped 100% Natural Chicken Fillets That Are Absolutely Mouthwatering Fun And Playful Treat For Your Smaller Pets. Chik 'n Rings Are High-protein, Low-fat, Natural And Healthy Snack. Each Treat Is Carefully Roasted To Ensure The Ultimate Quality And Flavor. No Additive S No Preservatives No Coloring Low-fat, Natural And Healthy Snack. Ingredients: 100% Chicken Breast Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min 70.0%, Crude Fat Min 2.0%, Crude Ash Max 4.5%, Crude Fiber Max 0.2%, Moisture Max 18.0%, Calories/3.5oz 312 Save Even More By Buying A Treat Bundle

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, bones And Rawhide Chews, gt, pet , n Shape Chik , n Rings
      SKU: Chiknrings8

    Dingo Denta-treats Regular (4.8 Oz) - 4 Pack
      Dingo Denta-treats Regular (4.8 Oz) - 4 Pack.

      The Tasty Chew Treats That Are Also Great For Oral Hygiene Your Dog Will Love Chewing On Dingo Dental-treats Regular , While You'll Love The Effect S That These Treats Have On Your Dog's Teeth. These Long-lasting, Flavorful Chew Treats Clean Teeth And Improve Oral Health, Which Is An Area Where Most Dog Owners Can Use A Little Extra Help. At The Same Time, These Treats Offer Your Dog A Delicious And Safe Snack. These Chews Do Double Duty, Cleaning Teeth While Providing A Tempting Treat The Strong, Inviting Flavor Of Dingo Dental-treats Will Keep Your Dog Chewing On Them For Hours. These Treats Use Deep Ridges To More Thoroughly Clean Teeth While Your Dog Is Chewing, Promoting Better Oral Health In The Future. Giving Your Dog One Of These Treats Is The Easiest Thing That You Can Do To Boost Oral Health And Hygiene. Dingo Dental-treats Regular Are A Great Complement To Any Toothpastes And Oral Rinses That You Already Use To Keep Your Dog's Teeth And Gums Healthy. Benefits The Ridges Of The Treats Have A Scrubbing Effect On Teeth Treats Can Effectively Remove Tartar And Plaque Treats Are Completely Safe To Consume And Easy To Digest

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dental Products, gt, dental Dog Treats, gt, dingo Dental Care
      SKU: Dingo-dental-treats-regular-4-8-oz-4-pack

    Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume Ketchup - Large
      Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume Ketchup - Large.

      Halloween Pet Costumes Are A Great Way To Include Your Pet In The Halloween Festivities! These Pet Costumes Are Speciallly Designed Specifically For Your Pet's Body. All Pet Costumes Are Made To Be Comfortable And Adorable. Be Sure To Select The Right Size Of Pet Costume. Turn Any Dog Into A Hot Dog! The New Hot Diggity Dog Costume Features Two Plump, Plush Poppy Seed Buns With Zig Zag Mustard Along The Back. A Fabulous Costume That Would Turn Heads! Turn Any Dog Into A Hot Dog! The New Hot Diggity Dog Costume Features Two Plump, Plush Poppy Seed Buns With Zig Zag Mustard Along The Back. A Fabulous Costume That Would Turn Heads! Size Neck Chest Length Small 8"-11" 8"-12" 12" Medium 12"-16" 12"-16" 16" Large 16"-23" 16"-23" 20" *all Pet Costume Sales Are Final. No Returns Or Exchanges.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, dog Costumes, gt, casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume
      SKU: Hotketchupl

    Kong Cozie Rosie Rhino - Small
      Kong Cozie Rosie Rhino - Small.

      Kong® Cozie™ Rosie Rhino Is A Soft And Cuddly Squeak Toy That Is Sure To Quickly Become Your Dog's Favorite. This Adorable Toy Is Made With Soft Polyester Fibers On The Outside Of A Second Layer Of Material On The Inside To Help The Toy Last Longer. Ideal For Dogs That Love To Cuddle With Their Toys, Kong Cozies Can Be Used As Fetch Toys Or As A Simple Companion For Your Pet. The Kong Cozie Rosie Rhino Is A Small Size That Is Ideal For Dogs That Are Gentle With Their Toys. Though This Design Resembles An Enchanting Rhino, There Are Also Cozie Toys In A Wide Variety Of Animal Designs. Find The Right Cozie Toy For Your Pup Here At Entirelypets And Order Today To Treat Your Dog To Something Special! Key Features: Soft And Cuddly Plush Toy Made With Polyester Fibers Extra Layer Of Material To Last Longer Squeaker To Help Entice Play

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, kong Cozie Plush Dog Toys
      SKU: Kong-cozie-rosie-rhino-small

    Lubrisyn Ha Plus With Msm For Equine & Pet (128 Oz)
      Lubrisyn Ha Plus With Msm For Equine & Pet (128 Oz).

      Lubrisyn Ha Plus With Msm For Equine & Pet Hyaluronic Acid Is A Naturally Occurring Component Of Joint Fluid. It Can Only Be Supplemented By Injection Or By Oral Absorption. In Studies, Msm (methylsulfonylmethane) , Has Shown To Relieve Symptoms Associated With Osteoarthritis. These Vital Elements Have Come Together To Create Lubrisynha + For A Natural, Synergistic, Anti-inflammatory Effect. Lubrisynha Plus Helps Support Your Horse?s Connective Tissues, Is A Natural Antioxidant, And Assists Equine Muscle Tissue Rebound From Exercise Stress And Soreness. Highest Molecular Weight Ha Non-invasive Joint Support Fast Acting (7-10 Days) All Natural Ingredients Gluten Free Bpa Free Made In U.s.a. Lubrisynha Plus Brochure For Canine. Lubrisynha Plus Brochure For Equine.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, joint Supplements, gt, hip , amp, Joint Maintenance, gt, lubrisyn Joint Supplement
      SKU: Lubrisyn-ha-plus-msm-128-oz

    Neigh-lox Advance (20 Lb)
      Neigh-lox Advance (20 Lb).

      Supporting Your Horse's Digestive Tract From Beginning To End. A Dynamic Blend Of Gastric Buffers And Coating Agents Plus Saccharomyces Boulardii And Proprietary Yeast Fermentation Metabolities Support The Healing Of Damaged Tissue And Maintains Normal Digestive Function. A Healthy Digestive System Decreases A Horse's Risk Of Developing; Gastric Ulcers, Colonic Irritation And Ulcers, Colic And Laminitis Related To Hindgut Imbalances, Poor Immune Response And Damage From Oxidative Stress

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, neigh-lox Horse Digestive
      SKU: Neigh-lox-advance-20-lb

    Nutro Crunchy Treats Peanut Butter (10 Oz)
      Nutro Crunchy Treats Peanut Butter (10 Oz).

      Nutroā® Crunchy Treats With Real Peanut Butter Is Perfect For Your Deserving Dog. These Healthy, Peanut Butter Dog Snacks Contain No Artificial Colors, Flavors Or Preservatives. Their Great Taste Comes From Real Peanut Butter, Whole Grains And Other Natural Ingredients. So, You Can Feel Good Rewarding Your Dog With These Delicious Dog Treats. Package Sizes Available: 10 Oz., 16 Oz.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, all-natural Dog Treats , amp, Biscuits, gt, nutro Crunchy Treats
      SKU: Nutro-crunchy-treats-peanut-butter-10-oz

    Sentry Calming Diffuser For Dogs Refill (1.5 Oz)
      Sentry Calming Diffuser For Dogs Refill (1.5 Oz).

      The Sentry Calming Diffuser For Dogs Refill Releases The Same Pheromones As A Mother Does For Her Puppies When She Needs To Calm Them. Your Dog Will Imkediately Recognize The Pheromones And Respond Quickly To The Calming Effects. Keep Your Dog Calm And Reduce Negative Behaviors Associated With Anxiety. Ideal For Helping Keep Dogs Calm In Situations Such As Thunderstorms, Fireworks, And Separation. The Convenient Refill Keeps Your Diffuser Working For Another 30 Days. Sentry?s Sustained Release Technology Releases Pheromones Slowly For 30 Days, Reducing Anxiety And Stress In Your Dog. This Product Helps Reduce Negative Behavior In Yur Dog Associated With Anxiety Or Fear. Benefits: Relieve Anxiety And Stress Reduce Negative Behavior Due To Anxiety 215 Square Foot Range Safe For Any Age Or Breed

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, dog Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, sentry Calming Solutions For Dogs
      SKU: Sentry-calming-diffuser-dogs-refill-1-5-oz

    Farnam Simplifly Feed~thru Fly Control (3.75 Lb)
      Farnam Simplifly Feed~thru Fly Control (3.75 Lb).

      Horse Owners, Say Nay To Flies! Farnam Simplifly Feed-thru Fly Control Is A Highly Palatable Feed Additive That Breaks The Fly Life Cycle. It Inhibits The Development Of Stable And House Flies By Combatting The Formation Of Fly Larvae Exoskeletons Which Time They Molt. Simplifly Feed-thru Fly Control Contains No Organophosphates And Can Be Used In Your Pest Management Program. It Is The Only Equine Feed-thru Fly Control Granted Reduced-risk Status By The Epa.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Pest Control, gt, farnam Simplyfly
      SKU: Simplifly-fly-control-3-75-lbs

    Veterinary Formula Soothing & Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo (17 Fl Oz)
      Veterinary Formula Soothing & Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo (17 Fl Oz).

      Veterinary Formula® Soothing & Deodprizing Oatmeal Shampoo Utilizes Natural Ingredients To Deodorize And Soothe Your Pet's Skin And Coat. For Cats And Dogs That Often Experience A Dry And Irritated Skin And Coat, It Can Be Essential To Find A Formula That Not Only Reduces Pet Odor But That Also Contains Soothing Ingredients Like Oatmeal And Aloe. Veterinary Formula Soothing & Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo Restores Moisture To The Skin And Coat And Uses Baking Soda And Other Natural Ingredients To Neutralize Odor. This Bottle Contains 17 Fluid Ounces Of The Formula And Was Made In The Usa To Ensure Its Quality. If Your Pet Experiences Dry, Itchy Skin Then Don't Just Use Any Shampoo- Order This Soothing And Deodorizing Formula For Your Animal Today! Key Features: Soothes Hide And Coat With Natural Ingredients Including Aloe And Oatmeal Deodorizes Pet With The Power Of Baking Soda Made In The Usa

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, grooming Supplies, gt, general Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners, gt, veterinary Formula, amp, reg, Shampoos , amp, amp, Conditioners
      SKU: Veterinary-formula-soothing-oatmeal-shampoo-17-oz

    White Girl Problems
      White Girl Problems.

      "i Now Have A Girl Crush On Babe Walker Laugh-out-loud, Pee-in-your-cosabellws Funny." -tori Spelling, Author Of Uncharted Territori "white Girl Problems Makes Me Laugh A Lot, And Cry A Little. It's About Time Someone Drew Our Attention To The Devastating Reality: White Girl Problems Are All Around Us . . . Absolutely Hysterical." -susan Sarandon "babe Walker Will Be Your New Best Friend And Worst Enemy. I Loved It " -emma Roberts Babe Walker, Center Of The Universe, Is A Painstakingly Manicured White Girl With An Expensive Smoothie Habit, A Proclivity For Louboutins, A Mysterious Mother She's Never Met, And Approximately 50 Bajillion Twitter Followers. But Hre "problems" Have Landed Her In Shopping Rehab-that's What Happens When You Spend $246,893.50 In One Afternoon At Barneys. Now She's Decided To Write Her Memoir,, Revealing The Gut-wrenching Hurdles She's Had To Overcome In Order To Be Perfect In Every Way, Every Day. Hurdles Such As: - I Hate My Horse. - Every Job I've Ever Had Is The Worst Job I've Ever Had. - He's Not A Doctor, A Lawyer, Or A Prince. - I'll Eat Anything, As Long Viewed Like It's Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-carb, Low-fat, Low-calorie, Sugar-free, And Organic. In An Adderall-induced Flash Of Inspiration, Babe Walker Has Managed To Create One Of The Most Enjoyable, Unforgettable Memoirs In Years. "the Epitome Of The Urban Socialite You Love To Hate." -time Magazine

      SKU: 16508269
      ISBN: 9781401324544
      Author: Walker, Babe

    Horses & Ponies: Discover Your "inner Artist" As You Learn To Draw A Range Of Pop Ular Horse And Pony Breeds In Pencil
      Horses & Ponies: Discover Your "inner Artist" As You Learn To Draw A Range Of Pop Ular Horse And Pony Breeds In Pencil.

      This Newest Title In The Drawing Made Easy Series Makes It Possible For Aspiring Artists To Re-create An Impressive Array Of Horse And Pony Drawings. From A Grazing Appaloosa To A Standardbred Trotter In Action, Accomplished Artist Patricia Getha Includes A Range Of Exciting Breeds And Positions. In Addition To Teaching Basic Pencil Techniques, She Also Shows How To Enhance Drawings With Charcoal And Watercolor Washes. And Each Project Features Easy-to-follow Steps, So Artists Of Any Skill Level Can Follow Along With Confidence. Full Of Inspiring Artvork And Effective Instruction, This Obok Is An Essential For All Horse-loving Artists

      SKU: 7368375
      ISBN: 9781600581588
      Author: Getha, Patricia / Baugh, Shelley

    Flyboy Of Underwhere
      Flyboy Of Underwhere.

      Sometimes Even Sidekicks Have To Step Up. Here's The Thing: Zeke's Busy Being The So-called Prince Of Underwhere. His Prissy Sister, Stephanie, Is Some Sort Of Pirate Queen. But Hector? Everyone Treats Him Like A Joker And A Sidekick. Well, Those Days Are Over. Now Only Hector Can Save The Day-if He Can Survive The Swarms Of Sharp-beaked Midget Flying Dinos, Smart-aleck Flying Horses, Angry Armies In Their Undies, A Really, Really Bad Hypnotist, And A Duel With Deadly Toilet Plungers. . . All The Ordinary Wedgie Weirdness Of The Tighty-whitie World Under Our Own.

      SKU: 184506
      ISBN: 9780060851309
      Author: Hale, Bruce / Hillman, Shane

    The Nature Of Horses
      The Nature Of Horses.

      Horses Have A Shared History With Man Going Back Millennia To Their Domestication Around 4000 B.c. Yet Only In Very Recent Years Have Scientists Begun To Turn The Tools Of Modem Science On This Remarkable Animal That Has Been So Wrapped Up In Human Dreams And Legends. Now Modern Scientific Research Is Beginning To Explain Long-standing Mysteries About The True Nature Of The Horse. How Well Can Horses Really See? What Causes Breakdowns In Racehorses? How Intelligent Are They Compared To Other Animals, And Are Some Breeds Smarter Than Others? Does Nature Or Nurture Matter More In Creating A Great Sport Horse? What Causes Cribbing And Other Vices? In This Beautifully Illustrated, Compelling Narrative, Budiansky Tells The Story Of The Origins, Behavior, Intelligence And Language Of The Horse. For The First Time, Horse Lovers Will Have Access To Cutting-edge Research On Topics Of Interest Including New Information On Horse Vision, Horse Biology And Movement. Introducing The Latest Archeological Findings, Budiansky Presents A Fascinating Discussion Of How The Horse Evolved As Well As A Dramatic And Provocative History Of Man's Use And Abuse Of The Horse From Prehistoric Times To Today. In A Revealing Hcapter On Horse Intelligence, He Debunks The Commonly Held Belief That Horses Are Stupid And Also Presents Compelling New Scientific Information On Horse Language Which Will Greatly Benefit The Horse Rider And Trainer. Finally, Drawing Together The Latest Research On Horse Physiology, Genetics And Biomechanics, Budiansky Asks The Million Dollar Question - What Makes For A Winning Racehorse? Anyone Who Loves Horses Will Find This An Invaluable Resource As Well As A Fascinating Read.

      SKU: 2503295
      ISBN: 9780684827681
      Author: Budiansky, Stephen / Stephen, Budiansky / Stephen Budiansky

    The New Ride With Your Mind Clinic: Rider Biomechanics-basics To Brillance
      The New Ride With Your Mind Clinic: Rider Biomechanics-basics To Brillance.

      Based On An Understanding Of The Biomechanical Demands Of Riding, The Strategies In This Book Will Teach Riders How To Connect With Their Horse In A Way That Makes Sense To Both And Ultimately Leads To Better Riding. It Features Real Riders And Horses Throughout And Takes Riders Through The Mechanics Of Riding In A Logical, Step-by-step Method That Identifies Common Challenges So That Riders May Identify Their Own Problems And L Earn To Get The Methods Right. Case Studies Will Help Readers Relate Their Own Problems With Those Included In The Book, And Instruction On Achieving A Firm Seat And Proper Posture Will Result In An Immediate Improvement Of Performance Of Hlrse And Rider.

      SKU: 7055545
      ISBN: 9781570763915
      Author: Wanless, Mary

    When Cows Come Home For Christmas
      When Cows Come Home For Christmas.

      It's That Wonderful Time Of Year, When Once More Cows Have Come Back To The Family Home, To Be Together Around The Christmas Tree. But While Dancing The Cowpoke Polka, Moosha Crashes Through The Floor The Whole Family Tries To Pull Her Out. They Bring In Horses, Goats, And Pigs And Make A Sturdy Chain-pa Even Hitches Up The Tractor-but Moosha Stays Stuck, Right In The Only Place The Tree Can Go Will Christmas Even Come This Year? Then A Baby Calf Named Dale Hangs A Star On Moosha's Tail, And These Clever Cows Come Up With A Way To Save Christmas And Begin A Fine Cow Tradition.

      SKU: 3335672
      ISBN: 9780807588772
      Author: Chaconas, Dori J. / Chapman, Lynne

    River-horse: A Voyage Across America
      River-horse: A Voyage Across America.

      In River-horse, The Preeminent Chronicler Of American Back Roads - Who Has Given Us The Classics Blue Highways And Prairyerth - Recounts His Singular Voyage On American Waters From Sea To Sea. Along The Route, He Offers A Lyrical And Ceaselessly Fascinating Shipboard Perspective On The Country's Rivers, Lakes, Canals, And Towns. Brimming With History, Drama, Humor, And Wisdom, River-horse Belongs In The Pantheon Of American Travel Literature. In His Most Ambitious Journey Ever, Heat-moon Sets Off Aboard A Small Boat He Named Nikawa ("river Horse" In Osage) From The Atlantic At New York Harbor In Hopes Of Entering The Pacific Near Astoria, Oregon. He And His Companion, Pilotis, Struggle To Cover Some Five Thousand Watery Miles - More Than Any Other Cross-country River Traveler Has Ever Managed - Often Following In The Akes Of Our Most Famous Explorers, From Henry Hudson To Lewis And Clark. En Route, The Voyagers Confront Massive Floods, Submerged Rocks, Dangerous Weather, And Their Own Doubts About Whether They Can Complete The Trip. But The Hard Days Yield Up Incomparable Pleasures: Strangers Generous With Help And Eccentric Tales, Landscapes Unchanged Since Sacagawea Saw Them, Riverscapes Flowing With A Lively Past, And The Growing Belief That Efforts To Protect Our Lands And Waters Are Beginning To Pay Off. And, Throughout Its Course, The Expedition Enjoys Coincidences Such Breathtaking As To Suggest The Intervention Of A Divine And Witty Providence. Teeming With Humanity And High Adventure, Heat-moon's Account Is An Unsentimental And Original Arteriogram Of Our Nation At The Edge Of The Millennium. Masterly In Its Own Right, River-horse, When Taken With Blue Highways And Prairyerth, Forms The Capstone Of A Peerless And Timeless Trilogy.

      SKU: 1233500
      ISBN: 9780395636268
      Author: Heat Moon, William Least

    Russia Under Western Eyes: From The Bronze Horseman To The Lenin Mausoleum
      Russia Under Western Eyes: From The Bronze Horseman To The Lenin Mausoleum.

      As The Dust Clears From The Fall Of Communism, Will Western Eyes See Russia, The Unclaimed Orphan Of Western History Or Russia As She Truly Is, A Perplexing But Undeniable Member Of The European Family? A Dazzling Work Of Intellectual History By A World-renowned Scholar, Spanning The Years From Peter The Great To The Fall Of The Soviet Union, This Book Gives Us A Clear And Sweeping View Of Russia Not As An Eternal Barbarian Menace But As An Outermost, If Laggard, Member In The Continuum Of European Nations. The Russian Troika Hurtles Through These Pages. The Spectre, Modernity's Belief In Salvation By Revolutionary Ideology, Haunts Them. Alice's Looking Glass Greets Us At This Turn And That. Throughout, Martin Malia's Inspired Use Of These Devices Aptly Conveys The Surreality Of The Whole Soviet Russian Phenomenon And The West's Unbalanced Perception Of It. He Shows Us The Usually Distorted Images And Stereotypes That Have Dominated Western Ideas About Russia Since The Eighteenth Century. And Once These Emerge As Projections Of The West's Own Internal Anxieties, He Shifts His Focus To The Institutional Structures And Cultural Forms Russia Shares With Her Neighbors. Here Modern Europe Is Depicted As An East-west Cultural Gradient In Which The Central And Eastern Portions Respond To The Atlantic West's Challenge In Delayed And Generally Skewed Fashion. Thus Russia, After Two Centuries Of Building Then Painfully Liberalizing Its Old Regime, In 1917 Tried To Leap To A "socialism" That Would Be More Advanced And Democratic Than European "capitalism." The Result Was A Cruel Caricature Of European Civilization, Which Mesmerized And Polarized The West For Most Of This Century. As The Old East-west Gradient Reappears In Genuinely Modern Guise, This Brilliantly Imaginative Work Shows Us The Reality That Has For So Long Tntalized-and Eluded-western Eyes.

      SKU: 2466042
      ISBN: 9780674781207
      Author: Malia, Martin Edward

    Rocking Horse Land And Other Classic Tales Of Dolls And Toys
      Rocking Horse Land And Other Classic Tales Of Dolls And Toys.

      Six Classic Tales About Dolls And Toys From Such Esteemed Authors As Hans Christian Andersen And E. Nesbit Are Offered In This Beautiful Collection.

      SKU: 2926719
      ISBN: 9780763608972
      Author: Lewis, Naomi / Barrett, Angela

    Medicine Hat
      Medicine Hat.

      Now Around A Story Fire, Being Of The Kind Which You Know, I Would Begin With Creation And Follow The Story Of The People Down To The Time When This Happened. But This Is Among Friends, And You Know Those Things, So I Will Go Ahead. Thus Begins The Tale Told By Pipe Bearer, A Young Holy Man Of The Elk Dog People, Who Sets Out With His Wife, Otter Woman, On A Vision Quest To Find The Meaning Of The Sacred Coloring On A Foal Born To His Mare. The Colt Bears Markings Resembling The Headdress Of A Holy Man, The Medicine Hat. This Latest Novel In Don Coldsmith's Beloved Spanish Bit Saga Of The Plains Indians Is Told As A Story Around The Lodge Fire In The Voices Of Both Pipe Bearer And Otter. Encouraged By A Coyote, His Spirit Guide, Pipe Bearer Is Drawn Across The Northern Plains By His Dream Vision Of A Spirit Horse. Traveling In The Guise Of A Trader, He Leads Otter Through The Country Of The Cheyenne And Arapaho And Into The Homelands Of The Crow And Blackfeet And The Enemies Of Those Tribes, The Sioux. When Fire Strikes The Plains, The Young Couple Are Joined In Their Desperate Flight To Safety By The Arapaho Trader, Lone Walker, And His Beautiful And Courageous Lakota Wife, Plum Blossom. Always Seeking Clues To The Meaning Of The Medicine Hat Colt, The Four Meet And Observe The Customs Of Many Bands. Driven By Fate And Circumstance, Pipe Bearer And Otter Must Make Life-and-death Choices To Survive Their Hazardous Quest. Leading The Reader On A Journey That Recreates Plains Indian Life, Medicine Hat Is Both A Love Story And The Tale Of A Daring Search For Spiritual Meaning In The American West Of The 1700s.

      SKU: 3311571
      ISBN: 9780806129594
      Author: Coldsmith, Don

    Jude The Obscure
      Jude The Obscure.

      The Schoolmaster Was Leaving The Village, And Everybody Seemed Sorry. The Miller At Cresscombe Lent Him The Small White Tilted Cart And Horse To Carry His Goods To The City Of His Destination, About Twenty Miles Off, Such A Vehicle Proving Of Quite Suffic

      SKU: 6343808
      ISBN: 9781421848792
      Author: Thomas Hardy, Hardy

    From Mustangs To Movie Stars
      From Mustangs To Movie Stars.

      A Professional Horse Trainer And Breeder Shares True Stories Of Five Remarkable Horses Whose Talent, Spirit, And Heart Have Earned Them Special Acclaim In The Demanding Worlds Of Sports And Moviemaking.

      SKU: 6966655
      ISBN: 9781562944568
      Author: Van Der Linde, Laurel / Laurel Van Der Linde

    100% Brand New High Quality Fashion Picture Full Lace Wigs>> Rsd Dark Long Synthetic Hair Halloween Party Wigs With 1 Tail Of Horse + A Wig
      100% Brand New High Quality Fashion Picture Full Lace Wigs>> Rsd Dark Long Synthetic Hair Halloween Party Wigs With 1 Tail Of Horse + A Wig.

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