Strongid C 2x Pyrantel Tartrate 2.11% For Horses (50 Lbs)

    Strongid C 2x Pyrantel Tartrate 2.11% For Horses (50 Lbs)
      Strongid C 2x Pyrantel Tartrate 2.11% For Horses (50 Lbs).

      Anthelmintic For Horses Designed To Be Fed On A Daily Basis To Provide A Continuous, Preventive Level Of Pyrantel In The Intestinal Tract. Contains Pyrantel Tartrate 2.11% (9.6 Grams/lb). All Food Is Shipped Ground Delivery. Please Allow 7 To 12 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. Please Note, We Do Not Ship Pet Food Internationally. For More Shipping Info Click Here.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Dewormers, gt, strongid Dewormers
      SKU: Strongid-c-for-horses-50-lbs

    Martin's Cyonara Pour On (1 Quart)
      Martin's Cyonara Pour On (1 Quart).

      Cyonara Pour-on Topical Insecticide A Topical Insecticide That Provides Long-lasting Residual Control Of Lice And Horn Flies On Beef Cattle, Cows And Calves (not Recommended For Use On Veal Calves). May Be Applied To Cattle At Any Time During The Year. One Quart Treats 94 Head Of 600-lb. Cattle; A Gallon Treats 378 Head Of 600-lb. Cattle. Active Ingredient Is 1% Lambda-cyhalothrin.

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse , amp, amp, Livestock Pest Control, gt, martin, s Cyonara
      SKU: Cyonarapouron32oz

    Delectables Stew Lickable Treat For Senior Cats - Chicken & Tuna (1.4 Oz)
      Delectables Stew Lickable Treat For Senior Cats - Chicken & Tuna (1.4 Oz).

      Delectables Stew Lickable Treat For Senior Cats Will Make You Throw Out Those Outdated Dry Treats! If Your Aging Cat Is Having Trouble Getting Excited About The Dry Treats They Grew Up With, Hartz Is Putting Forward The First Wet Cat Treats That Every Feline Is Purring For. Delectables Are Creamy Lickable Blends That Your Cat Will Love And Crave So Much, You'll Have To Restock Soon. This Unique Puree Contains Meat As Well As Delicious Juices For Your Cat To Enjoy One Pouch At A Time. Single Serve Wet Cat Treats Supports Kidney Function And Digestive Health Of Senior Cats Contains Added Potassium And Prebiotics Puree Contains Real Tender Tuna And Chicken In A Rich Sauce A Creamy Lickable Blend Your Cat Will Crave

      Category: Cat Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, meaty Cat Treats, gt, delectables Lickable Treat For Cats
      SKU: Delectables-stew-senior-chicken-tuna-1-4-oz

    Fon (feline Odor Neutralizer) Spray (8 Oz)
      Fon (feline Odor Neutralizer) Spray (8 Oz).

      By Summit Hill Labs. Stops Odors In Litter Boxes, Removes Piss And Fecal Stains On Rugs And Furniture, And Works On Tomcat Spray. Fon Does Not Mask Odors. It Actually Breaks Down Urine And Fecal Matter, Therefore Eliminating The Cause Of The Odor.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gt, f, o, n, , feline Odor Neutralizer,
      SKU: Fonfelodneut

    Fortiflora Feline - Box Of 30 (1 Gram Packets)
      Fortiflora Feline - Box Of 30 (1 Gram Packets).

      Fortiflora For Cats Fortiflora Feline Is A Specially Formulated Probiotic Solution Developed By Purina To Help Cats Suffering From Digestive Trouble. Just Like People, Cats Can Have Digestion Trouble That Leads To Upset Stomachs, Diarrhea, And Abnormal Stools. By Taking Fortiflora Regularly, This Digestive Supplement Can Restore Your Cat's Intestinal Health And Balance And Improve The Functioning Of Their Digestive System. The Great Thing About Foriflora For Cats Is That It's Easy To Administer: All You Have To Do Is Mix It Into Your Kitty's Food For It To Take Effect. The Main Ingredient Of Foriflora Feline Is A Probiotic Compound Called Enterococcus. This Special Probiotic Serves The Function Of Restoring The Microflora Balance In Your Cat's Intestines, Leading To Better Functioning Of The Bowels. The Probiotic Is Also Supplemented By Nutritional Additives Such As Protein, Vitamins, And Minerals To Improve Your Favorite's Overall Health. Besides Helping With Digestive Issues, Fotiflora Can Also Help Relieve Stress, Improve Digestition After Acute Enteritis, Restore Apetite, And Serve As An Antibiotic Therapy, Strengthening The Immune System. Each Box Of Fortiflora Feline Contains 30 Packets, Which Is Enough For 30 Servings.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, food Supplements, gt, probiotics , amp, Digestion Supplements, gt, fortiflora
      SKU: Fortiflora-feline-box-of-30

    3 Pack Homeopet Skin And Itch Relief (45 Ml)
      3 Pack Homeopet Skin And Itch Relief (45 Ml).

      Provides Relief From Allergies, Insect Bites And Airborne Pollutants That Cause Skin Irritations And Scratching. Typical Symptoms Are: Constant Chewing, Itching And Scratching, Insect Bites Including Fleas, Ticks, Etc., Hot, Red, Wet, And Oozing Spot Or Hot, Red, Dry And Flaky Spot Frequently Accompanied By Loss Of Hair, Licking And Gnawing, Seborrhea, Dry Flaky Skin Or Oily, Greasy Coat, Where Ears Have Build-up And Smell Like Stale Cheese. Dosing For Dogs/cats Attested By 20 Lbs/10 Kg, 5 Drops; 20-100 Lbs/ 10-50 Kg, 10 Drops; Over 100 Lbs/50 Kg, 15 Drops. In Acute Cases The Doses Can Be Given Every 15 Minutes For The First Hour, Every 30 Minutes Ni The Second Hour, Once In The Third Hour, Then Reducing To 1 Dose 3 Times Daily. For Cases That Are Not Acute One Dose 3 Times Daily, Once A Response Is Seen The Administration Should Either Be Reduced Until Symptoms Reappear Or Ceased Until Symptoms Reappear. If Any Reduction Ni Dose Or Frequency Leads To Immediate Recurrence Of Symptoms, Then Medication Should Be Continued With A Reduction Being Done Every 12-21 Days To Check That The Medication Is Providing Control Rather Than Relief Of Symptoms. Dosing For Small Mammals, Exotics And Birds: 3 Drops In Drinking Water Daily. For Severe Cases A Drop Can Be Diluted In 1 Ml Of Water Or Other Oral Rehydration Fluid And Given To The Patient Orally, Taking Care To Avoid Aspiration Of The Fluid Into The Respiratory Tract By The Patient. This Can Be Repeated As For Cats And Dogs Where The Case Is Acute, But With A Volume Of Fluid Suited To The Patient.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, homeopet Skin , amp, Itch Relief
      SKU: Homeoskin3pk

    Outward Hound Christmas Holiday Organza Collar - Large
      Outward Hound Christmas Holiday Organza Collar - Large.

      Give Your Pup Some Vintage Holiday Flair This Year With The Outward Hound Holiday Organza Collar . This Whimsical Dog Accessory Features A Tiered Harlequin-like Collar With White Satin Ribbon. Try Pairing It With The Outward Hound Jester Hat For A Complete Look! Key Features: Three-tiered Organza Collar For Dogs Color: White Satin Ribbon Size: Large

      Category: New Pet Products
      SKU: Organza-collar-large

    Pawz Dog Boots (medium)
      Pawz Dog Boots (medium).

      Pawz Dog Boots (medium) Is The Most Natural-feeling Boot Your Dog Can Wear Because The Material Is So Thin Your Dog Feels The Ground, Providing A Sense Of Security. Protects Against Snow, Ice, Heat And Chemicals. Recommended Sizing Chart : View Here More Advantages: Disposable Biodegradable Reusable Waterproof Bends With Paw Guaranteed To Stay On Serious Protection Inexpensive Dogs Love Them Uses: Ice And Snow Salt Mud And Clay Pad Rashes Or Infections Traction Control Hot Pavement Pesticides Prevents Licking Paws *each Pack Of Pawz Contains 3 Sets Of Boots.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, shoes, gt, pawz Dog Boots
      SKU: Pawzmedium

    Pet Therapy Gel Pack - Carpal/tarsal & Elbow (large)
      Pet Therapy Gel Pack - Carpal/tarsal & Elbow (large).

      The New Patent Pending Pet Therapy Wrap System Is An Industry Breakthrough Developed By Caldera International, A Leader In Human Hot And Cold Therapy Products Since 1999. Drawing On Advanced Reusable Gel Packs, High Quality Quick Release Buckles Combined With Nylon Straps, The System Is A Practical, Easy-to-use Delivery Method For Veterinarians, Animal Technicians, And Pet Owners When Using Hot And Cold Therapy On Dogs. The Caldera Pet Therapy Wrap System Solves The Challenges Of Hot And Cold Therapy Application Across A Range Of Canine Physiology While Providing For Mobility. The Innovtive Custom Sized Gel Packs Furnish Soothing Temperature Relief To Targeted Areas And Help Minimize Swelling, Inflammation, And Pain. Also, Caldera Pet Therapy Wraps Contribute To Decreased Post-op Recovery Time, Faster Soft Tissue Renewal, Improved Joint Rehabilitation, And Ultimately A Happier, Healthier Pet. Innovative, Custom Sized Gel Packs Furnish Soothing Temperature Relief To Targeted Areas. Minimizes Swelling, Inflammation, And Pain. Non-toxic, Food Gra De Gel Contents Works With Small Shoulder And Hip Therapy Wraps

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, pet Therapy Wrap
      SKU: Pet-therapy-gel-pack-carpal-tarsal-elbow-large

    K&h Pet Bed Warmer (6"x20")
      K&h Pet Bed Warmer (6"x20").

      Pet Bed Warmer (6"x20") By K&h Pet Products Simply Add This 6-watt K&h Pet Bed Warmer To Any Bed To Provide Comfort And Warmth All Winter Long. 6-watt Dual Thermostat. Warms Only When Pet Is In It's Bed. Recommended For Year-round Indoor Use. One-year Warranty

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, pet Home , amp, amp, Travel Essentials, gt, heated Pet Beds, gt, k, amp, h Pet Bed Warmer
      SKU: Petbedw6x20

    Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Pug (2.5")
      Dog Breed Keychain Usa Pewter - Pug (2.5").

      Pug Keychain Approximately 2.5" Pewter Made In The Usa

      Category: Products For Pet Lovers, gt, dog Lovers, gt, rawcliffe Pewter Dog Keychains
      SKU: Pug-keychain

    Dvm Relief Spray (8 Oz)
      Dvm Relief Spray (8 Oz).

      Relief Spray By Dvm Pharmaceuticals Combines Pramoxine And Micronized Collodial Oatmeal In A Humectant Base That Remains On The Skin For Enhanced Antipruritic Activity. Contains Omega-6 Fatty Acids For Maintenance Of The Epidermal Barrier, Moisturizers And Coat Conditioners In A Hydrating Medium. Active Ingredients: Pramoxine Hydrochloride 1% Directions: Shake Well Before Use. Spray Directly Onto The Affected Areas. If Necessary, Part Hair Coat So That Relief Spray Makes Direct Contact With The Skin. Rub In Well. May Be Used Daily Or As Directed By Your Veterinarian. Cautions: For Topical Use On Animals Only. If Redness Or Irritation Persists Or Increases, Discontinue Use And Contact Your Veterinarian. Avoid Contact With Eyes. If Eye Contact Occus, Rinse Thoroughly With Water, Available Through Licensed Veterinarian Only. Storage: Store At Room Temperature. Protect From Freezing.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, skin , amp, Coat, gt, anti-itch , amp, amp, Hot Spot Solutions, gt, dvm Relief Spray
      SKU: Relspraybydv

    Royal Canin Canine Development Pupp Ycan (24/13.6 Oz)
      Royal Canin Canine Development Pupp Ycan (24/13.6 Oz).

      Royal Canin Veterinary Care Nutrition Development Puppy Is Formulated To Meet The Nutritional Levels Established By The Aafco Dog Food Nutrient Profiles For Growth, Gestation And Lactation. Please Note: All Food Is Shipped Via Ground Delivery, Only To The Contiguous (48) States. Please Allow 7 To 10 Days For Your Delivery To Arrive. (more Info) Please Note: Royal Canin Diets Requires Authorization. This Product Ships Directly From Royal Canin And Will Arrive Separately From Other Products Ordered From Entirelypets. This Product Will Not Be Fulfilled Until A Copy Of A Valid Authorization Is Faxed To 510-892-2930 Or E-mailed To *royal Canin Foods Cannot Be Returned For Any Reason In Accordance With Fda Regulations In The Us . Please Be Sure That You Are Placing An Order For The Correct Food. We Cannot Accept Any Returns On These Foods.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Food, gt, veterinary Diets For Dogs, gt, royal Canin Veterinary Diets Dog Food
      SKU: Royal-canin-canine-development-puppy-24-13-6-oz

    Starmark Pro-training Treats (5 Oz)
      Starmark Pro-training Treats (5 Oz).

      Starmark Pro-training Treats Are Perfect For Training Rewardss. They're Soft With An Irresistible Flavor, And Scored In The Middle For Easy Sizing. The Four Great Flavors Will Keep Your Dog Engaged And Wanting More. These Soft, Mini-bites Fit Perfectly Into Starmark Treat Puzzles To Create Hours Of Mental And Physical Stimulation, But They Can Also Be Used On Their Own As Training Treats. 5oz Bag Great As Training Treats Four Great Flavors Can Be Used With Starmark Treat Puzzles

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Treats , amp, amp, Chews, gt, dog Training Treats, gt, starmark Pro-training Treats
      SKU: Starmark-pro-training-treats-5-oz

    Fine Just The Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3
      Fine Just The Way It Is: Wyoming Stories 3.

      Returning To The Territory Of "brokeback Mountain" (in Her First Volume Of Wyoming Stories) And Bad Dirt (her Second), National Book Award And Pulitzer Prize Winner Annie Proulx Delivers A Stunning And Visceral New Collection. In "fine Just The Way It Is," She Has Expanded The Limits Of The Form. Her Stories About Multiple Generations Of Americans Struggling Through Life In The West Are A Ferocious, Dazzling Panorama Of American Folly And Fate. "every Ranch...had Lost A Boy," Thinks Dakotah Hicks As She Drives Through "the Hammered Red Landscape" Of Wyoming, "boys Smiling, Sure In Their Risks, Healthy, Tipped Out Of The Current Of Life By Liquor And Acceleration, Rodeo Smashups, Bad Horses, Deep Irrigation Ditches, High Trestles, Tractor Rollovers And 'unloaded' Guns. Her Boy, Too...the Trip Along This Road Was A Roll Call Of Grief." Proulx's Characters Try To Climb Out Of Poverty And Desperation But Get Cut Down As If The Land Itself Wanted Their Blood. Deeply Sympathetic To The Men And Women Fighting To Survive In This Harsh Place, Proulx Turns Their Lives Intof Iction With The Power Of Myth - And Leaves The Reader In Awe. The Winner Of Two O. Henry Prizes, Annie Proulx Has Been Anthologized In Nearly Every Major Collection Of Great American Stories. Her Bold, Inimitable Language, Her Exhilarating Eye For Detail And Her Dark Sense Of Humor Make This A Profoundly Compelling Collection.

      SKU: 6238413
      ISBN: 9781416571674
      Author: Proulx, Annie

    The Three Musketeers
      The Three Musketeers.

      A Much-loved Swashbuckling Tale. Cardinal Richileu's Machinations Are No Match For The Musketeer's Determination To Act "one For All And All For One " The Young D'artagnan Travels To Paris Determined To Join King Louis Xiii's Elite Guards. Hot-headed And Raring To Prove Himself, D'artagnan Challenges Three Strangers To A Duel. These Strangers Are None Other Than The Daring Band Of Musketeers-porthos, Athos, And Aramis. D'artagnan's Fearless Spirit Impresses Them And The Musketeers Take Him Under Their Wing. Soon, The Wicked Plots Of Cardinal Richelieu And Milady De Winter Propel The Four Musketeers To Adventures On Horseback, Across Seas And Over Rooftops To Defend The Honor Of The Queen And Protect The Life Of The King. This Is A Rousing Tale Of Thrilling Swordplay And Royal Intrigue, Brave Friends And The Basest Treachery.

      SKU: 12037939
      ISBN: 9780099528838
      Author: Dumas, Alexandre


      Fresh From A Posting In Tokyo, Young British First Secretary Peter Darwin Decides To Holiday In England Before Taking Up His Next Assignment For The Freign Office. During A Brief Stopover In Miami, Peter Is Accidentally Caught In A Scuffle That Leaves Two Acquaintances Beaten And Robbed. Peter Stands By His New Friends Until They Are Safely Delivered To Thier Next Destination: Gloucestershire, England, His Childhood Home And Scene Of Longburied Memories. There Walks Unexpectedly Into A Veterinary Surgeon's Racehorse-related Nightmare. As His Involvement With The Doctor's Plight Grows, And As More Racehorses Meet An Utimely End, The Doctor's Plight Grows, Peter Realizes That Events From His Own Past Are The Keys To Saving Some Decent People - And The Things They Love - From Destruction.

      SKU: 1364649
      ISBN: 9780425233313
      Author: Francis, Dick

    The Outside Of A Horse
      The Outside Of A Horse.

      Hannah Gale Starts Volunteering At A Horse Stable Because She Needs A Place To Escape. Her Father Has Returned From The Iraq War As An Amputee With Posttraumatic Importance Disorder, And His Nightmares Rock The Household. At The Stable, Hannah Comes To Love Jack, Super Dee, And Indy; Helps Bring A Rescued Mare Back From The Brink; And Witnesses The Birth Of The Filly Who Steals Her Heart. Hannah Learns More Than She Ever Imagined About Horse Training, Abuse, And Rescues, As Well As Her Own Apacity For Hope. Physical Therapy With Horses Could Be The Answer To Her Fatheras Prayers, If Only She Can Get Him To Try.

      SKU: 3262729
      ISBN: 9780803734784
      Author: Rorby, Ginny

    Winning Ways
      Winning Ways.

      In Th E Risky World Of Showing High-ticket Arabian Horses, Two Professjonals-with A Great Deal To Lose-find Out The Hard Way. Young Veterinarian, Liz Barnett, Has Moved Her Equine Practice From Kentucky To Rural California, Excited By The Chance To Partner With An Established Clinic, As Well As Show Her Beautiful Arabian Horses. She Soon Finds That She's Living In An Area By-passed By Time And Progress, As She Butts Heads With Stubborn Old Ranchers Who Want Nothing To Do With A Young Female Vet. Hunky Horse Trainer, Kurt Devallio, Has Spent The Past Ten Years Struggling With The Deaths Of His Wife And Infant Son, And A Horse-drugging Frame-up That Destroyed His Professional Career. His Tunnel Vision For Finding A Way To Clear His Name, And Be "his Own Man" Again, Has Thrown Him Into The Midst Of Greedy Folks Who'll Try To Win At Any Cost. When Circumstances Force These Two Together, They Learn That Winning Has Many Meanings.

      SKU: 7691829
      ISBN: 9781887932233
      Author: Leland, Toni

    Learn To Play Bass With Metallica - Volume 2: Further Adventures For The Intermediate Bassist
      Learn To Play Bass With Metallica - Volume 2: Further Adventures For The Intermediate Bassist.

      32 More Tracks With Instruction To Help Intermediate Through Advanced Players Master The Bass By Using Metallica Bass Lines. Examples Include: ...and Justice For All * Damage, Inc. * Enter Sandman * For Whom The Bell Tolls * The Four Horsemen * Master Of Puppets * One * Seek And Destroy * Slither * The Unforgiven * Welcome Home (sanitarium) * Whiplash * And More.

      SKU: 7098318
      ISBN: 9781575608662
      Author: Hoffman, Steven

    The Girl Who Heard Dragons
      The Girl Who Heard Dragons.

      Anne Mccaffrey's Dragons Are The Stuff Of Which Sf/fantasy Legends Are Made. All Of Her Dragon Books For Many Years Have Been National Bestsellers. She Is One Of The Most Popular Writers Ever In Fantasy And Science Fiction. "the Girl Who Heard Dragons" Is A Feast For Mccaffrey Fans And For All Readers - A Big, Satisfying Compilation Of Her Fiction Never Before Collected In Book Form. Best Of All, It Opens With An Original Short Novel Of Pern, "the Girl Who Heard Dragons." In Addition, The Book Contains 24 Beautiful Black And White Drawings By Award-winning Artist Michael Whelan. Romance, Humor, Colorful Description And Affecting Characters Are Anne Mccaffrey's Hallmarks And The Fifteen Stories Herein Have These Virtues In Abundance. No Wonder The "chicago Sun-times" Described Her As A "master Of The Well-told Tale." "the Girl Whoo Heard Dragons" Is The Story Of Aramina, A Teenage Girl Of Pern Who Hears Dragons - A Skill Which Does Not Seem Likely To Help Solve Her Family's Problems. They Are "holldess," And Must Constantly Roam The Land, Trying To Hide From Bandits. Aramina's Mother Fears Losing Her Daughter Completely To The Life Of A Dragonrider, But Mccaffrey Has Another Fate In Mind For Her Young Heroine. The Fourteen Other Stories - All Just As Good - Are: Velvet Fields Euterpe On A Start Duty Calls A Sleeping Humpty Dumpty Beauty The Mandalay Cure A Flock Of Geese The Greatest Love A Quiet One If Madam Likes You... Zulei, Grace, Nimshi And The Damnyankee Cinderella Switch Habit Is An Old Horse Lady-in-waiting The Bones Do Lie

      SKU: 3404120
      ISBN: 9780812510997
      Author: Mccaffrey, Anne

    Dillinger In Hollywood: New And Selected Short Stories
      Dillinger In Hollywood: New And Selected Short Stories.

      Before John Sayles Was An Oscar-nominated Screenwriter And Celebrated Independent Filmmaker, He Was A National Book Award-nominated Writer Of Fiction. Now John Sayles Has Written His First Short Story Collection In Twenty-five Years. The Keynote Story-"dillinger In Hollywood"-is Populated By Leftovers From The Golden Age Of Hollywood Who Live In A Nursing Home Catering For "below-the-line" Talent-dancers, Stunt Doubles, Horse Wranglers, Stand-ins, Studio Drivers-who Now Wait For Deafh And Dementia, Playing Cards, Breaking Hips, Busting Ribs, And Telling Tall Tales Of Days Gone By. During One Hot Summer, Casey, A Long-term Resident, Confesses That He "used To Be John Dillinger. In The Flesh." The Supposed John Dillinger, A Legendary Outlaw Who Had Been Popped At The Biograph Theater, Was Simply A "stand-in." Sayles's Stories, Like His Movies, Are Panoramic In Scope, Weaving Together Disparate Elements, Where The Past Has A Powerful Claim On The Present, Where The Characters Are Down On Their Luck, Struggling To Make Ends Meet. Ultimately, John Dillinger In Hollywood Showcases Sayles's Uncanny Ear For Language, His Skill At Crafting Character, Humor And Atmosphere, And Shows Why He Is The Winner Of The John Steinbeck Award, The O. Henry Award, And Others.

      SKU: 6934380
      ISBN: 9781560256328
      Author: Sayles, John

    Year Of The Horse
      Year Of The Horse.

      A Thrill-ride Adventure Novel Capturing The Adventure, Mystery, Legend, And Lore Of America "year Of The Horse" Is Literary Fantasy At Its Very Bestaa Novel That Delves Into Our Myths, Legends, Hopes, And Fears; A Coming-of-age Fable Set In Our Fondly Remembered (if Often Fictional) Pastaan Adventure More Than Capable Of Setting Your Hair On End. "year Of The Horse" Tells The Story Of Yen Tzu-lu, A Child Of Chinese Immigrants Unwillingly Pressed Into Service By A Gang Of Roughnecks Bent On Stealing A Gold Mine From A Shadowy Villain Deep In The Western Wilderness. With Tzu-lu As Our Guide, We Experience A Landscape Of Legend, Stand Toe-to-toe With Those Larger-than- Life Heroes And Villains Of Our Shared American Mythos, And Learn The Inescapable Facts That Have Both Enriched And Plagued Our Nation From Its Inceptionn. Resonating With Echoes Of Mark Twain, Larry Mcmurtry, And J. K. Rowling, This Is A Book Of Fabulous Adventure And Deep Resonance. Allen Gives Readers A Picture Of How America Sees Itself, And In So Doing He Offers Up Both A Heroic Vision Of The Past Abd Hope For The Future.

      SKU: 7234709
      ISBN: 9781590202739
      Author: Allen, Justin

    The Dolphin Way
      The Dolphin Way.

      Discover The Magic Of An Underwater World With Three-year-old Dolphin Mattie And His Friends. As Youngsters, It's Their First Time Attending The Dolphin Olympics, Where Dolphins From All Over The World Gather To Participate In Events Such As The Great Challenge And The Most Flips In A Single Jump Contest. Polaris Jack-a Legend In The Dolphin World-will Be There, And Mattie's Excitement Is Contagious As He Learns More And More About Sea Life.but The Situation Becomes Dire When Mattie Is Separated From His Pod. As He Travels The Ocean Alone, Searching For His Mother And The Resto F His Dolphin Family, He Faces Many Challenges. He Also Meets Many Of The Creatures Who Share His Underwater World-kike The Twirling Monster, The Octopus, An Array Of Fish, And The Seahorse-and Comes To Understand The Role All Animals Play In Nature And The Universe. During Mattie's Exploits, He Gains The Knowledge And Confidence To Become An Independent Dolphin."the Dolphin Way" Tells The Tale Of Mattie's Adventures While Also Revealing Important Facts And Information About Dolphins And Their Wonderful, Fragile Underwater Environment.

      SKU: 13980003
      ISBN: 9781450282246
      Author: Gillrie Fraser, Marg

    Hard Twist: Western Ranch Women
      Hard Twist: Western Ranch Women.

      Photographer Van Cleve, A Montana Ranching Native, Traveled On Horseback - The Only Way To Photograph Women Ranchers Of The West.

      SKU: 3998466
      ISBN: 9780890132876
      Author: Van Cleve, Spike / Van Cleve, Barbara / Duty, Michael

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