Tear Stain Remover (8 Oz) By Cardinal Labs

    Tear Stain Remover (8 Oz) By Cardinal Labs
      Tear Stain Remover (8 Oz) By Cardinal Labs.

      Tear Stain Remover (8 Oz) By Cardinal Labs For Pretty And Clean Eyes, Gently Removes Stains Caused By Excessive Tearing In Fur Around The Eyes. For Best Results, Be Consistent In Use Of The Product Over A Period Of Time. The More Often You Clean, The Better The Results. Gently Cleans The Tear Stains From The Fur Around The Eye. Highlights The Natural Color Of Thhe Coat. Does Not Contain Alcohol Or Bleach.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, ear , amp, Eye Products, gt, tear Stain Products, gt, tear Stain Remover
      SKU: Tearstainremover

    Dr. Rose's Skin Treatment Spray (4oz)
      Dr. Rose's Skin Treatment Spray (4oz).

      Dr. Rose's Skin Treatment Spray Is An All-natural Skin Treatment That Fights Viruses And Fungi On Cats And Dogs. This Easy-to-use Solution Can Be Sprayed Directly To An Area Of Skin Affected From Inflammation Or Other Surface Wounds. The Treatment Also Works As An Antiseptic And Can Help Prevent Scarring In Tissue With Appropriate Use. Dr. Rose's Skin Treatment Healing Salve Is Made Here In The Usa With Rosemary Oil And Other Natural Ingredients That Work To Relieve Skin Irritation. Though This Bottle Comes With Four Ounces Of The Spray, There Is Also A Smaller Size That Can Be Rubbed Onto The Affected Area. Treat Your Pet's Skin With A Natural Solution And Order This Organic Healing Salve Today! Key Features: All-natural, Made In The Usa Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Anti-scarring Available In 1 Oz Cream Or 4 Oz Spray

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, health , amp, amp, Wellness, gt, first Aid , amp, amp, Remedies, gt, dr, Rose, s Skin Treatment Healing Salve
      SKU: Drroses-skintreatment-healing-salve-4oz

    Equiopathics Digestive Upsets (120 Ml)
      Equiopathics Digestive Upsets (120 Ml).

      Equiopathics Digestive Upsets Relieves Symptoms O F Digestive Upset In Horses, Donkeys, Cattle, Goats And Sheep. This Liquid Treatment Works To Relieve Diarrhea, Flatulence, And Loss Of Appetite Caused By Colic Or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This Treatment Is Especially Useful For Animals That Are Undergoing A Diet Change Or Traveling In Excess, As These Can Affect The Process Of Digestion. Equiopathics Digestive Upsets Also Works To Treat The Symptoms Of Gastroenteritis And Does So With A Completely Homeopathic Formula. This Bottle Comes With 120 Ml Of Liquid And A Small Dropper That's Perfect For Administering The Solution. You'll Love How Effective This Treatment Is When It Comes To Healing Your Pet, So Order Today! Key Features: Homeopathic Treatment For Diarrhea, Flatulence, Inappetance, Colic, And Bloat Caused By Gastroenteritis Or Other External Factors Comes With 120 Ml Of Liquid Treats Horses, Donkeys, Cattle, Goats, And Sheep

      Category: Horse , amp, amp, Livestock Products, gt, horse Digestives, gt, equiopathics Digestive Upsets
      SKU: Equiopathics-digestive-upsets-120ml

    Ezpz Padz (23"x23" 50 Pack)
      Ezpz Padz (23"x23" 50 Pack).

      Ezpz Padz Are The First Potty Training Pad To Have A Bag Attached To Each Pad For A Quick And Easy Clean Up. These Eco-friendly Pads Feature Five Super Absorbent Layers To Ensure That They Prevent Any Leaking. Each Bag Is Also Constructed To Control Odors And Prevent The Stink Associated With Other Training Pads. Ezpz Padz Also Feature An Attractant That Encourages Your Dog To Use The Pads, Ideal For Training Puppies And Other Pups That Aren't Yet Housebroken. This Bag Contains 50 Bags That Each Come With A Bag Attached For Easy Disposal And Clean-up. Don't Settle For Standard Pads When Training Your Pup- Order These Incredible Ezpz Padz Today! Key Features: Super Absorbent, 5-layer, Leak-proof Pads Control Odor And Encourage Elimination With Doggie Attractant Disposable Bag Attached To Each Pad. No Mess. No Fuss.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, dog Training Pads, gt, ezpz Padz
      SKU: Ezpz-padz-50-pack

    Godog Dino Bruto With Chew Guard - Purple
      Godog Dino Bruto With Chew Guard - Purple.

      Go Dog Dinos - Bruto The Brontosaurus Is A Tough, Yet Soft, Chew Toy For Dogs. Go Dog Toys Feature Chew Guard Technology. This Process Adds A Super Tough, Durable Liner Specifically Engineered To Withstand The Daily Rigors Of A Dog At Play. With Double Stitched Seams And Reinforcement, Chew Guard Protected Dog Toys Stand Up To Even The Toughest Chewers! Towering At 10" Tall, And 12" Across, Bruto's Flailing Limbs Are Sure To Capture Your Dog's Interest. With The Added Squeaker Housed Inside This Behemoth's Body, Your Dog Will Find It Difficult To Let Go. The Bubble Plush Outer Fabric Is Durable, Yet Soft On Your Dog's Mouth. Toy Measures Approximately 10" Tall And 12" Across Chew Guard Technology Makes This Toy Tough! Squeaker Inside

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, dog Toys, gt, plush , amp, Stuffing-free Dog Toys, gt, godog Toys With Chewguard
      SKU: Godog-dino-bruto-with-chew-guard-purple

    Living World Combo Waterer & Feeder - Medium
      Living World Combo Waterer & Feeder - Medium.

      Living World Combination Water Fountain Or Feeder, Large, With Plastic Adapter Clip To Fit All Cages

      Category: Bird Products, gt, bird Feeding Supplies, gt, living World Bird Feeding Supplies
      SKU: Living-world-combo-waterer-feeder-large

    Living World Harness/lead Small Assorted Colors
      Living World Harness/lead Small Assorted Colors.

      Living Earth Harness And Lead Set Provides A Safe, Practical And Convenient Way To Walk Your Small Pet. The Harness Is Made Of Soft, Lightweight And Breathable Polyester Fabric That Fits Very Comfortably Over Your Small Pet's Body. It Is Easy To Slip On And Fastens Securely With Velcro And A Snap-on Cli.p It Is Fully Adjustable Around The Neck, Chest And Stomach Areas. The Wear-resistant Harness Has A Polyester Lining That Prevents Fraying.the Lead Is Made Of Soft, Stretchy Polyester Material For Handling Comfort. The Harness Has A Finder Bell To Help You Track Your Pet.

      Category: Small Pets, gt, small Transport Accessories, gt, living World Harness, lead
      SKU: Living-world-harness-lead-small

    Naturecalm 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar (upto 28" Neck)
      Naturecalm 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar (upto 28" Neck).

      Nurturecalm 24/7 Pheromone Collars For Dogs Are Proven To Modify Behavior. The Collar Helps Dogs In Fearful Or Stressful Situations [separation Anxiety, Visitors, Other Household Dogs, Loud Noises, New Baby, Vet Visits, Traveling]. The Pheromone Provides A Convenient Alterna Tive To Diffusers Which Are Limited For Use In The Confines Of A Designated Room. The Calming Collar Goes Where Your Dog Goes, Whether It Is At Home Or On The Go. Can Be Give To All Ages And To All Breeds. Effective And Safe, And Can Be Used Without Long-term Effects. Nurturecalm 24/7 Pheromone Collar Mimics The Pheromone That The Mother Dog Produces To Calm And Reassure Her Kittens. Dogs Recognize These Pheromones Throughout Life. Pheromone Behavior Collars Mimic The Natural Way To Help Dogs Cope With New And Fearful Situations. Pheromones Help Modify Problem Behaviors As: Separation Anxiety Excessive Barking Destructive Behavior Inappropriate Urine Marking Fear Aggression, Fear Biting Nervous Restlessness *caution: Remove The Collar Before Shampooing Your Dog And Replace It After The Dog's Coat Is Dry. Do Not Us Collar On Dogs With Extensive Skin Lesions.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, training , amp, amp, Behavior, gt, cat Anxiety , amp, amp, Stress Solutions, gt, naturecalm Canine Calming Pheromone Collar
      SKU: Naturecallmdog

    Petmate Palm Retractable Leash - Large (assorted Colors)
      Petmate Palm Retractable Leash - Large (assorted Colors).

      The Petmate Palm Retractable Leash Is A Compact, Easy To Handle Dog Leash. The Small Size Of The Leash Dispenser Makes The Entire Unit Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand. The Comfortable Padded Wrist Strap Keeps The Unit Attached To Your Hand. It's Highly Portable And Easy To Store Making It Perfect For Pets And People On The Go! Securely Control Your Pet's Range Up To 6 Feet With The Conveniently Positioned Thumb Lock. A Steel Interior Locking Mechanism Allows You To Securely Maintain The Length Of The Extended Leash. The Reflective Stitching On The Retractable Leash Make Night Walks Safer For You And Your Pet. Enjoy A Hassle Walk With Your Pet Using The Petmate Palm Retractable Leash! Compact Dispenser Design Is Easy To Handle And Store Super Strong Thumb Lock Secures Your Desired Leash Extension Padded Wrist Strap Keeps The Leash Attached To Your Hand Large Size Ideal For Dogs Up To 66 Lbs.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, apparel, gt, collars, Leashes , amp, Harnesses, gt, petmate Retractable Leashes
      SKU: Petmate-palm-retractable-leash-large

    Skouts Honor Odor Eliminator (32 Fl Oz)
      Skouts Honor Odor Eliminator (32 Fl Oz).

      Let?s Face It, As Much As We Love Our Furry Friends, They Don?t Always Smell Like Roses. Skout?s Honor Professional Strength Odor Eliminator Is The Best Possible Way To Instantly Reclaim The House, Car Or Whatever Else You Wish Didn?t Smell Quite So Ripe. Spray Directly Into The Surrounding Air And Onto The Smelly Surface To Knockout The Nastiest Odors And Get Back To Breathing In Fresh Air Like Nature Intended. Our Proprietary Odor Eliminating Technology Destroys Foul Odor Molecules On Contact To Leave Your Abode Looking And Smelling Like Nothing Ever Happened. All Skout?s Honor Products Are Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly And Free Of Harsh Chemicals, Chlorine And Formaldehyde, So You Can Safely And Responsibly Eliminate Your Pet's? Odors And Get Back To Enjoying His Or Her Company.

      Category: Dog Supplies, gt, cleaning , amp, amp, Sanitation, gt, stain , amp, amp, Odor Removal, gts, kouts Honor, amp, reg, Stain , amp, Odor Removers
      SKU: Skouts-honor-odor-eliminator

    True Blue
      True Blue.

      True Blue Is A Beauty, A Dappled Gray, And When Abby Gets To Take Him To Her Family's Ranch, She Can Scarcely Believe Her Luck. The Horse Needs A Home: His Owner-a Woman Brand New To The Riding Stable-was Tragically Killed In A Car Crash And No One Has Claimed Him. Daddy Is Wary, As Always. But Abby Is Smitten. True Blue Is A Sweetheart, And Whenever Abby Calls Out, "blue, Blue, How Are You?" He Whinnies Back. But Sometimes True Blue Seems...spooked. He Paces, And Always Seems To Be Looking For Something. Or Someone. Abby Starts To Wonder About True Blue's Owner. What Was She Like? What Did She" Look" Like? One Moonlit Night, Abby Could Swear She Hears A Whisper In Her Ear: "he's Still My Horse." Filled With Riding Scenes And Horse Details, This Newest Middle-grade Novel From A Pulitzer Prize-winner Offers A Mysterious And Suspenseful Almost-ghost Story. "from The Hardcover Edition."

      SKU: 16804397
      ISBN: 9780375862328
      Author: Smiley, Jane / Clayton, Elaine

    In A Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms
      In A Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms.

      Thirty Popular Expressions Such As "straight From The Horse's Mouth" And "white Elephant" Are Amusingly Explained And Illustrated.

      SKU: 2351000
      ISBN: 9780618830015
      Author: Terban, Marvin / Maestro, Giulio

    High Stakes
      High Stakes.

      Gypsy Wind Passions Run High In Horse-racing Circles, But Thoroughbred Breeder Becca Peters Keeps A Tight Rein On Her Emotions. Except When It Comes To Brig Chambers. Six Years After He Shattered Their Relationship With Dangerous Accusations, He's Back, Stirring Up Trouble...and Undeniable Heat. Devil's Gambit Tiffany Rhodes's Horse Farm Was In Trouble Long Before She Met Zane Sheridan, A Breeder With A Shady Reputation. Yet She Couldn't Help But Feel Relieved When Zane Offered To Buy Her Out. Though Tiffany Didn't Trust Him, She Was Drawn To Him Like A Magnet. What Did This Mysterious Man Want From Her...and Why Was He Using A Gambit With Her Heart?

      SKU: 1095745
      ISBN: 9780373772742
      Author: Jackson, Lisa

    Chiron: Healing Body & Soul
      Chiron: Healing Body & Soul.

      Since Chiron's Discovery Forty Years Ago, Astrologers Have Posed Countless Theories On The Irrefutable Impact Of The "dark Horse" Planet. Going A Step Further, Martin Lass Presents A Groundbreaking New Interpretation Of The Chiron Paradigm, Demonstrating The Comet's Healing Influence On Present And Past-life Wounds. From Its Mythology, Birth, And Discovery To Its Astrological Impact, Lass Offers A Comprehensive Understanding Of Chiron And Its Place In The New Age Movement. Highlighting Its Essential Role In The Horoscope, The Author Details Chiron's Planetary Characteristics: Cycles, Patterns, Transits ,and Its Influence In Each Of The Signs, Houses, And Aspects. Chiron Provides All The Tools Necessary To Embark On A Healing Journey Toward Well-being And Evolutionary Consciousness. This Is A Print-on-demand Title. Please Allow An Additional 2-3 Days For Delivery.

      SKU: 2697470
      ISBN: 9780738707174
      Author: Lass, Martin

    My Horse, My Friend: Hands-on Ttouch Training For Kids
      My Horse, My Friend: Hands-on Ttouch Training For Kids.

      Through The Charming Story Of Maike And Her Budding Relationship In The Opinion Of Her Arab Gelding Joarm, This Handbook Teaches Kids How To Properly Interact With Horses. Together With Maike, Young Equestrians Will Find Out How To Successfully Greet, Lead, Groom, And Mount A Horse, And Learn Relationship-strengthening Obstacle Games To Play On The Ground And On Horseback. Horse-loving Kids Will Master Essential Skills For Engaging With Horses While Also Discovering The Exhilaration And Excitement Of Horse Companionship.

      SKU: 12755429
      ISBN: 9781570764813
      Author: Degn, Bibi / Joseph, Lilliana

    Problem-solving: More Help With Preventing And Solving Common Horse Problems
      Problem-solving: More Help With Preventing And Solving Common Horse Problems.

      "volume 2" Is A Continuation Of "volume 1" With Chapters Covering Problems Such As Those Surrounding Halter-breaking, Bridling, Saddling, Mounting, Hoof And Leg Handling, Trail Riding, And Many Others. Prevention And Good Horsemanship Skills Are Heavily Stressed Making These Books Useful To Anyone Whether Or Not They Have The Problem Discussed. The Methods And Philosophy The Author Presents Are Based On How Horses Think, Learn, And Communicate Naturally. Rather Than Make A Horse Do What Is Asked, Marten's Approach Sets Up The Training So The Horse Can Search For The Right Answer, Which Is In The Path Of Least Resistance. The Horse's Slightest Try Is Rewarded By The Handler's Or Rider's Immediate Release Of Pressure. "volume 1" Lays The Foundation For All Good Riding With Techniques And Exercises That Are Time-tested And Proven. Chapters Include Common Ground-handling Problems Such As Being Hard To Catch And Pulling Back When Tied, Typical Riding Problems Such As Spooking And Crossing Water And The Solutions To The Ever-common Problem Of Trailer Loading. The Books Stress The Short Dissertation That No Problem Is A Singular Event By Itself. It's Instead Part Of The Overall Common Thread Throughout A Rider's Interaction With His Or Her Horse. Therefore, All Problems Lead Back To Building Or Rebuilding A Stronger Foundation, Both On The Ground And In The Saddle. "volume 1" And "2" Give Specific Approaches To Accomplish A Higher Degree Of Horsemanship And Understanding Of Equine Behavior. As A Result, The Horse Owner Is Safe And Enjoys His Or Her Horse More.

      SKU: 4111207
      ISBN: 9780911647648
      Author: Marten, Marty / Gulley, Sheri / Bonge, Ron

    So Late, So Soon: New And Selected Poems
      So Late, So Soon: New And Selected Poems.

      "here Are Poems Of Intelligent Consideration And A Deft And Heart-born Music, Filled With The Gleam Of Particularity And A Lushness Of Language And Substance."-jane Hirshfield Out Of Acutely Observed, Deeply Felt Particulars, Carol Moldaw Constructs Poetry Of Imaginative Daring That Illuminates And Transforms The Life Within Us All. In "so Late, So Soon," "oblique, Wily, And Intensely Intelligent Poems" Repeatedly Achieve, To Quote From "the New Yorker," "lyric Junctures Of Shivering Beauty." Aurally Rich, Structurally Varied, Inventive, And Sensually Textured, These Are Poems At Once Passionate And Analytical, Descriptive And Meditative, Lyrical And Complex-poems That Keep One Eye On The Moon While Leveling Their Gaze At The Self And Its Immediate World. From "out Of The West" "out Of The West, Unexpected, Lyric, A Stand Of Yellow Irises Rises From The Pond Muck. " "two Horses Graze The Field, One Limping From The Fire They Fled." "matter And Spirit Meet, Love, "argue," Wherever You Rest Your Eyes, On Microscopic Midges, Horseflies." Carol Moldaw Is The Author Of A Novel, "the Widening," And Four Books Of Poetry-"the Lightning Field," Which Won The 2002 Field Poetry Prize; "through The Window"; "chalkmarks On Stone"; And "atken From The River." She Is The Recipient Of A Lannan Foundation Marfa Writer's Residency, An Nea Creative Writing Fellowship, And A Pushcart Prize.

      SKU: 4375587
      ISBN: 9780981968728
      Author: Moldaw, Carol

    Dark Magic: The Godwars Book 2
      Dark Magic: The Godwars Book 2.

      Ages Ago, When The First Gods Ruled Heaven And Earth, They Created Two Lesser Deities To Reign Along With Them. But These Gods, Tharn And Balatur, Were Flawed. Their Madness Threatened Creation Itself - And Thus They Were Condemned To An Eternal Sleep. Only An Ancient Book Of Spells Holds The Key To Their Release. Now An Evil Necromancer Has Obtained The Book And Hastens To Tharn's Hidden Resting Place With A Plan As Deadly As The God Himself. Ancient Prophecy Points To The Exiled Prince Calandryll As The Only One Who Can Defeat The Wizard - Aided By A Beautiful Warrior Woman, A Hard-bitten Mercenary, And Calandryll's Own Uncertain Powers. But First Calandryll And His Companions Must Travel A Kingdom Racked By Civil War, Cross The Rolling Prairie Of The Fierce Horse Clans, And Finally Venture Into The Forbidden Wastes And Uncharted Territories Beyond. Enemies And Foul Treachery Await, While The Mighty Tharn, As If Somehow Aware Of His Imminent Release, Begins To Stir...begins To Dream...and All Creation Begins To Quake. Dark Magic" "is The Masterful Second Chapter Of The Godwars," "a Stirring Chronicle Of High Adventure By One Of The Most Exciting New Writers Of Fantasy.

      SKU: 1980040
      ISBN: 9780553762815
      Author: Wells, Angus

    Bigfoot Angel: A Mysterious World
      Bigfoot Angel: A Mysterious World.

      Charles S. Brewer, The Author Of "bigfoot Angel" Has Been A Rancher All His Life. He Currently Operates A Ranch On Horse Creek, Near Punkin Center Colorado. His Experience With The Myths, Joys And Hardships Of Ranching, A Vivid Memory Of His Youth, The Dust Bowl, Depression And World War Ii, And Youthful Imagination Weaved Into A Lifetime Of Story Telling, Sets The Stage For "bigfoot Angel." &qout;bigfoot Angel&akp;quot; Illuminates The Mysterious World Of Creatures That That Quietly Hide In The Unexplored Canyons Of Colorado.

      SKU: 6722917
      ISBN: 9781440137884
      Author: Brewer, Charles S.

    Felicity Takes A Dare
      Felicity Takes A Dare.

      It's Time For The Town Fair Felicity Loves The Music And Dancing, And Most Of All The Racehorses. But There's Another Reason The Fair Is A Day She'll Never Forget

      SKU: 7178058
      ISBN: 9781584852711
      Author: Tripp, Valerie / Andreasen, Dan

    Postal Systems In The Pre-modern Islamic World
      Postal Systems In The Pre-modern Islamic World.

      Adam Silverstein's Book Offers A Fascinating Account Of The Official Methods Of Communication Employed In The Near East From Pre-islamic Times Through The Mamluk Period. Postal Systems Were Set Up By Rulers In Order To Maintain Control Ocer Vast Tracts Of Land. These Systems, Invented Centuries Before Steam-engines Or Cars, Enabled The Swift Circulation Of Different Commodities - From Letters, People And Horses To Exotic Fruits And Ice. As The Correspondence Transported Often Included Confidential Reports From A Ruler's Provinces, Such Postal Systems Doubled As Espionage-networks Through Which News Reached The Central Authorities Quickly Enough To Allow A Timely Reaction To Events. The Book Sheds Light Not Only On The Role Of Communications Technology In Islamic History, But Also On How Nomadic Culture Contributed To Empire-building In The Near East. This Is A Long-awaited Contribution To The History Of Pre-modern Communications Systems In The Near Eastern World.

      SKU: 10004163
      ISBN: 9780521147613
      Author: Silverstein, Adam J.

    Horse Sense For People: Using The Gentle Wisdom Of The Join-up Technique To Enrich Our Relationships At Home And At Work
      Horse Sense For People: Using The Gentle Wisdom Of The Join-up Technique To Enrich Our Relationships At Home And At Work.

      Monty Roberts's The Man Who Listens To Horses Spent More Than A Year On The New York Times Bestseller List, Sold More Than Three Million Copies Worldwide, And Was Hailed By The San Francisco Chronicle As "the Kind Of Life-altering Book You Never Want To Finish". In Horse Sense For People, The Man Who Overcame His Father's Brutality To Become The Horse Gentler To Queen Elizabeth Asks Us To Rethink The Way We Use Power Over Others And Shows How With Humans-as With Horses-the Gentle Way Is The Better Way. By Turns Practical, Philosophical, And Provocative, Horse Sense For People Demonstrates How Trust, Respect, And Communication-not Coercion-are The Key To Fruitful Relationships. Rich In Anecdotes About Both Horses And People, It Applies The Lifetime Of Lessons Roberts Learned From Horses, And Developed In His Revolutionary "join-up" Method, To The Way We Relate To One Another In The Workplace And At Home. This Is The Book, From A Celebrated And Charismatic Author, That Professionals, Parents, And Horse Lovers Have Been Asking For.

      SKU: 2414080
      ISBN: 9780670899753
      Author: Roberts, Monty

    Fresh!: Contemporary Takes On Nature & Allegory
      Fresh!: Contemporary Takes On Nature & Allegory.

      The Need To Describe The World Around Us Is An Impulse As Old As The Earliest Cave-wall Depictions Of Running Horses And Wounded Bison. In This Descriptive Enterprise We Have Consistently Found Nature To Be A Valuable And Inspiring Companion, And Over The Centuries, As We Moved Beyond Simple Narrative To The Complex, Exhortative Inventions Of Allegory, Nature Has Reciprocally Grown With Us, Giving Us A Crucial And Familiar Framework To Help Us To Know Our Place In The Universe. As A Consequence Of This Evolution, The Human Imagination Can Claim Innumerable-often Epic-accounts Built On The Marriage Of Nature And Allegory. Fresh Contemporary Takes On Nature And Allegory Features The Works Of Fifteen Artists From The United States, Europe, And Asia, Encompassing Pieces That Vary Tremendously In Medium, Technique, And Scale-not To Mention Subject Matter. It Does Not Pretend To Cover All Of The Allegorical Tendencies In Contemporary Art, But Nevertheless Does Represent Several Significant Strains In The Use Of This Mode In Examining Our Relationship To Nature.

      SKU: 4331057
      ISBN: 9780972664929
      Author: Bailer, Juli Cho

    Police Cars
      Police Cars.

      Take A Complete Pictorial History Tour Of Police Vehicles Through The Ages With Author Monty Mccord - From The Horse Drawn Paddy Wagons To The Latest Technologically Advanced, Laser-equipped "corvette Cops" Of The 1990s.

      SKU: 3853630
      ISBN: 9780873411714
      Author: Mccord, Monty

    Wicked Cruel
      Wicked Cruel.

      Everyone's Heard An Urban Legend Before. They're Stories That Get Passed From Kid To Kid, And Nobody Can Quite Remember Where The Story Originated. Sometimes The Story Changes. Sometimes Details Are Added, Or Dropped. But One Thing's For Sure: Nobody Can Ever Prove Whether The Story Is True. These Three Stories-all Set In The Same New England Town-address That Very Question: How Much Of An Urban Legend Is Rumor, And How Much Is Fact? In One Story, Sixth Grader Jordan's Former Classmate-a Target Of Bullying Before His Family Moved Away-has Died. Did He Die From Injuries He Got While In School? And If He's Really Dead, Why Does Jordan Keep Seeing Him? In Another, Danny, An Out-of-place Loner, Is Fixated On The Local Legend Of Horses Who Died In A Flood. Creepy And Perfect For Halloween, These Stories Are Sure To Delight Anyone Looking For A Good Spine-tingler.

      SKU: 20724079
      ISBN: 9780375867484
      Author: Wallace, Rich

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