The 500 Years Of Resistance Comic Book

    The 500 Years Of Resistance Comic Book
      The 500 Years Of Resistance Comic Book.

      A Powerful And Historically Accurate Graphic Portrayal Of Indigenous Peoples' Resistance To The European Colonization Of The Americas, Beginning With The Spanish Invasion Under Christopher Columbus And Ending With The Six Nations Land Reclamation In Ontario In 2006. Gord Hill Spent Two Years Unearthing Images And Researching Historical Information To Create "the 500 Years Of Resistance Comic Book," Which Presents The Story Of Aboriginal Resistance In A Far-reaching Format. Other Events Depicted Include The 1680 Pueblo Revolt In New Mexico; The Inca Insurgency In Peru From The 1500s To The 1780s; Pontiac And The 1763 Rebellion And Royal Proclamation; Geronimo And The 1860s Seminole Wars; Crazy Horse And The 1877 War On The Plains; The Rise Of The American Indian Movement In The 1960s; 1973's Wounded Knee; The Mohawk Oka Crisis In Quebec In 1990; And The 1995 Aazhoodena/stoney Point Resistance. With Strong, Plain Language And Evocative Illustrations, "the 500 Years Of Resistance Comic Book" Documents The Fighting Spirit And Ongoing Resistance Of Indigenous Peoples Through Five Hundred Years Of Genocide, Massacres, Torture, Rape, Displacement, And Assimilation: A Necessary Antidote To The Conventional History Of The Americas. Includes An Introduction By Activist Ward Churchill, Leader Of The American Indian Movement In Colorado And A Prolific Writer On Indigenous Resistance Issues. Gord Hill, A Member Of The Kwakwaka'wakw Nation In British Columbia, Has Been Active In Indigenous Resistance, Anti-colonial, And Anti-capitalist Movements Since 1990. He Is Also Author Of "the 500 Years Of Resistance," A Pamphlet Published By Pm Press.

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      ISBN: 9781551523606
      Author: Hill, Gord / Churchill, Ward

    Akoma Heat-n-breeze Dog House - Black (10" X 10" X 4.5")
      Akoma Heat-n-breeze Dog House - Black (10" X 10" X 4.5").

      The Heat-n-breeze Combines The Hound Heater With An Incredibly Long Life Whisper Quite Fan, Bringing Fresh Air Into Your Dog's House In Hot Weather. The Heat-n-breeze Looks Just Like The Popular Hound Heater, And Even Mounts To The Same Mounting Plate. It Draws Outside Air Into The Dog House At A Rate Of 24 Cu. Ft. Per Minute At A Quiet Noise Level Of Less Than 45 Decibels, By A 30,000 Hour Silent Fan Producing A Soothing Sound For Your Dog. It Refreshes The Air Within 1 To 2 Times Per Minute. The Built In Thermostat Lalows You To Set The Fan To Turn On And Off At Your Preset Temperature Of Choice, Saving You Power When The Fan Doesn't Need To Run. You Simply Set It And Forget It! The Unit Itself Is Made Of 16 Ga. Powder Coated Steel, Making It Indestructible. It Is This Easy. Flip A Switch, Turn The Thermostat Clockwise, And The Heat-n-breeze Is A Hound Heater, The World?s Best Selling Pet House Heater! Flip Another Switch Adjust The Thermostat And It Becomes The World?s Best Ept House Ventilator, The Hound Breezer. Easy To Install (instructions Included), Easy To Use And It Will Last For Years! All Covers Protecting The Controls Are Locked Using A Simple ?allen/hex Screw?. All Units Come With A Spring Protected C0rd To Help Prevent Chewing, Accessories/tools To Make Installation Easy?..we?ve Even Included The Screws! Features: Breezer Fan-30,000 Hr. Rated Life At 18 Watts. Heating Element, 50,000 Hr. Rated Life At 150 Watts (replaceable). Thermostat +/_ 4 Degrees F. 100,000 Cycle Rated Life (replaceable). 8 Ft Cord, W/3 Prong Grounded End. Weight 6 Pounds. Dimensions: 10" X 10" X 4.5". Features: The Heat-n-breeze Combines The Hound Heater With An Incredibly Long Life Whisper Quite Fan, Bringing Fresh Air Into Your Dog's House In Hot Weather. Breezer Fan-30,000 Hr. Rated Life At 18 Watts Heating Element, 50,000 Hr. Rated Life At 150 Watts (replaceable) 8 Ft Cord, W/3 Prong Grounded End All Units Come With A Spring Protected Cord To Help Prevent Chewing Item Details: Dimensions: 10" X 10" X 4.5" Color: Black

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    Andis Proclip Ag2 Pet Clipper
      Andis Proclip Ag2 Pet Clipper.

      A Top-notch Pet Grooming Clipper If You Are Looking For An Unbeatable Pet Grooming Clipper, Check Out The Andis Plus Ag 2-speed . This Company Makes Exceptional Products That Will Not Let You Down. This Clipper Is Made For Very Quick Cutting, So If You Want Pet Grooming To Be Less Time-consuming, This Is For You. Additionally, The Motor Does Not Require Maintenance, The Clipper Is Surprisingly Quiet, And Detachable Blades Work Great. Everything About This Clipper Makes The Process Of Giving Your Furry Friend A Hair Cut Easier. The Contours And Durability Of The Housing Make It Simple To Hold And Hard To Break. Benefits Of This Clipper Include: Fast, Quiet, And Very Efficient Operation Saves Tkme And Does Not Require Much Maintenance Housing Makes It Easy To Hold And Difficult To Break

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    Canine Auto Safety Harness
      Canine Auto Safety Harness.

      The Canine Auto Safety Harness Is The Easiest To Use And Offers The Best Overall Features, Strength, And Durability. A Pet Safety Restraint For Your Canine Will Help: Prevent Driver Distraction Protect Passengers From Injury Reduce Injury To Pet Note: It May Also Be A Law In Your State. Strength And Durability The Tensile Strength Of The High-tenacity Nylon Webbing Used In This Product Is Rated At 2500 Lbs. The Steel (nickel) Hardware Used Has A Similar Rating. Adjustable In Size This Canine Safety Restraint Dveice For Your Auto Comes In Three Different Sizes (s, M L). Each Size Is Adjustable In Order To Ensure Your Pets Comfort And To Be Sure It Conforms To You Dogs Specific Bodily Proportions. Simple-to-use Easily Slips Onto Your Existing Vehicle Seat Belt As Shown In The Picture To The Left. The Process Of Buckling Your Pet Into Your Vehicle Could Not Be Made More Simple. Convenient Can Also Be Used As A Front End Walking Harness Without Making Any Modifications. Just Attach Your Dog Leash And Go. Compatible This Product Is Guaranteed To Be Compatible With Your Vehicle. Disclaimer It Is Very Difficult To Know Exactly What Happens To A Dog In A Vehicle Crash Since The Testing Tools Available In The Industry Are Very Limited. In Our Opinion, A Dog That Is Harnessed Reduces That Chance Of The Pet Being Injured By Hitting Other Objects Or Occupants In The Vehicle. It Should Also Protect A Dog From Injuries Associated With Sudden Stops And Starts. Seat Belt Sizes: Small: 25-45 Lbs. Medium: 45-70 Lbs. Large: 70-110 Lbs. States With Pet Required Vehicle Restraint Legislation

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    Catit Fresh And Clear Water Fountain/drinking Dome For Cats Circulating Pump, Cul
      Catit Fresh And Clear Water Fountain/drinking Dome For Cats Circulating Pump, Cul.

      Cat It 50070 Fresh And Clear Water Fountain/drinking Dome For Cats Circulating Pump.

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    Dechra Mal-a-ket Plus Trizedta Spray Conditioner (8 Oz)
      Dechra Mal-a-ket Plus Trizedta Spray Conditioner (8 Oz).

      Dechra Mal-a-ket Plus Trizedta Spray Conditioner Treats Certain Skin Conditions And Promotes Healthy Skin For Cats And Dogs. This Formulation Contains Both Chlorhexidine Gluconate And Ketoconazole Which Endow It With Antimicrobial And Antifungal Properties. These Qualities Help It Combat Infections That Can Be Detrimental To Your Pet's Health. Dechra Mal-a-ket Plus Trizedta Spray Conditioner Also Contains Aloe Vera To Provide Relief From Discomfort Caused By Skin Irritation. This Bottle Comes With 8 Fluid Ounces Of Spray And Features A Nozzle That Makes Topical Application A Breeze. Order This Spray To Maintain Your Pet's Skin Health Today! Key Features: Antifungal And Antimicrobial Properties Formulated For Cats And Dogs Spray Nozzle With 8 Fl Oz Per Bottle

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    Equi-spot: Spot-on Fly Control For Horses (3 10ml Tubes)
      Equi-spot: Spot-on Fly Control For Horses (3 10ml Tubes).

      Equi-spot Spot-on Fly Control For Horses Protects Horses From Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes And Ticks ? Kills & Repels House Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, Horn Flies, Eye Gnats, And Ticks On Horses ? Aids In The Control Of Mosquitoes, Horse Flies, Deer Flies And Black Flies On Horses Equi Spot Directions: Remove Product Tubes From Package. Fold Along Perforation Between Tubes And Tear Off One Tube. Return Unused Tubes To Package. Holding Tube With Notched End Pointing Up And Away From Face And Body, Snap Off Narrow End At Notches. Apply One Tube (10.0 Ml) Of Product Solution As Follows: ? 5 Ml Along The Back Line Starting At The Poll (top Of Head Behind The Ears), Along The Base Of The Mane, Down The Dorsal Midline To The Dock (base Of The Tail) ? 1 Ml To The Top Of The Forehead Under The Forelock ? 1 Ml, As A Stripe, To The Back Of Each Foreleg, From The Ankle Up To The Knee (2 Ml Total) ? 1 Ml, As A Stripe, To The Back Of Each Hindleg, From The Ankle Up To The Hock (2 Ml Total) ? Do Not Allow The Product To Contact Horse?s Eyes Or Mucous Membranes. ? Wrap Tube And Put In Trash. ? Do Not Reapply For 14 Days (2 Weeks). Active Ingredients: *permethrin: (cas #52645-53-1) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.0% Other Ingredients:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55.0% Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100.0% *cis/trans Ratio: Max 55% (+) Cis And Min 45% (+) Trans Epa Reg. No.: 270-279 ? Epa Est. No.: 270-nb-003 Net Contents: 3[0.34 Fl.oz.(10.0 Ml)]applicators

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    Living World Feeding/water Dish
      Living World Feeding/water Dish.

      The Living World Feeding Or Water Dish Is A Great Way To Hold Your Bird's Seeds Within The Cage. The Dish Fits Perfectly In Your Birds Cage, So He Or She Will Have Easy Access To Their Seeds. The Living World Feeding Or Water Dish Comes In A Variety Of Colors And Is Ideal For Holding Other Treats Or Supplements. Dish Suitable For Holding Seeds Or Water Easy To Clean Use Multiple Seed Cups Throughout Bird's Cage Measures 5.5" Long X 3-1/8" Wide X 1-3/8" High

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    Quick Bath For Large Dogs (5 Count)
      Quick Bath For Large Dogs (5 Count).

      Quick Bath For Large Dogs (5 Count) · Heavy Duty, Extra Thick · Extra Large 8"x10", Wipes · 5 Pack · Contains Gentle Cleansing And Antiseptic Agents · Emusol Micellized Vitamins A And E · Aloe Vera · Safe And Effective Uses For Quick Bath Wipes: 1. Anytime Your Pet Needs Cleaning And You Are Short On Time. 2. Control Pet Odor By Removing Germs. 3. Wipe Down Pets Before They Come Indoors From Dusty, Wet Or Muddy Conditions. 4. Use Prior To And After Brushing To Remove Loose Dirt And Hair. 5. Use When The Weather Is Too Cold To Bathe Your Pet. 6. Use On Pets That Have Sensitive Skin. 7. Wipe Off Excess Drool Or Slobber. 8. Clean Paws, Nose And Ears. 9. Convenient To Use When Traveling, Hiki Ng, Camping, Boating And Other Outings. 10. Great Help For Senior Citizens. Quick Bath For Dogs: Purified Water, Hair And Skin Cleansers And Conditioners, Emulsifiers, Antiseptic And Preservatives, Anti-foam Agent, Micellized Vitamin E, Fragrance, Micellized Vitamin A, Aloe Vera And And Ph Controllers.

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    Trudog Calm Me - Calming Support Soft Chews (60 Count)
      Trudog Calm Me - Calming Support Soft Chews (60 Count).

      Trudog Calm Me Is A Delicious All Natural Chew Designed To Help Ease Your Dog?s Nerves. There Are Many Situations That Can Cause Stress For Dogs ? Thunder Storms, Travel, Separation Anxiety, Or Even Bath Time. Calm Me Is Formulated For Dogs Exhibiting Nervousness, Hyperactivity, Discontentment, Or Responding To Environmentally-induced Stress. It May Assist In Stopping Stress-related Destructive Behavior And Can Also Help To Alleviate Motion Sickness And Travel-related Issues. This Natural Calming Chew Includes Three Ingredients To Help Soothe The Stress: Chamomile, Ginger Root, And L-tryptophan. Key Features: All-natural Calming Support Soft Chews For Dogs May Assist In Stopping Stress-related Destructive Behavior Helps Alleviate Motion Sickness And Travel-related Issues

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    Welactin For Cats 125 Ml
      Welactin For Cats 125 Ml.

      Welactin Is A Palatable, Specially Formulated Product Designed To Support The Overall Wellness And Health Of Your Cat During The Aging Process. Welactin Is A Rich Source Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids Which Have Beneficial Effects In The Following Areas: Kidney Health Helps Support Renal Function Brain/visio Nhelps Support The Nervous System Skin Health Helps Support Coat And Combat Dry Skin Immune System Health Helpssupport Immune Function Many Of Welactin's Important Functions Are At Work Inside Your Cat's Body. While Using Welactin Look For An Improvement In Your Cat's Activity Level, Attitude, Alertness, And General Appearance.

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    Whimzees Tooothbrush Dental Dog Treats - Small (24 Count)
      Whimzees Tooothbrush Dental Dog Treats - Small (24 Count).

      Dental Hygiene For Dogs Made Easy Completely Natural, Whimzees Toothbrush Dental Dog Treats Will Improve Your Dog?s Dental Health By Reducing Plaque And Improving The Freshness Of Their Breath. Your Dog Will Love The Taste Of These Treats And The Fun Shapes They Come In. Rich In Fiber And Other Nutrients, These Treats Are Made Out Of Six All Natural Ingredients That Will Help Your Dog?s Digestive System. These Treats Come In A Small Size That Your Dog Will Be Able To Handle. All You Have To Do Is Give Your Dog One On A Daily Basis To Keep Their Teeth And Mouth Healthy. Benefits Low In Calories And Fat Completely Natural Formula That Doesn?t Use Preservatives Or Coloring Freshens Your Dog?s Breath Improves Digestive Health

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    Zuke's Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs - Salmon (6 Oz)
      Zuke's Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Treats For Dogs - Salmon (6 Oz).

      Zuke's Mini Naturals Is A Healthy Moist Miniature Treat. It's Great For All Sized Dogs. Zuke's Mini Naturals Also Makes The Perfect Training Reward. Each Moist Little Morsel Is Packed With The Nutritious Taste Of Ocean-caught Salmon, Plus Vitamins And Minerals To Keep Your Dog Healthy. Mini Naturals Are Wheat-free And Corn-free And Contain No Added Animal Fat, Artificial Colors Or Artificial Flavors. Ingredients: Salmon, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Vegetable Glycerin, Malted Barley, Tapioca, Gelatin, Water, Menhaden Fish Oil, Brewer?s Yeast, Natural Flavors, Lecithin, Salt, Acetic Acid, Cultured Whey. Vitamins: A, D3, E, B12, C, B2, B1, B6. Minerals: Taurine, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacin, Folic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Selenium. Small Size - The Perfect Dog Training Treat! Delicious, Semi-moist Texture Low Calorie, At Only 2 Calories Each, Minis Are Great For Small Dogs, Big Dogs And Big Dogs Who Could Be Smaller! Made With High Quality Proteins And Grains And Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals Made In The Usa With Usa Sourced Meats, Grains, Fruits And Vegetables Healthy, Natural Dog Treat Free Of Wheat, Corn And Soy Made Without Artificial Colors, Flavors Or By-products

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    The Proof Is In The Poodle: One Veterinarian's Exploration Into Healing
      The Proof Is In The Poodle: One Veterinarian's Exploration Into Healing.

      In Her Youth, Donna Kelleher, Dvm, Spent Her Saturday Mornings Picking Stones From Horses' Hooves And Learning About Plants. While Digging Through The Earth And Soaking Medicinal Leaves, The Lessons From Her Teacher Began Taking Root. "roasted Dandelion Is The Best Medicine," Said Iris, The Neighborhood Healer, Before Administering A Straw-yellow Tea To Her Cat, Tinkerbelle. Since Those Saturday Morning Lessons In Nature, Kelleher Has Spent Nearly Two Decades Exploring What It Means To Find True Healing, Combining Her Conventional Veterinary Training With Holistic Treatments. What She's Learned Along The Way Is That Animals Need Inspiration To Make Choices; As These Stories Prove, The Resiliency Of These Pets Have Shaped Her Life As Much As Her Treatments Have Shaped Theirs. A Reminder Of The Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Strength In Us All, "the Proof Is In The Poodle" Embodies The Restorative Power Of Hope.

      SKU: 18592004
      ISBN: 9781937928063
      Author: Kelleher, Donna

    Happy Birthday, Felicity!
      Happy Birthday, Felicity!.

      Felicity Merriman Is A Spunky, Spritely Girl Growinb Up In Virginia In 1774, Deserved Before The Revolutionary War. Felicity's Stories Tell Of The Adventures Of This Spirited Girl, Who Grows Impatient Doing The "sitting Down Kinds Of Things" That Colonial Girls Are Expected To Do. Felicity Much Prefers To Be Outdoors, Especially Riding Horses In Her Stories, Felicity Learns About Responsibility And Loyalty - To Her Family, Her Friends, And Her New Country - And What It Means To Be Truly Free. After Disobeying Her Parents, Felicity Over-hears An Important Message That Means Danger For Williamsburg - And Decides To Alert The Colonists Herself

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      ISBN: 9781562470319
      Author: Tripp, Valerie / Abdreasen, Dan

    Heartland #4: Taking Chances: Taking Chances
      Heartland #4: Taking Chances: Taking Chances.

      Amy's Life Has Drastically Changed. She's Found Herself Taking On The Huge Responsibility Of Running Heartland, The Horse Refuge That Was Her Mother's Life Work. The One Constant For Amy Has Been Her Friendship With Ty, Heartland's 17-year-old Stable Hand. But The Arrival Of A New Hand, Ben, Throws Everything Off Balance. By The Time Amy Realizes She's Taken Ty For Granted, It Could Be Too Late.

      SKU: 1372905
      ISBN: 9780439130257
      Author: Brooke, Lauren

    On Horsemanship
      On Horsemanship.

      On Horsemanship Deals With The Selection, Care And Training Of Horses In General. Military Training And The Duties Of The Cavalry Commander Are Dealt With In The Hipparchicus.written In About 350 Bc, The Treatises Of Xenophon Were Considered The Earliest Extant Works Attached Horsemanship In Any Literature.

      SKU: 16821211
      ISBN: 9781617205354
      Author: Xenophon, Xenophon

    Riding The Milky Way
      Riding The Milky Way.

      On The Warm Spring Day When Babette Gallard And Paul Chinn Decided To Ride 1600 Kilometres Along The St James Way To Santiago De Compostela In Spain, He Had Never Ridden Before, She Had Only Ever Ridden Under Dures, Their Horses Had Yet To Be Found And The Dog Was A Passing Whim They Were Trying To Forget. "riding The Milky Way" Tells The Story Of Their Journey. The Humans Were Broke, Burnt-out And Vaguely Hoping That Early Retirement Would Save Their Health And Sanity. The Horses Were Plucked Off The Equine Scrap Heap In France And Still Grappling With Their New Roles As Something Between Mount And Mountain Goat. The Dog Was Doing His Best To Understand Why He Was There. This Inspiring, Amusing And Informative Book Sweeps The Reader Along With Each Member As He Or She, Horse Or Dog, Progresses Step By Step Towards A Goal That Has Become More Than Just Santiago. The Author Not Only Explains How To Avoid The Pitfalls They Encountered But Also Tells The Reader What Is Expected Of Riders Making This Ancient Pilgrimage. Packed With Sketches And Photographs, This Book Will Inspire Even The Most Timid Traveller, While Also Giving Practical Guidance For Someone Wanting To Do A Similar Journey. Finally, It Is Much More Than Just A Good Read. It Is An Excellent, If Sometimes Irreverent, Guide To The Legendary St James Way.

      SKU: 7238648
      ISBN: 9781590480540
      Author: Gallard, Babette

    The Green Guide For Stand Owners And Riders: Sustainable Practices For Horse Care,  Stable Management, Land Use, And Riding
      The Green Guide For Stand Owners And Riders: Sustainable Practices For Horse Care, Stable Management, Land Use, And Riding.

      Many Horse Lovers Are Looking For Ways To Make Their Facilities More Environmentally Friendly And To Practice Greener Riding Habits. Green Methods Are Cost-efficient, They Help Preserve Beautiful Farms And Pastures For Future Generations, And They Provide Healthier Surroundings For Both People And Horses. The First Book Of Its Kind, "the Green Guide For Horse Owners And" Riders Takes A Clear Look At Current Horse-care Practices And Provides Green Alternatives For Day-to-day Horsekeeping - Both For The Property Owner Who Keeps Dozens Of Horses And For The Rider Who Rents A Stall In Someone Else's Barn. Property Owners Will Find Extensive Information On Building And Renovating Barns That Use Environmentally Friendly Materials, Fit Well Into Surrounding Ecosystems, And Work Best With Available Water Resources And Prevailing Weather Conditions. All Horsekeepers Will Appreciate The Chaptersthat Address The Constant Challenges Of Responsible Pasture Rotation And Manure Management. There Is Plenty Here For The Concered Rider, Too. From Avoiding Toxins In Feed, Fly Sprays, Cleaning Products, And Medicines To Practicing Good Trail-riding Etiquette, Anyone Who Spends Time With Horses Will Find Simple And Rewarding Ways To Be Kinder To The Earth. Author Heather Cook Gives Readers Countless Ideas For Lowering The Impact Horses And Horsekeeping Facilities Have On The Surrounding Environment. Sell Composted Horse Manure (recycle And Reuse ); Replace Old Incandescent Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescents; Use Empty Grain Bags As Garbage Bags. There Are Dozens Of Simple Ways To Make A Difference Every Day.

      SKU: 7388974
      ISBN: 9781603421478
      Author: Cook, Heather

    Intrepidations & Funny Business
      Intrepidations & Funny Business.

      David, The Author, A 79 Year-old Guadalcanal Marine, Travels Back To His Childhood Home In Upstate New York Along The Vermontt And Massachusetts Lines After 61 Years Absence. A Former Newspaper Crime Reporter, He Is Intent On Solving Two Mysteries: What Happened To His Mentor, A County Doctor Who Disappeared In 1937? And What Was The Role Of A Pistol He Saw His Father Bury In A Bedroom Wall In The Dutch-built Home Of The 1700s? It's Life In The Country, With The New Old Time School House That Replaced The One-room; Square Dances For Recreation And Jewish Immigrants Tolerated Ku Klux Klan Oppression. David Contrasts The Old Time Doctor, Ol' Doc Taylor, With Today's Physicians Whom He Charges With Hypocrisy And The Over Whelming Desire To Make A Buck Over Treating A Patient. There's The Polish Town Drunk Who Digs Wells, Cleans Outhouse Pits And Plays The Fiddle; The Synagogue Of His Bar Mitzvah, Now The Home Of An Irish Lady; His Papa Sparring Witha Known Nazi From Stephentown; There's The Day He Streaked Naked Through The Village, Down Route 66, To The Horror Of New England's Pollyannas; And There's The Visit To The Ancient New England Cemetery Where He Chats With The Obelisk Atop A Tombstone. David Walks The Path That Horses And Buggies Once Traveled. The Doctors Have Long Since Moved To The High Rent Districts Where The Fees Are Higher; The Grocery Store And Square Dance Hall Is Now A Post Office, Richter's House And David's Home Are Gruesome Messes And Ol' Doc Taylor Is Dead. The Muscular Are Bedraggled, The Roads Are Now Streets And A Gallon Of Gas That Once Cost 10 Cents Is Now $1.94.9... The Swimming Hole Is Plugged, The Historic Church Bell Doesn't Ring Andalong Route 66 And Stephentown Road - Ghosts Abound David Talks To Them, Especially The One In The Hill.

      SKU: 6178581
      ISBN: 9781412096423
      Author: Alter, David / Trafford Publishing

    Little Freddie's Legacy
      Little Freddie's Legacy.

      Baroness, Daughter Of Little Freddie, A Kentucky Derby Winner, Hopes That She Can Be As Great A Racehorse As Her Father, If Only Someone Will Give Her A Chance Together With Her Young Owner Tiffany, She Works Hard To Get A Chance To Race In The Oaks, One Of Ireland's Most Prestigious Horse Races.

      SKU: 6997125
      ISBN: 9781565540002
      Author: Cocquyt, Kathryn / Corbett, Sylvia

    An Accidental Cowboy
      An Accidental Cowboy.

      In 1992, Jameson Parker, The Former Star Of "simon & Simon," Was Shot And Almost Killed While Living In Los Angeles. The Incident Drove Him Into A Ten-year Struggle With The Psychological Aftereffects Of Trauma. It Also Drove Him And His Wife Into The California Mountains, Where He Stumbled Into A World Of Unruly Cattle, Uncertain Horses, The Timeless Routines Of Ranch Animated Existence, And The Solace Of The Land. "an Accidental Cowboy" Is The Story Of What It's Like To Have One's Life Go Spinning Out Of Control And How It Is Possible To Pick Up The Pieces And Begin Again In An Entirely Different Sphere. With Stunning, Crisp Writing, Remarkable Detail, And A Flair For Description, It's A Captivating Story Of Loss, Depression, And The Beginnings Of Hope Set Against The Backdrop Of The American Southwest.

      SKU: 930768
      ISBN: 9780312310240
      Author: Parker, Jameson

    The Stig: The Untold Story
      The Stig: The Untold Story.

      The Official Biography Of "top Gear"'s Tame Racing Driver, From The Early Years To Present Day. The Stig Is Known To Millions As "top Gear"'s Tame Racing Driver, Famed For His Skillful Driving And His Legendary Reluctance To Speak. Other Details Of His Life Are The Subject Of Much Speculation, Yet Almost Nothing Of Any Substance Is Known About The Man Behind The Visor. Where Did He Come From? What Is His Motivation? Did He Really Once Punch A Horse To The Ground? Simon Du Marche ("princess Margaret - Gin & Gentility"; "keith Chegwin - Tears Of An Idiot") Has Devoted Over Two Years To Getting Inside That Trademark White Helmet. He Has Pursued The Stig - Sometimes Literally - In A Relentless Quest To Unearth The Truth And Now, At Last, His Findings Can Be Revealed. Through Extensive Research And In-depth Interviews With Celebrities, Motorsport Experts And "top Gear "presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May, Du Marche Has Built Up An Unprecedented Picture Of What Lies Beneath The White Suit. His Quest Threw Up Many Questions: Can Stig-like Characters Really Be Seen In The Hieroglyphics Of Ancient Egypt? Was The Stig Present At Some Of The Most Pivotal Moments In History? Why Is A Driver Of The Stig's Considerable Ability Not In Formula 1? Who Was The Mysterious Figure In White Seen Leaving Angelina Jolie's Hotel Room? How Can Anyone Not Understand How Stairs Work? Happily, These Questions - And Many, Many Others - Will Be Answered In Simon Du Marche's Landmark Work, "the Stig."

      SKU: 20651608
      ISBN: 9781849905800
      Author: Beaumarche, Simon Du

    Painters Of The Cave
      Painters Of The Cave.

      A Strikingly Illustrated Introduction To The Ice Age Peoples Of Europe - Compelling Text And Vivid Illustrations Present The Story Of The Cro-magnon Humans Who Lived In Europe During Ice Age In This Beautifully Illustrated Book For Young Readers, Patricia Lauber Brings To Life The Cro-magnons Of Europe - The Ice Age Hunters And Gatherers Who Were The Ancestors Of Modern Humans. Writing With Simplicity, Clarity, And Sophistication, She Examines All Aspects Of Their Lives - What They Ate, How They Hunted, What Tools They Made, Where They Lived, And What Art They Created. In Every Case, She Takes Care To Separate Known Facts From Theoretical Conjectures, Giving Renders A Portrait That Is As Accurate As It Is Lively. She Opens And Closes The Book With Striking Cave Paintings - Of Woolly Rhinos, Horses, Bison, Lions, And Others - That Were A Hallmark Of These Early People, And Presents Four Theories About Why They Were Created. In Between, She Details What We Do Know: The Cro-magnon's Origins In Africa And The Middle East; Their Push Into Europe 35,000 Years Ago; Their 5,000-year Overlap With Neanderthals. Throughout, The Story Comes Alive With Well-chosen Images Of Artifacts And Artists' Renditions Of Ancient Lif. For Young People Fascinated By "cavemen", "painters Of The Caves" Is A Welcome Resource.

      SKU: 3164435
      ISBN: 9780792270959
      Author: Lauber, Patricia

    Hiab C-service Parts Catalogs And Service  Information System
      Hiab C-service Parts Catalogs And Service Information System.

      Find More Software Information About Hiab C Service Parts Catalogs And Service Information System,high Quality Catalog Software,china Parts Horse Suppliers, Cheap Parts Category From Autodvd On

      Category: Diagnostictools
      SKU: 383241345

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